Richie and Jimmy

by Jobe

Chapter 11

We wished Brand and Charles to have a safe drive. I felt a loss just as I do every time Brand leaves. Rich grabbed my hand and pulled me back to the apartment. Nick followed, "What are we going to do today?"

"We're going back to that electronic store and then we'll have lunch at the diner."

"More spy stuff?"

"No, security, I'm going to install a monitor in the office that'll monitor the front door 24-7."

Rich and Nick wanted to go to the mall and spend some time looking at clothes. "You got a check from your dad, Rich?"

"Yes, how did you know?"

"You wanting to shop for clothes."

I stopped at the house and asked Gram if she needed anything as I was going to the mall. Miss Marie gave me a list of groceries and asked if I could do the shopping. I took the list, it wasn't long. "I'll do this shopping right after lunch. I need to stop at a diner someone one wants another burger."

We spent the morning, what was left of it, at the mall. Picked up some clothes for Rich. I was surprised how conservative he was, not a typical teenager. Nick headed to the game room, I headed to the book store and Rich decided to come with me.

Nick found us on the second floor, "Hey guys I'm getting hungry."

I looked at the time and it was 1:30, I didn't realize how late it was. I paid for my book and headed to the electronic shop. I picked a small 12 inch monitor with the capability of recording. This would give us two recordings of the front door. "Ok guy lets go and have lunch."

The drive to the diner involved lips smacking as they discussed the burgers and fries. I parked the car and before I could get out, Nick was at the door of the diner. He must have been really hungry. I took the monitor to the office where I met the manager. Gramps must have told him who I was, "Hello James, your grandfather called and said you would be here with a monitor."

"This is the monitor, it'll be on all the time and also record what the clock is picking up. That'll give you two choices of recording, I would suggest you record all the time when you're open and record intermittently when you're closed."

The manager was please to have additional security. I went and joined the guys at the booth. "We ordered for you."

"What did you order?"

"We ordered a burger and fries from the kids menu." They thought it was a joke but after I couldn't eat the regular burger this might be ok.

Nick had a regular burger but Rich and I had the child's burger and even that was slightly bigger than a Mac. Nick ate all of his and half of our fries. "Nick where do you put all that food?"

"I burn a lot of it off. I have a high metabolism and I require a lot of calories. I probably will need to cut back as I get older but right now I'm going to enjoy it."

We paid our check and left to go home. "Let's see if we can get Mike on Skype."

"He will still be at work, we can do it tonight. Guys I forgot to shop for Miss Marie, we have to go to the supermarket. Rich check to see if we need anything."

With two lists we headed to the supermarket. "Rich take our list and I'll take the list from Miss Marie. We can meet at the checkout."

Rich finished in no time but I was only half way done. Nick came and said he'd help, I gave him an item and he would get that while I got an item. It took less time but Rich still had to wait. We checked out and packed everything. Rich packed all of the items for the apartment in one bag and Nick was packing everything for Miss Marie.

Driving home, "Nick you'll have to sleep on the sofa tonight."


"Punishment for this morning."

"Aw come on guys, the sofa has lumps. And there is no one to cuddle with."

"What do you think Rich? Should we let him back in our bed?"

"Well, if he promises to bring us coffee in bed, then maybe he could sleep in our bed."

We were laughing when we pulled into the garage. "Rich take our groceries to the apartment and then come to Grams. Nick and I'll take Miss Marie her groceries."

As we entered the house, Miss Marie had just finish making brownies. Of course we couldn't say no.

That night when I went to bed I felt a little bit more comfortable with my feelings for Rich. When he crawled in bed, I pulled him into my arms and softly kissed his neck. I felt him shudder when I did that so I did it again. "What are you doing?"

"I'm just holding you while Nick takes a shower." He turned his head to look at me and his eyes got me again. I leaned forward and lightly kissed his lips. He close his eyes as soon as my lips touched his, and when he opened them, they actually sparkled. I never seen eyes like that. This time he kissed me I wanted it to be longer except we heard the shower being turned off. The devil had a smile on his face, I just gave him a quick little kiss on the end of his nose and pretended I was asleep. I felt Nick get in bed, then he was back to back with me. As soon as I heard him give a light snore, I knew he was asleep. I pulled Rich tight in my arms and kissed his neck whispering good night.

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