by Ivor Slipper

Chapter 12

I have to say Mr C sure knows how to grill a steak and either he or Alicia knows where to buy the best meat. That steak just melted in my mouth and was truly delicious. Even Troy managed to eat his without any great difficulty as the meat was so tender. Mrs C had made some tasty salads to accompany our steaks and to finish up, Troy and I both managed to devour a bowl of ice cream. It was a very enjoyable evening and the day was definitely ending much better than it had begun.

After we'd eaten I offered to clear away the plates and cutlery and put everything into the dishwasher so the adults could talk. Troy helped me, although his broken fingers made it difficult for him to carry much, but it was good to see him doing something rather than sitting around and thinking about things. He did seem to be recovering well, especially based on what he'd done to me earlier.

We'd taken everything into the kitchen and were walking back out into the yard. I was in front of Troy and suddenly he goosed me. Naturally I yelped, although not over loudly and then he says,

"Mmm, that felt different. You wearing a pair of your old boxers?"

"Nope, I've gone commando."

"You haven't!" he exclaimed, loud enough for those outside to hear.

"You haven't what?" Mrs C asks.

Now I really had to do some quick thinking. I suppose if I'd said I wasn't wearing anything under my skinnies it wouldn't have been frowned on because, as I'd discovered in recent months, the Connellys were very broad minded, but even so…… I said the first thing that came into my mind.

"I've decided I'm going to get my ear pierced."

"Great idea," said Troy coming to stand alongside me. "I can get mine done at the same time."

"Troy, you know we discussed this a while back and your father and I told you we wouldn't give our permission."

"But that was a couple of years ago, Mom. They've even changed the policy at school now to allow it."

"Your father and I will have to talk about it, Troy."

"You can't really stop me if I want to get it done."

"I think you'll find we have to give written permission. Isn't that the case Marvin?"

"That's not something I'm familiar with, so I'd need to check. But having said that Alicia, if Troy really wanted to get it done I'm sure he could find somewhere or someone who'd do it anyway. I think it would be better from the aspect of minimising any risk of infection if it was done somewhere reputable."

"And it wouldn't be fair if Adam had his done and you wouldn't let me."

I appeared to have stirred up a situation.

"Look, it isn't that important," I said. "I guess it was just another way to show that I'm different now to who I used to be."

"Boys, I don't often disagree with your mom, but I'm going to side with you on this one. I don't see any problem in letting you get your ears pierced, where I'll draw the line is if you try to start wearing anything much more than a simple stud."

"Thanks, Pa."

"And thanks from me too, Mr C" I added.

"Well, you've both had a pretty rough time lately and I reckon we should try and treat both of you as adults and let you make your own decisions on some things such as this."

So there it was – not only had I got out of the little problem Troy had caused, I could go and get my ear pierced! It was something I'd thought about in the past, but of course it would never have been allowed. However, a nice stud – perhaps silver I thought – would look good. Mind you, with my hair it wouldn't show that much!

Shortly after that Marvin said he had to go, so as it was beginning to get cool we all went back inside to see him off. He promised to call Mr C as soon as he had any further news about Mike and Kyle.

We then moved into the family room once more and Troy and I sat next to each other on the settee.

"I've decided I'm going back to school tomorrow." Troy suddenly announced.

"Are you sure you're up to it?" Mrs C asked. "It's only been a couple of days since……."

"Yeah, but I can't keep Adam off school any longer."

"What!" I exclaimed. "Don't put this decision on me."

Troy laughed. "It's been good having you here today and it's really helped cheer me up, but you don't need to be here any longer and I'll just get bored being around the house on my own with nobody to talk to."

"I can't believe this is my son actually wanting to go to school. Adam has affected you in so many ways, Troy. All for the better I must add."

Troy leaned across to kiss me. "Yep, I never disliked school, but I never took it that seriously either. As long as I came out with a B grade I was happy and thought I was doing well. He's made me see I ought to be trying to get an A."

