by Ivor Slipper

Chapter 30

It was quite late by the time we arrived back home from the film show at Nate's. We did though sit in the kitchen with a drink for a short time while we told Mr C about the events of the evening. After that it was definitely time for bed and as we'd had a shower earlier before going out, we decided we didn't need another – no point in cutting down on our cuddling time when we didn't have to!

Thus we soon undressed and climbed into bed. We both gravitated to the middle of the bed and spent a few minutes kissing before Troy decided to roll over and back into me. I loved being able to put my arm across his chest and pull him tight while positioning my dick between his legs. Actually, I could never decide if I preferred cuddling him to having him cuddle me. The thing with him doing that was now my sixteenth birthday was drawing ever closer I was finding it harder and harder to keep our promise to his mom. I had a growing urge – as well as a growing dick whenever I thought about it – to know what having him inside me would really feel like.

But it was little more than a month now until January 10th and surely having waited this long I could wait that little bit longer? Plus which, although I had made love to Troy during the night we'd spent together in the old house, that had been the only time. I wanted to do that again just as much as I wanted him to make love to me. That one night had been great with Troy offering himself to me, and I knew there could never be a first time for me to make love to him again. But I wanted to do it in our own bed rather than on the floor of that old place – especially after what had happened to us there a few months later.

So for now I just had to content myself with marking off the days on this little program I'd written on my laptop. Each day had a picture of Troy and the one for my birthday was of him in just a pair of pale grey CK boxer briefs. I really wanted him to be wearing those that day so I could take my time removing them!

I'd been surprised at how apparently normal Troy had been since Diamond had burst into the classroom looking for me first and him second. However, there'd been no nightmares – at least as yet – and he appeared to be sleeping well. That night he once again dropped of to sleep quite quickly while I couldn't get my mind to stop working.

One of the thoughts I had going around my head was how I could get back at him for his reason for not saying I'd baked the muffins when people had said they tasted good. I'd heard of people baking cannabis muffins, but I had no idea where I could get any. I also wasn't sure it would be a good idea, although it might be fun if we both ate some. The other thought I had was to include some laxative solution in the mix, but not only did that seem rather cruel, I also couldn't be sure what quantity to use without perhaps causing real problems. Perhaps I'd just have to settle for not letting him eat any of my next batch until I'd extracted a grovelling apology from him!

Troy moved in his sleep and his legs took a tighter grip of my dick. It wasn't uncomfortable, more enjoyable, and if I wasn't banned from masturbation I might have tried to take advantage of the feeling I was experiencing. I was due to see the surgeon again on Monday and hopefully, he would give me the all clear to start again. If so, on Monday evening we'd be able to celebrate.

I chuckled to myself at the thought. Before Troy and I came together of course I'd jacked off – what teenage boy doesn't? However, I'd always had to be very careful to ensure that I didn't let any of my semen stain my sheets as that would have earned me a whipping – as I'd found out on the first occasion it had happened. Masturbation was considered by my ma to be one of the tools of the devil and therefore the wish to do it needed to be beaten out of me. So, after a couple of whippings I not only started to take great care not to do it in bed, but I probably also did it a lot less than other kids. For sure a lot less than what Troy had told me he did before we got together. Back then I'd probably jerked off about once a week, but since being with Troy – and certainly since we'd been allowed to sleep together - while it may not have been once a day, it may well have amounted to the equivalent over a week. It had now been over a week since I'd last come and I was starting to wonder if I might soon be suffering from blue balls!

We were up reasonably early on Saturday morning – at least it wasn't quite nine o'clock when we got out of bed and headed for the shower. We could have stayed there and cuddled, but we both wanted to go to the mall and do some Christmas shopping as that was also rushing rapidly towards us.

