Sweet Cheeks

by Hunter Woods

Chapter 9

Garrett was frantic as he sat alone in a room with the curtains pulled around his bed. When the helicopter had landed at the hospital he was whisked away to a different room as they separated him from Hunter. He had protested, but everything happened so fast, and he was all confused as doctors checked him over in the emergency room. They had inserted an IV to pump him with warm fluids helping to bring his body temperature back up slowly, and had wrapped him up with a new set of warm blankets. Doctors and nurses were in and out of the room constantly checking up on his progress, but wouldn't say anything about Hunter.

He was all alone as he sat up and hugged his knees. A doctor came in and smiled as he checked his vitals again nodding his head approvingly. Garrett sighed as he looked at the empty IV bag. He felt much better although his body ached a bit so he turned his attention away, and scrutinized the doctor as the man removed the needle from his arm putting a bandage over the tiny wound.

"Well, although you are a bit banged up it looks as if you might be able to go home when your folks, I mean mother, gets here. It depends on what your 'Attending' doctor thinks. I talked with your sister over the phone, and I guess she must have called your mother as soon as she found out where you were going so they should be here shortly. You were really lucky that you got out of the freezing waters as quickly as you did, and that medical treatment was provided so fast." The doctor told the boy who looked out of sorts and very sad.

"He saved me." Was all the boy would say to the doctor as he looked away.

"I don't understand," the doctor said as he sat next to the lonely boy.

"Hunter, he saved me, and it may end up killing him." He reiterated as he looked over at the doctor who still looked confused.

Garrett sighed and sniffled as the doctor laid a comforting hand on his shoulder. "Doctor, Hunter is sick, I…I don't know what it is, but from the sounds of things with what his sister was talking to his doctor about, he's been really sick for a long time. When that car came at us he saved me by pulling me to safety, but we ended up in the river. I…I was drowning, and somehow he managed to pull me to safety. When I couldn't walk anymore he picked me up and carried me. His body was already weak to begin with, and in the end it just gave out on him." He whispered. "I…if it weren't for me, this wouldn't have happened." He finished as he started to cry burying his face in his upraised knees.

He felt another set of arms wrap around him, and he looked up to find his sister holding him tightly. Brad had gathered everyone together, and driven them to the hospital. After finding out the room number for Hunter; Brad, Selden, and Cameron had gone in search of the boy, while Dylan stayed with Jenna to help find where Garrett was being roomed so that she wouldn't have to do it alone.

"Oh Garrett don't do this to yourself," Jenna whispered as she rocked her brother gently in her arms.

The doctor smiled, and left them alone after explaining that Garrett would be just fine. He would be sore for several days, but should recover quickly. Jenna and Dylan thanked the doctor, and then focused their attention back on the heartbroken boy.

"Please Jenna, tell me what you know about Hunter. W…what's really wrong with him?" He asked her seriously.

His sister didn't know what to say, and looked towards Dylan for some support. The boy just smiled, and sat down next to them as he put his arm around both of the siblings. Taking a deep breath he started to recount to the boy what Susan had told them when they went searching for the two lost boys. Garrett listened intently, and after Dylan was finished everything fell silent for several moments.

Garrett wiggled himself free from his sister's embrace and scooted off the bed on wobbly legs. "What are you doing?" Jenna asked as she rushed to Garrett's side and helped prop him up on his shaky legs.

"I'm going to find Hunter." He stated flatly as he made his way to the door still wrapped in a blanket since he was completely naked.

Jenna started to protest, and Dylan just looked on not knowing what to do. Finally Jenna sighed and motioned the other boy to help. Dylan and Jenna already knew which room Hunter was in so they went to the elevator and pressed the fifth floor for the pediatric ward. Slowly they made their way down the hallway, passed several lobby areas, until they were in the pediatric ward. Susan, Brad, Cameron, and Selden were sitting in the lobby area and got up to greet the others.

"What are you doing walking around Garrett?" Susan admonished the little boy as she hugged him tightly. "I'm so glad you are alright, Sweet Cheeks," she smiled weakly teasing him with his nickname and ruffling his hair.

"W…what's happening with Hunter?" He asked the older girl a little worried now because Hunter must be all alone.

Susan started to shrug her shoulders when a doctor approached and started to talk to her as everyone gathered around. Garrett took this opportunity to sneak away and shoved his way past the double doors to the wing housing patients. Jenna had noticed her brother sneaking off, so quickly followed him and caught up to her brother. Garrett flinched, and then sighed appreciatively as his sister wrapped her arm around him helping her brother down the hallway. One by one they peaked into the rooms lining the hallway, and then stopped when they saw Hunter lying in a bed wrapped up in blankets with lines attached to his arms and sensors on his temples and chest.

They opened up the door and slipped inside. It was quiet in the room, and all you could hear was the slow steady beep of the machine recording Hunter's heart beat and every once in a while a moaning sound from the boy as if he was fighting something in his dreams. Garrett sighed in relief when he heard the beeping sound of the heart monitor, but cringed at the painful moaning sound emanating from the lips of the pale frail looking figure lying in the bed. Seeing Hunter like this crushed the younger boy as he started to sob uncontrollably while his sister tried to console him with her own tears flowing down her cheeks.

There was darkness all around me with the sound of rushing water getting closer as I fearfully looked around for a way out. I instinctively knew this was a dream, but it still scared me as I searched in the darkness. I've had similar dreams in the past, each time during those moments when I had become deathly ill, but every single time they had always seemed so real. I screamed out for help as I stumbled around falling several times to the ground before getting up once again to continue looking for a way out.

Garrett stifled his tears as his friend started to moan loudly and whimper. The beeping sound that monitored Hunter's heartbeat started to make irregular noises, and the electrodes that were hooked up to his head to some machine was also going crazy as the lines on the graph became erratic. He approached the sick boy, and leaned over the bed stroking his friend's cheeks gently and whispering softly into his ear.

"It's alright Hunter we are here for you," the boy spoke gently. "Don't worry everything will be alright." He tried to soothe the boy who seemed to respond and slowly settle back down.

"What are you guys doing in here," A booming voice called out making Garrett and Jenna jump as their hearts leaped into their throats.

The large nurse had been alerted that something was wrong so had come in to check on his charge. Evidently the equipment that monitored Hunter had registered something abnormal at the main nurse's station, which sent the head nurse rushing over to the room.

It was still dark as I stumbled around blindly, and then all of a sudden a huge wave came crashing through the empty space and engulfed me. I was fighting for air struggling wildly to get free, and thought I was about to drown when I felt a warm gentle touch along my cheeks along with a soft gentle voice that was somehow familiar.

When I blinked the scene changed, and I was surrounded by a warm glowing light with a gentle soothing voice conveying that all would be alright now. I recognized the voice, and was comforted as I sighed in relief. Then I started to detect other voices that at first seemed to sound as if they were surprised, and then the voices seemed to change into a noisy buzzing sound that made my head pound.

