George and the Boys

by Ivor Slipper

Getting Weirder

During the week following his first weekend staying with Jake and his family, Ben had obviously been looking forward to also spending the next weekend there as well. However, he also realised that he couldn't keep doing that. Even if Jake wanted him to and his parents were agreeable, both of which were unknown, he did know that his own mother would almost certainly not agree to it.

Thus during the week he had raised the matter with his father on an evening when his mother had gone out to attend a meeting of the Townswomen's Guild.

"Dad, you know I'm going to spend the weekend with Jake?" Mr Travers nodded in response. "Do you think I could invite him to spend next weekend here?"

Mr Travers looked at his son. Ben had always been a solitary child, seemingly without any close friends. He was glad that he now seemed to have found someone with whom he wanted to spend a lot of time. It didn't take him long to decide.

"I don't see why not. Would he want to come though? It would mean him leaving 'Rover'. You know your mum would never agree to having a dog in the house."

Ben laughed, "Yep, she made that very clear the morning after I found him in the garden, so I know it would be just Jake. I think he'd come if I ask him, but I won't know until I do. There is a problem though."

"What's that?"

"There's no fun having someone for a sleepover if you're sleeping in separate rooms!"

Mr Travers smiled. When he'd been talking to Mrs Wyatt while waiting for Ben on Sunday afternoon, she'd let slip that the boys had shared Jake's bed. He wasn't sure if the slip had been deliberate or accidental, but either way she hadn't appeared at all concerned it had happened. He'd thought at the time she'd very probably told him to avoid putting Ben in an awkward position had he asked his son about the sleeping arrangements.

"We do have the guest room Ben – and that has two beds," he replied, wondering how his son would respond.

"Yeah, but all my stuff's in my room and that room's a long way from the bathroom. Plus it's right next to your bedroom."

'Neatly put son,' Mr Travers thought to himself, wondering just how thoroughly Ben had thought about this.

"Well, we could hardly move the twin beds into your room and then move them back again afterwards. Besides which I doubt there'd be enough space anyway."

"No, but my bed's only a small single and I've been meaning to ask for some time if I could have a double to spread out in now I've grown."

"But would Jake be happy to share a bed with you?"

Ben blushed, not much, but enough for his dad to notice.

"We shared his last weekend, Dad. I didn't really want to at first, but it was fun. I'm sure he won't mind doing it again."

His father's mind went back to some of the sleepovers he'd had as a teen and he recalled a few of the things that had occurred on a couple of those. He had thought for a while that Ben might be gay and if he was that wasn't a problem to him. It might be to his wife, but he'd deal with that if it arose. For sure it seemed that if anything had taken place between the pair over the weekend, Jake was, at the very least, a willing participant. Why shouldn't they have some more 'fun'?"

"Ben, I can't see a problem in getting you a double bed. As you say, your single was always going to have to be replaced soon anyway as it is so small. We'll also have to get some new bedding. Time could be a problem if you want it all in place for the weekend after next though." He thought for a few moments. "How about I pick you up on Sunday morning instead of in the afternoon. That way we'll have time to go shopping for what you'll need. The bed can be delivered during the week and everything will be ready for Friday evening."

A huge smile appeared on Ben's face. He rushed over to hug his father and express his thanks. His plan had worked and now he could give Jake an invitation for the weekend after next.

Ben hadn't wanted to invite Jake immediately he saw him at school the next day, just in case his mother decided to reverse his dad's decision. He though it wise to leave giving Jake the invite until they were together at the weekend. His intention had been to ask Jake as soon as they got back to his house. However, Jake's mention of 'something weird' which he had to see, put the thought out of his mind as the first thing they did, once they were alone in Jake's bedroom, was to read George's story. Reading it, which virtually described exactly what the pair of them had done that weekend, took his mind off other things. Once he'd read it, they'd talked about it and tried to work out how George could possibly know so much about them. After that they'd decided to send an email to him to try and find out how he knew.

With the excitement of all that over, Ben remembered that he had to invite Jake to come and stay with him the following weekend. He was very happy when Jake quickly accepted.

"I'm afraid you won't be able to bring 'Rover'. My mum doesn't like dogs."

"Don't worry about that. We'll miss each other of course, but I'd sooner share a bed with you than him!"

"About that..." Ben started to say, but Jake interrupted. "You're not going to tell me we won't be sharing a bed."

