George and the Boys

by Ivor Slipper

Contact is Established

George had submitted his story to the site earlier in the week. It wasn't a site that allowed authors to post stories themselves, so he had to wait until it appeared. He was though quietly confident that because his first story had been accepted, there would not be any problems with this one.

Even so it brought back memories of when he used to submit manuscripts of his books to publishers. It had taken many attempts before his first book had been accepted, but luckily that had proved rather successful, so after that he was usually quietly confident of acceptance, just as he was now.

On the Thursday when he went to visit the site, there was his new story – 'Another Bone for the Dog.' He knew it wasn't the best title he'd ever thought of, but he suspected on Internet story sites titles weren't that important. Probably readers looked for stories by writers who's names they knew, although he did consider he'd got a decent response to his first effort when his name was unknown. Perhaps the choice of his pen name had intrigued some potential readers?

Now he could stop worrying about whether the story would appear and start worrying instead about what response it would receive! He checked the site several times during both Thursday and Friday and was gratified to see it was achieving a reasonable number of 'likes'. He also received three emails from readers with comments, which was always the best thing as far as he was concerned.

The big question in his mind was whether he would get another email from jebanke69 who were supposedly these two teens Ben and Jake. He'd decided not to answer their first email but write a second story instead. He'd done that mainly because he simply couldn't decide if that email was a hoax. Had he really managed to write a story that very closely mirrored fact? It didn't seem at all likely, and yet...

He'd learned a while ago that the Internet was a strange place. It seemed nobody used their own name when posting anything; everyone used an alias. On which basis could you believe anything anyone told you in a message? He almost hoped that he wouldn't receive another message. If nothing came from them he could write off the first one as someone playing a joke on him and forget about it. That would make life easy, but what would he do if they emailed him again?

It was late on the Friday evening when he turned his laptop on and checked his messages. He immediately spotted that one of them was from jebanke69. He clicked to open it and then read:

Hi George Washington,

So you didn't reply to our first message, but today we find you've written another story instead.

Having read it we're relieved because we now know you haven't got a spy cam or listening device in my bedroom.

How do we know that? Because we've never done the things you describe us doing in your story. At least we'd never done them before today!!

So thanks for introducing us to the pleasures of baby oil. Also, we enjoyed playing strip draughts – me more than Ben as he kept losing.

Ben says to tell you he's still trying to work out how we could play strip chess. He'll let you know when he's figured it out!

We're looking forward to reading your next story and finding out what ideas you have for us.

Jake & Ben.

PS: We're spending this weekend at Ben's so even if you did have my bedroom bugged it wouldn't do you any good!

After he'd read it once he had to go back and read it again to make sure he fully understood. At least now they weren't accusing him of spying on them, but instead were thanking him for telling them things they could do together! The thought that he might be doing something criminal briefly flashed through his mind, but he quickly discarded it. That might have been possible if he was in direct contact with them, but he wasn't. It was a story that could be read by anyone. Admittedly fourteen year old boys probably shouldn't be reading such stories – probably shouldn't even be on the site - but that wasn't something he could control. Indeed, he told himself, there was nothing to say that the message actually came from two fourteen year olds. It could have come from anyone – hopefully older not younger!

The question now was, what was he going to do? Surely this time he had to reply. But what risks did he run if he answered? He might be able to find out more about them, or whoever the sender was, and not disclose anything more about himself while doing so. Of course if it was two kids, or even one kid, and parents found out about an email exchange there might be ructions. But he thought they'd be directed more at the boys than him. He also rather suspected that, as was generally the case these days, the kids knew more about computers than their parents so would be able to keep things safe from prying eyes. As for himself, he didn't see how sending an email could make him guilty of anything; he'd just treat the kids as if they were fans. Look how crazily kids behaved over pop stars these days and nobody was concerned about that.

It took him a while to compose a message he was happy with, but eventually he pressed 'Send'.

To: Jake & Ben,

Thanks for reading my stories and for letting me know that you are enjoying them. Authors always appreciate hearing from readers.

It seems from what you say that my last story helped you out and gave you some new ideas. Bit surprised though you didn't know about baby oil Jake, seeing you supposedly visit porno sites. As for the strip draughts, I'm confident Ben will get his revenge, these things do tend to even out. I'll look forward to hearing if you can devise a way to play strip chess Ben. Let me know if you do and I'll not only include it in a future story, but give you credit for the idea.