All I wanted was the peacefulness from just moments earlier, and in the back of my mind I screamed for them to be silent. My thoughts were sluggish as I tried to clear away the cobwebs. Slowly I opened up my eyes to a scene of flying limbs as Garrett struggled with the large nurse, and Jenna kicked him in the shin telling him to let go of her brother.

"What's going on here?" I gasped hoarsely as everyone in the room stopped dead cold and stared at me.

"Hunter!" Garrett chirped in surprise.

The voice, there was just something about the voice, as I tried to focus on the small figure with my eyes scrunched up in thought. Everything got really calm in the room for a moment as Garrett shook himself free from the nurse, and then I smiled as the fog temporarily lifted from my mind.

Sighing I looked over at the large nurse, "you might as well let him stay now that he's found me." I stated as lifted up my blanket motioning for Garrett to come on over, and climb in bed with me.

The nurse just looked for a moment completely stunned, and quickly headed out the door. Jenna walked over to the bed with her brother, and helped him climb up. She looked over at me, and I saw her eyes get big for a moment as she gasped. At that moment realization dawned on me that I was naked under the covers, and she must have seen me. I looked over at her, but she focused her attention back to her brother as she lifted him up, and he scooted under the covers with me finally relinquishing his blanket after it was safe for him to do so. I sighed too tired to worry about what she had or had not seen as my eyes drooped closed and I faded back off to sleep.

Garrett blushed at his sister hoping she hadn't seen anything on him that was private. She smiled at her brother, and gently stroked his face. By the time he turned back around to Hunter the older boy was already back asleep.

"You see doctor," the nurse exclaimed as they came walking back into the room.

"What's going on in here?" A gentle kind voice asked the two intruders as he stepped into the room.

The man was an elderly gentleman with graying hair along his temples. He was smiling gently as he approached Hunter, and looked at the equipment that was hooked up to the boy to make sure it was still securely intact. Then he took a quick scan at the chart as he looked up and over to the large nurse.

"What happened at this point?" He asked the man.

The nurse looked over towards the doctor and sighed. "Dr. Miller when it registered at my station I came right into the room and saw these two youngsters. I thought for sure that I would find the patient struggling around, but by the time I got here he had settled down already. The younger boy was leaning over his bed and holding him so I think it may have calmed the patient down. I asked them to leave, but they started to argue with me. That's when…well that's when the patient woke up. It was the strangest thing Doctor. You said he wouldn't be waking up any time soon, and to tell you the truth when he woke right up, and told me to leave the boy alone, I kind of freaked out, but also knew I needed to contact you." The nurse finished reporting.

"I see," the doctor stated as he looked first over to Jenna, and then Garrett who was snuggled up against Hunter with his eyes closed as well ignoring what was going on around him.

Garrett was just happy to be so close to Hunter again, and delighted the boy had woken up even if for only a moment. Nothing else mattered, and he wasn't about to leave his friend alone again. He loved Hunter so much, and he softly cried now as he recalled how the older boy had saved his life not only once, but twice.

He felt a tender touch on his shoulder as he finally opened them up to a pair of old gentle eyes. "So, you must be the other young man who came in with Hunter?" The man smiled calmly.

Garrett just nodded his head as the older man stood back up and sighed. "It's alright Karl, you can go back to your station I'll handle things here…and Karl?" The doctor stated turning around to look at the larger nurse.

"Yes Dr. Miller?"

"Thanks for keeping a close eye on Hunter, I really do appreciate this. I'll let you know what is going on in here so you can pass along the information to the other nurses for me if that will be alright?" He complimented the nurse sincerely getting a nod from the large man.

The doctor had years and years of experience, but he knew exactly where all the dedicated and hard work lay. Over the years nurses like Karl had made his task much easier, and he truly appreciated their dedication. There were many doctors who looked down at these nurses as being beneath them, but he knew when all was said and done it was the nurses who made all the difference in the world.

"Good man," the doctor nodded his head to himself as he looked back to the children and sighed.

Fishing out his phone he hit the speed dial and waited for the other end to pick up. "Yes, this is Dr. Miller, could you please connect me to the 'Attending' who is in charge of a…." He looked over at Jenna who stated, "Garrett…um…Garrett Davis."

"Yes, connect me with the 'Attending' in charge of a Mr. Garrett Davis." He asked and waited a moment. "Ah yes, Dr. Tyler, I believe I have a patient of yours….yes that's correct a Mr. Garrett Davis. So what is your prognosis for the young man…I see…so he did swallow some of the river, and you need to observe him then…well forget about getting a bed for him, he might as well stay with my patient since he is fastened to him at the hips right now and won't let go." The older man chuckled.

"Yes, that's right, he's with my patient…yes the very one. Well at the moment Hunter is stable, but we will have…um…we will have to see. He's a strong one that one, and if it were anyone else…you know. At any rate it's very promising; he just amazed all of us by waking up and barking out some orders before going back to sleep." He chuckled with the doctor on the other end.

"Hey listen Jim, this is actually a good thing because you can monitor your patient up here and we can chat about some things. I have a proposition for you. I've had my eye on your skill set, and you know I'm getting up there in age. I think maybe some training in my field would suite you just fine for when I…you know retire in a few years. I will need someone to look after my more extreme cases, and this will give you the perfect opportunity to start with one of my most special cases." He stated as they chatted for a few moments and then hung up the phone.

"Well Garrett's doctor was going to keep him overnight for observation because he did swallow a good amount of river water so they want to keep a close eye on his lungs. So that's the bad news…the good news is that the doctor agreed to let you stay with Hunter." He told both Jenna and Garrett.

The small boy smiled, and just held on to Hunter even tighter. Both Jenna and the doctor winced knowing how banged up the sick boy was from everything. "Ease up there cowboy," the doctor admonished. "You're friend is pretty banged up. You can hold him if you want, but just be gentle because he is pretty sore everywhere at the moment.

"Thanks Dr. Miller," Garrett whispered as he closed his eyes, and finally felt comfortable enough to sleep.

"Well, I think the both of them will be out of it for the rest of the evening Jenna." The doctor sighed as he motioned for her to take a seat.

"Listen, Garrett is going to be just fine, but Hunter, well he's very weak and his system has been compromised. We will know more in the next twenty four hours. They had to jump start his heart twice tonight, and I'm surprised he even survived sweetie. Where he gets his strength I have no idea. I already talked to the others, but just wanted you to know where things stand. For some reason your brother has a connection to Hunter that makes him respond so I don't mind him staying, but if Hunter starts to go south on us I'll have to remove him, forcibly if I have to, understand?" He asked Jenna because the nurse had told him out in the hall that she had kicked him when he tried to get Garrett out of the room.

Jenna was looking over at the two sleeping forms on the bed, and nodded her head sadly. "I understand doctor," she whispered. "I…I'll let my mom know what you said, and will let her decide what to do; although, to tell you the truth Hunter has sort of become a family member to us so I'm pretty sure she is going to take the chance of having Garrett stay with Hunter."

