by Ivor Slipper

Chapter 10

Having said that he was going to call his lawyer, Mr C left the room and I think it must have been a good twenty minutes or so before he returned. In the meantime Troy had decided that he needed to get out of bed, so we persuaded his mom he needed some privacy, which she laughingly agreed to give us.

I helped him get out of bed and into the bathroom to do the necessaries, although he insisted that I leave him alone to perform one function, and, to be honest, I was quite glad about that. We were intimate, but somehow that was a barrier we hadn't yet felt like crossing. I did help him take a shower, which meant me undressing again, but standing naked next to my Troy in a shower was always a pleasure not to be missed. His bruises were more evident today so after we'd got out of the shower and dried off I insisted that he lie down on the bed so I could apply more of the Arnica cream to them. He readily agreed but told me that I had to lock the bedroom door before I set to work. Gently applying the cream to those bruises was a pleasure, but nothing like the pleasure I'd had the other Saturday when his body didn't bear such marks.

We were actually in the middle of this treatment when Mr C tried the bedroom door, so Troy suggested he give us a further ten minutes. When I'd finished I helped him into a pair of his black CK boxer briefs and then pulled the sheet over him before getting dressed again myself.

I went and unlocked the bedroom door and shortly afterwards both Troy's parents came in. Mr C explained that he'd talked to his lawyer who had expressed the opinion that before he took any action he would need to see both of us. Troy, so he could hear first-hand what had happened on the track on Sunday afternoon, and me so I could say what had happened when I took the cell to the police yesterday. His father asked Troy if he felt up to going into town now as the lawyer had said he could see us at 10am – otherwise he wouldn't be free until late afternoon.

"I can make it pa, but I'm gonna have to wear sweat pants as I don't think I can get into any of my jeans."

Mr C laughed. "It isn't a fashion parade you're going to but a lawyer's office so how you're dressed doesn't matter. But perhaps you should buy some looser jeans while we're out?"

"No way!" Troy retorted. "I have my image to maintain." grinning as he did.

It was good to see him apparently happy.

"Okay son. Why don't you finish dressing and come down for some breakfast. We've got time for that before we need depart."

Mrs C went down to rustle up some scrambled eggs and bacon for us two taking Mr C with her. That gave me the chance to get Troy into a pair of grey sweatpants and I managed to persuade him to put on a button front shirt as raising his arms to put on a polo would have been a bit of a problem. He also pointed out a dark blue hoodie with a zip front that was in his wardrobe.

Suitably dressed and subsequently fed, Mr C drove us into town and to his lawyer's office. Luckily it had its own car park so we didn't have to walk any distance. After reporting at the reception desk we only had to wait a few minutes in the reception area before being ushered into the lawyer's office.

It was evident to me that Mr C and the lawyer knew each other well as they were immediately on first name terms. After they'd said their 'hellos' and shaken hands Mr C introduced both Troy and I to Marvin Richards. He was an imposing man standing I calculated at about six foot six inches and weighing around 250 pounds. He had a full head of black hair and what appeared to be grey eyes behind a pair of steel framed spectacles. His face though was friendly and he was careful not to squeeze either of our hands too hard. He was wearing an expensive looking mid-grey faintly striped suit, with a white shirt and a restrained tie. Yeah, I thought, this man knows what he's about.

Introductions performed Mr Richards asked us to take a seat around a table that was at one side of the office. He also asked if we wanted anything to drink. Mr C requested a coffee, but Troy and I said that the water we could see in a jug on the table would be sufficient.

We'd sat so that Troy was virtually opposite Mr Richards with me on one side of him and his father on the other. We waited for a couple of minutes before Mr Richards' secretary appeared with two coffees and some Danish pastries which she placed on the table and then left the room. I took the opportunity to pour some water for Troy and I as I suspected he might well need some while recounting the events. Also neither of us was going to miss the chance of a free Danish - we were growing boys after all!

Mr Richards asked if we were happy for him to record our meeting to which we all agreed and after switching on the machine he said that he first wanted Troy to describe in as much detail as he could what had happened, adding that he knew Troy would find that difficult but to take as much time as he needed. That took quite a while because Troy found some parts understandably upsetting. Once Troy had finished Mr Richards asked me to relate what had happened yesterday in terms of both my finding Troy's cell and when I'd taken it to the police. He listened attentively to what we both said, making notes from time to time on his legal pad, but refrained from saying anything until we'd both finished. He wrote a couple more notes and then looked up.

