by Ivor Slipper

Chapter 11

For the second time in the day I was woken by the sound of knocking on the bedroom door. I untangled myself from Troy and the sheet and clambered out of bed. As I was walking still only half awake to open it, I realized that I was naked.

"Who is it?" I called.

"It's Alicia, Adam. Can I come in?"


I heard a laugh. "Okay, you're naked. Unlock the door and I'll give you ten seconds to get back in bed or whatever before I come in."

I turned the lock and then scooted back to get under the sheet. My getting out and back into bed had wakened Troy who had rolled onto his back and was rubbing sleep from his eyes.

"Whassup?" he whispered.

"Your mom wants to come in and talk."

"This is becoming a habit – a bad habit," he grumbled as he adjusted the sheet and moved to pull me to him. I felt his dick slip between my legs as I turned my back to him.

"Mmmm, that's nice," he whispered in my ear.

Simultaneously I felt myself start to go hard and heard the bedroom door open as Mrs C came into the room.

She looked at us with a smile around her lips.

"Do you two feel like getting up and coming downstairs for something to eat?"

"Not really hungry, Mom - doesn't seem that long since we ate."

"That's a shame because if you don't come down not only will you miss out on your father cooking his famous rib eye steaks, but you'll also not be around to hear Mr Richards bring us up to date with developments."

"Why didn't you say so? I think I can manage one of Pa's steaks as they more or less melt in your mouth, but I'm not gonna miss what Mr Richards has to say. Didn't he tell you anything when he phoned? I assume he must have called?"

"He did call, but said he'd prefer to talk to us all in person rather than just tell your father and have him tell the rest of us. That was when your father invited him over to join us for a steak."

"Okay, makes sense I guess. When's he due?"

Mrs C looked at her watch. "He should be here in about twenty minutes or so. That should give the pair of you time to make yourselves not only decent, but also respectable."

"Yes Ma'am!" said Troy showing off his still slightly lopsided grin.

She grinned in return before leaving the room and closing the door behind her.

"Come on Troy, we need to have another shower."

"Jeeze, Adam – you're beginning to sound like my mom."

But he followed me into the bathroom where we showered together, but this time without doing anything other than clean ourselves up. After drying ourselves I helped Troy get into the clothes he'd worn earlier, minus the hoodie. I slipped into the pair of white CKs I'd been wearing earlier, but only for the quick dash to my bedroom, taking my other clothes with me. I'd been wearing the new blue skinnies the Connelly's had bought for me yesterday, but I decided this was an occasion to wear my grey ones which I considered now to be my best ones. They went on over a pair of red American Eagle boxer briefs and I finished off with a darker grey polo that had a red pattern. Once I felt properly dressed I went back to Troy's room before going downstairs together.

We found Mr C out in the yard getting the grill going.

"Is this gonna be good news Mr C?" I asked.

"Marvin wouldn't say, but I got the impression it was. Besides which I don't think he'd have had the nerve to accept my invitation to stay for dinner if it wasn't – and if it isn't good news, I'll damn well charge him for the steak."

Troy and I both chuckled, before I asked if there was anything I could do to help. Mr C told me that he had everything under control, but suggested I could put a few more beers in the cooler.

"Does that mean we can have one Pa?"

"Not while there's a lawyer sat a few feet away from you!"

I'd never tasted beer and this wasn't really the time to ask Troy if he had. No doubt one day I would, but I didn't feel any great urgency to do so. I was happy to stick to root beer or some other type of soda.

Troy and I wandered back into the house and were about to sit down in the family room to watch some TV when Mrs C appeared and asked me if I could give her a hand preparing some salads. I was glad to have something to do as it took my mind off wondering what Mr Richards was going to have to say.

I was a bit surprised when Mr Richards did arrive because he was dressed very differently to how he had been when we'd met with him earlier in the day. Either he'd gone home to change before coming here or perhaps he kept a change of clothes at the office. Whichever, it was gone with the business suit and dress shirt; instead it was khaki chinos, a light blue sports shirt and what I presumed was a cashmere sweater draped over his shoulders. We said our hellos and I noticed when he kissed Alicia there was more to it than a casual greeting of people who didn't know each other. Naturally we were all dying to know what had occurred and it wasn't too long before, with everyone equipped with a drink, we adjourned to the family room and made ourselves comfortable.

"Alright, Marvin, you're gonna make me ask aren't you? So what's happened?" Mr C asked.

"Do you want the full version?"

