Sweet Cheeks

by Hunter Woods

Chapter 11

The following morning I woke up a total mess as I slipped out of bed and dragged myself into the bathroom. I felt so lost and lonely that I didn't even have my morning hard-on, which was a first time since, well I don't ever recall waking up without a boner. After emptying out my bladder I just went through the motions of getting cleaned up, and then walked back into my room. Looking around I just felt so empty…so alone. I never knew it could hurt so much loosing a best friend.

Choking back a sob I sat down, and all of a sudden it happened. I started to leak like a faucet as new tears started to flow, and my body shook as sobs wracked my small frame. I stifled my moans in my pillow not wanting to deal with my mom if she heard me. I felt completely exhausted, and I started to shiver with cold so I slipped back under the covers. My head started to spin again, and when I reached over for my medication my stomach did a summersault as I dry heaved over the side of my bed. Thank goodness my stomach was empty, but just when I thought I was done my stomach went topsy-turvy again, and I heaved once more. Fuck, it was awful as my insides started to ache for having such a huge reaction.

Managing to open up the bottle containing my nausea meds with my shaking hands, I swallowed one down and tried to breathe as I gently leaned back into my pillows. My sister had been watching, and I almost jumped with fright when I saw her approaching from the corner of my eye.

"Shit Sis, I think Dylan was right…you need to learn to knock." I told her a bit obnoxiously before wincing realizing I had mentioned my friend as I tried to stifle another bout of tears.

"Spill it Hunter…what's going on?" She asked me really worried.

"Nothing…just leave me alone." I told her turning away.

"What happened between you and Dylan last night?" She asked me.

"W…what…how…um…" I was shocked she knew, but still didn't want to talk about it.

"I was in the kitchen when he left through the front door. So what happened?" She insisted.

"Nothing Susan…please just go away and leave me alone." I told her.

"Hunter you should really…" She started to say before I rolled over giving her an angry look.

"Fuck Susan…really…just leave me the fuck alone for once." I snapped at her, which caught me by complete surprise at the vitriol in my language and forcefulness towards her.

The look of shock on her face made me feel ashamed. I knew she was just trying to help out, but I was at my wits end, and sometimes she just felt too smothering. She reached out to me, and I flinched away confusing her.

"Sis…please…I…I just can't talk about it. Just…please leave me alone." I whispered begging her to leave.

She sighed and shook her head, but got up and left me alone. As soon as the door closed I buried my head and cried some more. It took a while, but finally I was just too exhausted and out of any more tears so fell asleep. At some point I woke up and noticed a plate with a couple of pj sandwiches sitting on my nightstand next to the bed with a bottle of juice. Mom must have set it down after I had fallen asleep.

It was already early afternoon, and I sighed realizing I had slept all morning. My head pounded a bit, but after a few bites from my sandwich and some juice I was feeling better. I stayed in bed for another hour before sighing and getting up carrying my plate out into the kitchen. My sister watched me, but didn't say anything. My mom smiled at me gently, and stroked my head giving me a hug, but didn't press me for anything.

I slipped back into my room feeling miserable about myself wondering if I should call up Dylan. Picking up my phone I started to dial, but just couldn't do it. Instead, I just decided to get dressed. I pealed out of my red colored boxer briefs and put on a clean pair which were blue in color. Opening up my dresser drawer, I pulled out a striped Ralph Lauren blue and gold long sleeved polo top with ribbed cuffs, two pearlescent buttons, and a large maroon colored polo player on the chest of the shirt. Next I went to my closet and pulled out a pair of red colored five pocket fitted Levi jeans with a zip fly, branded button on the waist, branded rivets throughout, and a branded material patch on the rear waist. After that, I put on a pair of blue Ralph Lauren polo socks with a small red player logo. The socks had red dual striped detailing at the closing end of each one, and the same red dual stripe at the opening hem.

Finally completely dressed I stood in front of my mirror and looked at myself. I had to admit I looked pretty snazzy and was feeling a bit better, but my face looked a bit haggard. Sighing I sat down at my computer and turned it on surfing the net for a bit answering my emails before getting bored and turning on my play station. It did manage to take my mind off of things for a while until I heard a knocking on my bedroom door.

"Yeah, what is it?" I called out noting it was around four in the afternoon now.

The door opened and my eyes popped open as I groaned having forgotten all about the sleepover. "Hey Hunter," Selden called out stepping down into my room followed by the blond haired Cameron.

The two boys were looking really adorably cute together. Selden was wearing an off white pair of slacks with a blue canvas style belt that had images of white ships stitched all the way around it. The blue polo style short sleeved shirt accented his blue colored eyes. Cameron was wearing a broad two toned blue colored vertical stripped Firelli polo style shirt and a pair of jeans that fit him snuggly around the crotch showing off his nice package.

My mom looked at me shrugging her shoulders before closing the door and leaving us alone. "Oh shit Selden, I forgot all about the sleepover. I mean I don't think it is a good idea today. I…I…well um…" I couldn't face the boys as I looked down.

"Why not?" Cameron asked me sounding a bit disappointed.

"I…I just wouldn't be good company today." I told them.

"Does this have to do with Dylan?" Selden inquired.

"What…I mean sort of…did he say…um…never mind." I sighed as I leaned back in my chair rubbing my forehead.

"Yeah, well he forbade me to come over, and I told him he could go fuck himself." Selden stated and Cameron giggled at how Selden stood up to his brother. The little shit may have a small pair of balls for real, but his bravery always spoke volumes as if he had the biggest pair of all.

"Oh…so he…um…I mean did he…um…say something to you?" I asked him a little alarmed at the prospect.

"Well…um…he sort of…you know…mentioned some things….uh…you know. I mean shit Hunter; the two of you are like best friends so who the fuck cares about…you know." He stated as he shot Cameron a glance who I assumed didn't know yet. "Anyway, when he told me I got mad at him and…well…I told him he's such a dickhead, and to go fuck off. Besides how would he feel about me…you know." He nodded towards Cameron.

"That's different Selden and you know it. You're still young so it doesn't really matter because you guys are just sort of…um…you know, playing." I told him seriously not wanting him to think he was gay at this stage of his life just because he is having sex fun with another boy. After all he's too young still to know one way or the other.

"What the hell are you guys talking about?" Cameron asked totally out of the loop, and I noticed Selden just shooting him a glance to just forget it for now.

So it has begun. Dylan's going to out me, I thought to myself. I didn't know how to feel about things at the moment. I was afraid of what this might mean for me when I went back to school. This was going to be a fucking mess for me. What ever possessed me to tell Dylan like this? I mean shit, yes he's my friend, but I should have known better. Sure Dylan and I had done things together, but he had always been clear he was into girls, and what we did was just for a bit of…gratification. Still, I didn't know why he reacted so over the top about it.

"What's going on guys?" I heard my sweet boy's voice shout out as he smiled brilliantly stepping down into my room.

"Hey Garrett." Both Selden and Cameron greeted their friend as they bumped knuckles.

My boy could tell something was up right away, but before he could comment my mom stuck her head inside. "So boys…what's it to be fast pizza delivery from Dominos or fantastic pizza from little Mamma Cerello's?" She stated handing us a large tray of cut meats, cheese, and crackers to snack on along with soda pop for all of us.

We all looked at each other and smiled saying in one voice, "Mamma Cerello's."

This was just a small family owned place that put out the most delicious pizzas. They offered two different thick crust party style pizza sizes that were rectangular in shape. The smaller size was twenty four inches by thirty six inches, and the larger one was thirty six inches by forty eight inches. Not only that, but they offered a wide variety of combinations, and their pizza sauce they used was to die for.

"So, I think the small party size will do, but what do you want for toppings?" She asked.

Again we looked at each other and stated, "The house surprise."

