by Ivor Slipper

Chapter 25

Troy bounced off happily towards the bathroom, carrying the two items, and giving me a great view of his butt as he did. Somehow, although I suppose it wasn't really that difficult, he knew I was watching him so he gave me a little wiggle as he reached the door, which drew the inevitable response from me.

He appeared to be really excited about the two items Tom had given him, but while I though the enema was a great idea, I was much less sure about the dildo. Troy and I never watched gay porn – or any sort of porn come to that – we were too busy doing our own thing. As far as we were concerned what we did wasn't porn anyway, but a combination of showing our love for each other and fun. However, thinking back to the few porn vids I'd watched in the past, I could only recall a dildo being used by an individual as opposed to a pair. Consequently in my mind it was something with which to pleasure oneself although I could see there was nothing to prevent it being used by a pair.

Perhaps there could be fun and pleasure to be had from using it and I'd soon get to find out what Troy thought of it. But I'd just had this little dream I suppose, of us working up to the moment when we did fully make love, and a dildo hadn't featured in that. Troy had rimmed and fingered me the other week and I'd got a lot of pleasure from that and no discomfort. I was well aware that his dick was a different proposition to one of his fingers, being both longer and thicker. My scenario over the next few weeks had been for him to do the same but using two and then perhaps, three fingers. In that way I'd be a little looser and it should be less painful come the time for his dick. At the same time there was a sort of paradox because I wanted to feel him inside me so much that I'd been telling myself I didn't care if it did hurt. When I'd made love to him in the old house, he'd told me it had only hurt a little at the start but the pleasure was well worth it. So, as I'd experienced pain in my life surely I could happily accept a little in order to be joined with the boy I loved?

My thoughts were interrupted as the bathroom door opened and Troy emerged. I'd thought he looked happy when he went in there, now he seemed overjoyed as he bounded across the carpet towards me. There was a big grin on his face and his eyes were bright – clear evidence that Troy was in the mood for fun.

"Hey, Adam these things are great. The enema's dead easy to use and gets you real clean in next to no time! It's so much better than the alternative. And I've primed 'Dicky' for use."

He came and sat beside me on the bed. "Can't wait to know how it feels, but I know it won't be anything like you." he said as he wrapped his arm round my shoulder and pulled me towards him for a kiss that lasted for quite some time and by the end of which he'd dropped 'Dicky' and we were lying rather than sitting on the bed.

When we came up for air I remembered something I wanted to ask him.

"You calling this toy 'Dicky' reminds me, why did Tom call you Trojan earlier?"

Troy laughed. "That goes back to when I was little, probably about five or six maybe. I used to love him carrying me around on his shoulders and I'd call him my horse and ask for a ride, so he started calling me Trojan."

"Aah...as in Trojan Horse."

"Trust you to know that Adam! It took me years before I realized the connection, but then you're a geek!"

That called for some serious tickling and wrestling which actually got both of us quite excited and during which Troy removed my boxer briefs to leave us both naked.

"So how we gonna do this?" Troy asked.

"Have we got any lube?"

"That's something we need to get. Could use some baby oil I guess?"

"Could do perhaps. I've got another idea though. You kneel on the bed and let me have 'Dicky'. What did you fill him with – just water?"

Troy nodded and moved to kneel in the middle of the bed. I came round behind him and asked him to set his legs apart which not only gave me better access to his hole, but also a chance to try something. I started off by trickling some saliva into his crack and working it around with my tongue. I had to admit although any smell when I'd done it before had hardly been noticeable, now he just smelled clean, so my tongue was enjoying its exploration while Troy was also enjoying the feelings I was giving him by the noises I could hear him making.

Once he was nicely moist I brought my forefinger into play, first rubbing in little circles before slowly entering him. As Tom had said, 'Dicky' wasn't that big and Troy had taken mine, so it shouldn't be a problem for him. I lubed it up with my saliva and then, very gently and slowly, inserted the head. Troy grunted as I did so and I asked him if he was alright or wanted me to stop. He told me it was uncomfortable just at the start, but was now alright.

I began to ease 'Dicky' slowly forward and back. Troy was making little noises of pleasure. I rolled onto my back and could see his dick pulsing in time with 'Dicky'. Leaving him in place I slid underneath Troy until I could get his dick in my mouth. It was already leaking pre-cum and as I started to suck on it the amount increased.

