by Ivor Slipper

Chapter 32

I was suddenly awake – or at least, half awake. It was still dark, but I had no idea if it was the middle of the night or I'd just come to a little earlier than normal. Then I heard the noise and suspected it had been that, or something similar, that had woken me.

It was a sort of whimpering noise. The type you get to hear on TV or at the movies when someone is very scared or is lying on the ground after being beaten up. Now the noise came again, only this time it was louder and my body began to move. But I was sure I wasn't making the noise.

It grew louder and as it did I became fully awake and aware of where I was. I was in bed and if I wasn't making the noise it could only be coming from my lover, from Troy. I moved my hand and stroked it down what I was sure was his chest, but it felt very damp. The noise came again, only louder, and he started to thrash around. Troy was having a nightmare!

I guess we'd all expected he would have nightmares after Diamond had walked into the classroom at school a few weeks ago, armed with a pistol and looking for me or him. However, they'd never occurred – until now it seemed. I moved to wrap my arms tightly around him, hugging him to me, and started to whisper into his ear, telling him that I was here, that everything was alright and that nothing was going to happen. I had no idea if I was doing the right thing, but I did recall that shorty after I'd arrived to live with the Connellys I'd had a nightmare. That one had been pretty horrible with my pa driving me out to some woods and walking me to a clearing before pointing a pistol at me. I'd been roused from that by Mrs Connelly – as I then called her – hugging me and telling me that everything would be alright.

She'd certainly been right there! I hadn't suffered with any further nightmares since and now I looked on her as being my mom as well as Troy's. My life sure had improved in so many ways since I'd run away from home and the Connellys had become my foster parents. I'd also been so very lucky to be at home recuperating after having my appendix removed when Diamond had walked into the classroom. Had it not been for that I'd very probably be dead now. And it had also been our good fortune he'd not been aware Troy shared that class with me and none of our classmates had given Troy away when Diamond had asked if he was there.

So, yes I could easily understand Troy having a nightmare over that. I knew some of the other kids in the class had subsequently suffered with nightmares and quite a number had taken up the school's offer of counselling. Troy had declined that, saying it was over, wasn't going to happen again and was best forgotten rather than talked about. I did see his point as I wasn't sure re-living something like that was a good idea. After all, we still had to go to the school every day, even if Mr Edgars' classroom was not being used currently. We thus had to live with some reminders of that day, although I knew for me it was much, much easier simply because I hadn't been there.

Troy continued to jerk around and mumble. It was hard to make out what he was saying. I thought he said something about 'guns' and 'keeping watch' and then I was sure I heard the words 'we gotta kill.' Now I was getting worried as this didn't make sense in terms of the incident with Diamond. At the same time I told myself that if whatever was causing this wasn't to do with that, it was probably a good sign, but then I didn't really know anything about such matters!

I managed to slide away from Troy and put the bedside light on thinking it would better if when he woke it was to light rather than being in darkness. Having done that I slid back and resumed hugging him. Slowly his jerking died away and the mumblings also faded. He rolled over to face me and his eyes blinked open. He grabbed me tightly.

"Thank goodness – you're still here Richie!" he exclaimed.

Who the hell was Richie I wondered in my still not fully functioning state. The lightbulb in my brain suddenly clicked on.

"Troy, I'm not Richie, I'm Adam – and you're not Jeremy."

He struggled to sit up. "Oh, shit! I've been having a nightmare, haven't I?"

"Yes, you have."

"Fuck! I don't think I've ever had one of those."

I sat up beside him and pulled him to me. "I've had a couple and they're not nice I know, but I think this might have been a silly one."

He looked at me and managed a little grin. "If you can call being chased by a zombie silly, then yes, this was."

"Perhaps we'll have to stop reading that story if it's gonna affect you like this."

"Nah, we watch horror movies all the time and I've never had a nightmare after watching any of those."


He thought for a while before saying anything else.

"Perhaps it was because this is a story not a movie, so you can make up your own pictures to go with it."

"That sounds logical. Do you remember what your pictures were?"