This basically meant whatever the cooks decided, and usually ended up being various sections of the pizza topped with different combinations. In other words the pizza chef would just go wild with his imagination, and man would he just pile on the stuff. It was totally awesome for junk food junkies like us teenagers and pre-teens.

"No surprise there," my mom chuckled. "Since you have all of these snacks I'll plan for it to be delivered around seven this evening. So when is Dylan planning on arriving? Should I order now or wait for a few?" She asked smiling.

My face sort of dropped, and my mom saw my reaction so Selden spoke up for me. "Um…well…I don't think he's coming Mrs. Alan. He…he has a girlfriend now…and well…um…you know how it is?" He finished off with a sort of white lie.

"Oh…I see," my mom stated nodding her head. "Um Hunter…can I speak with you a moment?" She asked me walking towards the living room.

Receiving a sympathetic look from Selden, and confused looks from both Cameron and Garrett, I sighed getting up and followed my mom out to the living room. My sister and dad were watching a show, but looked over at what was going on. I could tell my sister was heading out because she was all dolled up. Brad must be picking her up soon for a date or something somewhere. I felt happy for her that she had finally found someone special.

"So…Dylan has a girlfriend?" My mom started out and I nodded my head. "Well Hunter you should be happy for him that he finally found someone and not jealous." She stated having misunderstood the rift between me and Dylan.

"No…that isn't…" I started to say, but my mom held up her hand.

"Listen Hunter…Dylan is your best friend and you shouldn't let a girl get between the two of you. I mean, I'm assuming that maybe you like the same girl too, am I not right?"

Thinking about it I had to agree that I did like Jena, but not the way my mom was thinking. "Well yeah but…" I started to explain before being cut off, which to tell you the truth was just fine because how exactly was I supposed to explain this anyway.

"No buts Hunter. Next time you see Dylan the two of you just need to make up and have done with this silliness over a girl. Besides, it probably won't last anyway." She stated which elicited a snigger from Susan. I shot her a glance, and she just rolled her eyes before turning her attention back to the show.

It was getting a bit awkward so I just agreed with my mom so that I could head back into the room. Of course this didn't make things any easier because as soon as I stepped into my room there were three sets of eyes staring back at me. Evidently Selden had filled in the other two boys now at what was going on with me and Dylan.

Garrett walked over and immediately gave me a hug. "I'm so sorry Hunter. I…I…this is my fault." He stated, but I shook my head no and hugged him back for a moment before releasing him.

"No Sweet Cheeks it isn't your fault. It's no ones fault." I whispered quietly and reassuringly to my little love as we hugged again.

The other two boys watched for a moment before joining us in a big group hug. "That dorky no good for nothing and no account brother of mine don't know the meaning of a great friend." Selden declared as he heaved forcing us all to stumble and fall onto my bed in a tangle of arms and legs as we all just tittered giddily as it progressed into an all out wrestling match.

There was a lot of bumping and grinding going on, not to mention a lot of playful groping as we made a mess out of my bed. In the end all three boys ganged up on me effectively pinning me down. Before I knew it Garrett was sitting on my stomach, Selden had his hands down the front of my pants clamping down on my balls while he put his weight across my legs, and Cameron was sitting on my chest shoving his hips forward face fucking me through his tight jeans rubbing his noticeably large bulge all over my mug.

"What the fuck," I grunted finally managing to toss both Garrett and Cameron off of me, and then forcibly removed Selden's hands from out of my pants. "Shit, that's not funny guys. You know Garrett and I are…together." I admonished them.

"So what, that doesn't mean we all can't have some fun together." Selden commented as he smiled winking at Garrett who nodded his head.

"Hey…" I looked at Garrett a bit flustered. "You agree with them?" I asked him seriously.

He just looked at Selden and Cameron, and then shrugged his shoulders. "I don't mind sharing you with my best friends." He admitted.

"Well that's a two way street you know. What if they want to do things with you too?" I asked him chuckling noticing his eyes bulging out. I guess he hadn't considered being a play toy for his two friends as well.

"Um…I…uh…let's play some video games." He finally blurted out trying to avoid the question while Selden and Cameron giggled at what had just transpired. In their minds they now had the green light to have some extra fun with their friend who had previously been sort of off limits. "Don't even think it." Garrett glared at his two friends as we gathered around finding a game all four of us could play on my play station.

We were really getting into the game having paired up as teams when I put it on pause because I was starting to get a bit chilled. It was windy outside, and I could hear the rain as it pounded against the side of our house. I walked over to my gas fireplace and turned it on feeling warm almost right away as the heat started to flow out into the room. Satisfied I turned around and headed back towards the guys when I just about jumped out of my skin hearing a banging sound on my window. I wasn't the only one who jumped from the unexpected noise.

"Fuck, that scared the shit out of me," I complained as I headed over to my window to find out what was going on.

Opening up the curtains I could barely make out a soaked figure standing just outside my window. I opened up it up and looked out trying to figure out who was standing there getting plastered with rain. Squinting for a moment my eyes flew open wide as I motioned for him to get inside.

"What the fuck is it with everyone trying to sneak in through my window all the time?" I hissed as Dylan forced his way through the small opening, and plopped onto the floor flopping around like a fish out of water for a bit before managing to standing up.

"Shit, its freezing cold out there not to mention completely flooded," he complained as he peeled off his jacket, and draped it over a hook by the gas fireplace to dry.

He looked haggard and pale; probably looking a lot like me as he glanced up briefly and then looked away involuntarily shivering from the cold dampness he had just muddled through to get here. I just looked at him for a moment before Garrett stepped over next to me trying to provide me with some much needed support. Selden and Cameron stayed by the television set, but kept a watchful eye on what was transpiring.

"W…what are you doing here?" I whispered barely audible noticing Dylan wincing at my question.

We both stood there for a moment, and then I saw a teardrop at the corner of his eye as he just shrugged at me. "I…I…" he sighed as he looked away and we both continued to stand there without another word. "Jena kicked me out and told me to go away," he stated quietly as I saw him shuddering with emotion.

"W…what…I mean…I don't understand." I told him honestly.

Last night everything had been just fine, more than fine, and now all of a sudden she had just told him to go away. I mean there had to be more to it than this. I was at a loss for words, because for one thing he had sort of left me hanging last night not knowing what had gone wrong, and now he was standing here complaining about his situation with his girlfriend.

Not knowing what else to do or say I just asked him point blank. "Um…well what did you do?" I queried.

"N…nothing…I mean I really don't know. One moment we are just fine having a good time talking, and then she just up and kicks me out telling me I'm a creep. I…I don't know what I did wrong?" He told me seriously as he sat on the edge of the bed. "She just shoved me out the door and told me to…to…come over and talk to you." He finished.

Now I was really confused. "What were you guys talking about anyway?"

"Um…nothing really…I mean…it really wasn't anything all that important." Dylan declared, but when he glanced at me and looked away I had a bad gut wrenching feeling about it.

"It was about me…wasn't it?" I asked him getting defensive.

"Yeah it was, and don't look at me like that. I mean…last night it…it was fucking creepy is all. I mean my best friend admitting…" he just petered off not wanting to finish.

"So I told you…so what? I mean it's still me, and nothings really changed. I don't know why you got all creped out about it. You are the one who told me you didn't want me keeping secrets from you. Do you think it was easy for me to admit this to you?" I asked him as he just looked down ashamed, and not able to answer me. "Fuck, I…I just sort of figured it out for myself just recently and…and fuck Dylan…you're supposed to be my best friend and be there for me…instead you…you just got up without saying a word and left me there confused and hurt. I…I cried for hours afterwards because I…I…um…felt lost without my best friend." I finished in barely a whisper as I turned away and started to cry again.

Huge sobs wracked my body, and I felt alone once more before I heard Selden snap at his brother. "You're a fucking piece of shit. You're best friend is crying, and you are so afraid to hold him because he is gay." He spat out as he got between me and his older brother and just held on to me.

