Richie and Jimmy

by Jobe

Chapter 12

The next morning, I couldn't feel Nick. Then I smelled the coffee and soon there was Nick with a coffee for Rich and I. "Nick I really appreciate this but I was only kidding. You don't have to do this every morning. You should know Rich and I like your company."

He just gave us a smile and went back to the kitchen. "What do you think he's doing?"

"Probably making breakfast for us. I think I'll take my shower and then go help him."

While I was showering, Rich came into the bathroom. This is the first time he came in while I was showering. I could see his shadow through the shower curtain, he was standing in front of the commode so I knew what he was doing. When you got to go, you got to go. I continued to shower when I felt hands on my back. Turning there was Rich with soap ready to wash my back. I looked at him and saw the twinkle in his eyes. He stretched and gave me a kiss. "Turn around I'll wash your back and then you can do mine. We can finish showering faster this way."

I thought no way will be finished faster. As his hands ran up and down my back I wondered if he was going to wash further down. Wonder no more as he began to wash my ass and the back of my legs. This caused a shudder and a reaction below my waist. That didn't stop Rich, he just reached around and lathered up my pole and started to stroke it. It didn't take long before I was painting the wall in front of me. Recovering, I swapped places with him and began to wash his back. He had a cute ass and I spent a little more time there then I probably should have but hey it was cute. I washed his legs and then started to wash his front. As I moved to reach around him, my dick was sliding in the crease of his ass. It soon became evident to Rich that something hard was poking him. The tease that he is, he wiggles his ass rubbing my dick in the process. I reached around him and started to give him a hand job. "You keep wriggling that ass of yours and you may get a surprise."

"You keep stroking that and you'll get a surprise." No sooner did he say that when I felt him shutter as he began to paint the wall in front of us. With me rubbing myself on his ass, I came again this time painting his ass.

"Let's rinse off and get out of here or Nick will think something is funny." That is when we heard, "I already think something is funny."

I looked at Rich and we both started to laugh. We quickly dried, dressed and headed to the kitchen. Nick came up to us, gave us a kiss on the cheek, "It's about time."

That night we Skype with Mike, Rich told him he had completed the project they talked about. Mike smiled and winked at me, "Good boy."

Sunday was always a lazy day for me, I'd go to church and read most of the day after my run. Just took things slow. Being at Grams and Gramps I got out of schedule, but this Sunday I was going to church. "I'm going to church this morning, anyone want to come with me?"

"I'll go but I don't have a suit."

"Just wear a nice pair of pants and a button down shirt. I can lend you a tie. Rich knowing he wasn't going home, had a suit with him. "Rich just leave the coat that way we'll all be dressed the same."

"What are we going to do after church?"

"We could go and have a nice lunch, walk around the park or just hang out. Grams and Gramps are going to their club for lunch.

"Ok, we'll play it by ear."

As we were getting in the car, Gramps was getting in his car. "James, are you all going to church today?"

"Yes, Gramps, I thought it was time to get back in the groove."

"Well, maybe you all would like to come to the club for lunch."

"We'd need a suit coat for that and Nick doesn't have one. We can have lunch in town."

"You don't need a suit coat, it's rather informal. I wear a suit because I always wear a suit."

"Oh you boys look nice, are you going to church?"

"Yes, Gram, we need to get back to normal."

"Then you must come to the club with us for lunch."

I said ok, and then we followed them to church. Gram introduced us to Father Burns, he invited us to stay for coffee after the service.

Rich whispered, "I didn't know you were Catholic ."

"We're not, we're Anglican."

We sat with Gram and Gramps, I noticed several people looking at us and smiling. After service Gram introduced us as her grandchildren who were staying with them this summer. She was quite proud of us as she beamed when her friends told her how handsome we all were. I thought flattery will get you everything.

At the club, I was surprised to see Father Burns there as well as several members from the church. The attendant led us to a table where another older couple were sitting. "Mary and Bert these are my grandchildren who are spending the summer here. James and Richard will be attending Ohio State while Nicolas must go home to finish his last year and then he'll be joining us here as well. We feel very lucky to have our grandchildren here for a while."

"You are lucky and they seem to be fine young men."

