George and the Boys

by Ivor Slipper

Another Bone for the Dog

In all honesty George had been taken aback when he received that email. He'd opened it expecting it would contain similar comments to those he'd received on the site about his story. Instead it purported to come from the two boys who were the actual characters he'd created. What was more they almost appeared to be challenging him to write a sequel, although with a threat if he did!

He looked at the email again. It had come from someone calling themselves 'jebanke69' which was obviously as much a false name as was his pen name 'George Washington.' It took a couple of minutes before the penny dropped – 'jebanke' was of course an anagram of jake & ben, and as for the 69, well... Perhaps he should send them an email in reply, but he needed to think before he rushed into doing that.

He sat and pondered over the names and locations he'd chosen for his story.

'Rover', was a common enough name for a dog and had simply been the first one that had occurred to him.

'Jake' appeared to be a very common boy's name nowadays. Indeed there was a boy who lived in his street with that name and was about fourteen or fifteen years old. And his surname was Wyatt! Oh dear, he said to himself, had real life intruded into his fiction? Not really, he quickly reassured himself, as the real life Jake didn't look anything like the one in his story, didn't own a dog and was very heavily into sports. It must have just been coincidence when he decided to use the name Jake and the surname automatically followed.

'Ben Travers', took a bit more thinking about. The only person of that name he could now come up with was a playwright from back in the 1930s! An inexplicable choice.

'Truro', well he had a friend who lived near there who he frequently corresponded with, so that might explain why he'd placed Jake there.

'Godalming', was another puzzle. It was somewhere he knew, but hadn't visited for many years, so he could see no reason for that choice.

'Heathfield School', was a name he was sure he'd plucked out of thin air. It had sounded right for the name of a school, but he was sure he'd never actually come across it. He now did an online search and immediately discovered that there was such a school. However, it was in Fareham, Hampshire, quite near the coast and a good distance from Godalming. Also, it was a school for pupils with special needs. That didn't apply to his characters, but he did wonder if there might be a couple of boys there with those names...

Having considered all of those he wasn't a lot wiser. He knew underage children weren't supposed to visit sites such as the one on which his story had been posted, but there was no way to stop them doing so. A lot of sites just asked the visitor to confirm they were over eighteen. As if anyone under that age who wanted to see what the site contained was going to answer truthfully! Of course there were such things as parental locks, but as most kids knew more about computers than their parents, he suspected most of those could be circumvented.

So, it was possible that two boys from Heathfield school named Jake and Ben could have sent the email. Or it could be two boys named Jake and Ben who lived elsewhere in the country. Or it could be two boys with totally different names who lived elsewhere, or even a single boy...

He told himself he needed to stop thinking about it like this, or he'd drive himself mad. What he needed to decide was whether he should reply to the email or ignore it and simply write a sequel story. Both ideas had advantages and disadvantages, but he felt it might be wiser not to respond directly. If he wrote a sequel he'd soon find out if there was any further contact from jebanke69. If there was further contact that would be the time to answer, he decided.

He opened up a text document and set to work...

When his father arrived to collect him on Sunday afternoon, Ben didn't really want to leave and go home with him. He'd had so much fun over the last few days, more than he could ever remember having. He and Jake had got on so well together he felt they could have been brothers, conveniently forgetting that brothers didn't always get on with one another. Plus there had been 'Rover' to play with and take for walks. That made him wonder if he should ask his parents about the possibility of getting a dog, but somehow he knew that would be a non starter. His mother would be forever complaining about the mess and the hairs it left on the furniture. He decided to forget that idea.

But the undoubted highlight of the weekend had been sharing a bed with Jake. He'd initially started off being shy and a little scared of being naked, but their activities on Friday night had broken that barrier. Come Saturday night he'd actually walked around naked in front of Jake before they both climbed into bed and cuddled together before starting to kiss. In next to no time they were both fully aroused and then the duvet had been thrown back so they could each admire what the other had to offer. Offers that were quickly grasped, gently handled and stroked. That night it took longer for the inevitable result of the stroking to appear, but it duly did. Indeed the same thing happened when they awoke on the Sunday morning.

He'd also enjoyed spending a lot of the weekend wearing Jake's sweat pants, to the extent that at one point he had thought about trying to sneak them into his backpack. The idea had some appeal, but he realised because he'd been wearing them so much they didn't now smell of Jake, it would be pointless.

He was thrilled when, as he was about to leave, Jake's father suggested he should also spend the next weekend with them. He didn't expect his father would agree, but he put on his best pleading face and was very happy when agreement was given.

Come Monday morning he was waiting at the school for Jake to arrive so he could help him with the formalities. His good fortune continued when Jake was allocated to his home room and it also turned out that they shared a lot of the same classes. As the week went on he couldn't help noticing that there was something about Jake that drew other pupils to him, both boys and girls. Ben worried about that at first as he worried Jake might dump him for someone else, but Jake continued to be as friendly as ever. The only real difference appeared to be that his own popularity also increased.