I knew Troy's school work and grades had improved. Whereas when I first knew him he'd moan about doing homework and put it off for as long as he could, I'd got him into the habit of doing it before anything else. Mind you, I wasn't entirely sure he had simply decided to adopt my good example or if it was because I'd not agree to play with him until the homework was done. We still applied the 'boxer briefs' only rule when in his bedroom, but they definitely stayed on until homework was finished!

Then he really surprised me.

"There's another reason for wanting to go back tomorrow."

"What's that, Troy?" his mom asked.

"So Adam and I can find out how we go about setting up a GSA."

I loved the way he'd included me in this without even discussing the plan with me, but if he wanted to do it I knew I'd be right there beside him.

"That sounds sort of familiar, but….."

"It's a 'Gay Straight Alliance' mom. Lots of schools have them but we don't. It's to bring together gay and straight students. They run various activities to show that we're all just kids whatever our sexual preference."

"But earlier you said you weren't a kid," said Mrs C trying hard to keep a straight face,

"Mom! I'm being serious here."

"We know you are Troy, but why the sudden decision?" Mr C asked.

"Hannah Parker suggested we should think about forming one after Adam and I were chased and attacked the first time. I felt then that if we did we could be accused of acting out of self-interest. Perhaps that applies even more now, but if it might help stop some other kid being attacked, I've gotta give it a try."

There was no doubt Troy was well known, not just within his grade but beyond that due to his sporting activities. If he launched the idea I was confident he would draw some support – how much only time would tell.

"I think it's an excellent idea Troy," his mom commented, "just as long as it doesn't interfere too much with your school work."

"It won't do that because Adam's going to be running it."

He turned and grinned at me.

"What!" I spluttered. "I couldn't do that. You're the one with the outgoing personality and the one who is known. Adam Jackson is an unknown. It would never get off the ground."

"I hate to say it Troy, but Adam does have a point, or perhaps even two, there."

Troy sighed. "I sort of know that mom, but I think he'd be far better at organising things than I would."

"Then I'd suggest you approach it together – even though judging by the look on Adam's face when you announced your intentions it was as much news to him as it was to us."

"You're right about it being news to me, Mrs C but I do think having one might help the situation for other kids. Perhaps a few more would be willing to declare themselves openly and if straight kids saw we aren't deviants maybe there'd be less likelihood of attacks. Troy knows I'll go where he leads."

Although I said that in front of his parents, I did want to discuss the matter further with Troy in private – the opportunity for which arose as soon as we were in his bedroom.

"Why didn't you discuss with me your plan to form a GSA at school before announcing it as a done deal to your folks?"

He walked towards me, put his arms round my waist and pulled me close.

"Because I knew if I did, you'd try and talk me out of it."

He now pulled me even closer and brought our lips together for a kiss.

I pulled my head slightly away. "You can't get round me like that, Troy."

"Oh no?"

One hand moved to behind my neck and pushed our faces together so kissing became inevitable – not that I objected. I could never get enough of Troy's kisses and the fact he wanted to kiss now showed his bruised lips must be healing. Eventually I managed to pull away a little.

"You know I'd do anything for you Troy, but I'm not comfortable being the centre of attention."

"That was the old Adam; the new Adam is a different person. You can do it – no we can do it together."

What choice did I have?

"Alright, we'll give it a go. Now, are you serious about going to school tomorrow?"

"Yep – I wanna get back to normal. Like I said lying in bed all day achieves nothing. But, I don't think I can get into my skinnies."

"Gonna wear sweatpants?"

"Nah, they look like you've not bothered to get dressed. How about I borrow a pair of your old ones? They should be easier to get into and less restricting."

I couldn't help but laugh. Troy wanting to borrow a pair of my old unfashionable jeans was definitely a surprise.

"Do you wanna borrow a pair of my old boxers to go with them?" I said jokingly.

"Might be an idea, Adam. I love my boxer briefs, but they have felt a bit tight today."

"Anything else you want while I go and find them?"

"Yeah, there is."

I looked at him with a puzzled expression on my face trying to work out what else he might want.

