by Ivor Slipper

Chapter 27

It felt strange the next morning when I woke knowing that I wouldn't be able to go to school with Troy. I did make a point of getting up when he did as I could at least shower with him. I'd removed the dressings before going to bed and had been told that the skin glue would dissolve on its own. Also that there was no problem with having clean, soapy water run over my incisions, but that I could not soak them in water for six weeks. That wasn't really a problem as we never used the bath, didn't have a hot tub and Troy was the only one likely to go in a swimming pool, at least until the summer. I didn't want to stay too long in the shower though and Troy told me he'd be quick too, so didn't want me to jerk him off.

As we were getting dressed afterwards he told me that he was going to behave in the same way as when I'd first moved in - he wasn't going to jerk himself and he didn't want me to do him again until he was able to do me. It was very hard for me not to want to as I watched him walk round the bedroom naked with his bubble butt on display and his junk flopping about. Nor did it get much easier as I watched him dress, first pulling on a pair of black boxer briefs which displayed his package so well, before struggling into a pair of black skinnies that hugged him tightly. I might not be allowed to masturbate, but it was impossible to prevent my dick getting hard at what I could see. The one good thing was I knew what was inside them was mine!

We went down for breakfast. I was just wearing shorts and nothing under them. Although the silk briefs I'd worn yesterday were very comfortable, I didn't want to get in the habit if wearing them every day preferring to keep them for special occasions. I'd tried putting on a pair of boxer briefs but although they didn't feel really uncomfortable they did rub a bit, so I decided a loose pair of shorts would be best for today.

I surprised mom by asking for just oatmeal and some toast, but Troy wanted scrambled eggs and bacon with his toast. When he was ready to go to school I asked if I could come along for the ride which gave us an opportunity to sit in the back and hold hands. On arriving at the school I got out of the car and we had a hug and a brief kiss before I watched him walk off towards the entrance. I'd reminded him twice to make sure he went to all my teachers and got my homework from them. We had the end of term exams coming up shortly and I didn't want to fall behind on my work, plus which I suspected I could get bored sitting around at home all day. I'd also told him the combination to my locker and my backpack so he could bring me some text books. In English we were currently studying a quartet of short stories written by foreign writers – 'Tuesday Siesta'; 'The Censors'; 'And of Clay are we Created' and 'Catch the Moon'. I wanted to use some of my time to re-read those so I fully understood them. Plus there were various poems I needed to understand better. I was hoping I might make a B+ grade this term.

When we were back at the house mom reminded me that I needed to take some exercise. I'd gone with Troy in just a sports shirt, but as it wasn't that warm she insisted that I wear a hoodie. After coming back downstairs wearing it I was surprised to see her wearing a light short coat.

"Are you going out too?"

"Yes, I'm not letting you go out on your own Adam."

"Mom!" It was amazing how quickly I'd now got used to calling her that "I'm nearly sixteen, not six!"

She looked at me with an expression that spoke of love and concern for my well being.

"And what happens if you don't feel well while you're out? Have you got your cell?"

I grimaced.

"No, I can see by your expression that you haven't. Adam, you're not indestructible and those of us who love you want to be sure nothing happens to you. Please don't keep things bottled up so much. Talk to us – to me, or Jeff if you prefer."

I stepped forward and wrapped my arms round her.

"I do love you mom – and Mr C. I really will try to talk more about any worries I have, but........."

"Adam, I understand it is hard for you to change what has become ingrained. All I'm asking is that you try. You know the old saying ' 'a trouble shared'.."

"is a trouble halved." I finished. "Yeah, I really will do my best."

"And there is another reason, Adam. However, far you walk away from the house, you've got to walk the same distance back. But if I go with you, and you get tired, I can always come back, collect the car, and come and pick you up."

I laughed. "Okay, mom – you win. Let's go for a run!."

She slapped my arm playfully. "There's another old saying, Adam. 'Don't run before you can walk' – alright?"

"Yes, mom. I'll be good."

"I know you will. I suppose you want to go to this Film Show on Friday evening?"

"I sure do. As it's our first real event, I think Troy and I should both be there."

"I can't see any reason why you shouldn't. You'll only be sitting down and either Jeff or I will be the taxi. We can always check with the surgeon when we see him on Friday, but unless you have any problems I'm sure it will be alright."

