Stormy Weather

by Hunter Woods

Chapter 7

It had been warm in our bedroom when both Akiva and I stepped inside and slipped into bed. The room had a sort of funky smell to it, a musky sweaty smell of boys and sex. We both smiled and I left the bedroom door open to air it out while we headed inside the bathroom to take care of our other needs such as brushing our teeth and emptying out our bladders. We had peeled off our clothes getting completely naked, and settled in next to one another. I had decided to just leave the door open a crack so as to keep some fresh air coming into the room.

My young sexy boy settled in my arms, and I cradled him gingerly nibbling on his ear and neck. The smell of him so close was intoxicating, and my pecker twitched between my legs and stiffened up burying itself in his smooth creamy orbs. My love just scooted his globes backwards some more, further burying my rigid length in the warmth of its embrace. He giggled and whispered that it was if his ass was made for my dick. I giggled at his remark, and as much as I wanted to fuck his torrid ass right there and then I just sighed and settled in for the night as my fingers wrapped around his sleek rigid tool and softly stroked him a bit. I just loved how it felt in my hands as his foreskin slid over the head of his penis.

There would come a night, I instinctively knew, when he would surrender himself completely and wholly to me as well as me to him, but not tonight, not while the other two boys were lying a mere two feet away. We had time, and right now I was content to just be with Akiva. It still amazed me at how much has happened in just a mere three days. Tomorrow would be the fourth day since the storm and flooding began. I had received phone calls from Uncle Trig of the progress they had made, and hopefully within the next day or two, power would be restored and most of the small community of Solomon would be able to head home. This made me both happy and sad at the same time.

The tender softness lying next to me radiated warmth and comfort which finally lulled me to sleep. I dozed peacefully in the night and dreamed such wonderful visions of the boys all snuggled up together with limbs intertwined as we all made passionate love together. My penis was twitching and I could feel myself dribbling pre-cum in my sleep, but I couldn't seem to wake up it was such a fantastic dream. Then I felt some movement and I slowly opened my eyes.

It was still dark, but I could definitely see the distinct shape of David squeezing in between Akiva's body and myself. I sighed not wanting to separate from the warmth and comfort of my love, but I released him and let David squirm up between us. Akiva moaned and shifted towards Darren almost subconsciously looking for another warm body. I couldn't help but giggle as he found the other boy in his sleep, and then wrapped his arms around the younger boy. In turn Darren just automatically scooted backwards spooning up against the older boy.

David was looking at me and crawled on top of me laying down his head on my chest. He felt so snuggly warm, and his skin was velvety soft against me as I wrapped my arms around his back and gently stroked his naked torso. He immediately popped an erection that poked me in the stomach. It really wasn't a surprise because the nine year old boy just seemed to always have an erection.

"Dylan?" He whispered.

"Yes sweetie what is it," I sighed.

Then I heard him whimpering a little. "I…I didn't understand before…I mean about Darren." He just sniffled.

"I know sweetie that is why I wanted him to tell you. Does it make you feel any different about him?"

He lifted up his head and his eyes got big in shock. "Oh no, I love him so much Dylan, it's just how could anyone do something like this to another boy. They hurt him really bad Dylan and I don't want him hurt like that again." He settled back down on top of me.

We just lay there for a few moments and I could feel David's hips gyrate against my stomach. It was more just stimulation for the younger boy, and I don't think he really realized what he was doing as his penis rocked up against my stomach and he moaned softly while his hands slowly rubbed my chest and stomach.

My own penis inflated automatically from the sexual gyration, and I just quivered with the sexual overtones occurring on top of me. Slowly and gently my arms clamped down around his torso so that I could stop his gyrating motions before it escalated. David stopped his rocking motion, but I could feel the pre-cum dribbling out the tip of my pee slit that the stimulation had created inside of me.

"What should I do?" David asked me.

"What do you mean?"

"I mean, how do I treat him? I love him, but don't want him to get hurt by what we are doing together." He sighed as he subconsciously started rocking again.

"Just treat him the same as before. He will let you know if he isn't ready for something. I think it hurts him more if he is treated differently. He's still the same person David. Just be yourself and let him be himself, and things will work out by themselves."