"It's swimming tomorrow and I reckon I'd find my speedo uncomfortable…."

"Don't tell me you wanna borrow my swim trunks that you insisted I couldn't wear to go in your pool!"

I swear he almost blushed as he nodded his head and then smiled sweetly at me.

"Please, but if you tell anyone on the swim team – or even anyone at all –that I'm wearing your swim trunks, I'll……"

"You won't do anything if you want me to help start up your GSA." I cut in.

He chuckled. "It's not mine – it'll be ours. Now, I'm gonna get undressed and then you can apply some more of that Arnica to my bruises. It does seem to be helping."

And indeed it did as I saw after he'd stripped and lay down on the bed. I also couldn't help noticing that tonight he was showing definite signs of pleasure at what I was doing.

"You feeling better down there?" I asked

"Yep, pissing doesn't hurt now so I reckon it's more or less alright."

"Perhaps I'll come for a sleepover at the weekend and we can test it out."

He laughed. "Perhaps even before then…….."

I didn't want to force the pace because I was still concerned that the attack might have left Troy with psychological scars about sexual things, although in view of what had happened earlier that didn't seem very likely. That though had been him on me whereas me on him perhaps could be a different matter.

To Troy's displeasure I'd set the alarm clock before getting into bed and cuddling him, but I thought it might take a bit longer than normal to get showered and dressed in the morning. As it was he was quite grumpy when the clock went off and I thought for a couple of minutes that he was about to decide he wasn't going to school after all. After a couple of minutes though he got out of bed ad we went into his bathroom to do the necessaries.

His mom tried hard to suppress a giggle when we appeared downstairs, but couldn't succeed.

"Have my two boys changed identity overnight?"

I loved it when she referred to us in that way as it made me feel I really was part of the family. Although I knew I was, it was still good to have it confirmed in that way.

"Yeah, we have – but it's for one day only. And no pictures!" Troy almost yelled as his mom reached for her cell.

"This I've got to have for the album Troy. My fashion conscious son for once opting for comfort – my, I bet you've even got boxers on under there."


"What? I'll find out soon enough when I do the washing. Adam, go and stand next to Troy, I want a picture of the two of you."


"Do you want to be picked up after school or walk home?"

I knew she was kidding about that as there was no way she'd leave us to walk home after Sunday, but to help keep the peace I moved over and stood next to Troy while she took a couple of shots. It would make a very weird 'before and after' picture – me wearing a pair or blue denim skinnies and Troy wearing my old quite baggie jeans, when the same picture taken a few months ago would have had us each wearing the opposite.

When Mrs C dropped us off outside the school Troy and I made a point of joining hands as we walked to the main door. Naturally the news of Troy having been attacked had spread round the school. Hannah Parker was in my homeroom so I'd told her on the Monday morning that he'd been attacked and was in the hospital. Then I'd vanished from school during the morning and nobody knew where I was. Of course Hannah had told Maddison and Jerry and no doubt a few other kids about Troy being attacked so the news had quickly spread. I suspected there were probably a lot of messages and texts on Troy's cell from kids at school wanting to know how he was, but of course his cell had been switched off and in that dick of a detective's drawer since I'd found it. We'd had though a number of calls on the phone at home enquiring about him.

Nevertheless now he was back lots of kids wanted to know how he was or try to find out further details of what had actually happened. I said to him at one point that it would have been a good idea to put a summary in writing, print copies off on the computer at home and then distribute it this morning to anyone who asked. It was a bit wearing to keep hearing the same questions, but that was part of the price of being popular. I thought also it perhaps made our chances better for getting a GSA established.

Troy and I had talked about that in the car on the way to school. We'd agreed that we'd first sound out those who sat on our table at lunch because if they weren't willing to join up we'd have a very slim chance of getting others involved. If they were willing we'd try to see the Vice Principal tomorrow to find out if the school would support it and how we could go about getting it off the ground.