Although Ben had always enjoyed schoolwork, this week he couldn't wait for Friday to arrive. He came to school that morning with two backpacks, one for his books and the other for his clothes. This time he'd been sure to pack his own sweats and also include some extra pairs of boxer briefs. If, as he hoped, things in the bedroom went along similar lines as the previous weekend, he thought some extras might be needed.

Mrs Wyatt collected them from school on Friday afternoon. When they got home she offered them a snack, which was quickly accepted and just as quickly consumed. After that Jake suggested they take 'Rover' for a walk and before doing so they had to go up to Jake's bedroom and change out of their school clothes. Doing so gave them their first opportunity since last weekend for a kiss and cuddle, but 'Rover' was so keen to go 'walkies' that anything further had to be put aside for now. Ben's boneometer had perked up considerably as he'd watched Jake remove his school clothes until he was standing just in his boxer briefs and grey short socks. However, it slowly dropped back as Jake wriggled his way into a pair of skinny black jeans. It soon rose again as Jake led the way downstairs because from his position following him, Ben could admire the way Jake's rear was moulded by the fabric. Ben decided that skinny jeans were the next best thing to boxer briefs!

After giving 'Rover' his walk they had to come back upstairs to Jake's bedroom in order to change out of their jeans and into sweats. Now though there was more time available as 'Rover', tired from the walk, had curled up in his basket. They started to undress and before long both were down to their jeans. Ben's came off fairly easily, but Jake seemed to have a problem with his.

"Ben, can you give me a hand getting these off?"

Ben couldn't help noticing the grin on Jake's face as he asked the question, having undone just the top button and making no further effort to remove them. He started to close the distance between them.

"Best lock the door first. Don't want my anyone coming in while we're both half naked."

"Should I unlock it again when we're fully naked?" Ben asked, wondering where he'd found the nerve to say those words.

Jake laughed, "Wouldn't matter if it was my sister as she wouldn't know what she was seeing. But if it was my mum..."

Ben gave a little giggle at the thought of being caught naked by Mrs Wyatt before moving to lock the door and try the handle afterwards to make sure. Jake was standing, hands on hips, waiting for him.

Although Ben had now seen Jake naked on a couple of occasions, the thought of making him naked definitely registered with the boneometer which he tried to discreetly move into a more comfortable position.

Jake though noticed and grinned at him, "Don't worry, mine's getting uncomfortable trapped in here."

Ben decided it might be easiest if he knelt down, so did so and then reached for the zip. He pulled that down, but the jeans didn't move. He reached up and pushed the top of each leg apart. Having done that he could pull them down a little and slowly he inched them down to reveal the red and black striped boxer briefs Jake was wearing. Because he was kneeling his eyes were now at a level where he could see the outline of Jake's prick inside them. He moved his hand to touch the end where he could see a small damp spot which he now knew wasn't piss. Jake let out a little moan at the touch and Ben continued his efforts to pull them down. Slowly he got them to below the hem of the briefs at which point Jake suggested it might make things easier if he sat down on the bed, so Ben could pull from the bottom. The plan worked and after some further wriggling Jake stood up.

Ben admired the view he was getting and made a move to lower Jake's boxer briefs.

"That comes later, Ben. I think first you've earned a reward for a job well done."

Ben was puzzled, but he'd quickly learned that life with Jake was fun and full of interesting happenings.

Jake went to his wardrobe and took from the top shelf a large towel which he spread on the bed and a little bottle that contained a clear liquid. He told Ben to take off his boxers and lie on his back on the towel. Ben did both and Jake climbed onto the bed to kneel with his legs against Ben's right side. After that he unscrewed the bottle and let a few drops of its contents run onto the top of Ben's prick.

His prick jerked in response as the liquid made contact with his skin, "Shit! What is that stuff?"

"It's called baby oil," Jake replied, letting some more dribble onto the target. By now Ben's prick was rock hard and when Jake began to gently stroke it, he started to experience sensations he'd never felt before. The only problem was that those sensations were over in next to no time as Ben jerked, shuddered and noisily came.

It took him a couple of minutes to regain his senses as the experience was so mind blowing. He came to to see Jake smiling down at him.

"I take it you enjoyed that?" he asked.

"Fuck me, yeah," replied Ben, who never normally spoke like that, "It was unbelievable. I've never shot that much. I need to get me some of that stuff."

"If we go into town tomorrow we can get some at the chemist."

Ben thought for a moment, "I would never have the nerve to ask for it."

Jake laughed, "Don't worry. It's a self-serve one, so you can buy some toothpaste and shampoo as well, not that anyone would care."

That cheered Ben up and then a thought occurred to him.

"Do you want to swap places?"

"Thought you'd forgotten your manners for a minute Ben. You'll need to take off my boxers for me as I don't want to get any oil on them - it's messy stuff. Hang on though." He reached under the bed and pulled out a flannel. "Clean yourself up with this first."

