George and the Boys

by Ivor Slipper

Something Weird

Ben had never shared a bed with another boy. He wondered if Jake had and when their kiss ended, he just blurted out what was on his mind.

"Have you ever done this before?" he whispered.

"Done what? Shared a bed or kissed another boy?"

"Err, both I suppose, but maybe one follows the other."

Jake let out a little giggle as his hand continued to trace little circles around Ben's rear.

"The answer to your first question is 'yes', but the answer to the second is 'no'. Do you like it?

"Sharing the bed or being kissed?" Ben asked with a giggle of his own.

Jake withdrew the circling hand and then applied a very light slap to Ben's rear. "Asshole," he said.

"Yes, I've got one of those, but you're not having it," said Ben, feeling both very brave and enjoying the relationship he felt was developing with Jake.

Jake pulled his head back so he could look properly into Ben's face.

"Ben, that isn't what I want. We had to move here and I had to leave all my friends behind in Exeter. Then just after we got here, 'Rover' disappears and I really do feel totally down in the dumps. But a couple of days later he's found by a very nice boy with whom I seem to have a lot in common and I hope will become a friend – maybe a special friend."

"I hope we can be special friends too, Jake. I don't have many – make that any - and I've had such a great day with you today."

Jake rolled away from Ben and laid on his back.

"What's up Jake? Did I say something wrong?"

Jake sighed, "No, Ben you didn't. I was just trying to make up my mind if I should tell you now and maybe spoil everything."

"Tell me what?"

"Ben, I'm gay. Well I'm almost certain I am. I don't have any interest in girls and I'm always looking at boys – their faces, their eyes, their hairstyles, their clothes, their legs, their rears and their fronts. Wondering especially what the last two look like when they haven't got any clothes on."

Ben, for whom puberty had come a little late, realised that what Jake had just said about looking at boys also was true for him. However, he hadn't gone beyond that and given any thought to it meaning he could well be gay. It was like he'd been struck by a bolt of lightning and his boneometer recorded a definite twitch.

"Jake, I think I might be gay too. I do exactly the same as you, but I always try to keep my interest hidden. Being here with you today things have become clearer. At least I think they have."

"I never answered your questions, did I Ben?"

He'd almost forgotten those, "No, you didn't – but you don't have to."

Jake gave a little laugh, "Yes, I do. We need to be honest with each other. Agreed?" Ben indicated that he did, so Jake continued, "Yes, I have shared a bed, on several occasions with a couple of boys, but I've never kissed any of them – you're the first I've wanted to do that with."

Ben at first wasn't sure what to say in response, but remembering that he'd just agreed to be honest, knew there was only one thing he could say – the truth.

"I've never shared a bed with anyone, nor kissed another boy. But I'm glad I've done both tonight and I want to do it again."

He raised his body in the bed so he could bring his lips into contact with Jake's again. This time though it was he who extended his tongue and after moistening Jake's lips for some seconds, Jake opened his mouth. This not only allowed access for Ben's tongue, but also gave Jake's a way into Ben's mouth. The kissing continued for some time, accompanied by hands roaming across each other's bodies to provide stimulation. Eventually the need for breath forced them to pull apart.

"I didn't believe kissing could be so good," Ben whispered.

"Nor me," Jake replied, "better than I dreamt it could be."

Jake rolled back towards Ben and as their bodies came into contact both became aware of the other's erection.

"Oh lord," said Ben. He reached down to try and move his into a more comfortable position, but in trying to do so made contact with Jake's which twitched at the touch.

"Mmm, that's nice," he said.

Ben's boneometer was registering levels it had never reached before and which were soon exceeded when Jake's hand made contact with it. The head was well clear of the foreskin and when Jake's fingers rubbed across the slit they got their reward.

"Aargh. I think I'm gonna cum."

Jake moved his hand away and used it to throw back the duvet. Ben looked down. It was a clear, moonlit night and that together with the snow outside, meant he could see Jake's prick which was in an identical state to his. He reached down and his fingers removed the bead of pre-cum that was visible. Jake moaned at the touch. And then Ben surprised both Jake and himself by rubbing his fingers round the head, before sliding the foreskin gently up and down. He had done it to himself many times, but until this moment he'd never considered doing it to anyone else. Somehow, it just seemed natural – and right. In a moment he felt Jake's fingers going to work on his own prick and in that instant realised it felt completely different to doing it to himself, and so much better.

