Stormy Weather

by Hunter Woods

Chapter 6

Akiva was helping me fill up the generator with some more fuel as we watched the rapidly approaching dark clouds. I had a feeling we were in for another round of dampness in the form of a downpour and maybe even hail. We finished up and headed inside the house.

It was a good thing we had taken the younger kids out for some fresh air when we did because those clouds looked ugly. David had a blast on his horse, and he quickly learned the ropes. He seemed to be a natural and sat a horse well. I even surmised if given the opportunity he could even be a very well accomplished rider maybe even good enough to compete in some competitions. Darren had seemed to enjoy the ride as well, but I think that was more due to the fact he was spending it with David, and the smaller boy's face had just lit up once on horseback.

The girls had just giggled and enjoyed their time riding through the orchards and down to the lake. I could tell right away that the girls were the type of children who played outdoors more than they stayed inside. Most kids these days seem to be just into their video games and never got out much. I mean there's nothing wrong with video games, but sometimes it is just too much and in my opinion us kids should be playing outside and having fun.

Plying the girls with questions about their interests, I got to know them a little better. They admitted to missing their time in the dancing studio, but they also enjoyed being just outside. When I asked them if they liked the horses they just giggled and said that it would be fun if they had their own horses. They really felt comfortable, and I even noticed how they seemed to take control of the large beasts as soon as they climbed on the horse's backs. They were Naturals just like David, but I had a feeling they were very athletic for girls and would be able to adapt to any outdoor situation.

We opened up the door in the kitchen area and Darren was on the sheriff's radio talking with his grandparents. He had been filling them in on all the wonderful things he was experiencing over here. I could tell how happy his grandparents were. The boy waved me over and told his grandparents that he loved them and would chat with them later. He handed me the radio, and said that his grandparents wanted a word with me.

Taking a seat on the counter Akiva got my attention before I started talking with grandma Gibadlo. He wanted to know if it was alright to use the phone so he could talk to his uncle who was away on a business trip for the local company. Evidently Mrs. Miller wanted to keep her brother in law informed of their situation. She had called last night, but he was a bit worried with the storm situation. I nodded indicating it was perfectly fine and started chatting away on the sheriff's radio. I got up and walked into the hallway to see where everyone had gone.

Right at about that time I saw the sheriff exit the conference room with a bright red faced David a few steps in front. The boy saw me and smiled shyly at me for a moment as he looked around for his friend. Darren saw his David exiting the room with his father, and looked at his younger friend with a worried expression. The sheriff headed upstairs looking for his wife and David just grabbed Darren's hand and pulled him off to the side whispering in the older boy's ear.

The blond haired boy's face got ashen for a moment, and then he got a big smile on his face and hugged the younger boy fiercely. "For real, he doesn't care and it's alright?" He asked the younger boy.

"Yes of course but there's more," he stated as the other boy got ashen faced again. "Don't worry, it's nothing bad or anything, but I'll talk to you about it later, okay? Trust me everything is peachy, and my dad is just the coolest." I heard David tell his older friend as they hustled out of the hallway. The last thing I heard David say was, "I'm so glad Dylan came into our lives. He's made things so much better, and I really do love him." He told his friend as they disappeared around the corner holding hands and Darren agreeing about me.

My attention focused back on Darren's grandparents who were beside themselves with happiness at how cheerful their grandson seemed. It's been a long time since the boy had that sort of spark. They wanted to thank me for everything, their son's joy, the clothes, and how I conducted myself after finding out what had happened to him. I informed them that he was a joy to have around and was absolutely fantastic watching over the girls and David while I was out tending to the ranch. They were crying with happy tears by the time we signed off. The elderly couple was looking forward to the day we all could get together.

As I made my way to my father's office Akiva motioned me to join them in the living room. They were talking with his uncle on the speaker phone so he could translate. The girls were there too and everyone was telling the man all about everything and how wonderful it was over here. Mrs. Miller had Akiva introduce me, and I chatted for a while with the man. He was gushing with gratitude at how I had opened up my house to his family.

I insisted that it was no problem, and in fact my pleasure because I couldn't have asked for a nicer group of people to come into my life. Just having the little girls around brightened my day and Akiva was a joy and so helpful with the ranch work. No one could ask for a better type of friend. I even offered to have him help work all the time around the ranch, and would of course pay him for his troubles.

He had explained how concerned he had been since he was so far away, but glad the family was all safe and sound. His wife had died several years ago and they were never able to have kids of their own. Now that his brother had died they were his only family in the world. He was the children's uncle, but he loved them as if they were his own and he adored his sister in law who was such a treasure. He just couldn't understand how lucky his brother had been since of course he had been the ugly duckling in the family. We all chuckled at his good natured humor, and I got the feeling the entire family were very close to one another.

In the end he just hoped the house would be just fine. Evidently the sheriff had told him he had looked in on the property and although there was water all over the terrain around the dwelling it looked as if it was sitting high enough where it wasn't affected as of yet. That indeed was good news, and I assured the man that when the storm broke I would have people from my company come in and help put things back in order. He was flabbergasted by the offer and thanked me again.