I'd had some problems in trying to decide what to buy for my new family. I'd noticed that Mr C liked to have the occasional whisky in the evenings, so I'd asked Gran if she would get a bottle of a malt for me to give him. Mom was slightly easier as I loved the smell of her perfume when she hugged me and decided to get her a bottle of that. I'd had to be slightly devious to find out what it was but I'd persuaded Hannah to ask her on the pretext that she was trying to find one to give to her mom. I'd sort of decided that Gran was going to get some chocolates, but then added a scarf to my list. I was just intending to send a gift voucher to Tom so he could buy something he wanted.

For the group at school Madison had come up with the idea of doing a 'Secret Santa' between the eight of us who had lunch together. We'd written each of our names on a slip of paper and then we'd all drawn one. It sounded simple, but we hadn't allowed for the likelihood that one of us would draw our own name. It took abut six attempts and caused considerable hilarity at the table before we all managed to pick a name that wasn't our own. There was a limit of $20 on what could be spent, which was pretty low but we knew Carlos didn't have much of an allowance so we didn't want to cause problems for him. We also agreed we'd wrap the present properly but to disguise them better I was going to provide everyone with a brown bag from the store where I worked. Hannah had come up with a bright idea to give each of us a part sheet of adhesive labels with each of the eight names computer printed on a separate label. That would avoid written labels and thus cut out the chance of anyone telling from the writing who had bought it. Clever eh? We'd have the presents on the last day of the semester and hopefully by mixing up all the brown bags before any were opened, nobody would know who had bought their present. I'd drawn Madison, but I really had no idea what to get for her.

That only left Troy. We'd had a couple of conversations and eventually decided that we'd only buy something small for each other. He was trying to save as much money as he could towards his car and I didn't really need anything, plus which my birthday was early in January and I knew he was intending to buy me something for that. So we agreed that was the best thing to do and we could always give each some sort of surprise treat.

Mom drove us down to the mall and arranged to pick us up later and drop me off at the store. I was determined to do my shift today, but had spoken to the store manager and agreed that I'd spend my time on the checkout because I wasn't allowed to lift anything due to my operation, so shelf replenishment or working in the storeroom wasn't feasible. I think he was glad to have me as he said he would be short of a couple of girls who were going to a wedding that day.

Troy and I agreed to split up and meet after an hour. I had a sneaky feeling he was going to buy something for me despite our agreement and I knew I'd be very embarrassed if he did and I only had something small for him. It was a problem I'd have to try and find a solution to. That worry apart I had a successful trip and managed to get all the presents I intended – except for Madison. I decided that I'd have to seek help from mom on what to buy for her, never before having bought a present for a girl.

We'd agreed to meet at the food court and when I got there, at the agreed time, Troy was nowhere to be seen. He finally strolled up about five minutes late, but at least he apologized. We then decided that we'd have something to eat there, rather than going somewhere else, so we both got a soda, a sandwich, and I decided to have a muffin in order to compare it with my own. Troy opted for a Danish pastry. Once we'd been served and paid our bill we had to find somewhere to sit. The place wasn't that full and there were some empty tables. I expected Troy to head for one of those, but instead he nudged my arm to get my attention and then pointed with his head to a table that was already occupied. Two kids were sitting there who appeared to be about the same age as us. However, I didn't recognise either or them and they were both rather distinctive, being emos.

There was a small group of emos at our school, but in general they tended to keep very much to themselves and not interact with others, although having said that a couple had joined the GSA. But this pair weren't those two and I was sure if these two did attend our school I'd have known them because they'd almost certainly be in our year.

"Shall we join them?" Troy asked.


"Not seen them before and I don't like unsolved mysteries. Plus which I wanna test out my gaydar," he said with a chuckle.

I looked at him. "Didn't know you had that."

"How'd you think I found you without it?"

I had occasionally wondered about that. While Mr Edgars may have suggested to Troy that he should approach me to work with him on that project, it had been Troy who had almost immediately used that initial getting together in class and turned it into something that had developed far bigger and so much more meaningful.