That started the conversation as to what we'd be studying and why we choose Ohio State. How do we like our stay so far? It was nice to see young people in church. Comments were being made and of course as Gram and Gramps friends stopped at our table we were introduced again. Father Burns stopped by our table and drew up a chair. Then the questions started all over again. But even though it seem repetitious, we answered with the same way politeness.

Lunch was buffet style, as we were going through the line, Nick spotted a girl who was watching us. "Rich there's a girl over there who keeps staring at you."

Rich looked, "I think you're wrong, she is staring at you. Look at her and smile, she'll blush."

Nick looked at her, he smiled and sure enough she blushed. "Nick, she'd be a good companion while you're here. Go and introduce yourself."

He looked frightened. Brave Nick wasn't so brave in this incidence. "Follow me." I took my plate and walked by the girl's table, I purposely dropped my roll. Of course I had to stop to pick it up, she immediately picked up the roll.

"Thank you. Sometimes I'm a little clumsy. My name is Jimmy and this is Rich and Nick. We're here with our grandparents. Thanks again."

She followed us with her eyes as we walked to our table. When we sat down, I noticed she said something to her parents and nodded her head on our direction. "Ok Nick, I did my part and don't be surprised if she comes over here."

Gram looked at me, "Gram there's a young lady at the far table who has an eye for Nick. I think before long her parents might come over here to talk to you."

"Are you being a match maker?"

"No but it would be nice for Nick to have someone to go to the movies with while he's here, nothing serious, just another friend."

When we had finished eating our lunch, Nick and Rich wanted to go and get dessert, or at least that's what they said. They waited till the girl started to head in that direction when they also headed in that direction. It was funny to watch them as they join the girl, I couldn't hear what was being said but I could see all three of them laughing. Gram looked at me and smiled.

They came back with a dessert, Rich split his with me and Nick ate all of his. I really wanted to know what all the laughing was about but I didn't want to embarrass Nick. "James we're going to stay here for a while and socialize with our friends. You are welcome to stay if you wish."

"Gram thanks for the invitation. I think we'll go back, I want to change and get back to my running. I thought the park would be a good spot for that."

"Ok we'll then see you all for dinner tonight."

As we left, the girl ran up and handed Nick a slip of paper. I knew it was a telephone number. The ride back to the apartment was very quiet.

"Well, are you going to call her?"

"Maybe, then we could double date."

I couldn't help laughing, "Double date?"

"Yes, after this morning I'd think you would agree to that."

Rich's face turned red. "Since you were listening instead of fixing breakfast, I guess we could double date since you don't have a car, however, I go to work tomorrow so if we double date, we'd have to go to the diner or some restaurant for dinner."

I was glad that Nick had a possibility of dating. We had another 6 weeks before school started. It could get a little lonely and particularly when he knew something was happening between Rich and me. "Nick give her a call and see if she'd like to go to the diner with us tomorrow. You can sit by yourselves."

Nick looked at me, "Come on Rich let Nick have a few moments."

Rich and I walked outside. "Would you like to walk to the pond?"

"Why don't we just walk the property. There were some trees back by the pond."

Rich took my hand and he sort of led me in the direction of the trees. It was a nice evening, there was a breeze. Pulling my hand away, I pulled him closer and put my arm around his shoulder. When he looked at me, I gave him a kiss. "Does this mean what I think it means?"

"This morning didn't answer that question in your mind."

He had a big smile on his face. "You know we have to watch it with Nick here. All three of us sleeping in one bed doesn't provide the best of opportunities."

"I meant to ask you when does your cast come off?"

"Tuesday according to the doctor, Dad had the doctor at home contact a doctor here. Home sounds strange, after mom died I never had a home. I always identified home as being with someone rather than a place."

"Well, now you have a home again. You're with me."

Rich stopped walking, I looked at him and he had tears in his eyes. "Are you crying?"

"No, these are tears of happiness. I liked you the first time I saw you and my feelings for you kept growing. Then Mike told me that you liked me but I'd have to work at getting you to open up to being my boyfriend. The special project was to convince you that you were gay and I should be your partner."

"Well, I guess you got an A on your project." I took Rich in my arms and kissed him again. I wanted to see his eyes sparkle.

We walked back to the apartment holding hands. "I have to go to work tomorrow so I'll be going to bed early. You look tired as well maybe you should go to bed early also."

Rich started to laugh which set me off laughing as well. We were still laughing when we entered the apartment. Nick looked at us like we were crazy. "Rich, is that a smile on Nick's face?"

