by Ivor Slipper

Chapter 26

When I was in the room waiting for the op I'd been asked if I'd had anything to eat or drink this morning and could honestly say 'No' to both, which seemed to be a good thing. Mrs C told me later the lack of me having had either meant they could operate quickly as having food in my system might cause problems with the anaesthetic. I also had to change into a hospital gown which I soon discovered wasn't an aid to modesty! Mind you, Troy had seen every bit of me, often, and for some reason I wasn't that worried about his mom seeing me. I couldn't work that out as I'd never wanted my ma to see me when I was undressed, but things were different with Mrs C. I guess because of the relationship she had with Troy and in which I'd now been included – he'd told me a while back he wasn't too worried if his mom saw everything, just as long as it wasn't doing anything! After that a nurse came along and stuck a needle in my hand which was connected to a drip and was to allow fluids, nourishment and medicine to be given to me while I was under anaesthetic and I started to feel a bit drowsy. Shortly after that was when I got wheeled away from the room. We arrived somewhere – I guess just outside the OR and a man in a gown came and talked to me. He tried to explain what was going to happen and told me he was the anaesthetist and I had nothing to worry about because the surgeon did six of these operations every day. I knew he was joking but it helped ease my fears. After that he told me it was time for me to catch up on some sleep but he'd be right beside me during the operation and still be there when I woke up afterwards. I dunno what he gave me, but it sure worked quick!

He was true to his word too as the next thing I knew I was looking at his face again.

"It's all done, Adam. There were no complications, but the surgeon did say it was a good thing it was done today because it was looking pretty ripe. How do you feel?"

That was a daft question I thought as I just mumbled something in reply. He chuckled and told me to go back to sleep again, adding that when next I woke up I'd be back in my room. That man sure knew what he was talking about I discovered a while later. I heard a female voice say, 'I think he's coming round' and another male one said, 'Yeah, his eyelids are fluttering' and that one I was sure I know from somewhere. And then my eyes opened.

"Welcome back, Adam" said Mrs C as she leaned in from my left and kissed my cheek.

"Yeah, you rat. Got me up early and then went and had another long sleep. You'll pay for this, Jackson!"

Troy leaned in from the other side and kissed my other cheek. It was so good to see them both there. I tried to smile, but I don't know what that might have looked like to them, before trying to speak and producing only a croak.

"Are you thirsty, Adam?" Mrs C asked. I tried to nod in response. "I'm afraid you can't have any water yet, but I can give you some ice chips. Would you like some?"

I must have made the right sound or perhaps she just decided to go ahead anyway because she reached into a cup and I felt these little slivers on my lips and just inching into my mouth. They felt like some elixir.

"Thanks, mom." I mumbled before looking at her a few seconds later to see her crying.

"Why you crying? What's wrong – am I dying?" I croaked.

"They're not sad tears, but happy ones." she replied.

"Yeah, you dummy – you just called her 'mom', that's why she's crying." Troy said.

"Sorry, wasn't thinking straight."

"Don't apologise, Adam. I'll be very happy if you want to call me mom."

"Yeah, I'm willing to share her......for a fee! There must be some of my chores you can do."

I looked over at Troy who was almost grinning from ear to ear.

"Welcome back, Adam – but next time you start to feel unwell, tell me. Don't keep it to yourself."

"No, don't. You're getting off light lying there. You should have heard the telling off I've been getting over the last couple of hours because I didn't say something. Sheesh! Anyone would think it was me who punched you."

"Troy, we don't know if it was the punch that caused it, and it's over and finished now so let Adam get some rest. Come on, we'll leave him for a while and get a snack."

"But mom, can't I just sit here with him. I won't talk. I just wanna hold his hand."

"Alright, but don't be a pest. Adam needs to rest."

Mrs C got up and left. Troy took my hand, kissed the palm, then kissed the palm of his and joined the two together. I tried to smile and went back to sleep. When I came to again he was still sitting there and still holding my hand – boy, did I love him, this Troy who had changed my life so much. Mrs C, or mom, as I really now wanted to call her, was back and sitting on the other side of my bed. I felt quite good, not nauseous and was allowed some more ice chips. We talked for a while until I became drowsy again. The next time I came round it was to see Tom standing at the foot of the bed. He said he'd come to say goodbye, but that he was looking forward to seeing me again soon. He also said he intended to visit again in the Spring and would make sure we got to the theme park then.

Eventually my visitors were ushered away and I was settled down for the night after being given various pills. I'd been told the surgeon would be round to see me the next day and if all looked good I might be allowed to go home then, or more likely on Monday. The sooner the better as far as I was concerned.

