by Ivor Slipper

Chapter 34

I thought I must be awake, but something wasn't right. It felt like it was still the middle of the night because my bedside light was on and I was feeling cold. It had been late when we'd gone to bed after the Midnight Service, so I was probably going to be a little short on sleep, but I'd hoped to get a few hours in before getting up to see what Christmas Day would bring.

It dawned on me that I wasn't lying on my side with Troy spooned into me as he virtually always was. That might explain why I felt cold but not why I was on my back. I opened my eyes properly and saw Troy kneeling over my chest and wearing a pointed red Christmas cap, trimmed with white.

"Ho, ho, ho! Merry Christmas, Adam," he said.

I giggled. "You're mad,Troy. It's the middle of the friggin' night what are you doing up?"

"Hey, that's gonna cost you, but I am up 'cos I wanna give you your first present."

My mind was slowly beginning to function.

"But mom said the other day presents aren't exchanged until after breakfast."

"This isn't an exchange and I don't think my folks would wanna see it."

He raised himself up a little so I could see his dick. But for once I couldn't see his foreskin as his dick was covered. He manoeuvred it closer to my face and I saw it was in a condom on which was printed 'Merry Christmas, Adam.'

"Where the fuck did you get that?" I exclaimed.

"That's two tings you're gonna get later. Never mind where I got it, aren't you gonna unwrap it?"

"You bet I am!"

Not only did I unwrap my present, but I gave it a good wash to make sure it was totally clean, during which it gave me a little snack.

I had no idea where he'd got it from, but what a way to start Christmas Day!

We had a little snuggle after that, but neither of us felt like going back to sleep. I guess I felt like little kids do on Christmas Day – for sure I'd never felt like this before. I already knew Christmas with Troy and his folks was going to be different to any I'd ever had and waking up in bed with him was just one indication of how my life had changed.

"What time is it?" Troy asked after a while.

I rolled over to look at the little clock on my nightstand. "Just after seven."

"Shall we get up?"

Oh boy, today was definitely going to be different it seemed. Troy never wanted to get up – at least in terms of getting out of bed.

"Your mom's never gonna believe it if we do."

He laughed. "It'll be almost like when I was a little kid and would go charging into their bedroom carrying my Christmas stocking. I used to jump on the bed and wake them up and we'd open my presents from Santa Claus."

He sighed at the recollection and I felt a pang for something I'd never experienced.

"I expect they're already up anyway. Plus, sooner we have breakfast the sooner we can have our presents. Come on lazy one – move!"

He pushed me and I pushed him back and we continued like that for a couple of minutes giggling as we did. In the end I rolled to the edge of the bed and put my feet on the ground to stand up before taking a couple of step towards the bathroom. I slept on the side of the bed nearest there so Troy had to walk round from his side. I pushed the bathroom door open and happened, as I did so, to glance at the door of the bedroom and saw my pa's belt hanging there. We'd placed it there after my ma had sent it to me following his death a couple of months ago. I stopped in the entrance and as he came up behind me I bent over to present my butt to him.

"I've gotta pay two 'tings' for swearing earlier."

"Its Christmas Day, Adam. I was gonna let you off."

"Do it Troy. I just saw that belt on the back of the door and realized what would have happened if I'd used those words last Christmas."

Somehow Troy sensed what I wanted and the two tings he delivered were rather harder than those we normally gave each other.

"Better now?" he said as I stood up.

"It will be after you've kissed it."

He bent down and did just that and I got hard as a result. His hand came round from behind and gently stroked my dick.

"Let's get in the shower and do something about that," he said.

So we did. Christmas Day just kept getting better.

When we got downstairs his parents were already in the kitchen. We exchanged Christmas greetings and I gave mom a kiss while Mr C pulled me into a hug. Troy and I had some juice and a little cereal while mom prepared scrambled eggs and bacon.

"What time's Gran coming over?" Troy asked.

Mom rolled her eyes at me before answering, "You've always been impatient Troy – you even arrived a couple of days early!" That comment made both me and his father laugh. "She said she'd be here by nine at the latest, and Gran always does what she says."

