Richie and Jimmy

by Jobe

Chapter 13

In the morning Rich and Jimmy waited till Nick got up before they changed the sheets, took a shower and got ready for the day. They didn't have time to fool around in the shower but they still had a slight flush on their faces. In the kitchen, dressed and ready to leave, "Nick, what time did you tell Alice we would pick her up?"

"I told her we would pick her up at 12:30. I guess we'll go directly to the diner."

"Maybe, I think Gramps said that his meeting was set for 2. I guess the guy he's meeting figures the diner won't be busy at that time. I would like to get to the dinner at 1:30, I need to make sure everything is working."

"What are we going to do from 12:30 till 1:30?"

"We could go to the mall for a while."

And that is what we agreed upon. I was afraid Nick would get involved in a game and not wanting to leave but with Alice that might not happen. I arrived at work a few minutes late. Of course my favorite guard was there.

"Running a little late are we. Unless Mr. Bishop is your father, you shouldn't take the chance of losing your job."

"I cleared coming in late with the boss last night, so I think I'm safe."

The mornings became very predictable, a short chat at the guard house, parking and then check in at the security desk with the usual comment, Mr. Bishop would like to see you before going to your station.

Walking into Gramps office, "Good morning Grandfather, do you have a new assignment for me?"

"No, James, I want to make sure everything is set at the diner."

"We'll arrive at 1:30 that'll give me time to check out the cameras and sound system. Nick will be in one booth with his girlfriend, Rich will be in one booth and I'll be in another booth. It shouldn't be to crowded then. Just be sure to guide him to the empty booth by the side door."

"I hope this works James. I'm not sure what he's going to say but whatever it is, he'll not get anymore contracts."

Gramps told me to go and take an inventory of spare parts this morning until it was time to pick up Rich and Nick. Taking inventory was a make job, the inventory was very well controlled and didn't need verification.

I left the plant at 11:30 and headed home. Rich met me in the garage, I got a kiss, "Nick is getting ready. Should I take a book or something with me?"

"Yes, a text book and a notebook so you can give the impression you are studying. I think I'll take a newspaper or magazine. I'll set it up so service will be slow."

"What about Nick and Alice?"

"I'm sure Nick will figure out something."

"What will I figure out?"

"How to keep busy while sitting in a booth. Rich is going to look like he's doing homework and I'll be reading a newspaper. I'll arrange for slow service."

"I hope this works."

"So do I"

We stopped at the mall, Rich went and bought one of those self help books, a tablet and a pen. I went and got a copy of the Times, it was the largest newspaper there. Theoretically it'd take me two days to read all of it. I also went to the electronic shop and picked up a remote recording device, it looked like a phone. If anyone looked, it would look like I was listening to music. I could hear conversations within 50 feet.

We actually arrived at the diner at 1, Nick and Anna took a booth on the left side of the main door, Rich had the booth on the right side of the door and I took the booth next to the last booth on the right side. I went into the manager's office and checked the video and made sure the tape was set with a new tape. The manager knew that the service was to be slow and had told the waitress. At this time of the day, lunch being over there were only two waitresses working. I had Rich sit in the corner booth and did a sound check with a song playing. Everything was working and now the waiting.

Alice was kept in the dark and thought Nick and her were in the diner on a luncheon date. Nick didn't say any different, he stalled with his order using the time talking. Knowing Nick he would ask a 1000 questions and keep her busy answering them.

I checked everything out, Nick and Rich were in their seats, there were a few customers so the diner gave the impression that it was somewhat busy, we occupied three booths and of course the special booth was empty. There were a total of 16 booths with the corner booth seating 6, the other booths could seat 4. Of course there were seats at the counter which were occupied by several truckers. The waitresses spent a lot of time with them so it didn't look like they were slow to wait on the booths. We did order drinks when they brought the menus and they came directly with the drinks. They asked if we were ready to order, we told them we needed more time.

As it turned out, we were glad to have come earlier. Gramps showed up with his guest at 1:30 instead of 2. I noticed Gramps when he walked by my table but didn't look up at him, I kept my nose in my paper. I flicked my electronic phone on and listened. The waitress brought over their menus and took their drink orders. The sound was perfect.

