by Ivor Slipper

Chapter 31

My appointment with the surgeon had been for 10am. He'd been on time and it hadn't taken long for him to check me over and have our discussion, so as we were leaving the hospital I asked mom if she had time to take me to the park, have a coffee and go for a walk. She said she had nothing to do that wouldn't wait for an hour or so and that was where we headed.

While we were drinking our coffee I asked her if she had any ideas what I could get for Madison's 'Secret Santa' present. She thought about it for a couple of minutes before asking how much I wanted to spend. I told her what the limit was and she thought some more before speaking again.

"With that limit you are quite restricted and you don't want to get anything too personal anyway. She has got long hair so you could get her some scrunchies – a pack of multi color ones wouldn't cost very much – and perhaps some soap or shower gel to go with them."

"Those are good ideas, mom, thanks. I've never bought a present for a girl before so I couldn't get beyond chocolates in my thinking."

"It's not very inspiring, but it would be better than chocolates I think."

With that decided we finished our coffees and went for our walk. I was rather lost in thought when I heard mom say something.

"Sorry, mom - what was that you said?"

She chuckled. "I said you seem to be miles away wrestling with some problem. Is anything serious worrying you? You know you can always talk to either of us about any worries you have."

It was my turn to laugh. "It definitely isn't anything serious, mom. I'm still trying to come up with a way to get back at Troy for not saying anything about my muffins!"

"Ah....that was a little naughty of him, but he was just taking what you said literally."

"I know – and that's part of the problem. I'd like some revenge but not anything serious. Just sort of even the score somehow."

Then the germ of an idea started to form in my mind.

"Is there any food that Troy really doesn't like. I don't mean something he's allergic to, just something he doesn't want to eat."

She grabbed my arm and started to laugh. "I think I see where you are going, Adam. He isn't allergic to anything but there is one thing he always says he can't abide having in his mouth. Oh yes, that would be evil – but so good."

"What's that?"

"He says he can't stand the taste of coconut and hates having those little coconut flakes in his mouth."

"Can you make coconut muffins?"

"Indeed you can, Adam. I've got a recipe for them at home. I can just see him going to grab one, suddenly seeing the topping and how his face would then have such a look of disappointment."

"That's what I want. But I'd also want to make some other ones that he could then eat once I've got my revenge."

"Actually, Adam we could do better than that. I have a recipe for cherry and coconut muffins. I've made those before leaving out the coconut and Troy loved them, so if you made the bulk of them to the actual recipe and then a few with just the cherries....."

I was laughing out loud now. This was just what I wanted, but then a thought struck me.

"Where are we going to get any cherries? They're out of season."

"Not a problem, Adam, The recipe says you can use glacé cherries so we can stop at the store on the way home and buy some."

We both stopped walking.

"What are we waiting for?" I asked, offering mom a high five which she accepted.

We turned round and headed back to where the car was parked. As we did she tucked her arm into mine. That felt really good - after all these years I found a mom I loved and who loved me and I felt proud that she wanted to link her arms with mine.

When we got back to the house mom said she had some jobs that she needed to do and that we'd have our muffin making session early afternoon. So I went upstairs and did some studying. I must admit though I did spend a little time looking at a few gay internet sites - not porn sites I hasten to add, but story sites. I'd got rather bored being at home last week and had surfed around on the Internet and come across a couple that seemed to have interesting stories. Indeed one of them specialised in stories of gay teen love and I could almost see myself and Troy in a couple of the tales I'd read there! As yet I hadn't told Troy about visiting these sites; I knew I should and there was nothing wrong with me reading there, but somehow it felt wrong to be reading about others doing similar things to us. In the end I decided that perhaps my problem was due to the fact that neither of us were doing anything sexual at present, but I'd managed to find myself a substitute. Once we could resume normal service I expected either my need to read these tales would vanish, or perhaps Troy and I could read them together. That made me think. If we did we could maybe even go in for some role play.......