"Adam, you know I love it when you talk dirty, but when you come up with ideas like this....fuck! It's amazing – I so love you."

I wasn't sure I could reach back far enough, but after sucking on his dick for a couple of minutes I could tell he was about to shoot, so I tried and managed to hit the button.

"Aaargh!" Troy exclaimed as his dick fired shot after shot of his cum into my mouth, almost causing me to gag due, I think, to a combination of the volume and the unusual position I was in.

Finally he stopped pulsing. There was a pause while we both stayed where we were until Troy moved to lie on his side.

"Come here and kiss me, Adam. I want some of that"

I moved and we shared.

"I want you to know Adam, that was the best - next to actually having you inside me – and where you came up with the idea to blow me as 'Dicky' shot I dunno, but it was something else. Jeeze, you're the best."

After that we cuddled for a while before cleaning up and then going to bed properly.

Tom was staying for Friday and Saturday before driving back on Sunday. He was going to spend most of Friday hanging out with some of his old school and college buddies, but before he left after breakfast he asked if we had any plans for the evening. We told him we didn't and he said to check if Carlos was free and if he was to tell him we'd pick him up around half past seven in the evening. He wouldn't tell us what he had in mind so we had to spend the whole day wondering. When we called Carlos he had to check with his mom, but she quickly agreed that he could come with us. Boy – did he sound excited and of course wanted to know what we were going to do. As I told his mom when he passed the phone over to her, I had no idea but I was sure Tom wasn't going to take us anywhere we shouldn't go.

It was 'Black Friday' and I suppose we should have been out hitting the shops for bargains. But Troy was trying hard to save money for his car and I felt I'd spent a lot on clothes recently, so we decided to avoid temptation and stay home. As it happened it wasn't a very nice day feeling rather cold outside and with some fairly heavy showers, so we spent most of it in the bedroom playing games and watching movies, broken by the occasional visit downstairs to graze. It was nice just to spend some quiet time together and although there was quite a bit of kissing and cuddling, 'Dicky' wasn't introduced. I guess that was probably because although we'd jerk each other off or do blow jobs during the day, anything beyond that always seemed to be left for the evening.

When Tom returned from his day out with his old friends he came into our bedroom. Troy took the opportunity to thank him again for his presents and let him know they both worked extremely well. Tom laughed, but asked to be spared the details! Then he surprised both of us by saying that he'd had an idea for something we could all do tomorrow to sort of mark his last day with us.

"What's that?" asked Troy.

"I'd thought we could all go to the theme park and spend the day there."

"But its fifty miles away." I said.

"So, I've got a car and it'll only take about an hour to get there. If we set off about eight......"

"What – I've gotta get up at seven on a Saturday?" Troy responded laughing.

"I see my little bro hasn't changed, Adam. He always was the lazy one."

"I'm joking Tom. We usually get up quite early on Saturday. Adam's changed a lot of things about me – haven't you?"

I nodded and was about to respond , but Tom beat me to it.

"Yeah, replaced your old bad habits with new ones."

That did it; we both launched ourselves at him and another wrestling match on the bed ensued. I wasn't really aware until then, but Tom was very ticklish. After a couple of minutes he exclaimed,

"If you two don't stop this assault right now, I'm withdrawing my offer."

That worked and we both sat there like two naughty little fifth graders, until we looked at each other, started laughing and went back on the attack for a further few seconds.

"There's one condition though – apart from no more tickling this weekend."

"What's that?" Troy asked.

"Call your little friend Carlos and ask him if he wants to tag along. I have the feeling he doesn't have much fun in his life and a day there will do wonders for him."

"That's a great idea, Tom, " I said, "but Carlos and his family don't have much money so I doubt he could afford to go."

"You call him and then let me speak to his mom. I'll pay for his ticket as my way of saying thanks for what he did for you two, but you two punks can pay for your own!"

