by Ivor Slipper

Chapter 24

When I opened my eyes early on Sunday morning it was to a surprise – Troy was up! Well, he was often up in one sense of the word, come to that we both were with our morning woods, but to find him up in the sense of being out of bed was a revelation.

He'd already given me a kiss which was what had woken me and now he leaned in again from where he was standing on my side of the bed to give me another. My eyes focussed on his face, his smile and his sparkling eyes. He often had those, but not first thing in the morning. What was going on?

"Come on sleepyhead, time you were outa bed."

"What's up with you dickhead? You hate getting up early, especially on a Sunday."

He chuckled. "Yeah, but we gotta clean the room – remember?"

Well, I hadn't really forgotten we'd left a note to say we would, but neither had I thought about it in the few seconds since he'd woken me. Now he decided to throw the bedclothes off me and started trying to tickle me. Luckily I wasn't very ticklish, but as he leaned across me it gave me the chance to grab him and pull him onto the bed. One thing quickly led to another and within a few seconds our dicks were grinding together as he lay on top of me.

"I'm gonna have to resort to underhand tactics," he said as he slid down the bed.

Next thing I knew he was licking the head of my dick and then down and up the sides, all the time playing with my balls. It wasn't long before I came, but as happened last night I felt a pain in my stomach just before I shot my load. Troy didn't notice as he was too busy taking my essence as my dick pulsed in his mouth. Once I'd finished he moved back up the bed to share what I'd given him in a long kiss.

Boy, this was some way to be woken up! We lay for a while with our arms around each other, exchanging kisses at frequent intervals before Troy remembered what had started all this.

"C'mon Adam – get up," quickly adding with a laugh, "outa bed I mean."

"Okay, so we gotta clean the room, but you're not usually that keen on doing chores?"

"True dat, but I've got another driving lesson this morning, so unless you want to do the cleaning all by yourself, you'd better get up now."

He laughed as he said that and turned and dashed into the bathroom before I could get hold of him again. I quickly followed and joined him pissing into the john, before having cleaned our teeth we went into the shower. There we went through our usual ritual of washing each other all over, during which, having first made sure mine was against the tiled shower wall, I pinched his butt a few times, producing little squeaks and squeals from him. The rat appeared to enjoy it, judging by the way his dick was reacting. So I pushed him a few inches away to give me enough room to drop down onto my knees in order to suck him. A bj in the shower was always good! He offered to return the favor, but I told him I'd save it for later so we got out and dried off.

While we were getting dressed I took the opportunity to have a look at myself in the mirror. I could see a bruise close to my navel and it did hurt a little when I pressed on it, but the pain I'd felt on those couple of occasions seemed to have come from slightly lower and to the right. As it was only very occasional I decided to ignore it.

Once we'd got dressed, both in shorts, wearing boxer briefs rather than commando, and t-shirts, we went downstairs. Of course even though we were very early by our standards Mr & Mrs C were already in the kitchen. He was having his breakfast while she was drinking a cup of coffee.

"Morning, early birds! To what do we owe this unexpected pleasure?" she asked.

"It's gonna take us hours to clean up the family room, so I told Adam we needed to get started before you got on our case."

I was about to say the room wasn't anything like that bad, when Mrs C laughed.

"Try pulling the other one, Troy! I looked when I came down so I know it's not a mess and I'm quite happy to deal with it."

"No, mom. It was my birthday, you two have done a lot already, so we'll do the cleaning."

"Something doesn't quite compute there son." Mr C stated.

Troy looked blank, but I started to smile, knowing where his father was going.

"My birthday, so we'll do the cleaning?"

"Oh yeah, well.....I sorta knew Adam would help." Troy quickly recovered his stride, adding, "He's gonna want me to take him to and from school once I pass my test, so he's gotta be nice to me!"

He was laughing as he finished, but I managed to punch him on the arm.

After that Mrs C asked us what we wanted for breakfast. I settled for scrambled eggs and toast while Troy added bacon to this order. When we finished and cleared the table we set to on the family room. It really wasn't at all bad and was mainly a case of collecting up plates and glasses to take to the dishwasher, cleaning a few surfaces and going over the room with the vacuum. I think we'd done everything within not more than half an hour, so we went back upstairs until the time came for Troy to go for his lesson.