I looked at the clock, it showed just after half past eight, so she wouldn't be long it seemed. We sat and talked for a bit and in a little while she appeared through the back door. Everyone stood up and went to give her a kiss and a hug. She started to take off her coat, stopped and turned to Troy,

"Troy, your present is in the trunk of my car, but it's a bit heavy for me to lift. Would you be a dear and help me get it out. Here's the keys."

She handed Troy the keys and led the way back outside. Mom and Mr C made to follow and mom signalled for me to come too. I was puzzled, but followed close behind them.

"Gran, you've got a new car!" I heard Troy exclaim, a second or two before I could see the front of a red Kia Rio on the drive. Troy walked round to the rear and opened the trunk. His head appeared round the side of the car almost immediately.

"Gran, there's nothing here."

"That's because you haven't put anything in it yet," said Mr C.

Now I'd seen Troy look shocked before, but nothing like this as he started to take in what his father had said.

"Are....you.....serious?" He managed to ask.

His father nodded; Troy let out a huge yell of excitement and came racing back up the drive to hug his parents and Gran. When he'd calmed down a little Gran told him that he should only be thanking his parents for the car, all she'd done was drive it here. The earlier talk of her needing to withdraw money to give him so he could buy one, had been just talk to spin out the time until Christmas, as this had been long planned by his parents.

Troy was absolutely over the moon. He kept touching the car as if to ensue it was actually there and he hadn't imagined it. Mind you, I could understand him being thrilled because I was excited and it wasn't my car, but I knew how much he'd been looking forward to being able to get one and thus be no longer reliant on his folks to take him anywhere.

"Troy, it's not new," his father said, " It's about three years old, but it hasn't done much mileage and is in good condition."

"Dad, I don't care if it's not new. I love it and I love you both. Can I take it out for a test drive?"

"I think it might be best if you left that until later this morning when the adrenalin has stopped pumping." Mom said.

"You're right." he admitted with a little smile. "I am on a high and I just don't know how to thank you."

Mom put her arm round him and hugged him to her, saying in a whisper that I probably wasn't meant to hear, "You thank us every day, just by being our wonderful son."

I was close to crying myself on hearing her say that – something my ma would never have said to me in a million years.

"I think we should go inside Troy. There are other presents for other people you know!"

"I know, Dad – but I'm so excited." Troy walked over to me. "Adam, you know that as soon as you can drive, this car is no longer mine, but ours."

Oh boy, now I did feel a tear in the corner of my eye. To conceal it I pulled Troy into a hug.

We went inside and into the kitchen. I think everyone needed a short break after that excitement. I'd had no idea Troy was going to be given a car and was amazed at how well it had been pulled off without him realizing what was actually happening.

Everyone got a drink and we then went into the family room where the Christmas tree was all lit up and with presents lying underneath. Once everyone else had sat down Mom picked up a box and handed it to me saying "Merry Christmas, Adam," as she did. I unwrapped it and couldn't believe my eyes when I found a box containing an ipad Pro! That did it for me. I burst into tears and rushed from the room going back upstairs and into the room that had been my bedroom when I'd first arrived. I was so overcome with emotion that these people, whom I'd hardly known until a few months ago, could treat me so generously. I lay face down on the bed, sobbing quietly, when I felt two people squat down on the bed, either side of me.

"Adam, we're sorry. We didn't mean to upset you, today of all days," Mom said, stroking my hair as she did.

"Nah, he's only upset 'cos he didn't get a car too." Troy added from my other side.

It was just the comment I needed to hear. I rolled over to look at him with a big smile on my face. "You are so dead for that comment, Troy Connelly." I grabbed him and pulled him down onto the bed where we started wrestling. Mom quickly got up to get out of our way as we rolled to and fro. After a minute or so we stopped wrestling and started kissing which continued for some time. When that stopped I pulled away from him and looked up at mom who was stood smiling down at us.

