by Ivor Slipper

Chapter 14

Naturally after we'd repeated last night's activities we needed some time to recover from our exertions and so went back to sleep. We were finally roused by Mrs C knocking on the bedroom door and announcing that it was last call for breakfast. I looked at my alarm and was surprised to see that it wasn't yet eleven as Mrs C would usually leave us in peace until just before noon, but then I remembered that we had Hannah, Maddison and Jerry coming over early in the afternoon to discuss our plans about the initial meeting of the GSA.

Even so our actual getting out of bed was delayed for a few minutes while Troy and I shared a few kisses before heading to the bathroom for a much needed shower. Of course we showered together and took the opportunity to wash each other from head to toe, calling at all points in between to ensure that every tiny scrap of our bodies was thoroughly clean. Doing this just somehow cemented our love for each other as we could kiss and caress with lathered hands sliding easily over each other's skin. It was also inevitable that we would bring each other to climax during this process.

After we emerged from the bathroom a quick glance out of the bedroom window showed that the sun was shining and it looked to be a pleasant day. Troy decided that he was just going to wear a navy t-shirt and a pair of sports shorts which were long enough to cover his bruises. I noticed that he didn't put on a pair of boxer briefs before pulling on the shorts.

"You still uncomfortable down there?"

"Nah, I fancied free-balling today."

"Two can play that game." I said before opening the bedroom door to check that nobody was around and heading to my room to find a pair of my own sports shorts and a black t-shirt.

We met at the top of the stairs.

"Turn round." Troy commanded.

Somewhat puzzled I did, so that my back was toward him. I then felt the waistband of my shorts being pulled out and two hands sliding inside to cup my cheeks.

"Just checking," he said with a laugh. The feel of his hands there had the inevitable result and I immediately went hard, even more so when one of his hands strayed to the front to carry out a total check.

"Mmm…I just can't resist feeling where you've shaved. I'm gonna do mine later."

It occurred to me that Troy had quite possibly never shaved. I didn't recall seeing him do so in the time I'd been living here and I suppose being blond any hair he did have didn't really show. I, on the other hand, being dark haired, had started shaving a couple of years ago and was now doing so two or three times a week.

"Have you ever shaved?" I asked.

"Once or twice, why?"

"Well, it's a bit of a skill and although any nicks down there won't show as they would on your face, they'd be pretty uncomfortable."

"Yeah, but you managed alright?"

"Yep – but then I shave regularly, don't I?"

"I'm not going to get any experience unless I do it though."

An idea came to me.

"How about if I shave you?"

Throughout this conversation Troy had kept his hands inside my shorts fondling my dick and stroking round my pubic area. Now he pushed me back against him so I could feel his hard dick pressing against my ass.

"I love it when you talk dirty, Adam!"

With that he pulled his hands from inside my shorts and bounded down the stairs into the kitchen with me in hot pursuit.

"I was beginning to think you two had decided not to bother with breakfast."

"Sorry, mom, but we sort of got distracted." Troy said with a chuckle.

"There's juice in the fridge. I'm grilling some bacon; do you want pancakes or scrambled eggs to go with that?"

"Both." Troy replied, grinning as he did so.

"My, you are feeling better this morning. I was starting to worry about you yesterday as you seemed to be very 'down' all day."

"I was, but Adam saved me."

I shot him a look, wondering what he was going to say in answer to the question that I knew must come in response to that remark.

"Saved you, Troy? Saved you, how?"

"Can I tell her Adam, please?"

I really didn't know how to respond. I couldn't imagine discussing something like this with my mother. Indeed I knew that if I'd ever mentioned anything sexual in her presence it would have resulted in me getting my butt whipped by my pa. This really was a different world I was now living in. And then it dawned on me, Troy had told his parents what had been done to him last Sunday so Mrs C wasn't going to learn anything she didn't already know. Plus which they had agreed to us sleeping together and while we had told them we were not going to have full sex, they must know what else we did. So……

I nodded. "Yes, Troy. Now you've gone this far I think you have to."

"This sounds ominous, boys. Let me finish getting your breakfasts ready, get myself a cup of coffee and sit down. I have a feeling I might need to be sat down for this."

"It's not bad at all mom. But Adam did something yesterday that showed me once again why I love him – not that I needed him to do that."

"Okay, carry on. I'm ready now," said Mrs C as she sat at the table opposite Troy with her cup of coffee held between both hands.