I noticed the man looking at the table juke box, Rich saw it as well and put a coin in the box and started to play a song. The man then looked at the menu, the waitress brought them their drinks and took their order. The man looked around the diner and saw one kid with his girl friend, one kid doing homework and one kid with nose in a newspaper. He looked at the truck drivers at the counter, and watched as several got up and left. Looking out the window he could see them getting into their rigs and leaving.

After the waitress brought their food, Gramps opened the discussion. "What reason did you have to short change me. We have been doing business for 10 years. If one of my men hadn't noticed the difference I guess we'd still be doing business. But I can't place anymore orders with you. I had my accounting department pull your invoices for the last five years, we have paid your company more than 150 million dollars. If I assumed that even 10 percent of our orders were short changed that's 15 million dollars that you have swindled from me."

The man looked at Gramps with a smirk, "It's your fault that you didn't catch it sooner. You just were an easy pick for us. When we realized that you never caught it on the first shipment we just continued. And now you can't stop because I won't let you."

"What do you mean you won't let me. I own my company not you."

"Yes, but you have a government contract, and your prices are a reflection of raw material costs. I looked at your contract, it calls for a 23.5% above the cost of goods. So effectively you have been overcharging the government."

"That will change, I'll tell them and then let them investigate your books as well. I'm sure a thorough investigation will show you billed us for kilos and shipped in pounds."

"No, it won't show because when we receive an order from you, we electronically adjust the order to match the delivery. That is the problem using electronic order systems versus paper or course we could also alter paper systems."

"I would guess we are not the only company being scammed."

"No, actually all four of our customers are being scammed, you just were the first one to catch us."

"Then I see no reason to continue this discussion." Gramps got up and left the diner, the waitress brought the bill and set it on the table.

He picked up the bill, looked at it and just left. As soon as he left the diner, I went and got the video tape, disconnected the mikes and got the sound tape. I sat with Rich and we ordered lunch. I noticed Nick and Anna were eating as well.

"Did you get everything?"

"Yes, it was perfect. The video was clear and I have two copies of the tape, one I took from the Juke box at the table and one from my tape recorder."

"Are you going to give them to your Grandfather tonight or tomorrow morning?"

"No, we'll stop on the way home and I'll give them to him then."

I looked out of the window and I noticed the man was sitting in his car, watching the diner. I wonder if he suspected something. I stood up and shook Rich's hand and it looked like I was telling him something. He waved good bye, pulled out his cell phone and made a call. I knew he called Gramps and told him what was happening. I went to my car and drove away, I headed to the plant. Arriving at the plant, I went straight to Gramps office and gave him the video tape and the sound tapes. He made a phone call and asked me to wait. I sat in his office for 30 minutes before two men entered. He introduced me as his grandson and gave them a brief overview of the meeting. He then handed them the video and sound tapes. Thanking him they left.

"What is going to happen next Gramps?"

"Well, those two men are from the government and will handle the case. They will raid the offices of our blackmailer and I'd bet they'd be there in less than 1 hour. As soon as they hear those tapes, they'll have the FBI and local police at his office."

"I need to go back to the diner and pick up the guys."

"Ok just be careful. He's watching the diner to see if anyone leaves."

"Maybe I should call a taxi for the guys, actually I'll need two."

"That would be wise, do it and I'll pay."

I called Rich and told him a taxi would arrive and take him home. Then I called Nick and told him the same thing. Now all I had to do was wait.

"James, go home, just be careful when you leave the plant."

As I drove out of the plant, I handed the guard an envelop, it was empty, "This is for the personal office, they wouldn't let me deliver it."

"I'll take care of it."

I then drove home but not directly. I stopped at the mall and waited an hour, drove to the grocery store, picked up some food for breakfast and then drove home. When I got there Rich and Nick were waiting for me.

"Ok, what's happening"

"I dropped everything off at Gramps, he called someone and two government agents came and took the video and sound tapes. Gramps said they'd be raiding their office within an hour. Let's check the TV and see if anything is being said about the raid."

The phone rang, Rich answered it. Miss Marie said there would be a family dinner and meeting tonight, all of us are requested to attend."

"Maybe we'll find out what's happening."

Dinner wasn't till 6 and we had about 3 hours to wait. Nick fixed himself a snack, I went and took a shower with Rich, of course it took a great deal longer than normal. As much as I liked Nick, I couldn't wait till he left.

We dressed casually and I think it was the first time I have ever taken 1 hour to dress. However, I wasn't complaining, the kiss breaks, the hug breaks and even a quick suck break were welcome breaks.

