Cal and Donnie

by Jobe

Chapter 6

As Thanksgiving approached, my relationship with Donnie had deepened a lot. I was now convinced beyond a doubt that Donnie was the perfect man for me. That realization led to the next level of our relationship. Having the laptop, I was able to check reference concerning gay sex and especially gay anal sex. I can thank You Tube for much of that information.

Thanksgiving, Donnie's family and mine spent the day together. Ever since that morning with me telling dad we were married, our families got closer. I even let Ange introduced me as her brother-in-law. That night it was Donnie's turn to stay at my house and that was a good idea since my room was on the other side of the house from my parents. Earlier I got everything I needed and stashed it away on my side of the bed. I was willing to go first to put Donnie at ease, as it turned out there was no need for me to volunteer.

We took our shower and somehow I think we were on the same wavelength. We didn't fool around in the shower, dried, teeth brushed we headed for our bed. Yes, we began to think of it as our bed.

"Cal, tonight I want to experience you in a different way. Tonight I want to give you the greatest gift I can, my virginity."

I kissed him, "Tonight you'll have my virginity as well. I am committed to you and only you. I may have been joking when I told my father he had a new son, but I think it was my heart talking."

"Go slow, please. They say the first time it hurts."

"Donnie, I'll let you decided how we do it."

I laid on my back, and pulled Donnie on top of me. We started to kiss and as the kisses deepened and our hearts quickened, I handed the lubricant to Donnie. Without breaking a kiss, I snapped open the tube and spread some on my cock. I added some to Donnie's fingers, he knew what to do as he lubed his gate.

"Donnie, you're in charge, just take as much and as slow as you want. This has to be good for you as well as for me."

Donnie positioned my cock to his entrance, he rubbed it for a while, and then slowly began to sit down. He grimaced and then withdrew. "That's ok, do that as many times as you want till you feel comfortable."

He did it, each time he took a little more and then with a grimace the head of my dick was through his door. I held his thighs, preventing him from going further. "Just hold it till your comfortable, then take more. We have all night, no school tomorrow."

He smiled and then took a little more. Over the next 30 minutes, he repeated that procedure until he was sitting on my pubes. He relaxed and smiled. He leaned over and I gave him a kiss as I pushed up. You would think he was a cowboy as he rode my pony. I couldn't think of anything better than this. Sucking was great and we got very good at that, but this beats all.

Over time he sat down, I could feel his heart beat. When I felt he was comfortable and there was no pain, I flipped us over and took command. I had him moaning in no time as I started to move in and out faster and harder. I must have been hitting his prostrate as he kept saying harder, harder yea right there and then I'm going to shoot and shoot he did. His ass constricted and one push I was over the hill. I looked up and he shot over his head, there was cum drifting down on my head board. I stayed in until he was uncomfortable then I pulled out slowly along with a stream of my cum leaking out of his ass. I jumped up, ran to the bathroom and returned with a warm cloth and towel. I cleaned him up, then myself and finally the head board on my bed.

"Cal, I can't move. Can you wait till tomorrow?"

I pulled him into my arms and held him as his breathing retuned to normal. Looking into those beautiful eyes, "I love you Donnie. That was the most beautiful gift I have ever received. When you're ready, you can take my gift and open it as well."

He just looked at me, they say love has no physical presence, it's all emotion, that's bullshit. As I look at Donnie, I see the physical presence of love in his eyes and hear it in his heart.

I kissed his eyes shut as he drifted off to dream. "Good night, love" As I drifted off, I relived the emotions I felt inside my lover.

Early the next morning, we took a shower together. "I'm still sore there."

"Maybe a hot water rinse will help relax the muscles."

I took a hose we use to flush the wall tiles when we clean, hooking it up to the faucet, adjusted the water temperature, told Donnie to bend over. Without entering him, I directed the warm water to his colon. Soon I saw the remains from me starting to run down his legs, "How does that feel?"


"It feels great. The hot water is relaxing that muscle and the soreness is going away."

"Remember this because you'll probably be doing this to me after tonight." I got a kiss out of that. I used the hose to clean off his leg, I didn't want him to see that.

We took our showers, brushed our teeth and shaved. I could see us doing this forever. Our house is definitely having two sinks in our bathroom.

Getting dressed we went downstairs. I noticed Donnie walking a little different and hoped no one else noticed. Mom had breakfast ready so we sat down to eat. I got up and got two cups of coffee and took my seat beside Donnie.

Leave it to my dad, "Donnie you ok?"

"Donnie is fine Dad. He has a little pain that an aspirin will take care off nicely."

"Maybe he should see a doctor."

"Dad, he's ok."

I knew my dad knew what we did but I wasn't going to admit it. Mom offered us a piece of pie, I said no and Donnie said, "I think that gave me a belly ache last night. I haven't gone to the bathroom and that may be the cause of my stomach acting up. I way overate yesterday, everything was exceptionally good. That happens sometime if I stuff myself."

My dad knew that was bullshit. He got up from the table and went into the garage. We heard him laugh, he was loud. Poor Donnie turned red in the face. "I don't think someone with a stomach ache could cause dad to laugh like that. Mom you should go talk to him about that. It's being insensitive to my husband."

That set mom off and dad heard and started again. "Hurry and eat we'll sneak out the front." That's what we did. Donnie stayed at his house that afternoon and I was going to sleep at his house. When I got home to pick up some clothes for tomorrow, mom and dad were in the family room.

Dad followed me to my room, "Cal I apologize about this morning. I shouldn't have laughed. What you two did last night was very important to both of you and my laughing made a mockery of it, I'm sorry and ashamed of myself. Can you forgive me?"

"Yes, I can forgive you, but you need to ask Donnie to forgive you. He was the one that was hurt."

"I will the next time I see him."

"Well, you can do it now, he just came in."

Dad went downstairs to face Donnie. I watched from the stairs. Donnie's face turned red and he dropped his head to look at the floor. Boy if dad needed a reason to feel bad he just got it. Donnie was devastated. "Donnie, I owe you an apology. What you and Cal did was a beautiful act of love and I destroyed that for you and him, mostly you. Will you forgive me?"

"Did Cal forgive you?"


"Then I'll forgive you also."

Then I got a surprised, dad pulled him into a hug. He whispered something in his ear, Donnie smiled, nodded yes and headed toward me.

When he was near, in front of my dad, I pulled him in to me and gave him a very sexy kiss on his lips. He looked at my dad, smiled and then kissed me back.

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