"I think..." said Ben.

"Don't think, enjoy," replied Jake, and soon the pair quickly came to shuddering climaxes.

The rest of the weekend passed far too quickly for Ben. He spent as much of Saturday as he could wearing Jake's sweats, although after the previous night they didn't hold quite the same significance for him. He therefore raised no objections when during the morning Jake suggested they should get his toboggan out and go to the hill nearby, which meant changing into his jeans. Nor later in the day when Mr Wyatt took the family out for a meal at a nearby pub.

Saturday night brought a reprise of their Friday night activities, although this time both were quite happy to walk around naked in front of each other. Ben got confirmation of what he had thought. Jake's prick was definitely longer than his and he also had more pubic hair, but the differences, although noticeable, weren't that large. He was pleased he had nothing to be ashamed of.

All too soon Sunday afternoon rolled round and Mr Travers arrived to collect his son. Ben made sure to express his thanks to Jake's parents for having him to stay over the weekend and was rewarded when Mr Wyatt said they'd be glad to have him again at any time. On hearing that, Jake immediately suggested the following weekend. Mr Travers had noticed as soon as he arrived that there was something different about Ben. Knowing full well the unhappy situation at home, he accepted the offer, much to Ben's obvious delight.

During the weekend Ben had found time to tell Jake some things about Heathfield school. The pair arranged to meet outside the school on Monday morning. Ben lived close enough to the school that he usually walked there and fortunately most of the snow had quickly melted. Jake lived too far away for that and had told Ben he hoped to cycle when the weather was warmer, but for now his mother would deliver and collect him.

Ben made sure he was up early on Monday morning in order that he could get to school early. That wasn't something he usually did and his mum was puzzled by his sudden enthusiasm. He was waiting outside the school when Jake arrived. The pair exchanged greetings and Ben led Jake inside, taking him first to the school secretary's office. He'd already been registered, so it was simply a matter of getting his class schedule. Ben quickly scanned through it and was pleased to see that not only had Jake been allocated to the same home room as him, but they would also share a lot of the same classes. When he saw that included PE his boneometer definitely registered, although he didn't really understand why as he'd seen all there was to see of Jake over the weekend.

During the week Ben discovered that Jake appeared to have an almost magnetic attraction for other pupils. Often a newcomer would be shunned, but Jake was readily accepted and because he was, Ben also became more popular. Ben didn't kid himself about the reason for his increase in popularity, but decided to enjoy it. School had definitely become a much happier place for him. His parents noticed the change and his dad had a very good idea of the cause, although his mother seemed oblivious.

It had been agreed that Jake's mum would collect the pair of them from school on Friday afternoon. Thus Ben arrived that morning laden down with two backpacks – one for his schoolwork, the other with clothes for the weekend. As had become his habit he was waiting outside the school when Jake arrived. Ben thought Jake had a bigger smile on his face than usual as he climbed out of the car, slipped on his backpack and walked over to where Ben was standing.

"I've got something to show you when we get home this afternoon," he said.

Ben, who until the events of the last week or so, would never thought of saying something like it, answered with a big grin, "I thought you showed me everything last weekend?"

"Idiot," said Jake, punching Ben on the upper arm. "I didn't mean that sort of something, but something really weird."

"What is it?"

"Hard to explain. It'll be easier to show you."

Ben put on his best sad expression, but Jake just laughed at him, saying he reminded him of how 'Rover' looked when he didn't get a treat he wanted. So Ben had no choice but to curb his curiosity until later in the day, hard though that was. One thing that helped though was the PE period in the afternoon where he got a definite preview of what he was hoping would be the full performance later in the day.

Once Mrs Wyatt had brought the pair home she suggested they go upstairs and change before coming back down for a snack. This time Ben had brought his own pair of sweats as well as a couple of extra pairs of boxer briefs. He'd never been in the boy scouts, but he did like to be prepared!

While they were eating their snack Mrs Wyatt asked if they had any homework to do. They both confirmed they did have and she told them to make sure it wasn't left until Sunday evening to be done.

After they'd finished their snack, Jake said that they needed to take 'Rover' for a walk. Normally, Ben would have been pleased to do that, but he was impatient to find out what Jake had to show him that was so weird. Finally though, after giving 'Rover' a good walk, and clearing up after him, they were able to settle down in Jake's bedroom.

"So what's this weird thing you've got to show me?"

