Sweet Cheeks

by Hunter Woods

Chapter 10

By the time we got home it was late afternoon. My folks helped me straight to my room, and I crawled in under the covers after they left. Garrett had begged his mom to let him stay with me, and at first she kept saying no, but he just whined about it the whole time as Jenna rolled her eyes at him. Finally my folks spoke up and said it was alright with them.

Mrs. Davis finally sighed and agreed under the condition that he go home first thing in the morning because after all it would be Christmas Eve. The boy hugged his mother, and promised that he would do just that. Of course as soon as Garrett got the green light from my folks both Cameron and Selden wanted to spend the night as well, and even Dylan had looked like he wanted to ask as he started to open up his mouth, and then clamped them shut realizing it would be just too much. My folks let the boys down gently by saying I needed my rest and that having Garrett over pushed the envelope as it was. The boys understood, but were still really down in the dumps about it. They perked right up though when my folks said that depending on how well I did over Christmas break that maybe they might all be able to stay for a night or two if it was alright with their folks.

Once my parents left me sitting on my bed and closed the door behind them on the way out, Garrett came over and sat next to me. I could tell he wanted a hug, but was afraid of hurting me after he saw how banged up I was at the hospital. Even during that quick sexual encounter at the hospital, he had been extra careful not to bang into me or anything, and had done all the work while I had just lain there enjoying the encounter. Seeing his hesitancy, I just leaned over wrapping my arm around his tiny frame and pulled him towards me. He resisted at first, and then melted towards me as he sniffled.

The boy's scent wafted up to my nose, and I felt more alive than ever before as chills ran up my spine. He tilted his head up to me, and I leaned down as our lips brushed up against one another lightly at first before becoming more passionate. His lips felt warm against my mouth as I sucked the breath out of him. My body continued to shiver as the realization set in for me that he truly was all mine.

Garrett's hands wrapped around my neck and torso as he eagerly returned my kiss, still being mindful of my injuries. This was so heavenly just to have him so close to me as I leaned back on the bed and he sank down next to me as we just continued to embrace one another now that our lips had separated. We stayed like this for several moments before he got up and started to peel away my clothing slowly and gently.

I winced a time or two, but the pain was muted from my medications. I was sore all over, but not sore enough to react to what I was feeling inside and the vision of beauty in front of me. My eyes were glued on my sexy boy as he eased my shirt off of me, and then stood up looking down at me. He was still wearing his pajamas, and he first slipped out of his bottoms and I licked my lips as his gorgeous package made an appearance for a moment before getting covered up by his top. The pajama shirt barely covered over the top of his now hidden boy package as he cocked his head to the side and smiled.

Damn, he was teasing me which was so fucking hot since all of a sudden I could feel myself getting hard. Garrett noticed the obvious bulge in my fitted jeans, and smiled at me as he stepped between my legs, reached down and stroked my exposed chest and stomach. His eyes were fixed on my nice chubbed up bulge between my legs, and he smiled noticing how his administration made it twitch around.

My mind was sent in a tizzy as I wondered to myself how someone so banged up can still have such a sexual reaction. Of course I was still feeling the throbbing pain from my injuries, not to mention feeling a bit exhausted from my illness, but I still felt vibrantly alive in a sexually stimulating way. My doctor had mentioned that my levels were within the normal parameters already so maybe that is why I was feeling so sexually stimulated at the moment.

Garrett was just so damn gorgeous, and I just laid there allowing him to have his way with me. His hands lightly swirled around my belly button before stopping at the snap of my jeans. With practiced fingers he unsnapped the button, unzipped my jeans before sliding them down, and slipped them off of my legs. Next he gently removed my boxer briefs giggling as the waistband caught a moment on my erection causing it to bounce back once released from its confines. In short order he had removed my shoes and socks, and now I was completely naked in front of him as my four inch erection swayed and bobbed to the fast steady beating of my heart.

Slowly he eased himself on top of me straddling his legs over my body on both sides being careful of my bruised area, and sat down on top of my erection. I shivered as I felt my dick slide between Garrett's sweaty butt cheeks. Slowly he wiggled around his hips, and it felt so damn sexy as my hands reached out to leisurely unbutton his pajama top. He continued to rock his hips over my hardened erection, and I gasped and moaned at the wonderful sensation coursing through my body. With shaky fingers I finally managed to unfasten his last bottom as his shirt spread apart revealing his large four and a half inch erection with that tight foreskin of his pulled tightly around his shaft and glans.

The boy started to rock even more, and I was starting to get into it when I heard my mom shouting if I needed anything from down the hall. We both stopped what we were doing as I yelled out that I just wanted to get some rest. Garrett looked down at me, his eyes glittering mischievously, and smiled crookedly at me.

My chest was heaving still trying to get some air now that I realized I was getting all worked up, and Garrett's body had already started to glisten with sweat. My hands tugged at his pajama shirt, and he gently lay down on top of me both of our crotches snuggled up against one another.

My body stiffened for a moment as I winced in pain. Garrett sensed the momentary stiffening, and looked at me to make sure I was alright. I smiled encouragingly at him as my body relaxed again. The boy lay his head back down gently onto my chest, and settled up against me sighing contentedly.

My curly haired vixen smelled so damn fine at the moment, and I just held on to him as we both slowly calmed down. "Fuck, what the hell was that Garrett?" I asked him seriously remembering our previous conversation about taking things a step further.

My wild haired boy didn't say anything just lying there on top of me for a few moments before sliding off of me, on the opposite side of my bruising, and rolling onto his back. I could tell he really didn't want to talk about it right now so I took the opportunity to roll on to my side, flinching a bit as my bruising settled against the mattress, and gently swirl my finger tips over his nipples. Garrett looked over at me and smiled appreciatively enjoying the little play as my fingers continued to wander downwards past his navel, and stopping on his bare pubic mound. He sighed contentedly as my fingers just gently flittered over his pale skin.

"Wow Garrett, you are starting to sprout a few hairs." I told him as I looked up at him smiling.

He lifted his head up for a moment to look down at his body. "Really?" He asked.

"Yeah, they are very fine and only a few, but they are there. No wonder you started to squirt." I told him as he proudly smiled back at me.

"Wow that is so cool." He admitted.

Yawning with fatigue I motioned for him to crawl under the covers with me. He climbed over my body gently so that I could roll on to my other side that wasn't bruised. We both snuggled up together as my hands wandered back down his firm body and between his legs to cup his most intimate of areas. The boy moaned contently as we just sort of let our hands wander over one another's body gently and in an explorative way as if discovering each other for the first time. After a while he rolled over on his side as we spooned together, and I just held him in my arms while we both faded off to sleep. As much as I wanted to be satisfied sexually, I was just too worn out to continue so fell asleep with a raging erection that was left unfulfilled.