"You know what those two made me do to them last Sunday?" Mrs C nodded. "And you know Adam and I do that to each other because we love one another?"

Mrs C nodded again while I marvelled at the conversation I was witnessing.

Troy now hesitated before continuing.

"Well, when I tried to do it for him the other night, I couldn't because the picture of me doing it to them came flooding back in my mind and it made me sick."

"Troy, I'm not in the least surprised that happened. You suffered a major psychological trauma and it was always likely that certain actions would trigger such a response, especially so soon afterwards. It is going to take time before you feel able to do that again – weeks, maybe months."

"But that's the thing Mom, I did it last night – thanks to Adam."

Now I felt myself blushing while Mrs C had a puzzled expression.

"I don't understand what you are trying to tell me Troy."

"Adam had shaved, down here." Troy was pointing to his groin. "It was the hair that was repulsing me and causing me to gag. And Adam's going to shave me later!"

"Too much information, Troy." Mrs C exclaimed laughing. " I wonder how many other mothers have ever had this conversation over breakfast with their son and his boyfriend?"

It sure was pretty remarkable, but Mrs C hadn't batted an eyelid throughout.

After we'd cleared away the dishes and cutlery we went back upstairs. As soon as we got into his bedroom Troy pulled me towards him, one hand in the middle of my back the other around my neck pushing my lips towards his which I found to be warm and soft. We stood there and smooched for a few minutes, before he pulled away.

"Did I embarrass you there, Adam?"

"Not embarrass – simply amaze, you and your mom both."

He chuckled. "I guess I don't realise how lucky I am being able to talk to my mom like that. From what you've said I think your mom was at one end of the spectrum and mine is at the other when it comes to sex – especially gay sex."

"Where did you learn that word, Troy, although it is very appropriate for a gay conversation."

He looked blank. "Spectrum, rainbow, gay flag." I said.

"You see the effect you have on me? I'd never have used that word before I got to know you. You've taught me so much," he said sticking out his tongue.

"I know the effect you have on me. Once I was just an innocent boy and then you came along and corrupted me." I retorted pulling him to me and rubbing our groins together.

"As I said before, I love it when you talk dirty Adam, but have we got time?"

"Time for what? They're due in an hour or so. When I shave you I don't want to rush, so I'm gonna do that this evening, but we've got time for…."

Troy stopped me from saying anything more by pressing his lips against mine before pushing me backwards towards the bed. When the backs of my legs met it we collapsed with him on top. That was when we discovered one of the benefits of not wearing anything under our shorts as our dicks were instantly accessible and we were quickly able to pleasure each other once more, taking care to ensure that no telltale traces dripped onto our shorts. It was indeed good to have Troy back.

As with their last visit we had the use of the family room for our discussion with Hannah, Maddison and Jerry. Mrs C provided everyone with drinks and some snacks and then left us alone. Mr C was out on the golf course playing in some sort of tournament so wasn't going to be back until late. According to Mrs C there was one particular hole that always proved very difficult and thus took a long time to play – the nineteenth!

We got settled comfortably with Troy and me together on the settee. As the idea for setting up a GSA had been his I think we'd all decided to let him lead the discussion. He started off by asking if anyone had had any more ideas about our initial meeting. Maddison said she'd prepared some posters which she showed us. She was taking art and I thought they were quite eye-catching and looked almost professional. The problem was that we needed a good quantity of them so it was agreed that Troy would ask Mrs Thomas if she could photocopy a quantity for us. However, we also needed to do something that would bring the meeting to the attention of everyone at school and it was Jerry who suggested that we could ask the VP to give details to all the Homeroom teachers for them to read out at intervals up to Wednesday week. That job ended up being delegated to me, but at least after our initial meeting I now had no worries about talking to him. I would just need to give the details in a few lines and then print off enough copies. I considered the printer linked to Troy's computer could handle that job.

From the reading I'd done the previous night I'd discovered that there were three types of GSA, or to be more exact that they had three types of function. One was as a support group to provide safety and confidentiality to students who were struggling with their identity or who were experiencing harassment at school. A second was to act as a social group where gay and straight students could come together by organising social events where they could meet and mix. The third was to work on educating both those within the group and the wider school community about sexual orientation and gender identity issues.