The doctor smiled at her and nodded his head. "Good then, I'll let the others in the room now for a little bit, but then everyone will have to leave. I'm sure that Hunter's parents will be here momentarily so I have a long night ahead of me." The doctor sighed tiredly.

It was quiet and peaceful as I dreamed from time to time, and I felt all warm and tingly as I started to hear things through the haziness of my mind. The voices slowly started to become decipherable, and then it got quiet again, but slowly my mind came back to reality as my eyes fluttered open.

Beautiful hazel colored pair of orbs was looking back at me calmly as they glittered brightly, one moment an almost deep bluish color before shifting over towards gray. Garrett's eyes always amazed me at how they just seemed to shift in shades of blues and grays depending on the lighting.

"There you are," I heard the small boy whisper to me as I winced trying to turn more onto my side so I was facing him.

The boy reached out stroking my cheeks gently, and even as tired and sore as my body felt I still reacted from the touch as I shivered and my dick twitched beneath the folds of warmth from the blankets. We remained silent there for several moments just enjoying seeing one another awake and alive. Reaching out with a shaky hand I placed the flat of my hand against his face.

"Hey Sweet Cheeks, how are you feeling?" I asked quivering because touching him like this sent a jolt of lightning through my body as my dick jerked and immediately inflated.

Sighing with excitement I just couldn't help myself as I shivered with giddiness at how this boy still made my body respond with a simple touch. I leaned my forehead on to his as my fingers stroked against his smooth skin enjoying the simple contact as tears streamed down my cheeks. Our quiet gentle moment finally came to an end as I caught some movement from the corner of my eye and looked over.

Jenna had slipped into the silent room, and was watching us as she held some items in her hands. Softly moaning to myself and wincing in pain, I removed my hand from Garrett's face and used it to wipe the tears away from my face as I shifted again onto my back. Jenna approached the hospital bed and smiled warmly at us.

"Hey Hunter it is so good to finally see you awake. You really gave us a scare last night. Garrett I've got some stuff for you to wear. Mom has some paperwork to fill out, and then she needs to talk with the doctor before coming over to see you." She told her brother as she placed the stuff on the bed.

Garrett looked over recognizing his pajamas, and some toiletry items such as a toothbrush and hair brush. He started to get up so he could go and get changed, but then stopped remembering he was still naked.

"You really should get changed and cleaned up," Jenna told her little brother misunderstanding why he had refused to get up.

"Yeah, but…um…I…I'm not dressed." He stated blushing.

"That's why I brought…oh…yes…um…oh here." She stated unfolding the blanket that was sitting on a nearby chair, and holding it up in front of her so her brother could get out of bed without being seen.

Garrett leaped out of bed and snatched up the blanket wrapping it around his waist before bending over to get his stuff. Having his gear in hand he just as quickly disappeared behind the bathroom door shutting it closed.

Both Jenna and I had watched the boy as he flittered around, and then disappeared. My eyes shifted back over towards Jenna, and noticed her looking at me. Well not into my eyes, but rather at me. I looked down at my now exposed body. Evidently, in his rush to keep himself covered, Garrett had tossed aside the blankets exposing my naked body to the elements. I looked down and cringed at the site of my black and blue left side from where I was hit by the car, and the ugly red marks from the defibrillation pads where it had slightly burned the skin on my chest and side. I've had those marks before, and I sighed relieved noting that it wasn't such a bad burn thanking the paramedics for using a good amount of gel.

The shock at the sight of my body had momentarily made me freeze, and then realizing Jenna was also looking at my nakedness I swiftly reached for my blankets, and covered myself back up. Sneaking a peak at Jenna I blushed a little embarrassed that she had seen me like this.

"So…" I mumbled still red in the face which seemed to jolt Jenna from her gaze boring over at my body.

"Oh…um…yes," Jenna responded as she too seemed to turn red from what she had witnessed.

"I see you finally stuck up for your brother…you know last night." I giggled recalling seeing her kicking that big nurse in the shin. "I hope the nurse doesn't have a nasty bruise on his shin today along with a limp."

Jenna shrugged her shoulders and smiled as she crawled up on my bed, and settled in the recently vacated spot next to me which sort of caught me by surprise. "Well, it was worth it." She giggled as I looked back confused.

"Why?" I responded furrowing my brows.

"Because I finally got to see you naked, silly." She chuckled while I blushed really embarrassed now.

"Yeah, well that's not fair. I'm vulnerable right now you know." I responded a bit peeved at her casual manner about the whole thing.

Jenna sighed and tried to change the subject. "I finally understand now…I mean you and Garrett. You really care for him don't you?" She asked.

She caught me off guard again as I stuttered. "Of…of course I care for him." I responded.

"N…no," Jenna smiled warmly at me. "I mean you really care for him…more than just friends." She pushed.

Not really wanting this conversation with Jenna I looked away, and shrugged my shoulders. "Are you sure you want that kind of relationship with him Hunter. He's only eleven, well going to be twelve soon, and you're fourteen…there's over a two year age difference." She continued to push.

Looking back I stared back into her eyes. "He means everything to me." I shrugged my shoulders again as a way of an answer.

"Are…are you two…um…involved…you know…" She looked away embarrassed by the question, but wanting, no, needing to know.

"Jenna!" I exclaimed. "I…I…why would you even ask something like this?" I asked, and then got another shock as she leaned in kissing me full on the lips.

The kiss was familiar to me on several levels. It was recognizable, yet different, as I responded to the stimulation of her electric lips pressed up against my own mouth. She continued hungrily as her tongue slithered between my lips into my mouth to press up against my tongue. My body responded, and I could feel my dick twitch becoming erect as her warm sexy body pressed up against me.

My head was swimming with the familiar sexiness of the situation as I slowly melted and moaned. I jolted in surprise when I felt her fingers wrapping around my four inch hardness as she slowly skinned me.

"Oh fuck this feels so good Jenna, but please…stop," I gasped out as our lips separated, and I shivered from the stimulation.

She continued to stroke my hardness as I moaned excitedly. It was so fucking sexy hot, but I wasn't in love with her. This was only about sex, not love. Groaning I reached down, and with difficulty removed her hand from my tender tool.

We were both breathing hard as we looked toward one another. "Are…are you sure you're gay?" Jenna finally asked furrowing her brows confused because of how I had responded to her all sexually aroused.

"What…no…yes…no…fuck I don't know Jenna. I mean, my feelings for Garrett isn't really about sex or anything, it…it's more. I love him so much with all of my heart." I told her as I saw her confusion.

Sighing I tried to explain it. "Jenna, this…" I shrugged indicating the two of us. "This…you know what just happened…this was only about sex, and yes it feels so fucking good…but in the end it is only sex. I don't love you Jenna. With Garrett…" I sighed as tears welled up in my eyes. "That's about love. I…I'd be willing to do anything for him…even give up my life for him." I admitted as I looked away with tears streaming down my cheeks. "Please…I…I…please understand Jenna. I…I'm just not in love with you, but I am in love with Garrett." I whispered a little frightened as I admitted my feeling towards the boy for the first time to someone else.