Once we got off the phone with Akiva's Uncle I excused myself and headed over to my father's conference room. I had some things I needed to discuss with him about the ranch and various other projects that were starting to gel for me. In addition my father had some company business to discuss with me. It really wasn't necessary because of course I knew he would take care of any business that needed tending to, but from the very point when I inherited my share of the company he always made sure I was kept in the loop. We chatted for a long time about my project and company business, and were now chatting in general when I heard a soft knock on the door and Akiva stuck his head inside. I motioned for him to enter and introduced him to my father.

"Hold on a minute dad, let's connect onto video conference for a minute so we can have a video chat." I told him as I hit the button. His image popped onto the small screen. It was a bit choppy and froze every once in a while because of the weather, but it worked well enough. I introduced him to Akiva and the two of them chatted for a moment. I told Akiva to stand up so my father could get a good look at him.

"Damn Dylan I see what you mean. He could be like a model or something," he teased.

Akiva just blushed and gushed at the compliment, but I had to admit that he was starting to turn me on when he modeled for my dad jokingly. My dad laughed and the two of them really got along great. I think my dad got the sense I really liked the boy so he had made a concerted effort to make the boy feel at ease. However, I also got the sense that my dad truly did enjoy the younger boy and appreciated his sense of humor.

The image kept freezing so I finally just clicked back over to the regular phone and I motioned Akiva to come sit on my lap. The boy had changed into a pair of regular cotton shorts now that some laundry had been done, and I couldn't pass up the chance of fondling the boy while he was chatting with my father.

Akiva was sitting on my lap leaning back comfortably and my hand dove between the leg opening of his shorts and fished out his nice package. It was an easy task since he wasn't wearing any underwear. He gave me a scolding look as I slowly stroked his penis to life. The pleasure I was giving his cock was making him squirm with the intense feelings making it tricky for him to talk with my father at the same time. A difficult task indeed, considering the workout I was giving his stiff thirteen year old three inch erection.

At some point I released his shaft while he was talking to my father about the piano and I shoved his shorts down to his ankles. His eyes bugged out, but he couldn't do or say anything so long as my father was on the phone. I got back to work on his tool leaning him back against my chest and finally deciding to give him a little reprieve. No, I didn't stop stroking his sleek hard dick, but I did give him a reprieve by taking over the conversation with my father.

The boy was sweating and squirming trying not to make unusual noises as I talked with my father for a minute before we decided to call it an evening. He assured me he would get right on the projects we had discussed with each other. I could tell Akiva was doing everything he could not to drop his load right there and then, but I could tell he was really close while my fist kept pumping on him furiously. My father said goodbye to me and to Akiva who squeaked out a goodbye before the phone was hung up.

As soon as Akiva heard the click on the phone his penis enlarged and fattened up in my hands, and my eyes bugged out at its thickness. This was my first real view of how large his penis thickened up just before he explodes. It didn't elongate it just seemed to expand outwards all the way around in girth. It was exciting to watch as the first rope of cum exploded from the tip of his deep purplish acorn head followed by several more that arched upwards to splatter on top of the conference table. Thank goodness I had cleared everything away.

The boy bucked on top of me as I held him tightly with my arms wrapped around the front of him as I continued to pump his now extremely fat sausage. With one last grunt he jerked, and a little clear fluid dribbled out the end of his penis. I released him and watched his now limp noodle jerk upwards every once in a while as he twitched.

"Oh shit Dylan that was so fucking awesome, but damn don't do that again," he gasped as he reached down and pulled his shorts over his exposed nakedness.

Somehow we had managed to keep his boy toy mostly clean of any cum. It had all shot outwards and the last stuff that dribbled out I had collected with my fist which I now held up to his mouth for him to clean up. He just scowled at me, but I shoved it under his nose and he dutifully lapped it up.

We both looked at the cum splattered table and started to giggle. "You can be such a dork," Akiva chided uncharacteristically.

"Yes I am, but I'm your dork and you had better get used to it. I can't help myself and I won't ever be able to keep my hands off of you, so deal with it." I chided back to him as I nibbled on his earlobe.

He shifted in my lap and leaned in for a kiss. I could taste his cum on his lips and my tongue pressed against his mouth eagerly. It was passionate and he wrapped his arms around my neck and we didn't come up for air as we hungrily and eagerly kissed one another. After a few moments I sighed looking at the cum splattered desk. His gaze followed mine as we giggled, and then reluctantly got up to wipe down the table.

"Dylan we have to be more careful. What if someone walked in on us?" He asked me seriously.

Of course I knew he was right but still, "well your mother talked to me earlier and gave me permission to court you," I teased him.

I saw him flush with embarrassment. "Oh Dylan, I'm sorry I should have warned you. Right after I played the piano this morning we both talked. She's always known my feelings and confusion about both boys and girls. Sometimes I would have such a warm feeling towards a girl and sometimes the same feeling towards a boy, but lately I have been more attracted to boys." He explained to me.

We both sat back down with him sitting on my lap again. He wrapped his arm around my neck and snuggled up to me. He looked at me tenderly, and then laid his head on my chest while I just held him.