"I'm sorry, mom. I didn't mean to be so rude, but......."

"Adam, don't apologise. From things you've said I've got an idea what your Christmases were like growing up and you simply weren't prepared for this. We love you and we just wanted to show that."

I got off the bed and we had a slightly teary hug, before I went into the bathroom to wash my face and try and make myself presentable again.

After that the rest of the presents were almost anti-climaxes. Troy's parents and Gran all seemed happy with what I gave them and Troy was pleased with the game I'd bought for him. For me he'd bought a shirt that was a bit thicker than the norm and would be good for going to school next semester when the weather was likely to be cold.

There was also one extra little surprise for the pair of us. Mom handed us both identical little parcels and said we had to unwrap them at the same time. We did as instructed to reveal each contained a pair of patterned boxer briefs. Mine had Christmas trees and baubles while Troy's had reindeer, sleighs and Santa Claus. I think she might well have got the idea to buy these when she saw Chris and Paul on our bed the other Sunday! Whatever, we were told we had to go upstairs, put them on and then come back to model them. It seemed like a fair price to pay considering what else we'd been given but when we got into his bedroom and started to undress I had an idea.

"Have you got any long t-shirts?"

"A couple I think. Why?"

"Long enough to cover up these boxers?"

He grinned. "That's evil, Adam and I love it. We could do a little dance and a slow reveal. Get our own back. Yeah!"

And that was what we did. Our dancing was pretty poor, but the audience thought it was hilarious.

I won't say the rest of Christmas Day passed in a blur, but I suppose it was fairly normal compared to how it started. Later in the morning we did go out in Troy's car for him to give it a little test drive. The roads were very quiet and we were out for the best part of an hour. When we came back we called Paul and Chris to find out how their Christmas Day's were going. It was a bit embarrassing when they asked what presents we'd received, but they would soon find out about the car when we next saw them so there was no point in not mentioning it. They both seemed very happy about it, and as Paul commented, it would mean we could get together a lot easier in future. We also made a call to Troy's adopted brother, Tom, who was spending Christmas with his girl friend at her parents. We both got the feeling Tom wasn't too happy because they weren't being allowed to share the same room.

We then enjoyed a wonderful Christmas dinner that mom and gran had prepared with only a very little assistance from me. We started with baked Camembert, something I'd never tasted before, but would definitely eat again, followed by a delicious baked ham with several types of vegetables. To finish, after a suitable pause, there was a trifle that gran had made. She informed us that she had been sent the recipe by a lady in England with whom she'd been corresponding for many years, and had decided to try it. Apparently it is a traditional English pudding. All I'll say is that it didn't last long when Troy and I set to work on it!

After we'd cleared the table it was decided that we should get some exercise and go for a walk. We drove down to the park and strolled round there for a while, before returning home. The rest of the day was spent watching TV and films as well as playing various board games. During the evening both of us were allowed to try a glass of egg nog, which was another new experience for me, but I didn't find it as good as the other things I'd tried for the first time that day.

Come ten o'clock both Troy and I were ready for bed. We hadn't done much physically, but we both felt worn out. Once we'd got in the bedroom he took a small gift wrapped parcel from the drawer of his nightstand and handed it to me.

"What's this?" I asked.

"Nothing much, but I couldn't put it under the tree with the rest of the presents."

I looked at him and there was a hint of a smile at the corner of his mouth. If it couldn't go under the tree that meant it was something of a certain nature. I quickly unwrapped it to reveal a bottle of scented massage oil. Suddenly I felt a lot less tired than I had a few minutes earlier.

"I'm gonna get some towels, lay them on the bed and then you are going to stand there while I slowly strip you."

I felt myself respond as Troy went to the wardrobe on the top shelf of which we kept some old towels for such purposes. He spread a couple on the bed and them came to stand in front of me.

"I may have got a car for Christmas, Adam, but having you here is all the present I need. I can't imagine there is anyone better in the whole world to share my life with."

