George and the Boys

by Ivor Slipper

Courgette Flowers

Ben felt rather down in the dumps after Jake had left on Sunday afternoon. He'd had a great weekend, once again, but they weren't going to be able to spend the next one together. Deep down he knew it was impossible they could ever spend each weekend together, but right now he wasn't happy. His life had suddenly changed for the better a few weeks ago when he'd found 'Rover' in his garden that stormy night. That had led to meeting Jake and that had led to... Oops! Mention of Jake had nudged the boneometer from its standby position and he wondered if raising its level might improve his mood. Fortunately he was in his bedroom, so there was no problem in getting on the bed, lying on his back and pushing down his sweats so he could look at the bulge in his boxer briefs.

Looking was alright, but he knew touching was much better. However, as he'd discovered over the last few weekends, being touched by someone else was even better. Wasn't going to happen for a couple of weeks he told himself as he lifted his rear and pushed his boxers down. Freed from its confines the bone quickly grew and the glistening head emerged from the foreskin. He was sure it was bigger now than it had been a few weeks ago. He knew exercise improved muscles, so perhaps the amount of exercise it had been receiving of late was producing results. He was definitely going to have to start taking measurements he told himself as he adjusted his position on the bed to partly sit up with his back against the pillows. All that remained was to roll up his t-shirt so he had a good view of proceedings before setting his hand to work. He tried to prolong the enjoyment, but after a few minutes he imagined it was Jake's hand doing the stroking and very shortly after he felt the tingles in his body that foretold the climax. Ben smiled as he watched the blobs plop onto his stomach. The quantity produced had also definitely increased he told himself as he lay there recovering, now feeling much happier than he had a short while ago.

His thoughts turned to the other exciting aspect of the weekend – their email exchanges with George! To actually be talking with him, the author of these stories that almost seemed to be about him and Jake, was rather unbelievable. Almost as unbelievable as George being able to quite accurately describe them and what they did. He wondered how long it would be before George's next story would appear. He'd said he was going to write one, but would it appear before or after he and Jake had their next sleepover. If it appeared before then it wouldn't be possible for it to detail what they'd done, which meant he couldn't have some way of spying on them. In that case then perhaps it might suggest some other things they could do together, just like the baby oil story? Despite its recent activity his boneometer registered interest at that possibility.

Of course Ben saw Jake at school and could spend some time with him there during breaks, but Jake had proved a very popular newcomer and been happily accepted. Thus they couldn't have more than a few minutes time alone. Text messages often flew between them during the evenings though, but both tried to keep these of a type that would not raise eyebrows if seen by anyone else. Nevertheless, Ben was feeling quite down in the dumps about the upcoming weekend, until his father came home from work on Friday evening.

"Doing anything tomorrow, Ben?" he asked, soon after he had walked into the house and found his son preparing some vegetables for their dinner.

"Nope, not really. Did think I might go the baths for a swim, or just into town in the morning. And then the Chelsea game is on TV in the afternoon."

"Nothing you can't put off then?"

"Well, not in the morning, but I don't want to miss the game as they're playing Spurs."

"Ah. Suppose you wouldn't fancy watching it live?"

"What!?" Ben exclaimed with a mix of disbelief and potential excitement.

Mr Travers laughed at the expression on his son's face.

"Dad, you're pulling my leg, aren't you? How can I see it live?"

"You know my boss, Mr Johnson, has two season tickets?"

Ben nodded, aware of the fact and that his son Robin, who was at the same school, but two years older, was always boasting about being at The Bridge to see the games.

"Turns out that it is his sister's wedding tomorrow and the whole family have to attend. Three line whip, sort of thing. So they can't go to the match. He knows you and I are supporters and he offered me the tickets."

Ben's face lit up with joy and excitement. He dropped the potato peeler he was holding, ran over to his father and launched himself at him. Wrapping his arms round him he could hardly find the words to express his pleasure. At long last, he was finally going to be able to see his heroes play – live and in the flesh!