He continued to explain that his mother had seen the looks we were both giving each other. She could sense the closeness between us and how we both seemed to bring out our hidden feeling to one another. The hidden feelings we both had buried for the death of one parent each. Then this morning when she had heard Akiva's father's song she knew that I was the one for her son. They had talked for a while and he told her that he had strong feelings for me, and that I had them for him. The one thing he didn't tell her was about our budding sexual activity. He thought that was something private, but he figured she probably suspected there was something going on.

After he finished I told him about the conversation she had with me. He smiled at me and giggled at how it must have been a bit awkward for me. I reminded him he may end up having a similar conversation with my father, and when he heard that his eyes got big and he swallowed hard.

"W…what do you think he would say if he found out?" He asked seriously.

I honestly didn't know so I shrugged my shoulder, "I don't know Akiva. Hell, I've never brought a boy home with me before." I giggled at the irony of it all. "I've always dated girls, and of course we've had the whole sex conversation, involving girls nonetheless, but it could be a bit of a shocker for him. In the end I believe he will support any decision I make, but still hopefully it doesn't give him a heart attack in the beginning." I teased but Akiva looked at me seriously.

"Are you sure?" He asked.

"Akiva don't worry about it. We have friends who are gay and he doesn't think any less of them. It may or may not be a shock for him, but in the end I know he loves me and will support me, alright?" I asked hoping it would ease his mind a bit.

He sighed and nodded his head. "I don't want to lose you Dylan. I love you too much. It has taken me a long time to come to terms with possibly being gay, and I don't care anymore one way or the other as long as I have you." He whispered.

"I feel the same way Akiva. I told your mother I love you, and that is about as open as a person can get with how they can show their love for someone." I stated as we both sat there quietly for a few moments.

Finally I sighed and gently pushed Akiva off my lap so we can get up. "Come on, I am finally free and I want to go have some fun with the others today. I think I've earned it, don't you?"

He nodded his agreement and we joined the others in the living room. The sheriff and his wife made an appearance and David quickly got up and jumped on my lap. He accidentally kneed me in the nuts and I cringed for a moment. The sheriff's wife put her hand up to her mouth hiding a smirk while the sheriff just cringed with me a moment knowing full well how that felt. Evidently his son had done that to him a time or two.

"Dylan can I show my parents the picture, please?" He asked me.

It took me a moment to understand what he was asking, but then I remembered him telling his parents about the black bear earlier. I pointed over to the cabinet and he bounced off my lap once again kneeing me in the balls. Damn, that smarted.

The boy found the picture and showed his parents. The sheriff looked at it and then shifted his gaze to me. I just shrugged my shoulder and David's father just shook his head flabbergasted. Mrs. Galeotti just gasped and had tears in her eyes. She walked over to me and reached out to my shirt. She stopped and gazed at me, and I sighed leaning forward so she could take a look at my back. She gasped again and just shook her head.

"You have to take better care of yourself Dylan." She reprimanded me. "Black bears and steer horns, what's next?"

Shrugging my shoulders and shaking my head, I realized now since she brought it up that I could recall numerous other occasions where I had done similar if not more stupid things that were way worse than this. Things are different when you travel to some of the third world countries not as a tourist but actually into real back areas of these countries. Life is hard in these areas and things that kids do in every day life there would be considered nightmarish for parents in more civilized countries.

I sighed, "You have no idea Mrs. Galeotti. It amazes me that I haven't given my father a heart attack yet; however, sometimes we don't know why things happen, but they happen for a reason. In the end I wouldn't trade that experience for anything. It has left a profound affect on me even to this day." I told her as she started to say something and then just sort of stopped not knowing what to say. She knew that my life was and is way different than the typical teenager my age.

I continued, "Everything has a purpose in life and to tell you the truth the experience at that point in time of my life is just now starting to make sense. Trust me." I explained to her.

She leaned down and kissed me on the forehead. "We have to get going Dylan. Thank you again for opening up your home to us. I take it David will be staying overnight again," She asked looking at her son who just nodded. "We thought as much so we brought some of your clothes David and put them in Dylan's room for you." The boy nodded acknowledgement. She turned back to me and said, "Watch over David and Darren for us." She then leaned down and whispered in my ear. "Thank you for bringing David and Darren closer together. As you say sometimes we don't know why things happen, but I am happy that the boys are happy."

She had shocked me with the confession and I smiled at her for that and the compliment she had given me. With that Mrs. Miller came into the room carrying one of the large pots from yesterday when the Galeotti's had taken the Indian Tacos with them. Evidently she had saved a small pot of Goulash and had hidden it from the gluttonous construction crew. I just laughed and she smiled at me.

Sheriff Galeotti thanked Mrs. Miller and then turned to me. "By the way Dylan, everyone loved the fry bread and bison buffalo meat. They enjoyed the Indian Tacos so much they were hoping that maybe this summer you will join us at our town cookout and share some more Indian Tacos and fry bread with everyone." I nodded that it would be fine and the couple said their goodbye's and gave David a kiss and of course he flushed a little embarrassed by it.

Mrs. Miller joined us in the living room and relaxed a little as we decided to pop in a movie. I could hear the laundry in the other room, and looked towards Akiva. "Please thank your mother for me. She's been doing so much around here and I feel ashamed for not being a proper host."