The boy thought about it some and then leaned on his arms and looked me in the eye before leaning in and kissing me passionately. The sexiness of his kiss caught me off guard as his tongue slipped inside of my mouth searching out my wet slithering piece of flesh. Damn he tasted good as I feverishly returned his kiss.

We managed to separate for a moment as we recovered our breaths. "Suck me, please." David pleaded.

I shook my head no, "Why not?" He asked me.

"Because you are with Darren now and it wouldn't be right." I responded.

"So, I know the two of you were together, and he knows we were together, and we both agreed that we don't mind if you have sex with us too. We love you and your mouth feels so good on my penis. Oh, and we also agreed Akiva can too if he ever wants to." He added as he pleaded with me.

My mind was just awhirl with a bevy of thoughts when I noticed Akiva had rolled over on his side and was looking at us trying to stifle a giggle. David realized the other boy was awake and slithered off of me and slid on top of the other boy. It had been lightening quick, and caught the other blonde haired Norwegian boy by surprise. Before Akiva knew it the other boy was humping his stomach trying to get that stimulating feeling in his penis.

This time it was my turn to giggle as Akiva tried to slow the boy down. I scooted over to them and hugged both of them to me. David looked towards Akiva before looking back at me.

"Well one of you two is going to suck my cock so which one of you is it going to be?" He demanded.

My sexy Norwegian blonde boy just looked shocked, and I couldn't help myself as I chuckled at the look of utter dilemma on my sexy lover's visage. Akiva was just flabbergasted by the proclamation and just shook his head. The only cock he's ever sucked was mine, not to mention I've been the only person he's ever had sex with. He seemed content with it even though he knows I've had other sexual encounters including with David.

Akiva sighed and looked at me, and I immediately understood and agreed with him. "No Davie, we can't do that for you. It wouldn't be right besides you are with Darren now." Akiva insisted.

"Yeah, but we agreed it would be alright if it was you guys, please." He pleaded.

"Akiva's right David, just because you and Darren agree doesn't make it right. We both love you and Darren very much and things may change in the future, who knows, but now I have to agree with Akiva. Do you understand?" I asked him.

"No not really, but I guess it doesn't matter as long as you both still love us. That is all we really care about." He sighed as he looked over to Darren.

My eyes followed David's and I smiled as the sleeping boy snored softly in his sleep. "You know I think this is the first night in a long time that he hasn't had a nightmare," I whispered softly.

"It is, really?" David asked me questioningly.

I nodded my head and explained what his grandparents had told me about how he screamed every night since he was raped until he started spending the night here. The last few days he only whimpered a little from his nightmare, and tonight nothing at all. I hope this means the end of his nightmarish ritual. David's eyes glistened with wetness as he was obviously upset about it. He finally understood exactly what had happened to Darren, and as much as he had been horrified when his friend explained to him what happened he could only imagine how appalling and grisly it must really have been for Darren. Even now, after the atrocious act, his best friend in the entire world suffered from the aftermath of that dreadful and fateful day.

David scooted back over to his friend and gingerly wrapped his arms around the boy. "I love you so much Darren Gibadlo and I always will through thick and thin," he whispered as he gently kissed the boy on the lips.

Darren sighed and moaned pleasantly in his sleep as his shifted and curled up with David. He seemed to stir awake for a moment, one of those half sort of awake stages, just enough to whisper to his friend. "Are you alright," I heard him whisper as he snuggled up closer to the younger boy.

"Yes Darren I just wanted you to know how much I love you," David whispered as he stroked Darren's cheek.

"I love you too sweetheart, more than you will ever know," he whispered endearingly to his lover as he drifted back to sleep.

"Thanks guys," David whispered to us as he faded off to sleep himself.

"You are something else Akiva Miller, my love, my light, my reason for being." I whispered to my Norwegian sexy boy.

"Do you really mean it," he whispered back as he snuggled his head against my chest.

We were both lying on our sides facing one another. "Of course, I wouldn't have a boyfriend unless he was the most fabulous boy in the world."