"Are you guys ready it's almost time to go to dinner."

"Yes, we're ready. Are you that hungry?"

"I'm starving, remember I'm a growing boy."

At dinner, Miss Marie joined us. I knew that this would be a serious dinner. After dinner, we helped Miss Marie clear the table. "Boys what happened today is more serious then we first thought. When the Feds raided the office of our friend, they found several connections to the Russian Mafia. It appears that our friend was sending copies of our orders along with other companies that had government contracts to the Russians by way of the Russian Mafia."

"Does that put us a risk?"

'No because no one knows where the initial information came from. Evidently the CIA has been watching the Russians as our spies in Russia were feeding information to the CIA. So for all purposes, the raid was caused by the information fed to the FBI from the CIA. It's complicated but we are not implicit in this action."

"Is this news going to be on TV or in the papers?"

"I don't know, we'll just have to watch. But you men did an excellent job of getting the facts. So I think you should pack up and go on some trips. Richard, don't you want to see your dad?"

"Yes, but it's in the opposite direction to take Nick home."

"Gramps that's an excellent idea, we could see Rich's dad and then take Nick home. That'll fill in our remaining time slot before school starts."

"You know James, I'm very proud of you. I'm also proud of you Richard and Nicholas as well. The three of you make a great team. I talked with Gram and we have decided to pay all of your expenses for this trip. James here is a credit card for you to use. Just keep your receipts in case there are any problems."

I looked at Rich and Nick, they had smiles from one ear to the other. "Gramps does that mean I don't have to go to work tomorrow?"

Gramps just grabbed me and gave me a hug. He and Gram had a big smile on their face. Miss Marie went and brought a cake she baked for dessert. I was smiling, Rich was very happy, he was going to see his dad and Nick was smiling as he was going to see Niagara Falls.

"Well, guys, let's help Miss Marie clean up and then we better start packing."

Miss Marie said we didn't have to help her, but we did anyway. It didn't take us long, I took the garbage out as we left the house, "Last one in has to make breakfast tomorrow morning."

I watched them as they ran, I'd make breakfast. It didn't bother me, I was use to getting up early. Of course Nick won the race and when I got there, they had started to pack. Nick need more space, he had more clothes than his suitcase would hold. Rich and I combined enough in one suitcase to provide additional space for Nick.

Suitcases packed, we decided to watch the 11 o'clock news. There was nothing said about the raid or arrests. I guess this will be classified top secret. "Guys, I got the impression from Gramps that we should keep this secret and not tell anyone about this."

They all agreed, "You're right Jimmy, if anyone finds out what we know, our lives could be in danger."

We silently agreed that we'd not tell anyone about this.

All packed, I headed for bed followed by Rich. Nick decided to take a shower before bed, Rich and I had already had our shower. I love bedtime, Rich would snuggle into me with his head on my shoulder and his hand freely caressing my body. I couldn't wait to spend time alone with him. With those thoughts in my head, I felt a hand on my cock. I looked at Rich, he had a smirk on his face and I knew what he was going to do. Sure enough as soon as I was hard, he headed south. I felt his lips and then his tongue, I was in heaven and hell at the same time. Nick had crawled in bed and was laying with his back up against me. I couldn't make a sound, I was biting my lip. Try lying perfectly still while your boyfriend sucks your cock, It's a torture worse than hell. Your body wants to react, you're holding your breath and you are trying not to moan. You are holding all of this back, and then when you can't hold it back any longer you cum like you have never cum before while you are biting your arm.

Rich crawled back up and kissed me. I could taste my cum on his lips and tongue. He looked me in the eye and I swear I saw the devil there. He knew what he had done and he knew what I was feeling. Looking into my eyes, "I love you"

I kissed his eyes close and feeling very content, I slip into sleep. But it wasn't a good sleep, thought about what happened created all kind of nightmares for me. Russians chasing me and no matter how fast I ran I couldn't get away from them. I guess I was tossing and turning so much both Nick and Rich tried to wake me. "Jimmy, wake up you're having a nightmare."

Nick was shaking from the back and Rich was shaking me from the front. I slowly opened my eyes and then realized I was in bed and just had a nightmare. "Are you ok?"

"Yes, I guess I had a nightmare. I dreamt I was being chased by the Russians and no matter how fast I ran I couldn't get away."

