Backdoor Slider - A Love Story

by Joe L

Chapter 51

Could this really be happening? Just when I think things are going to be okay again... just when Luke and I were about to make love again... now we have this shit.

I just left the district office meeting hall, where Cade's expulsion hearing has just ended. Actually, it wasn't as much of a hearing as it was a travesty of lies, diversions and smoke-screens. All of Cade's goons have already been expelled and are still in Juvey, but since Cade wasn't physically involved in the beating of Jonathan Vargas and myself, his case became more complicated.

In our school district, an expulsion is difficult unless you have a previous record of referrals and suspensions and a history of general bad behavior. Cade's goons certainly had those records, but Cade didn't. He's an expert at weaseling his way out of trouble. Also, he asked for and was granted two extensions on his hearing. I had no idea why he kept stalling, but I know now.

Cade's expulsion hearing turned into MY trial. I don't think Cade was smart enough to pull off something of this scale. It had to be his father, Reverend Quinn. The good reverend of our church always struck me as kind of a sleaze. There were even rumors that he was having an affair with a church secretary a few years ago. I guess the reverend has had a lot of experience telling lies.

The hearing began with a barrage of lies from Cade, testifying how I would sexually harass him when we were alone at practice, talking about how I wanted to have sex with him and would try to kiss him when no one was looking. He said he decided to "take it for the team" since he wanted to play. He said that since I was the star kicker and I could get away with anything because there were scouts there to watch me.

The crowd that gathered for the hearing was eating it up, as they were mostly made up of Cade's extended family and people from the church. However, I was surprised how easily the expulsion board was so easily swayed. They looked at Cade with sympathy and pity for all that he's been through.

I couldn't wait for a chance to speak, but things got a lot worse very quickly. He had witnesses to corroborate what a terrible person I am... that I'm a cold, unfeeling atheist. It started with Mrs. Haley, my old Sunday School teacher. I do regret what I did to her, even though she's an insufferable moron. She took the brunt of the development of my antireligious stance a couple of years ago when I had finally had enough with the bullshit at church. I would ask unanswerable questions and point out hypocrisy and say whatever I could to belittle what she was teaching. She eventually kicked me out, but I just told my parents that I'd rather just go to the regular services with them, and no one ever said anything. I'm sure paying for it now.

Mrs. Haley was followed by none other than "snaggle-tooth", who apparently is named Eric. He told the one-sided story of how I strangled him during a baseball game, but failed to mention that he was showing up Luke the entire time and charged the mound on a pitch that was clearly not intentionally thrown at him. He went on a hillbilly rant about how I was a violent, godless homosexual and I had to be stopped. I couldn't believe they let him keep talking; it was so stupid. Several times, I wanted to stand up and rebuff what he was saying, but I was sure to look like the crazy one in this crowd if I did that. Adding salt to my wounds, it was during this rant that a member of the crowd shouted out, "Expel the faggots!" which was met with quiet chuckles instead of indignant gasps. I'm attributing that outburst to snaggle-tooth's father. He sounded just like Eric.

However, there was a buzz throughout the hearing about a surprise witness. I was too mortified during the other testimony to even consider who it might be, and I guess I wasn't surprised when Timothy from New Foundations strutted in to testify. He told how that in one day, I ruined the rehabilitation of his entire "flock of sheep", as he put it, with my profanity-laced, anti-Christian, sexually-explicit diatribe. By this time, the crowd and the board were completely on Cade's side, so I really thought the part when Timothy started sobbing into his hands was a bit over the top.

Reverend Quinn addressed the room to give the closing arguments, telling how my actions and emotional abuse of Cade when we were at practice had warped his sense of right and wrong and finally pushed him over the edge, and that he's a great kid otherwise. He pleaded that since Cade wasn't physically involved in Jonathan's or my beating, and since he had had no previous discipline problems, that expulsion was too extreme of a punishment. He was certainly in preacher mode, and the audience was in the palm of his hand.

After the reverend smugly sat down, some dude from the school board nervously asked if anyone else wanted to say anything, and everyone held their breath and looked right at me.

I took a deep breath and stood up.

"There's been a lot of trickery and lies today, and I know there's nothing I can say at this point to change everyone's minds. I just want to say to YOU, Reverend Quinn.... You know what kind of person your son is. You know he's violent, and you know that you're excusing his behavior by doing what you're doing. So the NEXT one... the next victim of Cade's, whether it's someone else, or me again... it will be on YOU!" I point at him emphatically as if I'm in a court TV show. Hey, if they can be melodramatic, so can I!

I actually noticed a slight register of fear on his face as he realized that I was right, and I turned to leave the building, not wanting to hear the inevitable final decision. I paced around the parking lot, soon to be joined by Luke.

"Hey, man…." He kicked a pebble around while sheepishly looking at the ground. "I just wanted to tell you that even though you've done all those terrible things to poor Cade… I still love you."