Having finished that little speech he pulled me into a hug and a kiss, while I found myself, not for the first time that day, shedding a few tears. A lot of people didn't get to see the real caring, loving, Troy that was often hidden underneath the bright and bubbly persona he normally showed to the world.

He started by slowly unbuttoning my shirt before pushing it back over my shoulders so it slid to the ground behind me, after which my t-shirt was slowly raised over my head. We'd stopped along the way for a few kisses but now he was able to run his fingers over my chest and back. He got me to sit on the edge of the bed so he could remove my socks before setting to work on the grey skinnies I was wearing. These needed my co-operation before he was able to peel them down my legs and over my feet. Now I was asked to stand up again and Troy could run his hands over my baubles and trees! I'd been hard long before we'd reached this point, now I was starting to leak a little. After another pause for kissing, Troy quickly stripped down to his own boxers and Santa Claus was introduced to some baubles while reindeer played among the trees – well at least I think that's what they were doing!

At last my boxers were inched down to slowly reveal initially the head of my dick, welcomed by kisses from Troy, and eventually they were down enough to expose my full hardness. Troy had me lie face down on the bed and went to work with the massage oil on my back, butt and the backs of my legs It was both sensuous and relaxing. After a while he had me turn over so he could work on my chest, stomach and the front of my legs. In the end there was only one item left to massage and Troy gave it his very best attention.

Christmas Day had indeed been very special. I wondered if it could ever be matched; for sure it was going to live for a very long time in my memory.

The next morning I could cross another day off my chart, but it wasn't far off midday when I did so. After all that had happened yesterday we needed a lie in to recharge our batteries!

I did say to Troy that I felt we'd been neglecting Carlos of late and he agreed, suggesting that we could pick him up after lunch and go bowling if he was free. I called him and he was, so we arranged to call round about two o'clock. We didn't tell him beforehand that Troy now had a car so he wondered whose was the red Kia that pulled up outside his house. I just hoped we didn't embarrass him as I knew there would be no car for him when he turned sixteen, but he seemed his normal self while we played three games.

I felt no ill effects down below and on the way home afterwards said we should see if Chris and Paul could come over soon for a game – the only bowling alley in town being on our side. As it happened Chris' mom had caught some sort of bug so didn't need the car the next day. That meant he could have it, as long as he agreed to do the shopping before coming over. So we had another session at the bowling alley that afternoon and followed that by going for a pizza. The final chapter of the 'Zombie' story had appeared that morning so it was a major item of discussion between us while we ate. We were all in agreement it had been a really good story with a totally unexpected ending, and the good thing had been that all the kids had survived. Only the zombie got his, and that was rather sad I thought as in the end I almost felt sorry for him.

Chris and Paul wanted us to come over to them soon. It ought to have been easy to fix a date now Troy had his own car - I think they were both a bit jealous when they actually saw it in the parking area when we went out to go home after the game. But they weren't available the coming weekend and the one after that was my birthday on the Saturday, so it was a bit difficult to make forward plans for then. In the end we agreed we'd pencil it in for the Sunday after my birthday. As Paul said when I spoke to him, hopefully I'd have recovered from the celebrations by then. He had an expression on his face when he said that which I couldn't quite work out. I couldn't remember letting anything slip about what we had planned, but perhaps Troy had, or maybe he could read us too well. We both though wanted to go over and visit with them if only to find out whether or nor Chris was serious about their house rules.

Soon it was New Year's Eve. We sat up with Troy's folks to see in the New Year, but both of us only drank coke. When we eventually went upstairs we celebrated it in our own way with our first sixty nine of the year! Now I could literally count off the days to my birthday on my fingers. New Year's Day we were late getting up but after brunch we went for a run in the park. Now Troy had a car we no longer had to worry about being attacked on the way home, although I didn't think there were any likely attackers left now. After getting home and showering following the run, Troy took the car out for a drive to the wooded area we'd visited before. While we were walking Troy suggested that it might be a nice idea to come out here at night in the summer so we could look at the stars. My Troy was turning into quite a romantic! But, I had to agree that it would be good to do.