"Yes, I'd say that looks like a smile."

"Wow we leave for a few minutes and when we come back he's so glad to see us he's smiling."

"I don't think he's smiling because we came back. I think he made a phone call."

"So when do we go to the diner?"

"Would tomorrow be too soon."

"Tell me the facts tomorrow but tomorrow is ok. I'm going to take a shower and hit the sack. My vacation is over and I have work tomorrow. Rich you don't look to good, maybe you need your rest as well."

Now it was Nick's turn to laugh. "You sound like your brother and Charles."

I winked at Rich and headed to the shower. I wasn't in there too long before someone joined me. I kissed him as I rubbed soap on his back. Of course two swords were crossing as a result. I looked into his eyes, and began to kiss down his body, I could feel him tremble as I proceeded further down across his belly and kept going. When that which makes him male hit my chin I stop. I looked up at his eyes and I knew that I loved this man. I teased the tip of his dick with my tongue, his body shook. When I took him into my mouth , he slumped over as he ejaculated into my mouth. I didn't think I wanted to play catch but once it was done, it wasn't bad. I steadied him as I rose and took him into my arms.

He was shaking, "It's ok Rich. I love you. I never thought I'd ever say that to a man but you changed all of that. Let's finish showering."

I finished washing Rich and then I washed my self while he rinsed off. I dried him and then myself. I helped him into his shorts, pulled mine on and led him to the bed. I eased him into his side, went to the other side and crawled to hug him. He was very quiet I kissed him on his neck and he sighed. "Rich are you ok?"

In a very quiet voice, "Yes. I was surprised and the feelings were over whelming. Oh Jimmy, I never could imagine what that would feel like. I still haven't come back from my dream."

"I have come to the conclusion that I love you. I never thought I'd say that to anyone, but with you I just want to give you all of the good feelings that a man can have."

Rich turned, looked me in the eye, "I couldn't be more happy." There are kisses and there are kisses, the kiss I got from Rich was the superman of kisses. I pulled him into my arms, I could feel sleep taking over.

I woke feeling different this morning. I had someone in my life that I loved and he loved me. That was a feeling I never had before. I looked at Rich, I wished I could take him with me. I carefully got out of bed trying not to disturb Nick. Showered, dressed and drinking a cup of coffee, when my love came into the kitchen. He came and sat on my lap. Nestling his head into my shoulder, "I can't wait till we are alone."

I hugged him, "We can wait a few more weeks. I like having Nick around and we both will miss him when we take him home. Now I need to get to work. Big things are going to happen this week."

I followed Gramps to work. My guard stopped me, I think he likes to do that. "Running late?"

"No, I'm actually early. Of course if you keep me here I mighty be late."

He smiled, "Go ahead, I wouldn't want you to be late."

I parked in my usual spot, checked in at the security desk and got my usual message, my grandfather wanted to see me. Getting off at his floor, I was met by his secretary with a cup of coffee for me. "Go right in he's expecting you."

"Good morning Grandfather, you have a new assignment for me."

"Actually I do, I want you to go and see Mr. Thomas in purchasing. While you're there I want you to review our purchase agreements. I think after our latest experience we may have to amend those agreements. I'd be interested in what you think and any ideas you may have"

"Grandfather the diner is all set. I just need the date and time for the meeting."

I left the office and went to the first floor. Evidently Mr. Thomas was expecting me. "James this is our standard purchasing agreement. We have modified some for special cases but for most of our suppliers, we use this standard form. Look it over, if you have any questions don't be afraid to ask me or one of the buyers."

I quickly glanced through the purchase order. I didn't see anything unusual. I asked for a tablet and started to write down what I thought were the various elements of a purchase order. Mr. Thomas had explained what boiler plate was and I noticed it was clearly written in larger type on the first page. So rather than be confused, I decided to create my own purchase order. By lunch time I had a draft but I wanted to think a little more about it. Mr. Thomas came and asked me how it was going. I told him I was creating a pseudo purchase order based on how I'd do it and then I'd check it against the one he showed me. He thought that might be a good approach. He told me to think more about it over lunch.

I grabbed a quick lunch and then headed to the library. I wanted to see what other companies purchase orders looked like for comparison purposes. I could only find government contracts but that gave me enough information on how to change my draft.

