by Ivor Slipper

Chapter 21

Of course I had to explain to Troy and Mrs C what I had found funny enough to laugh about as I'm sure they both thought it very strange that I could find anything funny about burying my father, especially in the circumstances under which I'd had to attend. However, when I explained my conversation with the Minister they both understood. Troy actually declared him to be a dick which brought a sound of disapproval from Mrs C who then suggested that 'idiot' might be more appropriate.

I had though survived the ceremony and without any real trauma. As I'd expected my ma had simply acted as if I no longer existed and the rest of the congregation had followed her lead. I knew I was never going back to that church again and even wondered if I could bring myself to ever visit my pa's grave. The one thing I still wanted to know was what had he been trying to do with the gun when the police burst in. But with Kyle being unable to shed any further light and the likelihood that even if Mike did recover enough to say anything, it was very probably not going to be the truth, it seemed likely to remain an unsolved mystery.

After we got to school we did get a few comments about how we were dressed from people who didn't know the reason. It rather made me wish we'd brought our usual attire with us and changed when we got there. Those who asked all offered their sympathies once they knew the reason, but they then felt guilty for asking and I did find it a little upsetting to keep explaining. I told myself though that if I'd had to go to my pa's funeral some months ago nobody would have been interested enough to ask such a question. It was, I decided, just something else that showed how much my life and my status within the school had changed. I realized that there must be other kids who were in the situation I had been, but not necessarily because they were gay. The GSA we were about to set up would thus help some of the underdogs, but by no means all. At least it would be a small step in the right direction and if we managed to create a kinder, better atmosphere in the school towards those with sexual differences, perhaps it would spread to other areas

We were both anxious to get home after school and we decided to give our usual Wednesday after school activities a miss, planning to go for a run later. It was good though to get home and out of our formal attire and into our after school 'uniform'. Once we'd stripped down to our boxer briefs we decided that it would be nice to have a shower. The water consumption in the Connelly house must have shot up dramatically since I'd arrived, not to forget the bill for heating it! We both simply delighted in standing under the shower head with the warm water running over our bodies while we kissed, caressed and washed each other. I suppose it was like a sort of mating ritual, or perhaps just renewing our bonds. Whatever, there was definitely something special in having Troy's soapy hands gently running over my body, and I could tell from his reactions that he felt the same. These days, if time allowed, as it did after school, we could rarely resist pleasuring each other while there. Sometimes that would be a simple hand job; others – like today – we'd take it in turns to kneel and take each other in our mouths, then sharing our gift with the giver.

Having got through the funeral I, or rather we, had another challenge to face on Thursday with the GSA meeting. We decided that we'd just dress normally rather than wearing our best clothes on the basis that might make it seem more like a normal day. As though the hours passed I was finding it harder to concentrate in class fearing that many – or even most – of those who'd expressed interest at the original meeting might not turn up for this one. My fears proved groundless as by the time the meeting started it seemed at least that number had turned up.

Mr Edgars called the meeting to order and the room quickly fell silent.

"Ladies and gentlemen – if that old fashioned form of address is still permitted," that opening remark draw some laughter and I'm sure was intended to put everyone at ease. "as I said at the last meeting I am only here as an observer and facilitator and to provide a link between this group and the school authorities. It is your group and with that in mind the first order of business today will be elections.

We will have votes for President, Vice-president, Secretary and Treasurer. The President will run meetings and keep the meetings following an agenda. The Vice-President will assume those duties if the President is absent, but will normally arrange fundraisers and club visibility efforts. The Secretary will keep meeting minutes and advise the group of upcoming school events that we might join, individually and as a club. The Treasurer will keep track of club funds and expenses.

We will need to have a person nominated for each office and a seconder to place them on the ballot. Assuming there is more than one seconded nomination then we will have a vote to decide who is elected. That vote will be taken by a show of hands and for today I will be the person who counts the votes.

Is that clear?"

Mr Edgars looked round the room, as did I; everyone seemed happy.

"Can we have nominations for President?" he continued.

Drew McAllister stood up. "I nominate Troy Connelly as he is the person who set this idea in motion."

I heard a few hand claps and 'hear hears'.

"I second that nomination." said Nate Long who was sitting alongside him.

"Do we have any other nominations?" Mr Edgars asked.

"I nominate Adam Jackson." said Madison Greenberg, surprising me.

One of the Seniors who I didn't know except by sight stood. "I'd be happy to second that nomination."

"Are there any other nominatons? If not we can proceed to a vote." asked Mr Edgars.

I saw Carlos stand up. "Is there any reason why we can't have Co-Presidents?" he asked. A ripple went round the room.

