Stormy Weather

by Hunter Woods

Chapter 8

The distinct sound of a door slamming downstairs and running feet made both of us jump, and my penis slipped backwards from Akiva's opening. I had just barely inserted about a quarter of an inch of the tip of my inflated mushroom like head towards the boy's warm inviting opening when we heard the doors slamming downstairs. My arms buckled, and I collapsed onto Akiva's heaving chest as we both whimpered in frustration.

The door burst open and all thoughts of our sexual tension flew out the window. Darren who was sobbing and completely soaking wet as he burst through the door, looked around for a moment, spotted us, and then threw his body on top of us. Huge sobs wracked his frail body as he bawled powerfully in my arms.

He felt completely cold in my arms, almost as cold as that first fateful day. I wrapped the blanket around him trying to warm him up while at the same time trying to make sense of his words in-between the sobs. Akiva had gotten up and his still semi-inflated pre-cum dribbling tool waggled around a bit as he headed towards the bathroom to get a towel. I sat up with Darren still whimpering and started to peel off his wet clothing while I tried to sooth him. The Norwegian boy returned with towel in hand his uncut penis now totally deflated. I guess we had both been so sexually hyped up it had taken a little longer for Akiva's penis to settle back down despite the emotional upheaval in Darren's appearance.

We managed to get Darren dried off and Akiva helped him climb into bed next to me. Darren was clutching at me desperately so my lover just crawled in on the other side and gave us some space so that I could console a heartbroken little boy. I crooned at Darren, and just held him for a while until he calmed down enough to tell me what was going on.

Evidently when the sheriff had taken the boy back to the station there were a lot of questions about what had happened. He told them everything about how when they all had woken up I was already gone and the boys decided to go to the barn to see if I was still there. At the last moment David had to go pee so told us he'd be right there. The other two boys had entered and discovered the two larger boys trying to load up some stuff into their truck. The younger boys had tried to leave, but it was too late, and one of the older boys had pulled a knife on them. Akiva had made a run for it, but the other boy without the knife caught him and knocked him out tying him up.

That was when the first boy recognized Darren somehow, and grabbed him and started ripping off some of his clothes trying to get them off of him. The younger boy had tried to get away and struggled, but was hit and knocked to the ground. The older boy got on top of him brandished the knife, and then started to cut and rip away the rest of the clothes until he was naked.

Darren knew what the boy was after because he was threatening him about it, and talking about his cousin who had raped him the first time. The older boy kept saying how his cousin had gotten in trouble and his life was ruined. The younger boy started to struggle, and when the older boy threatened Akiva he had relented and even offered himself up to the older boy so Akiva wouldn't be hurt.

The mayor had slipped into the office at some point and was listening to the story. The sheriff had pulled the mayor into the other office, and that is when all the yelling started. The mayor shouted that Darren was obviously to blame because he was gay and had offered himself up to the other boys. The mayor stated that it is evident the young boy must be some sort of slut and whore; therefore, the other boys should be released and whoever beat them put into custody instead.

"That's when I ran away Dylan. It was so horrible and I didn't know what to do. Why is this happening to me? I must be dirty and awful even the mayor says so." He sobbed uncontrollably.

"Oh no Darren…no you're not. The mayor is stupid if he doesn't see it, and I'm sure the sheriff will straighten it all out." I whispered to him soothingly.

"I feel so ashamed…so dirty. I can still feel his hands on me, the stench of his nasty breath, and…and I can feel his hairy dick up against me." He shuddered involuntarily and looked like he was going to puke.

Holding him tight in my arms with our two naked bodies held closely to one another I just rocked him gently. I could feel his soft penis up against my stomach as the rocking motion slowly slid his flaccid tool up and down along my skin. He couldn't help it, but the innocent stimulation made him bone up.

The boy had calmed down, but when he got an erection he stiffened up and started to cry again. "Oh shit," he mumbled embarrassed by it as he hiccupped from the intense emotional roller coaster.

"It's alright Darren," it just happens I whispered to him softly.

"I feel so dirty…so violated," he whimpered to me. "Please make it go away Dylan…like the other night, and…I want to feel what real love is supposed to be like I want you to…to put yourself inside of me." He pleaded.

I rolled on top of him so that our bodies were pressed up against one another and I could look him deeply in his eyes. I wanted him to see me so that he could see the truthfulness in my words.

"No baby, we can't…especially not… that," I whispered back to him.

Tears welled up in his eyes. "You think the mayor is right," he hiccupped as a sob escaped him.

"No of course not, you are a sweet innocent boy…it's just that kind of love is so special Darren." I replied.

"I know it is that is why I need you to do this," he pleaded.

"I can't," I whispered back as my own tears flowed out of me. "I've never done that before with a girl or boy and I…I love someone else Darren and I think they deserve my first time to be with them…do you understand?" I asked him.

