Adrian and Paul

by Jobe

Chapter 5

The next Saturday there was a knock on their dorm door. Both boys were knee deep in their books. Paul answered the door, it was his grandparents. Being excited he invited them in and quickly introduced Adrian to them. "Grandfather, Grandmother this is my boyfriend and room mate, Adrian. Adrian these are my grandparents."

Adrian stood and extend his hand, "It's a pleasure to meet you. Paul has told me a lot about both of you and I feel like I've known you for a long time."

Paul's grandmother whispered to Paul, " He has manners as well as being very good looking."

"And he's smart also, Grandmother."

"Is it too late to get something to eat, I missed by usual farm breakfast this morning."

"Adrian why don't we take them to the cafe in town"

"Let's go if you don't mind walking."

Walking into the cafe, I led them to a table by the window. "Paul, Adrian what are you doing here? You aren't working today."

"Hi Dave, these are Paul's grandparents who just arrived and were hungry, so we brought them here for a country breakfast."

While Paul introduced his grandparents to Dave, I went and got 4 cups of coffee. Dave just looked at me and smiled. I knew he was ok with me doing that.

"Adrian, if you want to take their order, do it. I'm here by myself and it would give me a short break."

I set the coffee down, went and got 4 menus. "I'll take our order, the boss wants a break."

Paul took the pad and wrote down the orders, I took the pad back to the boss and calculated the bill. "When the order is ready, I'll take it to the table." He just nodded and went to work filling the order.

"He'll let me know when the order is ready and I'll get it."

"Do you work here?"

"Yes, Paul and I both work here. I need the money and Paul is good enough to keep me company. The owner is a nice guy and makes concessions for us since we're still attending classes."

Paul just smiled at me, I winked back. I really liked his grandparents. Seeing we needed a refill, I went and got the coffee pot and refilled the cups. When I took the pot back, our order was ready.

We ate slow which I guess was Paul's grandparents idea. They wanted me to tell them all about myself and my family. I preceded to tell them about my mom and dad and what they did, my brother and what he was studying and my sister what she did. "I'm the youngest and I guess according to my parents the education well has dried up. I'm on a 50% scholarship but I still need funds for living and the rest of my school expenses, so I work here part time."

"I would think with the work your parents do they would've save up enough money to cover all of their children's college expenses."

"They always told me that the funds were limited since they paid all of my brothers and sisters expenses. That's why I studied so hard to get a scholarship. If I played football, I probably could have gotten a football scholarship but that would only cover 50 percent as well. The college wouldn't combine them and so I choose the academic route. I was ok financially until Dad told me that he couldn't continue to give me an allowance."

"Did you question him about it?"

"I did one time and was told it was too bad they couldn't print money. I'm not on the best terms with my family and never have been. I think I was an accident and really not wanted. When I ask about anything I was just told the minimum and that was it. I found out what my parents did for a living from friends at school."

Paul's grandmother had tears in her eyes. "Does your family know about you and Paul?"

I must have had a shocked look on my face. "I'm sorry, I thought Paul told you that he told us about the two of you."

I looked at Paul, "It's ok, relax."

"No, my parents don't know about Paul and my relationship, at least I don't think so. I wonder if someone said something about me being gay and that's why they have stopped supporting me."

"Have you told anyone about being gay?"

I was ready to answer and then as if someone hit me between the eyes I remembered the magazines. "What's the matter?"

"I had magazines that I hid under my bed's mattress. I'll bet they have removed all of my furniture and converted my room into an office for my dad. He always talked about doing that. If he did, then he found the magazines. They weren't sex magazines but they had pictures of men and some were underwear advertisements. I'm sure that's why everything has stopped."

When we finished eating, Paul took the check and paid the bill while I bussed the table. "Thanks boss, the lunch was great."

Walking back, Paul and I gave his grandparents a tour of the college. They remarked that the campus remind them of their college campus when they were students. Of course that led into discussion of college activities, the comparison between then and now and of course the increased fees. It was hard for me to believe that each credit was only 15 dollars when they went to college as compared to the 250 dollars now.