Dylan sighed, "Just stay out of it Selden. This is between me and Hunter. All of you just go and play a video game so that I can work this out with him." He told everyone as he shoved his little brother away, and scooted closer to me finally wrapping his arms around me.

"Fuck Hunter…I don't know why I freaked out." He sighed not so convincingly.

"Yeah you do…you left because you hate me now because I admitted that I'm gay." I told him as I tried to shrug him off of me now, but he just held on to me tighter.

"No it's not." He whispered as he laid his head on my shoulder and sighed deeply.

His reaction confused me as I hiccupped from having sobbed so hard. "Th…" I hiccupped, "then why?" I asked looking over towards him.

"Because…," he sighed sitting back up. "Because I was afraid."

"Afraid…of me?" I asked him.

He shook his head, "No." He simply replied, which just confused me even more as he sighed and continued. "I was afraid because I…I liked what…you know…what we did together, and thought that maybe it makes me…you know…maybe gay too." He finally admitted as I just frowned at him.

His words started to sink in, and then all of a sudden I couldn't help myself as I started to laugh. The other boys looked over at us a minute until I got my laughing under control.

"It's not funny." He told me seriously.

"Of course it is. You're not gay Dylan." I assured him.

"Why not…I mean we both…um…did stuff together." He lowered his voice looking over to the other boys making sure they didn't hear him before continuing in the same low tone. "And I guess you liked it too…so I just thought…you know?"

"No…I don't know." I teased him. "Listen you admitted loving what you and Jena did, and you really like her…you know…more than just like…you have real feelings for her right?" I asked him.

"Yeah, I guess. I mean the sex…" He stopped and looked over at the other boys and dropped his voice some more. "The sex was great, but it's like…I don't know…it's like I get all tingly inside when I'm just around her."

"There's your answer." I assured him as he looked back confused.

"Yeah, but what if that feeling is because of the…" He looked over to the other boys again before continuing once more as I just shook my head. "What if it was just because of the sex?"

"Believe me that isn't the case." I assured him.

"How do you know?"

"Because Jena felt me up, and I got hard as a rock. I could have had her, and believe me it felt great when she felt me up and everything, but I just don't get that tingly feeling with her like I do with…um…guys." I told him.

His eyes got big as saucers. "She…you…I mean you two…fuck Hunter…she's my girlfriend." He hissed at me a bit miffed.

"Yeah now…but at the time she wasn't. Why do you think she gave you the time of day?" I protested not liking his tone. "If it weren't for me you'd still be mooning and pining over her instead of actually being girlfriend and boyfriend."

He looked up at me apologetically and sighed. "Yeah your right, but still…I mean did you um…you know?"

"Of course not. Your brother is right you really are a piece of work you know." I pointed out defensively.

"I know…I know…it's just now I don't know what is going on with Jena. I mean does she know about you?" He admitted and inquired at the same time.

"Yeah, she knows about me."

"How…I mean you didn't just up and tell her." Dylan stated looking at me like I was crazy if I did.

"Of course not…she sort of figured it out at the hospital. She saw…" I sighed knowing I was finally going to have to tell him. "She saw me with Garrett…I mean how close the two of us were together." I told him a little bit worried.

He just stared at me, and then looked away for a moment before looking back, and then away again as he digested the information. "Fuck Hunter…he…he's like Selden's age."

"Yeah, a few months older, but…it just sort of happened that way and well…Garrett and I sort of…fit together." I told him shrugging my shoulders.

"Fuck…no wonder Jena was pissed at me. She was sticking up for her little brother too. Fuck, I really screwed up didn't I?" He admitted.

"Yeah, but nothing that can't be fixed." I told him as I looked up to see Dylan's little brother glaring at us a couple of feet away.

"I'll have you know Dylan that I'm gay too." He spat out defiantly at his older brother.

Dylan just gaped at his little brother a bit shocked, and then looked over towards Cameron as he finally realized that the two boys had been spending a lot of time together. He was able to piece together that they were doing a lot more than practicing soccer or playing video games, and it kind of creeped him out. I mean, it was his little brother, and he just couldn't wrap his mind around the fact that the smaller boy was having sex of any sort.

Dylan shuddered involuntarily. "Shit, I don't even want to know this Selden. I mean, not the gay part…just the whole sex thing. Fuck you're my little brother you aren't supposed to be doing these things. I mean I know guys do shit and stuff but…shit Selden you're my little brother." Is all he could say.

Selden was going to say something more, but I interjected. "Selden you are not gay. Well you might be, but you are still too young to know for sure." I told him seriously.

"What do you mean I'm not gay? I have sex with other boys and I like it…so I think that makes me gay." He stated defiantly.

"No it doesn't. It just makes you a horny little shit, just like so many other boys. Right now you are just fooling around to satisfy some…needs. Give it a few years, and I'll bet you'll be chasing after the girls and their titties along with their pussies." I teased him as he crinkled up his nose at that.

"No way will that ever happen." He stated defiantly, but didn't argue about it anymore. "So?" He looked questioningly at his brother.

"Geeze Selden, just give it a rest. Hunter and I are cool about things. We are just working some stuff out is all."

"Come on everyone…let's all have some fun together tonight alright? Dylan, things are going to be alright between you and Jena…I'll give her a call and set things straight. So are you going to stay with us tonight or are you going to…" I asked him.

"Yeah, it sounds like a lot of fun, but just one condition." He stated looking towards his brother.

"What?" I asked him a bit curious.

"Just no sex stuff, and for Pete's sake Selden will you just give your dick a rest tonight. Jacking off in bed every night is just so damn rude, and I can't get any sleep. Just when I think I'm about to nod off you attack that dick of yours and won't stop for an hour. It's driving me crazy because I can't get any sleep." He admitted to his little brother as we all just busted up well aware of Selden's stamina with his orgasms.

"Shit…" I stated between my laughs. "He's still wanking that little thing of his like there was no tomorrow?" I teased lightly.

"Little?" Dylan shot me a glance. "You haven't seen it lately have you? He's sort of…grown a bit down there. I mean…it's not huge or anything, but at least he won't need to be embarrassed about showering in front of others in school next year." Dylan praised his little brother.

"Oh really?" I asked Selden cocking my eyebrow at the boy as he smiled back.

"Oh yeah…really…look." Selden stated proudly as he pulled down his pants and underwear thrusting out his hips and showing off his two and a half inch erection.

It was still small, but nothing to be ashamed about for his age that was for sure. Besides by next school year he might still continue to grow down there. He still had a tiny little loose boy pouch, but it too had gotten a bit bigger along with a slight enlargement of his testicles.

"What the fuck Selden?" Dylan complained. "Put that thing away." He grumbled as he turned red more embarrassed about it than Selden.

"Hey it's my cock, and I'll let it hang out whenever I want to." The boy insisted wiggling around his hips as the rest of us just giggled about it.

"Come on Dylan lighten up." I told him. "We are all changing a bit you know. It's only natural." I assured him, but it didn't seem to diminish his embarrassment at his little brother's crassness about the whole sex thing.

"Yeah…"Garrett piped in. "I can finally shoot, and I also have a couple of pubes now." He admitted to everyone before realizing he had spoken up, and then turning beet red in the face as he blushed.

"No way dude," Cameron giggled as he and Selden grabbed Garrett forcing him onto the bed wanting a closer look for themselves.

"Hey knock it off guys." Garrett complained as he looked towards me for help.

Before he could do anything the two boys had his pants and underwear down by his ankles, and were looking for some pubes. "Oh fuck…" Garrett moaned as Cameron went straight for his huge dick and tried to swallow it whole while Selden started in on his balls.

"Shit," Dylan hissed looking away. "I can't believe they are just going to do that like…right there."

"Guys…please…oh shit…umph…"Garrett hissed as I watched his toes curling up.

The boys had caught him by surprise, and weren't going to ease up on him wanting to get him to spurt out some of his baby batter right away for them.