We went for our walk and although it wasn't much more than a couple of hundred yards I had to admit I felt quite exhausted when we go back to the house. By the time we got back the mailman had been and there was a couple of envelopes for me. I didn't recognise the writing on either so I knew neither was from ma, but I did wonder if one might be from the pastor. One envelope wasn't really letter size and when I opened it I found it contained a 'Get Well Soon' card from Carlos. I thought that was really nice of him as I knew he didn't have much of an allowance, so I made a note to call him later to thank him. He'd put a note inside in which he said he was glad we hadn't gone to the theme park with Tom on Saturday because of what might have happened had I felt worse while we were there. That was something I'd not considered and I guess, knowing me, I'd have carried on as normal, until um...... Definitely a good thing my pain had come on when it did rather than a few hours later.

I showed the card to mom, but decided to go upstairs to open the other envelope in the bedroom. As I'd expected it contained a note from Kyle.

Hi Adam,

Thanks for your note.

You don't have to worry about my schooling, I'm learning lots of new things here. It's just a pity Mike isn't here to learn them with me.

After you came have only had one visitor and I wouldn't tell him anything, even though he wanted to know what we'd talked about.

Guess you also studied that book 1984 last term. Some words in that make sense.


'Wow', I thought to myself, Kyle evidently wasn't an idiot based on what he'd managed to convey in that note. I really was now feeling a little sorry for him because he appeared to be the only one who was getting punished and that just didn't seem right. But I didn't see how I could do anything about that. After all, he had happily gone along with Mike to attack Troy and it was his dick that Troy had been forced to suck. In my book that definitely merited punishment. I decided I'd show the note to Troy when he got home, but I also came to the conclusion it was time to end my correspondence with Kyle. There was no justification for any more notes and Troy might misunderstand my motives if I did continue.

Having read his note I decided I should do some studying so settled down on the bed to read some poetry. I guess I dozed off at some point and came to when I heard mom knock on the door and ask if I was ready for some lunch. Even though I hadn't done much I wasn't going to turn down an invitation for food, so I went downstairs and we had some soup and sandwiches – well we both had the soup and I had the sandwiches. When we'd finished mom suggested we go for another walk which seemed like a good idea to me and this time we made it further than in the morning, which pleased both of us. I went back upstairs after we returned, but soon got bored with reading and came back to the kitchen. I suppose I was finding it strange being on my own when normally I'd be surrounded by other kids.

"Are you bored, Adam" she asked as soon as I appeared.

"Yeah. Can't really settle in that room on my own either."

She laughed. "I'm no substitute for my son, but I'm about to bake some cookies. Want to give me a hand?"

My ma had never been much of a cook and our cookies were almost always shop bought. I'd also never really done anything in the kitchen apart from peeling potatoes and the washing up. I certainly had no experience in baking or cooking. So I quickly agreed and after ensuring that I'd thoroughly washed my hands we set to work. In fact she made me do everything and just supervised. It was fun and I was surprised how simple it was and how quickly we produced one batch of chocolate chip and another of oatmeal and raisin.

When we'd finished we split one of each between us to check that they tasted alright. Having agreed that they did she suggested that we didn't tell Troy when she offered him some after he got home from school and he could act as my official taster.

"Did you enjoy that?" she asked when we'd finished and had started to clear up the utensils we'd used.

"Yes!" I said with enthusiasm. It had been fun and I'd enjoyed the opportunity to spend time with her as well as learn something new.

"So how about we make a date for tomorrow to make some muffins?"

"Seriously? That'd be great!"

"With you two getting involved in the GSA to the extent you are, I can see me getting lots of requests to bake cakes and cookies, so there is some self interest here, I admit."

"No, I think it's a good idea mom. I'm pretty sure Hannah and Madison aren't able to get their moms to make cakes for them all the time, so why should we be different just because we're boys?"

She laughed out loud. "I'm not sure Troy would agree with you on that."

I grinned. "Perhaps not – maybe I'll have to work on him a bit."

"Too much information!" she said laughing.

I really loved my new mom. Spending time with her it was easy to see why Tom and Troy had turned out to be the great people they were.

We went and collected Troy from school. Poor kid had a backpack on his back where it should be and was carrying mine in his hand which was loaded down with all my stuff.

"You owe me, Adam." he said after he'd tossed the backpacks in the trunk and joined me in the back seat.

"How will this do as a down payment?" I pulled him across the seat and we started a kiss that quickly had our tongues dancing in delight.

"Not bad," he replied as we pulled apart. "Actually we haven't got much homework, nearly all the teachers want us to spend time studying for the end of term exams, so I just grabbed every book I could find in your locker."

"Thanks. Guess I won't be able to spend tomorrow gaming"

"You need the practice Adam, but you'll still not beat me."

"I know. I found a few thing to amuse myself with though."

He raised his eyebrows. "I thought that wasn't allowed."

"Rat. That wasn't what I meant and you know it. Anything much I missed today?"

