by Ivor Slipper

Chapter 20

As I stepped out of the shower I thought that I could hear music playing, but as I started to towel myself dry I decided it must just be that some water had got in my ears. I was still puzzling as to what Troy had planned; in fact I'd been trying to work that out while attending to certain things and then showering again as thoroughly as I could.

Once I was dry I hung the towel on the towel rail – I could see no point in wrapping it around me – and opened the bathroom door. On doing so I found that I hadn't been wrong about the music as Vivaldi's 'Four Seasons' was playing. I had come over the years to like classical music, at least the so called 'popular' classics, not least because my parents hated the modern 'devil's music' as they called it and refused to let me play it. Troy had never listened to classical music, but since we'd been together I had introduced him to some and although most of the time we played pop music, there were times when we listened to classical. He knew this was one of my favorite pieces, so it was evidently playing for a reason.

I smiled. Partly because of hearing the music, but also at the sight of my Troy standing before me naked. He was semi hard, the head of his dick just emerging from his foreskin. That was a sight I considered almost magical when compared to the always visible round bulb on the end of mine, even though Troy always insisted that he loved the sight of mine. He got a good sighting now as I responded in the only way possible to what I saw. I closed to hug and kiss him while our dicks rubbed together, seemingly having their own dance while our tongues had theirs.

"What is all this?" I whispered. "Are you going to....."

He took one hand from where it was round my back and gave my butt a little slap.

"Don't ask questions, Adam. Be a good boy and do what I tell you." He said with a little, almost evil, chuckle.

"But we promised your mom. I don't want to break that promise – or make you. I can wait, it's only a few weeks now."

"Adam, stop worrying. It will be alright. Now get on the bed, on your hands and knees."

I looked into his eyes. They were sparkling and I could only see love in them. I decided I'd do what he asked, although to be honest I'd always do what he asked. If he was going to break his promise I could hardly not do so myself. He'd spread a towel over the comforter, so I climbed onto it and positioned myself as he'd asked. I'd always imagined that the first time he made love to me it would be in a similar fashion to how we'd done it at the old house. We'd be looking at each other to see the emotions on each other's faces as we coupled, but if this was how he wanted it, I'd not object.

He climbed onto the bed and I sensed him kneel astride my legs before I felt his fingers move into my cleft and push my butt cheeks further apart. I grew harder as he did and wanted to stroke my dick which was now pulsing, but I was distracted as I felt Troy kissing my butt and nuzzling it with his face. I could see why Troy had decided to play some music as I was already starting to make little noises as a result of what he was doing and I sensed those noises could soon grow louder.

I was proved right a few seconds later as I felt something damp at the top of my crack. No sooner had I realized it was his tongue than it began to trace its way down from top to bottom. My heart turned over; I raised my head and let out a long moan of pleasure at what I was feeling. And then I felt Troy's nose go down into my butt crack and he pushed my cheeks further apart so that I could then feel his tongue exploring my butt and tickling around my hole. Suddenly it was actually inside my hole!

I'd seen such things done on a video on line, but never imagined it would happen to me. It felt amazing and I could almost feel my balls swelling as Troy's tongue explored my most intimate place. But as suddenly as it had come it was gone, only to be replaced a second or two later by something more solid that I knew was Troy's finger. By now my moans and exclamations at the feelings I was experiencing had increased in volume. This was a totally new experience as his finger explored, creating waves of pleasure. I was busy enjoying those when his other hand grasped hold of my dick. Usually I didn't produce much pre-cum but today was an exception as Troy's fingers spread it around my crown and over the slit forcing my moans to increase. And then, suddenly, everything seemed to happen at once. I felt something in my hole and in a trice knew that Troy must have landed on my prostate. That drew a loud noise from deep within me and suddenly I was pumping into Troy's hand – and pumping and pumping the biggest load of cum I had ever produced.

I felt weak; my arms were shaking and I thought I was going to collapse. Troy pushed me onto my side before quickly moving to lie alongside me. I must have closed my eyes because the next thing I remember was seeing his smiling face a couple of inches away from mine.

"Jeeze, Troy, that was....amazing." I gasped.

"Yep, and we didn't break our promise – did we?"

He brought his hand to his mouth – the one that had been round my dick when I'd shot.

"I can never get enough of you, Adam – you taste great."

"Gonna share?" I asked as he put his fingers in his mouth. He sucked greedily and them moved to share with a kiss.

That done we both rolled onto our backs with an arm round each others' shoulders. Vivaldi was still playing but the world was somehow different. Our relationship, already strong, had somehow been cemented still further.