His attention snapped up at the mention of boyfriend, and he looked at me with a sheepish grin on his face. "Boyfriend…I think I like the sound of that," he whispered and got quiet.

We just held each other that way and drifted off to sleep. It felt so right with him sleeping in my arms. My last thoughts were of what I was going to do all alone in this bed at night when the power came back on and he went home. It would be so lonely without him so close to me, in my arms at night. Once again it just amazed me at how close I had become attached to not only Akiva, but everyone around me.

My internal clock woke me up early in the morning while it was still dark outside. The wind was still howling although not making as much noise when I went to bed, and at the moments I could still hear the steady raindrops dripping off the gutters and splattering up against the walls of the house. My body ached a little, but it wasn't as bad as the previous day.

Opening up my eyes slowly my vision focused on the adorable sleeping form of my boyfriend. That sounded totally awesome in my mind as I rolled the word around; much more exciting than girlfriend that I've used in the past. His breathing was steady and I could see his chest rise and lower with each intake and exhale of air. His scent wafted over towards me and I breathed him in. It was familiar to me now, and I knew it had changed me forever. His scent was unique to him and would stay with me for the rest of my life.

He looked so peaceful at the moment, and I gently leaned in giving him a tender kiss on the lips. His breath caught for a moment, and his tongue slithered around his lips where I kissed him, but he remained asleep. I gently untangled our limbs and eased myself out of the bed.

My foot landed softly on the warm reddish brown colored hardwood flooring. I just loved the hardwood flooring we had installed in the entire house. It was Cumaru or Brazilian Teak, and felt wonderful under my bare feet.

Moving quickly but silently I got out some work clothes, entered the bathroom to relieve my bladder, and headed downstairs. It was quiet throughout the house, everyone still asleep as I grabbed some bread and butter, and put on the coffee pot. Ten minutes later I was making my way out to the barn and the horses. I had eaten and drank a cup of coffee so now it was time to get to work. It was still dark outside with the grayness of daylight still an hour away.

Saddling up Two Step and walking her out, I mounted up and headed out to check on the herd. It was a damp, wet, windy, and miserable morning, but I wanted to get my chores out of the way. Besides this wasn't something new to me getting up early and having long days. When I start up in the next school year this will be a normal routine for me.

The early morning sort of slipped me by as I was making my way back home a couple of hours later. Two Step was full of brisk knowing we were heading home, and I could see the wisps of heat vapors rising off her hide. It was cold outside, and wet so we were both looking forward to getting back. As I approached I noticed a vehicle on the backside of the barn, and the doors were slightly ajar. I detected a small movement by the doors, or at least I thought there was something, but I wasn't so sure now. It was all odd and the vehicle seemed out of place this early in the morning so I slowed down my mare, and approached cautiously trying not to make too much noise.

Two Step seemed to sense my unease and remained quiet. Normally she would announce to the other horses her arrival as she neighed and nickered loudly, but today she knew something wasn't right. I tied her off at the edge of the orchard and snuck up to the opening. I could hear voices inside and what I was hearing made my blood turn cold in my veins.

"My cousin told me you were the best fuck he's ever had and I intend to find out," a large boy spat out at the smaller boy he had trapped beneath him.

There were two other boys there as well, another large boy about the same age as his friend, I would say about seventeen or eighteen, and another smaller boy who was tied up against a post. The boy who was tied up had a bloody lip and his head hung down. He looked familiar as I tried to get a better angle, and then my heart leaped as I recognized Akiva. They had lashed his hands to the pole and had gagged him.

"Stop struggling you little bastard. If it weren't for you my cousin's life wouldn't be ruined right now. I think some payback is in order," The first older boy grunted as I saw his hand flash up in anger and strike the younger boy who just groaned under the impact, but still struggled and started to kick.

"Shit yeah," the other boy cheered as he looked over towards Akiva who was starting to come to. They must have hit him so hard they had knocked him out.