I didn't mind though as his boy scent lulled me to sleep. I was content for the moment to just hold him in my arms. Sex wasn't everything for us. Sure it was a nice perk, and it was very stimulatingly enjoyable, but just being alone with him and holding him in my arms was enough for us. Garrett's steady rhythmic breathing finally did me in as I too faded off to sleep.

It was dark and quiet in the entire house when I woke up with Garrett sleeping peacefully in my arms. He was lying on his back now with my left arm under his head acting like a pillow. The wild light brown curls of his hair brushed up against my face in a ticklish manner as he breathed steadily in and out, his chest rising and dropping in timing with each breath of air. His body radiated heat towards my direction, and it was comforting making me feel all cozy and fuzzy inside.

Every time I looked at those familiar facial features of his I fell in love all over again. He was a handsome little boy with a kind heart and soul. I just couldn't help how I felt about him, and the emotions were difficult to explain. How does one put into words how they feel towards someone when there are so many deep and raw emotions? All I could do is just say I was completely and totally in love with the boy lying next to me.

Looking over at the clock I noticed it was only eight thirty in the evening, too soon to be so quiet in the house. Then a thought occurred to me that it sort of made sense. After all with all of the commotion and worries over the last couple of days it had just about done my family in, and they were tuckered out both emotionally and physically with exhaustion. This couldn't have been easy for them either as I sighed feeling guilty at my illness. In the end they are the ones who suffered the most. Realizing this, tears started to flow down my cheeks as I pondered the ramifications of how this must all affect Garrett now as well, not to mention my friends. I had never intended to get so attached to my sexy little love nor with my friends, but how can someone stop these attachments once you decide to live your life despite the illness.

Sighing and looking at Garrett sleeping so peacefully next to me, I gently tugged on the blankets so I could get a closer look at my love. He continued to sleep as his nakedness was exposed to me in the dimly lit room. His pale skin almost glowed in the darkness as his chest continued to rise and lower in a rhythmic cadence to his breathing. My eyes wandered down his nakedness noticing some small bruising along his torso where he must have gotten banged up during our wild body river rafting excursion the other night. I shivered at how close we both had come to being killed.

In the dimness of light I made out his nice flaccid penis lying across his mostly bare pubic mound as I smiled recalling how he was starting to sprout hairs. Garrett had been so elated at that revelation. He was trying to grow up so fast, and I was trying to not let him. Sure we had sex with one another speeding along our maturation, but still I hoped he could hang on to his childhood for many more years, and just enjoy being a kid. In many ways I had to grow up kind of fast. Sure I still was a kid myself in many respects, but in the end I grew up pretty fast having to deal with some real adult like shit.

Covering my lover back up so he wouldn't get chilled, I eased my arm from up under him, and gently eased myself out of bed. I felt all scummy and I needed a shower. My body ached and protested a bit, but seemed to be getting better. It kind of surprised me at how fast a young body like mine could recuperate from such an ordeal. I guess after years of having to deal with always being tired and worn out from my illness I had sort of adapted to it. I slowly made my way into the bathroom, wincing now and then because of my sore feet, and turned on the warm water. When I stepped under the cascading flow of warmth my body's tensions and aches slowly washed away from me. It felt heavenly just standing under the heat of the water leaning my hand up against the wall. I could literally feel the dirt wash off of my body, and along with it some of the aches, pains, and cares of the world.

There was a wisp of cool air that flowed across my bare skin making me shiver for a moment, and then I felt another kind of warmth enfold around my frame as Garrett's arms wrapped around my waist and he snuggled up behind me. My feet were spread out on either side of the tub, and I was bent over so when Garrett snuggled up and held me his extremely large erection slipped between my butt cheeks. My body quivered at the sensation of him being so close to me.

"Why didn't you ask for some help?" Garrett whispered in his boyish voice as I savored his closeness to me.

"Because you looked so peaceful, and I figured you could use the sleep. I just felt all scummy, and the shower is helping to ease my muscles and soreness." I whispered back not wanting to shatter this intimate quiet moment. This just felt so good being wrapped up in a blanket of warmth and love.

We stayed like this for a few more moments, and then I felt him back off of me while I remained in place content to have the water cascade over my body. After a moment I felt Garrett's hands lathering up my hair as he shampooed it clean for me. I could feel his hardness bump into me a few times as he had to stretch himself over my backside to get to my hair and I shivered with euphoria at feeling him so close to me. In short order my hair was rinsed off, and I could hear him pumping the liquid soap from the bottle before his warm hands slowly and gently soaped up my shoulders lathering them up before wandering downwards softly along my torso ever mindful of my bruising.

The sensation sent shivers tingling all up and down my spine as my iron rod jerked around spastically at the sensations within and all along my insides. It was so sexy hot yet innocent all rolled up in one. It reminded me of when I had done the same for Garrett this past summer when I watched him for his mother that first time over at his house. No wonder the boy had sprung a boner. At the time when I was washing his back it had never occurred to me, and so was surprised when he had turned around revealing his extremely large package to me for the first time. I chuckled to myself recalling that day which was filled with surprises and at my naivety at the time. Sure it had all been innocent even though seeing him from the back all naked was so damn sexy, but nevertheless at the time the intentions were pure and completely without ulterior motives.

Now as Garrett's hands ran between my butt cheeks, and I moaned pleasurably, I'm not so sure how innocent something like that really was at the time. Subconsciously I must have known it would be stimulating to the youngster, but then again who knows. I wasn't going to beat myself over it knowing that what Garrett and I had between one another was pure, and mutually wanted.

The boy's hands had wrapped around my waist soaping up my chest, stomach, and now tender package as I almost spewed my sperms all over the place because it felt so good. Garrett must have sensed this, and removed his hands off of my torrid piece of hard flesh as my knees nearly buckled from under me. I could hear water filling up a cup as he doused me off in the areas that the cascading water missed making sure I was rinsed off thoroughly.

"There you go all spiffy and clean," I heard Garrett whisper as he once more snuggled up to me sliding his sweltering piece of large endowment between my orbs, and slithered it around a bit as his hips slowly rocked around behind me. With my eyes closed I just enjoyed the sensation of him behind me as the head of his penis rocked up against the tight ring of my love chute.

"Did you mean what you said earlier?" I asked Garrett as he continued to rock gently enjoying the closeness to me as well.

He remained silent for a moment, and then stopped as he sighed. "What do you mean?"

"You know about taking it to the next level." I pointed out reminding him of his comment at the hospital.

