by Ivor Slipper

Chapter 13

Mr C took a deep breath before speaking and I got the distinct feeling what he was going to say wouldn't be the news we'd been expecting to hear.

"I'm sorry to say Troy that they've not been charged."

"How come? I thought Brian and Tyler had told the cops it was all Mike & Kyle's idea."

"You're right there son, but the problem is that they haven't yet been arrested."

"That's crazy!" I exclaimed.

"I agree it seems that way Adam, but the police haven't been able to find them. They have simply vanished."

"Oh Jeeze," said Troy, "You mean they're still out there somewhere? I thought that dick Diamond was off the case now."

Mr C took another deep breath.

"He is and he's been suspended pending an investigation. However, we virtually know that he called Mike after Adam had turned up at the station with your cell and he'd seen the pictures on it. We can thus assume Mike also called Kyle. I don't know why he didn't call the other two, but it would seem that Kyle is his big friend which is why he called him."

"Guess that's the case – he and Kyle did become big buddies after I dumped him."

"The police have been looking for them but neither was at home, nor – unsurprisingly – has either been seen at school. I asked Marvin what the police were doing to find them to which his answer was 'looking'. He also said that this wasn't exactly a high priority case."

"It is for us." Mrs C said.

"I know and agree, Alicia. One of the problems is that Kyle being a bit older has a pickup, so it is possible they could have left town. Marvin also told me that after making some enquiries the police had been told that a couple of youths were seen getting on a Greyhound late yesterday. Nobody knows for sure if it was them, but it is another possibility."

"Jeeze, this really……." Troy exclaimed.

"I know it does Troy, but their pictures have been circulated as have details of their truck. I'm sure they are going to be picked up soon."

"I friggin' hope so" said Troy, earning himself a glance of disapproval from his mom.

Mr C's news sure had put a down on all our moods. Troy had been quite cheerful this afternoon, but now he was sat at the table wearing a scowl. Mind you, I could understand how he felt as if I'd been in his shoes I'd have felt exactly the same. Those two needed to be arrested and charged pronto and then put away for a long time.

The conversation then changed to other more normal matters as Mrs C finished getting the dinner ready and served. After we'd eaten Troy and I cleared the table as usual and then went up to his bedroom for a while. We lay on the bed together while Troy flicked through the channels on TV trying to find something worth watching – without much success it had to be said. In the end he decided to watch a basketball game which did very little for me since I'd never really played except when forced to in a PE class at school.

Fortunately after about half an hour his mom came up to tell us that Hannah, Maddison and Jerry had arrived. Hannah's mom had brought all of them and Mrs C said she told her she'd drive them all back after we'd finished our little meeting. We went into the family room and once everyone had decided what they wanted to drink and Mrs C had also brought in a few snacks, we could get down to business.

"So, what is it you want to talk to us about?" asked Hannah.

"I wanted to see if you'd be willing to support Adam and me if we tried to get a GSA started at the school."

"See, I told you that was what he wanted to talk about." Hannah said looking at the other two with a grin.

"Yeah, well…… I know I said when you raised the idea before that I thought it would be looked on as self-interest if I did, but last Sunday has changed my mind. I suppose Adam and I weren't really 'out' to the whole school back then and I thought if we ignored it, it would go away. I was wrong."

"I think it's a good idea." Hannah responded.

"Me too." Maddison added.

"Me three." Jerry said with a laugh.

"That's great! I told Adam we could count on your support if we tried to set up a Gay Straight Alliance at school."

"Only it's not called that now." Hannah said, producing looks of surprise from the rest of us. "I looked it up the other week and now they're known as 'Genders and Sexualities Alliance' as that is said to be a more inclusive term."

"Doesn't quite have the same ring to it." I commented.

"Agreed" said Troy. "Perhaps we could just refer to it as a GSA – I think a lot of kids will have heard of it as that anyway."

"Probably not a bad idea." Hannah replied.

"So did you find out how we'd go about starting one?" I asked.

"Probably easiest if you bring your laptop down Troy, look up their website and then we can all read it at the same time."