Akiva started to struggle against his ropes and the second boy just kicked him and told him to hold still or he would be next. He kept on struggling, and received another kick in the side. My mind was racing as I looked around and spotted David hiding behind a bail of hay by the door close to me. That's when I realized he must have been the movement I had detected outside the barn. David must have snuck inside the barn from this side. I entered the barn slowly and slipped behind David without making a sound.

"Yeah," the first boy stated looking at the younger boy as a thought occurred to him, "If you continue to struggle we'll do to your friend what we are going to do to you." He spat out viciously.

That seemed to work as I heard the younger boy squeak out that he would behave just don't hurt his friend. I recognized the voice as belonging to Darren, and I nearly stumbled out of shock. That would have been disastrous for sure. I could see some articles of clothing that seemed to have either been ripped off of Darren or cut, I couldn't tell from my angle. I didn't have time to ponder about it much at the moment as I firmly clamped my hand over David's mouth and wrapped my other arm completely around him trying to hold him as still as possible and have him not make any sound. The younger boy struggled for a brief second, but became still once he recognized it was me.

David had tears running down his cheeks, and he had a pitchfork in his hand. I could tell he had been getting ready to charge the larger boys in order to help his friends. My heart filled with pride at Davy's bravery. I handed him my phone and pointed towards the door. He looked at me with worry in his eyes, but obeyed me which sent relief through me.

"Now that's a good boy," the larger boy was crooning to the younger one. "Now get on your hands and knees so I can fuck you like a proper bitch," he stated cruelly as Darren whimpered, and sobbed uncontrollably.

"You promise you won't hurt Akiva?" Darren asked before getting into position.

"Who? Oh, yeah the other fine piece of ass." The boy spat and I could see Darren cringe at the harsh words he used to describe Akiva. "Sure, I promise, but you had better be as good a fuck as my cousin told me or I'll fuck him too, and let my other friend fuck him as well and believe me you don't want him shoving his fat sausage up your friend's ass. He's hung bigger than a horse, but he gets to fuck you since we will leave your friend alone." The boy was saying as he shoved his pants and underwear down to his ankles and positioned himself behind Darren.

The younger boy looked back and couldn't help but whimper as he saw the three inch erection pointing towards his ass. "Oh fuck yeah you are going to be such a sweet fuck my little bitch. Remember you better let me ride you hard without any complaints or your friend over there gets it from both of us. Take a look at my friend's cock," the older boy commanded as his friend pulled out his thick juicy fat seven inch dick.

Even I shuddered at the site of it, and Darren just whimpered knowing that huge thing was going up his ass right after the other big boy's, who was currently positioned behind him. I almost gagged and threw up as the ugly vision of Darren getting fucked like that popped into my mind. The one boy looked huge to me all boned up like that.

I've never seen an adult like penis before in person with an erection. Sure I've surfed the internet before, and have seen these guys with huge cocks fucking girls with flabby pussies, what teenager these days haven't seen things like that on the net, but I've never seen an adult erection in real life. Well I don't know if I would call these guys adults they were about seventeen or eighteen, but I guess they might as well be.

Both boys were focused on Darren at the moment, and it was now or never for me as I slowly crept out of my hiding place and quickly made my way towards the boy standing up. Akiva saw me and kicked out towards the other boy getting his attention hoping to give me more time. It sort of worked as the other boy first turned towards Akiva and then seemed to get a glimpse of me. He turned and I closed the remaining gap and launched myself in the air.

The large kid's eyes bugged out for a second and he started to move, but I had caught him by surprise as my body whipped around snapping my leg along with it and hit him full force on his right temple. He collapsed in a heap by Akiva's legs. I saw a hoof knife a couple of feet away and snatched it up. The curved blade was used to clean horses hooves, and had a curved dull like blade. I slashed at one of Akiva's ropes getting one arm loose before I had to turn my attention to the other boy who had wanted to mount Darren.

Handing the dull blade to Akiva's free hand I stepped between him and the large brut of a boy who was cursing at this interruption. He had managed to get up and was holding a knife out towards me while Darren scooted out of the way into an empty stall completely naked while trying to cover his privates with his hands. He was crying, sobs that wracked his small frame with huge shuddering quivers, and he looked over to me his eyes filled with both hope and despair. Hope that I would rescue him, and despair for me getting hurt on account of him.

