Cal and Donnie

by Jobe

Chapter 8

At school whenever I saw Dave, he was with Angie. They ate lunch together, they walked to classes together and it was sad. To not be with the person you love except at school, is terrible. I thought what I'd do if that was Donnie and me.

I saw Tim and his boyfriend, Lou, at lunch. Donnie and I sit with them and sometimes the subject we discussed were a little embarrassing. How do you explain the feelings you have when you and your partner are intimate. These are feeling that you only expressed to your partner. Tim said that there was no one else to help them and since we were responsible for getting them together we needed to help them. I wasn't sure about that logic although I had to admit to some of it.

"Ok Tim, we'll tell you in general terms but no specifics. I'm sure you already are an expert at kissing and I wouldn't be surprised if you were kissing something else. So I'm not sure what else there is for you to need to know."

"Suppose we want to make physical love?"

"That would be a big step. I'm assuming you are both virgins in that sense." They just nodded their head yes. "Are you sure you want do that?"

"Well, maybe not right now but probably sometime in the near future."

"Let me see if I can get you some literature on that subject. Then you both can read it. A good place to start is your Biology class book."

"Donnie there's Dave and Angie. Something changed, what is it?"

"Dad had a talked with Angie last night and tonight he'll have a talk with Dave. Dave is invited to dinner."

"Are you going to be there?"

"I was thinking about it."

"Good, I think you should be there to backup Angie and Dave."

Later that evening, "Cal you seem to be on needles and pins ever since dinner, what's up?"

"Mr. Chase is having a discussion with Angie and Dave tonight. I asked Donnie to be there to support Angie and Dave. I guess I'm wondering how things went."

"I'm sure Donnie will call and let you know. And if he doesn't then you'll see him tomorrow at school."

I suppose Dad was right except I wanted to talk to Donnie. I hope everything works out for Dave and Angie.

The next morning, I met with Donnie, Dave and Angie before school. "Ok guys, shoot. What happened and did you get released with good behavior."

"The short version, Cal, is that I can see Angie but only at your house. Evidently her mother was quite impressed with your movie room. Of course there's a price tag, your mother has to be in the house when she's there."

"That doesn't sound like a release with good behavior. But it's a start. Of course Donnie and I'll be there to make sure you two behave."

I was happy for Dave and Angie. It wasn't a full pardon but I was happy that they could be together for a little while outside of school.

Lunch time we saw Tim. He had a smile on his face, he held up his Biology book. He may not

need any additional information, but I'll print some papers from the Internet for him.

Christmas vacation soon was upon us as we made plans to spend the holidays at each other's house. All of us met at my house to plan a party, besides the usual four we asked Sammy and Brian to join us. Of course they wanted to see the Star War movie, which I started for them. Those of us that had seen it worked on the Christmas parties.

Angie wasn't sure about having a party at her house but Donnie said he would ask his dad. I knew with proper supervision that it would be ok. Our parties in the past where based on comradeship, no liquor and certainly no drugs. Just good food, good music and good friends having a good time. Donnie should we invite Tim and Lou?"

"We have been spending a lot of time with them. Why don't you invite them to your party and then we can see how the others react?"

"That's a good idea, who do you think Sammy and Brian are going invite?"

"I don't know. Brian was dating Cory's sister but I don't know if he's still dating her."

"I'll let Dave figure all of that out." Donnie and I spent the next few hours between watching the movie and making a list of food and drinks. Mom and dad have always supported these parties in the past and I'm hoping Donnie and Angie's parents will as well.

Later that day at dinner I told Mom and Dad about the Christmas planning. Dad wanted to know how many would be coming. I told him the usual crowd but we're going to invite Tim and his boyfriend.

"Isn't Tim that boy you tutored?"

"Yes, and he's back in school. He now has a boyfriend who Donnie set up for him."

"I didn't set him up. If I remember right, it was you who wanted to eat our lunch at Lou's table and then set up Tim to join us. You were the match maker not me."

I started to laugh, "When we went to lunch, I noticed this kid eating his lunch all alone. So Donnie and I went over and introduced ourselves and sat at his table. I think he was shocked that two seniors were going to sit with him. I saw Jim coming into the lunch room and called him over, Introductions were made and history followed."

After dinner, Donnie and I helped with the dishes, which thanks to our dishwasher wasn't a big task.

"Donnie and are going to study in my room." I saw the smirk on dad's face but ignored it as we really had to finish our homework before we study each others anatomy.

Having Donnie in my classes meant we not only had the same homework but we also had each other if one of us had a problem with the assignment. Mom came up about an hour after dinner but I knew they'd find a reason to check, I left the door open so she wouldn't have to knock. Her pretense in coming up was to bring us a piece of pie and a glass of milk.