Akiva translated to his mother who just looked over at me and smiled warmly. She said something and her son translated. "With so many people and your own company business not to mention your ranch business to take care of it would be rude for us to impose ourselves further. You have been a perfect host. Besides, she loves cooking for others. It has made her so happy to be here Dylan." I smiled at her and nodded my understanding.

We sat around watching the movie and I was starting to drowse a little. The girls had snuggled up to me despite my damp and sweaty clothing, but soon enough I was dried out. It felt so wonderfully cozy with the older one snuggled up under my arm and the youngest one curled up in my lap. Akiva looked over and smiled at me with a dreamy look on his face.

I must have nodded because all of a sudden I heard the music with the credits rolling on the screen when I opened my eyes. The youngest girl had fallen asleep as well, and the older one got up to help select another movie. I gently scooted the little girl off of my lap setting her back down on the couch. I got up and stretched looking at the time. It was half past three only mid afternoon, but my body ached and I felt kind of scummy.

"Well you guys enjoy another movie. I haven't gotten cleaned up yet and my entire body feels banged up and bruised. I need to take a soak in the hot tub." I explained.

Akiva translated to his mother who realizing the time felt it was time to prepare something, but wasn't sure what to fix. The freezer in the kitchen had been depleted somewhat. I told her to look inside the garage where we have two large upright freezers. She was sure to find something in there. Her face lit up and she headed off towards the garage.

Looking over to the youngsters who were perusing through a huge box of DVD's for another movie I asked if they would be alright without me for a while because I was just going to sit in the Jacuzzi for a bit to get the kinks out of my system. Darren looked up and told me to take my time because he wanted us all to have plenty of time to spend together after dinner. I smiled at him and nodded my head assuring him that all company business has been squared away for the moment.

Working my way up to my room I grimaced when I reached out to the banister and my shoulder protested in agony. It had stiffened up while in the living room. I opened up my bedroom door and entered the bathroom before leaning against the counter looking in the mirror. My features looked tired and I sighed as I started to take off my shirt. I winced as pain shot up my arm and shoulder, and I had to stop for a moment.

Akiva slipped up behind me and wrapped his arm around me. He caught me by surprise, and I smiled at his reflection in the mirror. We both looked tired in the reflection as I realized he had been a big help today.

"Let me help you," he whispered evidently having seen me wince when I had tried to remove my shirt. In short order he had me undressed and was looking at my shoulder. I was still facing the mirror and saw his reflection wince when he reached up to my bruised shoulder.

"That bad?" I inquired.

He nodded his head, "It is pretty bruised up Dylan." He answered as he wrapped his arms around my waist.

The embrace felt so wonderfully pleasant, but not in a sexual way just more like in a comforting way. I turned around in his arms and wrapped my own around his shoulders. I winced a little since I had to lift up my arm, but now that I was moving it around it wasn't as bad.

We just looked at one another. I had looked at him before, but this time I was really studying his face. He had such a sweet expression and I could almost swim in those deep oceanic blue eyes of his. When I stared into them it was as if I was awash in the depths of the sea and could almost even smell the tangy salty air. His hand reached up and touched the side of my face as we continued to study each other. There was nothing sexual about this, just pure simple affectionate feelings towards one another.

"Can I undress you," I begged him.

He smiled and nodded his head as he lifted up his arms while I tugged on his t-shirt. I tossed them on the floor and ran my hands across his ivory smooth skin. He was lanky, but had nice muscle tone. He was deceptively stronger than he looked, and I could appreciate the exercise it took to become so fit and strong. I pushed him over towards the tub, and sat him down on the marble banister. I picked up his left foot and removed his sock noting that his smooth ball sack jiggled around at the opening of his shorts. The sight sent shivers up my spine, but this wasn't about sex for me. It was just about the simple pleasure of being with Akiva and getting to know him better.

Looking up at the boy I smiled warmly as he just looked back studying me closely with a smile of his own. I rubbed his feet in my hands, and they felt so warm and soft in my hands. Lifting up his other foot I did the same thing. I heard the boy sigh when I massaged his toes. The warm softness and tenderness of his feet really surprised me as I reached out towards his shorts. He lifted up his hips and I slowly lowered his shorts over his butt cheeks, and then down his sleek legs exposing his sexiness.

He sat there on the cold marble banister with his legs slightly parted and leaned back a little. He was beautiful. His flat stomach helped form the V groove that ran from his lower abdomen to his groin…and there below his naked pubic mound, was his flaccid penis. It was, in a word, splendid. Not being circumcised, there was that quarter of an inch of loose flesh hanging from the tip of his soft sleek thin boyhood, which just added to the splendor and mystery. His low hanging testicles spread out a little on top of the marble and I marveled at his beauty in the entirety. I must be the luckiest youngster in the world to be loved by the most delicate and pleasing boy in the world.

Kneeling down between his legs I just reached out and wrapped my arms around his waist. I laid my forehead on his chest and felt a warm sensation of completeness as he gently ran his fingers through my hair. I breathed in his boy scent and snuggled up closer. It was strange being like this the two of us completely naked yet neither one of us sexually aroused. Just being together and holding one another was enough for me.

