Adrian and Paul

by Jobe

Chapter 6

Soon the summer semester was over. Paul and I had aced the course with the help of the college's library. We learned a lesson that summer, not all of the information could be found in a text book and if we wanted to ace our courses, we needed to reach out to other sources, these sources were found in the library.

We moved into our apartment and enjoyed our first night. Up until this time all we did was either wank each other or suck each other in the time old position of 69. Paul felt it was time to move on, both of us being virgin's as far as anal sex was concerned, we did what we had done for class, we went to the library.

"We need to stop at a drugstore before we go home."

"Why, are you sick?"

"No silly, there are certain preparations we need to make according to what we read in the Library." Paul wiggled his eyebrows as he said this. Adrian just grinned knowing why the stop at the drugstore was necessary.

"Paul, have you ever had anal sex before?"

"No, I only jacked off in the privacy of my room or bathroom. Have you?"

"No, If we're still virgins will we need condoms?

"The book said it would be best since there's the possibility of other diseases beside HIV."

"I don't want to have something between you and me. I don't want to use a condom or you to use one either. If you have a disease that you'll transmit to me, that would be ok."

"I feel the same way, but as far as I know I don't have any communicable diseases."

That evening two nervous boys headed for a shower, knowing what laid ahead, they took a lot of time washing and flushing their intimate parts. "Are you a little nervous?"

"Yes, I read somewhere that the first time hurts."

"We'll go easy and slow." Grinning, "We may have to take the whole night to do this."

"I love you Paul, you can go first. I want to feel you inside me, that would be the supreme feeling of your love."

Paul pulled Adrian into his arms, "I'll take it easy and let you control it."

The boys started to kiss and soon they were at full mast. "Adrian, I'll lay on my back, then you can sit on me. Take as much as you can, stop if it hurts too much."

"Ok, give me the lube. I'll lube you up as well as my ass."

Adrian used almost all of the lube that they bought.

Paul leaned up as he kissed Adrian, "I love you more than anything." Adrian saw the love Paul had for him in his eyes.

Adrian took Paul's love stick and aimed it. Taking a big breath, he slowly began to sit down. Being a little scared, he tensed up. "Adrian, relax just take it slow. We have all night." Paul wanted nothing more than to push up into Adrian, his love for Adrian was the only thing that prevented him from ramming his cock home.

After several attempts, Adrian was able to breach his door. He grimaced as he sat a little further down. "Adrian, stop, take a breath and relax. The book said two push out as if you were going to take a crap. Do it."

Adrian did as Paul suggested and slowly the pain went away. After several minutes, Adrian was seated on Paul's groin. Slowly, Adrian smiled as he began moving up and down, each time he began to move faster. Paul, switched positions and now with Adrian's legs over his shoulders, he finally realized his desire to hit it hard.

Adrain began to gasp as he felt, what he knew from reading, his prostate was being massaged by Paul's cock. "Paul, don 't stop , keep doing that, I'm going to shoot." Paul concentrated on Adrian's prostate and he could feel the beginning of Adrian's orgasium. Then Paul felt his balls begin to rise, he couldn't stop and began too go faster, his mouth open and a cry emanated signaling he was depositing his love juice into Adrain.

"My god Adrian, I never knew it would feel like this. I love you and now I'm part of you. I can't wait till you're a part of me."

"Can we wait till tomorrow? I'm exhausted, I never knew it would feel like that. The book said that a prostate massage would be extremely pleasurable, but that was an understatement."

Paul went and got a warm cloth and towel to clean up Adrian. Snuggling, they both drifted off to sleep thinking about what just happened.

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