It felt strange being around the house without Troy. That had only happened when he'd been in hospital after being attacked by Mike and the other three but I knew today he was only going to be gone for an hour or so. Mr C had left to play a round of golf with Marvin so I went back downstairs and found Mrs C in the garden. I offered to help and she set me to do some weeding, although in all honesty I wasn't sure which were weeds and which were plants, but I tried to err on the safe side. I did feel a couple of twinges while I was bending over doing that job, but put it down to indigestion after breakfast.

Soon after Troy got back from his lesson it started to rain, so we spent the rest of the day playing games and watching movies. All too soon the weekend was over, the only good thing being that we could snuggle up together after we'd showed our love for each other in our usual way.

On Monday morning I made a grand performance out of putting on those silk briefs. Boy they did feel good to wear! Troy had to have a feel of my butt and my dick in them before I pulled on my blue skinnies. This was one of those occasions when I was glad I didn't have a foreskin as I managed to survive him doing that without leaking any pre-cum.

We didn't see Drew or Nate until lunch, but when they joined us Nate said he'd spoken to his father and he'd be happy for us to show the movie there. That was good news, so it was then a matter of picking a date. This week was out because of Thanksgiving and we didn't want to leave it to close to Christmas as no doubt people would be involved in other things. So we decided on the Friday of next week which we thought would allow us to get the news out. We had phone and email details for all members so notifying them wasn't a big problem. We agreed to limit the number to a maximum of forty and instead of charging for tickets we'd ask for donations on the night. Hannah and Madison said they'd talk to some of the girls about making food, but Troy suggested we should use some of the takings to also buy popcorn and snacks. I volunteered myself to see if the store manager would let me have a quantity of soft drinks on sale or return again, which we could sell. By the end of the lunch break it appeared to all be under control.

I reckoned I'd been hard at school nearly all day because I was wearing those briefs. Every time I had to walk anywhere I made sure I was carrying some books strategically placed in front of me to try and hide the evidence. The silk briefs sure felt good to wear, but they came with a price! Still, I had the knowledge from what he'd whispered to me while at lunch, that they were having a similar effect on Troy. When we got home after school, Troy could hardly wait to eat his usual snack before telling me we had lots of homework to do so we needed to get up to his bedroom to do it. I don't think by the look she gave us that his mom believed him.

As usual once we got in the bedroom it was time to strip down to our briefs, but Troy told me I was to leave my blue skinnies on. It soon became evident he wanted to take them off for me – but not quickly. I was informed that I couldn't cum - or else – as he went to work. The sight of Troy walking around in his American Eagle red boxer briefs in which his dick was clearly outlined was arousing, even more so when he contrived to lower the waistband so the head of it, proud of its foreskin, peeked over the top. I had to stand there while he rubbed all over my dick through the denim before starting to unbutton and slowly unzip me. That though simply allowed him to rub me through the silk briefs which had me groaning until he inserted his hand inside and I could enjoy the direct touch of his fingers on my dick. I even produced a little pre-cum which Troy wiped off with his finger and then licked. He also spent some time stroking my butt which was very sensuous. Finally, he took pity and lowered the briefs to the point at which my dick popped free standing erect at its maximum length and anxious for relief. That came when Troy dropped to his knees and commenced kissing and licking. After all that had gone before it was but a couple of minutes before he was swallowing my essence. I did get my revenge, sort of, as I made him wait for an hour before I attended to him.

Other than that things were pretty much as normal at school that week, but I did eventually decide on Tuesday evening to write a short note to Kyle.

Hi Kyle,

Hope you're doing alright and maybe feeling better than when we saw you. I know it can't be easy for you in there.

I wanted to ask you a question. Have you told anyone else what you told Troy and I when we visited you? There's a reason for that question, because we haven't, but it seems someone else knows – or could just be jumping to conclusions.

Are they keeping up with your schooling there?


I showed it to Troy who initially grunted after he'd read it.

"I guess you're trying to find out if he told Jason. Not sure it makes any difference whether he did or not. You're not going soft on him are you, Adam?"

"No I'm not!" I exclaimed. "He attacked you and deserves to be punished for that as well as kidnapping the pair of us. I don't think he was the instigator of either of those though, but was mainly doing it to keep Mike happy. So, I guess I feel a little sorry for him, especially as he is locked up while Mike is in a hospital bed."