And so late on Saturday morning, Mrs Travers dropped the pair of them off at Woking railways station. Ben was dressed appropriately. He had on his genuine Chelsea shirt and scarf, plus a blue and white bobble hat his gran had knitted for him. A dark blue anorak and a pair of almost matching skinnies completed the outfit. From there they caught a train to Waterloo, but not before while waiting on the platform for their train to arrive, Ben's father had tried to embarrass him by singing the Abba hit of that name. Today though Ben was prepared to forgive his father anything and even joined in, much to his amusement. At Waterloo they changed from above ground transport to underground and took the Jubilee Line to Westminster where they changed to a District Line train to reach their destination of Fulham Broadway.

Once they entered the stadium and had found their way to the West Stand, they took some time to look around as kick off was an hour away. His father bought him a programme and they both had an overpriced frankfurter and soft drink – just as part of the experience his dad told him. The atmosphere built slowly but eventually the two teams came out onto the pitch when the noise and cheering rose to a new level. Kick off followed after all the players and match officials 'took the knee', but cheering rose to an even higher level when Chelsea scored after about five minutes play. Ben's day was made complete when his favourite player, Mason Mount, who had provided the assist for the first goal, scored with a spectacular free kick towards the end of the first half. Although Spurs got a goal back in the second half, Chelsea scored a third to end up comfortable winners.

As for Ben, he was on a real high which lasted all through the next day. He'd taken lots of pictures on his phone to show at school and he'd also been texting Jake during the game. When he got home that evening the first thing was to call Jake and tell him all about his day.

With the 'special Saturday' to look back on and Jake coming to stay the following Friday, the next week seemed to pass fairly quickly. He did ask Jake at regular intervals if there had been an email from George as well as checking on the story site himself to see if a new story had appeared. He did read a couple of stories on his visits, but it was really the next one from George he wanted to see. It was only when he got to school on Friday morning and saw Jake with a big smile on his face that he suspected it might have appeared.

"Is it there?" he asked.

"Yep. It wasn't last night, but I did a quick check this morning and there it was. Haven't read it yet though. Thought it would be best to read it together like we did last time?"

"Yeah, that was good reading it like that."

"Perhaps we should delay reading it until after dinner? Then we can go up to your room and get comfortable."

Jake looked at Ben as he said that and Ben felt his boneometer start to register a reading, sensing there was 'something' in that look.

"Great idea. We can do any homework before dinner. Is your mum going to bring 'Rover' over after school?"

"We've decided not to bring him. He's had a bit of a dodgy tummy the last couple of days, so it didn't seem wise."

Ben totally agreed. A dog with a dodgy tummy would very quickly change his mum's mind about having 'Rover' ever visit again. It also meant he'd have Jake all to himself.

Once they'd eaten the pair helped clear the table and do the washing up before going and joining Mr Travers in the lounge.

"I thought with Jake only being here for one night this weekend, you two wouldn't want to spend time down here, but would have things to do upstairs?" he said.

Ben almost blushed at the words; Jake was made of sterner stuff.

"It's early yet, but if you're sure we could go and have a game of chess...or draughts," he added as a sort of afterthought. "What do you think, Ben?" he added, with a glance in Ben's direction.

Ben had a little problem caused by the mention of draughts which had triggered thoughts and mental pictures. He was only wearing sweats, but he was worried an increase in measurement, might be noticed. The glance from Jake didn't help either.

"Err... yes, I suppose we could. Sure you don't mind Dad?"

"No, go and have some fun."

Ben simply wasn't sure if his father had any idea of what he and Jake considered 'fun'. He thought he must, but in a couple of the stories he'd read, fathers had levels of non acceptance of their sons having gay tendencies ranging from mild to extreme. Was he simply very lucky, the same as Jake was with his parents?

"Okay. Thanks, Dad. We'll try and keep the noise down."

