by Ivor Slipper

Chapter 16

The floor of the van was uncovered and uncomfortable to say the least, but I had other things on my mind to worry about than that. I'd never thought that Mike and Kyle were still around town as if they'd stayed here surely they'd have been seen and caught. Thus I'd decided they must be miles away, perhaps in another state let alone another town. I'd never expected them to kidnap us like this in the middle of the mall.

I guess being so brazen and just walking up to us had helped them get away with it. Of course had we seen them coming that would have been a different matter, but we hadn't and their rear approach had worked. After that I suppose to anyone who looked we'd just seemed like four teens walking round the mall on a Saturday, and while two of us looked fairly decent and the other two decidedly scruffy, I suppose that wasn't enough to raise suspicions in anyone seeing us.

I did briefly wonder again if I should have run when I had the chance, but that would have left Troy on his own, or perhaps getting shot had he done the same. We were together and whatever happened now was going to happen to both of us. I guessed we were in for a beating and based on what had almost happened to Troy the other Sunday, I reckoned it was inevitable we were both going to be fucked – probably twice. I almost cried at the thought as this wasn't going to be they way I had dreamed of losing my virginity.

In my dreams there was only one person who would do that and it would be in a romantic setting, slowly, gently and lovingly. I wanted to see him when he entered me and share every second of the experience with him, knowing however many times he'd make love to me in the future, there was only ever going to be one 'first time'. When I'd made love to Troy that one time the experience had been unbelievable and fantastic. The only thing that very slightly marred the experience had been the surroundings, but while we were actually doing it the surroundings simply didn't seem to exist – for me it had been as if I was in another place.

There was one other thought that began to surface in my mind. I could see no alternative to us being beaten and fucked, but then what? Would they just walk off and leave us there – wherever 'there' might be? Were they going to drive out into the country and then abandon us, or even worse leave us tied up somewhere to die of thirst and starvation? Or would they simply kill us once they'd finished with us? It did seem that Mike might be crazy enough to do that - he could well be using other drugs apart from the weed I'd smelled - and apparently Kyle was happy to go along with whatever he wanted. I had no idea if that was because he shared Mike's views or perhaps he was simply following his pack leader. Maybe though he might not want to go as far as killing us.

Kyle didn't appear to be a good driver based on the way we were getting bumped around in the back. It was though an old van so no doubt the suspension wasn't very good, but he was having some trouble in driving it smoothly. Perhaps his erratic driving might draw the attention of a passing cop? If so that might give us the opportunity to call for help as although our hands were tied we hadn't been gagged.

Although we were face down on the floor of the van, Troy and I had both twisted our heads so we were looking at each other. He was smiling and frequently mouthing 'I love you' to me, while I was smiling back and mouthing 'And I love you too' to him. At least this time whatever Mike planned to do to him, Troy would not have to face it alone and perhaps with us both being there we might get an opportunity to surprise them and make our escape – although I suspected that was very wishful thinking.

It was impossible to know where we were because the van had no windows, but by the way it was moving in fits and starts I felt sure that we must still be in town. We certainly hadn't had any period of steady straight motion that would indicate we were on a highway. I felt confident that was going to come as the pair surely must have been holed up somewhere out of town and only come in today, knowing that we usually went to the mall on a Saturday morning. Thus it was a surprise when the van slowed almost to a stop, before making a very sharp left turn. After that we got bounced around even more than previously and it was evident that we were being driven over a gravel track of some sort as opposed to a proper road. That went on for what seemed like a minute or two and then we stopped.

I heard Kyle switch off the engine, open the driver's door and get out. He slammed it shut and there followed the sound of his footsteps on the gravel as he walked round to the back of the van, before the rear door opened and light flooded in. Mike moved first to get out.

"Right you two, get out! Slowly and no clever tricks – or else. Now, hurry up!"

There was a contradiction in there, but this wasn't the time to discuss English with him. Troy and I rolled over onto our backs and then ass bumped our way towards the back door until we could get our feet out and onto the ground. It was hard to try and stand up without being able to use your hands, but Kyle dragged each of us upright in turn.

I looked around hoping to get an idea of where we might be. There was a building a few yards away that looked sort of familiar- and then it dawned on me. It was the old house that Troy and I had used as our secret meeting place. The place where I'd made love to him! We'd never realized that there was also a back entrance via this old gravel track. Oh jeeze, surely these two hadn't been hiding out in our special place?

I looked at Troy and smiled and he smiled back. "I sorta recognise this place, Adam."

"Shut the fuck up, Troy boy." Mike snarled, kicking him in the shins as he spoke.

"Listen, Mike – this, whatever it is, is between you and me. Adam isn't involved, so untie him and let him go. If you do, I'll do whatever you want."

"Troy boy, you just don't get it, do you. Adam is so involved and you're both gonna do whatever we want. Your only choice is gonna be how painful that is. Now follow Kyle and get inside."