"Not exactly, but it was just me and Richie. We wasn't in the silo or the truck, but out in the open and that zombie was coming for us. I reckon we got away though as that was when I woke up and you were cuddling me. Once I realized it was you I knew everything was gonna be alright."

What else could we do but kiss and cuddle. I looked at the clock and saw it was about 4am. Time to get some more sleep, which was what we did until we woke again after an undisturbed four hours. This time Troy was nestled into my front and I could feel my dick was hard and up against his crack. I moved as I woke, which woke him, and he rolled over to face me. We both smiled and kissed, lightly.

"I felt you at the door, Adam."

"Yeah, I knocked by got no response." I joked.

"I almost came to open it, but then remembered we're closed for business until the New Year."

"Damn. No advance guided tours?"

"Nope – and that swear word's gonna cost you."

I gave a little laugh. I'd sworn intentionally to check Troy was back to normal after his nightmare. It was well worth a smack on my butt to be sure of that.

"Well, I'll be ready outside waiting for opening."

"No need to worry, Adam. There won't be anyone else allowed in. Just you and only you."

Now we kissed seriously. We'd both been aroused by that little exchange. I knew how much I loved Troy and I was certain he loved me equally.

"Think of a number." I said.


"Odd, I was thinking of nine."

"Ah, let's put them together. I think they go like this," Troy said as he turned himself around and then slid down inside the sheets. I just loved touching his foreskin and teasing it in and out with my lips and often felt sorry that I was unable to give him the same experience. Whenever I expressed that feeling he always assured me that he loved the site of the round head of my dick being undressed and ready for immediate attention. That was what he gave it now and I was soon swirling my tongue around his before sliding my mouth over it and moving my head up and down the shaft. It wasn't long before he was pulsing into my mouth and virtually as soon as he came I was doing the same to him.

After we'd had our shower and were getting dressed I had an idea.

"Hey, you know you were talking about seeing if you could borrow the pickup this afternoon and go for a drive?"

"Yeah. Do you wanna do that or maybe go to bed instead?"

Troy only had his boxer briefs on at this point and made as if to take them off again.

"Are you trying to tempt me? No, I just thought that now you can drive we could go over and see Chris and Paul. We don't have to wait for them to come over here."

"Oh, Adam. I just wish I had your brain! Why not? Call Paul and see if perhaps they wanna meet up and go to a movie this afternoon."

"That's a good idea, but I'll leave it until we've had breakfast. They were having a sleepover, so don't want to interrupt them."

"Do you think?........"

"Dunno. I expect they wonder the same about us, but you did sorta indicate how far we'd gone."

"Yeah – I shouldn't have done that I guess. Still I don't worry that I did – do you?"

"Nope. It's not like they're gonna tell anyone we know and even if they did, it doesn't really matter."

"True. So do you think?......" Troy asked again, laughing as he did.

I couldn't help laughing at his persistence and curiosity.

"If you're that curious you'll have to ask Chris. I'd guess though that their relationship is pretty much about the same stage as ours."

"Yep – that's what I reckon."

We finished getting dressed, which didn't take long as it was just shorts and t-shirts, before heading down to eat. As always mom did us proud with scrambled eggs, bacon and toast – which followed our juice and cereal. Once we'd finished we stopped and talked for a while. It was evident that she'd not heard Troy's nightmare, which at least avoided us having to try to get her to believe it was caused by a story and not his recent experience. Troy asked if he could borrow the pickup in the afternoon and naturally was asked what we were planning to do. Mom agreed we could have it and seemed quite pleased we had somewhere definite to go rather than just driving around aimlessly. She did insist that we weren't late returning which we agreed to and didn't seem likely to cause a problem if we went to an afternoon show.

With that agreed we went back upstairs and I called Paul. It rang out several times before before he answered and it was a very sleep 'Hello' that I heard.

"Hi Paul. It's Adam. Not too early for you am I?"

There was some mumbling and I could hear noises in the background before he responded.

"Gee, Adam I'd say it's good to hear from you, but what friggin' time is this to call"

"Come on, it's gone ten o'clock" I said laughing, knowing full well that on most Sundays Troy and I didn't surface until nearly midday.