Rich pulled me into his arms, which wasn't an easy thing since I'm quite a bit taller than him. But he managed to get my heard on his shoulder and started to rock me. Nick was giving my back a massage. Slowly I fell back to sleep and no more dreams.

I woke early, Nick and Rich were still sleeping. I crept out of bed, took a shower, dressed casually since we would be leaving in a few hours. Started breakfast, made coffee and set out glasses for orange juice. I don't know what woke Rich. He came into the kitchen and looked at me as if to ask are you ok. I grabbed him and gave him a kiss, "Go get your shower while Nick is still sleeping."

I poured myself a cup of coffee and started breakfast, bacon, egg omelets and toast were on the menu this morning. Checking out the refrigerator, I decided to pack sandwiches along with the drinks in a small cooler Gramps had. I took the chips and cookies putting them in a paper bag. While I waited for Nick to get up, Rich and I carried the suitcases and cooler down to the car. When we got back we heard the shower and knew Nick was awake. I started cooking, Rich went and made the bed.

Of course Nick forgot to leave a set of clothes out to wear, so he had to wear his clothes a second day. We did take pity on him and gave him a clean pair of underwear and that led to a clean shirt and socks.

After breakfast, and everything was clean, we headed to the house. I told Miss Marie that we had stuff in our refrigerator and for her to use it as it would probably be bad by the time we got home. I kissed Gram goodbye, Gramps had already left for the office.

Nick set in the back and Rich set up front and navigated. Of course I could have use the GPS but I think Rich wanted to 'plot the course' as he called it. When he was done and had made his notes, we handed the map to Nick. "Nick check the map and see if there is anything worth stopping to see. Also check your phone and see if you can find a place to eat tonight. Rich where will we be when its time to stop."

I let them figure out where we would stop but I knew we would not stop for lunch maybe a pit stop. I wanted to get as far a way from Gramps as possible. That dream scared me.

Traveling with these two is really fun. They constantly are making jokes or singing. They quibble over what sandwich they want, usually each takes half. "We have a possible pit stop coming up. How's the gas?"

"I could top it off. I'll stop, we could visit the restroom and get some snacks."

I was surprise how much gas it took. I wonder how big the gas tank was. Nick and Rich went to get snacks as I went to the restroom. "Did you guys leave anything for the next group that stops here." They had a large bag full of chips and cold water."

We were back on the road, the stop only cost us a 1/2 hour. Nick said that the total driving time to Niagara was only 5 to 6 hours. Since we left in the morning we should be arriving there about 3 or 4 o'clock.

"Rich call your dad and tell him we're on our way and where we are now. Ask him if he can meet us for a late lunch or early dinner. Nick call the Marriott Gateway on the Falls for a reservation tonight.

Rich called his dad and from the excitement in Rich's voice his dad was surprised to know we were on our way to see him. Then I realize we were in such hurry to leave, we didn't tell his dad we were coming.

"Dad said we are couple of hours out. He said to call him when we reach the Hard Rock Cafe, it'll be on this road on the right side."

"Did you hear that Nick? Goggle the Hard Rock Cafe and check out the menu."

I half listened to Rich and Nick talking. My mind was still on the meeting at the diner. I had no idea what I was starting when I mentioned the weight discrepancy. It's amazing how one small detail could set off a major trauma. Russian Mafia and Spies, this is what movies are made of not real life.



" We were talking to you. You seemed to be a hundred miles away. Do you want me to drive for a while?"

"No, I'm ok. I was thinking about the Russians. This is the stuff movies are made of not reality."

"It's hard to grasp that it's real. Was that what your dream was about the other night?"

"Yes, I dreamt that I was being chased by the Russians and no matter how fast I ran I couldn't run away."

After driving for an hour, "Jimmy, we should be coming up on the Hard Rock Cafe pretty soon."

"We'll pull into the parking lot and then you can call your dad."

About 40 minutes later I was parking at the Hard Rock Cafe. Rich called his dad, he had a big smile on his face."

"Dad said for us to go and get a table, He'll be here in 15 minutes."

We were seated at a table, we told the waitress that we had one more coming but we'd like some coffee for now. She brought us our coffee and dropped off four menus. Nick looked at the decor, "Isn't this a chain?"


"Yep, I think they have a quite a few around the US."

"The menu contains a lot of different dishes. I wonder if they have a combo plate that has a little of everything."

"You might have to ask for it. It may be a special."

