Cal and Donnie

by Jobe

Chapter 7

"Can we stay here tonight? Dave is going to spend the night and dad wants him to sleep in my room. There's a creaking floor board so they'll know if he leaves my room for Angie's."

"Yes, you can stay, you know that is our bed, not my bed. I can't believe Dave and Angie haven't shared their love yet."

"I didn't say that, I said they'll know if he leaves my room. I think mom suspects it but not all parents are like yours. It's a bigger risk for girls and if Dave and Angie don't end up together her next boyfriend will be upset she didn't save her virginity for him. So mum and dad don't want her to become sexually active till she is sure she has the right one."

"Like us."

Smiling, "yes, like us"

"I want to watch a movie before we go to bed, ok?"

"Are you postponing going to bed?"

"No, it's early. I'm looking forward to making love to you."

"Tonight I'll make love to you."

"Yes, and then I'm going to make love to you, again."

"Cal, you can make love to me as many times as you want. Let's watch a movie for a little while."

We didn't watch for long, as soon as my mom and dad said good-night, the movie stopped and Donnie pulled me to our room. I wanted this but I was also a little intimidated by knowing there may be pain.

"Cal, I want this but if you don't or aren't ready, I can wait."

"No, I want this. I guess it's the thought of pain. You'll go easy?"

"Of course just as you went easy. I'm not going to lie and say it didn't hurt but you allowed me to go slow and I'll allow you to go slow as well. Cal I really want to share the ultimate expression of my love with you."

Yes, I gave him a kiss and then led him to the showers. I wanted Donnie just as much as he wanted me. We didn't horse around in the shower.

As we laid side by side, I looked into Donnie's eyes, they were the windows to his heart I swear. He has the most expressive eyes I have every seen. You could read his mind through those eyes and all I saw was his love for me. How can anyone that young have such a desire for another man, then I had to remember it was the same love I had for him? Are we too young? I didn't think so then and I don't think so now. I love Donnie and I wanted to share myself with him.

I moved my lips to his as I began to show how much I love him. It must have done the trick as I felt a steel pole hitting my legs. "I love you Donnie, I'm yours."

I rolled over on my back as Donnie began to kiss my neck, moving ever slowly to my chest and nipples. I never had my nipples sucked with such tenderness, even when he nibbled at them with his teeth I trembled. Then as he moved south, I sucked in my stomach from the sensation. But nothing beat the feeling when he took my man into his hand. A kiss placed softly on the tip and I was ready to give myself to him in every which way he wanted me. I felt his finger lightly grazing my door, then a finger tapped, I lost it as his mouth engulfed the head of my man. I forgot about that finger, until he hit something inside that practically lifted me off the bed. "Donnie, please now."

I was ready and there was no hesitancy on my part, I wanted him in me and I didn't care about the pain. My body felt hot, sweat began on my forehead and I started to breathe deep and fast, I was totally unaware of what Donnie was doing until I felt a sharp pain that brought be back to earth. Donnie had breached the door. I smiled thinking of Star Trek, going where no other man had ever gone. I was quickly brought out of that when Donnie began to push further in. I placed my hand on his chest, "Slowly Donnie, please."

And slowly he went, then I felt him relax a little he was all the way in. We kissed as he waited a few minutes for me to adjust, and then he began the dance of love, the dance that has been enjoyed by lovers since the start of time. As he moved, the pain went away and the pleasure began. Knowing it was my love added to my pleasure, "faster Donnie, make your mark. This is yours and only yours." Donnie did make his mark, he sped up and then went harder and faster, I just shut my eyes and left this world. Later Donnie told me I passed out, I don't know if I did or I was just floating somewhere. I felt the kiss and then the grunt, "I'm depositing my love in you. Keep it and I'll be with you forever."

Donnie collapsed on top of me and slowly his love rod, slipped out of me. When he raised up I noticed cum all over his front and my chest. I had cum and didn't know it. Later, he teased me saying he fucked the cum out of me. I reminded him we don't fuck.

Laying beside me, we fell into a deep sleep. I had beautiful dreams that night. In the morning, I was snuggled up against Donnie, when I moved I was reminded of what we did last night. My ass felt like a pole was shoved up there. I needed to go to the bathroom to drain the log between my legs. As I moved, Donnie woke up. "Good morning lover."