Lunch proved to be a bit of a melee with kids wanting to talk to Troy to the extent that we hardly had time to eat ours. In the end Troy asked Hannah, Maddison and Jerry if they could come round to his house in the evening because he had something he wanted to talk to them about, to which they agreed. He did also include Carlos in the invitation, but he said it wasn't possible for him to get there, which we understood.

Once lessons finished I went off to find Coach Zielinski in the gym while Troy went to do some swimming. After I'd answered his questions about Troy he set me to work for about forty five minutes doing various exercises that were designed to improve the muscles and strength in my upper body. Following that he had me do some running on the track. At the end of that I felt well and truly worn out and it made me realise how far from being fully fit I really was.

As always though the sight of Troy when we met afterwards cheered me up.

"How did the swimming go?" I asked.

"Not bad considering, but those trunks of yours put everyone else off their stroke."

"Why? They're not that old or bad surely?"

"Maybe not, but the couple of holes in the butt gave everyone a good laugh."

"Oh, Jeeze. I never checked them when I got them out of the drawer last night. I'm sure they were alright last time I wore them at your place."

I looked at him as I said that and he couldn't keep a straight face any longer.

"You rat, Troy Connelly. I'll get you for that!"

We were both laughing now until Troy had to stop because his stomach was hurting from a couple of the bruises he'd sustained during the attack on Sunday.

"Are you alright?" I asked.

"Yeah, it hurt a bit while I was swimming, but I stuck to doing freestyle which coach said would be less of a strain than butterfly. I think it did me good really."

We walked, hand in hand, to the front of the school where Mrs C was waiting for us in the pickup. Sometimes we ride in the back, but quite often for the short trip to and from school we both ride on the bench seat up front with Mrs C. Troy had always ridden there when it had just been him and somehow it seemed right that we'd both sit there now. Today I opened the rear door and slung my backpack on the seat before opening the front door and sliding over to the middle seat. Troy copied me and we both belted up.

"Had a good day boys?" Mrs C asked.

"Not bad I guess, better than being at home I suppose." Troy answered.

"Have you heard any more about Mike and Kyle? I asked.

"No I haven't, Adam. Marvin hasn't called me and if he'd called Jeff I'm sure he would have called me."

"Dang – I'd hoped they'd be in custody by now."

"They may well be and perhaps Marvin hasn't had a chance to call."

"Maybe. I'm sure he isn't just sitting in his office waiting for the 'phone to ring. He must have other cases he's handling."

"I'm sure he has, Adam. How was your idea for setting up a GSA received, Troy?"

"Hmm.., didn't get anywhere with that today. Everyone wanted to talk to me about what happened on Sunday. Gee, it gets boring saying the same thing over and over."

"Just be thankful people are concerned enough to ask - think how it would be if nobody had asked."

Troy reflected for a few seconds before replying. "Hadn't thought about it like that mom. That really would suck."

I gently stuck my left elbow in his ribs causing him to let out a little hiss.

"Are you sure you're alright Troy?"

"Yes, mom. It was just Adam not looking where he put his elbow. He can be careless like that if his mind's elsewhere. By the way, I've asked Hannah, Maddison and Jerry to come round this evening so we can discuss the GSA idea with them as we didn't get a chance at school today."

"Sounds like a good idea. Just make sure you get your homework done before they arrive."

"Yes, mom" we chorused with Troy adding, "I don't have no choice nowadays with Adam riding me."

He looked at me with an evil grin as he said that. He seemed to be in a very sexy mood this afternoon which was good to see considering Sunday's events.

"Yeah, he knows if he doesn't I'll crack the whip."

"Oh please don't Adam. Not tonight - I'm still all bruised."

I started laughing. He'd certainly won that exchange.

"Boys, I'm starting to think Jeff and I might need to reconsider our decision to allow you two to sleep together. I'm beginning to wonder what goes on in that room when the door's locked."

Mrs C was chuckling as she said that.

"We could leave it open if you want, Mom."

"Mmm, I'm not sure which would be worse –imagining or knowing."

That got both of us laughing. Mrs C started the car and as she drove off mentioned that she was going to stop at the supermarket on the way home as she needed to get some supplies.

