by Ivor Slipper

Chapter 19

As soon as I saw that she had addressed me in name only and that the 'Dear' which one would expect, was missing, I felt a roiling in my gut. I knew that what I was about to read would not be pleasant and could very well be unpleasant. What had been a great and successful day was about to be spoiled – possibly even destroyed.

On reading the first line I saw that the worst fear I'd had, that she would bar me from the funeral, hadn't happened. From there though I started to feel that a knife was being stuck in my chest and twisted. As I read on the tears began to form in my eyes and then, slowly at first, run down my cheeks.

According to her it as all my fault that my pa had died. How crazy was that! He was the one who'd beaten me to the point at which I'd run away and then had come up with a plan to kidnap me and Troy so he could beat both of us, before letting Mike and Kyle fuck us! He was the one who had wasted his own life.

I could hardly finish reading the note through my tears, but the last sentence calling Troy a faggot and his family disgusting was just too much. They were the people who truly loved me and had taken me into their hearts and home when my own parents had forced me to run away.

I could take no more. I stood up, pushed back the chair in which I'd been sitting so hard that it fell onto the wooden floor with a crash, and ran upstairs to my room. Once there I shut that door, not quite so forcibly, and threw myself face down onto my bed. My body was racked with sobs at first which slowly subsided. As they did I started to talk to myself.

Probably I'd been an orphan from the moment I ran away. Now I told myself I definitely was one. My father was dead and my mother considered, perhaps even wished, that I was. Although her note didn't say it in as many words it implied she'd have been quite happy if I had been killed and it was me who was going to be buried in a few days time. By saying I could come to the funeral but not be near her, she intended to make it clear to her fellow churchgoers, friends and relations, that as far as she was concerned I was no longer her son but simply a mourner. I decided there was no point in me going just to give her that pleasure; I could go to Pa's grave after everyone had left and pay my respects then.

Once my crying stopped I guess I must have dozed off. I suppose that wasn't too surprising as it had been an emotionally exhausting day at school, capped with that note. I came to with a start feeling a hand gently rubbing my back before it moved and the fingers stroked my face. I knew those fingers weren't Troy's though – I was sure I'd recognize his touch. I rolled onto my side and then my back to see Mrs C looking down at me, her face showing concern and perhaps a little wetness around the eyes.

"I'm sorry, Adam. I did something unforgivable."

Even in my half awake state I couldn't imagine Mrs C doing anything remotely unforgivable. I struggled to sit up before replying,

"Eh? What was that?"

"I read that note your mother sent. I know I shouldn't have. It was private, but you were so upset after you'd read it and it was just laying there......." she tailed off.

"You reading it wasn't unforgivable. More like her writing it was – especially what she said about you and Mr C. I hate her!"

She pulled me into a hug. I could smell her perfume as her soft hair brushed against my face.

"Don't hate her, Adam. Hate is not a nice thing to have inside you. It can start to eat away at all the good things you have inside."

I could see the sense of what she was saying, but right now........

"I've decided I'm not going to the funeral. Not under those conditions and with the things he's said."

There was a silence while Mrs C seemed to be collecting her thoughts.

"Adam, I think you should go."

"No way – not after that!"

"If you don't go I'm sure you'll regret not having done so afterwards. If you do go you'll prove to her, as well as yourself, that you are stronger than she thought – that you can stand there on your own and not care what anyone else there may think."


"Think about it Adam. The funeral wont be until next week I expect so you have some time to decide. Troy and I will come with you." I went to speak and say the obvious. "No, we'll sit in the car outside on the road, but you'll know we're both close and with you in spirit and if it does all get too much for you, just come out to us. But I think my boy who just handled his first GSA meeting will be able to cope."

What could I say? Mrs C was more of a mother to me than my own had ever been. She was right too, as I knew that I'd regret not going, but knowing they were near would make the whole thing easier to get through.

We had another little cuddle in which a few more tears fell.

"Now, I've got to go and get on with preparing some dinner for three hungry men. Troy's in his bedroom. He didn't read the note, but I'm sure he sort of guessed what it said from your reaction."

"Yeah. I'll come down with you and get it so he can read it."

"You don't have to show it to him Adam. I just wanted you to know it was only me who read it without permission."

"No, he needs to see it. We don't have secrets."

I went and got the note, came back upstairs and went into Troy's room. He was sat at his desk gazing out of the window while an animated cartoon was playing on the TV screen. He heard the door open and turned as I came in.

"You're breaking the rules Connelly."

He looked at me blankly.

I toed my sneakers off and started to unbutton and unzip my grey skinnies.