"Are you ok Cal?"

"Yes, I'm fine, maybe I'll walk a little slow today. Let's take a shower, I think the hot water will relax me and it might not be so noticeable."

Donnie started the shower and set the temperature, while I used the toilet, then he used the toilet, while I brushed my teeth. The hot water felt good on my skin, after brushing his teeth, Donnie began to wash my hair, what a treat. After cleaning my back and legs, he began to soap my cheeks and valley. "This looks tender, it's all red."

"I'll give you some cream to put on it when we're done." When I was clean enough to meet Donnie's inspection, it was my turn to clean him. If you and you lover have never taken the opportunity to clean each other, you are missing a most romantic moment.

Shower finished, we dried each other, Donnie went and got some first aid creme and put it on my rose bud when I bent over. It felt better and I hope it wouldn't be noticed by my dad. He would laugh if he knew.

We got dressed and went to the kitchen. Donnie let me sit, and I did very gingerly, while he fixed my coffee. We chatted waiting for the mom to come and fix breakfast. "I'm not sure mom is going to come, it is past 9. She is usually here by now."

"Do you want me to fix breakfast?"

'I'll help you." I got eggs and ham slices from the refrigerator.

"Let me make breakfast, my dad and I made breakfast all the time till he remarried."

"Ok, I'll make toast and more coffee."

I watched Donnie taking a few potatoes, cut them up and place them in a frying pan with a little olive oil. As they fried, he added seasonings, then diced the ham and added that. When the potatoes were cooked, he scrambled eggs and poured them over the mixture. Placed a lid on the skillet and sat at the table, holding my hand. "I love you, when I was making love with you, I wanted my whole body to crawl into you. I think our spirits united then."

"I know what you felt because I felt the same way. If we could become one, I think we'd have been one then."

Donnie put a hot pad on the table, placed the pan on the pad. "No plates?"

"Don't need plates, just dig in."

That's what we did, with toast and coffee, we enjoyed a fantastic breakfast.

Finishing breakfast, "What are we going to do today?"

Donnie didn't have time to answer when Dave showed up. "Have you guys eaten yet?"

"Yes, didn't you get breakfast at Angie's."

"No, we had an argument so I left."

"Care to tell?"

"No, maybe later, right now I'm hungry."

"Donnie, can you fix him a breakfast, he looks so hurt and he's hungry."

I knew there was something else and what Dave said wasn't the truth. Maybe Donnie could find out when he went home. Donnie fixed breakfast for Dave, I watched him eat. He really was torn up, I could see its in his eyes.

"Donnie, did you get your clothes from the bedroom?"

"I think so, if not, your mom will wash them and put them into your chest of drawers."

"Come and help me make the bed while Dave eats."

Donnie gave me a funny look but he followed me. When we arrived in my room, "Donnie what Dave told us isn't true. I've known Dave for a long time and I can always tell when he's hiding something. You need to go home and find out what happened. I have an idea, but I'm not going to say anything till you come back and tell me what happened. Then I'll see if I'm right."

Going back to the kitchen, "Thanks Donnie. Let's meet at the coffee shack for lunch about 2." I watched Donnie leave and looked at Dave. I noticed a small tear work it's way down his face before he brushed it away with his hand. "Dave what happened?"

"Cal, I didn't do anything, believe me.

"Dave, for what its worth, I believe you."

I have never seen Dave so down, not even after losing a football game. I just hope everything turns out ok. Dave has never lied to me even when he could have and gotten away with it. He was my best friend which meant no secrets and no lies.

Dave finished eating and put his plate in the sink. "Where are you going to go?"

"I'm going home, I'll catch you later."

Before he left I gave him a hug. He smiled and left, bumping into my mother as she was coming in.

"What's wrong with Dave?"

"He stayed over at Angie's last night and something happened. I'm not sure but I guessing he either got caught in Angie's bed or Angie got caught in his bed. Dave said they didn't do anything and I believe him."

"Maybe I can find out when I meet Angie's mother for coffee today."

"I asked Donnie to find out and we're going to meet up at 2 for lunch at the coffee shop. He'll tell me what happened."

