by Ivor Slipper

Chapter 22

I knew I shouldn't hate my ma, after all if it wasn't for her I'd not be here, but it was now very evident that she actually loathed and detested me. She evidently blamed me for my pa's death and wished it had been me instead. I found it very hard to understand, but she simply considered me to be beyond the pale, an untouchable, a leper, a carrier of the plague....... I ran out of comparisons as I lay in bed that night trying unsuccessfully to get to sleep. The only thing I could do was to try and put her out of my mind and simply hope that I never saw or heard from her again. I knew that would sound bad if I told anyone and perhaps I did need to take up Mr C's offer to have counselling.

But, I'd always been on my own and kept my thoughts and feelings bottled up inside me, never having any real friends in whom I might confide. I knew I'd find it very hard to talk to a total stranger about such things, yet at the same time I didn't want anything to mar the relationship I now had with Troy and his parents. They were in effect now my parents and I loved them in a way that I had never managed to love my own in all my fifteen plus years living with them. In the end I decided that if Troy or his folks commented on me acting strangely or differently then I'd ask for some counselling sessions, but until then I'd continue to try and deal with things myself.

Just as I reached that decision, Troy rolled over, placed his left hand across my chest and as I turned my head towards him, planted a sleepy kiss on my lips.

"Are you alright Adam? We're not spooning like usual and my back feels cold."

"Sorry, Troy. I was just thinking about some things."

"Hmmm....bet I can guess what some of those are. You've gotta try and forget her. I'm sorry, but she's a bitch and how someone like that could produce someone as kind and loving as you is a fuckin' mystery."

I giggled. "Troy, you're not supposed to swear. You'll get sent to your room."

"Don't care – as long as you're there. Now, give me a kiss and then cuddle me – please!"

We kissed, he rolled over to leave his back facing me and I moved to snuggle into him. As soon as I nestled into place I felt myself going hard as my dick came up against his butt.

"Mmm, that feels nice," he murmured. "One day soon, my lover."

I didn't recall him ever calling me that before, but it sounded nice.

"Yeah, but it's only your birthday this week," I breathed in response. I wasn't sure if he heard me, but it didn't matter. We were together and that was how it should be.

Just as I thought we were going to go to sleep, Troy rolled back the other way to face me.

"Hey, what did you use to do when you were a kid and someone sent you a present?"

I had no idea what had suddenly prompted this question just as we were about to go to sleep. I thought for a few moments before replying, trying to get my brain working.

"Didn't have many presents like that as we had so few relations."

"But you had some?"

"A few, yes. But why are you asking?"

"And what did you do to say 'thank you' to the sender?"

"Ma made me write a letter." I suddenly clicked and sat up in bed. "Oh shit! Are you saying I should write her a letter to thank her for the belt?"

Troy sat up in bed. "I am Adam – do you think you could? It would really get to her if you could."

Now it was my turn to sit up. I reached over to switch on the bedside lamp on my nightstand, before turning back to Troy.

"That is a brilliant idea. She'd never expect anything from me." Then a thought struck me. "But would she read it or just toss it in the garbage?"

"She read your note about the funeral."

"Yeah, but this is a bit different. She'd probably expect me to be nasty."

"Perhaps. Maybe you're right and it's a silly idea. Put the light out and let's cuddle."

I switched the light out and slid back down in bed to cuddle him. Only trouble was I couldn't go to sleep. Troy had planted a seed as to how I might be able to get back at her for what she'd done and that seed was developing in my brain. Finally I had to give in and I slid out of bed taking care not to wake Troy. I went over to the computer, switched it on and tried to clarify my thoughts. After several attempts I came up with:

Dear Ma,

I just wanted to thank you for the memento of Pa you sent.

I thought you'd like to know it is hanging on the back of my bedroom door. In that way I can see it every time I leave the bedroom and close the door behind me, knowing that I've also left that part of my life behind me while a happier future lies before me.


Finally satisfied I stupidly made the mistake of switching on the printer and printing it out. That noise woke Troy who blearily came to wanting to know what the fuck I was doing in the middle of the night. I had little choice but to tell him and he demanded to see what I'd written, getting out of bed and coming over to the printer. He read it through and before he'd finished, started to shed a few tears.

"Adam, you're friggin' brilliant. How you can come up with things like this I have no idea. But, there's something wrong – you've said 'my' room instead of 'our' room.