He looked confused for a moment as he looked at me. "You've never done it before?"

I shook my head, "No never."

"You…you're in love…I didn't know," he whispered as he screwed up his face in thought and seemed genuinely confused. I was new here so who could it be or maybe someone where I once lived he figured. "With who?" He finally whispered.

My cheeks flushed red as he looked at me. I hadn't meant to come out like that and it sort of slipped out. My eyes glanced over to Akiva involuntarily for a split second and I realized my mistake too late as Darren looked over realizing for the first time Akiva's presence next to us. My boyfriend didn't seem upset about the slipup, and just smiled warmly at the boy without saying anything.

Darren's gaze sought out mine and then his eyes got big as he realized who I had meant, and more tears started to gush out of him. Oh shit, I thought to myself misunderstanding the boy's emotion, and thinking maybe the other boy was jealous about my feelings for Akiva. How wrong I was as the boy just amazed me with his big heart.

"Oh I'm so sorry Dylan…please don't hate me Akiva, I didn't know." He cried in my arms and Akiva scooted over to stroke the poor boy gently and soothingly.

"How could we hate you Darren, we both love you so much," Akiva assured the boy.

"I should have known," the smaller boy sniveled, "how could I not see it?"

"Because you were busy falling in love," the Norwegian boy replied.

Darren looked up at us and his eyes got big again and he groaned in pain as he buried his face into my arms. "How could I do this to David? The mayor is right, I'm…I'm a whore and a slut offering myself up to those horrible boys, and then coming looking for more sex when I already have a boyfriend." His sobs started up once again.

The poor boy was crying his heart and soul out. How much can one person bear in life and how many tears can that same person shed I thought to myself as I tried to ease his hurt? Akiva and I held him in our arms and gently rocked him while my insides slowly came to a boil. The mayor of all people, how the fuck can that bastard be the mayor with those kinds of backwards thinking. I hadn't planned for things to be set in motion so fast, but it was time and I had to make some adjustments for this latest incident.

The bedroom door opened up slowly and I saw David peek inside and sigh in relief. "We were so worried about you Darren when you disappeared like that without a word. What happened?" He asked his friend stepping inside the room.

Darren took one look at the boy and started to wail in earnest. He felt so guilty at betraying his boyfriend, and now the little boy was standing in front of him his heart held out to him, and he had betrayed that trust.

David was stunned and reached out towards the older boy wanting to soothe him, but Darren cried out at him, "Don't…just…just stay away from me," He yelled.

The younger boy flinched and looked hurt starting to cry himself. "Darren…please what did I do wrong…please tell me so I can fix it," he pleaded.

"No it's not you, I'm so filthy and dirty, and don't deserve you. Go away and leave me alone." He shouted at the younger boy.

"No, I won't do it, not again. I told you to never leave me again or ignore me. You promised…I…I mean…um…you promised is all," the younger boy yelled back as he hopped onto the bed on top of the covers and reached out for Darren.

The older boy tried to flinch away, but couldn't go anywhere. David clutched at him as Darren struggled, and then just wrapped himself around the older boy and held on to him. Darren started to struggle, and then stopped realizing he could hurt the younger boy and he didn't want that of all things, so he just lay there and trembled in the other boy's embrace.

"David you don't understand, I'm a horrible person, a slut, a whore…the mayor said so."

"No your not, and my dad told off the mayor calling him a shit-head and he actually punched the asshole." David told the boy. "The mayor wasn't happy, but he backed off in a heartbeat trying to make excuses and shit my dad just got madder and threw the mayor out of his office…I mean literally threw him out. That fat ass landed on his…well ass." David stated and then started to giggle at the memory.

"Yeah, but I offered myself up to those boys," Darren admitted not in the mood for lightheartedness.

"Yeah, so…you did it to protect Akiva, so what. I think that was so brave of you." The smaller boy stated not even fazed by the admission, and slowly wearing down Darren's resolve. Damn, the little shit had spunk I noted to myself.

"But I also came running to Dylan and…and asked him to make love to me." He told the younger boy as more tears welled up in his pale blue eyes.

"So, we both agreed we would allow each other to have sex with Dylan. I asked him to have sex with me last night so I guess I'm a slut and whore too."

Darren's eyes got big and he shook his head, "no…don't ever say that David. You are the sweetest most lovable boy in the world, don't ever let me hear you putting yourself down like that and…and if I ever hear anyone say that to you I…I'll tear them apart with my bare hands." He finished angrily.

"I promise," David agreed smiling to himself, "but you have to swear it too, I mean that you won't ever say that about yourself again or put yourself down like that. Swear it or I won't either." He insisted to the other boy.

Darren smiled at his boyfriend and nodded his head, but the other boy insisted he swear it out loud. The older boy did and David promised too, and both of them hugged each other tightly. David finally realized we were all in here naked and remembered something.

