George and the Boys

by Ivor Slipper

Meeting Up?

Jake also liked being able to lie next to Ben and cuddle with him. He'd been in a very happy place after their recent activities and thus it took a little while for what Ben had said about needing to contact George to register. Eventually though it did and he stirred himself enough to respond.

"I guess we do need to send him a message. After all, it does almost seem as if he's writing these stories for us."

"Surely he can't be? Can he, Jake?"

Jake laughed, "I'm sure he has a bigger readership than just us two. In fact you can tell that from the comments that readers leave on the site. His stories are popular for sure. It's just that he either seems to know what we're doing together, or he's suggesting what we should do next."

"Yeah, it was a bit scary at first when we thought he could see what we're up to, but now, like you say, he's almost acting as a guide."

"Mmm... we've had the baby oil and the courgette. Wonder what comes next?"

Ben had a naughty thought flash into his mind when Jake said that. A few weeks ago he'd have had the naughty thought, but never dare to do anything about it.

"I think I should come next," he said, trying to pout at Jake, who laughed at the expression he saw.

"Oh gawd, I've created a sex maniac!" he exclaimed. "You can't be ready again already, surely?"

"Maybe not just yet. Let's send a message to George and see if I feel up to it after."

Now it was Jake's turn to have a naughty thought. It was surprising how innocent words could create sexy thoughts, he said to himself. He definitely wanted to feel Ben up again, of that he was absolutely sure.

"I expect I can give you a hand with that."

Ben looked puzzled for a few moments until the penny dropped. "Only a hand?" He slid down the bed a little so he was able to give Jake's nipples some attention. "This should be worth more than a hand."

Jake was revelling in the attention Ben was giving him. His previous dealings with boys had simply been jerking each other off. Never had there been any hugging or kissing. As he'd told Ben earlier when he first saw him, he felt an attraction towards him – a different attraction to what he'd felt for anyone else. He'd hoped that he might be able to develop a friendship with Ben, but his hopes hadn't extended as far as this. He'd not expected their friendship to turn into the sexual relationship it had. He felt sure he owed George a big vote of thanks for the way things had happened. He'd have been reluctant to suggest baby oil, let alone blow jobs, for fear of scaring Ben. But with the suggestions coming from George in his stories it was almost as if they'd been reading a step by step manual on 'How to develop a teen gay sexual relationship'.

"Ben, this is all very nice, but we need to write that email."

Ben reluctantly stopped.

"Okay," he said and he pulled himself back up the bed. "We also need to decide what we're gonna do tomorrow."

"Go into town I s'pose."

"Yeah, I guess. Shame I didn't suggest you bring your swim trunks or we could have gone to the pool."

"Hey, that's not a bad idea. I need a new speedo anyway so we could go down the precinct first and I can get one."

The idea of seeing Jake in a speedo produced the inevitable reaction for Ben. As he looked down as his bone started to grow he almost laughed. Why would the thought of seeing Jake in a speedo produce such a reaction when he was lying next to him and both of them were already naked? It didn't make any sense.

"I see your boneometer likes that idea, Ben?" said Jake, tweaking a nipple.

"Mmm... second best idea you've had tonight."

"Have you got a speedo, Ben?"

Ben had often thought about getting one, but had always chickened out of doing so, mainly because he didn't believe he had anything worth displaying. However, looking (discreetly of course) at what other boys were hiding, was another matter.

"No, I haven't. Just an ordinary pair of trunks."

"Well, if I'm going swimming in a speedo, so are you. You'd look great in one. And I can feel very proud you're with me when the other boys are looking at your assets!"

Ben blushed. He'd never considered his body was worth looking at, but Jake was giving him a new found confidence.

"That works both ways, Jake. I still can't work out what you see in me."

Jake pulled him into a hug and a kissing session ensued, which Jake finally broke.

"I see the nicest person I've ever known. Someone I want to spend as much time with as I possibly can. Now, let's write this message."

After spending quite some time coming up with various ideas, they eventually arrived at an email they were happy to send.

Hi, George Washington:

We were pleased to find your quills have been at work again, but we aren't sure where you get some of your ideas from. Ben wants you to know that he's never stolen one of his mum's courgettes as he would have had no idea what to do with one. I had to explain that to him. He was very happy though when I showed him how to make one flower! After that he quickly grasped the idea and has now developed a taste for them, which I'm very pleased about. He also said to tell you that his radishes seem to be developing well. I don't know what he means by that, but he felt sure you would.

We're both looking forward to seeing what develops next in your vegetable plot!

By the way, we're both off to buy speedos in the morning before we go swimming. Maybe that will give you some ideas?


Jake & Ben.

George wasn't too surprised when he switched on his computer on Saturday to find an email waiting for him from jebanke69. He'd got to the point where he looked forward to hearing from them – they certainly gave him better feedback on his stories than any other readers.