I sat with mom while she had a cup of coffee. "How did you sleep last night?" She said that with a snicker and a laughing smile.

"Mom, I slept well."

Laughing, "I think he's a nice boy. I hope you took precautions."

Now my face was red, I got up and went downstairs, "MOM"

I turned the TV on and just as I got settled in my chair, the phone rang. It was Angie, "Hey Angie, what's up? Yes, he was here and had breakfast this morning. Said he had to leave your place without breakfast, bad manners Angie, at least you could have given him a cup of coffee. … No, he went home….Well, call him…. Ok I'll call him, what do you want me to tell him. …Sorry for not giving him breakfast or something else? ….OK, I'll just tell him you're sorry. …Yes, I'll call you back."

I called Dave, he knew it was me and so he answered. "Angie called and said you weren't answering. She wanted you to know she's sorry…. Well, you know I'm here if you need a shoulder to cry on."

I called Angie, I felt like a switchboard. "Hello, this is Cal may I speak to Angie please… Angie, he's very upset. I gave him your message. I have a feeling that a lot more happened then not feeding him…. Yes, he was very upset this morning. …Is Donnie there? …May I speak to him? Thanks. Hey lover boy if you aren't busy how about heading over here…. We could watch a movie till lunch time…. Ok whenever you can head this way."

I couldn't get into the movie, so I turned off the TV and went up to the kitchen. No one was there so I decided to go for a walk. When I realized where I had walked in my daze, I was in the front of Dave's house. Dave must have been looking out of the window because he came right out to meet me. "Care to go for a walk?"

He fell right in beside me as we began to walk toward the farm. "Dave what happened? I know you and I know what ever happened wasn't because of what you did so that leaves Angie."

Dave remained silent as we walked, I waited for him. I knew he'd run through what was in his head before he'd tell me, I also knew he'd tell me. We were almost to the farm, "Last night I went to sleep in Donnie's bed and Angie went to her room. I closed the door but didn't lock it. This morning, Angie came into the room and climbed in bed with me. Just as she pulled the covers up, her mother open the door to wake me. She saw Angie in my bed and all hell broke loose. I got up, got dressed and came to your place. Cal, I never even touched her, not even a kiss. Now they probably won't let me see her."

"Dave, I believe you. If Angie is anything like Donnie, she'll be telling her mother the truth. I think when reason sets in, you'll be able to see her again. You'll see her at school so all is not lost."

"Yes, but at school we'd have only a limited time together. Hell Cal, I have never felt about any girl like I feel about her."

"Dave, have faith, I'm sure Donnie will be on your side and I think his dad and Angie's mother will believe her. Give it time and everything will be ok."

"I sure hope you're right."

We continued to walk toward the Turner's farm. We saw Mr. Turner in the field on his tractor, he waved to us and we waved back as we watched him till the ground. "I wonder how his chickens are doing?"

"Sammy and Brian were to start on the construction of a chicken coop for them. Remember we said that walls would help, while they got carried away and also added a front."

"Let's go and see it."

Sammy and Brain did a good job. They used all scrap wood, it provide a better place for the chickens then just a roof.

Waving goodbye, we started to walk toward the coffee shop. I could see Donnie sitting there with Angie, "Look Dave, there's Angie waiting for you?"

"How did she know I'd be here?"

"I told Donnie I'd meet him here and I guess he told Angie. Go and talk to her."

I watched Dave enter the coffee shop, headed to Angie. Donnie got up and headed outside where I was standing. Of course after our usual kiss, "Did Dave tell you what happened?"


"I don't know why Angie did that. She could have lost him. Mom and Dad had a serious talk with her this morning. I just heard the last of it when I walked in. Angie was crying, her mom was really angry. Dad was trying to calm her down while trying to comfort Angie. I think the last thing I heard was that Dave wasn't allowed anymore stay overs since Angie can't be trusted."

"So they didn't blame Dave?"

"No, my dad said that if it had been anyone else but Dave, they would have taken advantage of her. I guess he likes Dave but Angie's mother was really being hard on Angie. She's grounded and has to be home right after school. So Dave can see her during the day at school until the grounding has been lifted."