"Oh…that…I'm sorry Hunter I didn't mean to…you know. I…I just don't know…but we don't have to…" He stuttered a bit afraid now of what he had said earlier in the heat of the moment when he was so relieved to find out I was alright.

"Oh…," I responded feeling a mixture of emotions from disappointment to excitement.

All of a sudden I felt kind of shy and scared as I swallowed hard trying to find my voice. I had a pretty good idea what he had been referring to, but that was a major step into unknown territory for me. It was one thing to mess around a bit, but something totally different to do what he had been inferring to earlier.

"I…I wouldn't mind either…" I whispered hoarsely. "I…I mean if you don't…" I continued hoping beyond hope. "Garrett I love you so much and…and want…" I fell silent not knowing what the hell I was doing or saying.

Garrett started breathing erratically now as my words sort of sunk in, and although I couldn't see his face I could tell he was a bit frightened at the prospect of what we were saying. I could feel Garrett leaning his head along the middle of my back as his body rubbed against naked skin giving me goose bumps.

"Garrett…I love you so much that I just want all of you. I…I want to feel you inside of me. I…I'm scared too…but with you I…" Sighing I just shook my head wanting this so badly yet still very frightened, and I didn't know why I was scared like this.

The sound of water splattering across our body and down to the porcelain tiles almost became deafening as we both fell silent. "I love you too," Garrett whispered back shivering against me. "I…I'm scared Hunter. I mean what if…what if we don't like it and…and because of it we…you know…no longer will love each other." He softly admitted to me.

His admission shocked me that he would think if this doesn't work out I would love him any less. "Why would you ever think that…I love you no matter what…whether we do this or not, it doesn't change my feelings for you? I would never reject you for anything." I told him sincerely. "Please Garrett, I do really want to try…I never thought I would want to do something like this, but somehow with you it makes sense. The thought of you making love to me is almost too much to bear," I admitted as I felt Garrett's fingers roaming along my stomach as he swirled them around absentmindedly.

We both fell silent again, and I felt him ease away from me. I almost whimpered with disappointment, and then I heard the pumping of the soap dispenser before feeling his warm hands sliding between my globes. The sensation sent shivers up my spine as he rubbed his soapy fingers along my pucker hole. The feeling was sensual and exciting as I also realized that for the first time Garrett was taking the lead into the realm of the unknown instead of following someone else. It was brave of him to move forward with something so personal and intimate leading us both towards the realm of true love.

Wrapping one arm around my waist, and slowly stroking my four inch stiffness loosely in his hand pulling back my skin to reveal my mushroom sized helmet, I groaned excitedly as one of his slicked up fingers on his right hand slid inside of me stretching my opening. He was gentle but firm, yet also mindful of my bruised and battered body. To tell you the truth with the types of feelings he was giving me it wouldn't have mattered anyway.

Oh fuck this was so sexy hot, and I couldn't even see my love as he worked my backside slipping in a second finger making me groan even more as my slicked up penis twitched around and started to dribble a little with pre-cum as Garrett's warm hand slowly massaged my engorged stiffness. His hands always felt wonderful to me, like he instinctively knew how to pleasure me. It was as if he was born just for me, and it still amazed me how he was able to make me feel like this after all these months as if it were our very first time being intimate together.

After stretching me out some more with a third finger I was gasping and ready for him. "Oh fuck Garrett, please hurry I'm about to explode." I gasped as he slowed down with his left hand allowing me to come down a little.

The boy shifted around behind me, and I felt his feet slide next to mine which were spread apart on either side of the shower stall. I could feel him behind me, and instinctively knew I was still standing too high for him so I leaned down further against the wall shifting my height for him. Slowly I felt him slide his blood engorged erectness between my crack until it snuggled against my love chute pressing forward with some pressure.

Recalling reading something online about this I sort of pressed outwards as if I was getting ready to take a dump, and all of a sudden a pain shot through my entire insides as if my ass was on fire. That huge cock head of his had slid inside of me unexpectedly, and it hurt like hell.

Gasping out with shock and pain Garrett immediately stiffened up in alarm as my erection immediately deflated. "Oh shit," he grunted with pleasure and concern all wrapped up in one.

The boy was feeling such intense feelings of pleasure, something so powerful that he almost collapsed as he instinctively wrapped his arms around me to hold himself up. Yet he also heard my gasp of pain as he tried to get himself under control. He whimpered for a moment as he gasped for air, his body quivering with excitement. I could tell he had almost dumped his meager load inside of me, but somehow he had managed to hold off.

"Oh fuck Hunter, this feels…shit, it's hurting you I'm going to pull out." He said finally gaining his balance back.

"N…no don't. I…it's alright…please…it's getting better just wait a second so I can get used to you inside of me. I…it's just you caught me by surprise…I mean I knew it was coming, but it just inserted inside of me so fast and…and you are pretty big…you know…down there…but it's better already." I told him as I took a deeper breath.

When it happened it had caught me by surprise, and I had stopped breathing for a moment. Now that the pain was just a dull ache I took a chance and breathed in deeply. My balls were aching for some reason, maybe blue balls since my erection had gone down. I could still feel Garrett pressed up against my back and breathing hard trying not to shoot his little boy spunk inside of me.

Fuck, he's no little boy I admonished myself realizing he had the tip of that huge thing inside of me. For some reason knowing this excited me just as much as it hurt me, and I could feel my balls start to roil and my dick twitch in anticipation.

"Alright Garrett," I grunted. "Just take it slow, and try to slide inside of me some more.

"N…no Hunter…please let's just stop." He pleaded with me.

"W…why…doesn't it feel good to you?" I asked him worried now for him as I tried to turn around to look at him shifting my body slightly in the process.

"Oh fuck," Garrett grunted as I glanced back noticing his face lighting up with pleasure when I moved. Shifting around like that forced my opening to contract around the head of his glans which was stimulatingly exciting for the boy. "N…no it feels so good," he moaned pleasurably. "It…it's just that this is hurting you…I….I just can't do that…please Hunter let's stop." He pleaded again.

"N…no most of the pain is gone really. Just go slow and…and I'll stop you if it hurts too much I promise." I told him as he shivered for a moment while he wrapped his arm around me, and found that I had become hard again.

"Shit, you're hard as a rock Hunter. I…I've never felt you so hard before." He exclaimed as he slowly inserted more of himself into me while I grunted, and my shaft seemed to get even harder.

Even I could tell that my dick had gotten extremely stiff. I mean it felt so hard that it really did start to hurt. At the moment I didn't know what hurt more the, dick up my ass, or my extremely rigid penis. I was a whimpering mess at the moment as I continued to urge him forward until I finally felt his ball sack bump against the underside of my butt cheek.