"Okay, I can sorta see that."

"The reason I'm asking him the question is because if he didn't tell Jason, then what he said about Jason making him give blow jobs, must be true. Jason isn't bright enough to simply invent such a story."

"Makes sense, Adam – but I still don't think it changes much."

"Probably not, especially to you, but it would just make me a bit more sympathetic to him."

Troy considered that for a minute before finally saying, "Suppose I can see that."

We ended the conversation there. I had to admit I was a little worried as the last thing I wanted to do was upset Troy, but I guess I had a sort of inbuilt instinct to try and see the good in people. Although there wasn't any evident good to be seen in Kyle I did think he might have turned out different had it not been for what happened to him when he was younger. I did promise myself I wasn't going to get involved with Kyle – he wasn't worth it and nor did he mean anything to me – unlike Troy.

When we came out of school on Wednesday afternoon we got a surprise. We were both looking for Mrs C with either the pick up or the SUV, but couldn't see her in the parking lot, which was very unusual as she always made a point of being on time. Then this guy got out of a red Mazda 3 and looked in our direction. I thought I recognised him, but wasn't sure, so I elbowed Troy and asked him if he knew.

"Wow – that's Tom!" he exclaimed and a big smile lit up his face before he charged across the car park towards him, leaving me trailing in his wake. When he reached him, he almost knocked him over as he embraced him. Luckily Tom was built to withstand such onslaughts being almost six foot six inches tall and weighing about 170 pounds. I knew he had dark hair, which was now cut quite short and he was casually dressed in jeans and a sports shirt.

By the time I'd walked over to them Troy had just about disentangled himself from Tom.

"You gonna introduce me to your boyfriend, Trojan, or keep him all to yourself?"

"You ain't having him, that's fer sure. Anyway, you ain't into boys. Where's Christine anyway? Oh, Adam – this big lump is my brother Tom – as if you didn't know."

"Hi, Adam. Glad to finally meet you."

Tom stepped forward and pulled me into a hug, which felt good and stopped me from standing there with my hand out.

"Glad to meet you too Tom, but as Adam said, where's Christine?"

"Afraid she was pressured into spending Thanksgiving with her folks, so you've only got me. Do you two want to go anywhere or shall we head home?"

"Florida would be nice, but I don't think mom would be too pleased, so we'd best head home. Nice wheels, when did you get this?" Troy asked.

"Had this little baby for about three months now. How's your driving going?"

"Only just started, but I'm hoping to take my test next month."

"And what about you, Adam?"

"I'm not sixteen until January, so I've not started yet."

"No point standing here talking. Get in and let's get home."

So we did and once we'd got there we sat in the kitchen talking while we snacked until Mrs C told us to clear off as she had things to do. The three of us went up to Troy's room. Naturally we had no homework to do today, so now needn't think of school again until Monday.

When we got into his bedroom, Troy whispered to me that the usual rules didn't apply. Troy's idea of a whisper though was not the same as most people's so Tom heard and of course wanted to know what he was talking about which led to Troy having to explain how our 'rule' of boxer briefs only in the bedroom had come about. He laughed and said that if we wanted to carry on as usual he had no objection but he wasn't going to join in. That was just the sort of 'dare' that Troy loved, so having kicked off his sneakers, off came his hoodie and polo shirt, before he started to remove his blue skinnies. Well, I didn't have any real choice at that point, so I had to follow him. As it happened today we both were wearing grey CK boxer briefs.

"You've definitely grown a bit in the last couple of years." said Tom with a laugh.

"Help me, Adam." Troy called out as he launched himself at Tom who was sitting on the edge of the bed. I joined in and soon the three of us were rolling around on the bed trying to pin Tom down. We weren't winning until Troy grabbed a pillow and turned it into a pillow fight where our superior numbers ensured victory.

Troy went off into the bathroom declaring that he needed a shower. I did think of joining him as I normally would, but somehow it didn't feel right to do so having only just met Tom, so I decided to stay in the bedroom. We were both lying side by side

on the bed, having replaced the pillows where they were supposed to be.

"I know we've only just met Adam, but I can see you two have something special. Troy was lost for a while after his original problems with Daubney. He was fairly sure he was gay, but he wasn't then at the point where he wanted to fully commit -or at least not with him. That experience knocked him back and he went through a phase of doubting himself and became very unhappy. You've put the sparkle back in him. I'm happy for both of you."

