by Ivor Slipper

Chapter 29

It had been mid afternoon when we returned home from school. Troy had told us what had happened to him and the rest of Mr Edgars' class and after he had finished his account we'd all had a few questions for him. He did confirm that neither Hannah or Jerry had been physically hurt during the kidnapping. Jerry had been sitting with her towards the back of the class and thus hadn't been involved when Troy and a couple of other boys had jumped on Diamond. None of them had sustained more than bruises, so it could be said that the incident had a happy ending – apart of course from Mr Edgars being shot. But compared to what could have happened with a seemingly unhinged armed man in a classroom of kids, and bearing in mind what had happened in recent years at other schools, it really had ended well.

However, I was sure Troy would, from time to time, think about what could have happened to him if anyone in the class had identified him to Diamond. In the same way I could see me playing out in my mind a 'what if' scenario of how things might have turned out had I been there. I thought we'd both have to live with those thoughts and hopefully they'd soon fade being overtaken by all the good things that were happening in our lives.

That was a notion I came back to that night when we went to bed. We had showered together and while doing so I had offered to give Troy a bj. He'd declined saying he was determined to wait until I was cleared by the specialist to resume sexual activities. I was due to see him next Monday and was quietly confident that I would get the okay from him. For sure I'd had a bit of pain and discomfort, but it hadn't really bothered me that much and I was determined in the rest of the week to increase my walking. I really wanted to get back to school as soon as possible because while it was in some ways nice to be at home, I missed the company.

That really was a strange thought for me to have. I'd spent almost my entire school life being a loner. Keeping my head down, trying not to be noticed. I'd succeeded pretty well in that too. I'd managed to conceal the fact that I was clever, so I didn't get classed with the geeks. Also, while my clothes were cheap and definitely not designer items, I couldn't recall anyone ever picking on me because of them. I guess I'd been lucky as I knew it did happen to some kids, but I'd got away with just being me in my own little world.

We dried each other off after our shower. That was something I really enjoyed doing. I could never though decide if I enjoyed Troy drying me more than I enjoyed drying him. Both had been new and unexpected pleasures when I moved in. Of course showering with Troy was definitely more of a pleasure as our soapy hands roamed over each others wet body, stimulating our senses and arousing our passion. Our tongues would engage in their private duel while our dicks would harden and slide around. Sometimes we would be able to resist temptation, but more often than not we found it impossible not to give way and bring each other off.

Once dried we walked over to the bed. Troy had been fairly quiet all evening. Normally he was a somewhat exuberant person, full of life and anxious for the next new experience, but tonight he seemed to be in a reflective mood, which wasn't really surprising. Earlier we'd decided that mom shouldn't be asked to cook a meal after all she'd been through so we'd ordered in some pizzas. Mr C and I had raided the fridge and managed to put together some salad to go with them. We'd all eaten, but there had been some left over which was a very rare occurrence.

We climbed into bed. I had the left side and Troy and the right, but that simply marked where we started as we always gravitated to the middle. Virtually always we spooned but who cuddled who varied. For the last couple of days since my operation Troy had been cuddling me, but I felt sure that tonight I should be cuddling him. I thus turned on my left side and waited for him to reverse into me, but instead of doing that he surprised me.

"Adam, will you hug me, not spoon me. I want to be able to see your face."

"'Course I will. It'll be nice to see yours too."

We moved together and wrapped our arms around each other, pulling us tight. Because we were both the same height, give an inch or so, we always fitted together well. Troy was slim but more muscular than me because of all the sport he'd done. I'd never done any sport and had done as little PE as possible until recently, but I'd been lucky and stayed slim. I guessed the fairly basic diet on which I'd been brought up had contributed to that. These days I was definitely eating more and better food, but the physical work I was doing to try and get on the track team was keeping me from putting on any fat.

After we'd got comfortable our hands began to roam, lightly stroking each other without any intent to arouse. Inevitably we started to kiss, but again these weren't for that purpose. A couple of minutes later I felt Troy's body begin to shake and realized that he was crying.