"Oh shit…get off I'm…" Garrett grunted at Cameron who immediately stopped sucking him, but continued to pump on the boy's large erection. "Umph…oh shiiiii….umph….umph," Garrett groaned as a short spurt erupted from the end of his dick depositing a small clump of clear substance onto his stomach before continuing with just some dry spasms.

"Whoa, he really did shoot," Cameron gasped while Selden just looked wild eyed at his slightly older friend.

"Yeah, that was totally and wickedly awesome. I bet you are the first one in our class to shoot." Selden stated seriously as he examined the gooey substance rubbing it around his fingers, and then wiping it back onto Garrett's stomach.

"Fuck…"Dylan whispered to me. "That little shit actually does sperm already. Hell we didn't start shooting until what…when we were like thirteen. "Damn, he's what still eleven?" He asked me as he looked on, and gaped at the scene that had unfolded in front of him.

In the end even he couldn't look away at what was going on. It was kind of sexy and hot watching another boy have an orgasm like that.

"Yeah, he's going to be twelve in a couple of months. He's kind of hitting puberty on the young side." I sighed at my friend. "Garrett is kind of hopeful he won't grow so much down there so his body sort of catches up. At least his dick hasn't gotten bigger since last summer, unlike Selden which is a great thing for your brother."

Garrett was starting to recover from his orgasms, and gently shoved his friends away. "Shit guys…that sucked." He complained while Cameron and Selden started laughing at Garrett's use of the word 'Suck.'

"Assholes." Garrett complained because he knew what they were laughing about, but also not really all that upset having enjoyed it a little as well. "Geeze…don't fucking do that again without asking first." He chuckled shaking his head, and pulling up his underwear and pants tucking away his large endowment.

"That was way…totally wicked," Cameron admitted. "I love your foreskin…it's kind of cool."

"Yeah well…I didn't appreciate being tackled like that, and it won't happen again." Garrett emphasized the last part and Cameron seemed kind of bummed about it.

"Alright guys…I think Dylan is right. No more sex stuff tonight. Shit my folks could have walked in…or my sister for that matter." I told them seriously.

"Awe…come on Hunter…not even after we go to bed?" Selden asked me.

"Damn Selden, your brother is right. Give it a rest already. Hell if you have to have it so badly you can play around a little after we go to bed. But no hanky panky with anyone who doesn't want to participate. And for Pete's sake, not too long either because I have a feeling a lot of us are going to want to get some sleep. Besides, I'm still pretty banged up and sore from the accident." I told the two younger boys who nodded agreement that at least they would be able to play a little tonight.

"That's just fine." Garrett grumbled. "You could have told them this before…before they attacked me." He complained.

"Oh come on Sweet Cheeks, admit it…you enjoyed it." I teased him knowing this was the first time he had been sucked off by anyone other than me.

"Well…maybe a little," He whispered to me quietly as he hugged me. "But it still isn't the same as when you do it. I know it was only Selden and Cameron, but…I…I only want you to do that stuff with me." He admitted.

Sighing I knew he was right because I only wanted him anymore as well. "Yeah…you're right Garrett. I only want you too." I told him seriously as I held on to him enjoying how he felt in my arms and how he smelled to me.

For a few moments it was as if we were the only two people in the room. It was short lived as Dylan interrupted us.

Sighing, I looked up at my friend. "Hunter…I…I just wanted to say I…I really care about you…as a friend…you know." He blushed apologetically at me for his previous behavior.

It had been the only time since we first became friends that we had been at odds with one another. Never before had we ever raised our voices at each other or even had any sort of blowup. I guess we really didn't have one this time around either, but for a brief period there had been a rift.

"It's alright Dylan but…um…please promise me we won't ever stop being friends no matter what." I insisted.

He nodded his head somberly at me. "Yeah…I was totally out of it, and felt awful the entire time. I couldn't believe that I had just left like that last night. I got to the end of the block, and just wanted to run back but…I…I just couldn't do it for some reason. It'll never happen again…I promise." He stated as he smiled at me.

With all the awkward crap out of the way we were all finally able to settle back down and enjoy the evening together. When my mom stuck her head in to check up on us she was pleased to see that Dylan had joined us. The pizza arrived around seven in the evening, and we pigged out all evening while we watched movies and played some video games together. Of course there were several wrestling bouts mixed in with the evening, and I felt bad for Dylan because he kept on getting ganged up on by all the younger boys as they made sure to cop plenty of feels on the older boy's crotch. Of course the older boy gave out just as much as he received having become a lot more comfortable with the entire situation.

It was really late when we all finally crawled into bed completely exhausted. Of course it didn't stop Selden and Cameron from having some fun. It was dark in the room as I snuggled up comfortably behind Garrett, and gently stroked his erection in my warm hands. He moaned appreciatively, but it wasn't about getting him off sexually. We were both content at the closeness between the two of us, and how it felt to wrap ourselves up around each other.

Before long both Selden and Cameron were at one another. I guess it had been a little while since they've been able to have sexual interaction with one another, and they were going to utilize the time. Of course Dylan rolled over facing the other way, but I was comfortable with Garrett wrapped up in my arms, and didn't want to disrupt how wonderful it felt.

Garrett giggled as he watched Cameron straddle over his older friend and shove his three inch erection inside of Selden's eagerly waiting lips. The younger boy really had come a long way as he face fucked his friend like a little jack rabbit peaking in mere moments. Selden's practiced lips and tongue worked his younger friend's tool like magic forcing his younger friend into a frenzied orgasm.

Damn, the younger boy was so sexy hot as he writhed and squirmed tittering like a little girl in euphoric blissfulness. It was pure youthful intimacy filled with exuberance, energy, and passion. How could anyone say something so beautiful was not right.

The younger boy recuperated quickly as he slithered downwards so he could repay his older friend in kind. Selden had matured since summer, and I watched enraptured as his extremely hard looking erection slipped inside of his younger friend's mouth. Selden's penis may have gotten bigger, but it still looked so damn hard, much harder than any other guys' erection that I've ever seen. Not only was his cock still extremely hard, but it appeared as if his orgasmic stamina still hadn't diminished as Cameron worked his friend into a frenzy of epic proportion.

Damn, it was as if nothing could satiate Selden completely as one orgasm after another seemed to wrack his tiny body. I mean after a while it became almost comical as we started to laugh about ten minutes into his continual rolling orgasm. It was almost like watching California go through that rolling blackout they had a few years back with their energy crisis. I mean the lights would go out in one place to turn on somewhere else, and then it would turn back on going out somewhere else.

Selden's orgasm would peak as one part of his body would heave before settling down then going back through it a mere few moments later. By the time Cameron got done with his older friend, Selden was in a state of collapse. His erection never did completely go down, but he fell asleep in his friends arms completely exhausted from all the sex, followed quickly by Cameron.

As soon as Selden and Cameron were done, Dylan was snoring as well finally asleep. I admit I had to feel for Dylan if he had to go through this every night with Selden. I mean…how much jacking off can a guy do before rubbing himself raw. This must be driving the older boy crazy having to listen to this over and over again every night.

"Shit, how the hell does Dylan put up with that?" Garrett whispered to me.

"I have no fucking idea, but unless Selden slows down a bit I don't know how this is going to affect him as well. Shit…I mean how can a kid have so many damn orgasms without really going down. It fucking hurts me to just think about it." I told Garrett as I breathed him in and he reached back grabbing my hips wanting me to move my dick closer inside his butt cheeks. We were both wearing our shorts but I reached down and hooked the waistband under my balls and then shoved his shorts down a little so I can snuggle my dick inside his butt cheeks.

"Damn, I can't wait until you make love to me." Garrett whispered as he turned his head to look over his shoulders at me.