"Oh shit, everyone is waiting downstairs. My dad needs to talk to you and Akiva." He told me as I sighed getting up. Akiva slipped out of the bed as well as we rummaged through some clothes to put on.

In the end I just wanted something comfortable so slipped into a pair of gym shorts and sweatshirt. Akiva had slipped back into his jeans and put on a long sleeved shirt. We both stepped out of the room and closed the door behind us so that the two boys could be alone for a bit. Actually, with everything that's happened to Darren I hoped both boys would snuggle up together and maybe get some well needed sleep.

Outside my doorway I look around and then pushed Akiva against the wall kissing him passionately before releasing him. He sighed and wrapped his arms around my neck. We leaned our foreheads together and just stood there for a moment. I noticed a large bulge in Akiva's pants and giggle. He followed my gaze and then looked at me.

"That isn't funny Dylan. I'm so damn horny right now. I'm afraid I'll be hurting all day now until that is taken care of. Shit I need to feel you inside of me. We were so close," he whimpered for a moment as we leaned our foreheads together.

I sighed as my own erection pressed up against my shorts. "I'm sorry Akiva, but thank goodness we weren't in the middle of it all. That would have been a bit…embarrassing." I couldn't help myself as I giggled and so did Akiva.

I leaned in and kissed him as my hand reached down and rubbed against his bulge. The boy shivered in my arms and I was starting to loose control, so with a deep breath and a lot of will power, I slowly pulled back away from the smaller boy.

"Shit Dylan, you are making it worse." Akiva sighed and pushed me off of him. "Come on let's go see what the sheriff needs." He adjusted himself and we headed downstairs.

Mrs. Miller and Mrs. Galeotti were sitting in the kitchen with the girls and drinking coffee. It was still early in the morning which surprised me when I thought about the day already. So much had happened this early in the day that it felt much later.

Mrs. Miller looked over and smiled at us getting up to give us a hug. She gave her son a hug and kiss then the same for me. She held me out at arms length and looked me over. Satisfied that I was doing fine she motioned towards the coffee pot. I smiled and nodded my head eager for some of the dark liquid gold. I've gotten hooked on coffee, and it tasted delicious as I took a sip.

"Are you two doing alright?" Mrs. Galeotti asked hugging me to her and then the same for Akiva as she ran her fingers through his hair.

"Yeah we're doing fine," I smiled at her as I sipped my coffee.

"Good, where are the boys?"

"They are both upstairs in my room. Darren heard what the mayor said and was upset. David's with him now and I'm hoping they take a much needed nap, if not then I'm sure they'll be down shortly."

"Damn, that stupid old goat and his meddling. He's only trying to save face Dylan. The boy that attacked Darren and Akiva is his nephew. It's going to look bad for him and his family." She stated as I nodded filing away the information.

She looked at me a moment and then sighed. "My husband wants to talk to you and Akiva. I think he is in your father's conference room."

Nodding my head I picked up my coffee and headed down the hall. I could hear a voice talking, and it sounded like he was on his radio. I noticed the voice coming over the radio as that belonging to Darren's grandparents. They sounded really upset, but he was reassuring them that their grandson was alright.

We slipped inside and sat down noticing another man in the room. It was an older man, and he smiled at us while he waited patiently for the sheriff. The man seemed to have a gentle demeanor and for some reason I felt comfortable around him. I've been told I'm a pretty quick study on people's character, and the sense I got from the elderly gentleman was that he had a kind and gentle soul.

The sheriff finally finished up with the Gibadlo's and told them if things continued to improve that it looked like they would be able to come over sometime tomorrow. There was still a lot of flooding, but the main road looks as if it should be safe enough to travel on tomorrow. As for the power who knows, he finished off.

The sheriff held his hands up to his temples and rubbed them before sighing as he shook his head. I knew the look; I've had plenty of similar days. He finally noticed me sitting there and sat back smiling gently in my direction.

"You look better than…earlier," he finished as he exhaled noisily.

"Dylan, Akiva, this is Dr. Anderson. He wants to look you boys over real quick. He's already taken a look at Darren and David, and has given us some evidence from Darren. It looks like Darren had some semen in his…um…between his butt cheeks where the older boy had started to…um…well you know," he sighed. "Thank goodness you stopped it in time."

"Hello Dylan, I'm just going to exam you real quick and take some notes. Also on behalf of the town committee I want to thank you for your family's generosity. The generator probably ended up saving lives for people around these parts." The older gentleman commented as he got up.

"Oh yes, I forgot to tell you Dylan. The stately doctor here is a board member on the city council, and I might add a thorn in the side of the good old boy's club. I think he gives our good old mayor a run for his money on a lot of important decisions around in these parts." The sheriff commented while the doctor just chuckled good naturedly.