"No. Yes. Well, I hope we will. Dad's going to pick me up early on Sunday and then we're going shopping to get a double bed to replace my single. So, if all goes to plan, we'll be able to."

"That's good," Jake replied putting his arm round Ben's shoulder, "and have you managed to log onto the story site?"

Ben grinned at him, "Yes, I did what you suggested and it worked. I read a couple of really good ones the other night. And I remembered to delete my browser history afterwards, although I don't think Dad checks it these days,"

"Best to be safe. My folks say they don't mind, but I have visited a couple of places I wouldn't want them to know about!"

Ben's eyes widened, "What were they?"

"Porno film sites. But I didn't like them. Decided I prefer reading about things than seeing them. Plus which the film sites aren't about kids our age. Some of the actors are so old and ugly it turns me off."

Ben had never seen a porno film. The idea of seeing one quite excited him, but what Jake said rather put him off. Perhaps stories were more enjoyable.

"Hopefully by next weekend we'll have had a reply from him. I'll check that email every day and let you know if one arrives. Actually I could forward it to you, or would you prefer if I just tell you it's arrived and we leave it to read together next Friday. That's assuming we don't get one tomorrow."

"Makes sense to read it together. More fun that way!" Ben replied, "and if he has a new story posted, can we agree to also not read that until we're together?"

"Oh yeah! Reading that first one sitting next to you was so hot!"

"Red hot reading on my boneometer!"

Jake giggled, "Boneometer? What's that?"

"It's like a combination thermometer and barometer, with a ruler thrown in."

Jake looked puzzled.

"Yeah, see or read something hot, the pressure rises and the bone grows. Simples!"

Ben ended with a good impression of the word that had become something of a catchphrase due to a certain TV advert. Jake burst out laughing at that and the explanation.

"Oh, Ben, I'm so glad we met and have become friends. I was so worried life here was going to be boring and horrible without my friends, but being with you, I don't think I've ever been happier."

And that was the start of a weekend which more or less replicated the previous one. They both thoroughly enjoyed being with each other and, as Mrs Wyatt commented to Ben's father when he came to collect him on Sunday morning, it was as if they'd known each other for years rather than just a couple of weeks.

Normally of course, Ben hated going shopping, especially if his mother was involved. She seemed to want to look at everything, but hardly bought anything. At least on the couple of occasions he'd been shopping with his Dad they'd gone intending to buy something specific and once that had been obtained, came back home. Today though he was quite excited at the idea of being able to choose his own bed and bedding.

They went first to a couple of furniture shops and looked at beds. They all looked fairly similar, but Ben found when he tried a few some were more comfortable than others. He found one he liked in the first shop but they said it wasn't in stock and couldn't promise delivery next week. That wasn't what Ben wanted to hear, so they tried another shop and there he found a bed he thought was very comfortable, not too expensive and could be delivered on Tuesday.

So with that sorted they moved on to look at bedding. Ben had his eyes on a set that was in the colour of his favourite football team, Chelsea. That was a royal blue and his Dad pointed out, with a meaningful look at his son, that it would show stains very easily. Ben blushed as he realised what sort of stains his father meant. Instead he settled on one set in a plain light grey and another in a large blue and white check, plus a suitable sized duvet.

Mr Travers knew his credit card was going to take a large hit and that he'd almost certainly receive complaints about that from his wife. However, Ben had never made a habit of asking for things, so he was happy to indulge him today. With the bed and bedding bought he thought he'd be able to go home and relax, but Ben said he wanted to go in a clothes shop. He soon found out why when his son headed straight to the underwear section. Ben spent some time looking at what was on offer and ended up holding two packs of hipsters in his hand. One was multi striped in various colours and the other had animal prints.

"Dad, I haven't got enough money to buy both, but if you'll get them I'll give you the money when we get home. I never spent all the money gramps gave me for my birthday."

Mr Travers thought of what his father's reaction would be if he knew what Ben was buying with his money, and didn't quite succeed is smothering the ensuing laugh.

"Bit different to the rest of your collection Ben?" he said thinking about what he knew Ben normally wore. "Not sure they're really suitable for school though."

"Dad, these aren't for school," Ben replied with a grin.

"Okay, tiger!" He put his arm round his son's shoulder, feeling happier than he had for some time as they headed to the cash desk.