I do have a problem though - how do I know if you are who you say you are? I thought up a story with locations and characters and suddenly you two appear claiming to be not only them but also living in almost the places I named. Seems pretty unbelievable to me. I think you must be one of those Internet trolls I've read about, just having what you consider to be fun at my expense.

You're probably a frustrated old man with nothing better to do with your time. If you really are who you claim, I think you should prove it to me.

As for another story, I've got some ideas, but as I said to someone else who commented and wanted more, I'm waiting for a new supply of quills!

George W.

Having sent the email George wondered if he'd get a reply. If it was a troll, hopefully he'd discouraged him although he understood they were very hard to get rid of. If the messages really came from Jake & Ben he wondered how they could go about proving that.

It wasn't until the Saturday morning, after they'd eaten breakfast, that Ben switched on his laptop. Jake logged onto the mail server and checked to see if anything had arrived. If there was a message it would have to be from George as he'd only used that address to send the messages to him.

"Yay! We've got a message from George!"

"Wow! Let's see!" exclaimed Ben, rushing across the room to lean on Jake's shoulder so he could see the screen.

They both took a couple of minutes to fully read it.

"Jeeze, he don't believe we're who we say we are, Ben."

"Well, s'pose it must seem very unlikely we so match the boys in his story – and the events."

"True, I guess. He liked your idea about 'Strip Chess', Ben. You need to work on that."

"Yeah, I do. Had a couple of ideas, but it's not simple. But how do we go about proving we really are Jake & Ben?"

"Can't see how we can, other than giving him my mobile number and telling him to call, an' I ain't gonna do that!"

"S'pose you could send him a pic of 'Rover'?"

"Mmm, could I s'pose. Come to that, could send him pics of us."

"What!" Ben almost shouted.

"Well, they wouldn't be nude ones or even in our boxers. Just a head shot."

Ben thought about that, as did Jake.

"How about...." Ben started and stopped as a wicked grin spread across his face.

Jake started to giggle, "What have you thought of?"

"What if we take head shots of each other but we are each holding the bottle of baby oil in front of our faces, so we can't really be identified."

Jake burst out laughing, "Oh Ben, that's great! He'd have to believe us then surely?"

"Dunno. Guess it still won't prove much, other than we're a couple of teens who've read his story and have a bottle of baby oil."

"But it's good, what do they call it?

"Circumstantial evidence?"

"Yeah, that's the phrase! Let's do it."

So they spent some time taking photos before they settled on two which definitely showed two different boys, but not sufficient of each to be easily identifiable. Then it was a matter of composing a message to George.

Hi George Washington,

Thanks for your email. Glad you decided to contact us.

Sorry to hear of your quill problem. Ben says his mum's got a feather duster he could send you if that would help – and if we knew where to send it.

Not sure how we can really prove to you we are indeed Jake & Ben and not some sort of Internet lurker. We've attached a pic of each of us. Maybe you can tell us which is which? And there's a couple of bonus pics. One's of 'Rover', just to prove Jake's really got a dog. The other is of Ben's new hipsters. Great aren't they? We thought maybe you could include them in your next story?

"Including a pic of your hipsters was a great idea, Ben. Mind you, he'll probably ask to see a pic of you wearing them!"

Ben had thought it was a good joke, but hearing Jake say that worried him.

"Do you think he's one of those paedos?"

Jake considered that, wondering if perhaps they had gone too far.

"S'pose he could be, but I don't think so. Those sort of people usually want to get chatting to you online. Find out about your interests so they can make friends. We'll have to see what he says when he replies. No point sitting here waiting for that. Why don't we go into town for a while? We can get some baby oil and I fancy some new hipsters!"

Mr Travers drove them into town and they spent some time in the precinct where Jake found a pack of boxer briefs with different animal patterns to Ben's.

"Best they're not the same so we don't get them confused," Jake had pointed out while they were looking at possibilities.

"Yeah, my mum wasn't that happy about the ones I bought. If she saw some different ones in the washing I think she'd start to ask questions, so we'd best be careful. Don't want that as I need to stay on her good side. Dad was fine about you coming for the weekend, but she wasn't too happy – especially about the new double bed!" Ben laughed as he spoke.