I looked into his eyes; my lovely, loveable boyfriend. Even after being with him now for several months there were still times I wondered what he'd originally seen in me.

"I did write 'our' originally but suddenly realized if I said that she could take the letter to CPS and use it as evidence of us having underage sex."

"I never though of that!" he exclaimed, "Like I said, you're friggin' brilliant Adam. I do so hope she'll read it 'cos if she does she'll know you've won. I love you so much."

He put his arms round me and kissed me, before telling me it was time to get back to bed. I stopped only to switch off the computer and printer and then slid into bed and pulled him once again into a cuddle.

We slept well after that and it was the sound of my alarm that roused me the next morning. Troy had always been a sleepyhead in the morning and getting him out of bed in good time to have a decent breakfast before going to school, had been a continual problem Mrs C had told me. Nowadays though he was usually getting out of bed at the same time as me. We'd both take our morning woods into the bathroom and piss alongside each other into the john, before doing what I knew had made the difference - our morning shower. It was a great way to start each day not only to remove the smell of sleep and fully waken ourselves, but also because we had just enough time to wash each other and, in a small way, renew our love for each other at the start of the day.

When we went down for breakfast – scrambled eggs, toast and bacon today – Mrs C reminded Troy that his birthday was now just two days away, not that he needed any reminding. The sixteenth was undoubtedly a big one as far as birthdays go simply because he could start learning to drive on the road. He'd done his Driver's Ed at school and I was sure being on the road would not present much in the way of difficulties for him.

It had been agreed that because his birthday fell on a school day we would just have a family meal that night to which Gran was also coming. I'd expected that would be at home and Mr C would grill for us, but now Mrs C said they'd decided we would go out to a restaurant in town. I'd never been to a proper restaurant in my life, so I made a mental note to check with her or Troy about what I should wear. When I did get a chance to ask her later in the day she reassured me that we could dress normally. As she said, it wouldn't be much fun for Troy as a birthday celebration if he was forced to wear clothes he didn't normally wear. I was glad to hear that because the only other decent clothes I had were what I'd worn to the funeral and I really didn't want to wear those when I was supposed to be celebrating

For the Saturday though he was having a small party at home with the group from our table, plus Drew and Nate and some kids from the swim team. Carlos had been invited, but unfortunately couldn't come. Because of me working at the store Troy had wanted to delay the start of that until after my shift finished. But that wasn't until 8pm which would mean that a good part of the evening would have gone, so in the end he'd been persuaded to invite the guests to come around 7. I'd get Mrs C to take me and my bike to the store and then I could ride home afterwards. His folks weren't too keen on the idea of me doing that, but I managed to persuade them it made sense.

I could feel the excitement building in Troy on the Wednesday evening and I was also getting nervous wondering what he'd think of my presents. Although I didn't tell him I'd done it, I set my alarm for twenty minutes earlier than usual and luckily he didn't notice – I think he was too excited. We had a few kisses before we got out of bed and headed for the shower. I managed to dry myself off quickly and had just enough time to get back to the bedroom, retrieve the little package from where I'd hidden it in a drawer of my nightstand and place it on his pillow. He emerged a minute or so later still towelling his hair and didn't notice it until he was round to his side of the bed.

"Hey, what's this Adam? We don't do presents until this evening when my father's back from work."

"This isn't your real present, just a little something and perhaps...." I tailed off.

A little grin started to appear on his face. "And perhaps I shouldn't open it when my folks are there?"

He'd rumbled me.

"Has my kinky boyfriend bought me a kinky sex toy for my birthday? I love the way it's wrapped; shame to open it, but......"

He undid the bow and opened the little box.

"Wow!" he said as he pulled the blue silk briefs from the box. "I love 'em Adam, they're so sexy and feel amazing."

He started to put them on.

"Hey, you aren't supposed to wear them during the day." I exclaimed.

"But this isn't a normal day - it's my sixteenth birthday. I'm gonna love the feel of these all day under my skinnies."

He'd started to go hard as soon as he'd seen them. By now he was almost fully erect – and so was I. He noticed and giggled.

"You're gonna be walking round all day with a hard on thinking of me wearing these, aren't you?"

He was totally right. "You're a rat Troy. But haven't you got PE today. What if anyone sees them?"

