by Ivor Slipper

Chapter 15

While we were having breakfast the next morning the house phone rang. Mrs C took the call and I managed to work out from her side of the conversation that she was talking to Marvin. When she'd ended the call she told me he had phoned to say that he wouldn't be able to see me today because some problem had arisen unexpectedly with a case he was handling that meant he was going to have to spend most of the day in court. She'd therefore invited him to come for a meal in the evening.

"Does that mean Dad is gonna be grilling steaks?" Troy asked

Mrs C laughed. "Does that mean you prefer his cooking to mine?"

The grin on Troy's face sort of froze in place and I could sense the wheels in his brain moving as he tried to think of a way out. I decided to try and do it for him.

"I think Troy was going to add that if he did it would save you having to cook."

"Yeah, exactly Mom, you didn't give me a chance to finish."

Mrs C walked over and messed his hair. "I think Adam just saved your bacon again."

"Yeah, he makes a good assistant. I'm training him well, don't you think?"

As he said that Troy stood up from the table and dashed for the door that led upstairs. I stood up, but instead of following him cleared the table and put the crockery and our cutlery into the dishwasher.

"I guess you'll get you own back later, Adam?"

"Yep, revenge is a dish best served cold." I said with a laugh.

"Adam, I really do enjoy having you here and I probably don't tell you that enough. Troy is such a different person since you came into his life. He was always a good kid and never gave us any trouble, but there had been some sort of spark missing for the last year or so. You ignited that and seeing the two of you together makes me, and his father, very happy. Now you'd better go and get your stuff for school or we'll be late."

Wow! Mrs C sure took me by surprise with that little speech. I was glad she dismissed me like that as I wasn't at all sure how to respond to what she'd said. It was sorta embarrassing, but also real nice.

Mrs C dropped us off outside the school and after we'd got our backpacks from out of the trunk and hoisted them, we joined hands as we always did now to walk toward the entrance. I noticed two boys standing near the door. I'd seen them around the school, but they were Juniors a year above us Sophomores, so I didn't know either of them.

Looking at them I worried that there might be trouble. Both were a few inches taller than us. One was dressed all in black – black leather jacket, black skinny jeans, black t-shirt and black hair somewhat spiked. He had a couple of chains round his neck to add to the menacing effect he gave. The other one was also dressed in black, the only differences being a black hoodie rather than a leather jacket and a rather more normal hair style. As we drew close leather jacket moved to block our path. I automatically tightened my grip on Troy's hand. Surely though we weren't going to have trouble right here?

"Are you the two who are trying to set up a GSA?" leather jacket asked.

I felt there was nothing to be gained by denying it.

"Yep, that's us."

I braced myself for the punch I thought must be coming and glanced down at his hands. The right one came out as a fist, but didn't go anywhere.

"Thought you were. I'm Drew McAllister and this is my friend Nate Long."

"Hi," I said. "I'm Adam Jackson and this is Troy Connelly."

"Good to meet you." Drew said and the fist came out but slowly and not heading towards my body. It dawned on me that he was offering a fist bump, so I responded. Nate's fist then came out as did Troy's and we all exchanged. I also started to breathe again as it seemed we weren't about to get worked over.

"Just wanted to tell you guys that we admire what you're trying to do. We heard what happened to you Troy. Shouldn't be allowed, that sort of thing. The school's needed a GSA for years but nobody's had the balls to try and get one started. Thought you should know you'll have some support as we'll be there. Won't we Nate?"

Nate nodded. "We've not had the guts to come out like you two until now. But we talked about it last night and decided we had to show our support."

"That's great, guys." Troy said. "Look, if you're on first lunch and can stand being seen with lowly sophomores, come and join us."

Drew laughed. It was a pleasant laugh and belied the first impression his appearance gave.

"So, let me get this straight. You're inviting us to sit on a table not just with sophomores, but gay sophomores?"

"Yep, but at least you've no risk of being infected." I said.

They both looked blank.

"'Cos you've already caught the disease." I concluded.

Now they both burst out laughing.