Once they'd got into Ben's room there were decisions to be made. They quickly agreed that the best way to get in the mood was with a few games of strip draughts. When one of them was down to their boxer briefs that would be the time to head for the bathroom, clean their teeth and have a shower. As it happened at the point Ben was down to just his briefs, Jake was left wearing just those plus his t-shirt.

"Right," said Jake as he took off his t-shirt. "Lets go and get clean. Come on, we can share the bathroom."

The shower wasn't big enough for two, but Ben enjoyed watching as Jake took off his boxer briefs. The enjoyment level increased as he watched while Jake thoroughly soaped himself, leaving nothing untouched. Ben's meter readings trended significantly upward watching the display. Then it was his turn as Jake emerged from the shower and started to dry himself. Ben took off his boxer briefs and saw Jake looking at his boner. Not that long ago he'd have tried to hide it, but with Jake...

Jake smiled at him, "I'm sure it's getting bigger, Ben," he stretched out a hand to touch it, "soft and smooth too. Have you been using the baby oil?"

Ben grinned, "Maybe a couple of times."

"Yeah, it feels sooo good doing it that way."

After they both dried themselves they returned to Ben's bedroom with just towels wrapped round their middles.

"How are we going to read it this time?" Ben asked.

Jake gave the question a little thought before answering.

"How about we both open our laptops, lie prone on your bed, face down, and then we can read side by side."

That sounded good to Ben and soon they were both lying naked on the bed, ready to start. Jake was lying to Ben's right and placed his left hand on Ben's back. Ben responded. They looked at each other and smiled. "Let's go." said Ben.

Everything was quiet for a while as they started reading, but as they got into the story...

"Hmm, looks like this story is going to be about you, Ben."

"Yeah. You were worried he had a spy camera in your bedroom, now I suspect he has my house bugged too!"

"Looks like you've been quite a naughty boy what with the oil and reading stories." Jake moved his hand and gave Ben's bum a little slap as he said that, "and what's all this about taking measurements?"

"He's wrong there. I have thought about doing so, but I haven't, honest."

"Might find another use for that ruler if you had," Jake applied another little slap to Ben's rear and as he did so Ben was a little surprised to feel a boneometer reaction.

Suddenly Jake started to laugh. Ben couldn't understand why as he was not as far ahead in reading the story. He was still engrossed in the section where George had written that perhaps the time had come when Ben should take the lead in developments.

"What's so funny?" he asked.

"I guess I'm ahead of you as I've just finished, but when you get to the end, please tell me where it is?"

Ben could make no sense of that, so continued reading.

"I've not taken a courgette!" he exclaimed. "Mum hardly ever buys one, so George is wrong there. But what would I want one for anyway?"

Jake let out a little sigh, "Oh Ben, I think it's time I explained a few things. Let's move up the bed and get comfortable and then I'll tell you a little story."

"Like a bedtime story?" Ben asked with a chuckle.

"Sort of, but I hope you won't go to sleep while I'm telling you."

A couple of minutes later the laptops were closed and the pair had moved up the bed to lie side by side facing each other. Jake wrapped his right arm around Ben's shoulder and placed a chaste kiss on his lips. Ben started to open them, but Jake whispered, "Not until I've finished," and drew his mouth away.

"I told you on our first night together that I'd done things with other boys,"

"Yes, but..."

"Ben, try and let me talk and not interrupt please."

"Okay, I'll try."

"Also, like I said, I've been sure for a couple of years that I'm gay. But what I did with them wasn't really gay. It was just sort of fun. I think in some of those stories it's called 'friends with benefits'. I'm sure at our age having someone toss you off is more enjoyable than doing it yourself, whether you're gay or not.

"But immediately I saw you in the vets I felt something – something different. It wasn't just because you'd rescued 'Rover', there was just something about you. I wanted to get to know you and that was why I invited you to have a sleepover."

Ben opened his mouth to say something, but Jake made a 'shush' sound and gently kissed his lips.