Jenna reached over and stroked my cheeks and sighed sadly. "I do understand Hunter. Just…just promise you won't hurt him. You…you're illness…and things…could hurt him you know. Have you thought about the future?" She asked seriously.

Nodding my head, "yes Jenna, I've thought about these things, but I have to live in the moment. For the most part things are in control with my health, but I can't stop living and feeling, or I might as well be dead for sure. I love Garrett, and he loves me, so for now that is good enough." I told her.

Jenna smiled at me and nodded. "Love," she sighed. "I guess I'm doomed to pay for my actions forever." She stated sadly. "You were my chance Hunter." She admitted.

Shaking my head I reached out to her gently. "That's not true Jenna, there's someone out there for you." I told her sincerely.

"No, I don't think so." She reiterated stubbornly. "Who would want me?" She asked offhandedly.

"How about Dylan?" I asked.

"What…Dylan?" She looked shocked.

"Yeah, can't you see it? He's infatuated with you. Ever since you've changed he just seems to be enamored with you."

"Noooo…I mean…really…Dylan. Has he said something to you?" She queried looking thoughtful.

"No not in so many words, but he does say things in a flattering way about you. I'm his best friend, and just know is all." I assured her.

She smiled at me nodding her head. "Thanks Hunter…you know?" She sighed.

"Oh for Dylan?" I asked hesitantly smiling, but not really sure if that is what she meant.

"Yes…that…and this," She teased as she groped me again making me yelp, and wince at the same time as my bruised body complained in pain.

"Oh shit, I'm sorry Hunter. I forgot you are still pretty banged up. I…I better check up on Garrett." She stated as she got off the bed heading towards the bathroom door before pausing and turning towards me smiling mischievously. "Garrett is one lucky kid because you are just about the sexiest boy alive…you know…down there." She giggled as she winked before reaching for the bathroom door while I blushed at her comment realizing how she had groped me sexually. While my cheeks burned red I watched her walk into the bathroom.

There was a yelp of shock, and then Garrett yelling at his sister. "Oh come on Garrett, you're my little brother what's the big deal?" I heard her complain as she was shoved out the door, and looked shocked when it was slammed in her face.

She just looked at me confused. "I just don't get it, why is he so embarrassed about his body. Hell, from what I could see he doesn't have anything to be embarrassed about." She chuckled to herself. "I have to admit, it was a bit of a shock to see…that huge thing." She pointed towards the bathroom, and continued to laugh shaking her head. "Tonight's been a real eye opener with what you boys have going on…you know…between your legs." She giggled making me blush again.

"Geeze Jenna, you really are naughty. How would you feel if Garrett walked in on you when you were all naked?" I asked her seriously.

"Oh, that's different," She stated defensively.

"How so?" I asked.

"It…it just is." She reiterated, and then paused for a moment in thought. "Oh hell, I guess you're right, but I have to admit the two of you have made my day." She giggled teasingly.

"Payback is a bitch." I told her sternly as her eyes got big at the implication as she recalled our encounter that one time at the mall food court.

"Oh shit…um…I'll talk to Garrett and apologize." She told me seriously also realizing that where siblings are concerned things can really happen that are embarrassing. "And…um…," she sighed shaking her head. "I guess I should apologize to you too. I…um…shouldn't have done that to you…but…I…uh…you know…just was kind of…," She sighed shaking her head while I just looked at her understanding what she meant.

"I know Jenna," I whispered truly understanding that what she had done was because of the feelings she had for me.

Garrett came out of the bathroom wearing a pair of light blue colored and cartooned plastered pajamas shooting his sister a glowering look. "Garrett I'm really sorry I shouldn't have come into the bathroom like that without knocking first. I…it's just…you know…you're like…you know my little brother, and I forget that you are…well sort of growing up and changing. Do you forgive me, please?" She asked as she took a tentative step towards her brother.

Their relationship had improved drastically over the past five or six months ever since Jenna had transformed from being a diva of a bitch to actually acting like a big sister. Yet, Garrett had changed as well growing not only physically, but also growing in confidence. He appreciated his sister's transformation, but I also feared he may still harbor some resentment for all those years of hatred.

Holding my breath I exhaled as Garrett also took a step towards his sister and gave her a hug. "Geeze Jenna you really do need to learn how to knock. It…it's embarrassing you know to have my own sister seeing me…you know like that. I'm not a six or seven year old kid anymore taking a bath or something." He scolded her.

"I…I know Garrett, but if it is any consolation I just saw your boyfriend all naked too, not to mention he was…um…all hard and stuff." She couldn't help herself with the playful dig as she giggled while I shot her a glaring look.

"You what…I mean my what?" Garrett sputtered shooting me a look. "How…I mean…why would you even say something like that?" He asked glancing at me a bit confused.

"Don't look at me?" I replied. "I didn't say anything…she just figured it out is all." I insisted.

"Oh…well…um…" Garrett sputtered as he looked towards his sister a bit scared and embarrassed.

Jenna just smiled and shook her head. "It's alright Garrett, both Hunter and I talked about it some. I…I'm still not so sure about your relationship…but if you are happy, then I'm happy for you too. Besides, I'm kind of jealous of you because you have such a sexy looking boyfriend when he's all naked." She taunted, and then jumped when the door opened up and two nurses entered looking around.

Garrett took the opportunity to crawl back into bed, and settled in next to me covering up with a blanket. "So Mr. Alan I see you are finally awake." The larger nurse commented as she walked over to check my IV line. "Well the doctors are discussing things with your parents so it may still be a while, but they are planning to check up on you here in a little while." She continued checking my vitals while the second nurse was doing the same thing with Garrett.

"Thanks." I told the nurse. "Um…do you think you can take these things off of me?" I asked pointing towards the wires that were attached to my chest and temples.

The purpose behind the lines was for monitoring my heart rate and brain activity, but since I was awake they were very uncomfortable. Now that my attention was focused on them it was almost unbearable. Even that damn thing attached to my finger which also monitored heart rate, and who knows what else, was annoying.

"No, we have to wait for the doctor's order to do that Mr. Alan." The first nurse apologized.

"Well maybe you do, but I don't," I stated removing the finger monitor, and started towards the sticky pads plastered on my chest.

"Whoa…whoa…Mr. Alan, hold on a moment." The nurse sighed as she motioned towards the other nurse. "Here, I'll remove these for you." She stated while the second nurse left to inform the front desk.

Before long all the lines had been removed except for my IV line. Just that simple thing made me feel so much better. The nurse checked me over some more, and made some notations on my chart. A few moments later she left, and Jenna followed her out stating she was going to look for her mom.

"So, you let Jenna see you naked." Garrett looked at me questioningly as one eyebrow raised in consternation.

"No, you did." I retorted.

"What do you mean…I did?" He asked as he snuggled next to me now that we were alone.

"You were in such a hurry to grab the blanket to cover yourself when you hopped off the bed that you tossed the blankets covering me off as well. Once I realized what had happened it was too late, she had gotten a pretty good look at me." I chuckled as I shook my head.

