by Ivor Slipper

Chapter 33

When I woke up that morning I found it hard to believe that tomorrow would be Christmas Day. The weeks since Thanksgiving seemed to have flown by at an amazing rate and now Christmas was here.

In the past Christmas hadn't been that special for me, at least not since I'd been a little kid. Indeed I guess they hadn't been that special even then because my folks considered that Christmas was a religious occasion and nothing else was really relevant. Thus I was never introduced to the idea of Father Christmas as being this fat, jolly,white-bearded man who on Christmas Eve flew round the world on his sleigh pulled by reindeer. According to my folks the concept of Christmas had been taken over by big business and the fact that it should be all about celebrating Christ's birth had been lost as far as most of the population was concerned. Our concessions to commercialism were thus limited to a turkey dinner and a few presents, although the latter were nearly always more things that were going to have to be bought anyway rather than luxuries.

There wasn't even a children's party at the church and of course I was never invited to parties held for other kids with whom I went to school. As I got older and started to think for myself I realized that I was missing out on a lot based on what I could see happening around me at school, in town and on TV. However, I'd just accepted it as I suppose in a way I'd been sort of brainwashed into accepting as correct the view of the world that my folks held. My doubts about their views had increased over the last couple of years, but not to the point at which I'd rebelled. That had only happened a few months ago as my relationship with Troy had grown. In quite a short space of time it had gone from being two kids who agreed to work together on a school Geography project to the point where we were lovers. Lovers who slept together and did almost everything together, although one last thing remained undone. That was waiting for my sixteenth birthday on January 10th.

Troy was still asleep, spooned into me. I could feel my morning wood nestled in between his legs while my right arm was over his chest. I was tempted to let my hand wander down lower to feel his groin which I knew would be almost as smooth as his butt because we'd shaved each other last night. I'd started that by shaving my own pubes a little while ago after Troy had been set on by Mike Daubney and his friends and forced to suck a very hairy and smelly dick. As a result he'd found it impossible to give me a bj even though he wanted to until I'd come up with the idea of shaving my pubes. That had solved his problem and he'd also then decided to have his shaved. I hadn't objected and found that not only did it make giving him a bj more enjoyable, it also made his body more attractive to view. Mind you, I think it only raised him from a 9.9 to a 10 because for me his body had always been nigh on perfect. But then everything about Troy was nigh on perfect and I still sometimes found it hard to believe that he could love someone as ordinary as me.

I desperately needed a piss so managed to disentangle myself from him without waking him and went to the bathroom. On my way back to bed I opened the drawer of my nightstand and took out the little chart I had there in order to tick off another day. As I did so I giggled to myself as the thought suddenly struck me that it was a bit like an Advent Calendar. This one though didn't end on December 25th, but January 10th. Thus there were still sixteen days before Troy would be coming.....into me!

That thought immediately made me hard. We'd had to stop our sexual activities for a time after my appendectomy, but once I'd had the all clear from my surgeon we had resumed in earnest. I think we both felt we had some lost time to make up for and we both so enjoyed giving pleasure to each other. Now I slid back under the covers and reached over to feel Troy's dick. I never tired of being able to play with his foreskin, loving the way I could slide it back to reveal his head and then cover it again. Also knowing that as I did so he would start to produce pre-cum, something that I, with my circumcised dick, did less readily. Having worked his foreskin back and forth a few times I dropped my hand lower to feel his balls. They felt surprisingly hard considering we had jerked each other off the previous evening. As I was playing with them he rolled over onto his back. I looked at him and there was a hint of a smile around his lips. I bent forward and kissed them, lightly. As I did so his eyes opened and so did his lips. I inserted my tongue and let it renew its relationship with his.

"I like waking up like this," he murmured. "Wish we could do it every day."

"Wouldn't you get bored?"

"I think you would before I did."

"Not sure about that. You know I love your dick."

I pushed the covers off him and slid down the bed until I was in a position to demonstrate my love for his dick by kissing it. First just the tip, which had emerged from the foreskin, and then working my way down the shaft before returning to the slit which was now oozing pre-cum. I opened my lips and took him inside, swirling my tongue round it, before going down. It wasn't long before I felt Troy tense and then pump his essence into my mouth. I swallowed most but kept some in my mouth to give back to him after I'd moved up the bed and we kissed. It was a great way to start Christmas!