"You're a growing boy Ben, you need a double. Might be an idea though if I buy her a bunch of flowers while we're here as a sort of 'thank you' for having me. Then we can go back, see if there's a reply from George and I can model these for you."

"Sounds like a plan. My boneometer is starting to register already."

"You and your boneometer. I bet it'll be setting new records by the time we've helped each other out of our skinnies!"

"It definitely will if I let you take the actual measurement."

Ben looked at Jake as he said that to see what the reaction was. Jake had one hand in the pocket of his skinnies and Ben clearly saw a little adjustment being made.

"Caught you!" he said.

Jake laughed, "Perhaps I need to do what I read about in a story once."

"What's that?"

"This boy cut a hole in the pocket of his jeans so he could sit in class and play with himself."

Ben felt a definite rise in boneometer level as he considered that and wondered about the possibilities... He realised with a start that such an idea would never have occurred to him a few weeks ago, before he met Jake. But he'd changed in that short time and sex had become part of his life – something to be enjoyed. He'd never cut a hole in a pocket of his school trousers though, would he? Trouble was his boneometer indicated it rather liked the idea!

When they got back to the house Ben's mum was very pleased with Jake's thoughtfulness at buying the flowers for her. Ben overheard her saying to his dad that Jake seemed like a very nice boy and that she was glad Ben was making some friends. She then told Ben that she and his father were going shopping and hoped they wouldn't mind being left on their own for a couple of hours. Ben didn't mind at all, but did feel sorry for his father when he spotted the look on his face.

As soon as the car drove off the pair dashed up to Ben's bedroom.

"Decision time!" Ben announced as soon as they were there.

"Yeah, do we check for email or go for skinny removal?"

"Silly question, Jake."

Hoodies and t-shirts were quickly removed and they stood facing each other. Jake leaned forward to undo the button of Ben's jeans; Ben copied him. Jake lowered Ben's zip; Ben copied him. On each of their faces was a look of eager anticipation. Jake placed both hands on the waistband of Ben's jeans and started to try and lower them while Ben was attempting to produce the same result with Jake's. Slowly, and with some helpful shuffling from each of them, the jeans started their descent. Gradually more of their underwear became visible, but then things became difficult due to the expansion of certain objects. Jake struggled to get a hand inside Ben's jeans, but when he touched Ben's 'bone' the problem got harder.

"Hey Ben, who came up with the word 'boneometer', you or George?"

"I think it was George who put it in my mouth, but it's good isn't it?"

Jake giggled as a wicked thought flashed into his mind, but he managed to concentrate on the task in hand and rearranged the positioning of the object so Ben's jeans could continue their slow downward path. Ben had a very similar struggle, but eventually both pairs of skinnies were below underwear level, leaving just the thighs to be negotiated. Some more struggling and wriggling eventually got them to the point where they could take turns sitting on the bed so the other could remove them completely.

Jake stretched a hand across, "Can I stroke your tiger?" he said with a grin.

"He'd like that," Ben replied, "he's been admiring your stripes and thinking about what is underneath."

"Time to find out," said Jake as he stood up and pushed his boxers down. "Go and get some towels Ben. I think we could both use another baby oil session, don't you?"

Ben was more than ready to agree to that suggestion and the next half hour was spent in finding out for how long they could prolong the enjoyment before the inevitable occurred.

Afterwards they cleaned up and switched on the computer. When Jake accessed the jebanke69 mail service he was pleased to see a new message notification.

"Hey, looks like George has replied."

"That was quick! What's he got to say?"

Jake opened up the message and they read:

Hi Jake & Ben,

Thanks for the pictures boys – assuming you are the boys in those two. I also like the one of 'Rover', he looks very much like the dog in my story.

I'm glad you sent a pic of just Ben's new hipsters and not one of him wearing them. I don't think you should run the risk of sending a pic like that as we might all end up getting arrested.

I appreciate the offer of Ben's mum's feather duster, but to get it would mean me telling you my address, and I wasn't born yesterday! You'll just have to be patient as I do have some ideas for another story and it might well feature animal print hipsters.

George W.

"Wonder how long we'll have to wait for that?"

"I'm sure we can think of things to do while we're waiting." Ben replied.

"We could go and have a bath. Get this oil off."

"Yeah, I wonder if it comes off with soap?"

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