Kyle led the way towards a door that was at first almost hidden by undergrowth. Troy walked behind him and I was behind Troy with Mike bringing up the rear. Kyle opened the door and entered with us following. It was fairly dim inside compared to the brightness outside in the sunshine and it took a few seconds for my eyes to adjust. When they did I could hardly believe what they were telling me.

"Long time since I've seen you, boy."

The voice was unmistakeable as was the person who was speaking. I'd hoped to never see my pa again, but here he was just a few feet away from me, with an evil grin appearing on his face. Was my nightmare about to become reality – it was starting to look that way.

"Aren't you going to introduce me to your pansy boyfriend?"

He walked forward as he said that and slapped me round the face.

"Leave him alone, you bastard!" Troy shouted.

That I knew was a mistake even as my pa walked over to him and slapped him across both cheeks.

"You talk when you're spoken to pansy boy – or else!"

I could see the red marks on Troy's cheeks and he was trying hard not to let any tears start to fall.

"I've been hoping for this day ever since that Sunday you ran off, boy."

As he spoke my eyes were drawn to the wide brown leather belt that was round the waist of my pa's jeans. The belt that had whupped my ass so often in the past and it now appeared was going to do so once again.

"Yeah, you've got that whupping coming to you now, boy. And even better, I get to whup your pansy boy's ass too."

"No, Pa – don't do that …...please. Just whup me twice.

The room we were in stank of piss and sweat and weed. It had been evident Mike and Kyle had been smoking it, perhaps my pa had too.

"Oh, you'll get whupped boy – good and proper – no fear. But so will he. Be interesting to see which one of you begs first."

Jeeze, my pa sounded almost mad. I didn't think there was much point in trying to delay what he had planned, but I decided I'd at least like to know how he'd got together with them.

"So who found this place?" I asked.

Pa laughed. "I thought you'd enjoy seeing it again."

My expression gave away my surprise.

"Took me a while to work it out. But after you ran off that Sunday things fell into place and I realized you and pansy boy had been meeting somewhere secret. Finally dawned on me that it was probably the old Watson place. Then when Mike's father asked me a few days back if I could think of anywhere his boy could hole up for a while, I suggested here. I brought them some provisions to save them going into town and we got talking. Came up with this plan would get us both what we want."

"So Mike and Kyle are going to be rewarded by getting to see you whup Troy and me?"

Mike laughed evilly. I'd been so concentrated on my pa that I'd almost forgotten he and Kyle were here.

"He's just gonna warm you up some and then me and Kyle take over and fuck both of you in turn."

"Fuck me, Mike, but leave Adam alone. He's done nothing to you."

"If only that were true, Troy. He's the cause of everything."

"Don't be stupid, Mike. You and I were finished long before I started seeing Adam."

"Maybe, but if you'd let me screw you like I wanted it would never have happened."

I didn't have a clue what he mean by that and apparently neither did Troy.

"What do you mean? What would never have happened?"

Mike's voice changed as he spoke now. It was almost as if he was trying to stop from crying.

"I'd never have gone out and found some damn runaway out on the streets hustling and screwed him! That's what."

"So?" Troy asked after a slight pause.

"How was I to know he had fuckin' Aids!"

Now he did start to sob, while the rest of us stood there dumbstruck by the revelation. The first thought that entered my mind was thanking God, or someone, that he hadn't screwed Troy the other Sunday. I rapidly dismissed that with a mental laugh because now he was going to screw both of us! I glanced at Troy who looked as if he'd been struck by a meteorite or something.

It was Kyle who recovered the power of speech first.

"You've got.....Aids?"

"Yep, that's what I said Kyle."

"But I've sucked you off!"

"So you have." Mike almost cackled as he answered.

"So I've either got it already or I'm gonna develop it?"

"Yep, and when I fuck these two they're gonna get it too."

By now it had occurred to me that it was very unlikely Mike had actually got Aids as such. He'd almost certainly been diagnosed as HIV positive, which might lead there eventually, but could be treatable and was no longer the automatic death sentence it once was. I did consider trying to tell him that, but I didn't think he was rational enough to engage in such a discussion. But before I could decide,

"Enough talking." Pa said. "Let's get this done. You two," nodding at Mark & Kyle, "Strip the two pansy boys below the waist. I want 'em both bare assed. Then you can untie their hands..."

"What? We ain't untying them." Mike said.

"Untie their hands, then they can both lie across that table and you two can hold 'em in place by their arms while they sing as my belt does its work."

Mike moved towards Troy, but Kyle stood still.

"You've fuckin' given me Aids." he said to Mike.

I tried not to show any reaction. Was it possible they were about to fall out. Kyle still had the knife in his hand, although admittedly Mike had the pistol in his. However, any sort of falling out had to be in our favour, although it would be a lot better if our hands weren't tied.

"Only might have, Kyle. You could be lucky."

"But I thought you were my friend?"