Sighing I nodded my head. "Soon my love…soon we will be together in every sense of the word. The other night was so…special, and I want us to be…one." I agreed with him as I held him even tighter both of us getting quiet. Before long we both faded of to sleep dreaming of the day we could be alone once more, and make sweet love to one another.

After the sleepover the rest of the weekend seemed to fly by me. I was kind of sad to see it go by so fast while I recuperated from my injuries. My big bruising along my entire side was fading away slowly, but it still looked ugly, not to mention I was still a bit sore. Garrett came over every day to keep me company as we puttered around the house.

It was Monday the thirty first so New Years' Eve coming up. School would be back in session on Wednesday, so only a couple of more days. I woke up feeling a bit stiff, but much improved, and felt that when school started I would be able to go back and get around well enough. It just seemed I was a bit more tired since the accident, but my stamina seemed to improve with each passing day. If it weren't for my illness I was pretty sure that although probably still sore my energy level would have bounced back by now. As it was things were taking just a bit longer for me.

Groaning a bit, I stretched, reached for my pain medication, and then hobbled out from beneath my covers. Looking in the large mirror on my dresser drawer I sighed as I inspected my large bruise along my torso. It had faded to that yellowish green state, and looked nasty, but at least everything else looked fine as I had to chuckle at my burgeoning erection begging for relief as it swayed around stiffly in front of me.

Just then my sister opted to make an appearance catching me by surprise with my erection pointing out and everything. She gawked for a second before tearing away her gaze from me. It was a bit embarrassing for me, but I just sighed realizing that at least I hadn't been wanking myself at the time. My erection was more from the need to take a piss than anything else.

Not able to do anything about my erection I just shrugged my shoulders and walked passed my sister, saying good morning in the process as I hobbled into the bathroom leaving the door open. Pointing my erection towards the toilet bowl and leaning up against the wall for a better angle I let loose and shivered as goose bumps crawled over my skin at the wonderful sensation. After flushing the toilet I washed my hands and brushed my teeth before heading back into my room still completely naked but much deflated.

"Morning Sis," I greeted her as I walked to my dresser drawer and pulled out a pair of underwear.

"Um…sorry about that Hunter, I…I didn't mean to…interrupt…um…anything." She finished blushing a bit.

"You weren't. I was just looking at my bruising wondering how long it would take to clear up…and as for the other thing…" I shrugged my shoulders, "it's like that every morning until I take a piss." I explained to her.

With her being a girl she just didn't understand about us guys getting a woody first thing in the morning until after we relieve our bladders. I saw her scrunching her eyebrows, and filing away the information. Evidently somehow this fact had sort of escaped her. I didn't know how, considering all those times she's seen me naked and stuff, but I guess she's always just come in and woken me up leaving before I actually climbed out of bed.

Chuckling at my sister and shaking my head I just said, "You never knew that about guys…I mean why do you think Dylan is so upset first thing in the morning when you come in and threaten to pull off the covers. It happens all the time first thing in the morning until we take a piss." I told her as I continued to giggle.

"Geeze, I just thought you guys were…um…fickle first thing in the morning," She smiled back at me understanding now why Dylan was so touchy when she came into the room.

"Anyway, I wanted to talk to you about tonight. Mom and dad are going to the company's New Years' Party, and normally the two of us go as well, but this year Brad and I have been invited to one of our friend's boats so that we can watch the fireworks. So I won't be going to the party. I had planned on not going anyway because I figured you weren't really up to it, but if I go with Brad it will leave you all alone." She told me sadly and indecisive as to whether or not she should go.

"Wow, sounds cool. You and Brad should go and have fun. I already told mom that I'll be staying home. It's no real big deal. They had thought about skipping the party too, but I told them not too."

"You sure Hunter…I mean, you'll be all alone for New Years." She stated. "If you really want…you could come with us."

Shrugging my shoulders, "Nah…its cool Susan. I mean I've been invited to a party at one of my friends place, so it isn't as if I didn't have somewhere I could go as well, but I just wasn't feeling up to it…you know? It's just taking a little longer for me to find the energy these days. Doc told me it might take a bit for me to completely bounce back, but not to worry because everything came up alright with my blood work." I told her as my sister smiled and got up off the bed looking at my body critically.

"You know…you really are sexy handsome. If you weren't my brother I'd fall for you for sure. Not to mention that nice sized thing of yours…" she giggled. "Never knew it could get that big on you." She blushed not believing those words left her lips. "Anyway, I think I'll knock on your door from now on. I don't think my heart could take it if you actually were…um…you know…involved with…um…something…" She teased me as I rolled my eyes.

"Yeah right…I think both mom and dad would have to pick out coffins for both of us because if that ever happened I'd probably have a heart attack too." I flushed red in the face a little embarrassed by talking this sort of crap with my sister. Damn, what teenage boy talks to his sister about sex stuff I thought to myself.

Just as my sister was leaving my mom stuck her head inside saying I have a phone call. It was Mrs. Davis wanting to know if it was alright for Garrett to spend New Years' with me. Jena was going out with Dylan to that party I had been invited to as well, and Mrs. Davis had been invited to go along with my parents. They all figured since I would be alone maybe Garrett could keep me company. It looked as if Mrs. Davis and my parents were becoming close friends ever since Garrett and I had begun to hang out together, not to mention regarding that big scare we gave our parents with the whole incident last week. The scare involving the near death of their sons' had brought them even closer together.

The news had me on cloud nine all day long. I would be alone with the love of my life all night long. My sister wouldn't be home until tomorrow morning for breakfast, and my folks wouldn't be home until around two in the morning. I knew this because the last two years that is about the time we always managed to get home from the company's New Years' party.

When Garrett finally showed up at my door my heart nearly gave out. He was so damn sexy hot in those blue pair of Chino style pants with a button up long sleeved bright white shirt rolled up at the sleeves with the top two buttons undone revealing his pale sleek chest. The boy's hazel eyes seemed to sparkle and glitter in hues of blue with anticipation, and it made me swallow with difficulty as his sultry face beamed brightly with that adorable sweet smile of his.

I had selected to put on a pair of fitted red colored jeans with a short sleeved yellow style polo shirt and red logo. Garrett was scrutinizing my body lustfully as he smiled appreciatively at me. My heart was pounding so loudly in my chest that I almost didn't hear what my mom was saying.

"Alright boys…I put out plenty of snacks for you both, and if you need anything else there are plenty of things you can pull out of the freezer and heat up in the microwave." My mom pointed out as Mrs. Davis stepped up to her son and gave him a quick kiss.

A few moments later, and our parents were gone leaving us all alone with the entire house to ourselves. It was strange, but all of a sudden both of us sort of got shy about things. We both knew what we each wanted, but now that we were alone it sort of got a little awkward. Perhaps because this was a bit more planned, and not happening at the spur of the moment type of thing. Whatever it was we both suddenly became a bit shy about it all.

"Um…lets grab a bite to eat." I suggested as we headed out to the dining room and pulled out the warm pizza my mom had placed in the oven with the setting on warm so that it would remain fresh.

We both dove in, being careful not to splatter all over our fine threads. Ever since I took Garrett shopping that first time this past summer his taste in clothing and style had blossomed. The boy always looked fashionable, and he had learned how to shop with a budget. I mean just because you didn't have a lot of money didn't mean you couldn't buy stylish clothes, it only meant you had to work harder at finding things when they went on sale.

After a while we both seemed to calm down as we joked and started to have fun. When we finished eating the two of us made our way back to my room and sat down flipping on the television set watching all of the festivities happening around the world with all the fireworks.

My body quivered at the closeness of Garrett, and I felt lightheaded with anticipation. Glancing over towards Garrett I noticed the bulge pressing up against the fabric of his sky blue Chinos. He could sense my gaze, and turned towards me with a warm smile leaning his head against my chest as I wrapped my arm around him feeling the warmth of his body radiate outwards.