He sat and read this one with a mixture of amusement and concern. Were his stories really leading these two to try things they'd not otherwise thought of? Was he guilty of leading them astray? The other problem he now had was that when writing his latest story he had pictured two boys in his mind. Of course an author needed to mentally picture his characters, but... He was also concerned by the effect the last two sentences of their email had on him. The picture of the pair diving into the pool in their speedos was one he could easily conjure up. He was sure he could write a story about it, but should he? Perhaps the time had come to put a stop to these exchanges?

He decided he would send them a reply to that effect.

Hi Jake & Ben,

Thanks for your message. Glad as always that you liked my story.

I've decided though that I may have to stop writing these stories, or, at the very least, stop communicating with you. I have to wonder if I'm leading you astray and encouraging you to do things that you shouldn't. I also suspect that if anyone, such as your parents, saw these messages they would be misunderstood and I could get into big trouble.

Sorry, but I think it's for the best.



While George had been writing his message, the pair had eaten their breakfasts and been dropped off in town by Mr Travers. Ben had told his father they were going to the pool, but wanted to go to the shops first because Jake hadn't brought a costume. Mr Travers did wonder why Jake couldn't use Ben's spare as both boys were pretty much the same size, but since Jake wasn't his son he didn't pursue it. He might have thought about it more deeply if he'd known Ben didn't have a costume with him!

The pair took some time looking at the range before deciding what to buy. Ben suggested they should both buy the same colour, but Jake thought it would be better if they each had a different colour. Some colours were quickly discounted. Ben wouldn't consider red as that was Arsenal's shirt colour. On the same basis out went white as that was Spurs colour. In the end he opted for a blue which was as close to the Chelsea shirt colour as he could find. Jake, having listened to Ben explaining why certain colours couldn't be considered, did briefly think of getting a red pair just to irritate him, but instead settled for black.

Purchases made they headed off to the pool. Anyone there who enjoyed such sights would have had a great morning as the pair emerged from the changing rooms and walked round the edge of the pool. What such a viewer wouldn't have seen was the boneometer readings as the pair had stripped off and then pulled on their new speedos. There was quite a bit of juggling involved before things subsided and were neatly packaged away from view. They proceeded to spend a very enjoyable time swimming, diving and playing around in the water. Luckily the pool wasn't crowded and the young lifeguard on duty smiled benignly on some of their more daring antics. At one point Jake, who had noticed his interest, suggested to Ben that perhaps he deserved a little reward for his laxity. Ben wasn't quite sure what Jake had in mind, but followed his friend as he climbed out of the pool and walked round the side to where the lifeguard was standing. He then stood at the edge of the pool and bent down to touch his toes before diving into the water. Ben looked at the lifeguard as Jake did this and spotted his reaction. Thus encouraged, Ben quickly replicated the manoeuvre. For the rest of the session they repeated their display on several occasions.

Eventually though the lifeguard blew his whistle to announce the end of the session. By this time there was nobody else left in the pool. As they climbed out the lifeguard came over and spoke to them,

"Nice display lads. You're a very cheeky pair, aren't you? I give lessons here on a Thursday evening if you're interested. Might help you improve your strokes."

With that he winked at them and walked away. Once he was out of sight Jake burst out laughing.

"You realise we've just been propositioned, Ben? He must have thought we were open to offers."

"You mean he wasn't just offering to help with our swimming?"

"Oh Ben, you're so innocent! Guess we dangled the bait and he bit. The stroking he had in mind wasn't to do with swimming!"

Ben blushed as he absorbed that. "Shite! You're right, I'm dumb not to see that."

They walked off to the showers. Having rinsed off the chlorine they walked back to the changing area with Jake leading the way. Just as they entered Jake bent over to inspect what looked like a coin on the floor. Ben was presented with a very cute rear, clad in a tight, wet, black speedo. He had no idea what possessed him, but he delivered a sharp smack to it.

As Jake turned his head to look at him, he stepped back frightened of what he had done and worried that Jake might perhaps punch him. Instead he saw a grin on his friend's face. Jake stood up and turned round to face him.

"Hey, George hasn't written that chapter yet!" he exclaimed.

"What you mean?" Ben asked sounding puzzled.

"The spanky chapter. There's quite a few stories around where kids have fun spanking each other. We could try it sometime if you want? I quite liked that tingle you just gave me," he said with a laugh.

Ben realised that in a strange way he'd enjoyed doing it and knew that his bone definitely had. Indeed the reading was still up just talking about it.

"So who does the spanking, me or you?"

Jake giggled in response. "Only fair we both do it, same as everything else!"

"Maybe," Ben said with a grin, "but let's get changed and go home."

While he was getting changed Ben did think more about it, in between looking at Jake's body as he slipped out of his speedo. The area of his body it covered was white, contrasting with the healthy tan displayed over the rest. But there was just a faint sign of a handprint visible on that white area of his rear, and Ben was shocked to find seeing it initiated another rise in the boneometer reading.

The idea of smacking Jake's bum definitely had some sort of weird appeal, but he was far less sure about the thought of Jake smacking his. This might need more thought he felt, but on the other hand he could hardly now stop Jake suggesting it as a story idea to George – and then if George did write such a story...

When they got back to Ben's house they had some soup and toasted cheese sandwiches for lunch before going up to his room. Laptops were then switched on and Jake found the message George had sent earlier. They both read it with a mixture of disappointment and concern.