The boy was the bravest person in the world I thought to myself. He was willing to sacrifice himself for someone else he cared for in his life. He was willing to endure the humiliation and pain of being raped a second time so that Akiva would not have to bear a similar shame, and my blood boiled at what these two brutes were going to do to Darren and possibly my boyfriend as well.

The older boy was holding his knife out towards me with his pants and underwear still wrapped around his ankles. His penis had shriveled up to about two inches, and his puny balls didn't even swing around between his legs. What a fucking looser I thought to myself noticing how ugly he looked all hairy like that, his pecker barely visible in folds of fat and hair. I bet he had to resort to raping little kids because no girl in their fucking right mind would allow that piece of shriveled up meat anywhere near their pussy. No doubt they probably laughed at him.

"So what do we have here," the older boy gushed seeing how much smaller I was compared to him. He was a good six feet tall and probably weighed in at about three hundred fifty pounds, mostly blubber in my estimation, not to mention dirty grimy nappy like hair, ugh I almost gagged at the sight.

He continued to laugh at me as he waved the knife around. "It looks like I am going to get a lot of good fucking done starting out with the little one then making my way towards the middle aged boy then finally to an older tasty piece of ass. Oh yeah it's going to be a fine fuck feast, and I bet all of your asses are going to be so tightly wrapped around my nice juicy dick." He purred.

He was big, fat, and ugly but waving around a sharp knife that should have made me freeze, yet I was boiling inside completely on alert. If I was afraid it was buried so deep down that nothing could faze me at the moment as I stood my ground. I was furious and an ugly side of me came roiling out as I just laughed harshly at him pointing to his small pecker.

"What…with that," I teased him harshly. "Shit, are you sure it's even a pecker? I can't even hardly see it with all that pussy hair around it and look at that small ass set of balls. Are you sure you're even a man yet. Those look like little sissy boy balls that aren't even filled yet and must be completely empty. So you are either still a little sissy boy or you're completely barren and can't even shoot yet," I laughed at him harshly.

This seemed to piss him off and he wanted to charge me, but the only problem was his pants were still wrapped around his ankle. This is where he made a huge mistake. In his furious state he reached down towards his pants, and I sprang into action as my foot snapped up knocking the knife from his hand and I launched into him with a flurry of punches to the face.

My mind went completely blank as I felt his nose crumble under my fist and blood splattered all over the place. The other boy was fighting for his life now completely forgetting about his pants as he returned some blows towards me which I didn't even feel. Somehow he managed to get the knife again and slashed at me, but I continued to hit and kick him. Blood was flying everywhere and I was soaked in it. The older boy grabbed on to me and before I knew it I heard a bone snap and then a cry of pain.

The scream of pain was heard faintly in the back recesses of my mind as I continued to fight not knowing what had broke. I landed another punch to the boy's face and he was forced backwards giving me enough room as I launched my body in the air whipped around and connected along the side of his face. I felt the boy's face give way as another horrible breaking noise was heard, and the boy crumbled to the ground moaning. His arm was bent at an ungodly like angle and his jaw lay slack. I guess I broke both, but it didn't even faze me.

Turning around I saw the other boy getting to his feet as he charged me. Instead of backing up I moved forward surprising the larger and older boy. He probably figured his intimidating size would frighten me. He tried to stop, but I ducked down beneath him and he tumbled over me and I lifted up my legs launching him into the air. He crashed into the wall of the horse stall and I heard bones breaking as he fell to the ground. I wasn't taking any chances as I jumped on top of him and started wailing on his face. The first thing to break was his nose as blood spewed everywhere including me.

There was so much blood from everyone that my clothes were dripping red. I knew that both boys were finished, but I continued to wail on the second boy out of fury when I finally heard some sirens in the distance getting closer. Then I heard something else, a voice pleading for me to stop. I looked up and through the haze I saw Darren pleading with me as Akiva held on to him.

"You're killing him please stop Dylan. He's not worth it and you'll be in so much trouble." Darren was shouting. My heart lurched again at the compassion this little boy showed. Even now with all that's happened he was more concerned about everyone else than he was of himself.