And that was what happened, I called him and asked to speak to his mom on the basis that I wanted to thank her personally for the cake, but then explained what was on offer. She couldn't believe it and wanted to speak with Tom who confirmed the plan. I think she started to cry before she handed the phone back to Carlos and when Tom told him what was going to happen tomorrow, I could hear his cry of excitement and disbelief. Mind you, I was excited myself as I'd never been to a theme park. Yeah, tomorrow was gonna be fun!

With that decided we went downstairs for something to eat, which was really a case of clearing up some of the leftovers from the Thanksgiving meal in terms of the turkey. But Mrs C had made some fresh salads and roasted some potatoes with garlic and rosemary to go with it. We all tucked in and afterwards went into the family room and just visited for a while until it was time to head out for the bowling.

Ten pin bowling was yet another activity I'd not done before, but in that I wasn't alone as neither had Carlos. Troy had played a few times, but it turned out that Tom was an expert as he and Christine played every week with another couple. At first I was totally useless, which was no surprise as me and ball games had always been strangers. Thus my first few attempts either succeeded in being gutter balls or knocking down just a couple of pins. After a few goes, and with some tips from Tom, I began to get the idea. We ended up playing three games and during the third I achieved my first strike, leading to some high fiving – much to the amusement of the people playing in the next lanes. Carlos got the hang of it quicker than me and for a small person he was really powering the ball down the lane before we finished.

It occurred to me while we were playing that a ten pin evening could be a good social event for our GSA and when I suggested it both Carlos and Troy were all in favor. It seemed we had found something that would make a good group event.

I did feel one or two twinges in my stomach while we were playing, but I put that down to the unaccustomed activity and lifting those balls – although with the weight training I'd been doing at school that ought not to have been a problem. After we'd finished our last game we went to a little Mexican place Carlos recommended and had a good late evening snack.

We weren't very late getting home because of the need to be up early the next morning. For the same reason playing with our new toys wasn't suggested and Troy and I were quite happy, once we'd had a quick shower, to just cuddle together in bed.

I guess I'd been asleep for a few hours when I started to feel a pain in my stomach again, but whereas before it had been a dull pain and more or less in the centre of my stomach, now it had moved a bit down and to the right and was also more noticeable. I began to feel sick and had to get out of bed to throw up in the john. I guessed something in the Mexican food I'd eaten had disagreed with me, but as Troy and I had eaten the same it was odd that he hadn't been affected. I went back to sleep for a while, but then had to get up to be sick again.

Next thing I knew it was light, but I was all hot and sweaty. My alarm sounded, but I didn't want to get up. Troy stirred and then said,

"Jeeze, Adam you're like a furnace." before rolling over to face me and as he touched me, exclaimed, "You're all wet and sweaty. Are you alright?"

"Think something I ate last night disagreed with me."

"You're not right, I'm getting mom."

I protested that he shouldn't, especially as I was naked, but I couldn't stop him and in a couple of minutes he returned with Mrs C. She pulled the covers down a bit to look at me, asked me a few questions, before telling me she'd be back shortly. When she returned it was with a hastily dressed Tom.

"Adam, I know you're naked under there," he said, "but I want to push the covers down and touch your stomach. Okay?"

I grunted agreement; he pushed the covers down and then I could feel one of his fingers in my navel, another in my groin and a third pressing exactly where it hurt.

He turned his head to look at Mrs C. "Mc Burney's Point. I'm pretty sure he's got appendicitis just as I had, what, ten years ago. It's just a question of whether you take him to the doctor or straight to the hospital."

"Troy, help Adam get dressed. Shorts, a t-shirt and a hoodie should do for now. I'll go and call the doctor and see what he says."

Troy helped me out of bed and into the bathroom where he quickly ran a cold flannel over me, before helping me get dressed. Within ten minutes he and I were in the car and Mrs C was driving us to see the family doctor. It wasn't a long drive and when we arrived we were ushered in to see the doctor almost immediately – me and Mrs C that is, Troy was left kicking his heels in the waiting room. The doctor asked about my symptoms and after I'd told him what I'd been experiencing, asked me to take down my shorts. Mrs C looked away while I did and he then did the same thing Tom had done earlier, producing the same result. But he pressed a little harder I guessed as I groaned when the touched that point.

After telling me to pull my shorts back up, he turned to Mrs C and told her he was confident I had appendicitis. He suggested that she should drive me straight to the ER as they'd probably want to operate immediately because I had apparently had the symptoms for several days and he was concerned it might rupture.