The doctor introduced himself to Akiva as well before he started to examine me. I took off my shirt and he noticed my bruising. I told him about the injury from the bear years ago, and the new large bruise I had received the other day when I tried to pull out the cow. He prodded the tender spot amazed that I had popped my own shoulder back into place. He admonished me for not coming into town and have my injury looked at. I shrugged my shoulders saying it was no big deal and that Akiva's mother had been a nurse in her country and checked me out, besides there's been a storm wreaking havoc around here lately. Then he asked me about the new bruising and the cut mark across my abdomen, and I shrugged my shoulder telling him it must have happened during the fight. In short order he was finished and then started in on Akiva.

The Norwegian boy had some rope burns on his wrist, but nothing bad and those would be gone in a day or two. He also had some bruising on his face where he was battered by the second boy. In short order the doctor finished up made some notations on two separate charts, and told the sheriff he would be receiving an official report by the end of the day.

The old man looked over to me and smiled, "you look a lot like your mother."

The comment caught me off guard because I didn't think he knew who I was. My mother used her maiden name for her career not her married name. I wasn't even sure the sheriff knew I was related to the famous pianist who grew up around here. He sort of had a puzzled look on his face.

"I do, how do you…?" I just left it hanging there.

He laughed heartily. "Oh yes, I knew her since she was a tiny thing. She was one of my first patients when I first set up practice here in town. Pretty little thing she was and very talented. You are the spitting image of her. I'm a doctor, so of course I can tell the similarities," he stated without elaborating further.

He was a sly old goat and I was taking a liking to him. The sheriff looked over at Dr. Anderson questioningly, but the older gentleman shrugged his shoulders and the sheriff sighed knowing he wouldn't get anything else out of the man. Besides, he had a lot more pressing things on his mind at the moment.

With that out of the way the doctor sat off to the side, and let the sheriff conduct his portion of responsibility. I explained to the sheriff what had happened from the time I got up in the morning until I had the encounter with the two thieves and would be rapists. Akiva then gave his statement and version of events.

The sheriff wrote out a few notes and then looked up at us. "This could get ugly guys. The boy in question is the mayor's nephew and as we speak I am sure they are getting lawyers lined up. That damn bastard of a mayor. He's got the whole town so damn bottled up because he seems to be holding all the purse strings. It could get nasty for Darren…and maybe even you," he sighed knowing the mayor may come after me for the injuries the boys had sustained. I wasn't too worried if push comes to shove I've got lawyers up the ying yang.

The sheriff looked pale and tired. It would involve his son too he knew and he was concerned. I knew the likes of people like the mayor. We've had to deal with those sorts of shady characters in the past, ones who rule their roost so to speak, and in this town the mayor's family had been ruling the roost for several generations.

"Sheriff, I need to call my dad and tell him what happened." I told Mr. Galeotti.

The sheriff looked back at me nodding his head that he understood. This was part of his job to be there or give out bad news. I looked over towards Dr. Anderson and he only smiled back at me knowingly.

Putting my phone on speaker phone I dialed up my father. He sounded a bit haggard on the other end shouting some orders before telling everyone not to bother him until he came back out. I heard Bubba Gump in the background shout something, and my father said sure he could come inside and say hello.

By the time I was finished I could tell Bubba Gump was furious and ready to head out to us right now. I told him to hold on we had a lot to do first and that I will need him tomorrow and the rest of my uncles.

"I take it we are moving up our schedule?" My father asked me cryptically.

"Yes, I need everything in place by tomorrow, can it be done?" I asked.

There was a pause on the other end, "sure Dylan, but the biggest problem is getting over to Darren's grandparents. I suppose I could fire up the helicopter if I have to, but everything else should be ready."

"Good, the sheriff states the road to the Gibadlo's place should be drivable by tomorrow, just bring along a good rig just in case." I sat there a moment, trying to think.

The doctor had a smirk on his face and a gleam in his eyes as if he were getting ready to do battle. Inside I chuckled at him liking him more and more, while the sheriff just looked a bit confused by the conversation.

"Bubba Gump what about the power for our area?"

"The power company said it should be up and running later tomorrow afternoon." He replied.

"And the phone line?" I queried.

"Should be up and running in some areas already, and they thought for the entire area by the end of the day."

Nodding my head in the sheriff's direction he picked up my land line and I heard a humming tone indicating it was back in service. The sheriff immediately began to dial his office phone to see if they were back on line.

"You guys did really good uncle Gump. Listen I need you to get a hold of the rest of the guys and then break the news to uncle Trig together. I need you all there to hold him down. I have a feeling he is going to go ballistic when he hears about Darren."

"You got it boss but I'm not sure the three of us will be able to hold him back." He stated dubiously.

I sighed knowing he was correct. "Is he around right now?" I asked. "If so go get him."

"Are you sure boss?" He asked a little frightened about the prospect.