Darren was wearing Akiva's shorts around him to cover him up since his clothes had been shredded apart, and he also had on my boyfriends t-shirt which hung loosely around him. Akiva had peeled off his own clothes giving them to the younger boy so that he could cover himself up and have some dignity despite what had just occurred. Akiva was left wearing just his small petite bikini briefs. I lifted up off the boy I had been pummeling and walked over to my friends. There was a slow burning fire inside of me, and it must have showed because both of them flinched a little.

"Go to the house," I whispered to Darren who just stared at me and then gazed at the two hurt boys on the ground. He shook his head refusing fearing what I was going to do. "Now," I snapped more harshly than I had intended. Darren flinched and ran out the barn towards the house.

Looking at Akiva I reached down and grabbed the hoof knife from his slack fingers. "Did they hurt you?" I whispered and he just shook his head no.

Returning back to the first boy, the original instigator, I straddled him and held the knife up to his face so he could clearly see it. The boy's eyes bugged out and he flinched.

"See this hoof knife?" I asked the boy receiving a panicked nod. The other older boy lying a few feet away also nodded subconsciously as he stared at us in pain. "When the sheriff gets here you are going to save us all a lot of heartache and confess everything." I insisted, but noticed the boy hesitate a moment. "If not I am going to find you and cut your balls off with this dull nasty blade that I use to clean the horse shit and other stuff from my horses hooves. If you don't bleed to death when this dull blade cuts off your balls you will probably get infected and take longer to die." I told him and emphasized my meaning by placing the dull blade up under his balls and making a small slicing motion. The boy groaned in pain and jerked as a small hardly undetectable cut was made below his nut sack.

Getting up I walked over to the other boy who had witnessed everything and held up the blade. He flinched involuntarily and I thought he was making a move for me so my fist lashed out lightning quick catching him on the side of his chin. The boy's face snapped to the side and I heard him whimper. "The same goes for you, confess or I'll find you and cut them off."

There was a soft touch on my shoulder and I looked up into Akiva's soft eyes staring down at me. He had seen the vicious side of me come out, and I felt ashamed as I scooted off the older boy backing up to a wall and hugged my knees. The sirens had come to a halt just outside the barn, and I saw the sheriff come running inside looking at the mayhem around him.

"Holy fuck," I heard him gasp as he approached. "W…what the hell happened?" He asked as he leaned over the two hurt boys. The ambulance had arrived as well and the medics made their way over towards the obviously hurt boys.

"Are you alright Dylan?" The sheriff asked gently, but it seemed as if it was far off in a haze. Still I had the presence of mind to nod my head.

"Sheriff, get these assholes off my property now," I whispered.

At about that point Mrs. Miller joined us along with David and Darren. David's eyes got big as saucers when he saw the other boys. He had tears in his eyes and was hanging on to Darren as if his life depended on it then cried out when he saw me and ran towards me.

"Oh Dylan are you alright, did they hurt you. Please Dylan please be alright I'll hate myself for running away if you are hurt." He was blubbering as his father just held on to his son trying to make sense of everything.

All I wanted was to be left alone. I was retreating inwards trying to block out all the ugliness around me. I shuddered involuntarily as I gazed over at the bloody boys writhing around on the ground as the medics tended to them. They looked like hell, and already their faces were puffing up with their eyes swelling closed. I could hear the medics on their radios calling it in that they were coming straight to the hospital.

"It's alright David I'm pretty sure most of the blood belong to those creeps over there who tried to hurt us. Thank goodness you had to take a leak before coming out." Akiva stated to the boy.

"I…I was going to attack them with the pitchfork, but Dylan came in and told me to call the police on his phone. I was so scared for you guys, and for Dylan taking them on all alone, but I knew he was right, someone had to call for help." He was whimpering.

Mrs. Miller had stepped up to me and was looking closely at my face. She said something to Akiva who just shook his head and responded back to her. She must have asked him if I was hurt, and he must have said he doesn't think so. She looked over at the other two boys and cringed at the sight before looking back towards me.