"What is it Troy? You're safe now. It's all over."

"I know, but......" Troy gave out a few sobs before pulling himself together and continuing, "I was so worried this afternoon."

"So were we stood outside wondering what was happening. Not knowing anything for sure, not being able to do anything."

"Yeah, that must've been bad 'specially with mom there. When he came in I was just like everyone else, scared stiff but thinking it was just a madman who'd happened to chance on our classroom. When he asked where you were I got really scared, but also really glad you weren't there. That was the point I sorta guessed who he was and then it dawned on me he might also be after me, so once he asked if I was there I decided my number must be up. I was still glad though you weren't there 'cos you'd still be alive even if I was dead."

"Oh, Troy. Don't you know I wouldn't want to be alive if you were dead?"

By now we were both crying.

"Yeah, sort of. I guess you're the tong to my ting."

I couldn't help it, but started to laugh.


"Troy, I think you mean that I'm the yang to your ying."

"Well, I knew it was something like that."

"I'm gonna remember that one, my little ting." I moved my arm under the covers to give his butt a very gentle little slap.

"Mmm....ting got a tingle."

"There's more where that came from." I said and slapped him again. I wanted to change the mood from where we'd been a couple of minutes ago.

"I like it when you slap my butt, Adam. Is that kinky?"

"If I just slap it like this," and I slapped him again, "the answer's 'no', but if you asked me to really whip you it probably would be kinky, but the answer would also be 'no' 'cos I could never hurt you."

"I love you, Adam. Don't ever leave me, will you?"

"Nope – you've got me now. Hearts always beat Diamonds."

It took a minute before that registered.

"Fuck it, Adam. Where did that come from. It's friggin' brilliant."

"Yeah – and a swear word will get you another little tingle."

I slapped his butt again. He giggled and nestled closer to me.

"How many swear words do I know?" he whispered, almost under his breath.

"They don't need to be different; the same one counts each time."

"That's not fuckin' fair!" He giggled as he said it and I obliged with another little slap.

"Oh god, I do so love you Adam. I can't imagine lying here with anyone else doing stupid things like this."

"Nor me, ting."

He giggled again. "I'm gonna turn over now so I can spoon into you. I wanna feel your dick at my crack and you can play with mine, but don't make me cum."

He rolled over and we got into position. I wasn't quite sure if I should be hard at this point in my recovery, but I couldn't help being so. Gently playing with Troy's dick and sliding his foreskin back and forth didn't help either. As always he was soon producing some pre-cum, but I was careful not to get him too excited. I eased back on my stroking and just lightly held his dick, now warm and slippery, in my palm. He sighed and seemed to relax and in a few minutes I felt has breathing become more regular – he had gone to sleep.

I though wasn't ready for sleep. My mind was too busy going over, at first, the events of the day. I knew how lucky I'd been. Right now I could be lying on a mortuary slab rather than in this bed cuddled up with the boy I loved. It did look with Mike dead, Diamond locked up, and Kyle also locked up, that the troubles and problems we'd had were finally over. Yes, Jason was still around but I suspected the punch he'd landed on me had been a warning to let me know that if any rumors started circulating about him making his brother do things with him, he'd know where they came from. I definitely had no intention of saying anything about that to anyone. That left Troy's other two attackers Brian Ryan and Tyler Smith, but I was confident they had simply been followers of Mike and weren't going to start anything on their own.

Of course there was always my ma, but I couldn't see how she could screw up my new life. Soon I'd be sixteen and entitled to leave home anyway – not that I had any intention of ever going back there, or of having anything more to do with her. Her visit to the hospital when she'd slapped me had been the final straw.

I got to thinking about how much my life had changed in the last few months since Mr Edgars had placed Troy and me together. I so hoped he wasn't badly hurt. He was a great teacher and had really proved that today. I'd more or less decided that I wanted to become a teacher and hoped I might be half as good as him one day.