"College is expensive if you're on a limited budget. Scholarships help but as you know they don't cover everything. Adrain, I have a proposition for you, I'll loan you the money you need to cover your college costs. Once you finish and start working, we'll work out a payment plan to reimburse me. Since you and Paul are such good friends, it'll be interest free. What do you think?"

I looked at Paul, he had a big smile on his face and his head was bobbing up and down, "Say yes".

I had tears in my eyes as I looked at Paul's grandparents. They were willing to do this for me when my own parents weren't. "That's a very generous offer, but you don't know me. We just met."

"If Paul likes you then we do too. Paul has been more than a grandson, for us he's like a son. If Paul says you're an okay guy, then you're an okay guy. If you don't want to agree right now, think about it. Summer school isn't over but as soon as you need to pay for the semester, let us know."

I needed to discuss this with Paul. Then looking at Paul and seeing the twinkle in his eyes, it dawned on my that this was a set-up. He had already talked to his grandparents and that's why they are here. "Paul, you have talked to your grandparents about me and asked them here, didn't you?"

"Yes, Adrian, I did. I hope you aren't mad. But I wanted you to finish college and I want us to be together. If you left before graduation, I'd lose you and that's something I don't want. Please accept my grandfather's offer, for me at least."

I wasn't mad at Paul, this was an act of love. How could I be mad at him? "Mr. Smiths, I accept your offer."

Paul jumped into my arms and gave me a kiss. He was happy do doubt about that. I shook his grandfathers hand and ended up in a hug and kiss on my cheek from his grandmother. The rest of the day we chatted about their home, Paul's antics when he was a young man and of course how happy they were to see Paul with his beau, as his grandmother put it.

That evening as we laid in bed, "Paul I don't know what to say. The day I bumped into you at registration was the luckiest day of my life."

"You didn't bumped into me. I saw you in line and I wanted to get to know you. I asked the guy behind you to change places with me. I told him you were my friend and I wanted to be sure to sign up for the same class."

"So it was a set-up. You're getting pretty good at that aren't you?"

"You aren't mad are you?"

"Well, maybe, give me a kiss and I'll think about it." Of course the kiss led to other things and I wasn't mad as we fell asleep in each others arms.

The next morning, after showering together and releasing some tension, we dressed and went to his grandparents hotel for breakfast. While we were walking over to the hotel, "Adrian there is something else I need to tell you."

I stopped and looked at Paul. "My grandparents want us to move out of the dorm and into a small apartment. That way we could cut down on our expenses, a small apartment is cheaper than what we both pay for the dorm room. We could also cook our own meals and save on food. Why are you looking at me like that?"

"Is there anymore surprises, Sneaky Pete?"

"Just one more, they have located an apartment for us. I have seen the pictures and it's nice, one bedroom, a small kitchen and living room. Enough for us and it wasn't too expensive."

"I agree on one condition, my share will be added to the loan."

"They won't accept that. The apartment is for me, so you'll be my free loader."

"No, Paul, if we're going to be together for the long haul, then we must share expenses. I won't move unless you agree to sharing the expense."

"Ok, but you'll join me in the apartment?"

"Yes, of course, then we can run around naked."

The look on Paul's face was priceless. I started to laugh and he joined me, walking into the hotel we were still laughing. "What are you boys laughing abut?"

"Grandmother, you should never ask a gay couple what they are laughing about. But since I know you like a saucy story, I told Adrian about the apartment. He insisted to pay for half of the expenses and when I agreed he said it would be great, we could run around naked."

I heard a loud laugh behind me and as I turned around, his grandfather was laughing at the expression on Paul's grandmothers face. "You all ready for breakfast. I think this hotel has a breakfast buffet."