As we drew closer I could see these two were seriously emo. Both had the long straight black hair down the sides of their faces and over their foreheads right down to eye level, so it sort of framed their faces, plus they were wearing enough bands on their wrists to stock a shop. Troy walked up to their table with me a step behind and asked if we could join them. The taller one of the pair said 'Yes' and we pulled out a couple of chairs and sat down opposite them.

"Hi," said Troy, "This is Adam," indicating me, "And I'm Troy. Haven't seen you two around here before and I'm sure I'd have remembered you if I had."

The one who'd said 'yes' grinned, and answered.

"I'm Chris and this is Paul. I guess we might just stand out in a crowd."

He laughed as he said that and I immediately sensed he was the more outgoing of the pair. He was also right about them standing out in a crowd.

He was wearing a short sleeved mid blue t-shirt that had a design featuring dinosaurs in green and red, blue skinnies with a white belt and silver grey boots. The boots came up to his shins and were undone at the top with the skinnies tucked inside them. Paul was wearing a navy blue t-shirt with sleeves that came down to his elbows. There were pale blue stripes running across the front of it with the word ZOMBIES printed across the chest and beneath some multi-colored depictions of said zombies. Below the t-shirt his clothing was almost normal, being pale grey skinnies with a white belt and black converse.

"Yeah, that you do. Are you here looking for zombies?" I asked, looking at Paul as I spoke.

"Nah, not really. We came here to get away from them!"

That produced a little laugh all round.

"So where do you come from? We need to know so we can keep away from zombie territory."

It was Chris who replied. "We go to Oxbow Lakes High."

"That explains why we haven't seen you before. We go to Fairmount Valley."

Oxbow Lakes was on the other side of the city. They had their own mall and everything else over there so there was no need for people living in that area to come here, in the same way as we never thought of going over there.

"So what brings you here today – other than the lack of zombies?" Troy asked.

"Chris passed his driving test the other day, so he got to borrow his mom's car for the morning and we just decided to try somewhere different."

"That's cool. I'm taking my test next week."

"Cool. If you pass you can come over to us."

"But what about your zombies?"

"We'll protect you, won't we Chris?"

"Yeah, there's this spell we can cast. Hey, wait a minute – you had that gunman running around there the other day. That must have been scarier than zombies."

"It was for Troy. Luckily I wasn't at school that day."

"Yeah, Adam was at home recuperating from an operation."

"Nothing serious I hope?" Paul asked.

"Not really. We went bowling and he got a pin stuck up his ass."

I punched Troy on the arm. "One of these days Troy, I really will........"

Troy giggled. "Wait until you're sixteen Adam!"

I saw them exchanging glances.

"Hang on! We're being very slow," said Chris. "Troy, Adam, Fairmount Valley. You must be the two we read about who set up the GSA there. And in that case, from what was inferred afterwards, it was you two the gunman was after! Friggin' hell! So what exactly happened?"

We had little choice but to tell them the whole story, or at least a large part of it seeing that we couldn't explain why Diamond had come to the school without first giving the background. They sat there and listened intently, commenting here and there and asking the odd question now and then for clarification on something.

By the time we'd finished we felt we'd made two new friends. They may have looked totally different to us, but I sensed we had a lot in common.

Time had flown while we were talking and I said to Troy that we ought to be going in order to meet his mom and so I could do my shift at the store.

"We'd like to see you two again," Chris said. "We don't have a GSA at Oxbow Lakes and we'd like to pick your brains on how we could go about setting one up."

"Be pleased to help, but Adam's the one with the brain – or at least he did before he had the operation."

"Troy, it was my appendix that was removed, not my brain. The appendix is a useless part of your body..........oh, good thing you weren't in to have a useless body part removed!"

"Hey, I reckon you two are about even now." Paul said laughing. "Your sixteenth birthday could be quite an occasion, Adam."

"It will be Paul – very much so!" I looked at Troy and puckered my lips as I finished, at the same time stretching out my right hand to hold his left. I noted the look that passed between Chris and Paul as I did and then Chris extended his hand to link with Paul,

"Let's get these guys numbers. I told you my gaydar was working!" Troy exclaimed.