Having got them properly on he walked over to the mirror to admire himself. Boy, did he look sexy in them. I really wanted to rip them off and go back to bed – stick school.

"So, what if they do? They can admire my sexy ass and my sexy underwear that my lover bought for me."

That was the second time he called me that and it sounded just as good as the first. He walked round the bed to me. We kissed, deeply, and I ground my dick against the front of those briefs which, I had to admit, felt very good indeed.

"I love 'em Adam, but after today they'll be bedroom only wear. Alright?"

"Alright." I said and gave his butt a little pat as he walked away wiggling it at me.

School passed oh so slowly. It was strange that just a few months ago school had been the highlight of my day; now I still enjoyed it, but I could hardly wait to get home afterwards. Home now meant freedom – being able to walk around the bedroom in just our boxer briefs and the freedom to do as we wished in that room, well, more or less. But eventually the final bell sounded and we went to our lockers for the last time that day. Luckily neither of us had much homework and we decided while discussing it on the way to the car, we could get it done an under an hour. Troy also suggested that for once we should break the 'uniform' policy and stay dressed until we completed it. I agreed as it made sense and I knew I'd not be able to keep my hands off him once his skinnies were off.

When we'd got in the car and belted ourselves in Mrs C asked how our day had been.

"Mine's been great," Troy replied, "but poor Adam's been uncomfortable all day."

The rat was trying hard to keep a straight face as he said that and it didn't help matters much that he had one hand on my upper leg as he spoke.

"Oh, sorry to hear that Adam. What's wrong?"

I knew she was going to ask so I'd had a few seconds to try and come up with a sensible answer.

"Nothing much, Mrs C. I think I may have pulled a muscle in the gym yesterday."

Troy put his other hand over his mouth to try and stop himself from laughing out loud.

"I hope it's not too painful Adam. I think I've got some liniment indoors if you want."

""Don't worry mom, I think it just needs a good rub."

Now Troy couldn't stop himself from laughing which started me off. When we'd calmed down, Mrs C looked round at us.

"Will it help if when we get home I send the pair of you to your room?"

That sent the pair of us into peals of laughter. Life really was unbelievably good these days I told myself.

We did stop in the kitchen for a quick drink and a couple of cookies before heading upstairs. As soon as the door was shut behind us Troy threw himself on the bed and started laughing.

"I think I may have pulled a muscle in the gym," he mimicked.

"I had to come up with something."

"That was the problem Adam – you've been up all day!" Troy responded, now laughing out loud.

"You.......asshole!" I responded, launching myself onto the bed, trying to land on him, but he was too quick and rolled away to the side. However, I managed to grab him and we wrestled around for a couple of minutes, both of us laughing.

"Careful Adam," he said during a quick lull in the action, "mind you don't pull that muscle again."

That started us off once more and I was briefly able to get on top of him and rub my muscle into his, before he rolled me over and knelt astride my chest. We were both still laughing, until he stopped and lowered his face to mine so that we could kiss.

"I love you Adam. This is my best birthday – ever," he said as we eventually drew apart.

"And I love you so much, birthday boy," as I pulled his head down so we could kiss again.

As we reluctantly ended the kiss the same thought occurred to both of us – homework! - so we climbed off the bed, opened our backpacks, took out the relevant books and went to the desk to set to work. Neither of us had that much, luckily, and I finished mine first. Having done so I took off my polo shirt and skinnies to be left in just my black CKs, ready for whatever came next.

I was sitting on the end of the bed when I heard Troy sigh, and say 'Done' as he stretched before standing up. He turned and walked towards me, smiling as he did while taking off his polo shirt. That done he stood in front of me and went to start undoing the top button of the blue skinnies he was wearing.

I knocked his hand away. "Stop that. I'm gonna take those off."

"Mmm....masterful. Get on with it then."

He raised his arms above his head and pushed his waist toward me. I reached out and undid the top button, before slowly inching down the zip. I could clearly see the outline of his dick under the skinnies and gave it a rub or two. The top of his briefs was not visible above the waistband of his jeans, but I could glimpse them as I slid down the zipper until I could finally get my fingers inside and feel the silky smoothness. Troy let out a moan as I did. He was hard and so was I. I wanted to see him standing there in just those midnight blue silk briefs, but at the same time there was a pleasure to be gained by delaying the moment. Eventually I relented and started to inch his jeans down, slowly revealing more and more of the briefs. They fitted tightly to his body, accentuating the outline of his dick – the head of which was marked by a damp patch where his pre-cum was visible.