"Oh fuck Hunter I can't believe you took all of me inside of you." Garrett gasped as he slowly started to slide outwards.

Damn, it was a good thing that I had a good flow of warm water slithering down between my orbs and around his large shaft offering up some lubrication. I took a mental note to make sure I had some sort of lube around my bed from now on as my body trembled feeling most of him almost pulling completely out of me before slowly filling me back up. I felt his mostly bare pubic mound shove up against me, and I could hear the slapping sound as our skin connected, and then I felt something odd. It was his boy pouch bumping up against mine as he rocked forward. Fuck that felt so damn exciting now. It didn't hurt so much any more as he shoved himself deeper inside of me and adjusted himself into a better position. All of a sudden he nudged against something inside of me that made me yelp with pleasure, and almost forced me loose control.

He was still holding on to my glass like rod that was hard yet extremely brittle at the moment, and he felt it jerk in his hand as if a snake had struck out to bite someone. It caught him by surprise as he let loose of my stiffness and stopped in his tracks.

"Shit don't stop Garrett," I gulped in pleasure as he started up once again and increased his tempo.

This was extremely pleasurable now for the both of us, and I instinctively knew neither one of us would last long. Just as this thought entered my mind I heard Garrett gasp then felt him ram himself inside of me. My eyes got wide as he shoved himself against my pleasure button, and I felt his dick inflate and then something splashed forcefully inside of me.

"Oh…oh…shiiiii…umph….umph…umph….aaaaaaahhhhhh…." He grunted and moaned as his orgasm took hold of his body with the most extreme sensation of his young life. It was so wild and intense; he was buckling and trying to hold on to me.

I don't know how to explain this feeling of when someone unloads themselves inside of you, even if it is a small load like Garrett's. It is something you can actually feel as it forcefully enters inside of you. With Garrett I actually felt the diameter of his shaft enlarge inside of me, and then felt it pulsing as a single blast escaped his pee slit followed by several other twitches of his cock, but those were all dry cum's.

This sensation coupled with the intense feeling that rippled through my entire insides when he rammed up against my prostrate was too much for me as my own orgasm came crashing down on to me only a few moments after his did.

He was just starting to come down from his when mine took over, and all of a sudden my ass clamped down vigorously around his huge sausage forcing another wave of orgasm to take hold of his tiny frame. "Oh fuck I love you Garrett…umph…aaaahhh," I moaned and groaned as the first huge rope of milky white substance shot out like buckshot from a shotgun followed by a second one equally as forceful. From there I kept on grunting and moaning as my orgasm continued, "Umph…shiiiii….umph…uhhhhh….uhhhhh…"

The amount of cum that I had summoned up shocked me to no end. Never before had I actually shot two huge ropes much less so opaque, dense, and thick in color as it was more milky white than ever before. After the first two loads the rest of my spasms produced only little dribbles, and they sort of oozed out from the tip of my penis onto the shower floor to wash away down the drain with the water.

Finally our two bodies stopped convulsing as I continued to lean up against the wall, and I could hear Garrett moaning exhaustedly as he slumped up against my back all concern for my injuries flittering out of his mind. "Oh shit that was…" I gasped and heaved for air, "it…it was totally wickedly awesome," was all I could get out as I felt Garrett try to stand up.

As soon as he stood up I could feel his softness slip out of me as the shutter on my rosebud closed down tightly trying to hold in his precious little boy seed. I clamped down my ass forcing the small amount of gooey stuff out of me. I could feel the sticky substance sliding down between my slicked up orbs, over my ball sack, to finally drip down the drain.

Garrett had finally managed to gain some sense of mental faculties as he pumped out some liquid soap and cleaned me up before I stood back up, turned around, and scooped him into my arms. I held him like that as I cried like a little baby at the emotional rollercoaster ride from the last several days. He didn't know what to do at first so he just held on to me as he started to weep as well. These weren't tears of pain or sorrow for us, but sheer joy at what we had given to one another.

Garrett was the first one to speak up. "Oh Hunter…I…I just don't know what to say. I…I just never thought it could be so…special…you know…I mean it's…it's like being only one person. I…I love you so much." He blurted out as we continued to weep together.

"I know my love. I will always cherish this moment between us. This was very special, and it somehow felt so…right." I replied before stepping back from him a moment a little bit wobbly.

"Shit Hunter, let's get you out of the tub, dried off, and back into bed before you collapse." Garrett admonished.

After Garrett helped me back into bed he slipped out into the kitchen to grab us a bite to eat and something to drink. We were both feeling tired, but our bodies were also feeling the affects of an intense workout needing some refueling and more radiator fluid to help keep us going. The boy had wrapped a towel around his waist, and made his way into the kitchen.

He jumped in surprise when he turned around with some lunchmeat and cheese in his hands when he came face to face with my mother. "Oh…hey Mrs. Alan, I didn't hear you." He stuttered realizing he was still damp and wrapped in a towel.

"Hi Garrett…I just heard some noise in the kitchen, and thought it might be one of you boys getting something to eat. I figured you guys might get hungry so I had made this platter for you." She told Garrett as she reached inside, and brought out the tray of sliced meat, cheese, and veggies with a small bowl of ranch sauce in the middle for dipping. Next she opened up the cupboard and brought out a small tray of crackers.

"Oh thanks Mrs. Alan." Garrett said as he blushed at his near nakedness in front of Hunter's mom.

"So sweetie, I see you two boys managed to hop in the shower, well at least I hope Hunter managed to as well?" She sort of asked innocently.

"Um…yeah…well…he was still hurting and needed a little help getting cleaned up and all…you know how it is when you can hardly stand up." The boy stuttered a bit embarrassed about having to admit that the two of them had taken a shower together.

Mrs. Alan sighed and smiled at the boy. "You are a good friend Garrett. In the past his father, me, or his sister had to help him, but I know that since he is getting older it is a bit more…awkward for him. I suppose it is easier to do that sort of thing with another…guy friend so to speak." She admitted to the small boy.

"Err…yeah I suppose. I get totally freaked out if my sister sees me…I mean it happened at the hospital…she walked in when I was…um well…let's just say it was um…yeah…awkward like you say." Garrett stuttered around trying to agree as he blushed with embarrassment. Shit this was very uncomfortable to say the least.

Mrs. Alan laughed lightly as she could tell it was uncomfortable for the boy. "Well at least Hunter managed to get cleaned up a bit. He always feels better after a shower. Make sure he takes his meds along with the medication for his injuries. I'll see you boys in the morning, but feel free to sleep in. We don't plan on getting up early…we're all exhausted. Goodnight sweetie, and thank you for your help with Hunter." She whispered as she hugged the boy

"Um…Goodnight Mrs. Alan," Garrett responded as he smiled back at her enjoying her heartfelt hug. It felt a lot like his mother's soft and warm embrace.