We were so engrossed in the menu, we didn't realize Rich's dad had entered the restaurant. All of a sudden, Rich lets out a yell, then he realizes it's his dad. Rich's eyes teared up when he sees his dad.

"I never expected to see you guys. What a great surprise, Rich how is the arm?"

"The arm is like new Dad. I need to tell you something, I have a boyfriend."

"Are you happy?"


"Good, let's order I didn't have any lunch today."

"Is that all you are gong to say?"

"Yes, what do you want me to say. Richie all I ever wanted was for you to be happy. Goal accomplished."

"Don't you want to know who it is?"

"It's Jimmy, I know."

Rich had a shocked look on his face, I was smiling. He looked at me, I leaned over, "It's all good. Smile" Then I kissed him on the cheek.

We order combo plates except Nick who order a combo plus appetizers. I'd bet he'd order dessert as well and I would've won. After putting all of his food away and snitching food from our plates, he ordered dessert. Even Paul, Rich's dad couldn't believe the food Nick put away.

We booked into the Marriott for two nights. Our room had a view of the Niagara River and best of all it had two queen size beds. I looked at Rich and he had a smile on his face, Nick went and looked out of the window, he didn't see Rich's smile.

That night was a hint of what the future would be like for Rich and me. Nick was glad he had his own bed although I wasn't sure I believed him. Even though he was straight I think he liked sleeping with us. That night as I took Rich into my arms, I knew without a doubt that if I wasn't gay, I was gay for Rich and possibly only Rich.

Good night kisses are great but even better is the love that passed between Rich and I that night. The world seemed right, after Rich and I had satisfied our love, the snuggling and kisses that followed brought a peace that I hadn't felt before. It was like this was what it meant to be in love and that, if not convinced before, Rich was the man for me.

We had breakfast at the hotel and then took a walk along the Niagara River. We could see the Falls and the mist that rose from the base of the Falls. "There's a tourist boat that we can take and see the Falls from the bottom. I think it's called the Maid of the Mist. Do you want to go?"

"Let's do it after lunch, I'd like to just walk around. Dad said he'd meet us for dinner."

"We could check out the Visitor Center, that might give us some ideas."

"Good idea Nick, now how about you checking your phone and find out where the Visitor Center is located."

"We're not too far from it, its close to the River just above the Falls." We walked to the Center and picked up some leaflets. "Look there's a short movie, let's watch it."

"Good idea Nick, maybe it'll give us some idea of what we can do this afternoon."

The movie was basically a history lesson. They did a panoramic view of the Falls and of course they highlighted the attractions with visuals. I thought one day wouldn't be enough but maybe we could come back. Of course the movie did highlight that Niagara Falls was a favorite honeymoon spot. "I think if we come back, we should bring our passports and go over to the Canadian side."

"Jimmy, after lunch we'll have time for the boat ride and maybe we could go take a walking tour. Then I think it'll be time to meet Dad for dinner."

"Sounds like a plan to me, Nick what are your thoughts?"

"I'm in. Let's get lunch."

"Jimmy, lets look for one of those all you can eat for one price deals. Otherwise we won't have enough money to fill Nick." Nick went to grab Rich, but Rich was too quick and ducked away.

"I saw that you got a handful of brochures at the Visitor Center, check it out for restaurants that have buffets."

"There's a Chinese restaurant, one price buffet. How about that?"

"Sounds good, Rich you in?"

"Yep, let's go. Nick lead the way."

The restaurant wasn't far from the hotel and in fact nothing was too far from our hotel. "Rich count the number of times Nick goes to the buffet table."

The food was good and there were many choices. Rich and I had one plate, but they were loaded, we were only going to make one trip. Nick's plate was mainly two items, and then we knew, if there were 8 different entrees, Nick would make at least 4 trips. I looked at Rich and he smiled, we were thinking alike. Nick made 6 trips to the buffet and that didn't count the trip for dessert. "I don't know where he puts it all."

"And he'll eat a big dinner as well. He must have a very fast metabolism or else he visits the restrooms a lot."

After lunch, we walked to where we had to board the Maid of the Mist. We waited about 30 minutes till the boat came in from a previous tour. When we boarded they gave us plastic covers and we soon found out why. The boat came very close to the Falls and we understood the name. You could hardly see the actually water falling over the Falls because of the amount of mist generated at the base of the Falls.