"Boxer briefs only in this room after school – remember?"

He stood up and a smile started to form on his face. "I wasn't sure you'd be coming today."

"It'd take more than this." I said waving the sheet of paper in my hand. "Get properly dressed and we'll read it together."

It didn't take long before we were both down to our briefs, lying on the bed, propped up against some pillows and with an arm around each other. I gave Troy the note to read and as he did so I could feel the anger rising in him as his body stiffened.

"What a........ Sorry, Adam, she is your mother, but....... I guess you're not going now?"

"I did decide not to after reading that, but your mom helped me see that if I didn't I'd end up feeling guilty."

"So you are gonna go?"

"Yep. She said you and her would come with me. Will you.....please?"

Troy looked stunned. "But your mother said we couldn't go. There'd be a real scene if we turned up."

"Sorry. Didn't explain that properly. She said she'd take me and you and her would sit in the car outside......in case.

Troy tightened his grip on me and leaned in to give me a kiss on the cheek.

"You know I'd want to stand beside you Adam. I'll always want to stand beside you, but I'll be with you...in here."

He put his hand on my heart and that made both of us a little teary.

School the next day was pretty dull in comparison to the previous one. We did though find time to have conversations with the VP and also Mr Edgars to decide on a date for our official GSA launch meeting. That was set for Thursday of the following week which was two weeks before Thanksgiving. The VP authorised us to have use of the cafeteria for the meeting. All we had to do was spread the word in the same way as we had done and hope that a lot of those who had filled in the forms actually turned up.

It was looking that Troy and I were heading into a busy period in our lives as the Thursday immediately before Thanksgiving was his birthday. His sixteenth! I knew he was excited about it, mainly of course because it meant he could learn to drive. He'd done Driver's Ed at school, but actually getting on the road was a somewhat different matter. Troy was doing his best not to show his excitement when I was with him. I guessed he felt guilty because he'd be driving before me. I'd told him he had no reason to bother over that as there was no way I was likely to get a car in the even middle distance future, so there was little point in me wasting money on taking lessons when I turned sixteen. A car had not been on my horizon when I was living with my parents, so now was no different. Mind you, I thought he'd make a good chauffeur – although I wasn't going to tell him that!

Because of the GSA meeting I'd decided to skip my after school session with Coach Zielinski and Troy had missed his swimming practice. We decided on the Thursday evening to ask his folks if we could go for a run together. Neither of them was keen, but as we pointed out neither Mike or Kyle was around now and the other two hadn't troubled us since the attack on Troy. They were concerned that perhaps there were some other potential gay bashers at school who might emerge. In the end Mr C agreed that we could, provided he followed us in his car. Although we both thought it was a waste of his time we had no choice but to agree or not go.

I'm not sure how far we ran, probably a couple of miles, but I was looking forward to getting back home. That would mean we could have a nice shower and relax in our own special way while doing so, but as we got near to the house I could see a car parked outside. Mr C who had been following us at a discreet distance, also spotted it and drove past us onto the drive. He got out of the car just as we arrived and almost simultaneously a man got out of the other car and started to walk towards us. Mr C walked toward him and motioned with his hand for us to stay where we were. The stranger spoke first, and in a voice loud enough for Troy and I to hear.

"Hi, I'm Frank Lundgren – Kyle's father."

Troy and I exchanged glances. We'd had no idea who he was until he'd spoken and now we had no idea what he wanted here. Mr C evidently had the same thought.

"What do you want here, Mr Lundgren?"

"Look, I realise it seems very odd, but I wanted to talk to your boys – and you. I mean you no harm. I have no weapon; you can search me if you want."

"I can't imagine what you can have to talk to Troy and Adam about after last Saturday."

I could see Mr Lundgren take a deep breath before he spoke again.

"None of you have any reason to trust me or do me a favor, but I'd dearly love a few minutes of your time. Please?"

Mr C turned to us. "Are you two willing to talk to him?"

I didn't know. I couldn't imagine what he might have to say to us and yet part of me wanted to find out what that was. I looked at Troy who shrugged in response, apparently leaving it for me to decide. I nodded my head and then shivered as it was quite cool just standing outside.

"You'd best come in Mr Lundgren. As you can see these two have just been for a run and I don't want them standing outside getting cold while we listen to you."

With that we headed into the kitchen. Mrs C wasn't there but in a few seconds she poked her head round the door. I saw her and Mr C exchange glances and him shake his head at which point she withdrew her head and closed the door. We each took a seat at the table.

"So what is it you want to talk to my boys about?" Mr C asked gruffly.