Once I'd got the skinnies below the briefs it was easier for him to sit on the bed and together work them the rest of the way down his legs and off. That achieved I sat back down and Troy came to stand in front of me again.

"These feel so great, Adam. Thank you. I really love the way they feel."

He turned around in front of me to give the the full model view, before bending over to touch his toes and illustrate how they hugged the curves of his lovely butt. He gave a little wiggle, stood back up and turned to face me. I could see there was devilment in his eyes, but I wasn't prepared for what he then said.

"I'm ready for my birthday spanking,"

"What!" I exclaimed, totally taken by surprise.

"My birthday spanking.......please Adam."

I was stunned. "I can't spank you Troy. I could never hurt you; you know that."

"But a birthday spanking doesn't hurt. Not really – it's just for fun."

"I get that from what you told me the other day of when your father did it, but....."

He knelt down in front of me and put his hands on my knees.

"Adam, this is just for fun. Maybe I'm kinky, but I actually enjoy the tingle I feel in my butt the couple of times you've smacked it."

He was smiling at me as he spoke. I could only shake my head in disbelief.

"But what if I hurt you?"

"Okay – how about this. If you start to hurt me I'll say 'Uncle' and you'll stop. If you start and find you're really unhappy doing it then you stop. Look on it as an extra present for me."

I thought about it some more. I wasn't at all keen on the idea for obvious reasons. Spankings and whippings had featured painfully in my life. I knew this wasn't going to be anything like that and perhaps if I could do it then maybe it would somehow put those dark memories into an even more distant place in my mind.

"Troy, because it's you, because I love you and because I'd do anything for you, I'll try. Put some music on first though – we don't want your mom wondering what the strange noises are."

He chuckled but went across the room and switched on the cd player before returning to stand in front of me. He went to push his briefs down,

"No, leave those on – at least at first."

He grinned and moved to lay himself across my knees. Neither of us having ever done anything like this it took a little time and some shuffling around before both of us felt comfortable. Eventually though he was balanced with his hands on the floor on one side and his toes just touching on the other. His butt was nicely raised and I had to admit to myself did look very inviting. I stretched out my right hand and placed it on his butt; those silk briefs felt so great to touch and I just had to rub my hand over them. Troy evidently enjoyed this judging by the almost purring noises he was making. Slowly I drew my hand back and slapped it down on his butt.



"I could hardly feel that, Adam," he said laughing.

"Oh, right." I tried again. This time there was no response so I decided to count that as the first one and go one from there. When I'd delivered eight I stopped.

"Lift up."


"I wanna take those briefs down to check I'm not marking you."

"Don't feel like you are, just nice and tingly."

He lifted up and I pulled them down to his thighs. His butt was a little pink, but nothing out of the ordinary I decided and so started again. Now I could see the effect of my hand landing on his cheeks – the slight indentation and the slight reddening it caused. But Troy seemed unworried and while I couldn't say I was totally enjoying myself there was a sort of weird pleasure from the fact that I was giving him what he wanted.

I delivered the sixteenth spank and thought I'd finished, but Troy didn't move.

"What about the one to grow on?" he asked.

"Alright!" I responded and slapped my hand down rather harder than I'd intended.

"Ouch!" came the voice from below me. "I'll remember that one."

I could see I'd made a rather darker mark and immediately felt guilty and went to rub it, but Troy pushed himself to his feet and turned to face me, smiling broadly.

"You did great, Adam I just love the tingle -and that last one....wowee, even my dick liked that."

I couldn't help but notice the erection he had with the head now fully showing from the foreskin and even glistening with a drop of pre-cum. It appeared my fears had been groundless, but I knew I would never want to do more than give his butt the occasional slap – and maybe another birthday spanking in a year from today.

"You're so lucky not being circumcised. Every time I see your dick and the head emerging from the foreskin I marvel and regret I can't experience that feeling – especially when you make so much pre-cum."

Troy stopped to remove his briefs that were now pooled at his ankles before kneeling in front of me again.

"I'm sorry you feel that way Adam. I just love the look of your dick with that purple bulb on the end always looking ready for action and not hiding itself away." He paused as if considering something before continuing. "Let's get on the bed. I want to try something."