"I'm gonna like you, but not as much as I like Nate." and so saying he put his left arm round Nate's shoulder. "Seen you at lunch, guys."

He extended his fist again and we all bumped once more, before they moved off with Drew still having his arm round Nate's shoulder.

"Phew, that wasn't what I was expecting."

"Nor me, I thought my bruises were gonna get bruises of their own." Troy responded with a little chuckle, adding, "That Drew sure doesn't look like your normal gay boy."

"Nope – I meant to ask him where he kept his Harley." I joked.

"Why, do you want a ride?"

"The only person I want a ride with is you, Troy."

"I love it when you talk dirty, Adam!"

I really hadn't thought how that word could be interpreted when I said that, so I broke out laughing at his reply.

"I meant when you get your car, but......"

"That won't be long as I can start my lessons in a few weeks and I think Gran is going to lend me some money to add to what I've got saved, so we'll have freedom!"

"Anyhow, getting back to the present, at least it means we won't be sitting there next Wednesday all on our own."

"There you go, Adam – ever the......what's the word?"


"Yeah, that'll do, I guess. Dunno what it means, but it sounds good."

I knew he was playing intentionally dumb, so punched him on the arm and called him an idiot as we walked in to start another day.

My Homeroom teacher duly read out the announcement about the GSA meeting. I sat trying to gauge the reaction. Everyone there knew that Troy and I were a pair, but I wasn't sure if they knew the plan to establish a GSA was ours. To be fair I hadn't had any major problems since Troy had been attacked; the odd shove in the corridor perhaps, but it was always hard to tell if that was accidental or intentional. I did notice a few of the kids turn and look towards me as the notice was being read and maybe a couple of the jocks did make a comment, but not ones that I heard clearly.

At lunch Drew and Nate did join us and were introduced to our little group. We found out that Nate's father held a fairly senior position in one of the local bank branches, so Nate was delegated to ascertain how we could go about setting up a bank account – should the GSA actually happen. He also said that if it was felt our GSA needed one, and nobody else wanted the job, he'd be willing to act as Treasurer. That I thought was good news.

Nothing else of great significance happened during the day. Troy did his swimming after school and I went for another hour of torture in the gym. At least that was what I expected, but coach had me out running a few laps and finishing with some fifty metre sprints – for the home straight as he said.

Consequently when we got home I needed a shower and naturally when he found out that was what I was going to do, Troy decided to join me. I have to say it is bliss to have someone wash you; I think I could stay there until my skin became wrinkled while Troy runs his soapy hands over my body. These days we didn't have a pact about jacking off, other than both of us knowing we would never jack ourselves. And since last weekend when we'd both shaved our pubes, we had almost turned into a pair of randy rabbits. It thus wasn't too long before Troy was on his knees attending to my needs. Once I'd come he stood up so we could kiss and I got a taste of myself, after which we switched places and the roles were reversed.

Then we could dry off, don our boxer briefs, and get on with our homework. As it happened neither of us had a lot to do that evening, so we had time for a cuddle on the bed. We were both getting nicely hard again when Mrs C knocked on the door to let us know that Marvin had arrived. Much as I wanted to suck Troy off again right then, I knew I could postpone that pleasure and that I really should go and hear what Marvin had to say.

"Jeans or shorts?" Troy asked as we got off the bed.

"Commando or free-ball?" I answered.

Troy giggled. "Like I've said before, I love it when you talk dirty, Adam."

I walked round the bed to where he was standing and pulled him into a kiss which developed into a full blown one as our tongues met yet again. At the same time I let my hands run down his body to find the waistband of his briefs, slipping inside I managed to pinch both his butt cheeks before taking a grip on the waistband I pushed them down allowing his dick to spring free. It slapped against my stomach and I could tell it was damp with pre-cum.

"I think shorts and free-ball is going to be a bit risky, don't you?"

"Skinnies and commando then?" Troy replied

"I'd love to, but with the state your dick is in, I think that would be risking it too."

Troy looked down at his dick before putting a hand inside my briefs to feel mine. He withdrew his hand and inspected his fingers.