He kissed the top of my head and whispered, "Come let's start our bath. I want to sit with you and feel your arms around me."

We did just that as I got the water started and adjusted the temperature so that it was just a tad scalding. I needed a hot bath to soak away my aches and pains. We gingerly stepped inside the tub, and I leaned back against the tub while he sat between my legs and leaned into my chest. I started up the jets and wrapped my arms tenderly around him.

This experience wasn't about sex, but rather about our deepening affection and bond with one another. We whispered how much we loved the other person, and then spoke of our past and what our lives were like.

I learned that he had lead a fairly simple life filled with the joys and fun with many friends, activities, and sports. Yet he also had that more serious side to him where his passion and gift for music, and the piano in particular, blossomed. His parents wanted him to have a balanced life not one where all of his focus was just so deeply inserted into his music. In a way Akiva felt it was this balanced approach that kept him firmly grounded while so many of his fellow accomplished musicians were so out of touch with the realities of the world.

In turn I told Akiva of my many travels around the world and my interests in their cultures. I had been home schooled for most of this time with the world being my classroom. My father and "uncles" had kept me grounded as well, and during my travels I didn't stay in lavish accommodations rather chose to stay in the more deprived communities which were rich with cultural proclivities. To this day I have trouble relating to the wealthy side of our culture; although, on occasion I do like being independently wealthy because it does have its upside and perks.

We sat together in the tub for a very long time chatting before I leaned forward and nibbled on his ear lovingly. Sighing and reluctantly getting up I scooted out from behind him, and lifted up my legs out of the tub on to the cool tiles of the bathroom floor. Akiva leaned back in the tub and watched me with a wide grin on his face. I smiled back at him and giggled at how he was closely scrutinizing my body.

"What?" I asked him as I got a towel from the rack.

"Nothing I was just appreciating your beautiful body, and I just love the sexy tan line on you," he sighed admiringly. I wish I was tanned like you, but my Norwegian blood just turns me pale as soon as summer disappears," he giggled.

"Yeah well I guess the perks of all my traveling. I miss the warmer weather and can't wait until this storm is over with. I can't believe how cold it got. I know it is still march and can get cold over here, but I do like warmer weather myself." I told him as I lifted my leg up on the marble banister so I could dry off between my legs.

My intent was to just dry off, but I noted my balls swayed a mere two feet in front of his face and I couldn't help myself from giggling as the boy just stared at my swaying ball sack which had dropped even more from the hot water. Akiva looked up at me and smiled.

"Awe that is just so sweet of you," he tittered.

Smiling back at him I retorted, "your turn," as I watched him get up his pale smooth ivory skin dripping with the sheen of water cascading of his sleek body. His silky skin shimmered with wetness as he lifted his cute toes up out of the water and set them down on the coolness of the tiled floor.

Reaching for a dry towel I slowly toweled him off enjoying the sleek paleness of his smooth skin. I rubbed the soft cottony material across his body to dry him off including between his legs and his butt crack. He watched me intently and when I was done I knelt down in front of him and kissed his bare pubic mound. I loved how smooth and soft it felt when my lips brushed along the sleek surface. It wasn't a sexual kiss and somehow Akiva knew this as he just gently brushed his fingers through my hair.

His flaccid penis and low hanging ball sack swayed hypnotically between his thin long legs. I reached out and slowly peeled his foreskin back over the ridge of his soft penis. It looked wet and had a purplish coloration to it. His little piece of skin fascinated me to no end, and Akiva just allowed me to inspect him closely. It surprised me that he didn't pop an erection as I continued to touch and hold his sex organ. Even his smooth ball sack looked perfect on him.

"You're so beautiful," I whispered to him. "I love how evenly toned you are with no tan lines just like those fabulous Greek statues of all those godlike mythical figures." I wept with happiness as I hugged his hips to me and wrapped my arm around the middle of his back. My head rested up against his lower stomach and pubic mound with my nose a few inches away from his fabulous boyhood. I breathed him in the scent of clean water and what could only be described as his essence wafted up to my senses.

He held me in his arms neither one of us getting sexually aroused. Once again this wasn't about sex, but rather just a sweet tender moment between two people who profoundly loved one another deep down to their very core. Once again I sighed as I released him and stood up. He smiled pleasantly at me.

"Thank you Dylan." He whispered as he wrapped his arm around my neck.

"For what?" I asked a bit confused.

"For just your love and compassion. Anyone can just have sex Dylan, but this…this was more…deeper." He sighed as he leaned his head on my bare chest.

I nodded my head and smiled, "Yes Akiva you're right, and it was more…deeper between the two of us. I love you so much that it almost hurts." I told him as we broke apart and headed back into my room to put on some clothes.

We kept giggling at each other as we slowly got dressed. My eyes never seemed to be able to get enough of the sexy boy and the way he was watching me it seemed as if he felt the same way. Searching through my closet I got out a pair of comfortable light colored slacks and a pale blue colored cotton pullover shirt. Something that was nice and cozy on this wet damp day. I could hear the water thundering on the rooftop as the rain had started in earnest again.

