Backdoor Slider - A Love Story

by Joe L

Chapter 54

I guess I can't blame Luke for Cade joining the baseball team. Plus, he's so yummy right now, in his baseball uniform, all sweaty and dirty. I watch him take off his cleats like he's doing a striptease for me. By now, he knows everything that turns me on. He leaves the rest of his uniform on, stretches out on his bed and props himself up on a few pillows. He pats his chest with the most inviting smile.

"C'mon, G-ness." He must wonder why I'm just standing there. I have to take in the view sometimes.

"All right," I slither into bed with him and settle in right between his legs and start undoing his pants. This is gonna be so great.

"Nah-ah," he pulls me up and flips me over with unbelievable ease so that I'm leaning up against his chest and he's whispering in my ear.

"Umm... I'm like, dyin' to suck some dick," I groan, but instantly, I'm pacified by the feeling of Luke's arms surrounding me.

"I know, but we gotta work up somethin' special for our first flavored load."

"I'll still be very surprised if that works, but I'm always up for anything that lets me get more one-on-one time in with your dick." I giggle and get chills as Luke starts kissing my neck.

"Let's just relax for a while and let our balls do some work," he whispers in my ear, and we both chuckle. I let myself go completely limp and just enjoy Luke's touch. He alternates for a few minutes of rubbing my shoulders and arms, then back to hugging me and kissing my neck. Damn, it's nice to have a boyfriend. "What are you thinking about?" he whispers and finally breaks the silence.

"How much I still wanna suck your dick." I pinch him and he hugs me tight to make sure I won't flip over. I can feel his boner, even through his baseball pants, and I know how good it will taste, sweet cum or not.


"I was just thinkin' about the shitty old days... when I would just imagine being held like this and end up cumming in my shorts."

"You'll tell me if you're about to cum, right?" he laughs, and then wraps his legs over mine. I miss wearing my baseball pants and socks at times like these.

"I promise. Say something romantic."

"I love you, Garrett," he says in his soap opera voice.

"No, tell me something romantic that'll just make me feel all warm and squishy inside."

"Uhh...." He seems deep in thought. "You mean how much I love to fuck ya?"


"That's a lot of pressure, dude." He gets a clear shot at my ribs and gives me a quick poke.

"Quit!" My entire body jumps in the air. "Tell me about a time before we were together when you were crushin' on me."

"Can I make something up?"

"No! I can tell when you're lyin'."

"Okay, okay," he starts thinking again as he rubs my arms. "Ooh, you remember the game against Marshall High last year? It was like my second start of the year–"

"Yeah, it was your worst start." I start to get more chills because I remember exactly what happened, and I think I know what he's going to say.

"I gave up five runs in two-and-two-thirds innings–"

"Two-and-one-third. You were taken out with only one out in the third."

"All right, two-and-a-third. I guess you know the rest of the story."

"Yup," I smile and close my eyes.

"So what did my superstar short-stop do at the plate that day?" He hugs me and rocks me back and forth.

"I went 4-4 with two singles, a double, a triple and a walk."

"Do you remember your last hit, the one that tied the game at eight and took me off the hook?"

"Yeah, I saved your incredibly sexy ass that day."

"Yep...." He nibbles on my neck. "Do you remember making eye contact with me when you were standing on first base and I was in the dugout?"

"Of course," I whisper and close my eyes. This is exactly what I meant about feeling warm and squishy on the inside.

"The way you smiled at me... I knew right then you were in love with me. I mean, I kinda new you wanted my bod and everything, but I didn't really realize that you loved me until then. I tried my best to give you the exact same smile back because I didn't know how the fuck I was gonna take that next step." Just him touching me while he says this is about to drive me over the edge.

"I remember your face so clearly in that moment. I wanted to kiss you so bad, but I had to look away because it made me want to cry."


"Because I knew why I was smiling at you, because of exactly what you said. I wanted you so bad it hurt... and I also knew why you were smiling at me... cuz I prevented you from taking a loss on your stats. It was just one of those 'way too painful' moments in a young gay guy's life." I feel myself getting misty-eyed now as I start to feel some of the pain I felt that day.

"But now that you know... at that moment," he whispers right into my ear, "that I wanted to kiss you just as bad as you wanted to kiss me... does that make it more of a happy memory?"

I'm unable to take any more, and I quickly flip over and press my mouth onto Luke's. I wriggle my body parts so every possible inch of my body is touching some part of Luke. He hugs me tight and I do the same, but I know I'm not going to be able to last for one more pass of Luke's tongue across mine.

"Oh fuuuuck!" I break the kiss and try to get off of Luke as quickly as possible.

"I love romancin' the G," he says as he dives down to catch my load, but he isn't fast enough. I squirt a couple of times up on my stomach before he gets his mouth in position. I thrust my hips over and over into his mouth and hang on to his hair as the waves of pleasure come through me.