"DON'T make me laugh!" I snap, but I can't help from letting a huge smile span across my face. "That fucking SUCKED... and I have the right to pout and sulk for a while."

"No way! We have big plans when we get home, and this little hiccup is not going to stop me... I mean... our plans." He looks as hot as I've ever seen him. He was probably thinking about sex during the entire hearing and working himself up a nice hard-on. I can't blame him though. I had to adjust and try to hide mine several times when I should've been horrified by the proceedings.

It's been twenty-three days since my beating, and I've pretty much cut off our sex-life. I looked far worse than I had expected when I saw myself in the mirror for the first time. I had two black eyes, and half of my face, including most of my mouth, was swollen. I had lots of other cuts and bruises everywhere else, and I certainly didn't feel sexy or feel like having sex.

I didn't want Luke to see me looking so awful, but I wanted everyone else to see. I missed the next day of school when I got my dental implants, but I was back at school the next day after that. I was pretty out of it, but I wanted everyone to see exactly what Cade and his asshole friends did to me.

I didn't cut off our sex completely... Luke is insatiable, and I guess I am, too. I would jerk him off when he needed it, and he sucked me off at least once every time I saw him. A blowjob became my painkiller... every time I asked for a painkiller, his head was bobbing up and down in my lap. It really worked out well in that respect.

I even let him fuck me a couple of times, but I would only do it lying on my stomach. I didn't want him to look at my face, and especially not kiss me, while he did it. He complained, but eventually gave in because he needed the release. He took to kissing me on the shoulder instead.

The hardest part of the whole ordeal is that we haven't kissed. I wouldn't allow it because I was so grotesque. Sure, he kissed me on the cheek or forehead a few times, and he tried to sneak a kiss occasionally. Our lips actually met a couple of times, but we haven't had anything more than that… and it's killing me. I finally feel cute enough to be kissed again. My bruises and cuts are mostly healed up... maybe just a little redness here and a small line there, but no scabs and no general ugliness to hold me back anymore. Also, I have no more pain or grossness in my mouth now, and I'm ready for some tongue play.

We were waiting for today, since we were sure that we'd have something to celebrate after Cade's hearing. We didn't foresee what actually happened. Still, we stare dreamily at each other, knowing what's ahead of us when we get home.

"So, you never told me you had scouts looking at you…." Luke smiles at me, as he knew I was hoping he would forget that part.

"Uhhh yeah.... It was just that one night... the night you broke your ankle. It just didn't seem like a good time to tell you."

"Hey, I'm happy when you're happy. You gotta tell me the good stuff!"

"You're right... it's just that at the time we weren't sure how bad your ankle was and if you'd be able to play ball again."

Suddenly, the victory party, led by Cade bursts out of the district office, heading for their car. I just can't keep my mouth shut.

"Cade, just answer one question!" I shout above the many jubilant voices as they approach their car. He looks at me with a triumphant smile awaiting my question.

"Why do you even want to stay at our school? All of your friends will be at other schools once they get out of Juvey. Plus, you can play football at another school. You might even be able to start as QB!" It's not like I expect him to change his mind... I just want to hear his answer. Cade just smiles and shakes his head, calling me stupid without saying a word. As he starts to get into his car, he looks back at me and answers my question.

"Cuz then you'd win."

Before we drove home, we got a snack and calmed down a little bit. Knowing that we're going to spend the rest of the day in bed making love helped us to relax a little and gain perspective. We figured that Cade isn't much of a threat alone without his goons. Luke and I have become pretty popular and well-liked at school since we've been outed, and I'm sure the rest of the students would support us over Cade. I guess it's possible that he could command a new army of thugs, but at least they won't be offensive linemen on the football team. We got back to Luke's, and I made a bee-line for the shower while he supposedly started on his homework. I'd be shocked if he got a single thing done.

I step out of the shower, ready for hours of kissing and whatever all that leads to. I had to make sure not to touch my dick too much while I was getting clean. I'm so close to squirting, just from the anticipation.

"Hey, I've got an idea! Meet me on the couch!" I call to Luke in his bedroom, but he's way ahead of me. I head out to the living room, finding him there anticipating my idea perfectly.

"I knew you were gonna say that!" He smiles at me from the couch, wearing exactly what he was wearing on our first day together, including his Cubs t-shirt, which has had so much cum squirted on it over the months. It's been washed so many times, it's starting to get faded and it has lots of holes… making Luke look even hotter in it. I run over and sit on his lap face-to-face and put my arms around his shoulders.

"So... twenty-three days..." I say slowly, playing with his hair.

"Felt like forever." He slowly rubs my legs. I missed how good it feels to be this close to him.

"Is that a big boner in your shorts, or are you just happy to see me?" I try to stall because I know I'm going to cum the second our lips meet.