"Okay, thank you both for that. I've now got a good idea of events, but I need to ask you both some questions. Will that be alright?"

Troy and I both nodded.

"Why did you not mention the sexual side of the assault when you initially spoke to the two police officers at the hospital, Troy?"

I'd been pretty certain this would be the first question asked and I gripped Troy's hand as he collected his thought before answering.

"'Cos I was ashamed - that's mainly why. Ashamed to admit to anyone what I'd been forced to do. It was one thing getting beaten up by them four, but totally different to admit that."

"But you didn't even tell your parents did you, not even when you got home?"

Troy sort of shrugged. "It seemed even worse to tell them."

"But you told Adam?"

"Yes. I love Adam and he had to know. I didn't want to tell him, but I just couldn't hide it from him either."

"You say you love Adam. Does that mean you have sex together?"

I could sense Mr C about to say something, but Mr Richards forestalled him.

"Jeff, I know this isn't easy for the boys particularly and also for you. However, if this goes to court then such questions will be asked. Troy?"

Troy was looking as if he was about to burst into tears so I decided to answer for him.

"Yes, we do have sex together Mr Richards, but only because we love each other and we don't have intercourse which is what two of those bastards wanted to do to Troy."

Mr Richards smiled at me. "I appreciate your passion Adam if not your language. How old are the two of you?"

"We're both nearly sixteen."

"And you are staying in the same house as Troy, because?"

Now Mr C stepped in. "Because he was being savagely and regularly beaten by his father to the extent that he ran away in fear of his life. We were approved foster parents and agreed to take him in. He and Troy had grown close over the previous few months and his father strongly disapproved of that which was why the beatings started. "

"Thanks, Jeff. I don't think the boy's relationship will have any effect on developments, but it is the sort of thing a defence attorney could raise in order to muddy the waters in an attempt to make out that Troy was a willing participant if not the instigator of anything sexual."

"I wasn't!" Troy shouted before starting to cry.

Mr Richards continued after a brief pause. "These boys all attend your school I presume? Do you know any of them beyond just seeing them in class or around the school?"

Troy had recovered sufficiently to answer. "They're all on the football team and I have classes with three of them. Also, Daubney and I were boyfriends once."

"Ah, that's interesting. Why did that finish and who ended it?"

"I finished it a couple of years ago because he wanted to screw me and I didn't want him to."

"But you'd done other things together?"

Troy started to cry a little and nodded his head.

"Did you remain friends after you ended your relationship?"

"I still sat with him at lunch, but that was about all. Then he got jealous last semester when he saw that Adam and I were becoming friendly."

"Right, I think I've got the picture about the assault. Adam, when you took the cell to the police station did anyone other than this detective see the pictures?"

"Officer Rudigger was sat alongside him when I showed the pics on the cell so she definitely saw them, but I'm not sure if Officer Perkins did, although he was in the room."

"And the detective didn't ask you to give a statement as to how and where you'd found the phone?"

"No, he said I'd have to come back later to do that. When I asked him what would happen next he told me he was going to find Daubney and invite him down to the station for a chat."

"And you didn't hear any more from him yesterday?"

"No, he never called."

"But this morning Jeff, you get a call from him to say that the pictures have somehow been deleted?"

"That's right – and that was when Adam realized that he'd seen him at the church he used to attend with his parents. The church that apparently encourages its congregation to be ultra-strongly anti-gay."

"So it would seem. And you are positive Adam that you have seen him at the church, despite him looking different there to at the station?" responded Mr Richards with a wry smile.

"Positive, now I've placed him."

"Would you swear to that?"

"On a stack, if necessary." I answered.

"Just one will be sufficient, Adam." Mr Richards replied with a smile, before continuing, "I think that is all I need to ask you two at present."

Troy and I both let out little sighs, but we both knew this was just the start.

"What happens now?" asked Mr C.

"I'm going to call the State Attorney's office and ask for an urgent meeting with whoever is handling the case to discuss it. I'm confident I can get one within a couple of hours in view of what you've told me. Plus I don't really understand why the two boys Adam identified weren't arrested or at least brought in for questioning yesterday."

