by Ivor Slipper

Chapter 23

Once I'd finished attending to Troy with the baby oil and we'd subsequently cleaned ourselves up, we slid into bed and automatically spooned together with me clasping him. I felt myself getting hard up against his butt and slid my hand down his abdomen to find his dick was also semi erect. As I touched it it pulsed and grew a little harder.

"Just hold it and stroke it gently please, Adam. I don't wanna cum but having you hold me is sooo nice."

I did as he requested for a few minutes until he suddenly rolled over to face me and put his left arm round me.

"I love you so much Adam and this has been the best birthday I've ever had."

He almost seemed to be on the point of tears. Hopefully they were tears of happiness.

"What's wrong? You're not crying are you?"

There was a little pause before he answered.

"I'm trying not to, but I'm so happy and I just worry something is going to happen to you, or me, or maybe both of us, and spoil it."

"Silly boy," I said and fingered the Scorpio pendant round his neck. "As long as you have this on, nothing is going to happen."

He let out a little giggle.

"So, that 's all the protection I need?"

"We don't need any as long as we're faithful."

He tweaked my nipple hard. "I love it when you talk dirty, Adam."

"Sheesh....that wasn't dirty – just a fact."

"I know. Did your cross protect you though?"

That is a question and a half I thought to myself. I still considered myself to be a Christian, although I didn't go to church now and I would never again have anything to do with the type of church my parents had attended with its warped views on life.

"Perhaps. You and your father came to find me when I ran away. I can remember sitting on that old chair in the house and fingering the cross and praying that you'd come. But I only wanted you to come so I could say goodbye to you properly rather than simply vanish. I never had the faintest hope that you'd bring your father with you, and he and your mom would take me in and........"

Now it was my turn for the tears to start.

"So it did protect you?"

I stopped my sniffles. "Guess it did."

"So we've both got protection – see?"

But he was chuckling as he said it to indicate he was serious and yet not too serious.

"Adam, I'm so, so glad you called me that day. Having found you were everything and more that I could have hoped for in the few months we'd been together, I'd have been devastated if you'd simply gone. Even if you'd managed to keep in touch it would have been so painful not being able to see and touch you."

This was all getting very deep I thought.

"But I called, you came and the rest is history – oh lord we've got US History tomorrow with Mr. Wells! Now that is something to look forward to!"

I have to say he was about the only teacher I really disliked at school. He simply lacked charisma and his methods of teaching were very dated and uninspiring.

"Trust you to find a way of ruining my birthday!" He tweaked my nipple hard again.

"Sorry, but we were getting too introspective."

"Oh jeeze, there you go again Adam with your long words. Is that anything like plagiarism?"

I laughed. I was confident Troy knew full well what it meant, but 'plagiarism' had become a sort of joke word between us ever since Mr Edgars had used it when setting the project that had brought us together.

"No, it isn't," and now it was my turn to tweak one of his nipples. "I think we should try and get some sleep."

"I know," he said yawning, "but I don't want my birthday to end. Roll over so I can cuddle you tonight."

I did as he asked and it felt really good as he pulled me to him. Within a few minutes I could tell that he'd dropped off. I'd had my eyes closed but happened to open them. I was on the side of the bed nearest to the door and I saw a glint of reflected light which I quickly realized came from the buckle of my pa's belt hanging on the back of the door.

It didn't frighten or scare me like it once had – after all it couldn't hurt me now. But I was glad I'd decided to keep it after ma had sent it rather than tossing it in the bin. It did represent my past, but that was the important thing. It was in the past and my life was so much better now. I could look at it in that way. I was also glad Troy had insisted it hung on the door of our bedroom rather than mine as it showed me that he'd never leave me without his support.

From there my thoughts turned to his birthday spanking. He'd previously said he hadn't had one for years, so why today? Was it simply the sexy satin briefs I'd given him that had brought on the idea? He evidently got some pleasure from it which had led to a new and amazing experience for me. I felt myself growing hard as I recalled the feeling of his foreskin over my dick. Troy's left hand was laying on it now, but he was well asleep and didn't react. Or had he intentionally asked me to spank him as a way of letting me see that a spanking could be fun and part of foreplay as opposed to just pain and punishment? I could now accept that for him it was and I'd not object to doing it to him occasionally, if he wanted. I didn't think though that I was yet at the point where I would be able to ask him for a birthday spanking in a few weeks from now.

Finally I pushed all these thoughts from my mind and was able to go to sleep.

Friday was just a normal day at school, but at least it was the last one of the week. We actually had a bit of a quandary this week as to which night was going to be our 'sleepover'. Usually it was Saturday, but we had Troy's party that evening. On the other hand we normally liked to get up fairly early on Saturday to go into town. He'd also got his first driving lesson booked for Saturday afternoon, so in the end we settled for Saturday night.