Back at the desk, I looked over my notes from the Library and compared it to my draft. There was one clause that I missed, I went and check the standard purchase order and it was missing from there as well. There was no clause for breach of contract or indemnity. I then asked Mr. Thomas if I could see the purchasing contract for the company that we found the weight discrepancies. When he brought the purchasing contract there wasn't any clauses that would permit us to take punitive action from breaking the contract. The issue of weight discrepancies could be dismissed as an error.

"Mr. Thomas, I see a problem with our purchasing agreement. There are no clauses that would permit us to take punitive action from a supplier not living up to the conditions of the purchasing agreement."

"I don't think we ever thought the need to have one. Most of our suppliers are vetted by the government."

"I looked at several government contracts and they all have a punitive clause. Even if a company is vetted by the government doesn't mean that their product will always meet our standards. It's my recommendation."

I think he knew what I was referring to when I mentioned companies that are vetted by the government doesn't mean that they would abide by a purchasing agreement. As I left the office that day I wonder if Gramps would have something to say after dinner.

When I got home, Nick gave me a hug and Rich gave me a kiss. "What is all this about?"

"We, rather I, have a dinner date tonight."

"Really and where is this dinner date going to take place?"

"At that little Italian restaurant off main street, I booked two tables for tonight and asked that they be far apart."

I just smiled, went and took a shower and dressed more casually, "I'm going to tell Gram we won't be having dinner with them tonight." I no sooner got out of the door when someone grabbed my hand. I smiled and he smiled back.

"Did you miss me?"

"Yes, I couldn't wait till you came home. Are you schedule to work tomorrow?"

"So far, why?"

"I was hoping you could drive me to the doctors."

"What time is your appointment?"

"At one."

"OK, I'll pick you up, we can have a quick lunch and then I can drive you to the doctors." As we enter the kitchen, Miss Marie was busy preparing. "Miss Marie, we won't be eating dinner here tonight. Nick has a dinner date and since I'll need too drive him, Rich and I will also have a dinner date."

"Thank you for letting me know James. Otherwise there would be a lot of leftovers."

"Jimmy, leftovers aren't bad. They would be good for lunch." Rich really like Miss Marie's cooking.

I pulled him into the drawing room. Seeing Gram, I went over and gave her a kiss on the cheek. Rich followed me and did the same thing. "Gram we are going out for dinner tonight. I already told Miss Marie. If Gramps wants to see me after dinner, have him call me. Otherwise I'll see him in the morning."

"Richard, when does that cast come off. Seems to me it has been a long time."

"Tomorrow afternoon Gram, I can't wait it has been very itchy and I can't scratch."

"I know it'll feel good to get that off."

We left Gram and headed to the apartment. Half way up the stairs we met Nick. "You're ready to go now? I thought you said dinner at 6."

"She called and asked if we could go earlier. Something doing with her parents later in the evening."

"Did you call the restaurant and change the time."

"Yes, I moved it to five."

"Do you have directions to her home?"

"She said her dad would drop her off, then we'd take her home."

Clever way to find out where she lives. "What's her name, I don't think your ever told us?"

"I thought you heard her Rich when we were getting dessert, it's Alice."

'Well, stay away from rabbit holes." That got me a punch on the arm. Rich just laughed.

I didn't give Nick too much credit but that changed when he introduced me as Jimmy Cricket.

The restaurant was very nice, small but cozy. Alice's dad seemed nice he remembered us from the club on Sunday.

Dinner was excellent, "Jimmy the food was delicious. I guess you can't go wrong with Italian."

"Only if the cook is Italian. Don't order dessert, we can have some when we go home. Miss Marie was baking a chocolate cake when we stopped before coming here." Rich looked at me questioning how I knew that. "I smelled the cake baking."

When dinner was over, I drove Alice home. It wasn't far from the University. Nick walked her to the door, she gave him a kiss on the cheek, Nick's face was a little flushed when he got back into the car. "You ok?"

"Yes, I think she is a very nice girl. I had fun tonight and I think I'll see her again before I head home."

"Be sure to let her knew you're going home and want to Skype with her."

Parking the car, we headed to Grams. "Miss Marie is there any of that chocolate cake left."

"How did you know we had chocolate cake?" I pointed to my nose. She shook her head and smiled. "Your Gram and Gramps are in the drawing room having coffee. You go on in and I'll bring you all a piece."