Akiva had opted for a pair of bright red skinny jeans with matching colored polo style shirt that buttoned up at the neck. The logo had yellow stitched design. He looked snazzy and absolutely gorgeous in the outfit. He slipped on a pair of yellow socks completing his outfit and we walked downstairs clean and completely refreshed.

Mrs. Miller smiled as she watched us coming down the stairs. She gave her son a kiss on his cheek, and one for me on my forehead. She told Akiva that dinner was almost done. I was still a little full from lunch, but she said we would eat in about a half an hour which by then I might be hungry. We sat around to watch the end of the movie the children had selected, and I smiled looking around at my new adopted family. Warmth spread inside of me, and then a twinge of pain as I realized I was beginning to miss my father. He had told me he should be home soon.

Tonight dinner was a simple fare of pork chops that were cooked in the pan with some seasoning mix, mashed potatoes with gravy that was made from the juice after the meat was cooked, and onions that was cooked with the sauce, and canned corn. It was simple yet still absolutely fabulous.

The evening was filled with fun and games as we all tore around the house tormenting one another. We even made a dash for the dojo and after erecting a couple of impromptu goals we ended up splitting into teams and played some soccer. Being cooped up in the house was making us all antsy. Of course our little excursion on horseback was great, but still too short for the kids.

After a good workout we settled back into the living room and played some video games for a little while until Mrs. Miller told the girls it was time for them to take a bath and go to bed. She told Akiva that David and Darren could stay up for a little while longer and then it would be bedtime for them as well. The two boys started to protest, but she gave them a stern look. The boys giggled, but conceded defeat knowing they didn't stand a chance against a mother even though said mother wasn't theirs.

After Mrs. Miller left David crawled up onto my lap and snuggled up with me. The room was warm, but for some reason putting a blanket over us felt even cozier. I guess it had to do with the fact of the wind howling outside as it had picked up a bit. I watched Darren snuggle up against Akiva, and I marveled at how all of us had become so close to one another in such a short period of time. My hands slipped under David's shirt and I was gently rubbing his back as he purred like a kitten with contentment.

"Dylan?" the little boy spoke up. I had been waiting for the inevitable beginning of his inquisition knowing he was of the curious sort just full of questions.

"Hmm," I responded.

"Can I ask you something?" He questioned.

"Sure," I answered and now there was a pause as the little boy hesitated seemingly a bit embarrassed.

"Um…my father told me I could talk to you…or Akiva," he added real quick looking at the other boy cuddling with Darren in his arms. "Well, about stuff…you know sex." He finished looking up to see my reaction. I just nodded my head without saying a word waiting for him to get his thoughts together.

"Um…this morning when Darren and I…well you know…were making each other get those tingling feelings, he sort of squirted some stuff and I thought it was pee, but Akiva said it was something else." He stated looking at me again his face flushed red.

Glancing over at Darren I noticed he was listening intently as well. I got the distinct feeling that although he knew some stuff he was just as in the dark about some sex stuff as well. It was easy to forget that he was still young for all of this sexual kind of activity as well, so still naturally curious. Despite his rape, he was still a little boy and confused about his budding sexuality. In a way I felt this conversation was going to be a good thing for both of these two boys.

David continued, "Well, I was just wondering what that stuff was and why my dinky doesn't spit out any of the stuff?" He asked while I tenderly continued to stroke his back.

He waited patiently for a reply and he could tell I was gathering my thoughts together. "You know David your question seems like a simple one, but there is a lot more to it than you would think." I started, noting him starting to get disappointed that I may not answer him. "Many of the things you will need to know are going to be covered in health class when you are a few years older. Darren you probably will have health class next year." I continued and David just looked down a little sad at having to wait so long.

Not knowing how to proceed as my mind swirled around trying to come to some semblance of order I looked over to Darren. "So how much do you know about this stuff?" I asked him.

He blushed slightly a little embarrassed and answered, "Some, I mean kids talk, but lately they sort of get quiet around me because of w…you know about…," he stated his head bowing down in shame.

Getting the sense that neither one of them had a clear understanding of what happens to their bodies as they age I decide it just best to sort of start at the beginning. I explained to them the different stages of development their bodies as boys will undergo. I talked to them about jacking off and other forms of sexual arousal explaining what happens and why it feels so good, what happens to the body, and all about the 'stuff' that squirts out."

It took me a while and I had sort of bounced around a little, but Akiva helped keep me on course, and in the end I felt pretty good about having covered most anything that may have been pertinent. By this time both boys seemed a bit flushed, and I could feel David sporting a boner from all of the sex talk. I had a feeling Darren was sporting one as well. For that matter I was too, and pretty much figured Akiva was as well. Hell we were all sexed up young boys, and any kind of sexual talk would make us bone up.

"Wow," was all that David stated at first once I had finished. "That is…wow…it is like totally awesome. I can't wait until I start to squirt. So how old will I be when that happens?" He asked me forgetting about the part I had explained where everyone's body develops at a different rate.

"That sort of depends, buddy. Remember I told you everyone goes through puberty, but we never know when that is going to happen. Typically these things start to happen for boys around twelve years old, but for some they start a little earlier and some a little later. I didn't start squirting until I was around thirteen years old, but I was a bit of a late bloomer." I explained.