It was Ben who pointed out that George had only said he may have to stop writing, not that he was definitely stopping. Jake admitted that hadn't registered with him, and maybe it offered some hope. They talked about it some more before deciding to send George another email which they hoped might encourage him to continue.

Hi, George Washington:

We were really gutted to read your message just now. We really do love your stories and you definitely aren't leading us astray. We're just doing what comes naturally and having fun doing it with each other.

Don't worry about our parents finding out – we know how to keep things hidden, but also how to find them when we want to! And anyway Jake's parents know he's gay and Ben is sure his suspect and don't mind. Lucky aren't we?

Plus which we have a great idea for your next story. We went swimming this morning and I think the sight of me in my speedo get Ben all excited and he slapped my bum – and I liked it! So how about a nice spanky story?

Jake & Ben

"Do you think he'll answer?" Ben asked Jake after the message had been sent.

"Hope so! I think he might like to write that story."

"I wish we could meet him. See what he looks like. I can only picture the real George Washington from paintings but I know he can't look like that, not with a wig on his head."

Jake started to laugh. "What's funny?" Ben asked. "They did wear wigs in those days."

"I know. It just reminded me of something that happened at my old school."

"What was that?"

"Our teacher for English Lit, Mr Arnold, wore a wig and we all knew he did. So that term we were doing 'Hamlet' and taking it in turns to read sections out loud. When we got to that famous line, the boy reading it started to laugh and in no time we were all trying hard not to join in."

"What line's that?"

"You must know it – the one that goes 'toupée or not toupée'."

Jake barely managed to finish the sentence before he started laughing and Ben soon joined in.

"Oh, that's neat," he said when he'd recovered his breath. "But getting back to George, perhaps we could suggest meeting him. Maybe somewhere safe and public, but where?"

They sat and thought about that problem while reading another story online. That though created another little problem which needed to be handled with due care and attention! It was while mopping up after that when Ben came up with his brainwave.

"It'll be half term in a couple of weeks. What about if we ask our parents if we can go up to the Natural History Museum one day. I know how to get there from when Dad took me to see Chelsea the other week. Surely they'd agree to let us go there together? We could then suggest to George he meet us there."

"I like it, Ben! As you say it wouldn't be like one of us asking to go to London on our own and we can sell it to them as being educational. I'm sure mine would agree. We'd be meeting him somewhere public and as there'd be two of us, we needn't worry about being kidnapped by some old paedo in a dirty mac! And we'd have a great day even if George didn't turn up."

So that was what the boys proposed to their parents and after a fair amount of hemming and hawing permission was granted. The only cloud on the horizon was that they'd had no reply from George to their previous email.

"We have to send him another message. Tell him what we're gonna do," Ben said when they spoke about it on the Friday before half term.

"Yeah, sorta send him an invite. Guess he might think it's a trap though."

"S'pose he might. But if we suggest meeting in the main hall of the museum that'll be public."

"Guess we'd need to tell him what we'd be wearing so he didn't approach the wrong kids."

"Mmm – that'd be disastrous if he went up to another pair of kids and said 'Hi, I'm George Washington'."

Jake started laughing as he pictured the scene. "Yeah, he'd probably get locked up as insane!"

Eventually, after much discussion and several attempts, this was the message they sent:

Hi again George Washington:

We're very sad you seem to have stopped talking to us. We'd really like to meet you 'cos you've sorta brought us together and added a lotta fun to our lives. We guess though you might be scared to meet us in case you thought we were not Jake & Ben, but some undercover cops. Well, we've got an idea about that.

It's our half term next week and we've persuaded our parents to let us go up to London for the day, mainly to visit the Natural History Museum. We suggest we meet in the Hinze Hall where the blue whale skeleton is as that is a very public place.

Ben will be wearing his Chelsea bobble hat, blue hoodie, blue skinnies and blue Converse, so he'll look just like any other Chelsea supporter :-) Jake is gonna wear his grey Puma hoodie, light grey skinnies and red hi top Converse. We think we should stand out even in a crowd.

Of course we won't know how to identify you. Ben did think of suggesting you should wear a feather in your hat, but I told him that was daft as you wouldn't be able to wear a hat over your wig. He then showed me pictures of men wearing hats over wigs, so I had to pay a forfeit. He enjoyed that!

In the end we decided the simplest thing would be for you to come up to us and ask 'Has Rover returned' as then we'd know it was definitely you and not someone trying to pick us up!

So there's our offer – next Tuesday, 10.30, Hinze Hall. We do so hope to meet our favourite author.

Jake & Ben

And so, just before 9am on Tuesday morning the pair met up at Woking station, having been dropped off by their respective mothers. They checked each other over to make sure they were dressed correctly before buying their tickets and walking onto the platform to catch the next train to Waterloo. Ben easily managed to resist singing the song he and his dad had sung the last time he was there.

Both were very much looking forward to their big adventure – being allowed to go to London without any parent, for the first time ever. Would though the best part of it turn out to be meeting George?

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