"Troy, saying thanks would be stupid, but, thanks anyway. Dunno where you got the idea from, but it was wonderful to feel you inside me. Now I want to do it for you."

He sighed. "I can wait Adam. It will be something to look forward to. You've had such a bad time lately I just wanted to give you something special."

"You sure did that." I said as I rolled over and proceed to straddle him before starting to lick and kiss my way down his chest, paying special attention to his nipples, until I arrived at his dick. I'd shot my load but he hadn't, so now it was my pleasure to give him the best bj I could manage.

After that we cleaned ourselves up with the towel and then I spooned my love to me.

"Troy Connelly, you're the best," I whispered as I nestled my dick between his legs. "I had no idea how lucky I was gonna be that day you came and sat at my desk."

"Nor me," he replied sleepily.

Sunday was going along pretty much like any Sunday in that we lazed in bed until late morning before stirring ourselves for a breakfast that could have better been called a brunch. While we were eating it Mr C took a call, which as he was talking we could tell was from Kyle's father. Part way through it Mr C asked him to hold and then asked us if we still wanted to go and see Kyle. We looked at each other and nodded; having reached that decision the other day we weren't going to change our minds now. Thus it was that a couple of hours later Mr Lundgren picked us up and drove us to Juvenile Hall. He had very little to say on the drive other than to apologise again about what had happened and to thank us for agreeing to see Kyle.

I had no idea what to expect when we got there, but from the outside the building looked as depressing as I expected. We had to go through security and were issued with badges before being escorted to a large room, sort of like a hall I suppose, where there were various tables and chairs. Mr Lundgren said we should see Kyle first so he stayed outside while we went in. We'd been told there could be no touching, not that we wanted to touch him, other than perhaps I might have liked to get him back for that punch! Kyle was already sat at one of the tables and we went across the room and sat in the two chairs on the opposite side.

He smiled weakly as we approached. I thought he looked different to only a week before. He was clean now and dressed in juvenile inmate uniform of blue denims with grey sweatshirt and thus identical to the other inmates who were there, but the swagger in him had gone. We both said 'Hi' as we pulled chairs and sat down and he said the same. Then a silence descended. Nobody appeared to know how to begin.

"Your father said you wanted to see us Kyle." I said on the basis that one of us had to say something and we couldn't just sit there for the twenty minutes we had.

"Yeah, I did. But I didn't think you'd come." He offered another smile.

"We nearly didn't, but we both thought about it and separately came to the same conclusion, although I'm not sure either of us really know why."

"Er – well thanks for coming. I just wanted to say 'sorry' to both of you. I know that don't mean much, but it sorta seemed it'd be better if I said it to your faces."

That gave me an opportunity.

"Talking of faces, Kyle, why the fuck did you want to smash mine in?"

He gulped and drew back in his chair almost frightened that I might be looking for physical revenge.

"I dunno. Can't explain really. Something just came over me. I was jealous of you and him I guess."

"What!" Troy exclaimed, drawing a look from one of the officers.

"Yeah, I'm like you, but I ain't got the balls to admit it. My father'd throw me outa the house if he found out, so please don't tell him......please!"

Kyle half extended a hand across the table and then realising, drew it back. I could see he was close to crying.

"It'll come in handy round here though," he added while Troy and I were still trying to digest his previous couple of sentences.

"Kyle, before we go back to that there was one main reason why I wanted to see you." He looked across at me - a slightly puzzled expression on his face. "Do you know what happened between Mike and my pa? Which one of them went for the gun?"

I felt Troy's left hand under the table searching for my right. They clasped together as I waited for the answer. Perhaps Kyle could solve the mystery for me.

"Sorry, Adam. I was looking at you. I didn't see what they were doing at first and when I did see they both seemed to have their hand round it. Fuckin' Mike had told me it wasn't loaded. Couldn't believe it when it let loose. The shit lied to me. Now I'm gonna get sent down for years."

Now he did start to shed a few tears. If he was telling the truth then it did seem he'd been taken in by Mike.

"So what's with this crap about you being gay?" Troy asked. "You've sure got a funny way of showing it if you are."

"I am Troy, but my folks ain't like yours."

"Okay, I know mine are special – damned special, but Adam's weren't."

"Yeah – and look what happened to him. He was fuckin' lucky he had you and your folks to run to. I ain't got nobody. Even Mike only fuckin' used me when I thought it was more."

I could see his point. Troy had been lucky and I'd been even luckier to end up being taken in by his parents. Where we lived being openly gay and happy as a kid wasn't available to many which was one of the reasons we decided to try and set up the GSA.