Assuring him it would be fine uncle Gump headed out to go find Trigger. The rest of us continued to chit chat for a while with the sheriff discussing the situation concerning the mayor, and what he felt might be the biggest challenges. My father laughed on the other end that his figuring was going to be way off. The sheriff was getting ready to ask what he meant by this, but at this juncture uncle Trig arrived and joined in on the conversation.

I knew this would need to be delicately handled, but it had to also be dealt with now versus later. Taking a deep breath I first assured uncle Trig that everything was alright and no one was hurt which made him a little leery about what I was going to say next. I broke it to him gently and was surprised at the calm response. Instead of going ballistic uncle Trig asked for some details and then excused himself.

"Wow, that went better than I thought," uncle Gump commented.

No sooner had the words escaped his lips when all hell broke loose. I heard uncle Gump yelp and then scramble outside where there was some sort of ruckus going on. Next I heard my father's booming voice, and then everything got real quiet. We all could hear the door slamming shut some more shouting from my father and then nothing.

"Dad? Are you there?" I asked on the speaker phone. The banging of the door again and then some grumbling could be heard before my father spoke up again.

"Alright, Trigger is on his way to you guys. He pushed over a company vehicle and was starting to break things until I ordered him to go see you. That seemed to get his attention, and then he threw poor old Gus out of one of the trucks and took off. I suspect he will be a lot more calmer when he reaches you guys." He stated apologetically.

"Oh shit, I hope a cop doesn't pull him over." I stated.

"Won't be the first time we would have to bail him out." He responded.

"No, I'm more concerned for the person who pulls him over," I told him.

"Oh shit hold on." My father cursed as he fumbled around and we heard him giving some orders on his radio to the guards at the gate.

Next we heard him shout out to Bubba Gump to get Cooter and Billy Bob and to take the Lincoln. They were going to all go and see me together, and Bubba Gump was to drive and keep an eye out so as not to get pulled over by any state troopers. After all they didn't want Trigger to end up in prison.

We chatted some more and finally said our goodbye's. My father would see me tomorrow for lunch. Hopefully by then everything would be in play. I was actually looking forward to seeing my father again. Of course I was pretty independent, but I still missed him as I sighed shaking my head wanting him here now instead of tomorrow. Akiva noted my mood and reached out to rub my back and shoulders in a caring way. The boy never ceases to amaze me as I looked over and smiled at him appreciatively.

My uncles showed up about an hour later and uncle Trig went upstairs to check up on the boys so that they could come downstairs. Mrs. Miller and Mrs. Galeotti remained in the kitchen and put together a simple lunch of green salad, soup, sandwiches, and chips. Along with that Mrs. Miller had made several pies that vanished in front of her eyes as the large men seemed to slurp them down whole.

After lunch I saw Darren take uncle Trig off to the side and then they headed outside towards the Dojo. They were gone for a long time, but when they returned Darren seemed to have a spring to his step once again. He appeared happy and giggled as uncle Trig lifted him over his shoulders and roughed him about a bit. All the kids screamed and giggled as their adopted uncles teased them and rolled around the floor just playing and having fun. Their visit had lightened up the mood and dark cloud that had hung over our heads all morning.

After a bit my uncles stated they had to get back home, but they would be coming again tomorrow. They mentioned the power should be getting restored sometime tomorrow, and they wanted to help out. Before he left uncle Trig had called me off to the side and asked if I was alright. He was concerned about me and we talked a bit together. It was just what I had needed and I think he knew it. He knew I was missing my father, and gave me a gently hug just holding me in his big strong arms for a while. By the time he left I was buoyed once more and the tension of so much burden and responsibility had melted away.

The afternoon passed us by and evening crept up quietly. It had stopped raining now since mid-afternoon which was a good sign. I think we all began to realize this would be our last night being together like this, and even though everyone was looking forward to going home we were still a touch sad. We had all become close like family, and so much had happened in such a short period of time which was so life altering for each and every one of us, that we were a bit somber. The things we experienced together would last us all a lifetime, and a bond had been formed that just couldn't be explained.

Darren was snuggled up to me on the couch with his head lying on my chest. I stroked my fingers through his stringy long hair and breathed him in. Just four days ago he was just a little shy boy that I've never met before and never thought he would have such an impact on my life. He was my first boy…sexually…and he had a place dear in my heart.

My loins stirred with the closeness of him and my pecker pressed up against the fabric of my shorts. Darren giggled and grabbed my package which set us off on a wrestling match as we both ended up playing ass grab. Of course I was bigger and stronger, but allowed him to get some good moves in to make it interesting. In the end I managed to shove my hand down his shorts and squeeze his balls really good. He squealed and giggled.