"What's so funny?" He asked me smiling.

"Well that's not the only thing she did." I admitted.

This got Garrett's attention and he just had to know. "Um…what did she do?" He asked.

Looking down at my cute little love I said, "The same thing what you would do." I chuckled. "She kissed and groped me almost making me cum right there on the spot." I chuckled.

"Oooh yuck," Garrett stated screwing up his eyes.

"What do you mean yuck? The fact that it was your sister, or that it was a girl in general that kissed and played with my dick."

Garrett fell silent for a moment and shrugged his shoulders so I pressed him further. "Does it surprise you that girls turn me on?" I asked him

"No…yes, I mean I don't know." He answered honestly looking a bit confused.

"Garrett you are almost twelve years old now. I mean if girls are starting to turn you on it's alright you know. Hell, I'm still confused about a lot of this shit." I told him.

"Really…you still get turned on by girls, but you and me…I mean I thought you loved me." He stated a little worried now.

"Of course I love you, and I even told your sister the same thing forcing her to quit sexing me up the way she was doing. Do you think it was easy for me to just stop as horny as I've been lately? You are the one I love, but that doesn't mean I'm dead from the waist down. My dick still twitches when I see a pretty girl, or for that matter a sexy looking boy." I told him seriously.

Garrett just sighed as he looked at me. "Sometimes when I'm with Selden and Cameron I want to join them…you know with having some sexy fun, but feel guilty about it. Then the other day I saw a girl adjusting her shirt and saw her smooth tit and nipple. I got so embarrassed because I popped a boner." He admitted giggling nervously as he looked at me for a reaction.

We both fell silent for a moment. "Garrett if you really want to play around with Selden and Cameron it's alright with me I guess. I mean it's not as if I hadn't messed around some too. I know you love me, but we are still young. If you want to experiment a little that is fine, but do be careful." I told him realizing I was being selfish trying to keep him to myself during this stage of his life. At twelve years old boys are just curious and starting to experiment around if possible.

Garrett didn't say anything, instead his head dove under the covers lightning fast and I had to gasp in delight as my dick immediately got hard when his lips wrapped around my four inch erection.

"Oh fuck…stop Garrett," I gasped as I lifted up the blanket looking down at my gorgeous boy peeling back my foreskin, and slurping up my four incher taking it all the way into his mouth before releasing me. "What if someone walks in on us?" I moaned excitedly.

The boy looked up and said, "Then you better orgasm real quickly then, huh…" he giggled as I watched him take in my erection once more as his fingers massaged my aching balls.

It's been forever and a day since I've felt his lips on my sexy boy pole. "Oh fuck that feels so good Garrett," I grunted as I twirled my fingers around his curls.

The feel of his hair in my fingers felt so sexy hot, but not as much as what he was doing to my hardness. His mouth took my iron shaft completely into its wet darkness while his tongue slithered around my corona ridge before he slowly retreated upwards. I knew it wouldn't take me long to explode because it's been so long since he's made love to my dick. He bobbed his head up and down a few times, and then flicked his tongue between my pee slit as his hands gently rubbed my stomach.

It was too much as I grunted, "I'm about to cum Sweetie." I told him as my balls contracted upwards, my hips lifted up off the mattress, and I unloaded myself into his eagerly awaiting gullet.

Several ropes of my white sticky goop exploded from my tip. "Uuuuumph, oooh, shiiiii, umph, umph, umph," I groaned as I slumped back onto the mattress spent, but in a good way. It happened so fast, but felt absolutely wonderful, something I've been missing for a while now.

Garrett slurped up the last of my sticky life giving milk as I moaned ecstatically. "Oh fuck you have no idea how I've been looking forward to that dick of yours Hunter. I've missed it so much." My little love bunny giggled which made me flush.

"Yeah, well I've been missing yours too." I admitted and was shocked as he gently straddled me and pulled down the front of his pajamas shoving his hard four and a half inch erection into my mouth.

"Mmmm," I hummed which made him giggle as he slowly face fucked me.

Pulling off his erection I glanced towards the door. "Fuck Garrett we are going to get caught." I told him seriously.

"I don't care. Just do me quick before someone comes in here." He pleaded as he shoved himself back into me.

My tongue slithered around his ridge as my fingers pulled back his foreskin exposing his tasty acorn within my mouth. Since his knees were on either side of me just below my armpits I reached around him, and pulled down his pajamas over his gloriously white smooth orbs. My right hand dove between his butt cheeks as I inserted a finger down his wet warm love shoot. I felt Garrett shivering as he moaned in pleasure and shoved his hardness further into my mouth.

The boy was close now, and normally I would just tease him to make things last, but not today. Someone could walk in at any moment, and I didn't want to spoil things for him. I buried my mouth all the way over his extremely hard sexy hot erection as my nose muzzled against his still completely bare pubic mound. Fuck he smelled so good not to mention his body felt so damn sexy hot.

Easing off his cock a little my tongue slathered along the under side of his erection while my finger pounded his ass. My head bobbed back down and then up while I twirled my tongue around his thick acorn. All of a sudden his body jerked, his balls contracted, and his dick writhed around in my mouth offering up a pleasant surprise.

"Oh shit," Garrett grunted as his sudden orgasm caught him by surprise. He's always felt it coming in the past, and was able to warn me, but this time it was more intense than in the past as he felt something actually shooting out the tip of his slicked up acorn.

His first thin rope of sweetness splattered against the back of my throat catching me by surprise as I slurped it down feeling it slowly glide down my gullet. It tasted a bit on the sweet earthy side, and I loved it. His dick continued to writhe around my mouth as several smaller dollops of his boy seed dribbled out onto my tongue. It wasn't a lot, just a few droplets is all, but it tasted divinely delectable, and I had to force myself not to swallow as Garrett finally grunted one last time before his softness slipped from my lips.

Gently, mindful of my injuries the boy eased himself away from me, and then settled down against my warm body as he pulled up his pajamas. I leaned over and kissed him on the lips forcing them open and depositing his own seed inside his mouth. I felt his tongue slithering around his own baby batter before he swallowed.

"Oh fuck, I finally squirted," He gushed with pride as his face flushed red from all the exertion. "That…that was so fucking awesome," he admitted as he smiled at me slowly regaining his breath.

"Yeah Sweet Cheeks, it was totally awesome. My little man is growing up," I giggled as Garrett punched me in the arm ignoring my battered body.

"Owe, what was that for?" I asked him as he just giggled.

"I love you Hunter so much. I want you all the time, not just because of the sex, but just…you know what I mean….I just can't put it to words." He admitted.

"Yeah my love, I know. My heart aches when you aren't around me." I whispered as I winced because my body began to ache with all the extra exertion. I knew here in a bit I might end up really feeling the after affects to my battered body.


"Yeah what is it Sweet Cheeks?" I asked him as I shifted into a more comfortable position sighing in the afterglow of our great sex despite the nagging ache.