The boy gazed up into my eyes, and I leaned my head down expectantly as he met me halfway our lips connecting with both of us breathing hard. Electricity course through my body with excitement as my own erection struggled for freedom. The confining fabric pressing against my torrid hardness was actually painful as I leaned in further our bodies slowly settling down on the covers of my bedding.

Our lips continued to explore as our tongues slithered together in a graceful dance of lust and love. My entire body felt like it was on fire as Garrett sucked the air right out of me. I moaned involuntarily as I felt his hands along my crotch. My body quivered excitedly at his gentle groping as our lips finally pulled apart leaving us both gasping for oxygen. I leaned my forehead on to his as I continued to breathe erratically noticing the faint muskiness scent of Garrett as it wafted up to my nose.

"Oh fuck…" I gasped with my body trembling. "Are…are you sure Garrett. I mean…we…we don't have to unless…" I whimpered holding back my excitement.

The boy just looked up at me. "You…you…um…aren't backing out? I mean…you still…um…love me and all. I…I really want this Hunter, but only if…" He turned away with a few tears having answered my question.

"Don't be silly Garrett. Of course I love you." I breathed him in heavily. "It…it's just I want us to be sure about this. Y…you're still young and I…I don't want to hurt you or make it so that you have any regrets." I stated as I nibbled on his ear noticing him quiver at the erotic sensation it created inside his tiny frame.

"Oh shit…aaargh, that fucking feels so hot." He exclaimed. "Please Hunter…I want us to be…umph…together…like the other day. It…it's just so…mmmmm…oh you're your so hot…," he moaned appreciatively as I nibbled his ear lobes. "It's just unbelievable how much love I felt in that moment…you know…when…when we were together…I felt…complete…" He grunted as my hand lightly squeezed his balls, and he jerked pleasantly from the sensation.

"I know baby…I felt it too." I whispered to him shocking myself at the whole 'baby' type of love talk as I eased up off of him and stood up. I mean, what kid talks like that to another boy even if they are in love.

We were both breathing hard as he watched me slowly peal off my shirt exposing my upper body nakedness to him. He sat up his hands shaking as he started to undo his shirt button, but I reached out and stopped him gently easing him back onto his back with his legs dangling off the edge of the bed. My body weight gently settled on top of him as my groin pressed up against his bulge and I held his arms together above his head. My mouth pressed down on his burning hot lips for a moment as I stood back up with him watching me not moving a muscle and breathing heavily with anticipation.

Unhooking my pant button and then lowering the zipper, my bulge forced its way past the opening as it strained against the fabric of my blue boxer briefs. Within moments all of my clothes, including my briefs were lying haphazardly around on the floor. My torrid four inch erection angled upward stiffly bobbing around with the beating of my heart. Garrett's eyes were glued to my nakedness as he swallowed down a lump in his throat.

Moving forward I eased my naked body on top of his as I pressed myself into him with my hands diving beneath his shirt and stroking his ribs. Garrett whimpered as the intense sensation of my nakedness pressing up against him, and my light touch along his ribs made him shudder with lustfulness.

Sliding my body off of him and kneeling on the floor between his legs I gently pulled him up into a sitting position noticing Garrett wince as his extremely erect tubular extension pressed painfully against the fabric of his pants. Working slowly I took my time as I unsnapped each button on his shirt, then rubbed my hands across his pale bare firm chest before slipping his white shirt off of his body. I shivered at his near nakedness now as my lips pressed up against his stiff nipples, and gently nibbled on them. I heard Garrett groan in pleasure as I stimulated him.

Gently forcing him backwards onto the mattress I noticed his large bulge twitching inside the fabric of his pants. I could clearly see the tubular outline stretched along the length of his pubic area as it struggled up against the stiff fabric of his pants. Reaching out with shaking fingers I unsnapped his pant button, and slowly slid down his zipper opening up the front of his pants. I quivered as I realized Garrett was wearing those little tight brightly colored cartoon boy briefs. He knew full well that those would be a total turn on to me as Thor's Hammer bulged outwards tightly stretched around the tip of my boy's penis. My mouth lowered down to Garrett's fully exposed belly button as I teased him with my tongue. His hips thrust upwards a little as his large contained boyhood snuggled up under my chin and along my throat. The heat emanating from that region was intensely stiflingly hot as I lifted my mouth away from his belly button.

Scooping my hands under his back side I tugged at his waistband, and easily slid the fabric of his underwear over those nice pale orbs of his. The waistband of his underwear caught along the base of his erection as my hands slithered around to his front and eased them over his four and a half inch shaft. With one smooth motion I removed the rest of his underwear tossing them onto the floor noticing how they settled down next to my haphazardly discarded clothing. Finally, taking each foot into my hands and gently rubbing them for a moment, I slid off his socks allowing them to drop to the floor as well.

Garrett was completely naked now as I looked down at him with my eyes glittering watching his largeness bob and sway around in timing to each beat of his heart. My body hovered over him for a moment before I settled down on top of him feeling our two heated erections sliding around against each other. Garrett was moaning softly with his eyes closed as I pressed my lips against his, and slowly sucked the air out of his lungs. Releasing him so that we both could breathe, my mouth slowly inched its way downwards before stopping on his mostly bare pubic mound.

The boy smelled of soap and musk, and I knew he had taken a bath before coming here so that he could be all cleaned up for me. I admired his few strands of light thin colored pubic hairs. They were almost undetectable, but there nevertheless hinting at his budding maturity. Ever so slowly I opened my mouth, and took his hardness inside of my gaping hot wetness as I slowly took all of him in.

"Mmmmm," Garrett moaned quivering erotically in my mouth as my tongue massaged along the length of his shaft. Moving my lips all the way back up past his pucker of skin I reached out and slowly skinned him revealing his bright purplish helmet like acorn as it glistened hotly. My tongue licked around the ridge of his glans, as the boy gasped and clutched at the bedding trying to stave off his orgasm.

Not wanting him to unload his precious cargo just yet, I stopped my magic tongue, and slathered up around his boy pouch sucking up both of his testicles into my mouth. They immediately filled up the empty space between my lips, as my tongue twirled around the large walnut sized orbs. Garrett was breathing and moaning as I first let one slip out and then the other so I could continue my journey ever downwards following his perineum line that went from the base of his boy pouch all the way to his rose bud.

Lifting up his feet so that they rested on the edge of the bed my face dove down between his exposed orbs as I licked around the skin of his opening. My wild haired boy squirmed as my tongue flicked outwards lubing him up before forcing it way inside of him. He squirmed around in my arms as I held on to his hips, and from the corner of my eye I could see his hard shaft quivering in delight as new sensations went coursing through his tiny frame.

He was whimpering now as his knees bent outwards, and his hips lifted into the air trying to give me even more access to his nether regions. I didn't disappoint him as I inserted a finger deep inside of him, and slowly massaged his insides. Before long a second finger found its way inside as I slowly moved them around, and tried to stretch his love chute.

Looking up I noticed a small amount of glistening gooey like substance oozing out of the tip of his pee slit, and I smiled at the boy's first signs of pre-cum. He was growing up, and was now able to leak pre-cum. Not a lot mind you, just a thumb tack amount gathering at the tip of his penis, but nevertheless, pre-cum.

My lips eagerly suckled his large erection up as I tasted his pre-cum enjoying the flavor because it was him. While my fingers worked on his backside my lips slowly engulfed his hardness until my nose was buried deep into his pubic mound. It was heaven having complete control over him like this as my tongue continued to give him pleasure as it flicked along the underside length of his shaft.

"Oh shit Hunter I'm getting real close back off," He moaned as I eased off of him for a moment allowing him to gather up his strength.

Knowing we were real close now, I picked him up in my arms, his nakedness pressing up against my bare skin and carried him further over to the side of my bed where I gently laid him back down, and crawled on top of him. I had stashed a bottle of lube by my bedside, and I grabbed it now as I squeezed out a good amount onto my fingers slowly lubing him up. My fingers slowly worked along his rim, and I made sure to plunge them into him as he continued to squirm in anticipation.