Things had started to change from that very first day as Troy had gently worked his magic on me. I suppose it had been a bit like the Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale about the ugly duckling, as over the last few months I'd been transformed into someone completely different. I now dressed differently, so externally I no longer looked like the old Adam to other people, but Troy had also changed me inside.

Before my life had consisted of school, chores, the store on a Saturday, church on Sunday and a bible class one evening a week. Of those only school and the store were now left. But I was a totally different person at school. I had friends and had become much more outgoing. I was co-president of the GSA would you believe! Of course before I'd never even have been allowed to join a GSA for fear I'd be corrupted by all the deviants. And I also was trying to get into the track team. Yes, Adam Jackson had come a long way in a short time.

But that was all due to the boy I was cuddled up against – Troy Connelly who had seen something in me that I never knew was there and managed to draw it out. Plus of course his marvellous parents who, as far as I as concerned, had done more for me in this short period than my own in fifteen years.

When I woke the next morning it was to find we had inevitably shifted positions during the night. I was on my back; Troy was half across me with one leg draped over mine and his left hand near my shoulder. As I stirred he moved and rolled onto his back exposing his morning wood lying on top of his short blond pubes which looked as if they'd soon be in need of a shave. The sight was irresistible to me and as we were no longer in contact I chanced moving my position so I could kiss the head that was jutting out of the foreskin. He gave out a small whimper come groan as I did so, but didn't stir. I then did what I shouldn't have done and took his dick into my mouth suckling it gently. Inevitably I was getting hard so I forced myself to stop. He opened his eyes and grinned at me.

"I wouldn't mind waking up like that every morning."

"Little devil! Were you awake all the time?"

"Only for the last five minutes. And is devil a swear word?"

"I was only doing it for a minute or two at most you little liar. And no, it isn't."

"Do you want to do the other three or four? Shame about devil though, I fancy giving your butt a little slap right now."

The odd thing was when he said that I rather fancied it too, so I turned to present my butt to him. This was definitely a new Adam. Even though Troy had slapped my butt on a couple of isolated occasions, for me to actually want it slapped was something new.

"Are you sure, Adam?"

"Yeah, do it. I wouldn't be offering if I wasn't willing."

Of course when it came it was just a tingle – as I knew it would be. I turned back round to grin at him so he'd know straight away that I had no problems.

"Seems we won't need to invest in a swear box, Troy, but I bet you'll be getting more tings than I will."

"You're damn right there! Oh, shit!" He giggled and I laughed out loud. Troy could be a real imp at times.

"Come on, get your butt outa bed. You've gotta go to school."

He got out but as he had to come round my side of the bed to get to the shower, I managed to deliver a couple of little slaps as he walked there in front of me. He tuned his head to glance over his shoulder at me with a grin on his face.

"See, I love the feel of your hands on my body. I'll suffer pain for the pleasure!"

"Troy, you're an idiot and I love you."

I rapidly moved to be able to wrap my arms around him from behind and snuggle into his neck. There was a temptation to give him a love bite, but I managed to resist. I was really impressed me was that he had slept well without any nightmare and this morning seemed more happy and cheerful than usual at this time of day. Perhaps it was just a bounce from yesterday's trauma and problems were still to come. I hoped they weren't, but if they did I'd be here for him.

I had thought he might not want to go straight back to school after the events of yesterday which was a question his mom asked when we went down for breakfast. Troy assured her he wanted to go because what had occurred was never going to happen again, so there was nothing to worry about.

I went with them in the car and on arrival it was evident that there was extra security outside the school entrance today. Troy and I had a long kiss in the back seat before he got out and headed to the doors. As we drove away I kept telling myself I really wasn't worried that anything was going to happen to my Troy, but at the same time I was wishing I was with him. That way if anything did happen we'd be together. The thought of life without Troy was very depressing.