"Ugh! That's still night time!"

"Have I interrupted anything?"

He giggled. "Nothing we can't pick up after the interruption."

"Hey, can you put your cell on speaker? I've got Troy with me and he and I have had an idea."

"Phone sex! Wow! Never tried that!"

Both Troy and I burst out laughing and I could hear Chris laughing too.

"Gee, I'd always thought Emos were such innocent kids."

"Looks can deceive, Adam. So what's the idea?"

"You know, perhaps we could go for the phone sex instead if you want?"

"Nah, Chris says he'll only do it with another Emo."

"I did not say that. He's making it up!" we heard Chris say, "Anyway there's no other emo I'd want to do it with."

We could hear noises which could have been kissing or tickling or both.

"Sorry guys; he was just trying to prove that. Down boy!"

There was more laughter from the other end. It was evident they made a great pair and I could see we'd get on really well with them. I heard some more whispering and Paul came back on the line, trying hard not to laugh.

"He says he'll get down if I give him a bone to play with. What do you suggest I do?"

Now it was Troy and me who burst out laughing.

"Just make sure he only licks it and doesn't bite it," Troy offered.

"He knows he'd get put in the kennel if he bites it. But what's this idea of yours?"

"Well, Troy passed his test this week," Two voices at the other end said words of congratulation, "and his mom's agreed he can use the pickup this afternoon, so we were thinking of coming over your side of town, meeting up and maybe going to a movie?"

"Great idea. We want to see you again for sure. Do you know where our mall is?"

"Not exactly, but I'm sure we can find it."

"Yeah, as long as the GPS is working. I wouldn't trust Adam to guide me there," Troy said, producing more laughter from them.

"Tell me about it," said Chris, "Paul got us lost when we came over to yours."

"Did not, you liar."

"You did."

"Hey guys can you sort that out when it's not on my dollar!"

They laughed. "Fair point. There's only one movie theater anyway, so how about we meet outside it?" Paul said.

"Seems logical. What time?"

"How about two? I think the afternoon shows usually start around half past. There's four screens, so we should be able to find something to see. If not we can always talk."

With that agreed Troy and I had a couple of hours to kill before we set off. We decided to read the next chapter of the zombie story so we were as up to date as possible as I was sure we were going to talk about it when we met them. Just had to hope the author didn't release the next chapter in the next couple of hours so they might have read it before us. After that we had a session on the x-box on which my skills were definitely improving with practice, although Troy could still almost always beat me. Then we had a debate about what to wear before deciding they were unlikely to be in shorts, so we changed into skinnies, sweatshirts and hoodies. Finally we persuaded mom to make us a couple of sandwiches – ham and Swiss on rye, with some pickles on the side and we were fit to go.

Thus far I'd only been driven by Troy to and from school. I can't say I was nervous about him driving somewhere else and we had anyway been planning on going out for a drive that afternoon. Whatever, he gave me no cause for concern on the journey, which was as I'd expected – Troy was one of those people who seemed to have a natural ability at almost anything he tried.

We managed to find 'their' mall without any problems and after finding a place in the parking lot discovered that it was only about twenty to two. Rather than sit in the car we decided to get out, go in the mall, locate the cinema and after doing that, maybe have a little stroll around if there was still time to spare. Finding the cinema proved easy and as for the mall, well it was pretty much the same as ours. The layout was quite different, but the major stores were the same, although a lot of the smaller ones were different.

We got back to the cinema about five minutes before two and a couple of minutes before the hour we spotted them coming towards us. They weren't hard to spot as both were wearing the same t-shirts as when we first met, although both of them were wearing much baggier jeans than then. All four of us were grinning as we met and high-fived each other.

"What's with the same t-shirts," I asked. "Don't tell me you don't have any others? And I'm not sure it was a good idea to wear that zombie one again"

Paul laughed. "No, we've got others, but we talked about it and thought you might not be able to remember what we looked like in the crowd if we weren't wearing these."

I waved my hand around the mall, which was reasonably busy but with not another emo in sight. "Duh! Thanks. I don't think we'd have been able to pick out you two emos from all the others here."