Saturday morning found us at the mall as usual. Before moving in with Troy and his family I'd hardly ever been in the place as ma tried hard to avoid it when doing her shopping. Now though it had become a regular Saturday morning haunt. We'd started to walk around some of the time holding hands and although we received a few stares and the odd comment when doing so, most people either seemed not to notice, or if they did, weren't bothered by what they saw.

Soon after his mom had dropped us off and we'd got inside, Troy turned to me,

"Where's the store where you bought those briefs, Adam?"

I didn't mind him knowing as he could easily find out himself. He'd know how much I'd paid for them, but that wasn't really a concern.

"Why you want to know?"

"I fancy getting another pair!"

Now that surprised me as although he'd said they felt great on I thought we'd agreed they were really only for bedroom use. Still, if that was what he wanted – it was his money, so he could spend it how he liked.

"In that case – follow me!"

As we walked the fairly short distance to the store I couldn't help but reflect again on how my life had changed. I'd always worn cheap clothes and never had any choice in what was bought for me. I suppose that was partly because my parents were poor, but also because they didn't consider clothes to be important. Luckily I'd never been teased or taunted at school over my clothes. What I wore was always kept clean and was never bad enough to get me labelled as a 'second hand' kid. So, although I knew I looked, and was, different to most other kids, it didn't bother me. Now though the new Adam wanted to look good and dress in style. Partly that was to boost my own ego I guess, but mainly it was because I wanted to look good for my boyfriend, or should that be my lover?

My thoughts were interrupted by Troy asking 'Is this the one?' when we arrived at the store. Having told him that it was we went in. The same young man who'd served me previously was again on duty.

"Good morning sirs. Good to see you again," he added nodding towards me. "How may I be of assistance today?"

"I've come looking for some briefs." Troy said.

"Ah," said the young man, "would you be the lucky recipient of the pair I sold your boyfriend the other week?"

I know I blushed, but Troy took it all in his stride.

"Yeah, I was. Adam knows how to get a rise outa me."

Oh shite. How can he say that? I wanted to run and hide, but the guy played along.

"I can understand that, sir. Mine have the same effect on both me and my boyfriend."

"Yep – that was the same with Adam. But he pulled mine off me part way through my birthday spanking."

This was almost too much for me. I wanted to run and hide and pretend this wasn't happening, but I knew if I did the salesman would realize it was true and not something Troy was inventing

The guy gave out a falsetto giggle. "Ooh, I'll have to remember that when my birthday comes. I haven't had a good birthday spanking in years."

"Nor had I until Adam came along. He's good with his hands – if you know what I mean."

"And you use your mouth too much." I said without thinking.

Troy snickered. "You've never complained before."

The salesman was trying hard to suppress his own mirth. Troy had definitely won that exchange with me. I just wanted to get out of the store.

"So, what other colors do you have apart from midnight blue?" Troy asked.

"If you follow me sir, I can how you the full range," and so saying he led us across the store to where the silk underwear was displayed.

Troy spent some minutes considering the various colors. He ruled out red for obvious reasons, discounted green and yellow, pondered over purple, wondered about white,

mulled over the medal colors of gold and silver, before finally buying black. The salesman asked him if he wanted them gift wrapped, but Troy told him just to put them in a bag.

Once we got outside the store neither of us could contain our mirth any longer. I have no idea what passers by thought as we stood there arms around each others' shoulders as we replayed what had happened inside. We agreed that we would come here again if ever we needed cheering up.

We settled on a pizza for lunch and shortly after we'd eaten Mrs C arrived in the pick up in the back of which was my bike. It had been agreed that because Troy's party would be under way by the time my shift finished it made sense for me to bike home rather than her or Mr C come to pick me up. So after dropping me off she took Troy home to get ready for his first driving lesson.

At one point while I was on the checkout I noticed a slightly older boy come in who I thought might be Kyle's brother Jason. I didn't really have time to look properly, but I did see him talking to another boy from school who worked at the store and I knew was also on the football team, so guessed it was to do with football and thought no more about it.

As soon as the clock reached 8pm I was off. I'd been either stacking shelves or working in the stock room for the last hour or so and thus it was quite easy to get away on time, which wasn't always the case if you were on a checkout and had to wait to be relieved. I was keen not to miss any more of Troy's party that I had to. I walked round to the back of the store to collect my bike from where it was locked and as I bent down to unlock it, I was grabbed from behind.

"You're one of those two queers who went to visit my brother, aren't you?" said the voice and I was spun round to stare at Jason. I can't say I stared at his face as he was several inches taller than me as well as being a lot heavier.