It was only a short drive to the supermarket although it was in the opposite direction to home. Mrs C drove into the car park and found a space. I wasn't familiar with supermarket car parks at that time of day, but it appeared a bit busier than expected. Perhaps it was a mom thing to go shopping on the way home from school. After she'd applied the handbrake and switched off the engine Mrs C asked if we wanted to come with her. The idea of pushing a trolley round a supermarket had never appealed much to me, although I'd often had to do it for my own mom, so I said I was happy to wait in the car. Troy said the same, so Mrs C grabbed her purse, got out of the pickup and headed off to the store.

As she walked away from the car I realized that I had an opportunity for payback. I undid my seat belt and then also undid Troy's.

"Thought we weren't getting out?" he sort of asked.

"We're not, but……"

I moved my right hand to rest on the fly of his jeans. These were my jeans and I knew the zip slid down easily and the top button also undid equally easily.

"What you doing Adam?" he questioned as I slid my hand inside.

"Oh fuck, this is a friggin' car park Adam, someone's gonna see!"

"Nah, the windows are tinted and there's not that many people around."

By now I was rubbing his dick and having a feel of his balls. His dick hardened rapidly,

"But what if mom comes back?"

"Firstly you'll have to keep looking to see if she does, but you can always say your balls were hurting so you had to give them a little massage."

He laughed. "Yeah, I can just see her falling for that one."

Now I'd got my hand inside the piss slit of his boxers and could feel the warmth of his dick before I started to start sliding his foreskin gently over the head and then back. It wasn't long before he was making little noises.

"Not hurting you am I?"

"Jeeze Adam, I haven't shot a load for a couple of days. It feels good and extra special doing it here, but what happens if I come?"

"You'll have the same problem as I had last evening, but at least you're not sitting next to your mom."

"You bastard! I'm gonna get you back for this – somehow."

I could feel pre-cum leaking from his prick. I removed my hand and licked my fingers savouring the taste.


"Yeah, but I need some more."

My hand went back to manoeuvre his dick from inside his boxers before I adjusted my position so I could bring my mouth into action.

"Fuck! Adam! I'm gonna cum!"

And boy did he! I managed to take nearly all of it though and when I'd done so I moved to share it with him in a long kiss. Finally we pulled apart, and both of us wiped our faces. We could remove the evidence but we couldn't remove the big grins we were both displaying.

"Oh Jeeze Adam. I dunno how you came up with that idea, but boy……"

"Just don't expect it every time we go shopping"

"Today's special eh?"

"Yep, one day only."

Troy looked out of the front windscreen. "Shite, Mom's coming back!"

There followed a frantic few seconds as Troy fumbled to put his dick back inside his boxers and then pull up the zip on his jeans. He managed to accomplish this just before his mom opened the rear door to enable her to stow the couple of bags of shopping she was carrying.

When she got in the car she gave us both a quizzical look as neither of us was talking and probably trying too hard to look innocent, but I was sure she had no idea of what had really gone on in her absence and suspected we'd just been kissing.

After getting home we stopped in the kitchen for a quick soda and some cookies before heading up to Troy's bedroom. There Troy quickly got out of 'my' jeans and now crusty boxers, putting on a pair of his own CKs while I stripped down to just mine to keep to our dress code.

We were still chuckling intermittently about what we'd done while we did our homework. Fortunately neither of us had a lot and we had time for a kiss and cuddle on his bed before Mrs C came to tell us that it was time to dress for dinner. She'd long ago found out how we dressed when in the bedroom. We did as requested but Troy decided to wear a pair of sweatpants rather than my jeans, claiming they'd seen enough action for one day.

We'd only been downstairs in the kitchen for about five minutes when we heard Mr C's car pull onto the drive. He came in, dropped his briefcase and car keys on the counter and walked over to give Alicia a kiss and a hug, saying 'Hi' to us on the way.

Almost before they finished their kiss I heard Troy speak.

"Have you heard from Mr Richards today?"

Mr C nodded.

"So, what's the news? What have they been charged with?"

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