Fortunately when we arrived back home mom suggested we go for a walk. I asked her if she'd mind driving to the park as the idea of walking there had more appeal than just going round the streets. She agreed and we spent a good hour walking, sitting and just chatting about nothing in particular. She even let me buy her a coffee from the stand that was there. When we got home I went upstairs to do some more studying as the end of semester tests were drawing closer, but after she'd called me down for some lunch she asked if I wanted my muffin making lesson in the afternoon. I sure made a mess in the kitchen, but when we'd finished I had produced one batch of blueberry and another of banana. I couldn't wait for my taster to get home from school and try them. But before that I had to clean up the mess I'd made, which really didn't take too long and even left us time for another walk before we went to collect Troy.

When we returned form the walk I asked mom if I could go to the movie show on Friday evening. She only thought about it for a few seconds before saying she could see no reason why I should miss it, provided my recovery continued for the next couple of days with no relapse. She made me promise though that I'd tell her if I did start to feel at all unwell. I assured her I'd learned my lesson about keeping things to myself.

So on Friday evening she drove Troy and I round to Nate's house for the show. Troy had sampled my muffins when he'd got home from school the other day and given them his seal of approval. Consequently I'd made another dozen of each earlier that afternoon and they were coming with us. My baking was about to be exposed to a wider audience and one that wasn't possibly biased in my favor! I was definitely feeling a bit nervous and begged Troy not to tell anyone I'd made them until we'd seen what people thought of them. He did agree, but said I'd owe him. He refused to tell me what I'd owe, but I suspected he'd come up with something we'd both enjoy – at least I hoped so!

When we arrived Nate took us down to the room where the film would be shown. I was delighted to see we had a full house and was pleased when virtually everyone asked how I was feeling now. I'd been talking to some people during the week on my cell and texting others, but it was inevitable I guess that I'd be asked. It did give me a boost that people were bothered about me. However, I did refuse a couple of requests to show my scars – they were strictly for Troy's eyes only.

We'd all just settled down and Nate was about to show 'Love – Simon' when the door opened and his father stuck his head round it to say that we had a couple of late arrivals. When he pushed the door wide open in walked Mr Edgars with another man. I don't know who started it, although it definitely wasn't me, but everyone stood up and started clapping. Troy almost ran over to him to give him a hug, which wasn't that easy with one arm heavily bandaged, and I followed close behind. I was in time to hear Troy express his thanks for his quick thinking and to ask how he was feeling. Before he had time to answer I was also giving my own thanks to which he just said it was very fortunate I hadn't been there. Then he raised his good arm and cleared his throat.

"Thank you all for that reception which I don't deserve." He was cut off by voices expressing disagreement. "Seriously, I only did what any teacher would do in that situation – press the panic button and play for time. Fortunately, everything turned out alright and I was the only one who was shot, and not seriously. You'll be without me for the rest of this semester, but I plan to be back in the New Year."

"I'd promised to be here tonight because I wanted to see this movie. However, I can't drive at present so I persuaded my partner, Mark, to come along with me." At this point there were a few expressions of surprise. "Yes, I'm gay which is one of the reasons why I was keen to support the launch of the school GSA. Mark and I met at college and have been together now for just over twenty years. I was lucky when I was at school because I managed to keep my gayness a secret. Mark came out and spent several unpleasant years as a result. Hopefully things have moved on since then, but as recent events have shown there is still a way to go. Your GSA should help things along at Fairmount Valley. Now, that's enough from me, if you can find a seat for us, let's get on with the movie."

Troy and I had been sitting together on a settee, so we escorted them over there and insisted they sat down while we sat on the floor in front of them.

The movie was very well received and resulted in some lively discussions afterwards. When it was over we also had refreshments and by the time people were departing I noticed that all of my muffins had been eaten. I just had to hope there wouldn't be a lot of kids suffering food poisoning the next day! I was slightly reassured when some people did tell Troy to let his mom know how tasty her muffins were while Madison even said she'd be calling her to get the recipe for the blueberry ones. I kept waiting for Troy to spill the beans, but he didn't. In the car in the way home I asked him why he hadn't said anything and the rat told me that I'd asked him not to say anything because I was afraid what would be said if they were awful, so he didn't see why he should say I'd made them when people had said they were good. That got him a punch on the arm and I might have to think of something else before I considered us to be even.

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