Today looked as if it was going to be quiet, which was probably a good thing as I suspected Christmas Day was going to be busy. I'd been asked by mom if I wanted to come to the Midnight Service with them, but when she asked me she made it clear it was entirely up to me. The church I'd attended when living with ma and pa didn't have a midnight service, just an extra long one in the morning. I did believe in God, well sort of, as shown by the silver cross I wore round my neck. But the God I believed in wasn't the one worshipped there. I thus didn't have to think for more than a couple of seconds before I said I'd like to come.

All of my presents had been bought and wrapped. I'd been told that the family tradition was that presents were exchanged after breakfast on Christmas Day, which Gran would attend. I hope that mine would be acceptable; Troy had said they were fine, but I was still a bit worried.

Talking of presents we'd had our table's 'Secret Santa' exchange on the last day of the semester. It went off very well and there had been quite a bit of ingenuity shown with some of the presents. Mine was a box containing two packets of muffin mix and a wooden spoon. You were not supposed to know who had bought for you, but if I ever find out it was Troy I may well find another use for that spoon! Madison appeared happy with her present as did Troy who received some aftershave and shampoo. Everyone agreed it had been fun and much better than each of us buying a present for everyone else – there were better uses for our money.

School had ended well even without the fun of the 'Secret Santa' because both Troy and I had done well on the end of semester tests. It wasn't unusual for me to score a couple of 'A' grades, but this time I'd achieved four with the rest being 'B's. For Troy an 'A' was unheard of, other than in sport or PE, but this time he had one, with all the rest, except one, being 'B's. In the past he had quite a few 'C's. He was pleased and his parents were delighted as they made clear to both of us when we told them. His mom actually told me when Troy wasn't around, that she had been slightly concerned having me in the house and then sharing a bed with Troy would have a detrimental effect on our schoolwork. She was thus delighted her fears had proved groundless and that I had proved to be a positive influence on him. I told her she need have no worries as we were both determined to get good grades in the hope that we might, in a couple of years time, be able to go to college together.

I'd thought for a long while about sending a card to my ma. I'd vowed to myself that I wanted nothing more to to with her after she'd slapped me while I was in hospital and I suppose sending her one was a bit like turning the other cheek. But send one I did, suitably religious in design - after all it was Christmas. I hadn't received one from her, but that didn't surprise me as we never sent cards, they being part of the commercialisation of Christmas.

Troy and I also sent a card to Mr Edgars to wish him a Happy Christmas and to hope he was well on the way to recovering from his gunshot wound. Somehow it seemed the least we could do considering all he had done for us this year. We hoped he'd be back for the next semester.

We'd also met up with Chris and Paul again. Chris had been able to borrow his mom's car so they could come over to us on the Sunday. However, when we looked at what was on offer at the movie theater there wasn't anything that really appealed. We did consider suggesting we go bowling, but as Troy pointed out when I raised the idea, my surgeon had told me it would be unwise to do so until after Christmas. However, at the same time as he knocked down that idea of mine, he came up with one of his own which was for them to spend the afternoon at our house. Troy had a couple of games for his x-box which were suitable for four players, so that clinched the idea.

It seemed like a good idea to me and indeed his mom had suggested they come over a couple of weeks back. I think she just wanted to see a real live emo close up! Not true I know – as far as mom was concerned if the were friends of ours, she'd welcome them whatever they looked like. I was less sure how Mr C might view them, but he said that if the weather was decent he'd fire up the grill and cook us some steaks, just as long as our new friends weren't vegetarian. That was something I'd not asked but they appeared to have eaten normal food when we went for a meal with them the other week, so it didn't seem likely.

We'd kept in touch with them regularly since we'd been over to their side of town. Texts were frequently exchanged and some evenings we had a short Skype session with one or both of them. As they didn't live together it sometimes meant going over the same thing twice, but somehow that just added to the fun, especially when we thought we'd told one of them something, but we actually told the other!