"Mmmmmmm," he moans, followed by some garbled words. It's so hot to see Luke smiling with my dick in his mouth.

"Did it work?" I ask with exhaustion, trying to catch my breath.

"Fuck yeah, it worked." He momentarily leaves my dick to lick up the couple of squirts that lay on my abs, and then immediately returns to sucking my tender cockhead like a lollipop.

"Ahhh... that was super intense," I stroke his hair as he tries to squeeze a final drop out of my dick. "You gotta give me a couple of minutes to recover before I return the favor."

"You take it easy, G." He finally stands up and licks his lips. "Cuz I'm gonna lock myself in the bathroom, jerk off, and eat my own!" He runs from the room, and I immediately jump up and chase him, knocking into the wall in the hall as I take the corner too fast.

"AAAAAHHHHHHHHH!" I scream after him with renewed energy, and he allows himself to be caught in the hall right by the bathroom. I almost rip his baseball pants trying to get to his imprisoned dick inside, but it thankfully pops out with lots of gooey precum to appetize me.

"MINE!" I snap like a bratty kindergartner and immediately give Luke my endgame sucking strategy, which will make him cum in seconds.

"Ahhhhh fuuuuck... you are gonna fuuuuckin' luuuvvvvv thisssss." His body starts to tense up, and he gives it to me, warm and strong. It's so sweet... like hot, sweet candy... but still with the same cummy, Luke's-liquid-pleasure taste. He's built up quite a load for me, and I continue to pass my tongue along his dickhole as more and more squirts out, tasting the sweetness immediately as it escapes his dick. This is so perfect, I'm never going to want to do anything else. I finally let it slip out of my mouth, and I look up at him. He looks down at me with a knowing smile. "Aren't you gonna come up and give me a kiss?"

"Nope. We're staying right here until you give me some more." I start to jerk his sloppy dick in my hand. "And if your mom comes home in the meantime, she's just going to have to deal with it!" I stuff his dick back in my mouth and start to massage it with my tongue as he busts out in laughter.

"All right, dude... just scoot down this way a little so I can work on you, too." We sixty-nine on the floor of the hall, and it doesn't take me long to cum again. He has me so fuckin' turned on. He moans and chuckles with delight as I squirt another sweet load in his mouth, and that's quickly followed by my second mouthful. I could do this all day.

Luke finally physically picks me up for a kiss. I probably would have kept rolling his dick around in my mouth until Denise gets home if given the chance.

"C'mon, let's get in the shower."

"Ungh… why?" I rub my eyes, not wanting to wake up from this wonderful dream.

"Cuz if you want to kiss me, that's where I'll be."

"Be right there!" I jump up and help him strip out of his sweaty, dirty uniform, kissing and licking his exhausted but rock-hard body. We finally step into the shower, and we put our arms around each other's shoulders and just stare at each other for a minute.

"See, when you're mad at me, you miss out on all this!" he says just loud enough to hear over the drone of the water pouring down on us.

"I'll keep that in mind the next time you fuck up." Looking in his eyes, I feel like I could never be mad at him again... but I know I will. He's my ideal lover, but he's still a self-centered, thoughtless teenage boy sometimes. I guess I am, too.

I'm in the stands at Luke's first baseball game of the year. I'm squirming in my seat because I don't know what to root for. I guess I have to root for Luke... or I'll root for the outcome that will make him happiest, even if it makes me sick.

Luke left the game after six innings. Coach had him on a leash and didn't want him to overdo it on his first start. The score was 5-0 when Luke left. He was amazing, as expected. However, our relief pitchers haven't been. It's now 5-4, and Luke's win is in jeopardy. We have two men on base, and fucking Cade is batting and– Shit! There he goes again. He slams the ball between the left and center fielders and all of the runners head for home, giving Luke some insurance runs. I can't even look at Cade. That should be me out there. The worst part is that he seems to be a natural at baseball. The team is going to be amazing this year with Cade and Luke in the starring roles.

Cade's big hit opens up the flood gates, and the runs keep coming. I sulk and sigh and swear under my breath as the team goes on to a 11-4 triumph. I intensely watch the high-five line that always happens for the winning team after the last out on the pitcher's mound as everyone congratulates everyone else on a good game. I wait and hold my breath as Luke and Cade get closer in the line. Finally, they reach each other, and Luke, turned away from me, gives Cade a pat on the shoulder, followed by a swift slap on the butt. I clinch my teeth with rage. How could he do that when he knows I'm in the stands? Luke goes on to high five other guys, but Cade connects with my eyes immediately to make sure I saw what happened. Cade makes a big gay Ooh-face and rubs his butt right where Luke slapped him, loving the fact that I'm watching it.

