Richie and Jimmy

by Jobe

Chapter 14

I woke with Rich in front of me, pretty much as we were when we fell asleep and Nick with his back to mine. I leaned over and kiss Rich awake, "Shh, slowly get out of bed."

We both got out, then we got into the bed Nick was suppose to be sleeping in. Rich saw Nick when we moved and he was holding in his laughter. In Nick's bed, we cuddled and fell asleep again. We hadn't been asleep very long when Nick woke up. "What are you doing in my bed?"

"Rich had an accident and since you were sleeping in our bed, we moved to your bed."

Nick jumped out of bed, we started to laugh. He knew we were kidding. "Nick, you sure you can sleep by yourself when you get home? Otherwise you'll have to come and live with us. I never had a three some before but hey first time for everything."

Nick got red in the face, "Don't tease me. I never slept with anyone before. I never realize how comfortable it feels to have a warm body next to you when you sleep. I'll be okay when I get home. I'm just going to be more open minded about staying at a friends house or having a friend stay at mine. Just because you sleep with someone doesn't mean you have to have sex with them, unless it's a girl, then it's ok."

Rich and I just grabbed Nick and gave him a hug. "Guys we need to get dressed and packed. Dad is going to meet us downstairs for breakfast."

"Nick you take a shower, while I get the luggage ready. Be sure to take out the clothes you're going to wear." I took out clothes for Rich and I, set them on the bed, packed away our dirty clothes, Nick's as well. As soon as Nick was finished, Rich and I jumped into the shower. Nick was shaving and brushing his teeth while we showered. When we were finished Nick was getting dressed, it was like an assembly line. In 30 minutes we were ready to go downstairs for breakfast. I picked up our suitcases, "I'm going to put these in the car. I'll meet you in the dining room."

When I got off the elevator, Rich's dad was sitting in a chair waiting for us. I waved and pointed behind me. He nodded, I took the bags to the car. When I got back, everyone was sitting at a table and there was a cup of coffee for me next to Rich.

"How did you boys like Buffalo or really Niagara?"

"It was fun, I'm not sure if I'd want to spend a lot of time here but I'd like to see the Falls from the Canadian side. I think we could have used another day or two."

"Now you're going to drive Nick home?"

"Yes, it'll mostly be interstate driving and the total time not taking into account stops would be about 13 to 14 hours. So I think we should stop once and the way Nick eats, we would need to stop at least for lunch and dinner. He'd waste away to nothing if we drove straight thru."

"Ouch Rich, Nick hit me." Then we started to laugh.

The waiter came and we ordered. "Jimmy order the pancakes and eggs."

I looked at him that's way more than I could or would eat. He gave me the puppy dog eyes and then I realized who would finish my breakfast. When I ordered, Rich looked at me. I nodded toward Nick, he caught on and order the same thing."

When breakfast came I knew without a doubt I could not eat everything on the plate. I asked for a small plate, when it came I put the eggs on the small plate, placed the large plate in front of Nick, Rich asked for the large plate and added his pancakes to it as well. I looked at Nick, beside his breakfast, he had an additional 6 pancakes. Rich's dad looked at the amount of food before Nick, he looked at me and then Rich. "I guess you're hungry Nick."

I felt I must defend Nick, "Nick has a very high metabolism and if he doesn't put away the calories he becomes very tired. We're all a little jealous that he can eat a lot and not gain a pound."

Nick smiled at me and gave my leg a squeeze. Rich's dad just smiled as we watched Nick demolish his breakfast. Since Rich's dad paid for dinner last night, I signed the check for breakfast.

"Guy's I'm going to check us out, Nick if you want to get any munchies nows the time to do it."

We left Rich and his dad sitting at the table. I gave Nick some money and pointed out the souvenir shop. Checking out took a little time as they called for the breakfast check. By the time I had checked out, Nick had a large bag of snacks and Rich was standing next to me with his dad. We walked to the car, Rich's dad gave us a hug. "Take care of my boy." I said that I would. Nick got into the back, I got in the driver's seat and waited for Rich to say goodbye.

"Nick plot our course to Interstate 90."

As soon as Rich got into the car, I started the car. He looked at me and I could see tears in his eyes but he had a smile on his face. "It's going to be ok. We can come again, it isn't a long drive and as long as he's here we can spend a few week-ends."

I got a kiss on my cheek for that, Soon we were driving toward the interstate. Nick had plotted our exit from Niagara Falls, picking up I-90 just outside of Buffalo. Rich found a classic rock radio station, I could feel his eyes on me and then I felt his hand on my leg.

"My dad likes you. He thinks that I couldn't have done any better."

"Well, I don't know about you but I know I got the prize. You know I love you."