"Thanks,Tom. I know I've been very lucky – finding Troy and then being taken in by his parents. My life is totally different to what it was a few months ago – and yes I love him."

"So why are you lying here talking to me instead of being in there showering with him?"

Tom laughed and shoved me as he finished the sentence. I needed no farther prompting and headed for the bathroom.

"Didn't think you were coming," said Troy, who was towelling himself, as I entered.

"I didn't like to with Tom in the room, but he just pointed out my stupidity, so now I've come."

Troy reached out and pulled down my briefs.

"You haven't yet, but you soon will," he said as he took hold of my dick and led me into the shower.

Mrs C had decided to prepare a light and easy meal for the evening, so we had a lasagne with various salads. After that we moved to the family room. Troy wanted to play Monopoly but was outvoted and we ended up playing Trivial Pursuit. Like so many things in recent months, I'd never played it, but found it was good fun - perhaps because I did better than Troy. It was good to get some revenge for all the times he beat me at computer and x-box games. When we finished everyone decided we'd have an early night - something I never objected to these days. Before we settled down Troy and I engaged in our favorite number, enlivened with a little gentle fingering. After that it was cuddle time.

We were up fairly early the next morning and both offered our assistance to Mrs C with anything that needed doing. Mind you as Gran was there we didn't have much to do as she and Mrs C appeared to have everything under control. Indeed by late morning it was suggested that I call Carlos and see if he was ready to be picked up. When he confirmed he was Tom volunteered to collect him and I went along to guide him, plus which Carlos had never met Tom. The short drive a me a chance to get to know Tom a little better and I could see why he and Troy had got on so well as he really did look on Troy (or Trojan as he often called him) as a little brother. Carlos was ready when we arrived and his mother had made one of her trés leche cakes for him to bring to the dinner. No matter what else might be on the table I was definitely going to have a piece of that!

When we got back to the house someone suggested we should have a game of basketball outside. We split into two teams, Troy and I against Tom and Carlos. My basketball skills were very limited and Carlos had hardly ever played, probably because he was of less than average height. So I guess with Tom being so tall and Troy quite good, the sides sort of evened up. It wasn't that serious a game anyway, but we had some fun and I guess worked up an appetite, although that is something us teen boys seem never to have a problem with. While we were playing I did feel a pain in my stomach on a few occasions, but usually when I was jumping with the ball. I put those down to bruising from the punch Jason had landed on Saturday evening.

After we'd finished our game we took Carlos up to our bedroom so we could all freshen up in the bathroom. I knew he would be amazed in the same way as I'd been when I first saw Troy's bedroom, especially as his home was in a poorer quarter than where I'd lived. I wasn't wrong as his eyes almost popped out of his head when he entered.

After we'd cleaned up and started to head back downstairs, Carlos was in the lead. I suspect he may have felt uncomfortable with all the luxury that was on display. As he went to open the bedroom door he saw what was hanging from the hook there.

"My, that is a big belt."

"Yeah it was Adam's father's." Troy answered, before I could say anything.

"Aieee... is that the one...."

"Yes, it is. So you can see why Troy and I were very glad you got the police there so quickly."

"I am more glad too now I have seen it. My papa spank me sometimes when I have been bad, but he never use belt on me."

"Yeah, well, we sorta decided to keep it there for a while as a reminder of things past. Stupid I guess, but...."

"It ain't stupid, it's history," Troy said. "Oh, hang on, history's stupid isn't it?"

"And so are you, Troy Connelly. Let's get downstairs, my tummy is rumbling."

Thanksgiving had always been celebrated in my house. We'd had a turkey with various trimmings, vegetables and pumpkin pie to follow - very traditional I guess. Mrs C had followed tradition but, with Gran's assistance, what we were presented with was a veritable feast. There as an apple salad to start which was followed by roast turkey which came with two stuffings – chestnut and sage was one and cornbread the other – plus gravy. As for the vegetables there was mashed potatoes, caramelised sprouts, a sweet potato casserole, green beans and creamed spinach; plus cornbread rolls. After a suitable delay to allow those to filter down there was either pumpkin pie or pecan pie – or both!