I was going to say Nick already had dessert, when he pushed me out of the kitchen.

"Good evening, Gram, Gramps."

"How was your dinner boys?"

"It was very good. We ate at that little Italian restaurant just off main street."

That is when Miss Marie came in with a cart that had three coffees and three pieces of cake. "Miss Marie, I only wanted a piece not a half." I looked at Nick his eyes were almost as big as the piece of cake which was sat in front of him. I whispered to Rich, "If that is too much we can take the rest back to the apartment."

"No, Nick will eat it when we are sleeping."

"Richard, Gram tells me that you are having your cast removed tomorrow afternoon."

"Yes, sir, my appointment is at one. I plan on having lunch with Jimmy and then going to the doctors."

"Well, in that case, James why don't you take the afternoon off."

"Thanks Gramps, i appreciate that."

"Mr. Thomas was very please with you today. In fact everywhere you worked, your supervisors were pleased. I look forward to you becoming a full time employee when you finish school."

"Thanks Gramps. I just did as they asked. The tasks weren't hard but did require you to pay attention. I like working there and the people I worked with were very knowledgeable as well as being friendly."

"Good with your permission I'll pass that on." I smiled while nodding yes.

"Grams have you talked to mom or dad lately?"

"Your mom calls about once a week but your dad doesn't call. I don't think he liked the fact that Brandon stayed here with his boyfriend."

"If that is the case, he certainly won't like the fact that I'm driving Nick home and will see Brandon again. Nor if he finds out about Richard and I."

"Don't worry about your dad. His Spanish background is clouding his judgement right now. He'll come around."

Saying good night, we left Gram and Gramps taking our cups and plates to the kitchen. Out of habit, I rinsed the cups and plates and put them in the dishwasher.

That night as I laid in bed, I thought about my father. I'm not sure he'd make peace with Brand and me. "Jimmy don't think to hard. I love you, you have loving grandparents and I'm sure your mom and Brandon love you. I'd even bet Nick and Charles love you."

"I do but as a friend."

I laughed, "You are suppose to be sleeping and not listening to our conversation."

"I can't help you talk so loud."

I snuggled into Rich and couldn't wait till he got that cast off. I placed my arm around his chest and drew him closer. Of course I had to tease as I moved my hand down to the rim of his briefs. I was just going to move my hand under the waist band, when his hand grab mine and took it back to nestle on his chest. Kissing the back of his head, I fell asleep.

I woke up to the smell of coffee. I slowly unwound my self from Rich and headed to the bathroom, I took my shower and finishing up, I went to the closet to get dressed. I was anxious to get to work and even more anxious to take Rich to the doctor's to remove his cast.

When I walked into the kitchen, Nick was sitting at the table eating a bowl of cereal. "You're up early."

"Yea, I was thinking about going to school here. If I do go to school here, I'd have to stay in a dorm."

"Why, don't you want to stay here?"

"There's no room here. We can't share the bed and you and Rich need your privacy."

"Before you get crazy thinking about that, you need to finish high school, get approval from your parents to attend Ohio State, get enrolled and then, only then, we'll solve the problem of you staying here or in a dorm."

"What are you guys so serious about."

"Nick is thinking about imaginary problems."

"I was telling Jimmy that if I go to State, I'll probably stay in a dorm."

"Why would you want to do that? You could stay here with us."

"He feels that we'll need our privacy. I told him when the time comes to make that decision we'd address that problem."

"Yea, why haven't you fixed us our breakfast? There you sit taking care of yourself while Jimmy and I are waiting."

Nick got up, grabbed Rich and gave him a noogie. "Sit down I'll get you a bowl."

I went and refilled my coffee cup and put two slices of bread in the toaster. Nick placed an empty bowl in front of Rich.

"Well, where is the rest?"

"I just said I'd get you a bowl." I placed the cereal box on the table. Rich went and poured himself a glass of orange juice and got the milk from the refrigerator.

"If you want to stay with us Nick, you have to do better than this."

"Maybe staying in a dorm might not be a bad idea rather than serving the masters here."

"You guys have fun, I'm off to work. I'll see you at lunch time." Rich stood and gave me a kiss as I was about to leave. I could get use to this.

As I drove up to the guard shack, my friendly guard was waiting for me, "Good morning sir."