I glanced at him and yes there were sparkles in those blue green eyes. I squeezed his hand and smiled.

We had been driving about 4 hours, "Nick see if you can find a gas station and a place for lunch."

'Take the next exit, there's a truck stop which has a restaurant and you can get gas."

"Why don't you guys go and order while I fill up the gas tank?"

"What do you want to eat?"

"Just order for me what you all order."

I drop them off and pulled up to a gas pump. I used the credit card so I didn't have to go inside, I began to fill the tank. I was amazed at how much gas it took to fill the tank. Once the pump shut off, I took the printed receipt and drove close to the restaurant. When I entered I looked and found the guys in a booth at the far end of the restaurant. "Couldn't you have found a table closer to the front?"

"Nick wanted to check out the sights."

"What sights, the semis?"

"No, look over there." I had to turn as my back was to the window. When I did I saw the sights Nick was interested in. There was a car with four girls, they were getting ready to leave.

"Nick, did you see any that you might want to cuddle with?"

"A few, they are college girls going home."

"And you found this out how?"

"I overheard them talking. The were sitting at that booth."

Now I knew why they sat there, "What did you order for lunch?"

"I ordered a sandwich and salad for us, Nick ordered a hamburger with fries."

The waitress brought our food and coffee. "Coffee refills are at that counter."

The counter she indicated had a large urn. Alongside it were packages of sugar and creamers.

My salad was huge and enough for me. I guess at truck stops their customers really ate a lot. I took my sandwich and passed it to Nick, Rich did the same.

I took the check to the cashier, paid it and left a tip on the table. On the way out, Nick stopped and picked up a bag of chips. Back on the interstate, "Nick we need to find a hotel or something for the night."

"We'll be close to Chicago, should I look there?"

"Well, Chicago could be rather expensive, how about something after we pass through."

"Rich, do you want to drive for a while?"

"If you are tired I'll drive otherwise you can drive and I can sit here and look at you."

"Ok, I'll drive till I'm tired but you have to keep me awake. No not that way, you can do that tonight."

"What was he doing?"

"Nick, what do you think he was doing?"

"I don't know, he wasn't kissing you. Rich what did you do?"

I glanced at Rich and his cheeks were slightly red, Nick looked and then it dawned on him. "You know if I could drive you both could make out in the back seat."

Rich leaned over the seat to hit Nick, Nick just started to laugh. I looked at Rich, put my arm around him and pulled him toward me, kissing his head.

"Jimmy, get two rooms tonight and let Nick sleep in one by himself." I looked in the mirror and saw Nick shaking his head no.

I was a little uptight driving through Chicago but once I was through the main section, I relaxed. Nick told me what exit to take for the hotel, turned out to me a motel. It was one of those Mom and Pop type of motels. We booked our room and then went look for a restaurant for dinner. The lady at the motel told us that there was a steak house just down the road that was pretty good.

The next morning Nick guided us to I-80. He said it was a straight shot to Ames. Once we got away from some traffic, I stopped at a truck stop just a few miles from where we spent the night. Rich and Nick went to order, I filled the gas tank. This time I took the owners manual, I wanted to check the size of the gas tank.

I saw the guys at a booth and went to join them. As soon as I sat down, the waitress brought our order. Rich and I had eggs, bacon and toast. Nick had the same with a side of pancakes. The coffee was good and strong, "Rich see if they have a thermos. I would like to take some of this coffee with me."

Rich went and check with the cashier, she said something and pointed out the door. "They don't have them here but she said they are available at the gas station."

'We'll get one before we leave. It's going to take us 6 hours to get to Ames if we drive straight through. That would us at your home Rich about 3 in the afternoon."

"That's early we can stop and have lunch and then go on. I don't know if my parents are back or not. I'll call Charles and see if they are home and if not we'll go to Charles and Brandon's place. They have a spare bedroom so we can stay there."

I started to laugh, "Rich want to drive a while?"

Finishing breakfast, bought the thermos, had it filled with coffee and picked up three paper cups. Nick restocked his stash of snack items and we were off. Interstate travel is great as long as you don't become mesmerized with the driving. Chatter, coffee helps to break that up as well as nibbling on something.

After 4 hours of driving, we switched drivers again. "Nick find a place for dinner."

"There is a truck stop right off the next exit. We can eat there."

"Have you called Charles?"

"No, I'll do it when we eat."

Rich pulled in to the truck stop, "Jimmy do you want to fill the gas tank?"

"No, there is enough gas to last quite a while. Gramps must have had a second tank added as a reservoir. I guess he wanted to make sure I wouldn't run out of gas."