A few moments later Garrett stepped down into Hunter's room as he shut the door behind him. "What took you so long?" I asked him as I looked at the platters and a couple of cans of juice he was carrying.

"Shit your mother, that's what. Damn, I just about wet my pants when I turned around and nearly bumped in to her." He stated seriously.

"Well that would have been interesting since seeing you aren't wearing any pants." I giggled.

"Yeah laugh it up moron. Shit I'm half naked and wet." He admonished.

"So…" I responded as he sat down next to me on the bed while I propped up a pillow to lean against.

"So, well she figured out we took a shower together, and I had to tell her everything." The boy stated and I just about shit myself.

"You what?" I gasped out. "H…how could you…I mean shit why didn't you just…damn Garrett I'm so fucked." I gasped as my stomach started to turn into knots.

Garrett started to giggle, and I realized he had been fucking with me. "Shit, that wasn't fucking funny dickhead." I grumped as I sat back wincing a bit from my bruises which started to hurt again.

"Sorry, I just figured since you were being so…um…what's that fucking word…oh yeah…indifferent about my heart attack you deserved one as well. Shit that wasn't funny with your mom, but I guess it worked out. She knows we took a shower together, but she said she was glad because otherwise it would be one of them having to haul you inside, and she figured it was starting to get awkward for you." He finished off as I shrugged my shoulders.

"Nah, not really…I'm used to it, but I guess if I boned up or something then…yeah." I stated as we both munched down on the meat, cheese, and veggies. "Damn, mom always knows when I'm going to be hungry. I didn't realize how hungry and thirsty I really was you know." I declared as I gulped down some more food.

"Your mom told me to remind you to take your meds along with the pain meds." Garrett reminded me as I nodded my head.

"Good idea I'm starting to stiffen up a bit," I yawned as I reached over for my medication and shoved all the pills at once into my mouth before taking a big gulp of juice and swallowing.

"How the fuck can you do that?" Garrett asked as he scrunched up his face disgustedly.

"Well, how do you do that with a piece of meat…?" I started to say as I caught myself and nearly coughed up my medicine as I rolled with laughter.

Garrett had just looked at me in a kind of shock as he turned red understanding what I had said and then started to laugh as well. "That's not what I meant…dickhead." He stated as he took a sip from his can of juice.

"Exactly, just swallow the pills like you do a dickhead," I continued to laugh this time making him spray juice from his nose.

The boy started to cough as some went down the throat wrong. I pounded him on the back, and he winced from pain because I was whacking him so good. After a couple of these good walloping he stood up still coughing and backed away.

"Are you crazy...," he sputtered. "Stop trying to kill me," He coughed some more.

"Just trying to help you out is all." I replied as I gobbled down the last of the meat and cheese.

"Yeah, well maybe you shouldn't." Was all he said as he looked down at the tray and sighed noticing all the good stuff was gone.

"Come on let's get some sleep." I yawned as I set aside the tray and slipped under the covers.

Garrett sighed as he dropped the towel from around his waist onto the floor revealing his pale nakedness. "Damn, how I enjoy just looking at you like that." I whispered to him appreciatively.

"Really?" He asked as he looked down at himself.

Even though he had started to enter puberty his dick and balls had remained the same size. He kind of hoped it wouldn't grow too much more, and be way bigger than the other boys once he entered eighth grade next year. Next year he would be forced to take showers in front of other boys after gym class. He knew it would be kind of difficult with boys glancing and staring his way because he was still intact with his foreskin, but to also be so much bigger, well that would create a second abnormality for others to gawk at and point towards

"Oh fuck yeah I do. You are so fucking sexy hot, and you are all mine." I told him as I smiled.

"Well sort of," he giggled. "If anything you are all mine, now that I've snatched away that cherry of yours." He teased me.

The boy smiled wickedly at me, but I just ignored him feasting my eyes on his gorgeous body. I was looking at all of him, not just his sexy boyhood. He was just so deliciously delectable, and soon I too will have his cherry all to myself.

"Damn, you do have the Sweetest Cheeks my love, and soon enough I will be enjoying them for myself. I mean…that is um…if you still want me like that?" I asked him as I looked hopefully into his eyes.

Sighing Garrett just crawled in next to me and snuggled up sharing his body heat. "Of course Hunter…after all my sweet cheeks were made just for you." He giggled as he buried his head in my chest.

My body shivered at his carefree comment about how his sweet cheeks belonged only to me. "You make me so happy Garrett." I whispered as he rolled over, and I snuggled up closer allowing my limp noodle to slip between his orbs.

"Yes," Garrett sighed. "It is meant to be just for you." He whispered back as he wiggled his butt against me and yawning.

"You're so silly." I teased him as my hand dove between his legs to cup his endowment. Anymore this was our favorite position to fall asleep, and fall asleep we did cuddled up together in one another's warmth.

The morning hours seemed to arrive in the blink of an eye as I woke up to my sister's gentle stroking of my hair out of my eyes. "Hey sleepy head…how are you feeling?" She asked me as I groaned a bit trying to wake up.

"Like crap…but not really. I'm just a bit stiff and sore." I told her seriously.

"Mmmm, yeah, well you had one hell of a ride, and when you get better I'm still going to have to kick your ass for scaring me like that. Damn, you little shit head; I'm so pissed at you for doing this to me." She admonished me catching me by surprise.

"Geeze, give it a rest Susan. It wasn't as if Hunter was looking to get run over or anything." Garrett protested as he yawned.

"Damn, and all of a sudden you've grown some balls down there now. I think I liked you better when you were shy." My sister teased as she started to pull on the blankets to get a look for her self at how big his balls were.

"Hey, lay off already," Garrett giggled as he snatched the blanket to hold on to it so she wouldn't expose him.

"Sorry…can't help it," she laughed as she leaned over the bed, and picked up the wild haired boy's pajamas lying on the floor with a questioning look.

Garrett just sighed shrugging his shoulders. "I didn't see any sense in putting on dirty pajamas after I got all cleaned up in the shower last night." He told her seriously.

"Well, you keep teasing me like this, and some day I will see what those sweet cheeks of yours were hiding last summer." She taunted him referring to that fateful day when she had walked in when Garrett was butt naked with me combing his hair, and she noticed his sweet butt cheeks effectively giving him his nickname.

"Yeah, that'll be the day." The boy chuckled back at her.