I outlined and explained these to the others, although Hannah had been doing her own research and knew about this. We discussed them for some time, but in the end decided the best thing to do would be to just outline each at the meeting and take a vote to obtain the views of those there - always assuming anyone came. In some ways all three interlinked, but we thought the second and third would be the best options for us as we couldn't see how we could do much more than act as a confidential listening friend to anyone who was struggling with their identity. But, at the same time we did need to ascertain if there was harassment occurring at school and perhaps the establishment of a GSA would provide the ideal opportunity to bring such things to light.

Finally Hannah pointed out that in order to attract people to the meeting, even though it was being held during lunch break, we did need to provide something in the way of food and drink. School food wasn't bad, but neither was it great, plus the fact that nothing attracts kids more than the chance of free food was something we could all vouch for - well at least the three boys could! The big problem here was numbers, not to mention cost. It was agreed that as far as food was concerned we had little choice but to hope our mothers could be persuaded to make some cookies, or sandwiches or even a few small cakes such as muffins. We thought we'd be lucky if more than thirty people turned up, so our mom's combined efforts should suffice for that number. I also had the idea of asking the manager at the store where I worked if he'd let me have some cans of various sodas on a sale or return basis and at cost price. Although I didn't tell the others I decided I'd pay for those myself whether at cost or retail price.

After a couple of hours we felt we had decided on some plans that should at least get the meeting to the notice of everyone at school. Whether on Wednesday week we'd be sitting looking at an empty room, remained to be discovered.

That evening Troy and I went upstairs to his bedroom earlier than usual. I asked him if he was still sure he wanted me to shave him and he said he was 110% positive. So, we both undressed and had a shower. Once we'd dried ourselves I told Troy to lie on the bed on a large towel while I assembled my equipment. I filled a bowl that I'd taken from the kitchen earlier with some warm water and stood that on the night-stand along with a razor in which I'd fitted a new blade, a pair of scissors, shaving cream and a wash-cloth.

By the time I'd assembled everything he was semi hard but I wasn't sure if he'd been playing with himself or it was just anticipation. I sat on the bed beside him.

"You can stop this at any time, but if you do you'll probably look a mess."

"If I do, which I won't, then there'd only be two people who'd see it, so it wouldn't matter."

I picked up the scissors and suggesting he hold his dick out of harm's way, went to work on his bush. Once I'd trimmed that down I decided it would be fun to lick around what was left as it needed to be wet for the next part. I managed to accidentally on purpose have a few licks up his shaft while doing so which had him making little noises of pleasure. After that I sprayed on some shaving cream and set to work on the delicate part with the razor. We were both enjoying ourselves as I had now taken over moving his prick to where it wasn't in the way. He didn't have much hair going down his groin towards his hole, but I dealt with that and was then left with his ball sack. This area is never easy and I feared might leave him sore but I took as much care as I could.

When I'd finished I sat back to admire my work. I could see him running his fingers over the area and he looked pleased. I was concerned he would feel sore afterwards which was when I had an idea. I got off the bed and took from my drawer in the night-stand the bottle of baby oil. Troy's eyes widened when he saw it and a big smile lit up his face.

"Oh yeah, this gets better and better," he breathed.

"I'm only going to put it on the shaved area." I said laughing.

"That's not fair!"

I poured a few drops onto the shaved area and gently rubbed it around. Of course I couldn't help also rubbing some of it on his prick and in rather quick time Troy was groaning with pleasure before he spurted high into the air.

While he was recovering I went into the bathroom to get the oil off my hands and came back with a container of plain talcum powder I'd bought while at the store.

"I've been putting this on since I shaved myself, so I suggest you do the same. It'll just cut down the risk of any irritation. Don't want you scratching your balls and dick at school!"

He gave me the finger before getting off the bed to go and admire himself in the mirror.

"I think it looks great Adam. How long until we need to shave again?"

"Dunno as I've never done it before. Expect I'll need to do it more often than you though."

"Can I do you next time?"

I laughed. "Seems fair if you do."

"You've earned a reward though which I'm going to give you now."

I looked at him with a puzzled expression.

"Just lie down on the towel and you'll find out."

As soon as he walked toward the night-stand and the bottle of baby oil sitting on top of it, I knew exactly what my reward was going to be. I was hard before he returned.

On Monday Troy went to school wearing his blue skinnies over a pair of black CK boxer briefs; in fact we matched, although only he and I knew the extent of that! It was a cool morning so I was wearing a hoodie and Troy was about to put one of his on when I suggested he wear his Letterman jacket instead.