"I knew when we started getting ready for bed, what I'd suspected all day – you'd never even shared a bed let alone done anything with another boy. I wanted so much to show you I liked you, but decided to take it slowly and see what happened. You surprised me with how you responded. Since then we've become friends – very good friends. I like being with you. I'm happy when we're together. I want to show you how much I like you, but if in the next few minutes I do something you don't like, then stop me."

Ben wondered for an instant what Jake meant, but found Jake's lips pressing on his and his tongue seeking entrance, which he gave. Jake's hand began to stroke Ben's back while after withdrawing his tongue he began to lick Ben's nose and face, causing Ben to giggle. Then he was licking Ben's neck and ears, nibbling on the lobes, before moving down to lick and kiss Ben's chest. Ben was still giving an occasional giggle as the tongue tickled, but there were also little sounds of pleasure. He also knew his boneometer readings were increasing. They really surged when Jake's tongue found his nipples. Jake licked round them alternately and sucked each one until it became wet and hard. Ben's sound of pleasure grew stronger at that. He really didn't want Jake to stop what he was doing to them, but Jake adjusted his position and continued to lick and kiss down Ben's chest until he found his innie belly button. By this time Ben was beginning to moan a little. Jake continued licking downwards. Ben had unconsciously started playing with his balls (his little radishes as he sometimes thought of them) as Jake worked his way downwards. He knew the head of his prick was well outside his foreskin and could feel a bead of pre-cum leaking.

He wasn't prepared for what happened next. Jake pushed his hand away from his balls and replaced it with his own. Ben moaned with pleasure at this as Jake began to roll them around and gently squeeze them. But then Jake's hand moved to his prick and moved it slightly to one side. And then Jake began to kiss it, starting at the base and working his way up. Ben felt he wanted to scream, the feelings he was getting were so intense, but knew he mustn't. Ben felt Jake's tongue lick across the tip of his prick and the pre-cum was gone. He let out a gasp and looked down; at the same moment Jake looked up and their eyes met. Jake looked away and moved his head. Ben felt his tongue licking round the head of his prick. His senses were alive in a way he didn't recognise and never could have believed would happen. He looked down again and once more Jake looked up and smiled before he ducked down once more and Ben felt a warm wetness start to envelop his prick.

"Oh shit!" he exclaimed.

Jake raised his head and turned it to look at Ben. "What's wrong?"

Ben let out a laugh, "Nothing's frigging wrong, but I need to find me a courgette."

"I know where I can find one if you want to practice."

Ben slowly recovered from the effects of Jake pleasuring him. He knew about such things from some of the stories he'd read, but he hadn't put two and two together for some reason. Nor had he expected Jake to do it to him. As he lay there cuddling with Jake once more, enjoying the feelings he'd experienced, Jake's last words came back to him.

"Jake, you know I've never done what you just did. I probably can't do it properly, but I'd like to try."

"Ben, you don't have to you know. I'd love it if you did, but if you do, just be careful with your teeth."

Ben thought about that for a short while. Perhaps he should practice first on a courgette, he wondered. Then he recalled what Jake had said to him a little while earlier.

"You can always stop me if I'm doing it wrong or hurting you."

Jake moved to kiss him. "Go for it, Ben. Just treat it like you would an ice lolly – lick and suck, but don't bite!"

With that Ben moved down the bed and got into a position where he could first of all admire Jake's prick which was quite quickly coming to full mast. He took hold of it and guided it toward his lips. The kissing was easy, as was the licking. Finally he plucked up the courage to open his mouth and draw it inside so he could swirl his tongue round it. He could hear Jake making noises which he was sure weren't of pain and it wasn't long before he felt Jake's body start to tense, and then...

This time it was Jake who needed longer to recover. Ben had had two new experiences in a very short time and decided that he liked both almost equally. Mind you, he told himself, he also liked just lying next to Jake and cuddling with him.

A sudden thought occurred to him, "Hey, Jake, we need to send George an email. Let him know I didn't need a courgette!

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