We were all still reading and enjoying the 'Zombie' story at GA and many comments were exchanged about that. I did want to comment on the actual story on the site, but didn't do so as I suspected we might be too young to really be reading it. At least it hadn't given Troy any more nightmares! It appeared there were only a couple more chapters to come before we found out if the kids had managed to successfully deal with the zombie. They had to I told myself, no author could be cruel enough to kill off any of those kids after all they'd been through – surely?

We'd been looking out for them and when they arrived had gone outside as they pulled onto the drive. We got a bit of a surprise when they got out of their car. Both had streaks in their black hair – Paul's were electric blue and Chris' shocking pink! I'm sure our surprise showed in our faces.

"Weren't expecting this were you?" Paul asked with a big grin.

"Christmas decorations?" I responded.

"Sort of," Chris said. "At our school they relax the dress code rules for the last week of the semester, so we decided to brighten things up a bit. Only got it done yesterday."

"Yeah, they're only temporary dyes," Paul added, "They should wash out before the vacation's over."

"They better had, or you're gonna be in big trouble seeing it was your idea!" Chris said.

"Best come in anyway," said Troy, "My folks are prepared for a couple of emos, but we'd told them you were really quite normal."

We went indoors and introductions were made. Today they were both wearing black t-shirts under their black hoodies, but the patterns on them were more restrained. Both had on blue skinnies and silver shin high boots, so apart from the hair they were 'normal'.

Mom of course took them in her stride and immediately made them feel welcome. Mr C appeared slightly less forthcoming, but he wasn't so outgoing anyway. We all went in the family room and visited for a time while mom produced some drinks and cakes. Included in those were some muffins I'd made the previous day. Troy, being Troy, couldn't resist a comment when Paul picked one of them up.

"You're brave Paul. Adam made those."

"Really?" Paul asked looking at me with the muffin halfway to his mouth. I nodded in response.

"In that case," Chris said as he reached out and took another one off the plate "We may as well go together!"

After that we took them outside and showed them the deck and the pool, although that was now empty until next Spring. I'm sure Troy wondered if they'd show any interest in the basketball hoop, but they didn't. I wasn't surprised as I'd thought neither of them were sporting types, although with his height Chris should be alright at basketball.

When we went back inside Mr C asked what time we wanted to eat. Chris said they ought to be home by about eight, so Mr C stated the food would be ready for six. That left us just under four hours to get together in our bedroom, so we headed upstairs.

Both Chris and Paul almost stopped dead when we entered. I knew how they felt as Troy's bedroom had had the same effect on me the first time I saw it. Although the Connellys weren't rich, their house was a lot bigger and better than most and I'm sure the bedroom came as a bit of a surprise with everything that was there. Troy closed the door behind us.

"Wow! You've got a great room here," Paul said.

"Yeah, I think mine would fit in it about twice," Chris added.

I laughed. "It had the same effect on me the first time I saw it, only mine would fit in it about three times!"

They both laughed.

"Adam, you're not forgetting the house rules are you?"

I turned to look at Troy. He had a little grin on his face and his right hand was by the top button of his skinnies. Surely, he didn't intend....

"But we've got guests. House rules don't apply....do they?"

"Why not?"

I stole a glance at Chris and Paul. Both were, unsurprisingly, looking somewhat perplexed by our exchange.


"Adam, we agreed a long time ago it was going to be boxers only in this room. Now get those skinnies off."

I looked again at Chris and Paul, shrugged and went to push down my zip.

"Do guests have to comply with house rules?" Chris asked.

"They ought to," Troy responded, "If not they have to pay a penalty."

He was grinning as he said it and I could see he was enjoying the game. I continued to lower my zip and then undid the top button.

"So when you come over to visit us, our house rules will apply and you'll have to follow them or pay a penalty?"

There seemed little Troy could do but say 'Yes' which he did.

"Seems reasonable then. Let's go for it, Paul."