"I want us to take it to the next level…you know…I mean I'm so ready to have all of you." He stated as he lay on his back, and just looked up at the ceiling.

"You want to what?" I asked him a bit shocked not sure I heard him correctly or even if what he said is what I was thinking he said, but before he could answer a whole slew of people started to enter our room so the conversation would have to wait for another time.

My parents and sister rushed to my side as my mom gave me a huge hug. "Oh sweetie you are all flush and sweaty." My mom stated looking at me concerned while Mrs. Davis had rushed to her son's side and noted the same thing.

"Oh…um…I had to go to the bathroom, and it sort of took it out of me. I thought I could make it, but I was a bit wobbly and sore so Garrett had to help me back into bed." I fibbed as my doctor smiled at me while taking some vitals.

"Oh well maybe you should just go in the bed pan." My mom stated looking around for one.

"Um…no I will try again here in a few moments." I replied really having to go now that I've mentioned it. All that fluid from the IV line had bloated my bladder.

The rest of my friends had also entered the room, and I looked around smiling at them. Both Selden and Cameron were looking sexy hot in their snazzy outfits. Selden was wearing an orange colored polo style shirt, red fitted jeans and an off white straw fedora style hat with an orange band that matched his shirt. Fuck he looked so damn sexy and when I briefly glanced at his crotch it looked as if he had a decent sized lump which made me wonder if he was sporting an erection considering he had a pretty small package.

Cameron on the other hand was wearing sky blue fitted jeans with a tight blue tank top under a thick warm unbuttoned blue plaid shirt that had a hoodie on it. He definitely was sporting an erection as I spied him adjusting his hard on and it was pointing off towards his right shoulder with a definite outline of its shape completely visible.

Dylan seemed to be dressed a little more reserved in his regular jeans, flannel shirt and jacket draped over his arms. Brad of course was Brad, and he was simply dressed in a pair of jeans and the school football jersey.

They all gathered around and I smiled at them appreciatively as I tried to answer their questions. They had been so worried and told me that Susan had spilled the beans on me concerning my illness, and that they were really mad I hadn't said anything sooner. Throughout the exchange Dylan remained quiet and remote.

"Hey Dylan, you look kind of down?" I noted.

"Huh…what…oh, no man…it's all good." He lied.

"Dylan, come on man, spill it…what's up?" I asked him.

He just stood there for a moment looking down and then tears started to well up in his eyes. "H…how could you not tell me. I…I'm supposed to be your best friend, and you…you kept the most important thing about you…from me….h…how could you do that?" He complained to me as he looked towards me with tears freely flowing down his cheeks not caring anymore who saw now that he could just let his emotions out. "Y…you could have gotten sick or died a number of times with some of the shit we've done together. How could you do that to your best friend…at least I thought I was your best friend." He amended at the end crushed that I hadn't confided in him.

There were tears in my own eyes now as I sort of felt like I had betrayed my best friend. "Dylan please…I…you don't understand what it was like before…before I met Dr. Miller…before he helped make me better. I…I was sick all the time and I…I almost…um…"

I had to stop not wanting to admit all those times I ended up in the hospital knowing that it just might just be for the last time and never seeing my family ever again. "Dylan before I came here and got better I was in and out of the hospital all the time. There were times I thought I'd never be going home again. I didn't have any friends because I was either sick or they were afraid of me." I told him as I wiped away the tears and looked at him.

Everyone got real silent not wanting to say anything. It was an awkward few moments as Dylan and I both tried to wipe away the tears, and I noticed several others doing the same thing. I sniffled and felt Garrett grabbing my hand under the covers for courage.

"Dylan you have to understand the horrible worry that I had put my parents and sister through. They don't say it, but they worry about me every single day. When I started getting better it was easier for them, but they still had that worry nagging at them in the back of their minds. I…I just couldn't live like that anymore. When I got better I told Dr. Miller that I just wanted to be like any other boy…you know have friends, play, and get involved in school…a normal life." I stated as I just looked at my best friend.

It got quiet again so I just continued. "Something you and everyone else take for granted Dylan." I whispered. "I…I just wanted to be treated like anyone else, and thanks to Dr. Miller I've been able to do just that. Even though it worried him and my family, through careful monitoring I was able to go play sports and live life like a normal teenager, whatever that may be." I chuckled. "This…what happened yesterday was a freak accident, and I'm alright so please don't worry Dylan and please…please still be my friend." I whispered

Dylan just launched himself at me and hugged me tight as I stiffened with pain. "Oh shit, sorry Hunter." He blushed and realized he had cussed in front of parents. "Shit I'm sorry about cussing…crap…I meant to say crap." He flushed red sort of embarrassed, and then hugged me again real quick like before releasing me. "You're my best friend in the whole world Hunter, but not telling me was real lame you dickhead." He stated this time not apologizing for his colorful language.

We all fell silent for a few moments before my Doctor spoke up. "Well then, now that we have all this…um…admonishment out of the way for Mr. Alan over here I am going to have to ask you all to step out while I go over some things with Hunter and his parents, that includes you Mr. Garrett." He smiled warmly at the younger boy as everyone started to move for the door.

"No." I spoke up at the last moment.

"What?" Dr. Miller queried.

"No, I want them all to be here so that they know everything." I told him.

The elderly doctor just looked at me for a moment and sighed nodding his head. "Fine everyone can stay, but Dr. Tyler and I have to examine Hunter here first so if you will excuse us a moment," He stated as he drew the curtain around me while Garrett got up off the bed and joined the others.

After the curtain gave us some privacy both doctors began to exam me from head to toe. "So I see that you're feet are going to be a bit tender, but nothing broken there Hunter, just some scraps and maybe a stubbed toe or two." He chuckled as I nodded my head. "With what you had gone through I'm kind of surprised, especially after carrying Garrett through a rocky path and underbrush." He continued as I nodded my head.

"Well a few scrapes and bruises was worth it doc." I told him as he smiled warmly.

"Yes, I suppose it was young man." He stated as he pulled back the covers and winced at my bruised up body.

Even the other doctor winced a bit before putting on his professional face. "Damn Hunter what the hell happened here?" Dr. Miller indicated my large bruising all along the left side."

"Oh that, well I got in a fight with a car and lost." I told him jokingly.

"You what?" He asked incredulously not at all humored.

Sighing I told him everything about last night. The wrestling, feeling light headed, the bloody nose, going out for some fresh air, the car, the river, everything I could think of telling him. He listened patiently, and had already known several things, but for some reason nothing was ever mentioned to him about the car.

"I was trying to get Garrett out of the way doc, and the only way out was over the railing so I jumped. I'm not sure, but I think the car must have clipped me just before we cleared the railing. All I know is all of a sudden I somersaulted over Garrett, and landed several yards away from him in the water." I explained to him as he looked over my bruising.

"Well the MRI body scan we looked over didn't show any bones being broken or anything, but we will check it again just to be sure." He stated as both him and Dr. Tyler probed my skin with gentle yet firm pressure.