"So when did you realise you were gay?" I asked.

Kyle made a strange noise – a sort of cross between a laugh and a sob I guess.

"I guess it was about the fourth time I sucked my brother's dick."

"What!" we both exclaimed more or less in unison. Kyle's brother Jason was a couple of years older than him and had been the star running back on the football team last season. He was the real epitome of a jock.

"Yeah, I was twelve when he first forced me to do it for him. I hated it for the first coupla times, but then two things happened. I started to like doing it, so instead of him asking I was offering. And he started to stand up for me against pa. See, I was the no good one of us three kids. He was the likely star footballer and Mary-Beth was very bright and always coming home with straight As."

He was right so far. She was a year older than us and was known to be destined for a scholarship to a good university. So there was two older siblings with potential that a parent was almost certainly proud of.

"And there was me bringing home lousy grades, often getting into trouble at school and back then, overweight and unfit. Pa had little time for me other than to paddle my butt regularly - he always found time for that.

Thinking back I did remember him as being fairly overweight and not really athletic.

"But in return for my services, Jason helped me get fit and lose the fat. Even Pa was happy when I got on the team. Alright, it was only in defence, but I'd made it and now he could boast about me to his pals. So that side of life was okay, but I wanted more than just sucking Jason. Mike was happy enough for me to do him, but all he'd do for me was jerk me off. Then you two got together and that pissed him off totally. He wanted to hurt you mostly, Troy, but also Adam for taking him."

"But I never took him. I came along some time after Troy had dumped Mike."

"Yeah, I know that now, but that wasn't how Mike told it. And it made me so jealous seeing you two together and happy, so when Mike came up with the idea after the Homecoming game to take Troy down, I was all in favor. But after that, it all went crazy. At the end I knew it had, and my life was gonna be shot from then on so I just had to smash something so that's why I tried to break your nose. Fuckin' stupid! I'm sorry about that Adam."

Kyle spread his forearms on the table and laid his head on them. I could see and hear him sobbing. I looked at Troy to find him looking at me; he shrugged. Neither of us knew what to do and part of me somewhat regretted having decided to come, although at the same time part of me knew that by coming we had found out some things we'd not otherwise have ever known.

Troy and I sat there not knowing what to do or say for a couple of minutes until Kyle raised his head.

"Guess there's nothing more to say, 'cept thanks for coming. I just wanted you to know I'm real sorry for what I did to both of you." He gave a weak smile. "Guess I'll never see you again, so have a good life."

Having said that and before we could respond, he pushed his chair back, stood up and rushed to the door that led back into the cell area. Troy and I stood up and walked in the opposite direction towards freedom, both lost in our own thoughts.

When we got outside the visiting area we told Mr Lundgren that Kyle had dashed back towards the cells and was upset. He just shrugged and muttered something that I couldn't hear, before saying that in that case he'd drive us back home. Based on what Kyle had told us when Troy went to put his hand in mine as we left the centre, I pulled mine away and shook my head, putting my hand in my jeans pocket instead. Troy looked puzzled and then clicked why I was apparently spurning him. He smiled and copied me. Although we sat not touching in the car on the way back it didn't make Mr Lundgren any more talkative.

As we pulled up outside the house Troy thanked him for taking us and asked if he was going back there now.

"I did it because his mother asked me to. The boy's a lost cause now. I'd thought in the last year or so he might make good, but I was wrong. Fell in with bad company and is gonna have to pay the price."

I almost started to tell him that at least part of Kyle's troubles was due to his older brother, but realized just in time that would mean his father finding out something Kyle desperately didn't want him to know. Instead I just added my thanks to Troy's and got out of the car as quickly as I could, hoping I'd never have to see the man again.

We went indoors and naturally Troy's folks wanted to know what had happened with our visit. We told them everything that had taken place and I think by the time we'd finished even their opinion of Kyle had changed a little.

After that we went up to the bedroom. Troy asked me if I wanted to play a game on the X-box or computer but I wasn't really in the right frame of mind for killing things or fighting zombies and instead stretched out on the bed staring at the ceiling. After a few minutes Troy came and lay beside me to give me a hug and a kiss.

"What's wrong, Adam?"

"Just thinking." I replied.

"Thinking about what?"

I turned onto my side so I could look into his eyes as I spoke.

"Thinking that if it wasn't for you, that could be me where Kyle is."

"Don't be friggin' daft Adam! You'd never go and attack anyone like he did."