I stand up, head down the stands and walk towards the backstop. At least the chain link fence will keep me from strangling him. Cade approaches just as quickly, wanting to rub it in even more.

"Hey fuckwad," I start, trying to hide the shakiness of my voice. "This is a team game, remember? You can't do that shit to your teammates." As the words come out of my mouth, I wonder why the hell I am giving Cade advice.

"I just don't know WHAT came over me!" Cade says in a mocking, overly-effeminate, lisping voice. "He's just so manly and that ass slap hurt soooo goooood!" He rubs it again and does a little dance, so I just turn away. What was I thinking? We're way past the point of reason.

Luke still has his back turned to us, and he and the rest of the team is oblivious to what is going on. Usually, whenever Cade and I are in close proximity, there's a hushed anticipation, and everyone seems to stop and watch, hoping to see a fight. This isn't the right time to have it out, mostly because Cade is a dirty fighter, and I wouldn't put it past him to kick me with his cleats. I turn my back with disgust, as if taking the high road.

I head for the car, trying to stay under control. However, the harder I try, the more I crumble. It starts with the sniffles and I feel my eyes well up with tears. Then, my gasping starts. I sound like a five-year-old that's been accosted in a tantrum, trying not to cry, with the croaking and blubbering and heaving. I just keep replaying it over in my mind, Luke slapping his ass, then Cade's stupid face doing his little act. I make it to my car without calling too much attention to myself and try to calm down before Luke gets here. I have a few minutes, so I try to figure out what I'm going to say.

Eventually, he comes bounding around the corner, as happy as ever... as sexy as ever. He's so thrilled to be playing baseball again. He's been going crazy in anticipation, especially since he wasn't sure there was going to be a team. Now, everything is perfect for him. He pitched well, the team won, and he has no idea that I'm upset. I can tell by the expression on his face. His smile is a combo of "I did great!" and "I'm about to get laid!"

"Awww, what's wrong, G?" he asks as he jumps in the car. Damn. I guess I didn't do a good enough job of hiding my little episode. I shake my head as I pull out of the parking lot. I'm afraid that if I speak I'll start to cry again. "G?" He puts his hand on my shoulder.

"You mean you have no idea?" I snap, relieved that the water works didn't start again.


"You know how hard it is for me? You know how much I want to be out there playing with you? And I have to sit up there and watch these assholes that didn't want me on the team–"

"Hey, you volunteered to step down–"

"But that's WHY! It fucking KILLS me! And then, on top of all of that, I have to sit there and watch you slap Cade on the ass and watch him make fun of you... of us..." I go on to describe what happened after the congratulatory slap, and Luke, amazingly, doesn't seem upset.

"Dude, it's baseball! You know how it works. Cade totally rocked it out there today. If I don't give him some cred, I'll look like the dick... like I'm not a team player."

"But it's CADE.... You know he was being disrespectful to you and to ME. You should want to rip his fucking head off!"

"Dude," he tries to console me by rubbing my back and shoulders as I drive. "You know how it goes in sports. There's a lot of teasing... guys go back and forth with any ammo they can come up with. Now, I get a lot of shit for being gay, but it's all good-natured. They know I can kick their ass, and they're happy I'm on their team... well, on their baseball team. Before, they had nuthin' on me, and now they have something to jab me with. I can take it, and I can dish it out, too. If I'm like... really sensitive or emotional about the whole gay thing, it will be really uncomfortable around the guys, and the team will suffer."

"Okay, you do have a point, but can you understand... after all the shit that's gone down with Cade and me... why I wouldn't want to see you celebrate with him and slap his ass?"

"G, does everything in our lives have to be about you and I being gay? I mean, can't baseball just be about baseball?"

This stops me in my tracks. I'm outraged. How can he be so insensitive? I love him so much. Everything I do is for him. I help him with his homework. I cook for him. I clean his room. I do his laundry. I sacrifice myself so he can play baseball, and he wants to slap Cade's ass right in front of me? Then again, I've always said that being gay isn't the most important part of me. It doesn't define me. I'm not "the gay guy" I'm smart, funny, athletic... there's lots of more interesting things about me besides the fact that I prefer the company of a gentleman.

But it's CADE. He's my mortal enemy. If Luke's mortal enemy was on the football team with me, would I be slapping his ass in celebration… even if it meant I was a bad teammate? But being on a team means it should be all about the team and not about the individual. Can Luke being a good teammate help turn Cade around? Hell no. Cade is the worst. He hates me, and I hate him more. Luke should hate him too. Luke should kick his ass for what he did. But that's exactly what Cade wants. He wants Luke to get kicked off the team. Is Cade that smart? Am I overthinking? Am I overreacting? Am I losing my mind? Damn, being in love is hard.

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