When I looked up both Akiva and David were wrestling as well. Akiva had a big erection shoving against his jeans which were still aching from our prior interruption. David managed to wriggle himself free and clamped down on the boy's bulge and squeeze. Akiva yelped and twisted the boy around and pulled down his shorts and underwear in one fell swoop. David squeaked in surprise as Akiva dove in and pinched the boy's little pecker between his finger and thumb while reaching around with his other hand and clamping down on his balls.

David immediately froze in place knowing he was defeated. We all just breathed heavily and giggled together. I announced it was time for the boys to get ready for bed and when the younger dark haired boy reached down for his shorts Akiva snatched them up and shook his head.

"These belong to me now," he taunted.

"Yeah, but…," David protested.

"Oh well, I guess you are going to have to sneak to bed without anything on," Akiva continued to tease the boy.

David got a wicked grin on his face as he just stood up and walked out the door. Before rounding the corner he turned towards Akiva, grabbed his crotch and wiggled his cock at the boy. We all giggled as he stomped upstairs without a care in the world.

"Shit, we've created a whore monster," I teased before realizing what I had said, and looked at Darren apologetically.

"Well don't look at me," he teased not upset at my word usage. He knew I was only teasing. "You guys created him, but at least he's my whore monster," He giggled.

He leaned in and hugged me tightly. "I love you so much Dylan."

"I know I'm just glad you are alright. Don't worry about the mayor; he'll get what's coming to him." I promised.

"I had a talk with uncle Trig." The boy looked at me, but I didn't say anything. "I told him what happened today and about…before."

We both just sat there in silence. Akiva didn't say anything just letting us have this moment together. I stroked Darren's back gently as he sniffled.

"He got real mad about it, but said he loved me no matter what and it wasn't my fault. I started to cry and he held me making me feel so safe. I was so sad and felt dirty like I always do Dylan, and I thought he would treat me differently now just like everybody else. Well everybody else until I met you guys. But you know what?" I shook my head not knowing.

"He fucking tickled me and stripped off my shorts and grabbed my balls just like he would do to you or the rest of his family. You know like teasing and stuff." He giggled while looking at me mysteriously.

"What?" I asked all curious now.

"He looked really closely at my dick and balls, and said I had potential for a little fuck." Darren stated just laughing. "Shit, a big grown man inspecting my little boy balls and dick just like that without even blushing. I was surprised at myself for not feeling self conscious about an adult inspecting my privates like that, but I knew he wasn't perving on me or anything so I didn't mind. I was just so happy he treated me like a normal kid."

"Well that's because you are. You're just a normal kid and don't forget it." I said to him.

He just shook his head, "I don't think I'll ever be a normal kid again Dylan. That all changed for me a while back and then today…," he whimpered.

Holding him to my chest I whispered, "you're still a normal little boy Darren, and don't ever forget it. What happened doesn't change that, and I want you to be happy and play like a normal little boy your age should."

We sat there for a while before he got up. "I guess I better see what David's up to. I think he wants to get a little frisky since this will be the last night together here, at least for a while I suppose."

The boy left and he seemed in better spirits. I sighed and looked at my love as he settled in next to me. He seemed sad as he watched Darren disappear around the corner.

"Do you think it will ever get better for him?" He asked me.

"Yes, it has to. I won't have it any other way." I responded.

"And you always get your way I suppose," he giggled elbowing me playfully.

"No not always, but when possible, yes," I sighed knowing I got my way most of the time when I set my mind to something, but also knowing sometimes it was just impossible, look at my mom for instance. She died despite what I wanted. Sometimes life is cruel, but always there is a purpose behind things that happen. I was a firm believer in this philosophy even though I was still waiting to see the purpose behind my mother's death.

"Well I guess this is our last night together for a while," he whispered changing the subject when he sensed the change in my mood. "My balls are aching," he giggled as he reached down and adjusted his erection.

"Damn, did the prospect of you getting fucked really have that much of an effect on you?"

"No, the prospect of 'you' fucking me and making love to me has this affect on me." He sighed pointing out the difference of it being me. "Shit, maybe if I took a piss…" He grunted as he got up and headed down the hall.

Once out of sight I jumped up, pulled off the pillows to the couch, and pulled out the queen sized bed. Don't ask me why I hadn't pulled out the bed that first night with Darren, but maybe it simply was because we had both just fallen asleep together on the couch without intending to.

At the moment it didn't matter as I stripped out of my clothes and jumped under the sheet and blanket that was already in place. A few moments later Akiva stepped inside the room and his eyes bugged out in surprise. He looked stunned for a moment and then he smiled brilliantly at me.

"L…lock the door," I stuttered nervously.

He obeyed and entered the room standing in front of me. Instead of stripping out of his clothes like I had done, he slowly took them off one at a time to reveal his naked sexiness. I swallowed hard as I watched him slowly remove his clothes. He was sleek and lanky with pale alabaster like skin; and, oh…so damn sexy fine. All that was left were his cottony red colored bikini style briefs as I continued to admire his body.