"I am – I was just sharing." Mike responded with a cackle that sounded as if it had come from a witch.

"Fuck you, asshole."

"You can fuck theirs, not mine." Mike responded giving him the finger with his free hand.

"Cut it out you two!" my pa said loudly. "Let's get this done first."

Kyle walked towards me. My legs were free and I considered trying to either kick or knee him in the balls, but with my hands tied I couldn't see that would help much. So I turned my back to him letting him get to my hands. To my surprise I felt him cut through the rope.

"What you cut the rope for asshole? We might've needed it again." Mike asked

Kyle just shrugged while I jiggled my hands trying to get some circulation back into them; even though we'd not been tied up for long they felt lifeless and my arms ached from being tied behind me.

Meanwhile Mike walked over to Troy and punched him in the stomach – hard. Troy doubled over and Mike turned him round so he could untie the ropes on his wrists.

"Kyle's right – you are a fucking asshole." Troy managed to gasp as he regained his breath.

"Shut the fuck up, pansy boy." Mike countered at the same time again punching Troy.

"Now move over to the table – and Kyle, bring his faggot friend."

I felt the knife prick the skin in my back through my hoodie and polo shirt, so slowly started to move there. Soon Troy and I both stood facing the table. I turned my head to look at my father deciding to have one more try.

"Please pa, don't whup Troy. It was all my fault. I trapped him into doing things he didn't want to."

"Don't matter who trapped who boy. Due to him you're the end of my line – faggot!"

"He didn't trap me. I trapped him - and I'd do it again. I love him and he loves me – so beat the pair of us, you miserable apology for a father."

I loved Troy for saying that in front of my pa even though I knew it was going to cost both of us a lot of pain.

"I'm fed up with all this talking. Get their jeans down and get 'em bent over the table. Set 'em far enough apart so I can lick 'em in turn; see which one begs first."

As Kyle pushed me towards one end of long side of the table, Mike pushed Troy to the other. I also heard Pa unbuckle his belt and then that strange swoosh noise as he pulled it through the loops of his jeans. I felt Kyle's free hand grope my ass before moving up to the waistband. For some stupid reason I didn't want him ripping my skinnies as he took them down – how daft can you get?

"Fuck off, Kyle. I'll take them down myself."

I proceeded to unbutton and unzip the fly before starting the process of pushing them down my thighs. As my red American Eagle boxer briefs came into view I heard Pa growl 'fuckin' pansy underwear', before I also pushed those down.

"Go round the other side of the table Kyle. You boy, lie across the table and let Kyle hold your hands."

I just stood there and suddenly felt this intense pain on my back which caused me to yowl.

"Do it, boy unless you want some more there."

That lash had not only taken me by surprise, but hurt like hell. I could feel tears forming in my eyes already. I had no choice but to lower myself across the table where I could see Kyle's grinning face looking at me as I extended my hands.

I heard some sort of struggle from the other end of the table and turned my head in time to see that Mike had handed Pa his gun and was now in the process of ripping down Troy's grey skinnies and his black CK boxer briefs. Troy had seen what had happened to me and, wisely, once he was stripped he lay across the table stretching out his arms for Mike to hold when he'd moved to the other side. Troy turned his head in my direction and smiled – 'Love you Adam' he mouthed; 'Love you Troy' I mouthed back.

I saw Pa put the pistol on the table. It was sort of midway between Troy and I, almost, but not quite, within reach. Perhaps if Kyle let go of my hands I might be able to reach it. Pa had told him to hold my hands while he whupped me, but when he finished Kyle would let go. Perhaps that might be my opportunity as nobody was going to expect me to leap around at that point. It was probably unlikely that I would be able to, but it could be our best chance.

Pa walked slowly down to my end of the table and stood almost behind me. I closed my eyes and although I knew the belt was coming, when it struck my butt it still seemed to come as a surprise because I could hardly grasp what had happened in the last half hour or so. Troy and I had been enjoying a pleasant morning, but now we were both stretched out across a table to get a whupping from my Pa. I'd also almost forgotten how much it hurt, but I managed not to make a sound. I also told myself to try and relax as I'd found a whupping hurt more if my body was tense and rigid – but that was easier said than done. I prepared myself for the next lash, heard leather strike flesh but felt nothing. When I heard a strangled moan coming from my right I remembered that Pa had said he was going to hit us alternately. I heard Pa walk across the floor to stand behind me and then the belt cracked down again. Tears weren't far off, but I choked back a sob as I heard him walk back to Troy. This time when the belt landed on his butt I heard poor Troy yelp in pain. I didn't know if it was just that I was more used to being whupped and perhaps my skin was tougher as a result, but with Troy having never even been spanked, what he was feeling was a totally new level of pain.

As I was preparing myself for the third lash there was a sudden very loud crashing noise and voices shouting,

"Police!" "Stay where you are!" "Hands on your heads!"

Then I heard a couple of gunshots and everything went black.

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