Akiva spoke up then, "yes David, I started only a few months ago so I am similar like Dylan where I started a little later. Also I still don't have any hair yet where most boys my age in school already have hair. See it all depends." He answered.

"Yes and of course Darren just started squirting the stuff himself and he doesn't have hair yet, but I believe he will real soon since he's started squirting now, the same like Akiva. Usually getting hair and having ejaculations sort of go hand in hand. Also, Darren is going through some of the stages much younger than Akiva and I did." I replied.

Darren flushed and nodded his head, "yeah my first time was just the other day David." He finished not wanting to elaborate that I had made him cum for the first time.

"So you see David it just all depends. Maybe you will be an early bloomer like Darren, maybe a late bloomer like me and Akiva, or maybe it will happen at around the average age for most other boys. Basically whatever happens and when it happens shouldn't make you feel ashamed about your body. Your body will grow and change, your penis and balls will grow and change, and your voice will change all during puberty. It is a lot to handle, but it will be alright. Right now just enjoy the way things are, and don't worry about the other stuff, alright?"

David looked over to Darren and both boys smiled. A lot of things made more sense now and I could tell they were eager to experiment some more which made me a little nervous at how overt they were both being with one another. They had become comfortable with each other concerning sex, and I just wanted to caution them a bit.

"Listen guys I know this is fun for you two because it is something new and exciting, and even a bit naughty, but you guys need to be careful." I started as a way of explanation.

They looked at me with worried expressions on their faces, and that this was all somehow wrong. That wasn't what I was trying to convey at all so I just tried to explain it to them in simple terms. I told them that many people wouldn't understand what they were doing, and even people who loved them no matter what may not totally approve of their sexual play. They needed to be careful how they conducted themselves in public, and when they played around this way they needed to make sure it was done in private.

In the end I talked to them at length about also being careful with how far things progressed, and they should always think about whether or not they are really ready for the next step. It was easy to just have sex, but what happens afterwards. If they truly loved and cared for one another it wasn't all about sex, it was something felt deeper inside of them. They also needed to be in tune with how the other person felt. One may be ready for something, but the other one may not be, only giving in because they care for the other one so much. I stressed to both of them not to take things too far or take advantage of one another.

The two of them had listened intently to what I had told them slowly digesting the implications of my words. I knew they both adored and loved one another, and what I was telling them gave them some pause because neither one of them wanted to hurt the other one. Akiva was smiling at me conveying his deep felt love for me and how true my words were. The two of us had shared such a tender moment only a few hours earlier, and it hadn't involve any sex whatsoever, yet felt just as wonderful and special although in a different kind of way. We both knew instinctively that this type of bonding was also important in a relationship.

"Dylan does this make me gay?" David asked a little concerned about the labeling because even at nine most kids know the type of teasing that goes along with that sort of labeling.

I shook my head, "I don't know David. I mean both you and Darren are still so young, and yes you two are fooling around, but I just think it is too early to say one way or the other. Most boys your age do not have feelings for girls yet, that seems to happen when you are a little older, so who knows." I answered looking towards Darren.

"Yes but Darren already says he's gay, and has told a lot of people already."

"I know David, and maybe that is how he feels right now, but maybe that will change one day and then again maybe not. You two have found each other and trust one another so that should be good enough for now. But no matter what happens as you get older you two should promise each other you will always care for each other no matter what. Even if you both go your separate ways when you get older, alright?" I gave them both meaningful looks as they nodded seriously.

David leaned into me and wrapped his arms around my neck giving me a tight squeeze. I felt his erection pressing up against my stomach and my own penis twitched in response. The boy was just so adorably cute I couldn't help get excited about him. I saw Darren giving Akiva a similar type of hug kissing the boy on the cheek.

"David I think you should talk to Darren tonight and tell him about what happened between the two of us yesterday. I mean not the details…but just…you know…that we did some things together." I whispered in the boy's ear. He flushed a little embarrassed, and I could tell he wasn't so sure, but he just nodded trusting in me.

The boys got up and changed positions with Darren snuggling up closer to me and David crawling up on Akiva's lap. "Akiva why don't you go tuck in David, I want to talk a little with Darren, and then I'll bring him up to tuck him in as well."

Akiva picked up David in his arms and the little boy wrapped his arms and legs around the older boy clamping down tightly. It's kind of hard to explain, but there was just such a close loving bond between all of us boys now. It was a bond that would last throughout our entire lives.

I sighed at Darren who just sat on my lap with his head leaning on my chest. "I love you so much Darren," I whispered as I kissed his forehead.

He looked back at me and smiled infectiously, "I love you too Dylan. You've been just the best ever to me, and thank you so much for teaching us about this stuff. No one ever wants to talk to me about these things. They are so afraid because of what's happened to me. I just want to be treated the same as any other boy…you know like how you treat me," he whispered as he lightly brushed my lips with a kiss.

It wasn't a sexual type of kiss although I could feel his erection up against my stomach, but more of just affectionate tender love. How anyone could hate such a sweet boy was just beyond me and I felt fortunate to have him in my life.

"Darren I know you've suffered a lot, and David is filling a void for you, but please remember he is still only nine years old." I told him.