"Yes, Troy and I did go and see Kyle because he asked us to come. Why?"

"And I bet he told you some sob story about how I used to make him suck my dick?"

I didn't respond. He shook me.

"Well.....did he?"

"What Kyle said to us was confidential. So I'm not going to answer."

"I know that little rat and now he's got himself in trouble he's trying to make out it wasn't his fault. He's always been a snivelling little piece of shit!"

I still said nothing.

"You listen to me Jackson – and listen good. If I hear this story around at school, I'll know where it came from and this will be nothing like what you and your faggot friend'll get then."

So saying he punched me in the gut. I gasped as the air was knocked from me and slowly sank to my knees as Jason turned and walked away. I felt shaky and a bit like I wanted to be sick, but I needed to get home so being sick would have to wait. I got to my feet and walked over to collect my bike before pedalling slowly home.

I had a bit of time to think as I pedalled home more slowly than I'd intended when I left the store. For sure I wasn't going to ruin Troy's party by telling him or his parents what had happened. I had to try not to show any pain or discomfort, at least until Troy and I were alone and even then it might be best to keep this to myself.

So when I got home I said a quick 'hello' to Troy's parents who were in the kitchen and told them I was going up to change. I undressed and looked at myself in the mirror. I couldn't see any real signs of a bruise, but it sure felt uncomfortable, so I decided I'd wear a pair of shorts and go commando with just a loose sports shirt on top. Once that was done I went down to join the group.

First thing of course was to ask Troy how his driving lesson had gone. He was full of himself saying the instructor had told him he was a 'natural'. When I told him he was full of shit, he did admit the instructor had just said he'd done well and it should be possible for him to take his test in a couple of weeks. I thought that would be good going, although I knew nothing about it!

It wasn't a large party by any means, but with Hannah, Madison, Jerry - with their respective partners – Drew and Nate and a handful of others from our table and the swim team, it was a reasonable number. Mr C had been grilling and it seemed everyone had enjoyed their burgers and hamburgers. He went back outside to cook a burger specially for me which I didn't really want, but managed to eat. Once I'd finished that Mrs C called everyone into the kitchen and produced Troy' birthday cake, complete with sixteen candles that he had to blow out. I was glad I didn't have to do that with the way my stomach felt. It was a chocolate cake – his favorite and it did slide down easily accompanied by ice cream.

After that Mr C said that he and Alicia were going upstairs and we could have the family room to ourselves for the evening. Everyone who had a partner paired off and we all settled down. There was talk about playing computer games but that was difficult with so many of us so in the end we decided to watch a movie. Troy put on a new zombie dvd he'd bought while in town earlier which was pretty hilarious. When that ended he said he was going to put on a dvd he'd received or his birthday from Tom his foster brother. He told us it was called 'Love, Simon' and from the notes on the case he thought we might enjoy. Drew said it was a film that hadn't been out for long but he'd heard about it and was sure it would appeal.

Drew wasn't wrong. It proved to be about this gay seventeen year old boy who hadn't come out to his parents or friends and how he dealt with the situation when his secret was revealed. It was both funny and emotional. Troy and I were cuddled together and enjoyed it so much we hardly had time to eat any popcorn! It lasted for just under two hours and when it ended everyone voted it great.

"We should show this at a GSA meeting." I said when everyone had stopped talking about it.

"Better than that," said Madison, "Why not use it as a fundraising event and sell tickets?"

"Hey, that a great idea Madison, but aren't there restrictions to prevent you charging people to view private dvds?"

"Trust you to have read the small print on the label, Adam." Troy joked.

"Actually Troy, he's probably right." Nate put in, "We could ask the school for permission and perhaps not sell tickets but ask those who come for a donation, but there is another possibility."

Most everyone looked at him wanting to know what he had in mind.

"I'd have to check with my Dad, but I expect he'd agree. We've got a huge games room in our basement complete with this vast TV screen. We could easily get forty or so people in there I think. Leave it with me and I'll have an answer on Monday."

With that decided, and it being around midnight, the party started to break up. It had never been intended as an all night affair and not that many of our friends were yet driving, so most were reliant on parent taxis. When everyone had departed I started to clear up the room, although to be fair it wasn't that much of a mess considering the number of our friends who had been there. But Troy stopped me saying that we'd do it in the morning. When I pointed out that we never got up early on a Sunday and thus his mom would have done it by the time we arrived downstairs, he wrote out a note to say we'd clean up in the morning, closed the door to the family room and stuck it on the outside. I did think when his mom read it she'd be terrified of what state we'd left the room in, but if she looked she'd quickly see it wasn't bad.