"No, I don't mean in the same way, but he had a father who wasn't going to accept him being gay, same as I did. But I was lucky when it all got too much for me and I ran away because I had you and also your folks took me in. If I'd not been so in love with you that I'd just run, I bet I'd have started stealing or selling myself to survive. Somewhere along the way, I'd have ended up being arrested and locked up. So I'd have got to the same place, but by a slightly different route."

There was a silence while Troy apparently digested my little speech.

"Adam, sometimes you think too much and care too much about others." I opened my mouth to respond, but Troy placed a finger over my lips before continuing. "No, listen. One of the many things I love about you is that you care about others, but don't go comparing yourself to the likes of Kyle. He's weak; you're strong – and that's why you'd never have ended up in a cell even if you had run away."

This was all getting a bit heavy for a Sunday afternoon I decided. We needed to change the mood.

"Shouldn't we be in our briefs?" I asked.

He grinned. "Nah, that's for after school. Let's get nekkid instead."

The mood had indeed suddenly changed. He rolled off one side of the bed and I off the other where we had a race to see who could 'get nekkid' first. It was pretty much a tie before we both met again in the middle of the bed allowing our hands to explore and enjoy the feel of each others' bodies.

When we got home from school on Monday, Mrs C told me that she'd been in touch with the undertakers who were handling my father's funeral and had found out that it would be held at 10:30 on Wednesday. I spent part of Tuesday worrying about it and whether a scene might happen. We didn't have much in the way of a close family – ma had a sister who lived in the next town, but rarely saw and my pa had a brother who he'd fallen out with many years ago and never saw. I thus thought most of the congregation would be other churchgoers who would look on me as the spawn of the devil, but not want to get close in case they caught my disease.

On Wednesday morning I dressed in the clothes I'd worn for the Homecoming Dance. Mr C found me a black tie. Troy decided that he'd also wear dress pants and a button down shirt rather than his usual school skinnies on the basis that we were going to school afterwards direct from the church and he didn't want me to be the only one walking round looking like I'd changed into a nerd overnight! I suppose we could have taken our normal school clothes and changed when we got to school, but our minds weren't functioning properly right then.

Mrs C had phoned the school and got permission for us both to have the whole morning off and as a result Troy and I didn't have to get up at our normal time. That meant we could stay in bed and cuddle and avoided me having to sit around in the kitchen worrying. We set off in good time and found a place to park outside the church but not too close. About quarter past ten I had a final kiss with Troy and got out of the car. Mrs C surprised me by getting out too and giving me a hug and a kiss on the cheek – she was such a caring person and that gesture meant a lot as I walked toward the church. There were a few people there that I knew by sight, but I found myself a place at the rear. I'd decided that if anyone spoke to me I'd speak to them, if they were polite, but I wasn't going to speak unless spoken to.

As the time for the service drew closer more people arrived and I suppose the church was over half full by the time Pa's coffin was brought in with my mother and her sister and a couple of other people I didn't recognise, behind it. She did look round as she was walking to the front of the church and I'm sure she saw me. I think I rather switched off for most of the service especially when the Minister was eulogising a man I found hard to recognise as my father. When the service ended the coffin was moved to the grave and most of the congregation followed, but I walked back to the car and sat in the rear seat holding hands with Troy. After a while people started reappearing from the cemetery and finally I saw my ma and her sister appear, get into a car and drive away.

That was my cue and taking the single white rose I'd asked Mrs C to buy for me on Tuesday, I walked to find my Pa's grave. I stood beside it, bowed my head and said a little prayer for him and his soul, even feeling a few tears run down my cheeks as I did. Then I laid my rose on the ground, slightly apart from the other floral tributes that were there and walked away. As I started to walk across the parking area towards our car the Minister emerged from the front door of the church, saw me and called out.

"Ah, Adam. It was good to see you here again today. Come to pay your respects?"

I'd hoped not to have to talk to him, but I could hardly be rude and ignore him now he'd spoken to me.

"Yes, sir."

He walked closer before speaking again.

"He was a good man your father. He will be sorely missed."

I just nodded, anxious to give him no reason to continue the conversation and not wanting to get into a discussion about my father's merits – or lack of.

"It is not too late to repent your sins Adam and rejoin the flock. You would be welcomed back and you could ensure your place in heaven alongside your father."

He'd pushed me too far.

"I've joined another flock Minister. A kinder flock – one where the sheepdogs don't bite."

I swear his mouth dropped and and he gaped like a fish. I turned away and walked back to the car. When I got into the rear seat Mrs C turned to look at me,

"Is everything alright Adam? Was that the Minister talking to you?"

"Yes, it's fine Mrs C. He was just trying to pull the wool over my eyes."

And I started to laugh as she switched on the engine and we drove off to school.

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