Jake stood up and made as if to lower his sweats, grinning as he did.

"Nah, I've seen that weird thing," Ben replied laughing.

Jake laughed in return and walked over to the desk, took his laptop out of his backpack, plugged it in and sat down in the chair, telling Ben to pull up the other chair so he could see the screen. The laptop actually connected into a TV screen so could easily be seen by both of them.

"Do you go online much Ben?"

"I use it for schoolwork and YouTube and things like that, but I'm not supposed to go to a lot of sites."

"My parents are very liberal and don't have any restrictions on where I can go. Mind you, porn gets a bit boring after a while. What I like to do is read stories."

"Gay stories?"

"Yes, among others. There's several gay story sites. I quickly discovered a lot of them are just porn and have some really nasty stories, but some are good. There's even one I've found that specialises in gay male teen stories."

"Wow!" Ben exclaimed, noting a definite notch upwards in the boneometer reading. "You'll have to show me which one. Perhaps it's one I can go to at home."

"You're going there right now," Jake said as he pressed a few keys and selected a certain story. "Notice the title of this one?"

"Yeah, that's strange. It's called 'The Rover's Return'. Isn't that the name of the pub in one of those TV soaps? I didn't know that was a gay pub though."

Jake laughed, "It's not about a pub. Read the story."

And Ben started to read and as he read he made more and more expressions of wonder and disbelief until finally he reached the end.

"That's friggin' unbelievable. That guy's written a story about us and your 'Rover'. It's just like he was watching everything we both did. The only things he got wrong were the locations. You told me you moved from Exeter and this is Woking not Godalming, but everything else is right. Your and my first and last names – even the name of our school. How's that possible?"

"I dunno. I couldn't believe it when I read it the other day. I had to come back to it the next day to make sure I hadn't imagined it. It's crazy!"

"You're right!" said Ben as he looked around the room.

Jake laughed, "I've done that several times just in case the builders did something. But even if there were cameras here, he still seemed to know a lot about you and your house."

"True. But what are we gonna do about it?"

"Yeah, it's a problem. If anyone at school should read this our little secret is out."

Ben gulped at the thought. "Do you think that's likely?"

"Doubt it. Don't think there's many gay boys at Heathfield reading stories here."

"You never know. Isn't something like 5% of the population gay – at least that's what I've read."

"Of course we don't know if he's going to write another story or if this is just a one off little tale. Perhaps," added Jake with a grin, "we should do something different in bed tonight, just to see if he writes about it?"

Ben's boneometer which had gone very quiet while reading the story and their subsequent discussion, suddenly sprang to life. There was a noticeable reaction at the front of his sweats. Jake couldn't help noticing and stretched out his hand to rub Ben's crotch.

"Has something sprung to mind?" he asked as innocently as he could manage.

Ben giggled, picked up the hand and replaced it on Jake's leg. "Down, boy!" he said, before moving his own hand to check what he suspected was true – and quickly got confirmation that he wasn't the only person with this condition.

"I've got an idea."

"Of what we can do in bed?" asked Jake continuing as best to could to act innocent.

"I'm sure you've got a few yourself. No, I meant what we can do about the story."

"What's that?"

"Look at the screen. At the end of the story it says if you like it you should email the author to let him know. So why don't we email him to tell him we want to know how he knows all about us?"

Jake considered the idea for a minute or so, looking for any potential problems.

"I'd need to create a new email address so it doesn't give away my real one, but it would be a bit of a laugh. It'll give him a shock when he reads it, that's for sure. Let's see what we can come up with."

"Yeah, it'll be like a bit of English homework. You know 'Compose an email to send to the author of a story you read and liked', sort of thing."

Jake laughed, "You should suggest that to Mr Evans next week."

"Shut up and start thinking."

They did and after a few failed attempts this was the message they sent.

Hi George Washington,

Ben and I want to know how you know all about my dog 'Rover' getting lost and him finding it? More than that, do you have a spy-cam or listening device in my bedroom?

We're not sure we want the world to know what you think we do next. But I s'pose it would be fun to find out if what you think we do and what we actually do are the same, cos if they are I'm gonna find that bleedin' camera!

Jake & Ben.

"What do you think he'll do when he reads it?" Ben asked.

"I guess we'll have to wait and find out. He may never reply. We know nothing about him, except his name isn't George Washington. He might even be one of those pervs who try to lure youngsters on line."

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