Once we were in the bedroom we quickly undressed and went for a shower. Washing each other had become a ritual and we both got great pleasure from feeling the other's soapy hands caressing our bodies. The feel of Troy's hands on my butt always sent my love for him into overdrive and I'm sure mine did the same for him judging by the noises he made when I did it. When we came out of the bathroom after drying each other I went along to my bedroom to pick up a pair of CKs and socks for the morning. Rather than putting more furniture into Troy's room we'd decided it made sense to leave my clothes in mine, plus it added to the pretence that we only slept together occasionally!

As I came back into Troy's room I saw something on my pillow. As I drew closer to the bed I realized it was the pair of black satin briefs Troy had bought earlier.

"Why are these here?" I asked as I picked them up.

"'Cos they're for you. I knew you'd make a fuss if I said I was buying them for you. We're the same size so they should fit alright."

I rubbed them on my cheek – they felt so soft and I could feel my erection growing as I did.

"Put them on then. I want to see what you look like in them, before I slowly take them off for you."

Troy was grinning and his eyes had that special sparkle to them that came when he was happy. I decided to tease him.

"No, I won't."

He look changed to one of puzzlement. "Why not?"

"'Cos I'm gonna save them to wear to school on Monday and then you'll know how I felt on your birthday."

"That's cruel, Adam." He paused for a moment, thinking and then the devilment appeared on his face again "Alright – but you'll have to pay a penalty," he declared.

A penalty? What was he talking about I wondered.

"What sort of penalty?"

"You'll find out if you decide not to wear them now."

That did it. I sensed this could be fun. I knew whatever he had in mind wouldn't be painful, so I stepped over to my nightstand and put the briefs in one of the drawers.

"While you're there Adam bring back the baby oil."

Oh boy, my dick jerked on hearing those two words. This wasn't going to be punishment but pleasure!

"Yes, master." I replied, taking the bottle out and handing it to him.

"Now on the bed, on your back."

He said that in what was meant to be strict tone of voice, but the grin on his face ruined his intention. Nevertheless I did as he said. He opened the bottle and let a few drops of the oil fall on my dick which jerked in response. He then proceeded to stroke my dick applying more oil from time to time. We hadn't used oil that often preferring to save it as a treat, but whenever we did it resulted in whoever was being oiled achieving a quick orgasm. However, over the months we'd got used to pleasuring each other and could spot the little signs that indicated when the other was close. Tonight Troy excelled in making use of those, stopping frequently to kiss or stroke another part of my body. I think he had been toying with me for almost half an hour and I was almost about to plead for release when I must have twisted my body in some way that brought on a pain from where Jason had punched me. I let out a louder groan than previously and Troy took that as a signal I'd reached my limit applying a couple of hard strokes that had me shooting a fountain over my chest.

But I was still in pain and groaned again. Troy knew this wasn't normal.

"What's wrong Adam? I thought you'd like that?"

I managed a smile. "I did, you rat. It was just at the end something twinged. I think it was where Jason punched me."

"What! What are you talking about? When did Jason punch you?"

"He jumped on me after I'd finished at the store and was getting my bike."

"And when were you going to tell me about this?"

"I was gonna tell you when we got to bed. I didn't want to spoil your party and it was only one punch."

"Out with it Adam. I want to know everything."

So I recounted the incident.

"Shit, Adam – he's a maniac to do that. You've got to tell my dad in the morning, so we can get something done about him."

"I don't want to do that, Troy. It'd only be my word against his and he can probably find several members of the jock squad to say he was somewhere else at the time."

"Maybe – but he still ought to be warned off."

"Look, we aren't going to tell anyone what Kyle told us so it isn't going to get round the school from us – is it?"

Troy nodded but look unconvinced.

"I was thinking about it as I rode home. I'd really like to go and see Kyle again to find out what he said to his brother."

Troy's expression changed to one of shock at the thought so I hurried on.

"I do understand why you want nothing to do with him as it was you he attacked. I don't really want anything to do with him either, but from what he told us when we visited him, I do feel a bit sorry for him., but I won't go and see him if you don't want me to."

Troy gave a little grin before replying. "You really do have a bit of the 'turn the other cheek' outlook on things, don't you?"

I laughed. "I suppose I do. There are some things in the bible and Christianity that I believe in. Look, how about if I write to him? I can sort of outline what happened without going into specifics and try and find out if he told Jason what he told us. How does that sound?"

"That I can go along with as I think it's the best way. If we wanted to see him again we'd probably have to make arrangements through his father. I don't really want to see him again, plus, if we did contact him, there's a good chance Jason would find out and he could decide to do something else to you – or me."

I had to agree what Troy had just said made sense and as whatever had hurt me a few minute ago appeared to have vanished as quickly as it came, we got into bed and spooned together.

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