"Thanks Mom, we have only one more page to do and then we can come down and finish the pie."

She just smiled as she took the pie and milk back to the kitchen.

When we came down after finishing our homework, "I hear you didn't want any pie or milk?"

"Not true Dad, we wanted to finish our school homework before we started our anatomy class."

I watched Dad's expression as he came to understand what I just said. Mom heard and giggled as she set pie and milk before Donnie and I. Of course Dad had to go to the garage and laugh. I don't know why he does that but anytime something is said that has a sexual connotation, he heads for the garage.

Having finishing our pie and milk, "Come on Donnie we need to lay out our clothes for tomorrow and get a shower." Dad heard that and as we went to my room we could still hear him laughing.

"Your dad's weird."

"Yup, but he's my dad. I'm glad he's so open minded about us."

"I hope he'll be when we tell him we want to be married right after graduation."

"I think he has already resigned himself to that conclusion. So let's get a shower and practice for our wedding night."

Donnie just smiled as he pulled me into the bathroom. We brushed our teeth, and I knew we would do it again before we went to bed, undressed each other taking a few minutes longer than necessary. Too many kisses, but who is complaining? Donnie and I weren't complaining a bit.

Our showers always start off the same way, I'm behind Donnie washing his hair while a certain hard piece of flesh finds its home. Then it's the reverse and a certain piece of Donnie's flesh find its home. By the time we are finished washing, home has been well visited and properly kissed.

"Donnie, you are the best thing that ever has happened to me. I love you deeply. When we started seeing each other I thought it would be a fad, something to test my feelings. I never thought that you'd be the one I'd want to spend my life with." I got a kiss for that which guaranteed that I'd get a lot more. We didn't fall asleep right away but when we did we were ready.

Waking up with Donnie by my side sets my day right. Nothing will upset me and when I look upon that sleeping face that's so content to be in my arms, its like I won the lottery. I had no fears that Donnie was right for me and I'd love him to the end and beyond. "Good morning lover, ready to hit the day?"

"Cal I don't know why but I sleep so much better when I sleep with you."

Wriggling my eyebrows, "I know why."

"No, it isn't our love making, I'd feel the same way if we just showered and went to sleep. I'm just content and happy. My dreams are about us and I haven't had any bad dreams since I started to sleep with you. I use to have dreams about my mother and they weren't happy dreams, now I dream of you and they're happy dreams."

Donnie's mother was brutally killed in an accident. He said sometimes he dreams about the accident and wakes up scared. Those dreams are gone and replaced with dreams of us.

Christmas came, we had parties at each house and after the first party at my home, Jim and Lou were invited to the others. There were a few additional people at Sammy and Brian's parties, but they seem to fit right in with our group.

School resumed after the holidays and interests turned to graduation. I told Mom and Dad that Donnie and I would like to be married right after graduation. They seemed to expect that and there was no comment about being too young or not finishing college. Dad just smiled. Mom shed a tear but then everything was great. Donnie essentially moved into my room. Of course Angie was a little upset about that, the old boys can and girls can't story was well played at her house. For her and Dave all curfews and conditions were eliminated.

We started to request information about colleges that offered the careers we wanted to follow. Donnie wanted a program in agriculture, he was interested in the development of hybrid species of food plants and farm animals. I knew from solving the chicken problem he'd lean that way. It wouldn't surprise me to find myself living on a farm. I wanted to follow in my dad's footsteps. I lived the advertising game with dad for as long as I could remember. Many discussions around the dinner table involved clients and competitors programs. Since dad owned his agency, I always took it for granted that it would be a father son agency.

I had a lot of discussions with dad about the various colleges and courses to take, When it was all set, I decided to go to the same college as Donnie except my classes would lead to an MBA in management with a minor in advertising. Donnie would pursue his degree in agriculture and set his sights on a doctorate in agriculture research.

We were so excited when we finally got married. Dave was our best man, and the Dads gave us away. The mom's cried and we used Angie as our maid of honor. It was a little unorthodox but so was our marriage. At our wedding Angie and Dave announced their engagement. Donnie knew this but kept it to himself.

"I'll let you get by this one time, but don't keep family business a secret from me and I won't keep it a secret from you." I guess I over reacted a little but you can't keep secrets in a marriage and expect it to last the long haul.

We took the summer as a long honeymoon. Dad got me a car for graduation and Donnie got a healthy check. So we were ready for a long trip. We spent two days planning our trip, said goodby and left. We dropped postcards to the folks every time we stopped.

"Donnie, do you think anyone else can claim to make love in every state, except Alaska and Hawaii "

"No, and if they did, we'd do it all over and include Hawaii and Alaska plus a few islands."

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