Shopping spree over they left the precinct and found the car. They got in, belted up and Mr Travers inserted the key in the ignition. But he didn't turn it. Instead he turned to look at his son.

"Ben, I don't want to embarrass you and I'm sure you've had the proper lessons at school..."

"Yeah, Dad – don't go there or we'll both be embarrassed."

Mr Travers gave a little chuckle, "Thanks for sparing me. I just wanted to say that I'm glad you seem to have found a friend, who it looks might be a special friend. I'm just going to say two things. The first is, don't let Jake force you to do something you don't want to do..."

"Dad! It's not like that."

"Good, you've confirmed what I thought was the case. The second is, don't go too far too fast."

Ben blushed again, but decided he might as well come clean "Dad, we're only sort of giving each other a hand, if you know what I mean."

For the second time in about a quarter of an hour his father tried to avoid laughing at what his son had said.

"More than enough information, Ben. I suggest though we keep this between us for now. I'm not sure your mum is ready for such knowledge, so try and be discreet at the weekend – no holding hands, let alone kissing."

"Dad!" Ben exclaimed, while trying not to go red in the face.

He turned the key in the ignition and drove them home, both lost in their thoughts. He, that his son might well be gay and how that might affect his future. Ben, feeling happy at what he'd told his father and how he'd accepted what he'd said, but also looking forward to the coming weekend and what might develop – something he could feel his boneometer confirming!

For Ben the week at school seemed to last forever. Having Jake as a friend had made him more popular in that he was now included in conversations with other boys. He no longer found himself sitting in isolation to eat his lunch and at break he didn't just stand on the periphery watching everyone else. However, what he really wanted was for Friday to arrive when he would have Jake come home with him. For the first time ever he would have a friend to spend a night with him. In fact it would be two nights and what was more, in the same bed!

Each evening during the week though he checked the story site to see if another from George Washington had appeared and on Thursday, there it was – 'Another Bone for the Dog' was the title. It was a title his boneometer immediately approved of. He had to text Jake to tell him and within a minute of sending it his phone rang with an incoming call.

"Wow, he has written another story," Jake said.

"Yeah, and based on the title it must be a sequel, so it has to feature us."

"I really, really want to read it now, Ben, but we did agree, didn't we?"

"Yeah. I wanna read it too, but it'll be more fun if we can read it together, won't it?"

"Oh yeah, if it's anything like his first one. But we didn't really do anything different last weekend did we? So I wonder what this one's gonna be about?"

Ben thought for a moment before answering, "Maybe it isn't a sequel and isn't about us? He never answered your email did he, so perhaps he got scared by what you said."

Jake laughed, "Why would he be scared by an email from a couple of kids? I bet it will be about Ben and Jake again."

"You promise not to read it until we can read it together?"

"You bet. I wanna sit beside you and watch your boneometer readings as we do!" Jake said, giggling at the thought.

"It's definitely registering now," Ben responded.

"Tell you a secret."

"What's that?"

"So's mine! Should we take measurements?"

"A sort of scientific experiment, you mean?" said Ben giggling again.

"Well, we could. But could I trust what you say you get?"

"Would I lie to you?"

"Now that's a very funny TV programme Ben, but I haven't got two other people to help me decide."

Ben could hear Jake giggling the same as he was. It took a little while before calm was restored.

"Okay, so we both promise not to read it until tomorrow afternoon. Agreed?"

"Solemn promise, Ben."

With that agreed they talked for a short while about other things before ending the conversation.

On Friday Ben found it very hard to concentrate in class as his mind kept wandering to the weekend ahead. In fact the only lesson that grabbed his attention was Biology where the teacher talked about the development of a butterfly. As he was talking about how the brightly coloured butterfly emerged from a dull, seemingly lifeless, chrysalis, Ben thought about how his life had changed over the past few weeks. And now he was planning to emerge to Jake this afternoon in his animal print hipsters! As that occurred to him he only just managed to stop himself laughing out loud in the middle of the lesson.

Finally though school was over and the pair walked to Ben's house together, but careful not to hold hands as they did. Once indoors Ben introduced Jake to his mum. She offered them some refreshments, which they accepted and once consumed headed for Ben's bedroom. While Jake looked round the room Ben managed to extract the hipsters from a drawer without Jake seeing, before telling him he needed a piss. Once in the bathroom in addition to that he made a quick change of underwear. Now, with his boneometer ready to see some action, he returned to the bedroom and locked the door.