My mouth slowly made its way back down his body until my face was between his legs again, and I could breathe in his heady aroma. We were both sweating heavily now in the midst of our passionate joy as I took him inside my mouth one last time bringing him back up to the precipice. We were both getting close, and I knew we were ready for this so I slithered my left shoulder under his right leg as I gently made my way back up his body. My right and left leg straddled across on both sides of his outstretched left leg and I hooked my right angle over the top of his left ankle to anchor it down in place.

His body shifted slightly on his left side but he was mostly angled on his back as I reached under his armpits, and hooked my hands around his shoulders. We were face to face now as I slowly settled my erection between his open scissors angled legs. It was a good thing he was so flexible because he was split apart to the maximum as my erection slid between his outstretched pale orbs, and bumped up against his tight lubed up opening.

Leaning my head down I pressed my lips against his while at the same time pushed my hips forward. Initially there was some resistance, and then all of a sudden my mind went completely blank as if time had come to a stop. This timelessness seemed to last forever before all of a sudden the entire world exploded back to life as the most intense feeling came crashing down on top of me.

"Aaaaaaahhhhhh…." I screamed loudly as I almost unloaded everything I had inside of Garrett's deep orifice.

Mentally I had prepared myself for this moment, but it still caught me by surprise with the intensity of it all. Never in my life had I ever experienced something so wondrous and pure. It was complete animalistic and raw as my insides burned with a fire so intense that words can't describe it accurately. My body started to burn deep inside of me and rapidly radiated outwards with energy. The power of the sensation exploded through the pores of my skin, out my fingers and toes, and even my scalp as the hairs stood on end tingling with the complete raw emotion I was feeling as soon as the head of my penis was wrapped tightly and snuggly inside Garrett's body.

The boy's face had turned pale with pain, and drops of sweat had beaded up along his forehead as I remained there breathing hard trying to get myself under control. If either one of us moved at the moment I would explode for sure. His face swam for a moment in front of me as my eyes slowly focused and looked deep inside those swirling bright orbs of his.

Garrett's eyes sparkled brilliantly, and for the first time I really studied them up close. He didn't flinch from my gaze, and just smiled contentedly slowly starting to get used to the feeling of my largeness inside of him as I studied him. His hazel eyes were confounding to me as they turned different colors, and for some reason I felt compelled to seek out his secret. I noticed he had concentric rings, with brown around the pupil, then a ring of green which seemed to shift one moment to gold and then the next moment to gray depending on the angle of his eyes.

Interesting, I thought to myself. I detected flecks of varying colors of gold, darker green, brown, and even blue. The effect of directly looking in his eye close up was like a kaleidoscope pattern with only an overall impression of one color or another depending on the angle of light or reflection of surrounding colors.

The momentary respite had given both of us a chance to recover as I smiled at him, and noticed him smiling back. Slowly I eased forward a bit, and he just winced for a moment before his body quivered enjoying the sensation. The feeling for me was so intense that I had to remain focused or peak too soon as sweat started to glisten off of my body. The warmth wrapped around my stiffness was wonderfully euphoric as both Garrett and I continued to quake with passion and desire.

Before I knew it my body had settled down on top of Garrett as I whimpered realizing we had done it. I was buried so deep inside of him that the feeling of completeness seemed to wrap itself around me like a warm glove.

A sort of haze overcame me as if I was slipping into something bigger and more. The feeling of our naked bodies so close to one another was so intense that I just wanted to slither inside of his skin. His arms were wrapped around my neck holding me tightly against him as I pulled him downwards with my arms trying to go deeper.

My mind seemed to shift into a different realm as I slowly breathed Garrett's essence inside of me. As my mind shifted I slowly fell down deeper until I knew without a doubt that the two of us had become one. No longer constrained to two separate bodies and entities, our mind, heart, soul, and essence melded into one pure blissful being. In that moment I knew with certainty that we had been made for one another. Never again in our lives will we ever have this sort of connection with anyone other than with each other. Instinctively I knew from this day forward we were as one. From now on the love we make with each other will be as one person…one perfect being. Separate we were flawed…but together we became a being of perfection.

Ever so slowly I started to make love to Garrett in the purest sense of the word as our bond to one another became complete and permanent for all time. No longer was I having feelings just for myself. I could feel every nuance of being that was Garrett, I knew what he was feeling, what made him quiver with joy, his fears, anything and everything that was him became completely open to me and looking into his eyes I knew the same was true for him regarding me.

We both cried joyfully at this revelation as the pureness of our joy crested within moments. It didn't take us long as this was something raw and pure in nature. There was a feeling of warmth that spread between our bodies as Garrett emptied his precious seed between the two of us while at the same time I emptied my own load in two powerful successive blasts followed by several minor ones as our two bodies exploded together in perfect harmony.

There was nothing wild about our orgasm in the sense that our bodies writhed or heaved in separate contorted blissfulness. Instead it seemed in a sense perfect harmony as our two bodies became one and our euphoric utopia melded into a single entity as we peaked as one being and soared through the emptiness of space together defying time and all logic. All was blankness around us as we became a beacon of light…a new star that was born in that singular moment, and burned brightly in the vast emptiness of space.

Slowly we dropped back to earth as our bodies burned hotly and our oneness faded back into two separate entities. The afterglow of euphoria continued to linger as Garrett's right leg slipped off my shoulders and I collapsed on top of him. I was still hard inside of him and it felt so wonderful. All too soon I slowly deflated and slipped out of him. We were now two again yet still I felt that bond of connection that tied us together with the strongest of bonds. I knew we would always have this connection between the two of us, and from this point on each time we made love the feeling would always be the same. I instinctively knew that as our love for one another grew the intensity of our bonding would cement even stronger. This was our little piece of heaven knowing that we will always have this sensation of becoming one when we made love together.

Garrett broke down and cried as we snuggled together. "I…I can't help it Hunter. It…it was so beautiful. I…I never knew we could be…together like this…so whole…so complete." He whispered as tears streamed down my cheeks as well.

"I know my love…it is…something special. I…I don't think it is like this for everyone. I…I've never heard anyone describe what we just went through so it has to be special. Oh Garrett…how did I get so lucky and find you?" I asked him as I cried.

"No…we are both lucky." He admitted. He was only eleven, soon to be twelve, and I had turned fourteen a few months back, both of us still so young yet we both knew this was something special…precious…to be nurtured and honored our entire lives.

Snuggling up together in one another's arms we didn't say anything else; we didn't have to. This was a day for us to always remember, marking our special journey together for the rest of our lives. Was I gay or not, at the moment it really didn't matter, Garrett was my soul mate and we would be together forever more as one. Slowly we faded off to sleep. It was still early, and I knew that we both wanted to experience this again, but we had time. Tonight, we had all evening, and from then on the rest of our lives so slowly I allowed sleep to take a hold of me so that when we woke up we can make love to one another again.

My eyes slowly fluttered open and I yawned. It was late and the television set was still on when I rolled out of my bed. The room was a bit stuffy so I walked over to the window and pulled aside my curtains before opening it up just a crack for some fresh air. I pulled on my dick a moment, and winced a bit because it was still a little tender from all of the attention it had received this wonderful evening.

Looking back at my bed I smiled lovingly at the most gorgeous boy in the world, and my one true love. After I had made love to Garrett entering him for the first time making a connection with him in the purest sense…I shuddered recalling how wonderful his sweet cheeks felt wrapped around my love rod…we had fallen asleep wrapped up in one another's arms completely content with one another now and forever.