They continued to look me over, and I was glad that they had pulled the curtain closed because I had been naked for a chunk of time as they examined my entire body. I was also glad Garrett had left because I was sure he would have popped a boner watching them examine me, which in turn would have boned me up as well. My dick twitched when I thought about this so I focused on what the doctors were doing to take my mind off of Garrett. They finally finished up, and I sighed in relief that I hadn't popped one in front of the two doctors as they covered me back up in my blankets, and pulled back the curtains.

"So," Dr. Miller started out. "Hunter I just want you to know that it looks like we've got everything back under control. Your blood cell levels seemed to have stabilized, but we will have to monitor you closely."

"Wait a minute," Brad interjected. "Does he like have leukemia or something?" He was curious to know because he knew there were treatments for that sort of thing.

"Well no," the doctor sighed. "His symptoms are similar, and a lot of things happening inside of him are also similar, but no, it isn't leukemia. For him it is more complicated, and if not monitored carefully very bad. The genetic disease is fatal unless treated properly."

"Oh, I just thought that he could be cured…you know." Brad sighed a little sadly.

"Well, even though the disease is fatal it is possible for Hunter to be cured as well, but the problem we have right now is that he has a very rare blood type, and also no one in the immediate family is a match to do a stem cell transplant. He's on the registry for a possible donor, but no one has come up as a match. Basically our little Mr. Hunter here is a very stubborn young man." He teased me knowingly and I chuckled. "The same stubbornness has also kept him alive and well, so I guess it is a tradeoff."

The doctor paused a moment to gather his thoughts. "So Hunter as I was saying everything is fine, and we really lucked out. Now, I want to introduce you to my colleague here, his name is Dr. Tyler. He will be partnering up with me on my practice so that in a few years he can take over." He told me seriously.

Tears welled up in my eyes. Dr. Miller's been there these past several years for me, but when we first started going to him he had informed us of his intension to retire after a few years.

"Come…come my dear Hunter. We both knew this day would be coming, and besides I am not going anywhere here anytime soon. Maybe another three or four more years so don't be sad yet, alright. Besides, even after I retire I'll be hanging around a bit to help Dr. Tyler on a part time basis so it won't be all that bad." He stated as I nodded my head.

"Good, so Dr. Tyler will need some information from you."

Nodding my head I turned my attention to Dr. Tyler. "So Mr. Hunter," He began using my first name as a surname noting how Dr. Miller had done the same thing. "I understand you participate in a lot of sports?"

"Yup, when I can and if I like it." I responded.

"I see, well to tell you the truth I don't think that is such a good idea. You put a lot of stress on your body you know." He told me seriously.

"I see, so tell me Doc, you know about the other case like me right?" I asked.

"Of course a lot of us have been watching not only your progress since you live so close to us, but also the other boy over in Florida. Why do you ask?"

"Well, I was just wondering if he is doing all that stuff you doctors are recommending about sports and stuff…I mean basically living in a bubble and all…you know, not doing anything except sitting around waiting to die." I stated.

"That's not fair Hunter," the doctor looked at me trying to shame me as he continued. "Yes, the other boy is doing exactly what the doctors are telling him in this regard just as you should." He stated seriously.

"I see, so how is he doing?"

"What?" Dr. Tyler asked me a bit shocked while I noticed Dr. Miller trying not to burst out in laughter.

"I asked how is he doing?"

"Why…um…," the man cleared his throat before continuing, "…why do you even ask?"

"Because he is doing everything he is being told to do by a bunch of needle pushing pansy ass doctors is why." I told him coldly beginning not to like the younger doctor as I looked back to Dr. Miller. "So Doc, tell me how is he doing?" I asked Dr. Miller focusing my attention on the older man.

"You know very well how he is doing Hunter since you correspond with him. He's sick all the time." He sighed knowing where this was heading.

Turning my attention back to Dr. Tyler I said, "Well, it seems as if the kid who is following a strict diet, not exercising, having no friends, and has no life is basically loosing the battle; whereas me, a smart ass teenager who refuses to roll over and die, eats like a typical teenager, goes outdoors and plays in the dirt, participates in sports…well it looks like I'm winning. So you tell me since you are so strong regarding statistical analysis…if you were me looking at the two different scenarios, which one would you choose?" I asked him as a couple of my friends sort of giggled, but hushed up when my parents looked at them glaringly.

"Enough Hunter," my mother admonished. "He's going to be your doctor some day so you should at least be civil to the man."

"I'm sorry mom, but this is my life we are talking about. If he wants to take over my case he should at least get to know me better before coming up with these absurd rules and regulations. Dr. Miller never ordered me to follow any rules. He sat down with me, told me the information I needed to know, and we came up with a plan together." I told my mom as she sighed and shook her head.

"Dr. Tyler you have to understand my son." My mom began looking at the younger man. "You heard what he told his friends, and he refuses to go back to that life. As much as I worry about it, he is right about it though." My mom explained to the man.

"I see, well then I guess maybe Mr. Hunter and I will have a lot of good discussions going on then in the future." He smiled at me reassuringly which made me feel better because at least he was willing to have a good debate.

"So…um…I hate to ask in front of the others Hunter, but you did ask them to stay so I'm just going to ask you." Dr. Tyler stated as he looked over to me and I noticed Dr. Miller sighing and rolling his eyes. I guess this isn't what the older man had in mind, but he was going to allow the younger doctor to muddle through his mess. "Are you sexually active?"

Both Selden and Cameron giggled at the question while I sort of bristled. "That is not something I discuss so blithely Dr. Tyler." I told him sternly letting him know I also can use fancy words.

"Well of course not Mr. Hunter, but it is important to know these sorts of things." He stated sternly.

"So why is it so important to know?" I asked him.

"Well because of what it could mean for your health. I mean such activity can make you tired, more susceptible to infections, and having a relapse in your condition." He told me seriously.

"Is that everything about it?" I asked him seriously.

"Um…yes I suppose." The doctor admitted. "Except, maybe the usual sexual precautions we warn teenagers about regarding communicable diseases and all.

"So basically what you are telling me is that having sex might create the same issue as playing sports, correct?"

"Well yes I suppose." He admitted again not liking being grilled by a thirteen year old.

"Well, now that I know this do you really have to know if I'm sexually involved."

"Of course, as your doctor I need to know these sorts of things?"

"Why would you need to know?" I asked.

"So I can warn you about the consequences of having sex." He stated irritably.

"But you just told me the consequences, so why do you want to know about my sex life? I mean are you some pervert or something?" I asked him seriously as I heard all of my friends giggling at how I had turned the tables neatly on the new doctor.

My parents glared at me, and the doctor sat back in his chair. "Dr. Miller I don't know if this is going to work out or not. He just doesn't want to cooperate with me." The man admonished.