The sheriff stepped next to me again and prodded me for answers. I just looked at him trying to clear the fog from my mind. I wanted to be left alone, and if that meant telling him something so be it.

With a shaky voice I just said, "Those guys wanted to rape Darren and Akiva. I wasn't having any of that so I kicked their ass and made sure they wouldn't bother us again. Now get those fuckers off my property now before I get up and kill them." I stated simply.

The harshness in my voice quivered in my throat, but the message was loud and clear. The sheriff commanded that the hurt boys be removed immediately. When one of the medics responded that the boys were hurt bad and should be treated first the sheriff just shook his head and said the boys are under arrest, and will be taken off the property immediately and placed into custody.

The medics got their rolling carts out and removed the boys as they screamed in pain when they were jostled around. I couldn't take it as I covered up my ears and sniffled. I started to rock back and forth for comfort and zoned everything out. I could see Akiva kneeling in front of me and looking over to his mother with a worried expression. I saw her leave to go talk with the sheriff for a moment which left just Akiva and me for the time being.

Something churned inside of me, and I felt really nauseous at the moment. My eyes got big and I bolted over to the side and leaned over a hay bail as my insides heaved. I gagged and my insides roiled some more sending up another heave as I tried to throw up. There wasn't anything in my stomach to come out so it ended up being dry heaves as the queasiness grabbed me and shook my small frame. Akiva's hands were holding me now and they felt wonderful cupped up against my forehead as I continued trying to unload an empty stomach.

Leaning down against the hay bail and completely exhausted I closed my eyes. When I opened them back up I was walking across the space towards the house leaning up against Akiva. My arm was draped over his shoulder, and the boy had his arm wrapped around my waist holding me up.

Mrs. Galeotti showed up then in her vehicle, and got out looking at me. She had a horrified expression on her face as she started asking what had happened. Her husband filled her in real quick, at least what he knew at the moment before walking back up to us. I had zoned out again and the next minute all I knew was that the sheriff sighed and said fine. He was going to take Darren and David with him to the sheriff's office in town, but he would return later to ask more questions of Akiva and me.

"Geezus, are you sure none of that blood is Dylan's," he asked as he scrutinized me.

Akiva shrugged his shoulders and said he was pretty sure. From what he saw it was mostly one sided, that being me going berserk and laying into the two larger boys as if they were a bunch of three year olds. If the sheriff hadn't witnessed me fight my uncle Trig the other day he wouldn't have believed it.

I must have zoned out again because I was now inside my bathroom as Akiva slowly peeled off my shirt. I didn't resist and saw Mrs. Miller come up next to Akiva talking to her son as her hands brushed lightly along my torso looking for any signs of injury. I had a small cut along my side which she washed clean with a damp towel to see how bad it was before moving along to see if there were other injuries.

In the meantime Akiva managed to pull my pants off of me along with my socks. I was now standing there practically naked in front of his mother. I didn't mind though, and to tell you the truth I don't think I would have been embarrassed even if I wasn't zoned out. Mrs. Miller was more like a mother to me now than just a woman. It was just the three of us in the bathroom, and I sighed in relief that at least Mrs. Galeotti wasn't here as well or the girls.

Mrs. Miller continued to probe me for injuries while Akiva turned on the shower. When he stepped back in front of me he was completely naked having taken off his own underwear. He seemed to blush just a tad because he was in front of his mother, but I guess he was at that age where he didn't stand in front of her in the nude anymore. Of course he still took baths with his little sisters, but they were still really young so it didn't much matter.

"Come on Dylan, let's hop in the shower," he stated as I sort of looked at him.

I reached down and stepped out of my underwear not even caring that Mrs. Miller was still standing there. Akiva looked towards his mother for her reaction, but she only smiled lovingly at us. She said something to her son who blushed and sort of grunted something back to her.

"What did she say?" I asked still in a bit of a fog.

"Oh…um…she said if she was fifteen or twenty years younger she would have no difficulty with jumping your bones. Well sort of," he chuckled apologetically at the awkwardness of her statement at an inappropriate time. "It is the closest to the translation as I can give." He whispered to me apologetically again as his mother left us alone. I just giggled as I sort of zoned out again.