Our nap had been short lived though as we both woke up around the same time, and ended up making love two more times not able to keep our passion for one another contained. The flood gates of our hearts had burst open, and we just couldn't get enough of one another as our infatuation for the other overwhelmed our small bodies. My entire being had just ached for him, and I could tell he had felt the same way as our strong obsession took over, and we made love over and over again. Each time it had been the same as if it were the very first time, and the intensity of our bodies melding as one seemed to even intensify more. I was confident with the knowledge this would always be the case for us.

Right after we woke up it was first him making love to me as he rolled on top of me pulling up my legs and entering me with more ease this time around than the first time a few days back. Once again it had been such a fulfilling feeling for me as he slowly and tenderly made love to me, and we became one. We were learning to pace or passion trying to please each other more…as if it really mattered. I mean we were so in love and devoted to one another in this time and place that our sexual intimacy with each other now was just so intense and pure. It wasn't just about one or the other, no instead; it was about us…being together as one heart and soul. It was truly about love not just sex now as we put our entire being and essence into our intense passionate love making.

Afterwards we rested just snuggled up in one another's arms with such joy and contentment. I loved how he felt in my arms as we whispered together affirming our commitment to one another. It was such a tender moment between the two of us, and very rewarding just to be together.

The next time about an hour later had just started out with a tender kiss as our bodies became heated, and we once more just had to have one another. I propped up his butt up on top of several pillows before I slid between his legs sliding our torrid rigid tools together before teasing and bringing him to new heights of sexual eroticism. I took my time as I continually brought him to the precipice before allowing him to calm down, and then when I didn't think he could take any more I entered him for the second time, sliding between those sweet cheeks of his, before entering those tight heavenly gates and enjoying the sensation as the warmth wrapped around my shaft.

He had winced for a moment, but took me inside of him with relative ease since he was slicked up with prior lube, and his own sweat from being so worked up. The two of us just seemed to be perfect for one another as I recalled whispering to him how his torrid love chute was made just for my dick, and it had to be true because how I felt could never be duplicated with anyone else. This I knew for sure as I slowly made love to my boy, and in turn he too made love to me as he slowly thrust his hips around.

In the end we were both pleased at our performance as I collapsed on top of him after our mutually perfectly timed orgasm, and noticing he too was coming down from his own climax. We both came down together our bodies having peaked at the same time in orgasmic blissfulness. It was a feeling that just can't be explained or put into words. It was as if two separate entities flowed into one being, becoming something more…something pure as our bodies melded together.

That all happened a few hours ago now, and we had fallen asleep with exhaustion right after the most heightened love making of my entire life. The room was starting to cool off now from the cracked open window as I looked over fondly at my wild haired boy sleeping so peacefully on top of the pillows. He must have rolled over on to his stomach with the pillows still piled up because his pale cute little sweet cheeks were now mooning the world. Evidently, when I had slipped out of bed to open up the window the sheets had slipped off of my sleeping beauty, and he now lay half naked and exposed to the air. The sight of him was so erotically enticing that my worn out soft tubular extension immediately stood at attention like the good soldier it was.

My body reeked of sweat and sex, and it was in need of a shower badly, but that could wait until afterwards. I was tired and exhausted from all of the wondrous sex, but I instinctively knew that the best was yet to come. I still had one more good reserve of energy left inside of me that I could devote to the love of my life before the end of this blissful evening. The best was still inside of me to offer my love, and I intended to gift him with it.

All of my focus was on Garrett now, his pale smooth skin, his bulbous butt cheeks gleaming in the pale light shining through the window from a distant street lamp, and his steady breathing. Somewhere in the back of my mind I could make out the announcer's voice on my television talking about the impending New Year. The announcer's words were drowned out by the thumping of my heart as it thundered loudly inside my chest while I approached my beautiful little angel, my Greek naked statue of perfection.

I ignored the announcer's voice as he counted out some numbers. Slowly pulling the rest of the sheet off of Garrett, I slithered in behind my Greek Boy God, and mounted him lightly as my four inch erection slid past those sweet pale cheeks, butted up against his steamy rose bud, and then quivered waiting expectantly. I could hear the announcer's voice clearly now; three…two…one…I closed my eyes and slid easily past the opening of his love chute while fireworks exploded throughout my mind as the euphoric sensation sent chills up my spine.

My body settled on top of his like a comforting blanket as I buried myself deep inside of him quivering with sheer ecstasy. Opening my eyes to the sounds of fireworks bursting on the screen of my television set, and real fireworks exploding with brilliant lights shining through my window, I watched excitedly while his eye slowly fluttering open. My gaze settled on his face as he smiled euphorically at the pleasing sensations I was giving him. I whispered lovingly in his ear as he woke up and with fireworks exploding all around us, "Happy New Year Sweet Cheeks."


So my fellow readers we bring this story to an end, but then again what exactly is an end to a story? After all, is not an ending sometimes just the beginning of another chapter in life? Yes, I have brought the story to a close, well as far as I'm concerned, because it pleases me that both Hunter and Garrett are in a place and time that is so blissfully fulfilling. The story after all was about them and their relationship, so in a way a good place to end our tale.

Yet, we leave with numerous questions on our mind. Will their relationship stand the test of time? Will Hunter finally receive his life saving transplant, and if not how long can he live? Will the two boys ever come out to their parents, and in Hunter's case to his sister as well? After all, she still doesn't know about him and Garrett being in love. How the hell does that even happen considering how close she is to Hunter?

What about Selden and Cameron. Will their love for one another truly blossom into something just as pure as our two main characters, or will they progress in that natural way of most boys? That is to say, will they grow out of their sexual infatuation regarding sexual exploration with one another and boys in general, and start focusing on girls? After all, is this not the more common transition most boys embark on in life? In most cases do they not all of a sudden discover the joys of the opposite sex?

Then we have to ponder about Dylan and Jena. Will their love stand the test of waters or will those feelings also ultimately die and fade away? After all, how often do such young people fall head over heals for one another at that age to only end up going their separate ways? How would this affect the relationship between Jena's little brother and Dylan's best friend? What about Dylan's and Hunter's friendship? After all, Dylan now knows Hunter is gay. Will he truly be able to handle this fact, and if so will their relationship as friends remain the same or perhaps change a bit?

We also need to consider the relationship between Susan and Brad. They are older and more mature, but this too has left us with so many unanswered questions. After all, we don't even know if they have done the nasty with one another, and yes by that I mean sex. Of course Hunter had his suspicions about this, but most definitely wasn't going to say anything. How will Susan react if Hunter comes out to her about being gay and the fact he has fallen in love with Garrett, or if he doesn't say anything and she finds out by other means, what then?

Yes we leave with many unanswered questions and thoughts, but nevertheless, we have an ending and in my humble opinion a good one. Perhaps we can think of all these unanswered questions as new beginnings for a different story that may or may not even be told. After all, isn't that like life in general anyway? We have many small beginnings and endings throughout our lifetime. These are little snippets in time that combine to tell a more complete story from beginning to end. Maybe this is how we should consider our story here, a little fragment in time. After all, we did sort of begin in the middle of a larger story to begin with when we started writing and reading 'Sweet Cheeks.' It did indeed have a beginning and an end, yet this beginning and end was somewhere in-between the true beginning and end of the overall story.

So my wonderful readers I leave you with those thoughts and say good bye to this one little moment in time of a wonderful little snippet of a story. I hope I have at least done this small segment of a chronicle justice with my time and effort. Perhaps one day I will once again revisit this tale and decide to provide another small piece of this grand overall story. After all, it could go on forever as we watch our characters grow older, perhaps get married, and then have children of their own who end up adding to the overall grand scheme of life.

One final note for my most nitpicky of readers, yes I am aware that I have overused the term "after all," but after all, is it not my 'AFTERWORD'. So have a heart and be kind, lol. Now I know what you are thinking, and yes this is considered an 'afterword' and not an 'epilogue/epilog' because this section is from the perspective of the author, me. If it was presented from the perspective of within the story then it would be an 'epilogue/epilog.'

Good night or good day depending on where you live in the world

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