"Hell, I'm paying for it and we've got nowhere to rush off to, so we might as well have the full version."

Everyone chuckled at that and Marvin made a point of looking at his watch as if to note the time. Yeah, it was evident they knew each other well.

"When you left, Maria, Miss Baroncello that is, was just about to go to the police station and meet with your Detective Diamond. That lady is quite a looker I have to say, even if I shouldn't. I can see her persuading quite a few male jurors to vote guilty when she's in a courtroom. I've only crossed swords with her once and I lost, but I told myself I had a pretty weak case."

He laughed and we all joined in.

"So, you understand that what I am going to tell you is what she told me after her meeting with him?" We all nodded or grunted our understanding. "Also, it would probably be best if you don't repeat what I say, although some of it will be pretty obvious to anyone who has an interest in the case. Mind you, it doesn't seem to have made big news in the local media as yet, although that could change."

"I'm very glad we haven't had the local TV and press camped outside the house." Mrs C said.

"I can only surmise their hospital reporter was on holiday on Sunday when Troy was brought in; normally they'd be onto a case of a kid…."

"Hey, I'm no kid!" Troy interjected.

"Sorry, Troy. I should have said young man."

"That's better." Troy commented with his lopsided grin.

"Stop interrupting Troy and let Marvin tell us what we're desperate to know," said Mrs C.

Troy and I were sat next to each other on the settee. I had my left arm draped round his shoulder. Now I pulled his head towards me, planted a little kiss on his cheek and whispered in his ear.

"Behave yourself or Nurse Jackson will have to deal with you later."

Troy started a chuckle that soon turned into a full blown laugh. Everyone was looking at us.

"Are you going to share the joke with us?" his father asked.

Troy recovered enough to respond, "Adam said I had to behave myself."


"Or I'd give him his medicine later." I put in, causing Troy to start laughing again.

"Please don't Adam. I'll be good."

"Just make sure you are, Troy. I'm sorry Mr Richards, but sometimes the kid in him gets out of control."

Troy started laughing again and I was glad to see him much happier than he'd been for the last couple of days.

"To continue," said Mr Richards, "when Maria met with Detective Diamond the first thing he said to her was that he'd made a mistake when he called you this morning, Jeff."

We all looked puzzled.

"He said that the pictures hadn't in fact been deleted….."

"What?" I think we all exclaimed at the same time.

"He claimed that he had not been familiar with that particular model of cell and had simply pressed the wrong buttons. When the pictures didn't appear as he expected, he thought he must have deleted them and that was when he called you. Sometime later he checked again and this time they were there."

"That doesn't sound very likely, although I suppose anything is possible I guess" Mr C. commented.

"Based on later developments Jeff, I don't think that was the case. I believe he called you hoping that if he told you the pictures had vanished you'd decide not to pursue the case without the evidence, but I think it had the opposite effect as you immediately got in touch with me."

"So why would he do that?" Mr C asked.

"Well, when I'd talked with Maria earlier we were both puzzled by some aspects of how he had handled the case. Why hadn't he handed over the phone for safekeeping as evidence after Adam gave it to him? Why hadn't he either taken a statement from Adam when he handed in the phone, or called him back to do so later yesterday? Why seemingly hadn't he done anything about at least bringing in for questioning the two boys Adam identified, if not actually arresting them?"

"I hadn't thought about those things," said Mr C. "but now you mention them it does seem strange, almost as if he wanted the case to go away."

"This only came out at the end of her meeting with Diamond, but he eventually admitted that his sister was Daubney's mother."

Naturally there were varied exclamations at this revelation.

"She and his father divorced some years ago, but as soon as he saw the picture he knew it was his nephew. Of course as such he should immediately have handed over the potential case to another detective, but he didn't. As for why he didn't bring the pair in yesterday, his claim is that he tried to find them but couldn't. I wouldn't mind betting that if his own cell records were searched it would show up a call to either Daubney or his father warning that Mike and his pal should make themselves scarce for a day or so."

I was sitting there stunned and it seemed everyone else was speechless.

After a pause while we all gathered our thoughts, Mr C asked, "Did he really think he was going to get away with this?"

"As I said, I believe his hope would be that you'd not pursue the case. But, not only was his nephew involved, but as Adam realized he is also a member of the church he used to attend. Consequently he holds pretty strong views about gays and so…."

"That's just awful for an officer of the law." Mrs C said.

"He was undoubtedly a fool and is going to lose his job and career as a result."

"So did someone either arrest or bring Mike in for questioning after that." I asked.