The creamed spinach was Gran's speciality dish. I'd never eaten spinach so this was another new experience for me - and one I definitely enjoyed. Troy refused to eat it though, which I gather was a tradition! By the time we'd eaten our fill everyone agreed that we would save the trés leche cake until later when we might be able to do it justice.

Once the meal had been eaten we boys cleared the table and washed up what wouldn't go in the dishwasher. After that we joined the rest in the family room where, inevitably, there was a football game on TV. I wasn't much interested in the game but spent the afternoon cuddled up on the settee with Troy. Some kisses were exchanged and hands roamed underneath shirts, but not shorts. We actually managed to do a good job of not noticeably arousing each other; that could and would happen later!

Eventually the day drew to a close, but not before everyone had eaten some of that delicious cake. Tom volunteered to drive Carlos home. He'd definitely enjoyed his time with us and was very profuse with his thanks to us and Troy's parents for inviting him and to Mrs C and Gran for the food. After he'd gone I said to Troy that we should make a point of inviting him over again after Troy could drive. Carlos was a nice kid who didn't appear to have much of a home life or many friends and I felt sorry for him, especially with having to look after his little sisters and with his mother's problems.

Troy and I went upstairs and immediately we were in his bedroom stripped down to our boxer briefs. We were lying on the bed making up for lost time with some serious kissing and cuddling when there was a knock on the door. We disengaged and Troy called for whoever it was to come in. We were both a little surprised to see it was Tom as usually it was his mom who knocked. I saw that Tom had a little package in his hand as he walked over to the bed and perched on the edge.

"Sorry to disturb you, but I've got a little something you might enjoy."

"It's the wrong shape for a porno dvd." Troy shot back.

Tom laughed. "You can look on this as an extra birthday present if you like. I bought them, but then decided not to send them until I'd met Adam."

"Why?" Troy asked.

Tom hesitated before answering. "Because after what happened to my little brother before I wanted to be sure that this was serious and you weren't going to get hurt again."

Troy went to say something but Tom cut him off.

"I saw almost immediately I met the pair of you outside the school that my doubts were misplaced and yours is a real relationship that has solid foundations, and I think will only grow with time."

"Too right bro." Troy responded, drawing me to him and letting our tongues meet and greet.

"So, I don't know how far you've gone with your relationship, but these may be useful at some point."

He handed the package to Troy who started to open it and then stopped.

"We told mom we weren't going to make full love to each other here until we're both sixteen, so that's not far off. We can hardly wait until that day comes, but we will. Other than that, anything goes as we work towards it."

Tom laughed again. "In that case, I think you'll appreciate the contents."

Troy opened the package to reveal two inner boxes. When those were opened the first was found to contain a small enema kit and the other a dildo. We were both surprised, perhaps shocked was a better word.

"Freakin' heck!" Troy exclaimed. "Where did you get these?"

"You can get anything on line these days." Tom responded, "Just make sure you keep them clean, have fun – and if you ever tell mom I gave you them.......you're dead!"

Troy and I both chuckled at his last words.

"Holy cow!" Troy exclaimed as he unwrapped the dildo, "this things got balls!"

Indeed it had and due to the coloring it looked very natural.

"Yes, it has," Tom replied, " and there's a piss slit at the top so you can put liquid in it and when you squeeze the balls, it shoots!"

"Fuck me!" I exclaimed.

"Not until you're sixteen Adam, but I can see 'Dicky' here having his way with you before then. Yes?" said Troy.

"Um – not sure about that. It's thicker than your finger."

"I did get a small size for length and girth, so you should be alright – but I don't want to know any more. This really isn't my scene, so I'm going to leave to two to play."

"Thanks, Tom. I think we're gonna have fun." Troy said as Tom left the room.

As soon as he'd gone Troy wanted to know which of us was going to be first. I could see the enema was a great idea, but I was less sure about the dildo. I'd experienced Troy fingering me and that was great, but in my mind what came after that was going to be Troy's dick not some inanimate plastic object that sort of resembled it. Plus which I was feeling a little uncomfortable in my stomach, which I guessed must be due to all I had eaten during the day. I knew I shouldn't have had that second slice of pecan pie!

"Let's have a shower and get them ready. I think I'm gonna let you be first."

"Yeah – this is gonna be fun. Come on, move!" Troy said as he got off the bed carrying the box and headed towards the bathroom.

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