When I woke up on Sunday morning something felt strange and wrong. It wasn't a pain, but it took me a couple of minutes to realize it was because I was alone in bed. I'd spent the past couple of months sharing a bed with Troy and that had become such an important part of our life together. I'll admit to shedding a couple of little tears at the thought, but it would only be at most one more night before we would be back together. Troy and mom came in around nine – which was very impressive for Troy on a Sunday. I had to chuckle when he said he'd slept badly worrying about me. I knew he almost certainly had been worrying, but I was sure he'd been like me and found it strange to be in bed on his own. They brought me my laptop which was useful as the hospital had Wi-Fi. He also told me I needed to check my cell as he'd spread the word about me being in hospital so suspected I might have a few messages.

They went out of the room when the surgeon came in to check me over. I'd had a look down there earlier but couldn't really see anything because of the dressings, but I did see that my groin was freshly shaved. Thus I did wonder if he was going to make any comment about me shaving my pubes, but he said nothing. He did say that he was going to keep me in overnight, but would be round on Monday morning and if no problems had occurred, he'd be happy to discharge me. In the meantime I should try taking a little walk round the room every now and again to keep my muscles active, but not to do anything that might put a strain on my abdomen.

When he'd gone Troy and mom came back. She said they weren't going to stop as she had to take Troy over to Gran's house as he was going to help his father with some decorating. She added that she'd be back after lunch and Troy would come in the evening after they'd finished at Gran's. I could see that Troy didn't want to go, but I pulled him close and whispered to him that as Gran was going to give him money towards his car, he had to go and we'd catch up later. He admitted it made sense. Before they went I got him to give me a hand in getting to and from the bathroom. After they'd gone I switched my cell on to discover, as Troy had said, that I had lots of messages and texts. There was a nice message from Carlos saying he hoped to see me soon and not to feel guilty about not getting to the theme park. I dealt with all of those and after managed a brief walk round the ward with the help of one of the nurses. I was surprised at how tired I felt after that little exercise so I went back to bed and must have dropped off to sleep.

I came to sensing that someone had come into the room. I struggled momentarily to get my eyes to focus and when they did I couldn't believe what they were telling me.

"Ma? What are you doing here?"

For there by the side of my bed stood my birth mother, the woman I'd never expected to see again. Just behind her stood the pastor of the church. I guessed that possibly he had brought her here after the service, although I had no idea how she knew I was here.

"That woman" (she spat that word out as it was poison) "called me yesterday to tell me you were here. I told the reverend today and he said we should do the good Christian thing, turn the other cheek, come and see you and give you a last chance to repent your sins."

"Ma, I ain't repenting because I've not sinned."

"Liar, you have fornicated with that faggot boy and lain with him. That is why your body has started to rot. Who knows which part will rot next."

I almost giggled at the thought, but under the bedclothes my hand went to my dick just to check it wasn't rotting.

"You still have time Adam," put in the pastor. "Repent and rejoin the flock. You will be forgiven when you confess all the carnal sins you have committed."

Oh yeah, I thought. I confess and then you go and rub one out picturing it! Jeeze!!

"Ma, I know you don't understand, maybe can't or won't understand, but I love Troy and Troy loves me. For the first time in my life I'm truly happy."

"It won't last. He'll have his evil way with you and then dump you when he finds another innocent victim to lead from the path of the straight and narrow. Stay with him and you are destined for the hell fires of eternal damnation."

I didn't know what had come over my ma. She had become some sort of religious zealot and wasn't even talking sense. According to her in one sentence Troy was going to dump me and in the next I was being told the consequences of staying with him.

"Please go ma. We live in two different worlds now. There is no common ground for us. I'm sorry, but this is upsetting me."

"See, you are starting to realize. Perhaps there is hope yet. Reverend, can we say a prayer?"

They knelt beside the bed and ma took hold of my hand. The pastor started mumbling and ma began to weep. Just then the door of the room opened and I saw Mrs C enter. Apart from the time Troy showed up at the old house I'd never been happier to see a friendly face.

"What the hell is going on here, Adam?"

"I don't know mom – they were just standing here when I woke up."

"How dare you call that Salome 'mom'. I'm your mother." And so saying she let go of my hand and slapped me round the face. The slap took me totally by surprise as my ma had never hit me. It stung like mad and I could feel tears forming in my eyes, but I didn't want to cry, to let her see that she'd hurt me.

"Get out now, Mrs Jackson and take this man with you, or I'll call security and have you forcibly removed. Your son is recovering from an operation and the last thing he needs is this sort of scene."

I was impressed. Mrs C wasn't particularly tall and I don't think I'd ever seen her riled, but boy......

"Don't you tell me what to do, you seducer of innocent children. He's my son!"

"You may have given birth to him, but he seems to have somehow managed to avoid being infected with your vitriol and hatred."

