George and the Boys

by Ivor Slipper

Ben Does Some Research

George had to admit to himself that he'd rather enjoyed his email exchanges with whoever was jebanke69. He was now inclined to believe that it was two teenage boys who were sending the emails and not a troll. They just seemed to convey a sense of youthful enthusiasm and fun that he found hard to imagine a world weary adult could conjure up. Thus, hard as it was, he had to accept that somehow he had invented a story with characters whose names and locations did almost match two real life teens. Perhaps he should start selecting some numbers for the Lotto again!

He had been slightly worried about the last story and the introduction of baby oil into their activities, but he couldn't see that did any real harm. Admittedly if you weren't careful when handling it, it would make rather a mess, which if found by a parent could lead to some awkward questions being asked. But by using it they were only doing what they'd done before, just in a more enjoyable way.

His problem though was that in order to make a new story interesting it couldn't just be a repeat of the previous one – readers would soon tire of that. On the other hand, he almost felt a sense of responsibility towards these two. He didn't want to lead them astray by having his characters do things he'd not feel comfortable about two young teens doing together. His characters had only met a few weeks ago, which apparently was also the case with the real Jake and Ben. Before they'd met Ben had never had any real friends, let alone one with whom he'd developed a sexual relationship. Jake, on the other hand, was much more knowledgable on such matters and very possibly had previously done things with other boys.

Perhaps that might be the way in which to create the next story? It might also give him a chance to slip in some views of his own. George decided to give it a try. He sat down at his desk, switched on his laptop and started to write, thanking the heavens that he didn't have to use a quill pen...

Ben thought it wasn't possible to be any happier than he was during most of that weekend. Having Jake stay for two nights, which meant sharing his new bed with him for those two nights, cuddling naked together under the new duvet while doing their best to ensure that there were no tell tale stains on the sheets. It was during one of those non oily sessions when some liquid did happen to get onto them that he had a brainwave. He'd tell his mum that he was going to start doing his own washing! He was sure she'd be happy about that as it would be one less thing for her to do and it might help when he asked if Jake could come and stay again.

The other good thing about the weekend was that Chelsea had beaten Aston Villa in the match on Sunday. He'd watched it on the TV downstairs sitting next to Jake on the settee, which had made it that bit more enjoyable. Now his team were almost at the top of the table, although the season was still in the early stages. Jake said he didn't really have a team, apart from Exeter, which they both agreed didn't really count. They were though both keen England supporters, but found it hard to agree on the best starting eleven, which put them in the same position as a lot of the 'experts'!

Jake also told Ben that he was really more interested in rugby than football. They had played rugby at the school he'd attended in Exeter, which largely accounted for that, but also Exeter had an extremely good rugby team, the Exeter Chiefs, who had been near the top of the Premiership Table for some years. He'd often gone to watch their home games with his father. Ben's school only played football but he'd told Ben over the weekend that he'd just joined a local club which had a thriving junior section. Now he'd joined that would mean he'd either be training or playing matches on a Sunday morning, which news didn't please Ben very much. He supposed he could go and watch, but he knew that he was never going to play – he just wasn't into physical sports. About the only thing he could do was swim.

Ben had been amazed at something he'd overheard when Mrs Wyatt had arrived to collect Jake late on the Sunday afternoon. Jake had gone upstairs to collect his things and the two mothers were talking in the kitchen, probably under the impression that Ben had gone with him, but he'd remained in the lounge. He wasn't too surprised when he'd heard his mum say what a nice boy Jake was (the bunch of flowers had evidently worked wonders he said to himself) and how he'd been no trouble at all, helping to clear the dishes after meals. He was thus pleased, but not too surprised when she said that she'd be happy for him to come and stay again as she was glad that Ben was starting to make friends. On hearing that Ben did a mental high five. But when she added that the next time he came to stay for a night he should bring 'Rover' with him, he literally fell off the chair he was sitting on.

The noise he made brought the two ladies running from the kitchen.

"What happened, Ben? Are you alright?" asked his mum, sounding concerned.

"I think so," said Ben, "I could hear you talking and was taken by surprise when you said Jake could bring 'Rover' next time he visits. I went to stand up and fell over my feet."

"Clumsy boy!" his mum responded laughing, "but why shouldn't be bring 'Rover' with him?"

"I thought you didn't like dogs? That night I found him outside in the storm, you didn't want to let me keep him in the house for fear of fleas and dirt."

"Oh Ben, you are a silly boy. I said that because I thought he was a stray dog who might have had all sorts of diseases from living rough. I'm sure there's no such problems with 'Rover'."

Ben looked up and saw his father had just come into the room. His dad winked at him and grinned. Ben was wise enough not to look a gift horse in the mouth.

"Sorry, mum. I didn't realise that was behind what you said. Yeah, it'll be good if Jake can bring him and anyway we can keep him in my room most of the time."