I was getting pretty hard at that idea and it was probably a good thing that mom called me down and we had some lunch. Once that was cleared away it was time for my baking session. It seemed to go well and the muffins sure smelled good as they were cooking. As planned we'd made a dozen in total of which just three were cherry only, which we put into a separate container.

Troy had a swimming session after school so we went to pick him up an hour later than we would have done otherwise. I suspected because of the lateness in getting home combined with the calories he'd expended swimming, he was going to be hungry. After getting out of the car we went into the kitchen. Troy and I headed to the fridge and he poured himself a glass of milk while I had some orange juice.

"I'm hungry mom. Have we got anything else to eat apart from cookies?" he asked.

"You're in luck Troy, Adam made some more muffins this afternoon. Would you like one?" Because he'd gone to sit down at the table, Mom managed to give me a wink, unseen by Troy, as she spoke.

"Ooh! Adam's turning into quite a little cook since he's been at home. Yeah, I'll give one a try – as long as he has one too. I don't wanna be poisoned!"

"Troy! How can you say such a thing! Adam makes excellent muffins."

Mom went to the cupboard and took out the container with the cherry and coconut muffins, took out half a dozen, put them on a plate and then stood the plate on the table between us. I reached out, selected one and took a bite of it.

"Satisfied, Troy?" I asked.

"Guess so," he replied and stretched out his hand to pick one off the plate. Just before he touched one he saw the topping, "Is this coconut?"

"Yep. Is that a problem?"

"You should've checked with mom. She knows I don't like coconut and these have got cherries inside which I love!"

"I did check with mom."

Troy stopped and I could almost sense his brain digesting that. I was trying hard to keep a straight face as was his mom.

"You rat, Adam! You deliberately made muffins I wouldn't like and you," looking at his mom, "told him what to make. A pair of rats!"

Mom and I both started laughing.

"Adam wanted to get back at you for Friday evening and you lack of support for his muffins, so we came up with this little plan."

"I guess I did deserve something, but a whole plateful of muffins I can't eat?"

"Adam's not that unkind," his mom said going to the cupboard and returning with the other container. "Here's some that are just cherry."

Troy grinned. "Come round here and sit on my lap Adam."

I had no idea what he was up to as he moved his chair slightly away from the table to make sufficient room, but I got up, walked round the table and duly sat on his lap with one arm round his shoulder. Troy lent forward, picked up one of the cherry and coconut muffins, held it to my mouth so I could take a bite and when I'd done so, moved it to his own mouth to take another bite.

"Friggin' delicious, Adam!" he exclaimed.

"That's gonna cost you in the swear box."

"Yeah, but it was worth it! Now let's try one of the decent ones."

He reached over and picked up a cherry only muffin, this time taking the first bite himself before offering it to me.

"Eugh...this one is horrible. Throw the rest of these away, mom." I exclaimed.

"Don't you dare!" said Troy.

His mom just stood there shaking her head and laughing at the pair of us.

"I just wish I'd had my camera running for that little performance," she said.

I must confess I felt a bit strange getting up on Tuesday morning and getting dressed to go to school. For the last week I'd been dressing for comfort, but this morning I actually found myself looking through the wardrobe to choose what I was going to wear in order to look good. The pre-Troy Adam never did that, mainly because I didn't then have the clothes to choose from, but also because it wasn't of any importance to me how I appeared. Now though I wanted to look good, partly for my own self esteem and partly so I didn't let Troy down. Mind you, the latter was a stupid thought as Troy was the one who had seen the me that was inside the clothes.

In the end I went with black skinnies, black converse, white t-shirt, light grey sweatshirt and a grey hoodie. When I looked at myself in the mirror I generously gave myself a seven out of ten! Naturally, Troy never scored less than a nine out of ten in my book.

When we got out of the car and started walking into school it was immediately evident how much my status there had changed. At the film show on Friday I'd been asked by many of the kids there how I was getting on after my operation, but they were members of the GSA and thus knew me. Now though I was stopped by several kids who I vaguely recognised but didn't really know who asked how I was doing. Have to say it was good for my ego.