"Well…anyway mom wants you guys to slowly start getting up for some brunch. We all slept in, but she thought you should wake up for your meds. So hurry up," She stated as she got up carrying Garrett's pajamas in her hands.

"Hey…my pj's," the boy called out.

"Well, I'm just going to drop these in the washer for you since they are so dirty and all," she winked as she walked out closing the door as Garrett yelled out, "But…"

Trying to contain a giggle at the poor boy's expense, I just turned my head away from him as my body sort of trembled stifling my laughter. "But…" he whispered again. "I don't have anything to wear." He finished off looking towards me noticing my stifling laughter.

"Hey…it's not funny you know. What am I supposed to wear it's not like my mom brought me any clothes to the hospital just my pj's." He asked me seriously.

I just couldn't stop myself as I just busted up laughing my ass off. "What's so damn funny?" He insisted.

"Nothing, it…it's just that I've never seen my sister so persistent before at seeing another boy naked." I told him which got me rewarded with a stern look, and then a really hard punch in the arm.

"Fuck," I yelped rubbing my arm because he really did punch me hard. "Why'd you do that?"

"Because…" He pouted for a moment while I just stared at him and scowled not understanding. "It's your fault." He finished off which of course confused the hell out of me.

"How so?" I protested.

"If you wouldn't have teased her last summer about how I look naked from the front she wouldn't be so damn curious. You know how I feel about…well…exposing myself." He sniffed indignantly.

"Fuck Garrett, you sure weren't that shy the first night you exposed yourself to me in that bathtub." I told him seriously.

"Well that was different." He insisted which of course made no sense to me.

"How so?"

"Because it was…I mean…it just was alright. I mean hell it wasn't as if you were some girl or anything…besides at the time I didn't realize I was so…different." He finished off looking a bit hurt.

Reaching over to embrace him I pulled him next to me. "Garrett you aren't all that different. You've got a dick like any other boy, I told you that. Some boys are bigger and some smaller. I mean you don't think anything is wrong with Selden or anything, and you don't think he should feel bad about himself or embarrassed, so why should it be any different for you." I told him comfortingly not realizing he was still sensitive about his size.

"I know Hunter…but still…I don't know." He admitted. "I'm just afraid people will think…you know…that I'm some sort of a freak." He sniffled a little sadly.

"You shouldn't think that Garrett. I mean look I've seen you, yes I know it was a shock for me the first time, but Selden's seen you and so has Cameron, and they don't think you are some sort of freak. Besides most boys grow their dick to match their body, you will just need to be a bit patient and have your body grow to match your dick." I chuckled softly at my poor little guy.

"Geeze, you're so damn corny sometimes Hunter," Garrett giggled at my comment.

"Yeah, but does it make you feel better?" I asked him as I tickled him sending the boy off to tittering like a little girl.

During a moment of respite with both of us gasping for air from our little tousle, and still giggling childishly he finally managed to answer me. "Yeah, it made me feel better," he chuckled. "You always seem to know how to make me feel better." He admitted shyly.

"Good because that big sausage of yours pleases me to no end." I mocked him as I reached down and literally squeezed his package firmly in my hands which made him yelp in pain.

"Ouch, that fucking hurt you jerk," Garrett sputtered, but leaned in and kissed me anyway.

"Well that was just paying you back for punching me in the arm." I replied once we both came up for air from our kiss.

Garrett sighed, "So what am I going to wear?" He asked throwing aside the covers while I swallowed down some more water from the bottle Susan had brought with her for me.

"Look in my bottom drawer for that large shirt I used to go to bed with when I was little. You know the one you wore the first time you spent the night." I told him as I watched him stoop over.

My body quivered involuntarily as I saw him bending over with those pale globes shining back into my face. Oh fuck he really did have a sexy ass, the most adorable sweet cheeks ever. As he rummaged through the drawer for the shirt his balls swayed around enticingly, and I immediately popped a boner.

"Oh fuck dude, you have no idea how sexy your ass and balls look at the moment," I shuddered as I got up with my boner.

Garrett looked over his shoulders and giggled as my hard-on swayed around angling upwards into the air. He stopped what he was doing and stared at me as I approached, and I could tell he was thinking about helping me out with my erection before shrugging and looking for that damn oversized shirt.

"Shit, I want to shove this thing right up your ass immediately, but…" I sighed as I also rummaged through my stuff putting on a pair of gray gym shorts and light blue t-shirt before ambling up the stairs, wincing a bit, and heading for the bathroom.

Garrett joined me a moment later still looking so damn hot even in the oversized shirt draping down over his body past his knees. We both giggled around as we relieved ourselves, and then brushed our teeth. He's been here often enough that he has his own toiletry items at the house now. Even Dylan, Selden, and Cameron have their own things just in case they decide to spend the night at the last moment. Now that I thought about it, I figured maybe I should store some of Garrett's clothes here as well, just in case from now on. Besides, it would be nice for him to have some changes of clothes in case he needed them.

Finishing up in the bathroom we both made our way out into the dining room, and I noticed my sister looking Garrett over smiling at the younger boy as we both took our seat at the table. Dad was still in his room probably in the shower getting cleaned up while my mom hummed a tune at the stove as she prepared some eggs.

"How would you like your eggs this morning?" My mom asked glancing over her shoulder towards Garrett.

My sister looked over towards my mom absent mindedly fiddling with her fork, and it slipped from her fingers bouncing on the table making a clattering sound distracting us for a moment. "Um, however you fix it is just fine." Garrett replied as he picked up his glass of milk.

The fork had fallen off the table, and my sister scooped it up beaming as she looked towards Garrett who just frowned at her for a moment with her acting all weird like that. He seemed to be thirsty, and was swallowing down the milk as his cup slowly started to empty out.

Then I saw my sister mouth something to Garrett, and I nearly fell out of my chair. "Wow, really nice Garrett," she mouthed to him silently, but we knew exactly what she had said as the boy nearly chocked on his milk with it spraying out through his nose.

Garrett started to sputter and cough as he reached down below the table and tucked the shirt between his legs covering himself up some more. As soon as my sister had mouthed those words to him he knew exactly what had happened. She had intentionally dropped the fork so she could sneak a peak at his package.

"Are you alright Garrett?" My mother asked concerned as he continued to cough and nod his head yes while at the same time scowling at my sister. "Oh, I see. You really should take it easy sweetie and don't chug on the milk so fast." She commented as I thumped the boy's back to clear his throat.

My mom placed the pan of scrambled eggs on the table, and sighed shaking her head heading towards the room to check up on my dad. As soon as my mom was out of the room Garrett laid into my sister.