Ben did just that. They both got off the bed, at which point Ben pulled down Jake's boxers so he could step out of them. That done they climbed back on the bed but in reverse positions to earlier. Ben discovered that applying the baby oil was almost as much fun as having it applied, especially as it took Jake much longer than Ben to come.

After that Jake suggested they should take a shower which Ben did while he cleaned up the evidence of their activities. Once Jake had showered they sat around in their boxers until Mrs Wyatt knocked on the door to say that dinner would be ready shortly. That meant they had to get dressed, but as Jake said - there was really no choice if you were asked to choose between not getting dressed and going without dinner. It was a very nice dinner anyway and Ben felt quite at ease talking with Jake's parents.

With the meal over they managed to return to Jake's bedroom quite quickly where the evening was spent either playing computer games or chess. As Ben had discovered the previous weekend he was no match for Jake on the games, but they were well matched on the chessboard, which set Ben thinking,

Later on they settled happily in bed together, cuddling, kissing and doing what now came naturally, which rather set the tone for the rest of the weekend. Before meeting Jake Ben had only masturbated a couple of times a week. Now as the weekend progressed he had started to worry that his well might run dry, but by Sunday he was delighted to discover that each time it was emptied, it rapidly replenished itself.

During Saturday they did take time out to give 'Rover' a couple of walks and also go into the town centre to visit the large chemists there. Armed with a basket, and with Jake by his side, Ben walked around selecting a bottle of the same shampoo Jake used, which smelled faintly of strawberries, a can of deodorant spray and a bottle of baby oil. The lady at the checkout passed no comment as she scanned his purchases.

Back at the house Ben put forward the idea he'd been thinking about since last night. He'd been trying to work out a way in which they could play 'Strip Chess', but hadn't been able to come up with a solution. He also thought it would take too long, so he came up with a quicker alternative – replace the chess pieces with draughts! That was a nice quick game. He knew Jake had the draughts as they were kept in the same box as the chess pieces so that wasn't a problem. With a rather puzzled Jake looking on, Ben got out the chessboard and then laid out the draughts.

"Fed up with me beating you at chess?" Jake asked when Ben had finished setting up the board.

"No, but I thought of something more interesting."

"Draughts more interesting than chess? Who are you kidding, Ben?"

Ben grinned at him, "This version will be – it's called 'Strip Draughts."

"Yay!" Jake exclaimed, "so you lose a game and strip off?"

"No," Ben replied, "that'd be too simple and too quick. We start off wearing the same number of items and each time you lose a game, one of them comes off. We've both got five items on – socks, shirt, sweats and boxers, so it could be five games before one of us gets naked, or as many as nine."

And that was how they spent the next couple of hours, because the first time they played it was Jake who ended up without any clothes and thus insisted they must play again. Much to Ben's amusement he lost that one as well. Ben offered to play again, but by that point, Jake who had been huffed during the game was starting to get into a little huff of his own, although that quickly vanished when Ben suggested it was perhaps time to get out the bottle again!

Once again Sunday afternoon came round far too quickly for Ben. What was worse was that this time he knew even if the Wyatts asked him to come the next weekend, his mother wouldn't agree. But perhaps Jake could come and spend the weekend with him? Of course his mother wouldn't agree to Jake bringing 'Rover' and there was another problem in that he only had a single bed. They did have a guest room which had twin beds and he suspected his mum wouldn't agree to him moving in there to just sleep with Jake. In the car on the way home he started to see what might be possible.

"Dad, do you think Jake could come and stay with me next weekend?"

"You really like him, don't you Ben?"

"Yeah, we get on really well and his parents are nice too."

Mr Travers was glad to see Ben had finally found himself a friend. He'd been worried about his son spending so much time on his own.

"I suppose it might be possible. You've only got a single bed though and from something Mrs Wyatt said to me while we were waiting for you to come downstairs, I gather you and Jake have been sleeping in a double bed together."

Ben did a quick double take on hearing that. His Dad hadn't seemed upset or annoyed when he said it, so perhaps he didn't mind as Ben had feared he would. He thus saw no problem in confirming it.

"Yeah we have. My single's such a small one though it's hardly big enough for me. I've been meaning to ask about getting a double for a while now."

"Well, we do have the guest room with the twin beds."

"You mean so we could both sleep in there?" Ben asked hopefully.

Mr Travers couldn't help but notice the tone of his son's question. He'd begun to think after their first weekend together that Ben might be developing some sort of relationship with Jake. He wasn't worried if his son turned out to be gay; in fact he'd suspected that might be the case for the last year or so because of his total lack of interest in girls. However, he wasn't sure his wife would see things similarly.

"Not much point in having someone come for a sleepover if you end up in separate rooms is there?"

Ben felt like giving his father a kiss, but he was driving. Instead he simply said, "Not really," and decided to wait and see what happened during the week.

George ran the story through his spellchecker and then read it over twice to ensure there weren't any grammar or incorrect word errors. When he was happy with what he'd read he sent it off to the story site.

Now he would have to wait for it to be posted and then wait a little longer to see if he received another email from jebanke69.

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