Just then Jake came back downstairs and the good news was imparted to him. It was agreed there and then that sleepovers the following weekend would not be possible because of other commitments, but that Jake could come on the following Friday and stay for two nights, bringing 'Rover' with him. He'd have to leave fairly early on Sunday to get to his rugby training.

When he went to bed that night, Ben fell to thinking. Of course the first things he thought about were some of the things that had happened when Jake had been sharing the bed with him. Those thoughts produced an inevitable boneometer reaction to the extent that he felt it needed special attention. That meant getting out of bed, finding his bottle of baby oil and making his way to the bathroom. There he could apply it without any real worries of it marking anything. Once his need had been satisfied and the meter readings dropped back to normal, he returned to bed. He did make a mental note though to find a tape measure so he could commence taking actual measurements.

During the next few days Ben did a lot of thinking. His thinking time was naturally confined to when he wasn't at school because then he had his studies to occupy his mind. Also, outside of lessons, there was Jake to occupy his time. Ben had always liked school because he had a good brain, but he'd been such a loner that there had been no real pleasure from being there. Now he had Jake as a friend and as a result been drawn into a wider circle because he was so outgoing, school had become a much more enjoyable experience. Even getting changed for PE or games, or having to take a shower afterwards, were not things to be approached with fear and trepidation. If his boneometer started to register from looking at Jake there would be no repercussions. Indeed on the occasions it did and Jake saw, he would just grin or perhaps mouth a little comment such as 'nice one'.

But outside of school he'd started to wonder about a few things. Jake had been the one who had wanted Ben to share his bed and who had initiated their activities. He was the one who said he'd watched porno films and read online stories about teens such as them having fun together. And yet, when they'd read the story where baby oil was first introduced, he'd reacted as if it was something he'd never heard of. That didn't quite add up. Either he wasn't as knowledgable as he seemed, or he was trying not to force things, or he was just pretending he didn't know.

Ben was more than happy with what they'd done together, but he was sure there were other things they could do. Trouble was he didn't really know what they were. He decided he needed to find out more. Jake had shown him how to access the story site where George's stories had appeared and also how he could leave his computer so his browsing history wasn't evident. Consequently, over the next few evenings, after he'd done his homework and he was sure he wasn't likely to be disturbed, he decided to go to the site and read some stories. As soon as he'd made that decision his boneometer started to register. The reaction down there produced two other results. The first was to get comfortable. But as he started to take off his sweats another idea occurred to him. He walked over to his backpack and took from it his twelve inch plastic ruler. The time had come to record a few boneometer readings. The first of those was noted after the sweats had been removed and his boxer briefs shoved down. The bone definitely enjoyed being free it appeared!

He spent the next hour or so looking at stories. He was so much enjoying them that he hardly had time to stop and record any measurements, but when he did there was almost always a slight increase. Of course the increases weren't always of their own making as quite often he was lending a hand to give some assistance. While doing so he also reckoned that it felt smoother and easier to handle than it had the previous week and it wasn't long before the reason for that occurred to him. That oil was definitely good stuff! But he didn't need it while reading the second story he selected. Part way through reading that he stopped to remove his boxer briefs to have them readily available for mopping up when he spurted.

Ben continued his reading, or as he preferred to call it, his research, over the next few nights. He learned quite a lot as a result.

He'd really known nothing about sexual matters, certainly not gay ones, before meeting Jake, although he'd known for some time that he was much more interested in looking at boys rather than girls. But unlike a lot of the boys in the stories his parents hadn't reacted badly – well to be precise his father hadn't, as he wasn't sure if his mother had any idea what Jake and he were doing in bed together. With some fathers it seemed that when they discovered their son was gay they apparently would beat him, or even throw him out of the house. Also, it was evident that a good percentage of gay boys got picked on at school and would be ostracised or bullied. Thinking about it he was sure he knew some gay boys in other classes at school, but he was fairly sure nothing had happened to them. However, so far he didn't think he and Jake had ever done anything which might make any of their fellow pupils suspect there was anything between them. No holding hands or kissing for instance.

He'd also come across a few stories he hadn't liked at all and quickly stopped reading. Ones where a younger boy fell victim to an older one and was forced to do sexual things against his will for instance. He'd also not been keen on stories that had detailed descriptions of what he called 'full sex'. He could work out the logic behind it, but he wasn't at all sure he was ready for it – at least from what he'd read, without considerable preparation. But then from what he'd read in some stories, such actions weren't necessary and a number of gay couples existed happily without doing them.

And of course, anything that happened with Jake had to be something they both wanted to do, which rather brought him back to where he'd started. Should he wait for Jake to initiate something new, or should he take the lead? Indeed, did Jake actually know more or was he just waiting for Ben to introduce something new?

A couple of nights later he was helping his mother prepare the vegetables for dinner. His eye alighted on a little courgette and when his mum's back was turned he slipped it into the pocket of his sweat pants. He thought it was just the right shape and size for what he had in mind...

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