"I could ask you the same question." His hands on my legs are driving me crazy. "Dude, you're shaking!"

"Sorry." I try to stop and feel myself blush.

"You nervous or something?" I can tell he's enjoying this.

"No. It's just that I've made you wait so long, and I really want this to be special."

"Oh, it's gonna be SPECIAL, all right."

"So you wanna kiss me?" I finally stop my shaking. He nods and bites his lip. "How bad?" I ask, still playing with his sexy hair.

"Hmmm... pretty damn bad. You know, it was nice to fuck you and blow off some steam last week... I was like... goin' crazy. But kissing you while I'm doing it is what makes it feel so good. Even when we're not fucking... kissing you... it like... gets my heart thumpin' and recharges my battery. I'm running on fumes now."

"Dammit." I smile at him.


"I wish I woulda said that."

"Just pretend you did and kiss me already!" He leans forward and grabs the back of my head, but I squirm out of his hold.

"First, I gotta make this kiss extra, super-hot." He smiles with curiosity as I stand up. I run to the linen closet and get a couple of towels to sit on. This could get messy. He obliges and puts the towel underneath him and awaits his next directive. I yank down my shorts and pull his down to his knees. His boner snaps up against his body with a sexy smack. It looks mouthwatering, but I have other plans for it. I pull his legs out so he slumps down slightly and his butt cheeks are on the edge of the couch cushion, giving me plenty of room to sit on his lap. I spit a few times on his dick and rub my spit all over his shaft, giving it enough of a lube to get started. I don't want to go find the lube in the bedroom and have to leave him again. He squirms as I continue coat his dick with my saliva, so I quickly climb on it. I don't want him to cum in my hand.

As I press his dick inside of me, it causes both of us to moan in harmony. I'm over the edge officially. There's no turning back now.

"Holy shit, G!" Now, Luke is the one who's shaking. He's trying his best not to just start thrusting away. "I WOULD like to kiss you before I cum, ya know!"

"Just one more thing. Check this out," I say, trying to maintain my composure. I give my dick a couple of small tugs, and it lets loose all over Luke. He grabs onto it and jerks it all over himself, coating his Cubs t-shirt yet again, as well as quite a bit on his face and in his mouth. I pause to stare at his face for a second. He has a look of pure, complete pleasure that I rarely get to see. He usually has his tongue halfway down my throat during these moments. "You look like the poster boy for gay sex right now." I chuckle. "I think it's time for that kiss."

I feel his body tense up and I know he's about to squirt, so I lean forward quickly plant my open mouth on his. He thrusts his load into me, and I help by bouncing slightly. Damn, this couldn't have gone better if I'd planned it out. We continue possibly our most sex-charged, clumsy kiss as he tries to prolong his orgasm and pump more and more cum inside of me. Finally, after I'm sure he's completely spent, I detach from his mouth and lean back slightly.

"Ahhh, that was–" I want to revel in what just happened, but Luke quickly interrupts me.

"Get BACK here!" He grabs me and presses my lips back to his. Now it's time to recharge our batteries, as he put it. He grabs the back of my neck and kisses me the same way that he downs an entire Gatorade in one gulp. He really does need replenishment. He's drinking down my love, and I do my best to give it to him. It's certainly revitalizing me, too. I can't believe I kept us from kissing from so long.... Why did I do that? Oh yeah, I was gross.

I smile as I feel his dick harden inside me again. This has certainly lived up to every expectation and anticipation. He begins to thrust every few seconds, which I love. Not only do I love how it feels, but I love the pleasure it's giving him. I try the bounce again, but Luke makes a moan that tells me simultaneously that it feels too good, and to stop it. I laugh through the kiss because I know he wants to go at his own pace. That's fine with me. He knows what he's doing, and he's so great at being in control.

I wrap my arms around him tightly and lean into the kiss as much as I can. We're both totally horned up again, and I try to keep myself from cumming the second time so I can stay at his pace. His moans begin to get louder, so I know it's not going to be long. I rub my dick against his abs so that we have a simultaneous, thunderous orgasm. It works perfectly as he screams with pleasure into my mouth as he pumps a second hot load inside of me. My dick makes sure to hit any clean spot on his Cubs shirt that I may have missed the first time around. After a few extra frenzied thrusts by both of us, I finally release his mouth, and prop my head on his shoulder, panting with satisfied exhaustion.

"G?" Luke manages to get one syllable out between huge breaths.


"My mom will be home soon, but we're going again RIGHT NOW. Let's get to the bed."