"Nah, we are a fairly scarce species. Might even be on the endangered list. But we thought it would give you a laugh. Promise we'll wear something different next time we get together. Anyway, why isn't it a good idea to wear the zombie one today? I thought you two were getting into them?"

Chris had laughed before he went on to ask the question about the t-shirt, but I wondered if there was more to his 'endangered' comment than it seemed, although it was good to hear him talking about a next time.

"It's just that Troy had a nightmare last night and he was being chased by a friggin' zombie!"

"No way!" Paul exclaimed and started to laugh, with Chris quickly joining him.

"Wasn't funny at the time." Troy said.

"Definitely not – especially when he's clinging onto me and calling me Richie!"

That raised the laughter level further.

"Which bit was he clinging on to, Adam?" Paul managed to ask between laughs.

"TMI! But it did give us the excuse for a kiss and cuddle in the middle of the night."

"Have to say it's a good story. Have you two read it all now?"

"We've read up to chapter 4 which I think is all there is."

"Yeah, it looks like he's posting a chapter every other day."

"Until tomorrow then."

"Yep. As for today, we checked out what's showing on line and there a sci-fi film that looks like it might be good according to the reviews, which starts in about twenty minutes," Paul said, adding, "If we go and see that perhaps we'll have time or something to eat before you head back? Always providing Troy can stand a sci-fi film?"

"If I can stand eating Adam's muffins, I can easily stand watching a sci-fi film!"

I punched Troy on the arm. "Sounds good to us. Take no notice of him, he has a thing about my muffins – especially the cherry ones!"

That produced more laughs from them and sorta confirmed that we were on the same wavelength when it came to humor.

We walked over to get in the line. Chris and Paul were standing in front of us as these three guys came out. I say 'guys' but I guessed they were probably seniors. They walked past us, looking at the four of us while laughing and talking to each other. A second or two after they'd passed I felt a hand on my shoulder and half looking round I could see another hand on Troy's shoulder next to me.

"Got yourselves a couple of little emo toy boys to sit on your laps and play with in the dark I see, said the voice of the owner of the hands.

Troy whipped round and looked the guy in the face.

"Fuck off! They're our friends and if you say anything else about them, I'll cut your dick off so your friends won't be able to suck it anymore!"

I couldn't recall ever seeing Troy angry before, but he was definitely impressive.

"Oh, okay. I was gonna ask if we could have them after, but looks like you want them to yourselves."

Having said that, he turned and walked back laughing to his friends.

"Looks like they are all fags." I heard him say.

"Do you know them?" Troy asked.

"I think so. Reckon they're seniors from the football team," Paul answered. "We don't move in their circles, but I think I recognise them." Chris nodded in agreement.

"I can see why you guys need a GSA at your school." I said.

"Yeah, that's one of the things we want to talk to you about," Paul replied.

I just hoped that Troy's outburst wasn't going to cause any trouble at school for our new friends.

We bought our tickets and then stocked up on sodas and popcorn before taking our seats. Chris and Paul sat next to each other with me next to Paul and Troy on my other side. As soon as the lights dimmed Troy and I move as close to each other as we could and I noticed Paul move to do the same with Chris. Troy and I joined hands, although it wasn't long before our hands separated and started to wander over each other's denim clad legs with the inevitable results. I was though still paying attention to the film, which it seemed, thus far, could be quite good.

After about twenty minutes I heard a noise of some sort coming from my left. It was dark so I couldn't see much, but it looked as if Chris had sunk down lower in his seat. A couple of minutes later I saw out of the corner of my eye, Paul do the same. I guessed they were just getting more comfortable in their seats. Then I heard Paul give a quiet giggle and on looking across I could see another hand in his lap. That didn't surprise me because Troy and I had been doing the same. What did surprise me though was to see Paul's right hand pull down his zip and the 'extra' hand go inside his jeans! I'd been fairly hard with what Troy had been doing to me, but I really went rigid now. Troy had noticed my reaction and I guess thought it was down to what he was doing. I decided I'd just have to let him think that for now because he'd not be able to see anything from where he was sitting.