School was back now and we were both very pleased to see Mr Edgars return at the start of the semester. His return seemed to close the book on that incident when ex detective Diamond had stormed the school looking for me. His trial was due to start in a couple of weeks, but Mr C felt sure he'd strike a plea bargain rather than come to court.

On the Saturday before my birthday we'd been down to the mall as usual and, amazingly, managed not to buy very much. Troy dropped me off at the store and we had our usual kiss and cuddle before he drove off.

I was working on the checkout that afternoon. The store was busy and at one point I looked up and saw ma was in my queue. I didn't take any real notice as I knew she shopped there so it wasn't surprising to see her there and, anyway, I was busy putting items over the scanner, taking money and giving change – although most people these days used cards. Before I knew it I looked up and she was standing in front of me. I was about to start passing her items through when she spoke in a very loud voice which I'm sure could be heard for some distance.

"Don't you touch my goods, you faggot boy! Get your manager! The store shouldn't be employing queers like you. Who knows where your hands have been. It's disgusting - god fearing people shouldn't be served by people like you. It's your fault that your father was killed."

I was staggered. I'd never expected her to attack me like this, in public. She must have seen I was working this checkout, so it was intentional. In the past I'd always tried to avoid public attention, but nowadays there was a different Adam.

"Pa go himself killed because he came up with a plan so he could whup me and my boyfriend that went wrong. And that was after his beatings had forced me to run away from home. Beatings you did nothing to stop, maybe even encouraged. I grew up not fearing god, but fearing my pa and his belt!"

She reeled back and a look of shock was on her face.

"We were trying to keep you on the right path – the straight and narrow path that leads to heaven, Adam. Everything we did was for your own good."

I let out a deep sigh. "Perhaps you believed that, but your god isn't mine."

By now the manager had arrived on the scene.

"Is everything alright, Ma'am? Adam?"

"This lady doesn't want me to serve her, Mr Mason, so can you find someone else to man this checkout and I'll take my break?"

"Sure, Adam you do that. Ma'am on behalf of the store I regret any inconvenience caused. We'll not charge you for your purchases today."

That did it! I just stormed off to the staff room and called Troy asking him to come and pick me up. He was there in a short while and couldn't believe it when I told him what had happened. Guess I don't have a Saturday job now after walking out like that, but I think I can find one somewhere else. At least I hope so, or my finances will be rather stretched, but there usually seem to be vacancies for servers. Of course when we got home I had to explain to his parents why I was back so early. Once they'd heard what happened though they agreed with what I'd done and mom said she'd never shop there again.

Troy had talked to me while we were lying in bed on the morning of New Year's Day. He'd surprised me by asking if I did still intend to have him make love to me on my birthday.

"Of course! It's what we've both wanted to happen for months now. Don't you?" I replied, asking the question with an evident degree of worry in my voice. Was Troy having doubts I wondered to myself.

"Of course I do, Adam." He rolled over to hug and kiss me. "I've never wanted anything so much, but......."

"But, what?"

There was a delay before he answered. "I'm worried I'm gonna hurt you."

At least I was now reassured about the reason for his question.

"What I've read says it probably will the first time, but I don't mind if it does. I wanna feel you inside me. Anyway, how much did it hurt when I made love to you?

He looked at me and gave me a hug before replying.

"It did hurt, Adam. Perhaps more than I was expecting." I went to say something, but he shushed me before continuing. "It would have been worth ten times more pain for the pleasure it gave me. But I'd sorta prepared myself before that night and I wanna do that for you."

I wasn't sure what he meant. "But you didn't have 'Dickie' then and I've told you I don't want him in me before you."

"Nope, this won't be 'Dickie',s it'll just be me. Get on your knees and I'll show you."

As soon as he said that I had a very good idea of what was going to happen. Every night from them on Troy rimmed me before inserting a finger into my hole. Within the week I was able to take two fingers deep enough to tickle my prostate and without any real discomfort. Troy's dick wasn't that huge in either length or circumference, so although it was bigger than two of his fingers, hopefully it wouldn't cause a problem for me.