"You could probably get away with it, but I guess we'd best not chance it."

I guess it was because I was circumcised, but I never seemed to produce as much pre-cum as him. He pulled up his briefs and we both got into our skinnies before going downstairs to join his parents and Marvin.

The steaks, of course, were excellent as always. More important though was what Marvin had to say. He told me that in his view the lady from the CPS shouldn't have raised the possibility of me being sent back to live with my parents, simply because it was so remote and in his view would never happen. In the first place my pa could end up in prison and in the second place neither he nor my ma had made any attempt to contact me since that day, which hardly showed that they were even interested in how I was getting on, let alone wanted me. Finally, and in his view very importantly, in a couple of months I'd be sixteen at which point I could in theory leave home anyway. But even more importantly, any decision to remove me from CPS supervision would have to take my view into account and as I didn't want to go back there that would be the deciding factor. He also said that he, or one of his senior associates, would be in court when the trial was held just to ensure that nothing unexpected happened.

I was much happier after listening to what Marvin had to say and was thus in a much better mood when Troy and I went to bed that night than I had been the previous one. We had a very heavy petting session to the extent that I wished my sixteenth birthday wasn't still that couple of months away. I really wanted to give myself to Troy and to know what it felt like to have him inside me and I was actually slightly jealous he had experienced that. I decided I'd have to get a calendar from somewhere so that I could mark the days off until....... Of course I'd have to keep it hidden as I wouldn't want Mrs C to find it – that would be so embarrassing. While Troy might be able to talk to her about us giving each other blow jobs, I definitely wouldn't want her to know that I was counting the days until he could fully make love to me.

The rest of the week at school passed off without any major incidents. Drew and Nate became regulars at our lunch table and a few other kids stopped by to either indicate their support for our plans or to say they would be there on Wednesday, or both. There were a few instances of our notices either being removed or defaced, but I guess we had to expect such things. We always knew that while the majority of the kids at school couldn't care one way or the other, there would be a minority who objected to anything that had the word 'gay' attached to it – even if that word was no longer in the official title of the organisation.

One thing we did decide during the week was that we would get our ears pierced that Saturday. There was a salon in the mall that was part of a national chain so we presumed should be good. They had a sign in the window that stated appointments weren't necessary so we could just turn up. As I'd commented to Troy when we'd stood outside the previous Saturday, at least it didn't say 'Ears pierced while you wait'!

We knew we'd have to wear the starter earring for six weeks, so we considered that by getting the piercing done now we could have a proper stud in place by the time Christmas came. In fact I suggested to Troy that we could even buy a stud for each other as our present, which he thought was a great idea. Mind you, that still left me with the problem of what to get him for his birthday and that was coming even sooner than Christmas.....

Mrs C dropped us off at the mall in good time on Saturday morning and also arranged to collect us and drop me off at the store in time for my shift. I was definitely nervous about how much the piercing would hurt and when I suggested to Troy that we go in one of the clothes stores first he didn't disagree, making me wonder if he felt the same. Neither of us spent much money - I managed to restrict mine to some socks and a couple of pairs of boxer briefs while Troy bought himself a new pair of mid blue skinny jeans. With nothing further to delay us we headed to the salon.

On entering the salon we found a young dark haired girl on reception. I thought at first she was a display model as she was wearing so many earrings and no doubt had piercings in various other parts of her body that were currently hidden from sight.

She asked us what we wanted and when we told her we got some good news, but rather more bad. I guess I should have either phoned or checked on line to see what the regulations were, but because we were under sixteen they could only pierce our ears with written permission from a parent or guardian. That meant neither of us could get the job done now, but I realized although Troy could get the necessary permission, I wasn't going to be able to go ahead until I was sixteen. Neither of my parents would give me permission even if I asked them and the Connellys weren't my guardians but foster parents. The good news was that the ear piercing was done by needle and for the sum you paid you got what they called a 'starter' stud and a cleansing/disinfectant lotion that should make it possible to change it out for a better quality one in about three weeks.