Troy did just that and soon we were gathered round reading the suggestions on their website. Once we'd done that we spent some time coming up with ideas as to how we could proceed. Eventually it was agreed that the first thing would be for Troy and I to approach the VP and get his agreement, which we found from also looking at the school website was needed to set up any club or organisation. Then we needed to find an Advisor – or even two. From the interest he'd shown in me and also about Troy's injuries I did wonder about asking Coach Zielinski, but he already had quite a lot of out of normal hours activities on his plate. Maddison suggested the school nurse and Hannah the librarian. Both though were female and I felt we needed a male. It occurred to me that Mr Edgar who taught Troy and I World Geography might be a possibility. As far as I knew he was single – not that that made any real difference as to his suitability – but there had been something in the way he'd reacted after Troy and I had got together for that project, which made me think that perhaps he was pleased other than for the work we'd produced. I said I'd approach him as our first choice. We'd also have to let the Administration side of the school know of our plans. When all those things were resolved we could move on to planning for our first meeting.

From what was said on the website we had a legal right to form a GSA at school, so achieving that shouldn't be too much of a problem I thought. Getting kids to come along to that initial meeting could be a lot harder, but we could only try. For sure we were all quite excited about the prospects by the time our little meeting finished. One thing we did decide though was to find another kid outside of our immediate group who wanted to be involved as otherwise it could be viewed as a 'Troy's Table' affair.

When we got ready for bed later I asked Troy is he wanted me to apply some more Arnica to his bruises. He just grinned, replying that would be good, just as long as I confined it to his bruises - he can be such a smartass at times! I have to confess though that I did find it hard to stop myself from massaging a certain part of his anatomy as I was applying the cream elsewhere on his front while at the same time his dick appeared to be beckoning me towards it! In the end though we did nothing apart from a serious kissing and cuddling session when we both got under the sheets. After that we spooned together in what had become our new position of him backing into me which I thought perhaps gave him a little extra reassurance of my love for him.

Troy hadn't even objected that strongly at me setting my alarm as we'd agreed we ought to try and get to school a little early in order to see the school secretary before classes began. I was a bit surprised when Troy decided to wear my jeans again, but he did put a pair of his own CKs underneath, telling me that if they didn't cause him any real discomfort during the day then he'd be back to his skinnies for Friday.

Our meeting with the secretary went well. Mrs Thomas told us that she felt the school should have had a GSA before now, while adding that she didn't believe there had been many problems over sexuality until now. As she added though, that might be because most gay kids were deep in cover so that having an active GSA could encourage them to come forward. She wished us luck and also said we shouldn't hesitate to contact her in future if we thought she might be able to help. She also said she'd make an appointment for us to see the VP at the end of our lunch break.

Troy and I had different classes for the last period before lunch so I decided to wait for him outside the cafeteria when lunch break came.Thus we were slightly late in going through the line and selecting our 'delights' from what was on offer, although to be fair most days there was something edible. Thus when we arrived at our table Hannah, Maddison, Jerry and Carlos were already there. Troy and I sat next to each other.

We told them how we'd got on with Mrs Thomas and that she'd made an appointment for us to see the VP at the end of our lunch break. They all wished us well with that. The conversation became more general until Jerry asked Troy if he was trying to start a new fashion trend. Troy looked at him with a puzzled expression.

"What makes you ask that?"

"Well, it's two days in succession now that you've come to school wearing a pair of baggy old jeans as opposed to your normal skinnies and you are usually so fashion conscious."

Troy laughed. "With the bruises I've got on my legs and thighs I didn't think I could struggle into them. I considered wearing sweatpants, but they look like you've just got out of bed and come straight to school."

"Just surprised you'd got any like that in your wardrobe."

I wasn't sure where Jerry was heading with this. I knew he and Troy had been friends for years so I didn't think he was trying to rile him, but I feared Troy might take what I was fairly sure was a joke, the wrong way.

"He hadn't." I said. "They're a pair that I used to wear to school, before...."

Troy put his arm round my shoulder and pulled me to him.

"Yeah, and he even loaned me a pair of his old boxers to wear underneath."

There followed communal expressions of disbelief and surprise.

"Why not? They were clean and I didn't fancy having my nuts squeezed all day by a pair of briefs. Only Adam's allowed to do that."