The days seemed to pass very slowly though; I knew I was getting impatient and having Troy fingering me every night didn't help much!

I'd been told by mom that they were going to take me out for a meal to celebrate my birthday and she asked me where I'd like to go. There was only one choice as far as I was concerned, the Italian restaurant where we'd gone to celebrate Troy's sixteenth. She'd booked a table for the four of us for the Saturday night.

Finally Friday arrived and the last day on my calendar could be crossed off. Earlier in the week mom had told me they'd been invited to Marvin's for dinner that night. She said they wouldn't be late back, but had left us some money to have a pizza delivered. I guess Troy and I could have gone out to eat now he was driving, but we rarely seemed to bother going out during the week what with school work to do and the weather not being that good. We did get a pizza and after we'd ordered I got busy making a salad from what I could find in the fridge. Troy's had little interest in making food – in fact his only one was eating it - and he disappeared while I was busy. Guess I must have done a reasonable job as the salad quickly disappeared along with the pizza.

By the time we'd finished eating and watching a horror movie on a DVD in the Family Room it was almost half past eleven. Troy's cell rang and when he answered it was his mom to tell him that because they'd both been drinking they didn't think it wise to drive back so would spend the night at Marvin's and drive back in the morning. We thus decided to go to bed.

I happened to be leading as we walked upstairs and as we approached our bedroom I though I could hear some noise, which was odd. When I opened the door I stopped dead in amazement. There was some classical music playing on the sound system and the room was candlelit. I now knew what my boyfriend had been doing while I was preparing salad!

"Oh, Troy, it's beautiful...so romantic," I breathed, "but my birthday's not until tomorrow."

He nestled into me from behind, wrapping his arms round my chest and nuzzling my neck.

"Your birthday is in about twenty five minutes from now." I giggled. "Why do you think my folks haven't come home tonight?"

I spun round in amazement. "You mean this was all planned – and they know?"

"Yep. Mom thought them being in the house for our first time might make us feel awkward, so she came up with this little plan."

"Troy, I love your mom almost as much as I love you. Nobody else would..."

"I know, she's special and I'm, no we're, very, very lucky to have her as our mom. Now, take 'Annie' and go and get yourself properly clean. By the time you've done that it will be almost midnight."

I needed no second invitation, so quickly stripped off and headed for the bathroom. When I returned about twenty minutes later it was to find Troy wearing only the blue silk boxer briefs I'd bought him. The sight of him in those had me fully at attention. We hugged and kissed and I let my hands slowly trace down his back until I came to the waistband. My fingers went inside to I could feel the smooth skin of his butt. Tonight might be about me, but I wanted to be inside Troy again, soon.

Together we pushed his briefs down. He sat on the edge of the bed so I could remove them. He was hard, the head of his dick fully exposed and glistening with pre-cum. He had me kneel on the bed and rimmed me. I could feel the wetness and he eased a finger into me before stopping and crawling across the bed to pick up a tube of lubricant.

"Troy, I wanna be on my back, not like this. I wanna see you."

"And I wanna see you, Adam – so move," he said with a little laugh.

I moved to lie on my back and raised my legs up but keeping them apart. Troy knelt behind me and spread a generous quantity of lube both on his dick and in my hole. I watched as he moved into position and felt his dick nudge against my entrance.

"Stop me if this hurts, Adam."

"I want you so much, Troy. Don't stop whatever I say."

He pressed; I grimaced. He pressed again;I grimaced again. He looked at me with a look of worry on his face. "Please." I whispered. He pressed again – and he was in. He paused, we looked at each other and smiled. "More." I whispered and he obliged. Suddenly he was in and the pain was gone. I looked up at him and could see the love in his eyes that I was sure must be reflected in mine.

At last we were united. I knew that from now on we'd be together for ever and that no matter what life threw at us, we would emerge.....Unbeaten.

+++++ THE END ++++++

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