"Well, it would be unorthodox," Mr Edgars responded, "but as I said, it is your group and if that is what you want,I don't see any reason for it not to go ahead."

"Makes sense to me." I heard Drew say. "The P and the VP will have to work together and as they live in the same house....."

That drew a laugh or two and definitely exposed the closeness of our relationship to anyone who hadn't previously been aware.

"Would you two be happy with such an arrangement?" Mr Edgars asked.

Troy and I exchanged looks and smiles, before he stood.

"Drew said it was me who set this idea in motion. Perhaps it was in the sense that I was the one who was attacked, but it was my boyfriend Adam who has been the driving force in making me get off my lazy butt and actually do something. I know I speak for him in saying that we'd be very proud to go ahead on that basis – if that is what you want – as I do think we make a good team."

There was a round of applause as Troy sat down.

"I think I can take it from your response that the GSA has Co-Presidents." said Mr Edgars. "Now to the other positions."

It ended up with Hannah Parker being elected as Secretary after a vote. I was glad about that because she'd done a lot of research and work before the first meeting and I knew she was committed to the concept.

As I'd rather suspected nobody particularly wanted the job of Treasurer. In the end Nate Long was coerced into volunteering by Drew and Troy.

Once those positions had been filled I had a quick conversation with Troy and he stood up to speak.

"On behalf of the officers, thank you for electing us. We hope we can do a good job. As this is new to us and to the school, Adam and I think it would be a good idea if we also had some volunteers to make up a Committee. The four of us won't be able to do much on our own in the way of running fundraisers, so we need help with that. Let us know if you are interested. We also need to set a membership fee and arrange for regular meetings. I would suggest the second Thursday in each month, here, after school and at the next one we will agree on a membership fee."

As he sat down, Hannah piped up, "If there is anyone here who didn't complete a form at the first meeting I have some here for you to complete. These will be used to create a membership database."

So we had our GSA group and we had our officers for it. All that remained was for it to actually do something and see if it could make a difference.

Friday at school was just a normal Friday. Once we got home we stripped down in Troy's bedroom and got our homework – or most of it - out of the way immediately so we didn't have it looming over us for the weekend. I'd long ago convinced Troy doing it first was the best way to enjoy your weekend. We did briefly discuss whether we'd have our 'sleepover' on the Friday or the Saturday, but we'd really also decided it was best to have it on the Saturday night. There was no need to stir from our bed on Sunday morning whereas on Saturday we did like to go the the mall in the morning before I went to the store as there so often seemed to be an item of clothing one of other of us needed! We'd also agreed that the sleepover night would be the one on which we really could spend time giving each other the maximum pleasure possible in bed and it was thus eagerly awaited and enjoyed.

Before we went into town on Saturday we asked Troy's mom something to which she readily agreed. Thus we were hoping that we would run into Carlos and his mother in the mall as they did often seem to be there on a Saturday morning. Sure enough we did and we put our plan into action.

I took Carlos aside on the pretext of asking him something about the GSA while Troy talked to his mother. I was watching Troy while they spoke and after a couple of minutes he gave me the thumbs up which was my signal to bring Carlos back to where his mother was in the wheelchair.

"Carlos, would you like to come and have Thanksgiving dinner with us on Thursday week?" Troy asked.

He looked stunned and then turned to his mother.

"I've already asked your mother and she's happy for you to come. We've never really thanked you for what you did when Mike & Kyle kidnapped us."

"Yes," I cut in, "if you hadn't done that we'd have both been beaten black and blue at the very least and maybe killed, so we owe you a lot. Troy's parents wanted us to invite you and your mother says you don't really celebrate Thanksgiving, so...."

Troy took over; we were becoming like a double act! "Please say you'll come. My father'll pick you up and take you home again after."

"Please say 'Yes' Carlos." I added.

He had been looking from one to another of us as we spoke and the stunned look on his face had slowly changed into one that combined amusement and pleasure.

"You really want me to come and join your family celebration?" he asked.

"Yes, we do." Troy said placing a hand on one of his shoulders.

"Yes, I particularly have a lot to give thanks for this year." I said placing a hand on his other shoulder.

Carlos turned to his mother, "And it is alright for me to go mama?"

"Of course it is Carlito," she replied, "We do not do anything special that day. I expect your papa will be watching sport on the TV and the girls will be playing happily – so go!"

"Then I will come – muchas gracias."

"De nada" I responded using up virtually my entire Spanish vocabulary.

We then asked them if they'd join us for a drink, but they declined as they had a lot of shopping to do Carlos' mother said so we went our separate ways.