Now I was puzzled but I did as he asked. At his request we lay side by side with our groins at the same level. He still had his erection and being this close to Troy ensured that I had one too. Troy pulled back his foreskin to fully expose the slick purplish head and using his hand brought it forward to touch the purple head of mine. The two slits kissed and I felt the wetness from his pre-cum.

"Hold yours steady," he whispered as he slid his foreskin forward so that it slid over the end of my own dick.

"Oh Jeeze!" I exclaimed as I felt something I'd never ever expected to feel. A feeling that suddenly intensified as Troy commenced sliding his foreskin back and forth. Finally I had an idea of what I was missing. There was a lot of pre-cum aiding the movement of the foreskin and I had no idea if it was mine or his, but I knew this incredible experience could only have one outcome and it was going to happen very soon.

"I'm gonna cum!" I exclaimed and went to pull away, but Troy kept us clamped together.

"So am I - let it happen."

And very shortly we were both blasting our loads into and around each other dicks.

It took us a few minutes to recover from the experience. I was the first.

"I dunno what gave you that idea, but it was an amazing feeling."

"I dunno either. Guess it was just 'cos you'd done what I wanted and when you said you regretted not being able to know what it felt like, I just wanted to see if I could give you some idea."

"You're such a caring person, Troy. How can I not love you?"

I pulled him to me and we engaged in some serious kissing that was only interrupted by a knock on the door and Mrs C telling us we had twenty minutes to 'get our asses in gear and get downstairs'. That gave us time to just shower and get dressed. I had on my favorite grey skinnies, red Converse and red hoodie over a blue polo while Troy went for black skinnies and high top black Converse teamed with a grey hoodie and a maroon polo. He'd also changed out of the blue briefs and was wearing pale grey CK boxer briefs.

When we got downstairs Mr C was home from work and Gran was also there. Everyone got a drink and we went into the family room. Gran had a card for Troy, which, when he opened it, he found contained a note saying she was going to give him some money towards buying a car, but it would take about a month before the money was available. As Troy said that wasn't a problem because it would take him a couple of weeks at least before he could take his driving test. I'd already given him my card earlier in the morning – In fact I'd given him two, one of which was definitely remaining in our bedroom!

Mr C handed Troy an envelope which also contained a further card to the one he'd had from his parents earlier. When he opened it he found inside a voucher for driving lessons which really pleased him. They also gave him a pair of black skinnies and a red hoodie that was of a sufficiently different shade to mine that we'd not look like twins if we both wore them simultaneously. Lastly I gave him my little packet and sat fretting as he opened it, worried he might not like it, but his face lit up when he saw it and he rushed over to hug and kiss me and insist that I put it round his neck.

After that we sat and talked for a while and the conversation got round to previous birthdays. I was just taking a drink of my Dr Pepper when I heard Mr C say,

"Just think Troy, if I was still giving you birthday spankings you'd have got sixteen this year."

"Plus one to grow on, don't forget," added Gran with a chortle.

I was trying hard not to choke on the sip of my drink.

"Sometimes I think it's a pity we dropped that tradition," said Mrs C. "There's been a few times since then I wouldn't have minded spanking his butt." At which point she realised what she'd said and looking very embarrassed, turned to me. "I'm sorry Adam, that was thoughtless of me."

"Don't worry mom. Adam can give me my birthday spanking later."

"Hmm....who knows what you two get up to......actually I don't think I want to know!"

"Aw, mom – we're good."

"I know that and I love you both. Now drink up and let's get going."

We went to an Italian restaurant and although I'd enjoyed Mrs C's lasagne and cannelloni I have to say the pasta they served was really superb as was the tiramisu which I had after the main course. That had been preceded by something called antipasti which consisted of little tastes of various things. All new experiences for me in what I now considered to be my second life.

We thus returned home well fed, but when we'd said our good night's and gone upstairs to our bedroom, I had one more birthday treat planned for my boyfriend. As we weren't going to shower I shot into the bathroom first and locked the door. Troy thought I was having a dump so left me to it, but I just wanted him to go in after me rather than us be together as usual.

While he was in there I'd spread a couple of my old towels over the comforter and when he emerged it was to see me naked, facing the door and holding a bottle of baby oil in my hand. His face wasn't the only thing to respond to what he saw......

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