"I haven't seen you wear that in months Troy."

"I don't like to now."

"Why on earth not?"

I could see him hesitating thinking about exactly what to say in reply.

"You're not about to tell me you don't want to wear it because I've not got one?"

He nodded.

"Don't be so stupid. You've earned it. Plus which I think it's a good idea if you're seen wearing it around school when we're trying to get the GSA off the ground. Sort of emphasises that gays can be sporty too."

"You can be sporty too, Adam, especially in bed!" he said with an attempt at a leer.

"Yeah, but you don't get awarded those for that sort of thing. I'm gonna try with the track, but I've got a long way to go before I'd qualify though."

"I wonder if they have a badge for shaving?" he said grinning.

I punched him on the arm before going to his wardrobe and getting out his jacket. He was virtually back to normal physically and it seemed, after the weekend, he was also well on the way back mentally.

During Monday he had his meeting with Mrs Thomas and I had mine with the VP. Both went well and the VP took the 'announcement slips' I'd produced after our meeting and said he would pass them to the Homeroom teachers. Hopefully announcements would start to be made as from Tuesday. Hannah, Maddison and Jerry had volunteered to ensure that notices of the meeting were put up inas many places as possible around the school.

After school Troy did his swimming while I went for another session with Coach Zielinski. After so many years of not really doing anything physical other than ride my bike, some of the exercises were tough, but I was determined to try and improve the look of my body as well as hopefully improve enough to make the track team next year.

It had thus been a pretty good day, but Mrs C changed that when we got home. After we'd had our usual snack she told me she had something she needed to talk to me about and told Troy to go up to his room so she could talk to me privately. I didn't like the sound of that one bit.

"If you've got anything to talk to me about Mrs C, Troy can hear it too."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes. If you insist on telling me on my own as soon as you've finished I'll go upstairs and tell Troy what you said, so this will just save time."

She laughed.

"That sounds sensible Adam and is only what I'd expect, but I thought I should give you the option. There is a lady coming from CPS tomorrow afternoon; she wants to interview you and I guess check that we are looking after you properly."

I started to panic.

"They're not going to send me to a foster home are they? Or even back ...there."

I couldn't bring myself to say the word 'home' for where I used to live.

"I don't think for one minute that is what the visit is about. Based on when we've fostered in the past they do carry out regular visits. Mainly it is to check to see we aren't ill treating you and to give you a chance to raise any complaints about us."

My panic began to subside, until a further thought entered my mind.

"But what about Troy and me sleeping together? What if she asks about that?"

"Then you just lie to her, Adam." Troy said with a grin. "You've got your own bedroom and nobody is to know if you get out of your bed at night and sleepwalk into mine."

We all had a little chuckle at that thought.

"I really don't know what the CPS view would be, Adam. From what you've both told me – and I believe – you don't do anything in bed that you, or any other pair of boys, couldn't do outside of that bed. Thus, I don't think they would be greatly concerned, plus which you are both almost sixteen. However, while I'm not telling you to lie, it is only in the past week that you have slept together every night as opposed to having your once a week 'sleepover'. We could even argue that was only done because of Troy's mental state after the attack."

"I think perhaps I should spend tonight in my own bed, then I could tell her I found it as comfortable last night as it always is."

"Adam!" exclaimed Mrs C, "That is a very devious choice of words. You aren't considering a career as a lawyer by any chance?"

We left it at that and Troy and I went upstairs, stripped to our boxer briefs and did our homework. We also managed to finish it in time to allow us to have a kissing and cuddling session on the bed before being called down for the evening meal. I also decided that if asked by the CPS lady, the only one of those activities I'd admit to doing every afternoon was the homework!

I did spend quite a bit of time on Tuesday worrying about my forthcoming interview. My life had changed so much over the last few months. I felt loved in ways that I never had before – and not just because of what had developed between Troy and myself, but also because of how I was treated by his parents. Now I spent most of my time feeling happy and walking round with a smile on my face. I'd come out of my shell and was even starting to talk to people. I didn't want to go back to the life of the old Adam or ever be removed from what I now considered to be my home.

When she collected us from school Mrs C told us that the CPS lady – Mrs Harries - had already interviewed her and was waiting outside the house in her car for us to return, apparently writing up that part of her report while doing so. She got out of her car as we pulled onto the drive. She looked to be about the same age as Mrs C and was dressed in a mid grey suit with black tights. Her hair was permed and auburn in color. She carried a small briefcase and looked very businesslike.