The groans that accompanied that remark could be heard a couple of tables away I'm sure. It did though bring an end to that particular topic.

I know I was nervous about seeing the VP. I'd never had any dealings with Mr Fitzpatrick, but he was the man in charge of discipline in the school and he had a bit of a 'no nonsense' reputation. I had the feeling he'd been in the services at some point in his life and was thus used to a regimented operation, which a school of teenage kids didn't exactly match. Troy admitted he had had dealings with him in the past when he been assigned detention for what he referred to as 'a little escapade' but refused to give me further details.

Thus we were both a bit anxious when we entered his office, but it was immediately apparent that Mrs Thomas had told him why we had asked to see him. Our meeting with him went very well and he said he'd been hoping for some time that someone would take the initiative to start a GSA at the school. In fact his views seemed to pretty much coincide with those expressed earlier by Mrs Thomas. He did say that we would need to have at least one teacher on board as an Advisor, but felt sure that wouldn't be a problem while adding that he couldn't perform that function himself.

He also suggested that when we had found an Advisor and decided to go ahead and organise our initial meeting we come and talk to him again. He proposed that rather than hold it after school when some kids might be unable to attend because of the need to catch buses, we hold it across the lunch break. If we started halfway through the first lunch period he would ensure that anyone on second lunch who wanted to attend would be given a pass and similarly if the meeting overran first lunch the Advisor would give passes to anyone who was late getting to their first afternoon class. He'd also ensure that a classroom would be freed for us.

That was more than we expected as we had been wondering about where and when to hold the first meeting and had thought if it was after school some of those who might want to come wouldn't be able to because of the transport problem. Now all we needed was to find an Advisor.

It so happened that World Geography was our last lesson of the day, which was rather fortunate. I suggested to Troy beforehand that he should go and let his mom know what I was doing rather than have her sitting in the car park worrying why we were late. I also wanted to do this on my own to sort of prove to myself that I could stand on my own two feet, so when the final bell rang and everyone gathered up their books and then dashed for the classroom door, I took my time to slowly put mine into my backpack. Troy wished me good luck and I thought for one moment that he was going to kiss me, but instead be leaned close and told me I was going to land my fish which made me smile and punch him on the arm.

I had thought about what I was going to say, but most of that went out of my mind as I walked up to his desk.

"Can you spare me a few minutes please, sir?"

"Of course, Adam, What's the problem?"

"Well, you know about Troy being attacked at the weekend……"

"Yes, I've heard a little about it" he cut in. "Disgraceful business, especially as it seems to have been carried out by some of our students I understand."

"Yes sir, it was. But it got me and Troy thinking and we decided that it might be a good idea for us to try and set up a GSA at the school."

"Mmm…. I can understand your thinking and I wish you well as I believe it would be a good thing. But what has it got to do with me?"

He smiled as he finished that sentence and I thought I spotted a little twinkle in his eye. He'd always been my favorite teacher as I thought he had a really good way of imparting knowledge.

"Well sir, we'd need to have someone from the faculty as an Advisor and we wondered if you could be persuaded to volunteer."

He leaned back in his chair and I waited for him to speak again.

"Perhaps I shouldn't tell you this Adam, but a couple of weeks before I gave out that project last semester I had a little meeting with Troy in which I warned him that he was in danger of getting a very poor grade for my class. I also told him I was going to set that project and he should give some thought as to who he might approach to do it with him because a good result on it would change this considerably. Do you know what he said in reply?"

I shook my head.

"He told me that he'd like to ask you, not just because he knew doing it with you would ensure a good result but also because he'd been trying to find an excuse to talk to you for ages and had been scared to do so because you were so much brighter than him. He felt sure that if he did ask you'd turn him down as you'd think he was only asking because he wanted the benefit of your brain."

I was shocked even though some of this did tie in with things Troy had told me.

"I did wonder why he asked me and I did initially think it was for that."

"Well, there is no doubt you have got a good brain, Adam. Troy is no fool though and just needed something, or someone, to set him on the right path. I thought you could well be that person and I've been delighted to see how both of you have developed over the past few months."

"Thank you for telling me sir, but more than that, thanks for bringing us together. Because of you and Troy, and his parents, I've now got a life I could never have imagined back then."