"Shit, are we that obvious?" Paul asked.

"Only to those who have the ability to see." Troy replied.

"We knew you were because we saw you in the mall earlier holding hands, but we haven't got the nerve to do that in public."

"Well, we get the odd comment here but nobody has tried to make anything of it – to date!"

We exchanged numbers and as we stood up, Chris said,

"If I can borrow my mom's car again tomorrow, would you two fancy going bowling with us in the afternoon?"

"Great idea," I replied, "but I can't lift anything heavy yet after my op. I'm seeing the specialist on Monday and I hope he'll let me go back to school. I can ask him then about bowling and perhaps we can organise something for next weekend."

"Yeah, and don't forget you've got to ask him about something else." Troy added.

"Troy!" I exclaimed.

Troy burst out laughing and I could see both Chris and Paul trying hard not to.

They walked with us for a way until we headed for the exit where mom would be waiting to pick us up. I glanced back at them after we'd said our goodbyes and was pleased to see they were now holding hands. It did look as if perhaps we had made a couple of new friends with whom we shared a lot of common ground.

"Hey, we doing anything tomorrow afternoon?" I asked Troy.

"Only the usual I guess, why?"

"Just wondered about asking your mom if they could come over."

"You really are the one with the brains Adam! Great idea. I'm sure she won't object although my dad might freak a bit if they arrive looking like that!"

Troy asked his mom the question almost as soon as we'd got in the car and had started to buckle up our seat belts. Naturally she wanted too know who these new friends of ours were, how we'd met them etc. etc. The 'interrogation' was still underway when we arrived at the store. I said cheerio to both of them as I got out and rolled my eyes at Troy. I got an even larger eye roll and a mouthed 'whatever' accompanied by a shrug of his shoulders in return.

I found out when Mr C and Troy came to collect me when my shift finished that he had passed the interrogation and Chris and Paul would be welcomed. But when Troy had called Chris to confirm this it had been to have our plans defeated by finding out that he would be unable to borrow the car on Sunday. They did though agree on a date for the following Saturday evening to go bowling.

On Monday I had my appointment with the surgeon who'd operated on me. He checked me over and asked several questions as to how I was feeling and whether I'd had any pain or difficulties. I could honestly answer I hadn't and tell him that I was now feeling one hundred percent. I asked him if I could start back at school at which he looked a little surprised saying that wasn't normally one of the first questions he was asked by kids of about my age. I told him that while I wasn't a geek I was getting bored being at home. He said there was no reason I couldn't go back, but to go easy on the physical activities for the rest of this week at least. That led me to my next question about going tenpin bowling. He told me he considered it would be best if I left that for a couple more weeks due to the combination of lifting the bowls and bending to release them. So, that was going to put paid to our planned bowling evening with Chris and Paul until probably after Christmas. It occurred to me that might tie in with the one we were intending to hold for the GSA. If they came to that it would give them a chance to see one of the effects our GSA was having at school. On the other hand, just going with them was also a good plan, so maybe we could do both.

Finally I plucked up my nerve and asked him about masturbating. I was sure I must have blushed beet red as I did. There was a hit of a smile round his lips as he replied.

"Saving the most important question until last Adam? I would much prefer you to delay until the end of this week in order to give that area of your body the best chance of healing. If you really can't wait until then, there shouldn't be a problem. But, it really is a case of the longer the better and if you do feel any pain while doing so, then stop. As though you are young and fit, I don't envisage any problems."

So that was it. Troy was going to be disappointed when I gave him the news after he got home from school that afternoon, but I was going to suggest that we would make plans for one of our 'sleepovers' on the coming Saturday. I knew I could hardly wait for Saturday to arrive and was sure Troy felt the same. It was strange really – we had both been quite happy with just kissing and cuddling since my operation, but at the same time there did seem to be something we were losing out on. That extra special expression of our love for each other was out there waiting for us to pick it up again.

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