"I think we should go Mrs Jackson and perhaps come back another day." said the pastor.

"Don't bother trying. I don't want to see either of you again – ever!"

Both ma and the pastor looked shocked at my statement. But they got up and slowly left the room. Once they'd gone Mrs C came over to the bed and hugged me. She was sobbing as she did.

"Oh Adam, I'm so, so sorry about that. I thought I should call your mother yesterday to tell her you were in hospital and had undergone an appendectomy but were recovering fine. I never imagined she was going to turn up here. Can you ever forgive me?"

"There's nothing to forgive mom. You did the right thing by telling her, but she seems as if she's losing her sense of reality. I meant what I said though, I don't ever want to see her again. Is that awful of me?"

She thought for a while before answering me.

"Adam, I find to hard to imagine your childhood. Jeff and I so wanted children but it seemed we were never going to have any of our own which was why we applied to foster. They brought us a lot of joy and pleasure, especially watching Tom grow and mature into the wonderful young man he is now. We both love him dearly and do consider him to be our son. But, and this may sound horrible, there is something extra special about the child you create yourself. I'd like to say we don't love Troy more than Tom, but I'd probably by lying to myself. We would stand by Troy whatever he does and whatever he proves to be – he is our son."

I went to interrupt, but she raised her finger to stop me.

"Let me finish, Adam. Consequently, I can't understand how any mother could stand by while their son is repeatedly whipped or how they can act towards him as she did just now to you. If my mother had treated me like that, I wouldn't want to see her ever again, so I totally understand. As I hope I've told you before, I couldn't be happier that my son was clever enough to find you to fall in love with and lucky enough that you fell in love with him."

When she'd finished we had another hug and both of us shed some tears. My stay in hospital was proving to be quite eventful.

Mrs C left after a while, but not before she'd helped me to the bathroom and then for another couple of circuits of my room. After she'd left I got out my laptop and was idly checking out the GSA Website when I came across something I'd not seen before. It appeared there was a partnership between the GSA and an organisation called Frameline® that was titled 'Youth in Motion'® . It seemed that if we registered our GSA with them we'd be entitled to purchase low priced DVDs of LGBT themed movies complete with curriculum and action guides. I made a note to talk to Mr Edgars about this on Monday before realizing I wouldn't be at school on Monday, so instead I bookmarked the page to show to Troy so he could talk to him. It sounded like a great scheme and immediately put me in a much better frame of mind than I had been.

Troy came to visit with his father in the early evening after they'd finished at Gran's. Troy said his father had worked him like a slave all day. I told him that was what Trojans were supposed to do which got me a punch on the arm. I also had to tell them what had happened when my ma had visited earlier and both were shocked to hear the details.

For some reason I found that I couldn't bring myself to call Mr C 'pop' as yet. I thought about why I might have this hang up after they'd left. I'd always referred to my own father as pa whereas Troy called his pop, so it wasn't a case of having to use the same word. In the end I decided that perhaps one was simply an alternative for the other and as it was my pa who'd whupped me, I wasn't happy to address Mr C using a word that had that association. Of course I knew he'd never do such a thing and hopefully my hang up would soon fade.

With visiting over I dealt with a few more text messages and even called Troy . The rat described to me the wonderful jerk off he was giving himself while looking at a picture of me. I knew he wasn't by the way he was talking, but I'm sure I won the discussion in the end when I told him that if he was really missing me then he should learn how to self suck. The silence that followed me saying that spoke volumes!

I settled down for another night on my own. The previous night I suppose I was still suffering a bit from the anaesthetic or the painkillers because I'd dropped off to sleep quickly. Tonight I was really missing my Troy and it took me a while to go to sleep and I also woke up a few times during the night.

Despite that I was feeling quite bright in the morning – anxious to see the surgeon again and hoping he'd decide I could go home. Frustratingly he didn't come round until late morning, but after checking me over he decided that I was fit enough to be released. He also gave me a list of instructions for things that I was to do, or not do, when I got home. He also, rather embarrassingly specifically mentioned one that wasn't on the list – I was not to masturbate for at least a week and to stop immediately if I felt uncomfortable while doing so. Hell, how was I going to survive for a week without jerking off? I did wonder if getting a blow job was also barred, but didn't have the nerve to ask the question and decided that if Troy offered I'd somehow have to decline.

What I did have to do was walk every day, slowly increasing the distance, but definitely not jog. I couldn't lift anything heavy – so no bowling, no weightlifting and I could even help carry in the shopping. Nor could I ride my bike. One good thing was that I could have a shower tomorrow, as long as I took care to just pat the incisions dry.