He turned his back to me and hooked his thumb in the waistband and slowly pulled down the back revealing his ivory pale skinned globes. I was trembling now as he slowly turned again with the front of his underwear trapped in place by his rigid pole. I could see his hairless smooth porcelain like pubic mound and just a bit of skin at the base of his shaft. Oh shit he was such a turn on.

Gently he slithered the front of his briefs over the tip of his penis and in a trance I watched it bounce up to slap against his pubic mound. Akiva removed his underwear and stood up with his legs slightly apart and his smooth boy pouch swaying loosely between his legs. He reached up with his hand and grabbing the tip of his penis with thumb and finger he slowly slid his foreskin over his glans. I shuddered as the wet purplish acorn poked out from under its hood.

He moved over to the bed my eyes glued on his sexiness and straddled over me and held my arms above my head up against the bed. He leaned down and our lips caressed against each other as he teasingly flicked out his tongue at me. I wanted him so bad and my head leaned forward wanting more of his lips on my own. He teased me a little before finally letting our mouths come together as our tongues lashed out between our lips. It was hot, it was sexy, and oh it was so alluring.

He pulled the sheet off of me and looked at my dribbling tool between my legs and started to sit on top of me. "Oh shit," he moaned, "I want you inside of me right now." He stated as he tried to position himself over my four and a quarter inch stiffness so he could impale himself.

This would be too painful for him and I didn't want it that way so I grabbed his hips and rolled on top of him. He whimpered as he hungrily reached down for my hardness. I held on to him kissing him passionately and I felt him quiver under me. There was dampness on my stomach making me think he must have spewed already so I pulled off of him and looking down I notice him dribbling a lot of pre-cum.

The boy was horny beyond belief. Our sexual interruption earlier in the day must have been excruciating for him to wait so long. He was whimpering as he hungrily sought out my body and I was hungry for him as well. My balls had been aching all day waiting for release and when I had been interrupted earlier my testicles had screamed in protest. But not tonight, no matter what else happened the two of us will couple tonight and that was all there was to it.

My mouth slithered across his stiff dime sized nipples and he yelped out loud as his body seized up on him. He was just on the edge hanging on and I was teasing him even further. I had to because I just didn't want it to be about fucking him. I wanted the both of us to be one. My lips slathered up his pre-cum soaked penis, and I pulled his foreskin back flicking my tongue up against the pee slit of his cherry bright red glans. The boy moaned loudly and grabbed on to the bedding holding himself back. I put his length inside my mouth as he moaned some more before continuing down to his testicles.

The sexy Norwegian boy's pouch hung low between his legs and felt extremely heavy in my mouth. I knew they were fuller than they've ever been before, and I wondered what it would be like for him when he finally removed the cork and let things fly. I grabbed both of his ankles and lifted them up against him and there he was, his cherry hole glistening with sweat. My mouth clamped over his pucker hole and I sucked and slathered my tongue against it lubing him up even more. There was a heavy musky smell down there now, but the aroma was intoxicating to me.

Sticking my fingers in my mouth so I could get them good and wet I first stuck one finger inside of him and started to slowly wiggle it around. Akiva was too far gone now and all he could do was squirm and moan. The only thing he was conscious of was that he had to hold on, that he couldn't let himself go over the edge, not yet.

My mouth suckled on his heavy testicles while I inserted a second finger inside of him. I was pumping away on him and his penis quivered as it continued to leak all over him. Fuck he had so much pre-cum leaking out of him I wondered if he would have anything left to shoot. My own pecker twitched at the sight of his slicked up tool and I took a quick peek down at myself noticing that the other boy wasn't the only one leaking like a broken faucet.

My two fingers worked his ass trying to loosen him up, but I just couldn't wait anymore. We both needed this too much at the moment so I pushed his legs up to his chest and I lined myself up against him. I rubbed around his opening a little trying to lube him up some more and then gently pushed up against his opening. I felt him start to give so continued to push while I watched my sweetheart's face.

All of a sudden I felt something give slightly and my eyes popped wide open at the heavenly sensation that wrapped around the tip of my penis. I looked down noticing the pain etched over Akiva's features, and the sweat beading up profusely from all around his face.

"Oh shit Akiva, I'm hurting you I'll pull out," I exclaimed knowing it would take all of my willpower to do so, but I knew I would if I was hurting him.

"No, don't," he gasped. "It…it's starting to get better he winced.

"Oh fuck Akiva, this feels so fucking good," I started to cry it felt so incredible.

The boy smiled up at me pleased and brushed my cheek lovingly. "Alright you can push further now just go slow and I'll try to relax so you can enter me." He grunted.

It took every ounce of will power on my part not to just shove myself into him all the way, but I worked myself slowly wanting this to be a good experience for him. I could see the pain on his face, but also a little bit of pleasure across his features.