"Do we come with you?"

"It would probably be a good idea to have you there although not present for my initial meeting. It may be that this is all some sort of misunderstanding and that the pictures will have suddenly reappeared on screen and the case against Troy's attackers is set to proceed. That would be the ideal scenario. If not, then we will have to see if they are going to proceed without those pictures."

"I want them put away for what they did to my son."

"I think we have an excellent chance of achieving that Jeff. If someone has only accidentally deleted those pics then I am positive they can be recovered."

"Wow! – is that possible?" I asked.

"Yes, it should be unless it is something more that has been done, in which case it would be deliberate rather than accidental in my view. However, even without the pictures I think there should be a good chance of a case being made and they being found guilty."

"If they were what sort of sentence would they get?" Troy asked.

Mr Richards leaned back in his chair and thought for a couple of minutes before answering.

"The prosecutor would probably move to have them tried as adults as I presume they are all about the same age as you – either just under or just over sixteen?" Troy nodded. "Thus because of the nature of the case I'd say that was almost certain and consequently higher penalties can be imposed if they are found guilty.

"Besides assault the two who made you suck them off would be guilty of sex offences and the other two, while not making you do that to them, made it possible for the others to do so. Thus they could also be charged with sex offences under a conspiracy charge. Once you get to that point I can see their defence attorneys looking for a plea deal, because if it went to trial and they were found guilty, they could be looking at major time – twenty years would be possible. On the other hand with a plea deal, bearing in mind their age and it being a first offence, they'd probably end up with a sentence of between three to five years."

"That's quite a difference" said Mr. C.

"It is Jeff, but if they were tried as adults and found guilty, they'd be sent to an adult prison with all that entails. Unless they managed to obtain protective custody then I think you could say they'd all be finding out about rape from the other end!"

"Gee, I'm almost starting to feel sorry for them now." Troy said.

"Don't be Troy; they deserve whatever is coming to them." I responded.

Troy turned to me with a little smile on his face. "I only said 'almost', Adam."

Mr Richards starting to look back over the notes he had made on his legal pad. When he'd found what he was seeking he looked across the table at Troy.

"You said when you were being forced to suck the first one's penis that you bit it?"



"Well, he yelled and then I got my fingers broken, so I guess it must've hurt him."

"And which one of them was that?"

"Brian, Brian Ryan. Why, is it important? Can I be charged for doing that to him?"

"No, nothing like that Troy." But if you bit him hard enough to leave a tooth impression on the skin and he is brought in for questioning and also examined by a doctor………"

Mr Richards stopped and spread his arms in a gesture to say nothing more need to be said. However, he did continue after a brief pause.

"If that happens, the cell phone photos will be irrelevant. Furthermore, I'd lay a dollar to a cent that at that point he'd not want to take the rap on his own and will name the others, probably also claiming none of what happened was his idea."

Oh boy! Things were suddenly looking a lot brighter I thought. If forensic evidence could be used, alright it wasn't really forensic but I wasn't sure what else to term it, physical or medical I suppose, then the pics indeed didn't matter. And from what Mr Richards had just said if one of them confessed and dumped the others that would almost certainly mean that Troy wouldn't need to go to court and give evidence.

The three of us expressed our pleasure at this turn of events before Mr Richards suggested that we go and sit in the waiting room while he made his phone call. We were all a lot happier now than we'd been a couple of hours ago, although nothing was yet certain. Troy and I sat next to each other, holding hands. I could sense he was much more relaxed now. I knew I'd have been and I still hadn't heard what, if anything, my pa was being charged with for the beatings he'd given me. At some point I might have to stand up in court, but I knew if I did then I'd have the support and love of the two people sitting alongside me.

After a fairly short wait Mr Richards emerged saying that he'd obtained an immediate appointment to see the Assistant Attorney who would be involved but who seemed to know very little about the case. He suggested we accompany him, so Troy and I got into Mr C's car and drove there behind Mr Richards.

While we were driving there I asked Mr C if he had known his attorney for a long time as I'd got the impression that was the case. He told me they'd met in college and had both played on the college football team. They'd become firm friends and had stayed in touch ever since. He added that Marvin had helped with their application to become foster parents.