The ride was interesting and of course we kidded Nick about riding the maiden with our tongue in cheek meaning. We decided to take the walking tour to help Nick digest his lunch, at least that was our excuse.

"I'm glad to get back and rest my feet. I don't think I have ever walked as much."

"You probably have only you weren't being pushed to keep up nor have you ever walked for 2 1/2 hours without taking a rest."

I think I'm going to take a little nap before we head out to meet Rich's dad. Want to join me Rich?"

I think he had the covers pulled back before I finished my sentence. We undressed down to our briefs and got under the covers. I soon felt someone with their back to mine. "Nick you can sleep in the other bed."

"Yea, but I miss this.'

"What are you going to do when you get home?"

"I know maybe he can hire someone to sleep with him."

Of course that led to a little wrestling match, but after a few tickles, everyone settled down and sleep came quickly. We were woken by the phone, Rich went and answered it.

"That was Dad, he's waiting for us in the lobby."

I looked at the clock and it was 6, "I didn't think we slept this long. Let's hurry up and get dressed and go meet your dad."

We met Rich's dad and of course he teased us about being late. Rich told him what we did and that after taking the walking tour we decided to take a little nap. He asked us what we thought abut the Falls. Rich told him the next time we came, we wanted to cross over to the Canadian side.

Rich's dad took us to a small family type restaurant. When we entered they all recognized Rich's dad so I guess he ate there often. He introduced as to the owner and made a fuss over Rich. Who's father won't make a fuss over their son.

We were shown to a table, and asked for what we would like to drink and then the waiter was gone. "There are no menus?"

"No, they only prepare one meal a day for supper. You'll like it. I eat here as often as I can."

I looked at Nick, he seemed to be satisfied. I would bet that Nick would try anything that could be described as food.

Our meal started with a soup that had a rich chicken flavor, followed by a green salad with the house dressing. Our main course was stewed rabbit with sides of vegetables and fried potato wedges. I had never eaten rabbit but after one taste, I was ready to put it on my list of favorite foods.

One way you can tell if the food is good, when there isn't any conversation. We were so into our dinner, the only sound was the knife cutting the meat or a fork moving from plate to mouth. Of course there were a few mmm sounds.

I couldn't finish all of my vegetables, so I moved my plate in front of Nick. He smiled and finished his plate and then attacked mine. The next plate put in front of him was Rich's and he smiled and finished that plate as well. Rich's dad just looked at Nick as he ate. No one could believe the amount of food that guy could eat and still stay slim.

Dessert was a butterscotch mousse with chocolate chips. I took one spoon and it was so rich that I decided I would forego the rest. Well, it didn't go to waste, someone noticed I wasn't eating mine. He looked at me, I nodded yes and the dish was gone, replaced with an empty dish. Rich managed to eat half of his before Nick ate the rest.

Rich's dad took care of the check. He said something to the owner, but we were at the door waiting so we didn't hear what he said. Rich's dad was smiling and so was the owner, so it must have been good.

When we got back to the hotel, we went to the coffee shop and had a coffee. "Rich, Nick and I are going to the room. You stay here and visit with your dad. We'll see you upstairs."

Nick and I thanked Rich's dad for dinner and said our good night. I winked at Rich as we left.

Once we got to the room, "Nick, why don't you checked how many miles it is to your home. That way we can figure out if we need to book a hotel."

About 20 minutes later, "Jimmy if we use the Interstates, it will take us without stopping a little over 13 hours. That's a lot of driving, I think we should plan on driving for at least 8 hours, stay at a hotel and then drive the rest of the way. That way we won't be tired. Interstate driving can be monotonous and the break will be nice."

"Ok, let's plan on that. We can decide where we want to stop once we get underway."

Nick took a shower and got ready for bed. While I was in the shower, Rich returned and soon a felt him in the shower with me. "Are you ok?"

"Yes, I'm going to miss Dad but he said after this job he's going to take some time off."

I looked into those eyes, I saw confusion, missing his dad and the love for me. There was no struggle but he was close to his dad and I made a vow then that no matter what happens I would see that he stayed in close contact with his dad. In some ways I was a little jealous. His dad accepted him and my dad would not accept me or Brandon.

That night in bed, I held Rich very close. Our bodies touched Rich had his head on my chest. My arms encircled his body pulling him close so that a part of him rested on me. I felt that I was the luckiest guy in the world. I guess a lot of people feel this way with their loved ones but for me it was a new and exciting experience.

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