"That is because you are not willing to work with a teenage boy who has a mind of his own." Dr. Miller sighed. "Look the fault is mine, and I should have prepared you more for this, but you are going about this all wrong. You need to listen to what Hunter wants, and then try to find a solution that works. This is not a one sided issue. Hunter is a smart young man. He knows when he has to follow the rules, and knows when he doesn't. Of course he knows that playing sports can be dangerous, but he is willing to come in every month to monitor his blood work." The older doctor pointed out. "Besides, let's face it knowing whether he is sexually active isn't all that pertinent when you come right down to it, and he knows it."

"Yes but still, he shouldn't be playing sports period." The younger doctor insisted which rewarded him with a stern look from Dr. Miller.

"Why not?" He asked the younger doctor now.


"That isn't a good enough answer. So again…tell me why not?"

"Because…all the research from prominent doctors across the country says so."

"Screw them and their pencil pushing statistics. They haven't worked in the field with real patients since they've become doctors. Hunter is correct. He's the one doing better because he is keeping himself fit and not locked up." The older doctor insisted in support of me.

Everyone fell silent for a while, and then Dr. Miller sighed. "Listen Jim, you are a great doctor because you understand your patients. It is a part of the reason I wanted you to take over for me down the road. Stick to your guns and with Hunter, and ignore all of the other doctors who are trying to whisper in your ears. They've been trying for years to get me to change my stance with Hunter, but as you see they are the ones being proven wrong, and it is this that is making them crazy with envy. Their egos can't take it. If you take over Hunter's case you will have to learn to do things your way, and not try to heel and bow down to all those pencil pushers just because of their egos." He finished off as he looked at the younger doctor.

This was starting to get a little bit awkward for me so I changed the subject. "So doc when can I go home?" I asked seriously.

Both Dr. Tyler and Dr. Miller looked at me so I continued. "Um…you know it's Christmas Eve tomorrow and well…I'm not feeling all that bad so figured I might as well go home." I told them seriously as I looked around.

The younger doctor all of a sudden barked and laughed his ass off as he just shook his head. "You know normally I would say we have to keep you a few days for observation, but hell we did all of the blood work and everything, so why not. Just make sure you get plenty of rest, and if you have any symptoms give us a call back." The young doctor stated looking over at his colleague who nodded in agreement.

"Well Mr. Hunter, despite our rocky start I have a feeling we will become good friends just like you and Dr. Miller. If we both keep an open mind, and if you will be patient with me, then I think it will work out for the both of us. What do you say?" He asked me seriously holding out his hand.

"Sure, I don't see why not…and no hard feelings alright doc…I mean I'm just breaking you in all proper like." I told him as I shook his hand.

"Yeah, well you did a good job of it. I have a feeling I will be learning a lot over the next several years not only from Dr. Miller, but also from you as well, and no…no hard feelings young man. If I were in your shoes I would have done the same thing."

Before leaving, Dr. Miller removed the IV needle from my arm and did one more checking of my vitals before heading out the door followed by my parents so they could get the discharge papers in order. Mrs. Davis had to do the same thing for Garrett.

"Hey you guys…um…do you think I can have a moment with Brad?" I asked as they all nodded, and Brad looked at me a bit puzzled.

"Yeah sure…," Jenna stated as she grabbed Dylan by the arm and the rest of the group headed out, that is everyone except for Garrett who earlier had crawled back in bed lying next to me.

After everyone left, Brad looked at me a bit perplexed. "Um…what's up buddy?" He asked me.

"Yeah…I kind of was wondering…um…," I blushed not knowing how to ask this.

"Oh for cryin out loud Hunter just spit it out." Brad chuckled nervously at the end of his ropes. It had been a grueling couple of days for him.

Sighing I just looked at my sister's big boyfriend. "Do you think you could pee me?" I asked giggling as Garrett just busted a gut next to me bursting out laughing.

Brad gaped at me. "You want me to what? I mean…um…what?" He stuttered a bit confused.

"Um…I need help getting to the bathroom. Those fluids they've been pumping into me is about to make me explode." I told him.

"Oh…yeah, I guess so but…um…what do you need me to do?" He asked cautiously as I pulled back my covers exposing my nakedness to him.

Brad gasped as he saw my naked body. He didn't gasp because I was naked; he gasped because of the large bruising along my one side. I could see the tears welling up in his eyes as his gaze bored through me starting from just under my arm pit, down the length of my rib cage, past my thighs, all the way just below my knee.

"Oh shit Hunter; I wish I would have pounded the shit out of that drunk teenager instead of just knocking him on his ass," he confessed as he wiped away the tears. "Um…shit Hunter how am I supposed to carry you?"

"Just pick me up regular like in both of your arms, and I'll wrap my arm around your neck then you can lower me in front of the toilet." I told him.

The older boy hesitated a moment before moving over to the other side of the bed. He scooped me up with his left arm supporting my back, and his right arm under my knees. He grunted for a moment until he got into a standing position, and then carried me inside the bathroom.

The big lug gently lowered me down as he bent at the knees which forced his face only a few inches away from my erection. I could tell he blushed as he couldn't help but see me in this state, and he stood back up supporting me.

"Um…if you say anything to anyone about this…" He began uncomfortably as he glanced quickly down at my erection, and turned even redder.

"Shit, I can't help it Brad. I've got to go really bad." I told him as I tried to figure out how the hell I was going to do this now since I was hard as a rock.

Normally I would just bend down my shaft a little while also leaning forward against the bathroom wall to get a better angle, and not have to forcefully bend my shaft all the way down. Brad could see my dilemma so he leaned in next to me and held me helping me lean forward allowing my ass to poke backwards while I grabbed my hard as steel erection, and bent it down a little aiming for the toilet bowl and just let loose.

"Shit, watch where you aim that thing." Brad yelped as the stream sort of went off to the side towards him before straightening out.

Garrett started laughing his ass off from behind us as he thought it was totally hilarious seeing the big guy pee me. "What the fuck are you laughing at?" Brad admonished the little boy.

"Nothing…I promise I won't say anything." Garrett stopped laughing when he saw Brad looking over his shoulders and glaring at him.

I shivered euphorically as my bladder emptied out at a forceful clip. "Oh fuck that feels so good." I groaned.

"Shhh, quiet before people hear you and get the wrong idea." Brad hissed while I apologized realizing this really wasn't fair to the big guy, but still I couldn't help but put a barb in his side.

"What can I say Brad, you help me get all tingly inside." I giggled which in turn affected my aim at the toilet bowl as the yellow stream started to wave around erratically as I laughed.

"Fuck, watch it you little dickhead." Brad hissed as he elbowed me creating even more issues with the direction of my pee flow.

"Hey…it may be a little dickhead, but it's still mine and I love it." I teased as I stroked my now pretty much flaccid tool.

"Damn it Hunter…" Brad started to get mad before just shaking his head and sighing. "You're such a dork at times." He said to me as he looked at me, and just started to chuckle at the entire absurdity of the situation. "Next time you are on your own." He admonished.

"Oh come on…it isn't as if you haven't seen me naked before."

"Yeah, well that was when you had a sweeter disposition." He stated as I finished up, and he carried me back to my bed throwing my clothes at me ordering me to get dressed.

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