Now I was starting to panic a bit. I read somewhere about people dying from a burst appendix and I didn't want to die, not so soon after falling in love with Troy. I'd also never been in a hospital before, other than as a visitor, so I was panicking a little because of that also.

As we were driving to the hospital, Troy suddenly burst out,

"I bet it's because of the fuckin' punch, fuckin' Jason hit you with."

"Troy!! There's no need for that sort of language. But what's all this about a punch and who is Jason for goodness sake."

He explained to his mom what had happened to me the previous Saturday evening. To say she was unhappy was an understatement, but I wasn't sure if she was more unhappy that I'd been punched or because I hadn't said anything about it. She started having a bit of a go at me on that score until Troy risked incurring her wrath again by pointing out that I was sick.

"We can talk to the surgeon about that when we see him, but the cause isn't that important now, I agree. We just need to get you back to normal. I don't like having had both my boys in the hospital in quick succession."

"Oh jeeze!" I exclaimed.

"What's the matter, Adam. Is it hurting worse?" Troy asked.

"No, I just realized I'm gonna miss going to the theme park today. Hope you and Carlos enjoy it and take lots of pics so I can see what I've missed."

"Asshole! I ain't going without you. I'm staying right here beside you. They'll have to push me off the gurney when they wheel you in for your operation."

"But you should go. You can't do anything except sit around in the hospital and being there would keep your mind occupied."

"You mean to say he's actually got a mind to be occupied?" said Mrs C,

"Mom! That's not fair!"

It wasn't and we all knew that, but it lightened the mood.

When we arrived at the hospital there were lots of questions to be answered and forms to be filled in. I did wonder if an operation might have to be authorised by my ma as Mrs C was only fostering me, but the point didn't seem to arise – at least not while I was listening. After that had been done I was taken into a room, curtains drawn round my bed and a couple of young doctors came and asked me some questions and poked and prodded me around. I did ask one of them if he thought it could have been brought on by a punch, but he gave a sort of uncommitted answer.

When they'd finished I was told I'd be transferred to another room and that the surgeon who'd be operating on me would come and see me soon. So that was it, I was going to have an operation – another new experience, but very different to the one I'd been looking forward to enjoying today. Soon after I'd arrived in this room Troy appeared. He said his mom had gone home to fetch some things I'd need for while I was here. I asked him to be sure to call Carlos and explain to him what was happening as I knew he was going to be very disappointed. Troy told me he already had and added that somehow we'd find a way of making it up to him – perhas as the park would close for the winter soon, we'd try and go next Spring.

It wasn't long before Mrs C came back with a little case containing bits and pieces for my stay, plus my cell. After that the surgeon arrived. He assured me it was a routine operation and that he was going to do it via laparoscopy which would mean that I shouldn't need to stay in the hospital for more than a couple of days and I wouldn't be let with much of a scar. It would also mean that my recovery back to normal would be quicker and that I ought to be able to go back to school within a couple of weeks. Once upon a time I'd have been overjoyed to hear that, but now……

Mrs C asked him abut the punch and he asked me to show him where it had landed. When I pointed to the spot he said he thought it was unlikely to have been the cause and it was almost certainly just a coincidence, but he couldn't one hundred per cent rule out a connection. Yet again something had occurred in my life for which I'd seemingly never know the real reason. That made me think of Mike who I presumed was still here in the hospital. Hopefully our paths wouldn't cross as although I was in no condition to do anything to him now or for the next couple of days, by the time I was fit enough to leave I just might be able to.

The surgeon left and we just sat and talked for a while. Mrs C and Troy were trying to keep me cheerful and my mind occupied. She'd even brought along one of her puzzle books and we had some fun with some of those.

I'd no idea how long it was before they came to take me down to the OR. Both Troy and Mrs C kissed me and told me they'd be here waiting for me when I came round after the operation. I told them I couldn't wait to see them again. As they took me down I could taste Troy's kiss in my mouth; I could feel Mrs C's on my cheek and smell her perfume. Everything was going to be alright I told myself, my appendix wasn't going to beat me! After all I didn't need it, unlike I needed Troy and his parents and his brother and my friends.

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