Troy didn't join us for lunch on Wednesday. That brought a lot of questions my way which I tried to fend off as best as I could. I knew he had gone for his driving test, but he didn't want anyone else to know in case he failed. I couldn't see that happening. Admittedly I'd not been with him in the car when he'd been taking lessons, but Troy was just one of those people who seemed to have a natural ability for almost anything. As it happened we didn't have any classes together that afternoon so I thought I'd have to wait until after school to find out how he'd fared, but when I went back to my locker to get some books for the final class of the day, there was a large note stuck to it saying 'YES!'. I was really happy for him as I knew he'd had it in the back of his mind he'd fail and that would have been a real downer for him. Instead life was going to change.

The rest of the week at school passed fairly normally, apart from the fact that Troy now drove the pickup to and from school. Mom came with us in the morning as she often needed to use it during the day, so she was still waiting for us after school, but Troy drove home. When Troy got his own car that would change. From what I understood Gran was going to have the money available for him shortly after Christmas, so the next semester would see us mobile.

I wasn't allowed to do any real training for my track hopes, but coach did suggest that I did as much walking as I could until I felt able to start running again. It seemed likely though that running and any real exercises would have to wait until after the Christmas vacation.

On Friday evening Troy and Mr C decided to watch a football game. I sat with them for a while, but soon started to get bored. Mom had gone to visit Gran so wasn't there to do puzzles with me. In the end I decided to go upstairs. I stripped down to my boxers to wait for Troy to arrive and went to one of the story sites I'd been visiting on the internet. I got quite a surprise when I did and just had to text Paul.

Hi Paul. How u doing?

Hi Adam. OK. U?

Fine, U alone?

No. Sleepover with Chris :-)


Yeah :-) :-)

You read Zombie stories?

Are there any others :-) Why?

Gonna call u.

So I dialled him and we went though the usual things to start the conversation before he asked,

"So what's this about zombie stories, Adam?"

"I've been reading some stories on Internet sites while I've been off school......"

"Oh yeah, I bet!" he replied laughing.

"Yeah, maybe one or two of those, but I've just come across one I think you'd like."

"Sounds good – zombie porn!"

It was my turn to laugh. "It's not porn, although you might expect that at a site called 'Gay Authors'. This seems to be about some kids of around our age trying to survive in a post apocalyptic world infested with zombies."

"That does sound good. What's the story called? We'll go check it out."

"It's called 'Z is for Zombie' and is by someone called Geron Kees."

"Great. Thanks, Adam. We'll let you know what we think."

"Okay Paul. Bye!"

"Bye to you. Give Troy a kiss!"

"I will – but not from you!"


He ended the call and that gave Troy, who had come into the room part way through the conversation, the opportunity to ask me what it was all about. That entailed a quite lengthy explanation because it had to include my admission I'd been visiting certain sites during the past week. Troy didn't seem bothered about that which was good news. He did suggest though that as I appeared to like this story so much we should get ready for bed and read it together. That sounded a good idea so we went and had a quick shower and then hooked up my computer to play though the large screen monitor we had. We could then snuggle together in bed. I'd only read the first chapter but I didn't mind reading it again with Troy, after which we were on to the second chapter. Part way through that my cell chirped to indicate a text message. I opened it and smiled.

Adam, this is GR8! Thanks for the tip.

NP. Even Troy's reading it!


I see you and Chris as Richie & Jeremy btw

Hmm – not sure who you two are then.

LOL. Don't go there! Shame only 4 chapters.

Yeah. Hope for more tomorrow. Bye!


Troy and I somehow managed to stop reading at the end of Chapter 2, deciding we'd save the rest to read over the weekend. I wasn't sure exactly when as he was talking about borrowing the pickup on Sunday and going for a drive to celebrate his new found freedom. I had to agree – being mobile did open up all sorts of possibilities.