"Indeed so – and that is plainly evident when you come and approach me on your own about this idea. The 'old' Adam would never have done such a thing."

I laughed. "You're dead right about that, sir."

"So, to answer your question – yes, I'll be delighted to accept your invitation to become an Advisor to the GSA and I'll do all I can to help you get it up and running. But always bear in mind it is a student run organisation."

"Thanks a lot, sir. That's great!"

"Now I think you'd better run along as I'm sure Troy must be wondering what has taken so long."

As I walked out of the classroom I had to wonder about some of the things I'd just been told, especially in view of Mr Edgar's quick agreement to my request. I'd read about 'gaydar', was it possible that he was so equipped?

Troy did ask what had taken me so long but I wasn't about to tell him what Mr Edgar had confided to me. I simply told him we'd have Mr Edgar's full support, but he had reiterated that it was down to us to do the work to get the GSA off the ground. Now we had got this far I suggested we needed to have another meeting with the others to decide on a date for the launch and also workout how we were going to publicise it.

When we got in the pickup Mrs C wanted an update on how things had gone during the day and we were pleased to be able to report good progress. As soon as we'd got home Troy called the others to let them know what had happened and said we'd discuss at lunch on Friday when we could all get together again.

Friday at school was unremarkable. Our discussion at lunch ended up with agreement we would meet once more at Troy's house on Sunday afternoon to plan the next steps in our campaign. That would give all of us time to do any homework or attend to any chores or other things that needed to be done. We did manage to agree some dates which would be good for all of us and Troy called into the VP's office to ascertain which would be best. We had about ten days as the day we selected was the Wednesday of the week after next.

Friday, of course, was also our 'Sleepover Night' – the night when Troy and I could show our love for each other in a sexual way. Although his parents had told me at the beginning of this week that they were now happy for us to sleep together every night we simply hadn't been either mentally, as well probably as physically in Troy's case, in the mood for sex. We'd played a couple of little games on each other and Troy had jacked me off in bed one afternoon, but that wasn't the same as when we spent time pleasuring each other and enjoying the sensations we created.

I'd already decided it was up to Troy to set the pace and I would go along with whatever he wanted to do, expecting that would very probably be nothing. When we did go up to his bedroom we both stripped and went into the shower together. We each washed each other as was our norm, but I was careful not to over stimulate him and couldn't help noticing he didn't spend much time washing my dick. We dried each other off and then climbed into bed. As was the norm now I spooned into his back and simply lay there holding him close but after about five minutes he asked me to turn over so he could spoon me to him. Quite soon his hand began to stroke my chest and play with my nipples. I could feel myself responding to his touch and also feel him growing hard behind me.

After a while his hand sank lower and began to play with my balls and my dick. I was enjoying his attention and expressed my appreciation both vocally and by rolling onto my back so he had full access. Now he could bring both hands into play and we could also kiss and let our tongues dance together. We were both now very aroused. Troy threw back the bed covers and moved down the bed. I knew what his intention was and shivered in enjoyment as his tongue licked across the slit of my dick before working its way around the head. It had been a couple of weeks since he'd last blown me and he always gave great pleasure. I felt him take the base of my dick in one hand to make it easier to go down on and then his lips closed around it and he took me into his mouth.

In an instant he pulled away, started sobbing and then scrambled off the bed, placing one hand over his mouth as he did and rushing into the bathroom. He didn't bother to close the door so I could clearly hear him throwing up and after a little while there was a sound of retching interspersed with crying. I let him have his privacy while he was being sick, but now I knew he needed me so I got out of bed and went into the bathroom.

He was slumped on the floor to the side of the john with his face in his hands. I knelt beside him and waited while he recovered a little.

"I can't fuckin' do it Adam. I thought I could, but they've fuckin' ruined it for us."

I immediately moved to kneel in front of him.

"It doesn't matter, Troy." I said as I placed my hands on his shoulders and looked into his face.

"Of course it fuckin' matters," he responded between sobs. "I can't do what I've always loved to do for you.

"Troy, I love you whether we do that or not. It isn't important."

"Don't be fuckin' silly Adam. Of course it's important."

He was sobbing again and this swearing simply wasn't Troy.