"I know Dylan, and I'm trying, it is just that I…really care for him a lot. I…I just can't explain it, but I think maybe I love him. You know not just the words, but for real." He sighed with one little trickle of a teardrop wandering down his left cheek.

I sighed and looked at him and knew what he was feeling. "I know baby, but just be careful alright? Have you talked to him about how you feel?" I asked and he shook his head no.

"Maybe you should talk to him then? Maybe it is time you spoke about your feelings for him. Also I think you should tell him about the other night between the two of us, and about how far you really wanted to go. It's important because you were on such an emotional roller coaster ride at the time." I explained to him.

"I don't know Dylan. It's kind of embarrassing to talk like that." He answered.

"You don't have to get into anything specific, but he has a right to know you were sexually involved with someone else. I'm a firm believer one should never talk explicitly about their sexual deeds with other people, but he should know you and I did some things together, and also that you were so caught up you wanted to progress even further into something you would have regretted today? I think we both know if I would have um…put myself inside of you that night you would be regretting it now? Maybe talking to him about this fact will make both of you look out for one another even more so, and not take things too far."

Darren thought about it for a few moments and nodded his head. "Thank you for not taking advantage of the situation that night Dylan. But, to tell you the truth I don't think I would have regretted it at all, not if it was you, but still the important point is that you didn't take advantage of me during a moment of weakness. I…I think something so intimate should be taken very seriously, just like you said, but I knew just by your tenderness that you deeply cared for me so I would have enjoyed it with you." He admitted to me.

It kind of shocked me to know he felt that way about me. "You mean even now you wouldn't have minded if we had…coupled like that?" I managed to get out not wanting to use the harsher word of 'fucked,' especially considering he had been viciously raped.

"No, I wouldn't have minded at all it being you because I know it would be done with love in your heart. Even now I fantasize about you Dylan." He stated even though it embarrassed him to do so. I guess he felt he needed to get it off his chest.

"Darren you know that it's just a crush you are feeling towards me and what about…"

"I know I'm with David, and I love him with all my heart, but I do fantasize about you. Maybe it's because you showed me the real meaning of having sex for love's sake, maybe it is just because you were really my first 'true' sexual encounter, not the sadistic one that still haunts me to this day. I don't know Dylan, but I do know I trust you."

My mind raced with what he was telling me and I didn't know how to feel about it, but there was one more thing I needed to talk to him about. "Darren have you talked to David about your attack?"

He jerked at the question and looked at me, "no, why would I do that," he whispered trembling.

"Because I know he's heard about the attack, but I don't think he really knows the horror that was inflicted on you. I think he needs to know for both of your sakes. If you're worried that he would reject…," I was interrupted by him.

"No, it's not that, I…I don't know if he should know about something so awful. Isn't it enough he knows something bad happened without…," He drifted off.

Of course I wasn't sure if it was the right thing to do, but I did know David was a curious sort and sooner or later he would find out the details. "Darren you saw how curious David is, he's going to find out and don't you think it should be from you; especially now that he will be pressured by kids and perhaps bullies in school by being your friend. Just think about it, and you can decide for yourself." I told him.

We both sat there for a few moments and then got up to head upstairs so I could tuck him into bed. I opened up my bedroom door and lying on the bed was a completely naked David getting his pecker tugged on mischievously by a devious Akiva.

"Ha, I told you I'd get you back from this morning," Akiva called out triumphantly as David tried to get away from the older boy who had clamped down on the other boy's small limp noodle.

The younger boy was squealing, and when he saw Darren screeched for help. Darren just laughed for a moment and then launched himself onto Akiva's back and reached around the boy to snatch at the bulging area in the boy's pants. Akiva yelped and tossed Darren on top of David, and then reached down and grabbed onto Darren's package. Now he had both boys firmly in his grasp and when they tried to squirm away he gave them a firm squeeze and told them to hold still. Of course with a vice like grip on their crotches the boys just froze in place.

"So," Akiva began, "No more grabbing without permission," he stated firmly as he chuckled.

Both boys resisted the urge to comply, but then when the older boy constricted his fingers they immediately promised him to behave. "Good, now I think it is time for you to get to bed." He commented as Darren got up and started to peel off his clothes.

Akiva and I stayed for a few moments until a completely naked Darren settled in next to his completely naked younger counter part and snuggled up closely to the boy. Akiva bent over and whispered in the boys ears that he loved both of them and to have pleasant dreams before giving them a hug and kiss. I walked over and did the same thing enjoying the sensation it gave me to tenderly tuck them in and extend our love to one another in this fashion.

We closed the door and quietly slipped back downstairs leaving the boys some time to themselves before we joined them in a couple of hours. It was warm and cozy in the living room, and Akiva joined me on the couch snuggling up to me. We talked for a while and my love just gushed at me for how I had handled the two boys.

"You will be a great father one day," Akiva stated as he sighed while my fingers massaged his scalp.

I froze for a moment and contemplated his words. I had never thought about having children of my own someday, hell I'm only fifteen, but hearing it come out of Akiva's mouth made me think.

"I think we both will be excellent fathers," I told him seriously as he looked up and smiled at me.

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