"Not immediately, Adam. In the light of what Troy said this morning about biting a certain part of Brian Ryan's anatomy….."

At that Troy blushed I swear, while the rest of us tried to suppress our laughter.

"After Maria had finished her conversation with the shortly to be ex-Detective Diamond, the police went out and brought him in for questioning. He was accompanied by his father and to start, on his father's insistence, he refused to answer any questions until his lawyer was present. Once the lawyer had arrived he initially denied any involvement whatsoever and claimed to have been out of town on Sunday afternoon. The detective handling the case then asked if he would be willing to give a DNA sample at which point apparently Brian started to get rather agitated and the calm veneer he had been portraying started to crack. His response was to refuse at which point the detective said that he would be arrested and would then have to give a DNA sample as well as undergo a medical examination. He then said that he wanted to have a private discussion with his lawyer so the detectives left the interview room. When they were called back a few minutes later Brian's lawyer said that they wanted to discuss a plea deal."

"Wow! So he rolled on them?" I exclaimed.

Mr Richards chuckled. "I think that how it is described in TV series, Adam, but yes that was basically what he did. He claimed the idea to attack Troy came from Mike Daubney and Kyle Lundgren and that he and Tyler Smith were forced to go along with it."

"That's a lie!" Troy interjected forcefully. "It probably was Mike's idea originally because he got jealous over me falling in love with Adam after I'd refused to let him fu……screw me."

"Troy – language please!" Mrs C said.

"Sorry mom, but that was what he wanted me for, not because he really felt anything for me."

Troy started to tear up and I hugged him tight trying to convey to him just how much I loved him.

"He only wanted me for sex. With Adam it's totally different, yes we have sex, but that's to show how much we love each other. Plus, it's only one part of how we love each other. I just hate being apart from him and when I am, seeing him and his smile again, make me realize how lucky I am."

"And that goes for me too." I added, giving him another hug and a little kiss on his cheek. We'd never really been this open about our relationship in front of a stranger before, although I suppose Mr Richards wasn't really a stranger. I just felt though that we shouldn't need to hide what we felt for each other.

"But, Mr Richards the four of them had already pursued us once before and knocked me around a bit," Troy said, "so how can he claim to have been forced to go along with it?"

"I consider it would be hard to persuade a jury of that…….."

"Especially if Ms Baroncello was prosecuting." I interjected getting a few chuckles.

"Indeed so, Adam. But leaving her to one side, Ryan performed a sex act on Troy, watched while his friend Tyler did the same and then was prepared to hold Troy to enable the other two to perform an even grosser act. Those are hardly the actions of an unwilling participant."

"What happened when Brian's lawyer asked for a plea deal?" Troy wanted to know.

"As with all plea deals there was some haggling back and forth. One side wants to gain as much as possible, while the other wants to concede as little as it has to. Ryan has the most to gain from the case not going to trial because there is more evidence against him than any of the others. That is not to say that the others wouldn't be found guilty at a trial, more that the judge might be unable to consider them all as equally guilty when it came to sentencing, not least because the charges would be different. With Daubney and Lundgren the case is just assault and conspiracy to commit a sex offence – not that those aren't serious charges, but their lawyers are going to argue that they didn't do anything sexual to Troy, merely aided and abetted the other two in doing so."

"But they were going to do more to me than Brian & Tyler"

"Yes Troy, which is a point Brian & Tyler's lawyers will be stressing. There is going to be a very definite split in the way this is approached. Thus Ms Baroncello was playing hardball in the negotiations; she'd already told me that she was intending to try all of them as adults and seek jail terms. So the final offer she made was for two years in an adult prison, but ensuring that he could have protective custody for the duration, provided he pleaded guilty and testified against the others."

"And what about the others? What's happened with them?" Mr C asked.

"I gather they brought Tyler in shortly afterwards and when confronted with what Brian had admitted, he, or rather his lawyer, sought the same deal."

"And the other two?"

"Have still to be rounded up last I heard. I don't imagine it will be long before they are apprehended and it has to be said that disappearing in this way does make them look guilty."

"Will Brian & Tyler be kept in custody?" Troy asked.

"They may be kept overnight, but I'm sure bail will be offered with some strict conditions. I'm certain they'll be tagged and not permitted to attend school, perhaps even confined to their homes."

"Good, I don't want to see them at school as I might just lose control."

"I can understand your feelings Troy, but the last thing needed would be for you to attack either of them – and that goes for you too Jeff, and indeed Adam. Vigilante action would be very much frowned on however justified it might seem."