We managed not to spend too much money on clothes. I now had more money in my pocket than I'd ever had before with the allowance the Connelly's insisted on giving me, but I often found myself in a quandary when we went to the mall on a Saturday. I'd changed from not bothering what I looked like or what I wore to wanting to look good – in no small way for Troy's benefit and because he always looked good. At the same time though there was this little voice in my head telling me that I shouldn't be wasting money on fashionable clothes.

That voice did seem to be getting smaller and smaller, as a result of which I ended up buying a three pack of black CK boxer briefs for my collection. Having decided that was going to be all, I then saw a red hoodie that I just had to have because it would go great with my grey skinnies and red converse. Troy laughed at me and said I was becoming a clothes addict which made me laugh because that was what I considered him to be. But he did agree that it was a good choice and added that he would have bought one himself but for the fact we'd look like twins if we both wore them at the same time.

After that it was time for something to eat – we settled for a pizza – and then it was time to meet Mrs C who dropped me off at the store. At one point during my shift my ma came into the store while I was working on a checkout, but she avoided using mine. I was fairly sure she'd seen me and intentionally gone to another one which avoided any awkwardness for both of us.

Troy came with his father to take me home after my shift ended and when we got home it was to the smell of something delicious. Mrs C had made great lasagne in the past, but tonight she proved she could make just as good cannelloni which Troy and I, with a little help from his father, quickly devoured. Afterwards we all went into the family room and like the previous Saturday while Troy and his father watched sport on TV, Mrs C and I passed an hour or so with some crosswords and puzzles. When the match they were watching ended Troy came over and sat next to me. I could tell he wanted to go upstairs by the way he kept putting his hand under my t-shirt to stroke my back, so after Mr C and I had finished the puzzle we were doing I declared that I felt tired and was going to bed. She smiled knowingly at me and said that she hoped I'd sleep well, on hearing which Troy did his best not to laugh out loud.

We went upstairs to his room and quickly stripped before heading to the shower. There we washed each other in our usual way, but when Troy started to go down on his knees I stepped out of the shower telling him to make sure he was thoroughly clean. His eyes widened,

"Are you sure, Adam? You don't have to."

"I know I don't have to, but I want to. I want to give you pleasure just like you gave me."

I left him to it and went back into the bedroom to spread a couple of towels over the comforter and also found some non classical music to play. That done I sat on the edge of the bed looking towards the bathroom door and idly stroking myself. It wasn't long before Troy came out, but the little devil came out ass first before bending over in front of me as if to be inspected! I couldn't resist temptation and gave his butt a fairly firm slap which produced an 'Ow' of surprise from him. But when he turned round there was a smile in his face and the head of his dick was well beyond his foreskin.

"Was that an Adam love bite?"

We did enjoy nipping each other's nipples and sometimes butts, but we never did anything that would leave a mark – neither of us wanted to go round sporting hickeys!

"I just couldn't resist temptation then any more than I can now," I said as I leaned forward and started to lick the end of his dick that was already showing a bead of pre-cum.

"This may sound odd, but I sort of enjoyed it!"

We both laughed, but I made a mental note to maybe try that again. Anything that added to our enjoyment of being with each other was all to the good. One of these days I might even ask him to slap mine as I'm sure he wouldn't just do it because of what I experienced in the past, but it would be interesting to find out what effect a play smack would have.

For now though I told him to get on the bed on all fours in order that I could try and give him the same pleasure he had given me. I had been rather worried about doing this as the idea of sticking my tongue in his crack, let alone in his hole, was rather off-putting. I soon found out though that it neither smelled or tasted nasty. That, coupled with the noises of pleasure that I could hear coming from Troy quickly removed my fears and I was soon enjoying the experience myself. I was also dubious about inserting my finger up there, but as my dick had once been there I knew the entry wouldn't cause any problems – and so it proved. Troy was moaning with pleasure and I took the chance of inserting a second finger which resulted in an even greater expression of pleasure. By now I'd taken hold of his dick with my other hand and was gently moving the foreskin back and forth. Finally I hit the magic spot that is his prostate and I immediately felt him stiffen before he started to pump. I tried to catch as much as possible in my hand and once he had finished and recovered, I moved to share it with him.

I'd hoped I'd given him as much joy as he had me the previous Saturday. By the way we kissed and cuddled afterwards I was confident that I had.

We slept well that night but I was woken in the morning by a feeling of wetness. I feared at first that I had experienced a wet dream, but on opening my eyes and looking down, quickly saw it was no dream. The covers had been thrown off and Troy was giving me a blow job! Quite a way to wake up!!

Nothing much out of the normal happened on Sunday, but Troy's parents did agree we could go to the park in the afternoon. We rode down on our bikes but it wasn't long before we spotted Mr C's car in the car park. Him being there was understandable and I had to admit, a little reassuring.

