Adrian and Paul

by Jobe

Chapter 4

"I feel very lucky that we were able to find a job where we both will work. I didn't mind working at the super market but the hours wouldn't leave me any time to prep for the next course. I think we'll make more money at the cafe with tips and everything."

"And don't forget we get free coffee."

"It was nice that your grandparents were willing for you to stay instead of going home."

"Do you think we'll be roommates when the fall semester begins?"

"I'd hope so, I'm use to you snoring and I don't feel like breaking in a new roommate. I also think we have the same study habits and seem to enjoy each other's company."

Adrian liked Paul he was hoping that Paul liked him as well. They seem to enjoy the same things and study habits were in sync. I wonder if Paul is gay. He never mentions about having a girl friend.

Adrian's hopes were raised. If Paul was gay, he might have a chance at being more than room mates. Adrian was a good looking boy but never had time to focus on his looks or body. Now with Paul, he was worried that Paul may not find him attractive.

As Paul walked beside Adrian his thoughts turned to Adrian. Paul thought he was good looking and had a nice slim body. I wonder if he's gay. If he is I may have a chance with him.

As these thoughts went through both boys minds, they began to smile. Anyone passing on the street would wonder why the cheshire cat smiles.

The two week break came to an end sooner than either boy wished. Now their time was spent working at the cafe and studying. They already established good study habits and reading the text during the break gave them a head start on the course. Of course they now knew what to expect and were better prepared.

A routine was quickly established, class in the morning, work in the afternoon and study done at night. One thing Paul and Adrian had in common beside the desire to excel, was their ability to stick to a time table. This allowed the boys to focus and not be persuaded to deviate from their schedule when other class mates asked them to join them in some other activity. There were a lot of distractions if you let them in the door.

Unknown to either boy, their feelings for the other kept bringing them closer and closer. Everything came to a head one evening when they had finished studying and were laying on their bed. "Adrian, I need to tell you something. I'm gay."

Adrain started to laugh, at first Paul became upset he thought Adrian was making fun of him. "Paul I was hoping that you were gay because I'm gay also."

"That was why my parents told me to go and live with my grandparents."

Paul couldn't have been happier. His wish has come true. Looking into each other's eyes, their embrace turned into a kiss, lightly at first and then hungrily they smashed their lips together. It was as if this kiss would make up for lost time. Paul backed away, "Wow, I need to breathe. You have no idea how I wanted to do that."

"Probably as much as I did. I think I had feelings for you after we spent the first week together. We were so much in sync that I couldn't believe that I'd ever find someone so perfect for me. All though high school, no one ever really clicked for me. I dated some girls but I knew I was gay. It was when I was a junior that I realized I was out of sync with my class. They talked sports and girls, I talked history and science. It didn't take long for them to call me Whiz. I was never hustled or threatened, I was tutoring the jocks so they could keep playing and they were my protection. Look at me crossed eye and they were there."

"When I first saw you I think my heart took a little flip or course I thought you were straight as well. So many times I wanted to tell you, but I was afraid. If I couldn't have you as a lover, I wanted you as a friend. Now I have you as a friend and lover."

"Adrian, you going to tell your folks?"

"I don't think so. They probably already suspect. I don't think they like me. They paid for my sister and brother's college expenses and then told me that they didn't have enough money for me. So I get a very small allowance and thank heaven for my scholarship. I still need to work and save since my scholarship doesn't cover it all. I'm determined to finish and I will, it might take me longer but I'll get there."

"And I'll be with you all the way." Of course that was the excuse for another lip bruising.

The rest of the evening Paul was deep in thought. He knew that his grandparents had created a trust fund for him to pay for his education. He didn't know how much but he also knew that Adrian would not accept any monetary help, directly. He wanted to talk to his grandparents and see if there was a way that he could help by off setting some of Adrian's expenses. He already was working because of Adrian, he didn't need to work. It was an excuse to spend more time with Adrian.

The following week, when Paul came into the dorm, Adrian was crying. "Adrian what's wrong?"

"My dad just phoned to say they could no longer afford to send me an allowance. I know it's a lie. Paul what am I going to do?"

"First, you're going to wash your face, then we're going to sit down and figure this out. While you're washing your face, I'm going to make a phone call."

Walking outside to avoid being heard, Paul called his grandparents. He told them about Adrian and his relationship with Adrian, his grandparents knew he was gay. His parents made sure they knew. His grandfather wanted to meet Adrian and they made arrangements to visit the school.

Paul had a feeling that Adrian was going to get help.

When he got back to the room, Adrian was sitting on the bed, his face in his hands but he wasn't crying. He looked at Paul when he entered the room. He was afraid more tears were going to come, he quickly gave Adrian a kiss. Pulling his head into his chest and rubbing his back, "Adrian everything will be ok. Have faith, you're a good person and the one I want to spend my life with. Nothing is going to upset those plans."

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