Once there the three of us were left in another waiting room while Mr Richards had his meeting with the ASA who he'd told us was a young lady named Maria Baroncello. I guess we sat there for half an hour or so before the two of them emerged from her office. She was quite a stunner I guess – if you were into ladies that is – dark hair, slightly olive skin, nice figure with the bumps in all the right places, but not too large,and dressed in a dark grey pant suit. She was a little shorter than me, aided by the fairly high heels she was wearing.

Mr Richards performed the introductions after which she told us that she was very glad we'd been to see him as from what he had told her a few things had now become obvious. The case was much more serious than she had been led to believe and it looked, admittedly having only heard one side of the story, that it had not been investigated as it should. Consequently she was now going to the police station to meet with Detective Diamond to find out what he had to say. Once she had found out more she would contact Mr Richards.

There now seemed little else for us to do other than return home, which was what we did. On arriving there we brought Mrs C up to speed with the morning's events after which she suggested we should all go out for a meal because she, not knowing when we were likely to return, had nothing prepared and also didn't feel like cooking. We had a nice meal and tried to talk about other things, but of course what was happening at the police station was always in the back of my mind as I'm sure it was for the others.

By the time we'd finished our meal it was noticeable that Troy was flagging. We headed back home and he and I went up to his bedroom. Once there I stripped down to my boxer briefs and then helped Troy do the same. A look at his body showed me the bruises were still very evident and I asked him if he'd like me to apply some more of the Arnica cream to them – a suggestion to which he readily agreed. So off came his briefs and 'Nurse Jackson' went to work. It felt good knowing that I was helping in some small way to make him feel better. Mind you, rubbing my hands over Troy's body did produce the inevitable result in mine. When I had Troy lie on his back he couldn't help but notice.

"Do you want me to massage you?" he asked with a little grin.

"Are you able to?"

"They only broke the fingers on one hand, Adam,"

"Do you feel up to it?"

He laughed. "You certainly are, I can see. I've got one too, but I still feel sore down there, so this would be a one way street. You can pay me back sometime."

We only rarely did anything that wasn't either mutual or reciprocated, but not only had Troy's suggestion made me even harder than I had been before, I also thought doing something sexual together might, for him, be a first small step to him believing that nothing had changed in our relationship. I also worried that perhaps if I declined, he might somehow feel I was rejecting him when nothing could be further from the truth.

Decision made, I got up from the bed, walked over to the door, locked it, came back to the bed and took of my CKs, before climbing onto the bed and lying on my back alongside Troy. I turned my head towards him and we kissed before he pulled apart slightly.

"I can't give you a bj Adam and I don't think I can even easily get enough saliva to moisten you. Do you want to get the oil out?"

I had a sudden idea. "Why not use my saliva?"

"Ooh, that's something we've not done before. Even sounds a little kinky for some reason."

I opened my mouth and Troy inserted a couple of fingers which I began to lick and suck producing a giggle or two from him. "Yeah, I can see you've done this before," he said with a little laugh.

With his fingers now wet he moved his hand down and rubbed them over the slit of my dick to mix with the small amount of pre-cum that was already there and then rub that around the crown. The sensations I was feeling at his touch were great and I was soon moaning with pleasure. Just having the head massaged gently like this was very different to the normal feeling of being jacked off. We repeated the process a few times before I felt the signs of impending orgasm. By stopping for a short time and then re-starting Troy managed to extend the pleasure until finally I blasted semen over my stomach and chest.

After a couple of minutes to recover I went into the bathroom to clean up and then returned to bed. I snuggled up to Troy, pulling the sheet over us as I did,

"I love you, Troy." I said as I nestled into him and laid one arm across his chest.

"Don't ever leave me, Adam – at least not before you've done that to me!"

"You………!!" I exclaimed.

"No swearing Adam or I'll have to wash your mouth out."

"You try that and I'll have to spank your butt."

"It might be worth it" he answered with a chuckle.

I sensed what we had just done had indeed been a first step back to normality for Troy.

"Seriously Adam – don't ever leave me."

He turned his head toward me and we kissed before he rolled to his side so we could spoon together, which was how we dropped off to sleep.

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