My attention though was now drawn to this hand that I could no longer really see properly. What was happening on screen was much less interesting! It was like I was getting a little show all to myself. Suddenly Paul turned his head my way and caught me looking. I felt myself blush and turned my head back to the screen.

Paul leaned his head my way and whispered, "Don't mind you looking, Adam, but you won't see much. We keep things under cover, even though it's dark."

I have to admit there was a strange fascination in being a voyeur and watching someone being brought off. It went on very quietly for some minutes until I could see Paul go rigid and I knew he'd come. A little while after the third hand was removed and some time later Paul changed his position in his seat and I concluded that he was now pleasuring Chris. After that I was able to concentrate on the film again!

It was a good film and I was glad we'd seen it. As we were walking out, Paul moved to walk alongside me leaving Chris and Troy a couple of steps behind.

"Hope you weren't offended with what we did?" Paul asked.

I chuckled before answering. "No, it was like getting a bonus show I guess."

"You two sleep together, don't you?" I nodded. "We can only get together at weekends for sleepovers, so we try and make a point of going to the movies once a week. We soon found out it was too difficult and too risky because of all the movement that's involved to do it when wearing skinnies, so now we always come in old looser jeans."

"Paul, I understand. I know Troy and I are very lucky that his parents let us sleep together all the time, not that we do anything every day, but we can when the mood takes us. Plus we always have what we call our 'sleepover night' on Saturday when we can really enjoy ourselves."

"Yeah, sleepovers are definitely best. This can get rather uncomfortable until we can get to the rest room – which is where we're heading now."

In fact we all headed there but they went into two of the stalls. I didn't like to ask what they did, but I guessed they either brought another set of underwear to change into or just took the now crusty one off and went commando. While they were doing whatever it was they needed to do, Troy and I waited outside which gave me a chance to fill him in on their activities. I could tell by his reaction that he found the idea interesting – my lover definitely had a slightly kinky side to him and something like this would appeal to that side of his nature.

"Mmmm......do you think we should try that sometime?"

I laughed. "I just knew it would appeal to you."

"Yeah – and you've even got some of our old loose fitting jeans in your room still."

"I knew there was a reason why I kept those."

"Right, we'll make a date once the semester is over. Should be fun."

Further discussion of that subject ceased as Chris and Paul emerged.

"That feels better." Paul said.

"And a lot freer." Chris added with a grin.

"Ah, hoping your belts don't give way are you?" Troy asked.

They both laughed.

"What do you fancy eating?" Paul asked.

"What is there?"

"Most things," he responded. "Burgers, Chinese, Italian, Mexican."

"How about Italian?" I suggested, before thinking that might be expensive, and adding, "Provided it's reasonably priced and fairly quick."

"Nah, we've eaten there a couple of times. It's not cheap, but nor is it expensive."

So that was where we went. We had only a short wait before our server showed us to our table. He proved to be someone they knew from school which helped things along and ensured we had good service., which also got him a good tip when we paid the check. I had a lasagne, Chris had cannelloni while Paul and Troy settled for pizzas. My lasagne was good, but mom's definitely edged it.

Conversation flowed easily between us. I'd always been a loner and never had any real friends – certainly not at school. It turned out that both of them had been in a similar situation until they'd found at each at the start of the semester. However, it seemed like we'd known each other for years rather than it being just the second time we'd met. We all agreed that we wanted to see each other again and it was suggested that we try and meet every Sunday. Of course that would depend on Chris or Troy being able to borrow a car until they got one of their own. In Troy's case that should be fairly soon, but Chris was less optimistic about his chances as his mom had recently lost her job, so money was tight.

It was disappointing when we had to depart for home, but we could keep in touch during the week and, hopefully, see each other again next weekend.

"I've really enjoyed this afternoon, Troy, thanks for driving." I said on the way home.

"So've I. Shame they aren't at our school or we could see more of them."

"Yeah, but hopefully we can see them next weekend."

"Movies again?" Troy asked.

"Good thinking. Loose jeans though." I said placing my hand on his thigh.

"Hey, don't distract the driver, Adam!"

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