Monday passed normally at school and afterwards I went and spent an hour in the gym and on the track under the eyes of Coach Zielinski while Troy was swimming. Mrs C collected us afterwards and on the way home in the car mentioned that when she'd returned earlier from doing some shopping she'd found a parcel addressed to me by the front door.

I was puzzled because I hadn't ordered anything online, but as soon as we got indoors and I saw it at least part of the puzzle was solved because I recognized my ma's writing on the label.

Troy and I had sat down at the kitchen table to enjoy some juice and cookies. Mrs C had left the parcel on the table; it was wrapped in brown paper and about the size of a shoebox. When I picked it up it didn't feel very heavy and I had no clue what it might contain, but I tore off the brown paper to indeed reveal a box. There was a torn sheet of paper stuck to the lid on which was written:

Adam, I thought you'd like to have a memento of your father.

Troy was sitting alongside me and was as intrigued as me about what the box might contain. I moved it so both he and Mrs C, who was standing behind me, could read the note.

"That's nice of her, Adam," she said.

"Yeah, I wasn't expecting anything I must say."

I took the lid off the box to reveal a bag that bore the logo of the store I worked at – maybe one of those in which she put her shopping on Saturday. I lifted out the bag and as I did so began to have a good idea of what it contained. I tipped the contents onto the table. As I did so two voices spoke.

"Shit! The bitch!!" came from Troy.

"Oh, Adam......I'm so, so sorry. I can't believe anyone could do that."

Mrs C stepped forward and enveloped me in a hug. I could sense there were tears in her eyes, but the feel of her hands on my chest and the touch of the soft skin of her face on mine felt so good and loving.

"Troy, I'd normally send you to your room for words like that, but I can't. You saved me from saying them myself."

We all looked at it curled up on the table, almost like a snake waiting to strike. Something I'd never expected to ever see again – my pa's brown leather belt.

None of us spoke; we were sort of mesmerised I think. Finally Mrs C broke the silence.

"Let me take it and put it in the trash where it belongs. I'm sure you don't want to touch it."

I came out of my trance. "No - don't do that."

"You're not thinking of keeping it are you? Or are you going to send it back to the b...." This time Troy stopped himself.

"I think I'm going to hang it on the back of the door in my bedroom so every time I see it I'll know that it may have beaten me but he and my ma didn't."

I think my words left both Troy and Mrs C speechless as neither responded. After a minute of so I picked the belt up from the table, stood up and made my way upstairs to my bedroom. I closed the door and hung the belt from the hook that was there before going to sit on by bed. I looked at it and all sorts of thoughts went through my mind. At first they were sad and I could mentally feel that belt lashing my bare butt along with other flashbacks of how things used to be. But then the thoughts slowly started to change and became happier recollections of the good things that had happened since the day I'd run away.

Just then there was a knock on the door and Troy's head appeared round it.

"Can I come in?"

"You don't need to ask. You never need to ask."

He came and sat beside me on the bed and put his arm round my shoulders, pulling my head against his.

"How are you feeling?"

"I was down at first – very down, but then I began to focus on the good things."

"Such as me?" he said with a grin.

"Yeah, you were somewhere in the list."

He laughed. "That's one of the many, many things I love about you Adam. You always bounce back."

"Only 'cos you're my trampoline."

Now we were both laughing and rolling on the bed, kissing and tickling. After a while we stopped and sat up. Troy looked at me.

"I don't think that belt should be on the back of this door, Adam."

"You never got spanked as a kid did you? So what happened if you broke the rules? Was it just like your mom said earlier and you got sent to your room?"

Troy started to chuckle but quickly stopped.

"I really am sorry for using that word about your mom, but......."

"No need to be sorry Troy, I felt the same, Just conditioned not to say such words."

"I understand that." Troy answered, glancing at the belt as he did. "Yeah, I guess I did usually get sent to my room. Sometimes I'd lose my computer or games for two or three days and on a few occasions I'd have my allowance cut or stopped. Only times I ever got spanked was my birthday spankings when I was a lot younger."

"Birthday spankings? What were those?"

Troy giggled, remembering back. "I guess perhaps it was something Gramps did to my father when he was young, but from the time I was about five until I suppose I was eleven, on my birthday he'd take me over his knee and give me one spank for each year – and then one to grow on! I was always wearing pants so it hardly hurt and was just a bit of fun as afterwards I'd get my presents."

"Sounds fun. As for the belt, well, I don't think it'll stay there for ever."

"I don't think it should stay there at all," he said getting up and walking over to the door. "I think it should be on the back of the door of our bedroom. Remember what Mr Edgars said – together you and I are stronger than we are as individuals"

"You're right." I said, "let's move it and get out of these school clothes."

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