"I'm game if you are," I chuckle. "Okay, you clean up in here. I gotta make a pit stop and do a little... maintenance in the bathroom. Meet you in the bed in a few minutes." I pick my head up off of his shoulder and look at him in the eyes. His sweet smile causes me to be overcome with a tidal wave of love in that second, and I involuntarily lean in to start kissing him again. He wraps his arms around me and I get that irresistible feeling of Luke and I becoming one. It's nice to kiss him when we're both not in the middle of heightened sexual desire, as we almost always are. This is a kiss of complete love and devotion. It melts my entire body and the universe drifts away. I can sense from the way he's kissing me that he feels the same.

Suddenly, I feel his dick slip out of me, and more than a trickle of goo follows behind it. That snaps me out of my bliss, and I stand up and try to close the floodgates. Luke groans with fake disappointment, as the smile on his face tells me knows this isn't really the end.

"To be continued!" I laugh, gathering up towels and clothes and head out of the room.

I run to the bathroom, making sure I don't dribble. I do a quick clean up and run back to Luke's bedroom, skidding in my socks as I run around the corner. I close Luke's door and take in the sight of him for a few seconds. He's lying back on his bed, which he covered in clean towels, ready for another fuck session. He's only wearing socks and the cubs t-shirt, which I can smell from where I'm standing. He's already half hard again. A shiver of pleasure goes through my entire body as I dive into the bed beside him.

"Get that dick back inside me right now!" I just want him to kiss me and fuck me the rest of the day.

"Can do!" he laughs, and his now fully hard dick thrusts all the way in instantly. However, he doesn't start fucking. He just lies on top of me staring into my eyes, smiling the way only he can.

"Whaaaaat?" I whine as I wrap my legs around his lower back, begging him to fuck me. Instead he begins to kiss me all over my face, occasionally teasing me with a kiss on the lips that is over far too quickly.

"Mmmm... I've missed your cute face."

"So I WAS ugly then?"

"Nah... you were still my sexy G... it's just like you were wearing... a scary Halloween mask or something."

"I did look like Frankenstein. It's sweet of you to take me back. Now get pumpin'!" I press my feet against his butt over and over and try to get him to fuck me, but he's already slid as far inside of me as he can get, and he's not giving in. I wrap my legs around his back again tightly and patiently await more love-making.

"So did you miss this?" He slides out slightly and gives me a thrust, while he teases me with a wet kiss and playfully licks my tongue.

"Uhhh... yeahhh…." I moan, begging him to give it to me again.

"How MUCH?" He thrusts again, and I go crazy.

"So... much..." I mutter, kissing and slobbering on his shoulder, as it's the only thing I can get my mouth on.

"Dude, did you just cum again?" He chuckles with glee.

"Maybe a little," I nuzzle my head against him, just enjoying being able to hold him as I come down.

"Yep, you sure did!" He sticks his fingers down in the general area and licks them clean.

"You know what you do to me," I sigh, continuing to hug him and slobber all over him.

"Yeah this is as sweet as it gets. So new rule: no more fighting. You're too cute to fight. We can't go this long without making love. I think I'd die if we had to wait twenty-three days again."

"Okay, but that goes for you, too. You're WAY too fuckin' cute to fight." I'll say anything he wants to hear right now at this level of intimacy, but I know I'd fight Cade again any time, any place.

"So it's settled. We're not gonna let Cade EVER get to us, and we'll just come home every day and kiss and fuck and be cute for each other."

"Sounds good to me," I'll try my best to do what Luke says, but I need to be strong and not back down if Cade provokes me in any way. It's a crucial time at school, and we've already made huge strides in tolerance and bullying with all the kids at school. We can't give Cade an inch. I'm sure Luke would smear him, too, if he was given any opportunity, even though he promised not to fight, too.

"You're the best, G. I love you so much!" He twitches his eyebrows and lowers his head until our lips are just barely apart.

"How much?" I ask with a smile. With that, he dives his tongue into my mouth and really goes for it, creaming my ass for the third time. I love the sound of his pelvis slapping against my cheeks and the back of my thighs. It always means Luke is at the height of his orgasm. I soak in the horniness from the kiss and the feeling of his cum back inside me, as he finally rolls off of me with exhaustion.

"I love you, I love you, I love you," he repeats it over and over as he goes back to kissing my face, and I hug him tight, reveling in the love. Right then, we hear Denise bust in the front door, and she calls for us.

"Boys! I have dinner!" she calls out. I hope Luke took care of the evidence in the family room, but her next statement lets me know that he didn't do too good of a job. "Well, I can see and SMELL you boys are back at it again!" We chuckle and kiss for a couple of minutes.

"So, you wanna go eat... or you wanna fuck?" Luke asks me with renewed horniness in his eyes.

"I'm like starved..." I try my best to be convincing, and Luke buys it, drooping with disappointment, "for some more fucking." I rub my hands down his body and squeeze his ass as he climbs back on top of me. I hug him tight, and we begin kissing again, revving ourselves up for our fourth squirt. I hope this one takes a lot longer so we can just kiss and hold each other for a while.

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