"Not much. Several people asked where you were and then when I told them what had happened sent their good wishes. You're a popular guy now Mr Co-President!"

Yeah, it was amazing how my status in the school had changed over the last few months. Had this happened in the early part of the year nobody would have commented on my absence. I was sure there must be other kids in that situation at school, was there a way in which I, or the GSA, could reach out to them I wondered?

"Oh, and Mr Edgars asked if he could come to the film show on Friday. I told him I didn't see why not, but I'd check with you and let him know tomorrow."

I thought about it for a minute or so before answering.

"I don't see why not. He's done a lot to help with launching the GSA and it's not as if it is going to be a wild party or anything where an adult might detract from the enjoyment."

"Yeah, that's about what I thought. I'll tell him tomorrow."

"Did you remember to talk to him about 'Youth in Motion'?

"Of course I did." Troy replied with a disgusted look to imply that I should never cast doubt on his ability to remember things. "He said it sounded like it could be really useful as a source of information and he'd talk to the VP to see if he could get the school signed up."

That was good to hear. As we had little to no funds a source of good information at minimal cost was vital for us.

After we'd arrived home and settled initially in the kitchen as we always did, mom produced a glass of milk for both of us and put a plate of cookies on the table between us. Troy immediately helped himself to a chocolate chip one which quickly disappeared and that was followed by an oatmeal and raisin one.

"Mmm, these are good mom. I can always tell yours from the shop bought ones. Don't you agree Adam?"

I was only part way through my first but, managing to keep a straight face, I said,

"You think they're as good as usual then?"

"Hell, yes! Sorry mom, that slipped out. But they're real good."

"I'm glad you like them Troy, but I didn't bake them."

"Oh, are they gran's?"

I couldn't resist any longer and I was dying to see his reaction.

"No, I made them."

Troy spluttered and a few crumbs of his cookie came out of his mouth as he did.

"Funny, Adam – but it's not April Fool's Day, so pull the other one while you're at it."

"Troy, he really did make them. I just watched and gave him a few pointers along the way."

"Beginner's luck!" said Troy with a big grin as he reached for another one. For once though I reacted quicker than him as he was busy looking at my face to see how I received his comment, but I grabbed the plate and pulled it away from him.

"Be nice or the cookie monster won't let you have any more."

"Adam, I'm sorry. Please may I have another of your delicious cookies?"

Somehow he managed to look all sad and dejected when he said that. I knew it was crocodile tears, but it was part of the fun we had together. I pushed the plate back towards him.

"Alright, but only one!"

"You two are just too much sometimes. Why don't you go upstairs – as long as you can play nicely."

"Yes, mom!" we said in unison.

Of course we couldn't really play, but I did insist that Troy stripped down to his boxer briefs so I could admire the view. He generously said that I could stay in my shorts.

We spent most of the time before dinner lying on the bed and talking – in between cuddling and kissing. Somehow, having been apart all day had made us hungry to touch each other even though it wasn't much different to school where we had several different classes during the day and could never do more than briefly hold hands.

After dinner we joined his parents in the family room for a while. Troy and his father were watching a football game while mom and I were sitting together on the settee doing some puzzles. Before the game finished I started to feel tired so said I was going up to bed and it wasn't long afterwards that Troy joined me. He claimed it wasn't a very exciting game, but I was fairly confident he didn't want to leave me on my own. When we got into bed we decided it would be best if he spooned me to him which left my scars free, but did mean I had his dick pressing up against my butt. I could hardly wait for the day it would be pressing inside it.

Wednesday morning we managed to again have a quick shower together. I decided once again to wear just a pair of shorts with no underwear, but as I'd felt no discomfort around the area where my appendix had been, decided that I'd try and put on a pair of boxer briefs the next day. If they felt uncomfortable I could always wear a pair of my old boxers, even though that could very well leave me open to comments from Troy.

After dropping him off at school, mom had some shopping to do. I went with her, but apart from pushing the cart I did virtually nothing as she wouldn't let me carry anything to or from the car. Once back at the house we had a quick drink during which she suggested it was time I went for a proper walk as opposed to dawdling round a supermarket. It made sense and so we did that, going twice as far as we had the previous day. I was definitely feeling on the road to recovery.

Following the walk we had another drink – I even joined her in a cup of coffee to go with my cookie – before I went upstairs to do some studying. Biology and Chemistry were on my agenda for today. We also agreed that my muffin making lesson would be held after lunch.

I was deep into a world of cells, fungi, bacteria and viruses when I heard a shout from downstairs.

"Adam, come quick!"