There was a pause before Kyle's father answered.

"I'm actually the messenger here. Really it's Kyle who want to talk to them."

He got no further before Mr C exploded.

"What! He wants to talk to them after what he and Mike did to them, not to mention what they wanted to do -and no doubt would have done - had the police not arrived so quickly?"

I was staggered and I could almost see Troy's mouth drop open.

"Sorry, I didn't put that right. I'm not that good with words. I've seen Kyle each day and he's kept asking me to come and see your boys to tell them he's sorry, but that he really wants to see them so he can apologise to them in person."

"Put that way it makes a bit more sense," Mr C continued in a more normal tone, "but I'd have to wonder if he's saying that just to make him look contrite in the eyes of the law."

I was looking at Mr Lundgren as Mr C spoke and I could tell from his reaction that he didn't know what contrite meant. At that point I started to feel a little sorry for him. It must have taken balls for him to even come here tonight. I decided to speak.

"It was me he punched on Saturday, but most of what's gone on was aimed at Troy; in some ways I think I was just incidental although perhaps also the trigger that set it off. If Troy's willing to go and see him, I'll go with him," I looked at Troy before continuing, "but we need to talk it over."

And that was how it was left. He gave Mr C his phone number and Troy and I went up to have a much needed shower. While Troy was washing me he decided that it was time for my pubes to be shaved. I had to agree that the bristles were feeling rather rough if I stroked them. We decided though to leave that for tomorrow evening or maybe the weekend when we could enjoy doing it at leisure. Instead we just went to bed and lay there for some time trying to decide if we wanted to go and visit Kyle. We both had mixed feelings. We certainly didn't owe him and favors, but as I pointed out, if we did see him we might find out a bit more as to why the vendetta had started and why Kyle and the other two had been so willing to go along with it. In the end we decided to sleep on it.

We still hadn't decided by the morning, but as we separated at the lockers I suggested to Troy that we should both write 'Yes' or 'No' on a piece of paper during the day. That way we could open them and see if we agreed whereas if one of us said what we thought, the the other might feel pressured to agree. It took me most of the day and a few pieces of paper were written on before being screwed up and thrown in the bin. I wrote the last one just before the final bell. When Troy and I met at the lockers I asked him if he'd decided and when he told me he had we agreed that we'd look at them as soon as we'd got into our after school 'uniform'. We'd both come to love being in his room wearing only our boxer briefs – it was our 'thing' and a sort of bonding ritual like animals preening each other. We just couldn't get too much of seeing each other and somehow, almost naked was better – at least for a while! - than naked.

So, once we'd stripped down we sat on the side of the bed and gave each other our piece of paper to unfold. I felt sure that Troy wasn't going to say the same as I had and was very surprised when I saw he had written 'Yes'.

"I didn't expect you to say that!" I exclaimed.

"Yeah, well, I knew you would so I thought I'd better say the same."

I punched him on the arm. "Seriously?"

He rubbed his arm and grinned at me.

"Partly. I changed my mind a few times..."

"So did I." I interrupted.

"But I thought we'll never get a true answer from Mike, even if he recovers and maybe if Kyle genuinely feels sorry, perhaps we can get a true explanation from him."

He had just voiced my own exact thoughts.

"I love you – you mind reader." I said as I wrapped my arms round him, pulled him towards me and kissed him.

From there we ended up cuddling and kissing on the bed and that quickly led to our briefs coming off and and thoughts of getting our homework done, vanishing. But it was a great way to start the weekend and we did even manage to get some of it done afterwards and before Mrs C came to tell us that dinner was almost ready.

We decided to wear shorts and I was intending to go freeball, but Troy insisted we wear briefs. He didn't normally turn down the opportunity, but I saw a glint in his eyes when he told me to put my black CKs back on. Apparently he had something in mind.

Over dinner we told his folks we'd decided we would go and see Kyle. They were both very surprised to hear our decision, but listened to our reasoning before saying they'd support us. Mr C said he'd call Kyle's father later to let him know and find out how the visit could be arranged.

Dinner over, and having cleared the table, put the plates, dishes and cutlery in the dishwasher and even washed up what couldn't go in there, we said we were going upstairs to finish our homework. Mrs C just about managed to stifle a laugh while Mr C was very engrossed in what was on TV.

Once we got into his bedroom Troy surprised me.

"Take off your shorts, Adam." That I had expected, but there was a pause, followed by "And then get dressed – socks, t-shirt and skinnies. I wanna strip you and then have my evil way with a razor."

That was said in his best impression of an evil villain, but I thought it was just funny and couldn't help laughing.