That was about as much as Mr Richards could tell us about what had happened after we'd left him earlier. It seemed to be good news, although I knew I'd feel happier once Mike and Kyle had been apprehended and taken into custody.

Mr C went outside to fire up the grill and Marvin went with him. Mrs C went to the kitchen to finish getting the salads ready which left Troy and I on the settee.

"How're you feeling now?" I asked him.

"Better after hearing what Mr Richards had to say."

I didn't like to share my thoughts about Mike and Kyle with him as I wanted to keep him cheerful.

"How's the body doing?"

"It still hurts in places, but that cream seems to help with the bruises."

There was a trace of a smile as he said that.

"Does that mean you want some more applied later?"

"Having you rubbing that onto me is the only good thing that has come outa this."

I chuckled. "You should know I enjoy rubbing things onto you."

"Yeah - and one day soon once my fingers are back to normal, I'm gonna return that favour."

"I'm looking forward to that."

"I can tell you are," said Troy as he placed his hand over the zip of my skinnies where my dick had sprung into life at the thought. He started to pull the zip down.

"Troy, don't - your mom could come back at any moment."

At that point he realized he wasn't in the right position to pull it down any further.

"Pull it down for me Adam. I want to get my hand inside and feel your warmth. She's not likely to come in here for a while. She's busy finishing the salads and then she'll go outside with them and they'll probably all talk. I bet someone will call us when the steaks are ready rather than come in here. Please……."

Well, I always found it hard to resist Troy, especially when he adopted that pleading tone, so I raised my butt off the settee to make it a bit easier and then pushed down my zip.

"Undo the top button too."

"Troy, that's really risking it."

"Yeah, but I can't get my hand in otherwise and it makes it more fun if you get caught."

"If I get caught! What do you mean? We'd both be caught."

"Not if I got my hand out in time. Then it'd just be you sitting here jacking yourself off," he said with a dirty chuckle.

"You……..!" I exclaimed in a loud whisper, but I did as he asked and I immediately felt his hand snake inside my skinnies and onto my briefs. My dick responded to the touch and got harder as he began to rub and stroke it.

"Troy, I'm gonna cum if you keep doing this and then what do I do?"

"Good thing you aren't commando as then you'd have to change your jeans and that would lead to eyebrows being raised and questions asked," he retorted. "On the other hand it'd feel a lot nicer if you were commando."

He continued stroking and rubbing while speaking. It may have been only a few hours since Troy had brought me off in bed, but that was more than enough time for the batteries to have recharged.

"I mean it Troy, I'm gonna cum." And that I almost immediately did, as my body jerked and spasmed. I leaned back on the settee and tried to come down from the high I was on. I guess being jerked off in the family room rather than in the privacy of Troy's bedroom coupled with the possibility of being discovered, had added something to the experience.

Troy removed his hand from inside my jeans. Glancing down I could see my briefs were soaked in cum. Troy brought his hand to his mouth and licked the palm and his fingers.

"Not much, but it makes a good starter. Hope Pa isn't too long with the main course."

I cracked up when he said that. "Troy, you're incorrigible."

He put on an innocent expression. "Is that anything like plagiarism?"

That cracked me up even further as it took us back to the time when Troy had moved his chair to join with me in a project in our World Geography class.

"No, but what we just did is a good example of collaboration."

This time it was him who cracked up.

"Adam, not for one second have I regretted that day – best thing I ever did."

"And I'm grateful every minute that you did."

Troy moved to sit astride my legs and leaned in to kiss me. We had just begun to let our tongues enjoy the moment when I heard,

"Time to break it up boys - the steaks are about to be cooked,"

"Okay mom, we'll be right out."

"I just need to nip upstairs first Mrs C."

"Don't be long Adam."

We hadn't heard her come into the room, but we watched as she left. As soon as she'd gone we both started giggling. Troy stood up which allowed me to do up my jeans before heading upstairs. I was about to find out just how quickly it was possible to get out of, and back into, a pair of skinny grey jeans, which just for the hell of it I was going to wear commando. Somehow during the evening I'd have to find a way of letting Troy know that as I wanted to see his reaction.

Also, I decided that somehow I was going to find a way of getting him back for what he'd just done to me. There was a little voice in my head telling me that would be rather immature for someone who was nearly sixteen and more appropriate for someone of thirteen or so. But then I'd never had the chance to fool around like that back then, so I could overrule that little voice and say I was just making up for lost opportunities to have some fun.

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