"What the fuck was that about. Shit, that…that…fuck, stop doing that shit." He complained.

"Oh come on sweet cheeks I just snuck a little peak, and it wasn't as if I could see too much with that shirt covering you up but still…." She giggled.

"What?" He asked turning red.

"Nothing…it's just….well from what I did see Hunter wasn't kidding," She teased the boy as she winked at me which made me roll my eyes and shake my head admonishingly.

"Yeah, well just wait until…"

"Until what?" Susan's eyes sparkled.

"Nothing." Garrett grumped as he blushed and focused on the food sitting atop the table while subconsciously making sure he was covered up.

After brunch we headed back into my room stopping along the way to fish out his pajamas from the washer, and drop then into the dryer. As soon as the door to my room closed I started to laugh my ass off at what had happened in the dining room. It was hilarious, and I couldn't get it out of my system because my parents had showed up right about the time Garrett had dropped the subject. However, the heated glares he shot in my sister's direction started to get to her as she began to fret over how Garrett might retaliate.

"It's wasn't funny." Garrett insisted.

"Yeah, well it was sort of." I told him seriously. "Shit dude, why don't you just get it over with and expose yourself to her? She won't stop until she sees you now for sure. I mean…it's sort of a game now you know." I chuckled at his discomfort.

The wild haired boy wasn't in the mood at the moment so I sighed and let it go. He had called his mom and convinced her to let him stay until early afternoon so he had a few hours left before he had to leave. We settled in with some video games as he stewed over the situation. I started to giggle, but he shot me a dirty look, and I just shook my head sighing. After a while I couldn't take it anymore.

"Geeze Garrett, give it a rest already. Fuck she didn't really mean anything by it…I mean its just sort of a silly game for her you know…besides I bet if you were to flash her she'd probably get freaked out about it." I told him seriously trying to finally settle the matter.

The boy remained silent as we continued to play for a few moments before speaking up. "Really, you think she'd get all freaked out about it…I mean she sure seems to want to get a good look at me."

"Well yeah, I mean right now its just sort of a game…you know like cat and mouse…but she's just kind of teasing you. She does the same thing when Dylan is here because he gets all mad when she walks in on us without knocking. You should see how he reacts when she grabs for the covers the first thing in the morning. You know how it is?" I giggled as I continued. "I mean we are always boned up first thing in the morning, and well…Dylan is kind of shy about that with my sister." I told Garrett as he looked back laughing knowing full well how embarrassing that would be.

We mostly puttered around for the rest of the morning until my mom called us out for lunch. I was starting to get stiff again so took some of my pain medication when I got to the table. Garrett was dressed now in his pajamas, and sat down across from my sister just smiling at her cheekily. My sister frowned a bit confused by the boy's behavior.

My mom was focused on making grilled cheese sandwiches and stirring the tomato soup. Garrett shot a glance towards my mom real quick making sure she wasn't watching, then stood up, pulled down the front of his pajamas, placed his balls and dick on the plate in front of him and held it out towards my sister offering a large sausage and two good sized potatoes to her.

She had just picked up her glass of juice, and was in the process of taking a big swig when Garrett had made his move. She just about choked on her juice as she prayed it out of her mouth all over the table. As quick as a cat Garrett tucked himself away, and sat back down while I just gawked at what he had done. My poor sister was choking and coughing turning red in the face when my mother turned around at all the commotion.

"Susan?" My mother exclaimed turning off the stove and rushing over to her side as she thumped her on the back trying to help out. After a few moments my sister managed to get herself under somewhat of control as she continued to hack a bit trying to clear her throat. "You children really do need to be more careful when you drink and slow down a bit." My mother reprimanded as she placed the grill cheese sandwiches and soup on the table. "Damn, where is that husband of mine. It always seems like he disappears when it is time to eat." She admonished as she disappeared around the corner to find my dad.

"Wha…" My sister coughed roughly before continuing. "What the hell Garrett?" My sister coughed her throat still scratchy.

"Awe come on baby…Hunter explained it all to me. How you really want me because I'm man enough for you down there and all. So why don't we just stop the games and let's get on with it. I like older girls anyway because they can teach me so much." Garrett purred sexually catching not only my sister by surprise, but me as well as my mouth just hung there getting caught up in the game now that the boy pulled me into the scenario.

"N…no…I mean…no Garrett…it…it was just…I mean no Garrett. I…I was just teasing you is all. You've got to know that…hell Garrett…you…you're too young…I mean no Garrett…no we can't…" My sister sputtered and coughed still choking on liquid that had gone down the wrong tube in her throat.

Garrett just reached for a cheese sandwich while she ranted and raved setting it on the plate he had offered up his family jewels on to my sister, and scooped out some soup. The look on my sister's face at how nonchalant Garrett acted throughout was just too much as I busted up laughing so hard at the absurdity of it all.

My sister glared at me as I wiped away the tears and just shook my head. "You deserve that sis for what you did to him earlier…and no I had nothing to do with it." I told her anticipating her query.

"You mean that you really aren't interested…I mean this was all a joke?" She asked incredulously.

"Yup, so maybe you should start thinking about not poking your nose so rudely into other people's privacy, or you never know who is going to poke back." Garrett smiled satisfactorily as he picked up his plate pointedly, and offered it and the sandwich to my sister who just gawked at him and shook her head vigorously indicating no thank you.

Even this small gesture sent me over the edge as I busted up laughing so hard that I winced at the pain. Garrett started to giggle as well as he set down his plate, and took a bite of his sandwich. It was too priceless as my sister finally sighed and shook her head joining us as she began to giggle.

"Touché Garrett and well played. I think we can all move forward from here." She chuckled good naturedly.

Mom and dad finally joined us wondering what all the fuss was about, but of course we just made up some lame excuse. After lunch my parents offered to give Garrett a ride home because they wanted to talk with his mom anyway to see how things were going.

Christmas was on Tuesday, and it passed us by quietly as our family celebrated together. It seemed as if the school break was flying by rapidly because it was now Thursday as I crawled under my covers. As promised my folks were going to allow Dylan, Garrett, Selden, and Cameron over tomorrow for our group sleepover, and I was kind of looking forward to it. I really missed all of us being together. Of course that meant there probably wouldn't be any frisky business going on, after all Dylan was kind of the odd guy out, although I also don't think he realized that either.

Cameron and Selden were really close to one another now, more like boyfriends although no one else except me and Garrett knew this. I had spoken with both of those boys letting them know they would have to behave themselves when they came over. They both grumbled about it, but Selden also didn't want his older brother to find out about them either.