The four of us spent the next couple of minutes removing our skinnies. At least we were all just wearing socks. When everyone had removed we stood up. Troy was wearing one of his pairs of pale grey CKs while I had on a black pair of the same brand. But while Paul and Chris had worn fairly quiet t-shirts, Paul was wearing black boxer briefs with a skull design while Chris' were navy blue with a red and green dinosaur pattern. Both definitely stood out, which I hoped my dick would refrain from doing, especially when Paul spotted my appendectomy scar and asked if he could have a closer look. It seemed wrong to say 'No' so I let him come close. He definitely smelled good and I started to worry that my dick would not behave.

"Oh, what are your house rules?" I asked, mainly in an attempt to get Paul to move away.

"Glad you asked, Adam, " Chris replied. "When we're in my bedroom we go naked."

I'm sure my jaw dropped open. I glanced at Troy and saw his definitely had! Chris looked absolutely serious, so I looked at Paul. He also wasn't showing any signs of bursting into laughter, but simply nodded.

"It's true, Adam. We don't do it at mine for various reasons, but we always do when I'm at Chris' house."

I still wasn't totally sure we weren't being played, but if we were the pair of them were dam good actors. It looked as if Troy's cunning little plan had come unstuck in a big way.

"Yep, we'll invite you over after Christmas." Chris said, with a big smile on his face.

"Can't wait." Troy responded, trying hard to look as if he meant it.

Once we were all suitably attired the games commenced. Troy had a big selection of x-box games and we started off with the four player ones before changing to the two player type. Those we could play as a competition, but it very soon became evident that I, unsurprisingly, was the worst. Paul was better than I was, but Chris and Troy were definite experts. The time passed very quickly and we all enjoyed ourselves. There was a knock on the door, Troy shouted 'Come In' and mom's head appeared round it to announce that our food was about ready. She appeared not to bat an eyelid at the dinosaur and skull covered butts that were laying on the bed, engrossed in their game!

Mr C's steaks were, as usual, excellent, and mom had prepared some salads to go with them. We all still found space for some ice cream afterwards though. However, it was soon time for them to depart. We all went out to wave them off and I heard Troy's folks say that they hoped to see them again soon.

After we'd helped clear away the leftovers, load up the dishwasher and tell his parents how the afternoon had gone, Troy and I retreated upstairs. We closed the door and I walked towards him, putting my fingers on his zip.

"You weren't expecting that reaction from them, were you?"

"Hell, no. Do you think they were serious?"

"That swear word is going to cost you in a minute. I guess though there is only one way we'll find out."

He giggled. "Yeah, we've got to go and call their bluff."

"Mmm.... either we do call their bluff or we end up in the buff."

Troy laughed out loud. "You're so friggin' good with words, Adam."

He pulled me to him and we kissed, long and deep, it had been some hours since we last did.

I broke away after a couple of minutes.

"I think it would be a good idea if we got in some practice." I said as I pulled down his zipper.

"What sort of practice?"

"Getting naked for a start, but there are other things too."

So we did get naked and we did practice a couple of other things even though we were good at them now. And I did extract the fine for him swearing.

That had been the previous weekend. We'd talked a lot to them since then. I knew we were going to be firm friends and thought it was a shame they didn't live on the same side of town as us so we could see more of them. However, we'd already arranged to go bowling with them after Christmas and we'd been invited to go over to Chris' on the Sunday after Christmas. We were going to find out then whether or not our legs had been well and truly pulled.

Today we spent a bit of time helping mom with the preparations for tomorrow, but I wasn't sure how much we were helping, especially when she suggested to Troy that we take the pickup and go for a drive. I have to say it was great to just be able to drive off somewhere – even if I wasn't doing the driving. We came across some public woodland; Troy parked up and we went for a walk. There was nobody else around so we were able to walk hand in hand and stop frequently for kisses. It was a good way to pass a couple of hours.

After the evening meal we all sat around in the Family Room, watching videos of Christmassy films – not that the TV wasn't full of them anyway – until it became time to go to the Midnight Service. I did enjoy that as for me it sort of set the tone for what Christmas was really about. Once we'd got home afterwards it didn't take long before Troy and I were in bed. We kissed goodnight and then he backed into me so I could put my arm around him. We quickly dropped off to sleep.

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