When we got into the house Mrs C performed the introductions and asked if anyone wanted any refreshments. Mrs Harries declined as did I, at which point she suggested that we go up to my room so we could talk. I offered her the chair and sat on the bed facing her.

Despite her businesslike appearance she soon put me at ease and the meeting went well – at least I thought it did. Basically she just asked a series of questions that were designed to find out how I was being treated, fed, clothed and whether or not I was happy both here and at school. Naturally all my answers were positive. I think she must jut have assumed that I slept in this room because nothing was asked about such things. When she'd finished asking her questions she asked me if I had any for her. That gave me the chance to try and find out if there was any basis for my fears.

"Was there any special reason for this visit?"

"No, Adam. We have to do regular visits to check on our foster placements and it just happened to be yours today. Why?"

"I guess as I've never been fostered before I don't know how the system works, but I was worried you'd decided to move me somewhere else."

She frowned. "If both parties to a foster placement are happy then we wouldn't be looking to alter things. Mrs Connelly has already told me that they are happy to have you living with them and as you seem happy...."

"I am." I interrupted. "I suppose I was worried you might want to move me to a group home."

Now she smiled. "Places in group homes are very limited as well as being expensive – more costly than individual placements - so that is definitely something you needn't worry about. However,....."

She paused and I looked at her now with a worried expression.

"Your father's trial is due to take place in a couple of weeks. He has refused to accept a plea bargain on the charge relating to his assaults on you. I don't consider it at all likely, but if he is acquitted then he would almost certainly ask for you to be returned to your natural home."

"What!" I exploded. "Go back and live with him after what that b....." I managed to stop myself from using the word, "did to me? Never! I ain't going back there. They don't want me – either of them. And I know what he'd do to me if he did get me back in that house. If that happened I'd either run away or kill myself."

"Calm down, Adam. As I said, I consider such an outcome is highly unlikely, but I thought you needed to be aware it is a possibility – however remote."

Up to that point I'd thought things had been going well but now it seemed my world might yet come crashing down around me. It also more or less concluded my interview with Mrs Harries and I went downstairs with her where she talked briefly with Mrs C before departing.

Once she'd gone I went back upstairs and into my own bedroom, locking the door behind me. I was feeling very sorry for myself and needed to think and be alone. Troy had troubles of his own and I felt it would be unfair to go and dump mine on him. It wasn't long though before I heard someone trying the handle of the door and then Troy's voice asking if he could come in and if I was alright. I just told him I needed to be alone, which probably didn't do much to reassure him.

Eventually Mrs C came up and after knocking on the door told me that dinner was ready and more or less insisted that I come down to eat. I had to admit I was hungry so after a couple of minutes I made my way downstairs. Mr C had arrived home from work so we all sat down at the table. Troy was sat opposite me and kept trying to play footsie with me, but I wasn't in the mood and kept pulling my feet away. I could see he was puzzled as normally we'd play that game and rub our feet together or up the other's leg. I wasn't talking and the conversation was mainly between Troy's parents. Eventually Mrs C looked at me,

"Are you going to tell us what's wrong Adam and why you decided to hide away and then not talk to us after Mrs Harries' visit? From what she told me there isn't a problem about you staying here which I know was worrying you, so I don't understand what's brought on this mood."

I realized it was unfair of me not to say what was worrying me after all the kindness they'd shown me.

"She said there isn't at present."


"She also said my Pa's trial will be in a couple of weeks and if he's found not guilty of assaulting me he could ask for me to be returned to live with them."

I couldn't help it. I didn't want to, but I started to cry. Troy was out of his chair immediately and came round the table to hug me.

"That can't happen, Adam," he said.

"No, it won't cos I'll run away or......"

"Stop it, Adam." Mr C interjected. "I'll call Marvin as soon as we've finished eating. We can discuss the possibilities with him and get you some representation, although I have to say I believe it is highly unlikely your father will be acquitted based on the evidence. Don't forget there were pictures taken and both Troy and I have seen the state you were in. There is no way he can convince a judge that what he did to you was reasonable discipline."

As soon as we'd finished dinner Mr C called Marvin and arrangements were made for us to go and see him the next day. Thus I was feeling happier when Troy and I eventually went up to his room after spending some time on the settee in the family room. He insisted that he was going to cuddle me that night – I didn't argue as I'd sorta missed having him holding me.

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