"Do it – or else!" he said as he went into the bathroom. I did as he'd instructed but nearly fell over backwards when he emerged a couple of minutes later wearing only a very small, shiny red pair of briefs. Jeeze – he looked so sexy I went hard just seeing him.

"Where did you get that?"

He gave a laugh. "I'll tell you and when I have you may want me to take it off."

"Oh, I want it off, but I'm doing the taking!"

He laughed "Yeah, and I want you doing the taking – in due course. I found it going through a drawer the other day. It was a present from Mike......"

I gasped in surprise.

"Yeah, he wanted me to wear it and pose for him in it and take pictures of me wearing it. Promised he'd never send them to anyone and just wanted to toss himself off at home looking at them, but I refused. Shoved it in a drawer to hide it from mom and forgot about it."

"Good thing you did refuse, 'cos if he'd taken the pics he'd have broken that promise when you dumped him!"

"I know, they'd have been all over the internet and he'd probably have sold them to a porn site if he could! I'd never have been able to show my face at school – and if my folks had seen! Now I want you to cum on it and then I'll do the same to show exactly what we think of him. I might even piss on it afterwards."

The thought went through my mind that it was a shame to waste it like that as Troy looked even more sexy in it that he usually did. That thought was though rapidly followed by another – there was no reason why I couldn't buy him something similar and.....

"Okay! Let's do it!"

Troy went back into the bathroom and returned carrying everything that was needed to shave me. I have to admit I was a little concerned about this as Troy didn't have much shaving experience, but I didn't think he intended to castrate me. A nick or two I could live with.

When he'd covered the comforter with towels he came to me, pulled me to him and we kissed while he rubbed his groin into mine. He was hard and so was I. I reached my hands down his back and pressed my fingers into his butt cheeks. He broke the kiss and let out a hiss. As he did so I realized he was still bruised down there.

"Shit! Sorry Troy, I forgot."

"I had never considered how long the bruising lasts, but I don't really notice it now – unless some fool grabs hold of my ass." He laughed and resumed the kiss, before eventually breaking contact again.

"Now I need to get you ready."

His hands came down to my waist and started raising my t-shirt. As he did so he was caressing and stroking my chest and back before he reached my nipples which he licked, sucked and gently bit. Finally the t-shirt went higher and I bent forward so he could pull it over me head and down my arms. After that he told me to sit on the bed while he removed each sock in turn, sucking my toes as he did. When he finished there I had to stand up so he could start removing my skinnies. It seemed to take forever until they were unbuttoned and unzipped and eased down my legs. Again I had to sit on the edge of the bed so he could pull them off. Then when I stood up his little red briefs could be properly introduced to my black CKs – they definitely felt an attraction towards each other. I'd noticed when he was removing my skinnies that the briefs were damp with pre-cum and now I could feel that rubbing against my briefs.

His hand rubbed across the front of my briefs and he let out a satisfied sound to go with the groan I emitted as he did so. At last he put his hand on the waistband of my briefs and started to slowly lower them. Finally my dick and then my balls were freed. Troy grasped my dick and licked the few drops of pre-cum that were on the head. I glanced down as he stood up and could see his dick, glistening with his own pre-cum was now showing above those briefs. I couldn't resist and quickly knelt down to lick the head of his dick, now free of his foreskin. Troy tasted as good as always! He groaned as I did so.

"Take 'em down, Adam. I'm gonna cum soon."

That was an invitation I wasn't going to refuse and putting my fingers into the waistband they were soon on their way down to his feet. He put his hands onto my shoulders and stepped out of them. I had an idea, his dick was wet and the briefs were damp and silky to the touch so I wrapped them round his dick and worked it. In what seemed like only seconds he was pumping his jizz into them.

"Take that Mike, you cocksucker" he exclaimed when he'd come down from his high.

I handed him the now very damp briefs and he began to rub my already very hard dick. Thus it wasn't long before my jizz was also soaking into them.

Troy smiled as I pumped. "Does that feel good?"

I could only manage a nod and a grin in response, but I did feel some sort of inner pleasure about the act, although Mike was really a waste of my jizz. However, there was always more where that had come from.

Troy took the briefs into the bathroom. I heard water running and assumed he was filling a bowl with some hot in order to shave me. He emerged after a couple of minutes with a smile on his face, but no bowl. I felt I knew my Troy well enough to guess.

"You pissed on 'em."

"Yeah. I suppose it was childish, but I'll never get the chance to do anything to him, so......."

He halted in mid sentence and looked as if he might be about to shed a tear or two. I walked over and pulled him into a hug.