I was still feeling a bit sick at times and things weren't normal down below, but at least the weird pain I'd felt in my shoulder yesterday had gone. He told me the pain was quite a common side effect and I might also get a headache. The main thing was to rest as much as possible. He'd see me again at the end of the week and if all was going well, which he thought it would because I was fit, I might be able to go back to school next Monday. I guessed I'd be ready for that by then. For now I should keep taking the painkillers. I also set myself a little target – I wanted to be fit enough that I'd be allowed to go to the film show on Friday.

I called mom to tell her I could come home and she said she'd be in to collect me within the hour She was as good as her word and on the way home asked me if I'd told Troy I'd been discharged. When I said I hadn't she suggested we play a little trick on him. She'd collect him as usual when no doubt he'd want to come and visit me, but she'd tell him he couldn't go until the evening. Meantime, I'd be up in the bedroom so when he came in all disappointed...... Jeeze, it was mean, but I loved it and just had to be sure I had my cell ready to take his pic.

It worked like a dream. I'd positioned myself so he couldn't see me as he opened the bedroom door and I could see his face had a downcast look to it – so unlike my Troy. He heard the click as the picture was taken and his expression immediately changed as a big smile lit up his face. Another click and that was taken.

"You....are....a...great....big.....RAT!" he exclaimed as he tossed his backpack onto the floor and came charging across the room towards me.

"Go easy! I'm an invalid!"

"You might be back in hospital after I've finished with you playing that dirty trick on me. Jeeze, Adam, it's great to see you back. And looking so good.."

I wasn't sure if he was referring to how I looked in general or the fact that I'd decided to wear the black satin briefs which I'd tried on earlier and found didn't press on any of the incision points.

"And you don't know how good it is to be back. I hated that hospital bed!"

"At least you were there for a good reason. This one without you was so lonely. Jeeze Adam, I love you so much."

He wrapped his arms around me and I did the same to him as we kissed and a couple of tears fell down both our cheeks. After a couple of minutes we reluctantly pulled apart.

"Aren't you forgetting something?" I asked as we separated.


"You're a bit overdressed, Troy."

"Damn, I hadn't bothered while you weren't here." he replied as he started to undress.

The surgeon hadn't said anything about not getting hard which was just as well as Troy stripped down to his pale grey CK boxer briefs.

"Umm Troy," he looked over at me, "I'm not allowed to jerk off for a week, so don't get me too excited."

"Ah, shit. I was looking forward to that when you got back." He paused. "But boy, I'll struggle to cope with what you've saved up when I give you a bj next week!"

I laughed and grimaced a bit having done so.

"Are you alright? Let's lie down on the bed – I've missed our cuddles."

"Me too. Yeah, it just twinged a bit. Haven't you got any homework to do?"

"It can wait for once, you're much more important."

So we settled down on the bed and I guess even the little I'd done had tired me, or perhaps it was just that I was so happy to be home, but I soon dozed off. When I woke it was to find Troy spooning me with his left hand over my chest and his dick and balls pressed up against my butt. 'One day soon' I said to myself.

Perhaps my waking had disturbed him as he moved to roll onto his back. I did the same before reaching out with my left hand to play with his nipple. He sighed with pleasure as I did. I slid myself down the bed a little which enabled me to lick and suck that nipple, increasing the signs of pleasure I could hear. Being that bit lower in the bed my hand was now able to rub over his boxer briefs and feel the hardness beneath. In a few seconds my fingers were at the waistband and then inside where they soon found his foreskin and the already slick head of his dick. I made to push his briefs down, a little task assisted by Troy who raised his butt and used his own hands. Now his dick and balls were liberated and I could easily handle them.

I went to move further down the bed, intending to give him a bj but he stopped me.

"Adam, I'd love you to, but if you did I'd want to give you one too and I can't. Let's save that until next week, but I love what you're doing now."

And so I played with him. We knew each other well enough now that we could tell when the other was nearing climax, so extending pleasure and prolonging the moment, wasn't that difficult. Especially so when I'd stop every now and again to savour the taste of his pre-cum, which naturally I had to share with him in a kiss before returning to produce more.

It was so good to be back with Troy; to make him happy and by doing so, make myself happy.

I lost count of the times I brought him almost to the point before easing off. I could feel his balls were hard – he evidently hadn't jacked off while I was in hospital – and in the end I gave way and let him cum. He spurted high and the evidence was visible from his chin down to below his navel.

Together we cleaned him up and then lay down again side by side, until Troy asked if he could see my incisions. I had no problem with that, although as they were covered with dressings there wasn't much to see, but I let him pull down my briefs only for the little devil to start playing with my dick. He did stop as soon as he'd got it hard though, claiming he'd just wanted to check it was still in full working order! I think perhaps when I'm fully recovered Troy could be heading for a little spanking.......

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