"Sir, you never called me sir. What changed?"

"Nothing changed I just thought I would surprise you since you drove in with the boss leading the way. I wasn't convinced you knew your way, but it looks like you do."

"Well, thanks for the vote of confidence but 'sir' is to much. After all you are way older than me, so Jimmy is ok."

"I think young man you better get going before I put you over my knee."

I was chuckling as I drove to my parking spot.

Going through my usual check in, receiving my usual comment about seeing the boss, I headed to Gramps office. When I arrived Gramps secretary, Mrs. Watson, handed me a cup of coffee. "Go right in James, he is waiting for you."

"Good morning Grandfather, do you have a new assignment for me today?"

"Actually I don't. I just wanted to chat and try and find out why you are being recruited by all of my staff. It seems that they all were impressed with you. I did look over the new purchasing agreement and approved it last night. How did you come up with your proposed change?"

"I wanted to see what type of purchase agreements other firms had. When I went to the library the only thing I could find were copies of government contracts. I thought that we could use one of the clauses in their contract. It made sense to me."

"Well, it'll be part of our new purchase orders. I think we have become accustom to the way we do things and after a time we never look at the details. Never taking into account that things are changing."

"Gramps, when are you planning on having that meeting at the diner?"

"Actually, we'll be meeting there for lunch tomorrow."

"Gramps, I'd like to be there and I know that Rich and Nick would also like to be there. Just be sure you take the table in the corner by the exit."

"I don't see why you couldn't be there. He doesn't know you and being a diner it wouldn't be unusual for kids to be there. Since you only will be here half day today, why don't you go to Personal and see if you can find something to do there."


I headed to Personnel. The morning seemed to go very slow, of course I was anxious to get Rich to the doctors. At last it was 12 and I was ready to leave.

I was anxious to get home to pick up Rich but I also knew Nick would be coming with us. It was like the Three Musketeers, one for all and all for one. As I pulled into the driveway, before the gates opened, Rich and Nick were standing there. They got into the car and we headed to lunch. "There is a pizza place close to the doctors, how about we eat lunch there?"

Pizza is a magic word for Nick. So I headed to the pizza shop, we bought a large pizza, Nick ate more than half. He probably could eat another couple of slices if there where any left. "Are you anxious to get that cast off?"

"Yes, it itches like crazy but there's no way I can scratch it. That's the first thing I'm going to do scratch, scratch and scratch."

"While you're in getting that remove I might go to the drugstore on the corner and see if they have anything for the itching."

The doctor's waiting room was empty. The receptionist noted why we were there and told us to take a seat the doctor would be with us in a little while. "Nick you stay here with Rich I'm going to go to the drugstore. I'll be back in a few minutes."

"How long has Rich been in with the doctor?"

"He just went in a few minutes ago. They said it wouldn't be long."

"Do you remember the equipment we installed at the diner last week?"


"Well, tomorrow we're going to have lunch there. Do you think you could invite your girl friend?

I want you and her to occupy one of the booths, I'll ask Rich to occupy one and I'll occupy one. I want to force Gramps and this guy to select the table we wired. If they see a lot of people and that table being slightly isolated, I'm sure that is where they'll choose to sit. I want to also put some music on, make a selection that's nice but not too loud. Soft romantic music for you and your girl, it'll give the guy some confidence that the music will drown out his voice and he won't be suspicious. I don't want him to try and play music from the Juke box at his table."

"And you are paying?"

"Yes, I'll pay."

Nick took out his cellphone and called Alice inviting her to lunch tomorrow. They chatted while I picked up a magazine and started to scan the articles. "Jimmy, she said she'd go, I told her we'd pick her up."

"Good, with the normal crowd that should be enough. I just need the manager to not let anyone sit at that table. Or maybe I'll tell Rich to sit at that table and then when I come in he can join me. It'll depend on how crowded it is."

Rich came out with his arm in a sling, no cast. "How does it feel without the cast?"

"I almost hit myself when he took the cast off and I raised my arm. The extra weight of the cast was gone and I didn't compensate for it. The doctor gave me some cream to use to help with the itch."

"I bought some cream as well. It won't take too long before the arm will feel normal and not itch."

I drove home, Rich kept rubbing his arm. "The skin is all wrinkled."