Just as I was slipping under the covers I heard a knocking on my window. "What the fuck is this constant knocking on my window crap," I grumbled to myself wishing I had my own outside access door. When I looked through the curtains it was Dylan who was smiling and waving at me all excited like. Sighing because I was still a little out of sorts slowly recuperating, I opened up my window.

"What the fuck Dylan?" I asked him as he crawled inside, and nearly broke his neck in the process.

"Hey," He replied as he picked himself up while I shuddered from the cold blast of air, and shut my window.

"Geeze, you're soaking wet, dude. What have you been up to?" I asked him as he stripped out of his coat and started on his clothes.

"I'll tell you after I hop in the shower and get warmed up." He replied as he shimmied out of his wet clothing.

My eyes took him in and I started to get excited between my legs as his cold shriveled up dick and balls sort of wiggled around a bit. I've never seen his cock so small before, and figured that he must be nearly frozen to death. I almost busted a gut at his pale skin coloration as he opened my door up a crack, peaked out, and then made a dash for my bathroom.

Damn, seeing him naked like that sent shivers down my body as I realized I was lusting for him. Fuck, he was my best friend in the world, and all I could think about was having sex with him. Sitting down on my bed for a moment I shuddered, and tried to get myself back under control. Lately I've been thinking a lot about my feelings, and there is no denying that I've been feeling more for boys sexually than girls. I was starting to face the reality of really more than possibly being gay.

Slipping under my covers because the open window and the cold air had made me chill, I snuggled further below the blankets. My gas fireplace was burning helping to heat up my room. Sighing, I thought about my recent conversation with Dylan when we were in the hospital. My thoughts began to wander and coming to a decision I became a little frightened as a single teardrop slithered down the side of my cheek.

My body started to warm up, and I was starting to doze when Dylan entered my room wearing a towel around his waist. I tried to avert my eyes from him as he dropped the towel, and slipped under the covers on the other side of the bed. I was nervous as hell when he settled in next to me and sighed. We both just lay there for a few moments when I glanced over in his direction. Dylan was staring up at the ceiling with a sort of funny smile on his face as if he was happy or something almost glowing.

He looked over at me, and I looked away starting to get butterflies in my stomach. Damn, he looked so fucking sexy hot to me. How could I have not seen that these past years? He had a nice looking body with such an adorably sweet face, not to mention a nice hot sexy cock. Damn, how often have I seen that thing of his, and been so close to him without really noticing it…you know…in that sort of sexy kind of way.

"Um…Hunter?" Dylan spoke up as I felt him shift in bed on to his side so he could look at me.

Forcing myself to look over at him my friend was grinning from ear to ear now. "Uh…yeah, what's up?" I asked him hesitantly while he just sort of grinned stupidly.

"Um…" he started out, and then I could see him blushing. "If I tell you something do you promise not to tell anyone? I mean you're my best friend and I…I need to talk to you." He looked at me more seriously now, but still had that goofy smile on his face.

My heart was pounding in my chest wondering if he was feeling about me the way I was feeling about him. "Uh…yeah…sure…" I whispered quietly as I tried to swallow.

"I…um…I…" he began and my heart started pounding even more. "I'm no longer a virgin." He finally managed to get out as he turned beet red in the face, and then looked away a bit shyly.

My heart nearly jumped out of my chest as my eyes popped open wide. I wasn't sure at first of what he meant, but then slowly it started to sink in, and the blood sort of drained out of me.

"I…uh…you…how…what?" I exclaimed not knowing how to respond as my own mind started to get sort of sluggish and dizzy.

"Um…yeah…I finally did it Hunter and it was…I don't know…it was the best thing ever. I just don't know how to explain it other than I wanted it to go on forever and ever." He stated excitedly as he looked over at me with a huge smile that disappeared when he saw my expression.

"W…who?" I asked him totally shocked at the revelation.

"Um…Jenna." He stated and I thought I would throw up even though I didn't know why as he continued. "I mean it sort of happened you know. I…I sort of started to like her you know…I mean in that sort of boy-girl kind of way, and well at the hospital…um she sort of hinted that you told her that I liked her, and well I had to admit it to her. So…um…we've been sort of sneaking out and getting together, and tonight…well it just sort of happened." He told me seriously. "By the way, she's had boys before, but she was a virgin too. I would have never thought it…you know…I mean with all those boys she's sort of tossed aside. But she's different now…um…I really like her." He finished off as he looked at me seriously.

We both fell silent for a few moments as my head started to pound. He could tell something was up with me, but he just didn't know what it was as he stared at me. He rolled onto his back looking up at the ceiling, and scrunched his face as he contemplated what was so wrong. He thought I would be happy for him.

"Um…Hunter…I…I'm sorry if you and Jenna…I mean I didn't think the two of you…um…I mean if you like her I…I didn't know. I…I'm sorry if I went out of bounds." He told me thinking I liked Jenna.

It got real quiet between the two of us as we lay there together. "Dylan, remember at the hospital…you know when you made me promise not to keep secrets from you?"

Dylan looked over at me a bit puzzled. "Yeah…I remember." He whispered. "Hunter, I…I really didn't know you and Jenna, I mean she hinted that you knew we would be getting together." He stated a bit worried now about the supposedly mess with him getting laid with Jenna.

"I'm gay." I told him as a teardrop slithered down my cheek.

You could have heard a pin drop with the silence that followed. "N…no your not. Just because the two of us messed around doesn't mean anything. Look at me I just got laid by a girl and I loved it. The same thing will happen to you." He insisted.

Shaking my head I looked at him. "I'm in love with a boy." I told him as now the blood seemed to drain from his face.

"Y…you…I mean…but you and me. All these years and…shit…" He stated at a loss for words as he fell silent, and even in the darkness I could see his face get pale as the blood drained out of him from the shocking news.

"I…I think I'm going to be sick." He simply said as he got up, and put his head in his hands taking deep breathes.

Wanting to comfort my friend I reached out and touched his shoulders. He literally sprang out of bed shocked at my touch, and realizing he was standing there naked picked up his damp clothes and with great difficulty slipped inside of them shivering from the wetness.

"Dylan, please…I…I…" he didn't allow me to say anything as he just shook his head and looked like he was going to throw up.

Without another word, he picked up his jacket, opened up my door, and left silently slipping out the front door. It left me completely in a daze with tears running down my cheeks as I softly cried at first, and then let loose in my pillow as huge sobs wracked my body. At some point my mom heard me and silently crept into my room trying to comfort me. She was at a total loss about what to do or say because even though she continually asked what was wrong I refused to tell her. At some point exhaustion finally took over, and I fell asleep feeling totally empty at having lost my best friend in the entire world. How can things go from feeling so happy to feeling so devoid in such a short period of time?

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