"That might take a long time."

"I don't think so. My dad will work on Angie's mother and my guess it'll last for about 4 weeks. Dad likes Dave so he'll be in his corner."

"Let's go and get a cup of coffee and see how our wayward friends are doing." Holding hands we entered the coffee shop, ordered our coffee and headed to Angie and Dave's table. Dave had a smile on his face, I looked at Donnie and he smiled with a wink. I guess things will be returning to normal soon. But I'm sure the next time Dave sleeps at Angie's will be when they are married.

Sitting at their table, "Well I guess all is right in your world."

"No but things are looking brighter."

"I still don't see what's wrong. You and Cal can sleep together but I can't. It's not fair."

"I think you need to think about that. Donnie and I can't get pregnant, you can."

"I'm just glad that we can still see each other, Angie. You know you shouldn't have done that. It could have been worse. We just need to be patient."

I was glad to see Dave take the high road. He was hurt the most and I could tell. I'm not sure Angie sees or understand the problem. I don't want to see any of them hurt. "Let's go to my place and we can finish watching Star Wars."

It didn't take Donnie long to grab my hand and pull me toward the door. "Come on Dave, Angie. You wanted to see the end of the movie and we can do that now. My mom is home so I'm sure you won't get in trouble with your mom."

I watched Dave as he took Angie's hand and pulled her toward the door. There were tears in her eyes. I'm sure she thought that she had lost Dave because of her foolishness. About half way home, they were smiling and laughing. Dave was back being Dave and Angie was feeling better.

When I got home, Angie's mom and my mother were in the kitchen drinking coffee. It didn't take a mind reader to know what they were talking about. "Mom, we re going to watch a movie. Hello my mother." I tried a little humor and it didn't go over very well. Mom gave me a look that basically said, 'watch it buster'.

Dave and Angie grabbed the sofa as soon as they entered the room. That left the chair for Donnie and I. He just smiled at me. I started the movie from where we left off. I heard the door open and we all separated quickly. Mom and Angie's mother came down on the pretext of bringing us a bowl of popcorn. Angie and I were on the couch, Dave was in the chair and Donnie was sitting on the floor in front of me.

"I thought you might enjoy some popcorn and Mrs. Chase wanted to see our family room." I thought sneaky mom, you and dad never come down here.

I stood up and offered Mrs. Chase my seat, "We are watching a preview of the new Star Wars movie. You're welcome to join us."

"Thanks Cal. Donnie has talked about this room and the movies you had so I wanted to see what it was like. I might get someone to creating a similar space in our home."

I thought 'oh sure'

They stayed for a little while and I saw the daggers aiming at Angie. She evidently still wasn't out of the dog house. They stayed for a few more minutes and then went back upstairs. We ate the popcorn and just as soon as the movie finished, Mrs. Chase called down for Angie to go home with her. I was right she's still in the dog house.

After she left, I felt sorry for Dave. "Donnie, you need to talk to your dad. Angie's screw up is hurting more than just her, Dave is being hurt as well. See if he can at least allow her to come here and watch movies with us. It isn't fair to Dave. See what you can do."

"My dad's pretty reasonable, I think he'll be able to convince my mom especially after she has seen this room."

We watched the movie to the end. "That was a good movie. Now I need to go and check out the final version at a movie theater. And you and Donnie will need to come with me If I ever have the chance of taking Angie."

"For you, count on us." Dave left to go home. "Donnie, you staying tonight or going home?"

"I think I'm going home tonight. I have a project that needs my special attention." I knew he was going to talk to his dad.

"Don't forget there's a project here that needs your special attention."

He smiled as he gave me a kiss as he left. "Cal, what happened that Mrs. Chase is so upset at Angie? I thought she might tell me but she avoided the subject."

"Dave spent the night there. He was sleeping in Donnie's room and early in the morning, Angie went and crawled in bed with him. Mrs. Chase caught them, Dave came here and had breakfast. Later he told me the story. He said he forgot to lock the bedroom door and told Angie that she shouldn't be in his room ."

I waited for mom to say something, but she didn't. I knew she would tell dad as soon as he came home. I thought it strange that Mrs. Chase didn't say anything.

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