I couldn't really move that quickly, but I got off the bed where I'd been lying and then made my way down to the kitchen as fast as possible. I'd no idea what had alarmed mom and it did briefly cross my mind that the house might be on fire. But when I entered the kitchen it was to see her staring at the TV. It was showing our local news station and just then behind the presenter there appeared a picture of our school.

"What's going on mom?"

She grabbed my hand and held it tightly.

"It seems there's been some sort of incident – as they describe it - at the school, but the details are vague."

Just then the presenter announced that they were going over to their reporter, Mary-Jo McNally who was outside Fairmount Valley High School. The picture we now saw was of this reporter who was standing outside the school gates. There seemed to be lots of kids milling around inside and a few teachers and police. Mary-Jo didn't add much concrete information to what we already knew saying that there were various rumors but it appeared that a gunman had entered the school buildings sometime earlier and there were reports that shots had been fired. Also, it was being said by some of the kids that a number of pupils had been kidnapped and were being held in a classroom by the gunman.

"I've heard enough, Adam. We're going down there." Mrs C went to switch off the TV and pick up her car keys from the counter.

"Have you tried calling Troy?"

She stopped in her tracks. "I haven't Adam – don't you have to keep your cells switched off during school hours?"

"We do, but this is exceptional circumstances. I'm sure kids would be encouraged to use them to call their parents."

I regretted the last sentence as soon as I'd said it seeing that Troy hadn't called and then I thought of something,

"Troy often leaves his in his locker, so he might not have been able to get to it."

Mrs C picked up her cell and dialled Troy. It rang and then went to message. She left one asking that he call her as soon as he received the message.

"Let me go upstairs and just check my cell in case he's called on that."

It wasn't very likely I knew and I'd only been out of the room for a couple of minutes, but I went upstairs as quickly as I could. As I'd expected there were no messages, so I grabbed a hoodie, put the cell in my pocket and went back downstairs. We went out to the car and drove to the school.

We were able to get fairly close. Closer than I expected, but I guessed the news hadn't reached a lot of parents yet and the crowds would grow as news spread. Even now it looked fairly chaotic. The school gates had been closed and while that kept kids inside it also prevented those from outside getting in, although there was another way in via the car park. I suggested to mom that we try going that way, but when we got there it was to find it in the process of being blocked off with a temporary barrier being erected. Luckily one of those helping erect it was Drew McAllister and I shouted his name. He looked up when he heard and came across to us.

"What's happening, Drew?"

"Not really sure, Adam. Seems some lunatic got in and has been shooting the place up. I was out on the field doing PE at the time as you can see. We were told to stay out of the buildings and then I was volunteered to help do this. After that I believe they are going to hold some sort of roll call and then probably let kids go home. Guess they don't want extra people in here though."

"Drew, can you turn your back for a minute. We got here before you arrived if anyone asks."

Drew laughed. "Seeing it's the GSA President and, I assume, his mom, I'll look the other way. I rather doubt you'll be the only outsiders who got in before this was started."

We both expressed our thanks to him and headed towards the main school building. There were though so many kids milling around it was virtually impossible to find anyone specific. Just then I heard the VP, Mr Fitzpatrick, who had found a bull horn from somewhere and started to yell for everyone to quiet down. Eventually the noise and the hubbub died away and he could be heard at a more normal level.

Firstly, he asked for everyone to stand where they were before asking for all the teachers to come to him. When that had been achieved he had some of the teachers go off to the football field before asking that all the kids go to the same place and find their homeroom teacher so a roll call could be carried out. Naturally some of the kids started rushing off so he had to call for everyone to walk.

It did seem though that he had a good plan. Get everyone away from the school buildings as I assumed the gunman was still inside and then check names to find who was missing. As all the kids moved away Mrs C and I, along with a couple of other ladies who I reasoned must also be mothers, became very conspicuous. He called for the four of us to come to him.

"I know who you are Adam and that you are off school this week. I presume the lady with you must be Troy's mother, not yours?" I nodded.

He turned to the other two ladies who appeared to be together. "And I assume you are mothers of pupils here?" They confirmed that they were.

"Have you found your children?"

When they said they hadn't he asked them for the names of the children and what grade they were in. I don't recall the names, but both were in 9th grade. On hearing that he called one of the teachers over and asked him to escort the two ladies to the field, saying that once it was certain the two girls had been checked off the roll, they and their mothers could be escorted off the premises.

I'd started to get worried when he'd asked the other two ladies if they'd found their children but not asked the same question to Mrs C. It implied to me that he knew where Troy was, and putting that with what we'd heard on the TV indicating some kids had been kidnapped.......

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