"Yea but it'll be normal in a few days. Tomorrow we're going for lunch at the diner. Do you remember the equipment we installed?"


"Well, tomorrow we're going to have a live test."

That afternoon after I change from my suit to shorts and a t-shirt, I looked at Rich's arm. It wasn't so bad. I rubbed some of the cream I bought on his arm and he said it helped with the itch. I'm not sure if it was the cream or me rubbing that made him feel better. "Let's go for a walk. Nick do you want to come?"

"Where are you going?"

"To the pond"

"Ok, let me change first."

"We'll meet you outside."

Of course this gave me a chance to give Rich a kiss in semi private. I wasn't totally sure if Miss Marie or Gram was watching.

Nick joined us and we walked to the pond. Of course Rich and I held hands. "I can't wait to find that one person for me. You two make me jealous, not that I'm jealous of you two but jealous that at this time in my life I have no one to share."

"Nick, you still have the last year of high school to finish. You may find someone this year and she might change you so that you won't want to go to State. Take it one step at a time, maybe you won't find anyone till college and you and I know that there are many girls in college."

The pond was situated among trees in a quiet spot. It was a great spot to relax and think. I sat down on a grassy bank, Rich sat down between my legs and pulled my arms around himself. Nick sat besides us, he looked like he was dreaming.

"Where are your thoughts Nick?"

"I was thinking that this spot is so relaxing, the breeze on the trees rustling the leaves, the quiet lap of the water as the wind moves over it and the peace knowing I'm among friends."

"Wow Nick, I didn't think you were poetic. That's beautiful, maybe there is a side of Nick we haven't seen Jimmy."

"I'm sure there is a lot to Nick that we haven't seen. But we will."

Nick just smiled, his mind was away again. Looking at his face he looked content. I liked Nick he is and will be a good friend. I hoped he'd be able to go to Ohio State. We sat there for what felt like hours and in reality it was only 1 hour. I got up and the rest followed, "Let's go and see what Miss Marie has for a mid-afternoon snack."

When we entered the kitchen, Miss Marie was busy prepping vegetable for dinner. Of course she stopped and came over to give us a hug. "I guess you came here for a snack."

"Well, if you have anything that you want to get rid of we'd be glad to help." Miss Marie laughed and went to the refrigerator. "You know Miss Marie it's your fault since you're such a great cook. Your snacks are only beaten by your dinner desserts.'

"I swear James you could talk a person out of money. You haven't changed over the years, you still have a golden tongue."

Nick and Rich laughed, but quickly sat at the table as Miss Marie put a piece of pie and a glass of milk before each of them. For the next 15 minutes it was so quiet you could hear a pin drop.

"Thank you Miss Marie, can we help with anything?"

"Yes, Richard you can peel these potatoes." Nick and Jimmy looked at Rich rubbing their noses. Miss Marie saw them, "Jimmy you can peel these carrots and Nick you can wash these pots for me." Of course there were only two pots and Nick was finished before Rich and Jimmy. The boys really didn't mind helping, there was nothing for them too do otherwise and they' d do anything for Miss Marie.

Dinner that evening was very quiet. Gramps's mind was on his up coming meeting. "Gramps just remember to take the quiet booth by the door. We'll all be there and try to occupy more booths so as to force you to select that booth."

That night the boys discussed how they would manage to insure that the table by the door would be available. Nick was happy Alice was going with him and Rich told him they would make sure he had some privacy.

Getting ready for bed, the boys were a little excited and nervous about the next day. They found it hard to fall asleep. Jimmy was excited for a different reason, now that Rich had his cast off, he could lay facing Jimmy. Quiet kisses caused an explosion below the belt line. Slowly two hands reached that area with the intent of making sure that all was taken care of appropriately. Rich looked into Jimmy's eyes, slowly he raised his head till his lips met Jimmy's. Jimmy was lost in the sparkling eyes of Rich and slowly realized that there were two lips on his. He pulled Rich in close and began to lick his lips, Rich opened his mouth and engaged in a tongue battle that resulted in another climatic explosion down south. Rich got out of bed, went and got some paper towels to clean up. "I'll do laundry in the morning."

Totally satisfied, Rich cuddled in Jimmy's arms, with his head on Jimmy's chest, he fell asleep. Nick was in dream heaven thinking about Alice and didn't realize what happened with Jimmy and Rich.

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