Before Sunday though, as always, we had Saturday. This one was a bit different to previous ones however in that Troy had the use of the pickup and was driving us to the mall and then dropping me off at the store. We didn't leave home that early as we were a bit late getting up and after we'd had breakfast and were getting ready to go, Troy insisted that we should read another chapter of the zombie story. I think that was because I'd had a text from Paul to say they'd read all four chapters before settling down for the night and he didn't want us to be too far behind. We managed not to spend much money, apart from buying presents. I found a set of three different colored scrunchies and some bath stuff that I reckoned would do for Madison so all I had left was to find something for Troy. We both decided to leave buying clothes until after Christmas as we'd probably be able to get things cheaper then.

My shift at the store passed surprisingly quickly as it was busy. I guess it was the pre Christmas rush and my checkout was never idle. One good thing though was that on my break I took a look at what x-box games were in stock and found one that looked good and I knew Troy didn't have in his collection. It was on 'special' and with my staff discount fell within the limit we'd agreed. I also considered I could smuggle it home without him realising what it was in the brown bag I'd be carrying.

It was also great to find him waiting for me when our shift ended. He was stood by the hood, despite it being fairly chilly, and although there were quite a few people around, it was impossible not to have a hug and a kiss before the drive home. Mom had cooked one of her lasagne which went down very well with some salad. We all moved into the family room afterwards and watched TV for a while before Troy and I made our excuses and headed upstairs.

"Are you gonna try tonight?" Troy asked as soon as he closed the bedroom door behind us.

"Try and stop me!"

He laughed. "Yeah, but if it starts hurting you hafta tell me and we'll stop. Promise?"

I sighed, but it made sense. "Promise."

"So how we gonna do this?"

Now it was my turn to laugh. "I think we've both been saving it for so long it isn't gonna take much for us to come."

A big grin spread across Troy's face. "Reckon if you stroked my dick now I'd cream my boxers."

I stretched my hand towards him. He knocked it away, grinning again as he did.

"I think we both strip down and head for the shower," was Troy's response and that was what we did. I'd changed out of my skinnies to a pair of shorts when I got home, and he was also wearing shorts, so neither of us took any time to get there. Honestly we did try to prolong the pleasure, starting off kissing and then stroking each other's back and chest, but it wasn't more than a couple of minutes before our hands were below navel level and then grasping the objects of their desire. It wasn't even a couple of minutes after that before we were both pumping forth our seed.

"Any problems?" Troy asked when we'd come down from our high.

"Nope. I'll be ready for round two soon."

"In that case, I think we should use Annie."

I looked puzzled briefly before I realized what he meant.

"You mean Dickie's friend?"

"Yep, Annie the ennie."

"But you're not intending......?"

"No, just some finger exercises we can both play if you like?"

I liked the sound of that rather a lot as my dick showed visible proof. Mind you, Troy's was doing the same. So we cleaned ourselves out before drying off and heading for the bed. Troy had me kneel on the bed so he could rim me and get me well moist before he started using his fingers. He got two in without causing me any discomfort while making me feel good – especially when he started using his other hand to stroke my dick. It wasn't long before I came for the second time, after which it was time for me to return the favor. He knelt on the bed presenting me with his butt. I couldn't resist temptation, but I did have an excuse ready as I gave it a slap.

"Hey – what was that for?" Troy asked, almost managing to sound a little aggrieved.

"You never paid for that swear word you used in the kitchen yesterday."

"Shit! I thought you'd forgotten that one - oh damn, I've just sworn again!"

He was giggling as he said that.

"Indeed – and not just once." I gave him two more little tinglers and when I reached round to touch his dick he was getting hard.

"I love what we can do together, Adam."

"So do I – and soon it will be more."

I now pleasured him and by the time I'd finished we both felt well sated so decided to simply get into bed and cuddle. My last thought as I dropped off to sleep was that it would be a great way to start Sunday with our favorite number.

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