"Dylan, this is incredible. It hurts but feels…feels so delicious." He responded as I finally felt my balls settle along his butt cheeks. Holy cow I did it, my shaft is buried all the way inside of him I thought to myself as I looked down. The sight of me buried deep inside of him was almost too much and I almost spewed. Akiva was looking down as well and leaned back with a satisfied look on his face. I noticed his penis had gone limp so I started to stroke him as I slowly pulled out before going back inside of him. I did this several times and started to bump up against his prostrate which made him quiver and his penis get hard.

"Oh Dylan fuck me now, please fuck me hard. I need you, I want you, just fuck me and make love to me," he squeaked the last part as I shoved into him hard catching him by surprise.

My hips started to work in earnest now as my rigid torrid shaft slid back and forth inside of him. He was so fucking tight around my shaft, and it felt a million times better than his mouth. My shaft was pumping his tight scorching hot ass furiously now, and I knew I was about to blow as I shoved myself against his prostrate knowing it was incredibly stimulating for him. Each time I hit the magic spot he moaned and I saw his penis expand and quiver.

I was alternating looking at his sweaty slicked up face, and his twitching expanding hot cock spewing pre-cum all over the place as I pumped him in earnest.

"I…I can't hold on much longer Akiva," I grunted when all of a sudden I saw his dick fatten up incredibly large as a huge volley of ejaculate came screaming out of the tip of his penis to splash up against my face. At the same time I felt his ass start to clamp around my shaft so I shoved as hard as I could burying myself deep inside of him. My own balls contracted, and my dick jerked somewhere deep inside of him as my hot liquidy white oozing lava came exploding out of the uncorked opening.

"Oh shit Akiva here I come, umph, umph, ugh, ooh, shiiiii," I screamed as Akiva screamed beneath me as pulse after pulse of his creamy substance exploded out of his small body. We were both twitching and bucking, and his ass was clamped tightly on my dick as his body writhed around.

He was bucking so hard that I thought my dick was going to break off. I had to collapse on top of him and hold him tightly to me so that he wouldn't break my dick as I continued to have the biggest orgasm of my life. Fuck in just the past few days I've been getting bigger and bigger orgasms, and it felt so fucking awesome.

My whole world had come crashing down on me in a split second, and I almost blanked out from the intensity of it. Finally spent I just lay on top of my love breathing deeply, our two cum spattered and sweaty sticky bodies plastered together in the aftermath of our orgasm. My head was lying on his chest, and I could hear the steady strong heartbeat slowly receding into a more rhythmic beat as he finally calmed down.

My flaccid penis was still inserted inside of him feeling warm and comfortable there, and I just wanted it to remain that way forever. Akiva wrapped his arm around me and started to weep.

"Oh Akiva, I…I'm sorry. Maybe we should have waited, I'm so sorry my love," I whispered not understanding.

"N…no Dylan, I'm just so happy. I never knew I could feel so happy and fulfilled. That was so incredible and tender. I love you so much, and I wouldn't trade this experience for anything in the world, truly." He sniffled as he kissed me gingerly on the lips.

I slid off of him my penis plopping out of his love chute, and I giggled as some of my baby batter oozed out of him. He was a fucking mess to say the least, and I wasn't much better off. I grabbed him by the wrist and he moaned as I pulled him off the pullout bed. We folded up the bed replacing the cushions and then snuck back into our room.

We were getting ready to head into my bathroom for a shower when Darren started to whimper in his sleep. My heart ached for the poor boy, and I prayed his nightmares wouldn't return. I slipped by his side and gently stroked my fingers through his hair and lightly kissed him on the forehead. He seemed to settle back down immediately as he sighed and opened his eyes dreamily.

"Thanks Dylan," was all he whispered before closing his eyes again and fading back into a peaceful sleep.

I sighed relieved that a bad nightmare had been averted so easily. I knew that he may have nightmares haunting him once again because of the recent atrocious and vicious violation against his body and mind. Akiva had slipped next to me, and was gently rubbing my shoulder and back as he looked down at poor Darren. I could tell he was worried about the same thing as me.

Sighing, we both looked at one another completely spent by our wonderful act of love together, but we did manage to take a quick shower together getting cleaned up before slipping under the covers naked alongside our two other lovely companions. It seemed like that is all we four boys did together in bed sleep in the nude and cuddle. Who would have thought this would have happened a mere four day ago.

Before going to sleep I whispered into Akiva's ears, "soon my love…soon I will be enjoying your dick up my ass. I want to loose my boy pussy virginity to you so you had better get ready." I teased and he giggled.

Slowly drifting off to sleep with Akiva curled up in my arms I knew tomorrow would be an emotional day. Things were set in motion and couldn't be stopped now. It was time to put things back on the right track; I just hoped I was up to the challenge. Hell, with my father and uncles at my side I knew things would go smoothly.

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