"Shall we change first?" Jake asked. "Don't want to get our school clothes messed up!" he added.

"Let's just take our school stuff off and watch in our boxers." Ben suggested.

"Great idea!" Jake replied as matching action to words he took off his school blazer, followed by his shirt and tie. Ben hastened to keep pace and in a few seconds they were both removing their shoes. They stood facing each other, hands on the belts around their trousers. Belts, buttons and zips were quickly dealt with and two pairs of trousers slid to the floor.

"Wow!" Jake exclaimed, "they're great. Where'd you get those? Although I'm not sure I want a crocodile that close to my bits!"

"Decided I needed something different to the plain ones I'd been wearing. Yours are always nice," Ben said admiring Jake's well filled multi striped pair of boxer briefs.

"We're wasting time Ben. Switch your computer on and let's get to this story of George's."

Ben did just that and in a minute or so they were at the site with George's second story on the screen. They were sitting side by side at Ben's desk. Ben in the office style chair he usually had there and Jake in a normal chair Ben had borrowed from the guest room.

Very quickly they realised that, unlike in his first story, this time George wasn't writing about things they'd done.

"Well, at least we know he hasn't got a spy camera in my bedroom as you didn't help me out of my skinnies."

"You got some with you?"

"Course," said Jake.

"Mmm, perhaps this time he's seeing what is going to happen. I'll happily help you."

Jake laughed, "Seems I have to give you a reward if you do!"

At which point things for both boys went into slow motion.

"Fucking hell! I've never thought of using baby oil," Jake exclaimed.

Ben's boneometer was rapidly increasing its reading. He glanced down at Jake who was rubbing his prick through his boxers.

"I've gotta do something about this," he said as he pushed his boxer briefs down and his liberated prick sprang free.

"Wait a sec," said Ben as he got up ran across the room and returned with a box of tissues before shoving down his own hipsters and sitting down again.

Then having learnt from his reading over the past week he put some saliva on his fingers and leant over to grasp Jake's prick, the crown of which was standing clear of the foreskin, as indeed was his own. Jake followed suit and reading of the story stopped while other needs were met. It took them a while to come down from their highs.

"I've gotta get me a bottle of that," said Jake.

" Err... I think we've got a bottle, maybe even two."

"What!" Jake exclaimed, "Why? And how do you know?" he added accusingly.

Ben laughed, "I've seen mum using it to clean the top of the cooker!"

"You're joking! Aren't you?"

"No, honest. And there's also one in the bathroom cabinet."

"What you waiting for, Ben? Go get it and we can do what George has predicted. See if it feels as good as he describes. Best bring some towels too. We don't want to make a mess on your new bedding."

Ben pulled up his hipsters and scampered off to the bathroom, returning in a short time with all the needed equipment. Once all was ready they wasted no further time before establishing that what George had said about the use of baby oil was indeed spot on.

Ben's mother's shout that dinner was ready prevented any further activities or reading of George's story. But when they returned after the meal they continued reading and were amazed to read his description of strip draughts. Luckily Ben had a set and once again real life followed fiction, except in real life it was Ben who kept losing – not that he minded.

After they'd played several times Jake said that they really ought to send another message to George, if only to thank him for his suggestions. He also asked Ben if there was any chance of going into town tomorrow so he could get a bottle. Ben told him they'd definitely be going as he wanted to get a bottle of his own. He also suspected that by the end of the weekend the amount they'd have used from the bottle in the bathroom cabinet, which had been nearly full, would be noticeable so it would have to be replaced if their activities were to go undetected.

So, after they'd had a shower – they found the oil didn't come off as easily as it went on – they sat down to compose their email.

Hi George Washington,

So you didn't reply to our first message, but today we find you've written another story instead.

Having read it we're relieved because we now know you haven't got a spycam or listening device in my bedroom.

How do we know that? Because we've never done the things you describe us doing in your story. At least we'd never done them before today!!

So thanks for introducing us to the pleasures of baby oil. Also, we enjoyed playing strip draughts – me more than Ben as he kept losing.

Ben says to tell you he's still trying to work out how we could play strip chess. He'll let you know when he's figured it out!

We're looking forward to reading your next story and finding out what ideas you have for us.

Jake & Ben.

PS: We're spending this weekend at Ben's so even if you did have my bedroom bugged it wouldn't do you any good!

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