Paul put his arm around his grandmother and gave her a kiss on the cheek. He whispered something in her ear, she turned and slapped him on his arm laughing. I looked at his grandfather and he just shook his head, "Those two are always acting like a brother and sister instead of a grandmother and grandson."

I just wished I had someone like Paul does, maybe in time they'll look at me as a grandson also. I know tears came to my eyes as my mind traveled to my own family and how they treated me as compared to Paul's. But I also remember that Paul's parents were very similar to mine. Only I didn't have grandparents to pick-up the slack.

I excused myself and went to the men's room to dry my eyes. Of course Paul came in right behind me. "Are you ok?"

"Yes, I was thinking how nice it is that you have loving grandparents who really care for you."

Paul finished my thoughts, "And you have no one."

I just nodded, taking a paper towel, I wet it with cold water and wiped my eyes. Paul took my face in his hand and gave me a kiss. "You'll always have me and you'll never be alone."

I smiled and taking his hand, went to the restaurant where his grandparents were waiting for us before going through the buffet line.

Loading our plates, Paul and I joined his grandparents. A waiter brought over a carafe of coffee and left. I poured coffee for Paul's grandmother and grandfather, poured his and then mine.

"Grandfather, where is this apartment that you found?"

"Its just about where that diner is where you both work. However, the owner of the apartment wants to sell it when I told him that it was for my grandsons."

"Isn't it strange to buy an apartment and not the whole building, unless it's a condominium?"

"Well, the apartment is above a garage, so he said he would sell me the garage and the land it was situated on. I thought it was a good investment, so I bought it. He said he doesn't drive and doesn't need the apartment. I thought it was a good idea and an investment. Would you like to see it?"

Paul's head bob up and down like those toys you see on dashboards that are always bobbing. "After breakfast we can walk over and I'll show you." Paul's grandmother had a big smile on her face. I clearly got the impression that there was nothing too good for Paul.

After breakfast, we began to walk to the apartment. Paul had his grandmother on his arm again and I walked behind them next to his grandfather. We chatted as we walked. I found out that even though they own a farm, that they both had medical degrees, one in pediatrics and the other in general medicine. Their offices were next to each other, his grandmother used her maiden name so no one could be confused. When they decided to retire, they sold the practice and bought the farm just outside of town. They raised chickens, and sometimes they would have a hog or steer which they raised for meat. But after one year they decided not to do that anymore. They got attached to the animals and didn't want them slaughtered for meat. So they kept them and when they got old and died they were never replaced. But they still had chickens. There was a pond on the property that the cattle used for drinking. Since there wasn't any cattle, they stocked the pond with catfish and bass.

I enjoyed listening to his grandfather talk about the farm. He was very relaxed as he spoke and I could tell he enjoyed his farm.

Without paying attention, we had arrived at the apartment. Paul and I followed the grands as we walked up the steps to the apartment. The apartment was small but perfect for us. The kitchen had all of the appliances one would need, there was a sofa and chair in the living room and the bedroom had a bed and dresser. A bathroom was next to a closet that occupied one wall of the room. It was small but cozy, I liked it right away.

I looked over at Paul and he had a grin. His grandmother had the same smile. "What do you think?"

"I like it very much, its perfect for us."

"And ready to move in."

"I think we'll need to buy some items first. Maybe we can eat here and with the money we save we can buy linens and things we'll need."

As we were leaving, I saw our boss coming out of the house. He looked at us and waved. "You bought this place from our boss."

"Yes, I saw his advertisement for renters and when I came here I recognized him. We started talking and I ended up buying it. He really is a nice guy."

"Yes, he is. Paul and I really like working for him."

Walking back to the hotel, Paul's grandparents told us they would be leaving this afternoon. They wanted to stop and see one of their friends and then drive home in the morning. I gave them a hug and told them how much I appreciate what they did for Paul and me. I put my arm around Paul's shoulders as we walked back to the dorm.

Every evening, we'd carry a few items from the dorm over to the apartment. We even had dinner there a couple of times.

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