"After what he did to you there's no need to feel guilty about it."

"Guess not. I've left 'em in the shower for now. I'll deal with them later. Now we have more important things to deal with," Troy said as he went back to the bathroom and emerged shortly afterwards carrying a bowl of hot water.

I climbed onto the bed and lay on my back. He climbed alongside me and we couldn't resist a kissing session before he began. He lathered me up good and naturally I responded as he touched and moved my dick around. Strangely though the shaving seemed almost an anti climax compared to what had gone before. Troy did a great job though and there were no little nicks – just a fairly large burst at the end.

On Saturday morning we went onto town and to the mall as usual. I suppose after what had occurred the previous Saturday we should have been a bit concerned about going there, but we didn't. Indeed after we'd been there for a while I insisted that we separate because I wanted to buy both a pair of those briefs and a proper birthday present for Troy.

Most kids these days wore something round their neck even if just a St. Christopher. Indeed, I had my silver cross, but Troy didn't wear anything. I had considered buying a shell necklace as his birth sign – Scorpio – was a water one, but in the end thought

he might find that too much never having worn anything. Instead I settled for a simple circular silver Scorpio pendant on a chain which had the actual constellation engraved on it. That I got gift wrapped.

After that I set out to find the briefs. I had to try a couple of shops before I found one that had what I wanted. Finally I found what I decided was just the thing – a pair of midnight blue silk briefs. I could just see Troy wearing those and found myself getting hard at the thought. When I managed to calm myself I took them to the counter. I could tell that the young man serving had to be gay by the way he acted and spoke.

"A very good choice, sir if I may be so bold."

I think I blushed a bit before answering. "They're not for me, but my boyfriend."

"Ooh sir, what a lucky boyfriend you have. I'd be thrilled if mine bought me a pair of those."

"It's for his birthday – a little surprise."

"Wearing those I think the surprise won't be too little." and he winked at me. "Would sir like them gift wrapped?"

I hadn't considered that, but why not? So I agreed and left the shop with a bag that contained this little parcel around which was tied a ribbon and a bow. It looked so precious, but I thought fun. Just hoped Troy would see it that way.

After we'd met up we ran into Carlos and his mother. We insisted on buying them lunch as a small expression of thanks for his quick thinking last week. So we ended up having a Mexican lunch before Mrs C met us and dropped me off at the store.

I made a point of apologising to the Manager for not turning up last week, but he knew all about what had happened and was simply glad to see me back. Mr C picked me up after my shift ended because Mrs C was busy preparing one of her great lasagne. Troy had come with his father so we were able to sit together in the rear and have a little kissing session on the way home – well we had been apart for over six hours!

We stayed downstairs in the family room for a while with his parents after we'd eaten. For once Troy and I weren't sat together on the settee. He and his dad wanted to watch a football game which didn't interest me but Mrs C had got a new book of crossword puzzles which was much more to my taste, so Troy moved over to her armchair enabling her and me to puzzle together on the settee. We had fun and I really enjoyed the opportunity to do something with Mrs C. She's been telling me lately that I should call her Alicia, but I guess due to the way I was brought up I can't bring myself to do that – yet.....

Once the game had finished Troy announced he was going upstairs, stood up and walked over to me. I decided I wasn't going to follow his lead for once so stuck my tongue out at him and said I was going to finish this puzzle first. He said in that case he'd help and sat down on the other side of his mom. It rapidly became clear that Troy and crosswords did not go together, but to be fair I doubt he'd ever looked at one before. Anyhow, despite his assistance it didn't take long for Mrs C and me to finish.

After getting into his bedroom we spent a few minutes exercising our lips and tongues before undressing and going into the bathroom for a shower. As usual we enjoyed the opportunity to wash each other from top to bottom, and when we'd done so Troy turned off the water and stepped out. I was about to follow him when he turned back towards me,

"You stay there and make sure you're clean – everywhere."

With that he shut the door of the shower cubicle, grabbed a couple of towels and within half a minute I heard him leave the bathroom.

I was still standing in the same spot, puzzled and perplexed. Why the stress on the word 'everywhere' I wondered? It could surely imply only one thing, but....... We'd only talked again the other day about him making real love to me. I wanted nothing more than to know what it felt like to have him as part of me and I was sure he wanted the same. Yet we'd both agreed we 'd hold to the promise he'd made his mother that we wouldn't engage in full sex until we were both sixteen.

Was he about to break that promise? There was only one way to find out and it wasn't by standing here I decided as I stepped out of the shower to begin my preparations.

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