Troy told me after we'd left the shop that I should ask his mom to sign the form we were each given, but I told him I wouldn't ask her because I thought it wouldn't be legal and the last thing I wanted to do was create any trouble for her. I also told him that he should get his mom to sign his consent form and get his ear pierced next Saturday. We then proceeded to get into a little discussion, I won't call it a disagreement, over whether or not he'd get his ear done before I was sixteen. I told him he should, but he felt that to do so would be somehow unfair to me. I sensed this discussion could run all week until I dragged him back to the salon next Saturday!

We decided that we'd go and get something to eat as I needed something to sustain me through my shift at the store, where although I had a break it was only for fifteen minutes so meant I couldn't do more than eat a quick snack. We decided to have a pizza. I opted for pepperoni and sausage while Troy chose sausage, mushroom and bacon – both with extra cheese and salad, washed down with coke. While we were there we saw a few kids from school and a couple of girls came over to us to say that they'd be at the GSA meeting on Wednesday. It was good to have at least a few people promising to attend.

After finishing our food we decided to go for a walk round. I thought I saw Carlos pushing his mother in the wheelchair in the distance, nudged Troy and nodded in that direction and we started to stroll towards them. That was when I felt something in my back.

"This is a knife, pansy boy and Mike has a gun pressed in the back of your little butt boy buddy, so just keep walking normally."

The voice I didn't recognise, but I presumed it must be Kyle Lundgren. There was a strong, almost overpowering smell that was a mixture of weed and sweat as he spoke quietly into my ear. I automatically turned my head to look at Troy and caught enough in that glimpse to know that Mike was indeed behind him. We'd been holding hands as we walked and our grip now tightened.

"Just be good and keep walking towards that exit. We don't want to make a mess in here." There was a little cackle as he finished speaking.

I'd always had a feeling that we'd not seen the last of Mike and Kyle, but I'd thought we'd only ever see them in court as they must be hundreds of miles away by now. Instead here they were in broad daylight, in town, in the centre of the mall and on a Saturday. They either had balls of steel, or perhaps more likely, they were both so high they didn't care. But, what could we do? I knew I could run as Kyle had said he'd got a knife in my back and he couldn't do much with that if I took off, but that would leave Troy on his own and even if he followed my lead he wouldn't outrun a bullet. So, I could almost certainly get away, but he couldn't and I just wasn't going to leave him on his own with these two apparent maniacs.

The exit towards which we were walking was taking us past where Carlos was with his mother. They both began to smile as we approached and Carlos started to raise his hand in greeting. Seeing that I shook my head and he appeared to get the message as his hand stopped being raised. I wasn't sure if he knew Mike and Kyle, but I could only hope that he did recognise them, although even if he did I had no idea what he would do. In the end we walked straight past them and out of the exit into the car park. Kyle told me to head towards an old black panel van that I could see in the distance – apparently they had either traded Mike's pick up for this or perhaps stolen it, but it did help explain how they could get round town without being seen.

When we got to the van I got a look at Mike for the first time as he manoeuvred Troy in order to unlock the rear door. He'd had his head almost shaved bare and was unshaven – he truly did look like a thug – and his jeans and hoodie were dirty and stained.

Once he'd unlocked the door he told Troy to open it.

"Okay, you two get in the van. We're all going for a little ride."

Having said that he stepped away from Troy and I could see that he did indeed have a pistol in his hand. I had no idea if it was real or if it was loaded, but it looked real enough to me and guns and ammo were so easy to obtain, the odds were that it was. We clambered in and he and Kyle followed.

"Now, lie on the floor, face down and hands behind your backs."

I looked at Troy, he looked back and smiled his special smile at me.

"It's gonna be alright Adam."

"Quit talking, bitch boy." Mike almost shouted, kicking Troy behind one of his knees as he did.

We had little choice but to do as ordered. And then Kyle proceeded to tie our hands behind our backs.

"That's it Kyle, truss the turkeys up nice and tight. Thanksgiving for them has come a little early this year."

Once we were tied, Kyle got out of the van and went round to get in the driver's seat. We were soon in motion, but where to? I guessed I'd find out – all too soon probably.

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