"Look, it's less than a week since they……."

"Yeah, since they fuckin' made me blow them."

"Troy, I can wait for as long as it takes."

"Oh Jeeze Adam, you're so fuckin' wonderful. I don't deserve you. I thought I could do it because it was you and I love you so, so, much. But as soon as I got some of your hair in my mouth………"

I was puzzled. I had a reasonable bush, but it had never caused problems before, so why now? I could sense him steeling himself to say more.

"It was that fuckin' Tyler. He had hair almost right up his dick it seemed and it wasn't clean – he smelled. I don't think he'd washed down there for days. I know you're clean, but just getting a bit of hair in my mouth brought it all back and I couldn't go on."

Now he dissolved into tears again. My poor Troy was tearing himself apart but I had to do everything to hold him together. I told him again and again that it wasn't important and eventually he calmed down. I helped him stand up and suggested he clean his teeth and use some mouthwash before I took his hand and let him back to bed. We got back under the sheets and I pulled him into my arms facing me so we could kiss and let his tears fall onto my face as well as his own. It took a long time before they stopped and we went to sleep.

As was usual we went into town on Saturday morning. I bought myself a cheap Adidas black hoodie that was on offer and we went and made enquiries at a couple of places about the cost of getting our ears pierced. After last night neither of us was in the mood for actually having it done, although we did spend some time looking at studs. We also ran into Carlos with his mom in her wheelchair and stopped to visit with them for a while. After that we managed a burger and chips – definitely not on coach's approved food list – before meeting up with Mrs C who dropped me off at the store.

It was Mr C who picked me up when my shift finished. I knew I'd be glad once Troy had passed his test and he could drive us around. Mrs C had prepared some great chilli for supper and after polishing that off we all retired to the family room to watch TV. After a time Mrs C decided she was going up to their bedroom as she didn't want to watch the basketball that her husband and Troy were very keen on. It wasn't my favorite sport either, so I said I was going upstairs also as I wanted to do some more research on GSA and see if I could find out any ideas from other schools websites. I added that I was feeling tired and would probably turn in early. When I said that Troy looked at me as if he was a puppy I'd just whipped. I could see he thought I was starting not to love him after last night, but nothing was further from the truth.

When he came into the bedroom an hour or so later I was already in bed, but not asleep. I asked him about the game while he undressed and after that he went and had a shower. On returning he slid into bed behind me and wrapped one arm over my chest.

"Do you still love me?" he whispered.

"Of course I fuckin' love you."

He giggled. "Naughty Adam. Adam mustn't swear."

"No, but I thought if I did you might believe me."

"I was worried after last night and then when you didn't want to sit with me any longer on the settee tonight…….."

"You know I'm not that keen on watching basketball unlike you and your pa."

"Yeah, I know," He sighed. "We're alright then?"

"Of course we fuckin' are. Now give me a good cuddle to prove it."

That drew a chuckle and he proceeded to tweak my nipples in turn which, as usual, was a sign for me to start getting hard while at the same time I could feel his dick now also getting firm against my butt. His fingers stroked down my chest, circled round my belly button and then went lower. They touched my dick, stopped, moved around a little, stopped again before moving a little more.

Then a lot of things seemed to happen at once.

"What the fuck have you done?" he exclaimed at the same time throwing off the sheet and comforter.

"Adam, you shaved your pubes!" he exclaimed.

"I sorta thought………"

"Oh Adam……you are unfuckin' believable! You've done that for me, haven't you?"

"No, I did it for both of us. But now I've done it I do rather like the feel."

"You and me both," he said as he brought his head down for a close inspection while running his hand across the shaved area. "It feels great and it looks great and I'm going to do mine tomorrow."

"Oh Jeeze, this feels so great," he said again ass he started to lick around the base of my dick.

"You don't have to Troy," I said as I started to giggle at the sensation of him licking what was now virtually bare skin.

"Oh yes, I do Adam. You've just found a way to overcome my problem – and I love you even more now than I did a few minutes ago. I'm sure there is no more caring person in the world than you, so the least I can do is give you the same great experience."

He then proceeded to show me that he had indeed overcome his problem before repeating the performance when we woke on Sunday morning.

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