We placed our orders, they had a buffet, but Rich and I just wanted something light. Nick took the buffet, they lost money on us that day. "Did you call Charles?"

"No, I'll call him after we eat."

"You know with three drivers we could have made this trip a lot faster."

"Not if Nick is one of the drivers, we'd have to stop to refill his tank."

"Nick, have you always had a high metabolism?"

"I guess so. I never thought it was unusual. I just need a lot of calories."

Rich and I asked for a carry out container, Nick couldn't since he had the buffet, I had one piece of chicken I hadn't touched and I put that into the carry out, Rich added his baked potato. "Rich add some butter to that box and get a set of those plastic forks and knives at that take out counter."

When we got into the car, I drove. We just sat up front, listen to the music. I looked at Rich and he had a smile on his face. I smiled back, we were waiting. After about one hour, "Are you guys going to eat the food in that carry out?"

Rich and I laughed, Rich handed the box to Nick. "We brought this for you, enjoy."

Nick had a big smile on his face, "Thanks guys."

"Did you call Charles?"

"Yes, mom and dad wouldn't be home till this week-end. So we'll go to Charles and Brandon's place. I'll call them as we get closer."

As we got closer to Ames, Nick started to give us directions. It turned out to be an apartment building close to I-80. I parked in the visitor parking space, Nick took off while Rich and I got the luggage. "We'll need to come down and clean out that back seat. Not everything went into Nick's mouth."

I no sooner had closed the boot, when I felt a pair of arms around me. I knew it was Brandon. "Jimmy, I'm so glad you made it. We weren't worried but you can never tell what could happen."

"We did ok. Nick was the navigator, Rich and I shared driving. We would have made it sooner but we had to stop to fill the gas tank and someone's belly. But it wasn't a bad drive. I'd do it again."

"Come on up. Charles will be here soon, he's going to bring pizza home."

We followed Brand into the elevator, where I got another hug and he gave Rich one as well. When we got off the elevator, Nick was standing there with a sweeper. "Nick we can do that after, I may just take the car to get it washed and they can vacuum the back as well."

We took our luggage into the apartment, it was a nice apartment, the rooms were rather large, somehow when you think apartment you think small rooms. Nick took our suitcases and placed them somewhere. "Brand before we leave we'll have to wash some clothes. We didn't pack heavy as we had to bring all of Nick's clothes with us."

"So are you and Rich a couple?"

"Yes, I don't know if I'm gay, I don't find other guys attractive so I just rationalize I'm gay for Rich."

"You're lucky you have Rich. I like him a lot and so does Charles. We did good, bro."

I smiled as I hugged Rich. He didn't care if I was gay or not, all he wanted is for us to be together. Brandon showed us the apartment including the spare bedroom. I looked at Rich and then Nick. "I guess it'll be cozy with the three gays in bed."

"Guys only two of you are gay."

"Oh come on Nick, who crept into our bed because they couldn't sleep without touching me."

Nick's face turned red. "That's ok Nick, I was just teasing you. You know Rich and I love you like a brother." I grabbed him and gave him a hug. When I stepped back, he had a smile on his face.

Then we heard, "Hey is anybody home?"

Brand went to greet Charles, "They just got here. I was showing the boys where they were going to sleep. How many Pizza's did you get?"

"Two, one for Nick and one for the rest of us."

I looked at Rich, he smiled, we know about the eating monster. "Hi Charles"

"Hi guys, any trouble getting here?"

"No, it was fairly straight forward. Nick did the navigating and eating. Rich and I drove. We made a two day trip out of it so we didn't have to push."

"Come on let's eat while the pizza is still hot. I have soda, iced tea and beer."

"I'll have iced tea, Rich do you want iced tea or soda?"

"I'll have ice tea as well."

"Nick you can get what you want. I'll get the plates for us and Nick that is your box."

I thought Charles was kidding but he wasn't. Rich and I had two slices, and Nick ate the entire other pizza. I just couldn't get over the fact that he could eat so much and still keep his weight.

"Tomorrow Charles needs to work, but I'll show you guys around. Nick can add to the dialogue as he knows this town better than I do."

After dinner we sat and talked, I always enjoyed talking with Brand, this for me was like old times. We talked about our time at Niagara, they asked Rich about his dad and we teased Nick about his girlfriend. The one thing I did not talk about was the diner and Gramps.

About 8 I was getting tired. "Brand, Charles if you don't mind I think I'll hit the hay."

"I think we'll all turn in, Nick are you going to sleep on the couch."

Rich and I started to laugh. I put my arm around Nick, "Come on lover let's go to bed."

It felt like we were back in the apartment. Rich cuddled with me on one side, Nick had his back to me on the other side. With Rich in my arms, I slept very soundly.

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