The shower felt wonderful and Akiva's hands washing off the blood and grime from me made my skin tingle. He made sure to clean me up really good looking for any signs of injuries, probably his mother's instructions, before cleaning himself off. We stepped out of the shower, and he toweled me off looking at me with a worried expression.

He escorted me back to my room and helped with slipping me under the soft covers before sliding in next to me as he just held me tightly to him. He smelled of soap and clean water with just a hint of what made him smell like him. I reached out to him, and wrapped my arms around his waist and then fell asleep.

I don't know how long I slept, but when I opened up my eyes Akiva was looking at me, and I felt his fingers twirling through my hair. The boy smiled at me and a warm sensation spread over my entire body.

"Hey," I whispered.

"Hey to you too," he responded.

It was quiet in the house so I asked, "Where is everyone?"

"They all left for town trying to get some of the mess straightened out." He replied.

"Huh, and here I've been trying to figure out how to get you in bed all alone. If I would have known all it takes is to get into a fight I would have done it long ago." I teased him.

Akiva smiled meekly, "Don't ever frighten me like this again," he sighed with relief.

"I…I had no choice Akiva, they would have hurt you both, and who knows what else if they got into the house." I whispered as tears escaped from my eyes. I feared he might be afraid of what had happened and maybe even hate me.

"I know," is all he said.

I was afraid of his answer, but I had to ask anyway, "do you hate me for it…for what I did to those guys?"

He shook his head, "no, you did what you had to in order to protect us. I love you even more for that because you did what none of us could or would be too frightened to do." He sighed and leaned in giving me a tender kiss.

His sleek smooth silky body sent shivers up my spine, and my hands slowly brushed over his skin. The boy was so intoxicating to me. Everything about him sent me over the edge, and I could never get enough of him as we intertwined with one another and continued to kiss passionately.

"I want you inside of me Dylan. I love you so much and I want to feel you inside of me. Make love to me," he whispered as he looked deep into my eyes. There was lust there along with need, but most of all just love.

"Are you sure?" I asked him, "This isn't just because of what happened and the emotions of that overpowering us somehow."

He shook his head, "Of course not, I've wanted you inside of me, but we could never just find the time alone. I thought you wanted this too?" He asked seriously starting to doubt my prior intentions with him.

"Of course I want this Akiva, but this is something so special I just want to make sure you truly want this." I stated looking at him as he smiled and nodded his head.

My body rolled on top of his as he spread apart his legs and I snuggled up in between his long lanky limbs. I kissed him passionately and he returned my kiss with one of his own. His long legs wrapped around my hips as I ground my groin into his and felt our two rigid shafts rubbing against one another. His was a little shorter and narrower than mine, but it sent electricity coursing through my veins.

My lips explored his silky body as I slowly made my way between his legs, past his rigid tool, and soft silky balls. He spread his legs further apart as my tongue teased at his opening getting it lubed up really good. My mouth found its way back to his stiffness, and I took him inside my wet mouth. He quivered, getting even more excited, so I didn't linger long there, not wanting to bring him over the edge. My mouth continued to make love over his body as I first inserted one finger then a second trying to mold and loosen his pucker hole. After a while I inserted a third finger as he moaned loudly to the stimulation.

His stiffness was leaking pre-cum now, and although he still felt tight around my fingers I thought he could be ready. Kissing him gently on the lips I lined up my stiff erection and placed it up against his slicked up rose bud. I was leaking pre-cum as well in anticipation of the big moment so swirled around my penis at his opening adding additional lubrication.

Lining up against him once more I slowly placed the tip of my penis against his opening and started to push forward. Oh my gawd I whispered in my mind, this is it…this is really it, and we are going to do this together. My sweaty body trembled with excitement and I felt the heat rise inside of me as I slowly pushed. He was tight, but I could feel him start to give way so decided I had better push a little more. There was a look of anticipation, with just a bit of pain etched on his features, as I started to shove my hips forward some more feeling the resistance against my penis start to give way even more and then it happened…

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