Stormy Weather

by Hunter Woods

Chapter 3

Akiva and his sisters followed me up the stairs while Mrs. Miller took a closer look at Darren. She had been a nurse in her country, and wanted to look at his head wound. Besides, Darren needed to sit back and relax for a while so I led the small group upstairs to show them where they could get cleaned up. We got to the top of the landing, followed the hallway past my father's room, past the open sitting room and library, and then around the corner until we arrived at mine all the way on the other side of the house. I liked it for the fact it was off on its own in a pretty quiet and private location.

Akiva assured me that he bathed all the time with his sisters so it wouldn't be any problems just using my tub and shower. I noticed that I needed to get some fresh towels and told him I'd be right back. A few moments later I had located the box with all the linen and towels, and pulled out a whole stack knowing we would need them before too long. I picked up a small stack to put into my bathroom, and knocked on the door. Akiva answered for me to come in so I opened up the door and my jaw dropped to my chest.

The girls were already in the large sized Jacuzzi tub with water flowing into it, and Akiva had just stepped out of his soft cottony white and pale blue striped European style bikini briefs that boys tended to wear over there. He was completely naked, and damn he looked so sexy hot and even more beautiful than I could have imagined.

My eyes sucked in the sight, and I was frozen in place as I watched the boy stand up dropping his briefs on the floor and smile at me. He had slim long lanky shapely legs, and a very sleek torso with pale ivory white skin. My eyes locked on his adorably sexy looking boy package and I couldn't believe what I was seeing.

The lithe young boy was completely intact, meaning uncircumcised, with a tight foreskin that fully covered the bulbous head of his sleek thin penis with a pucker of skin at the end that poked out about a quarter of an inch past his glans. Not accounting for his foreskin his flaccid penis looked to be about two and a quarter (two in a half including his pucker of skin) inches long snuggled over a nice smooth sagging walnut sized testicled boy pouch. My knees quivered as I realized he was completely hairless…I mean no pubic hairs. Another late bloomer I whispered to myself. For some reason the fact he was a late bloomer seemed to turn me on, not to mention the sight of his sleek thin penis jiggling around between his legs sticking out from his body at a forty five degree angle as he walked towards me.

My eyes were locked on his swaying boy pouch and cute penis, and I couldn't seem to tear them away. I knew he could tell I was staring at him, but I still couldn't budge from my spot nor pull away my ogling eyes. My own penis inside my briefs was straining against the fabric of my jeans wanting to stretch itself out, and it really hurt I had boned up so hard. All of a sudden the image of the boy's smooth pale package disappeared as he stepped up to me and was hidden below the towels I was carrying, yet still I was frozen in place. I felt a little pull and tug on my package as Akiva playfully groped me, and I yelped in surprise before blushing having been so blatantly caught gawking at another boy's package. It seems like it was payback time for my teasing of Darren earlier.

"Um, sorry Akiva but it's just…um…you still have your foreskin," I whispered to him looking over to the girls who weren't even paying any attention to us.

"Oh, is that all," the boy whispered back into my ear in his cute little accent. "I thought maybe you liked what you are seeing. I guess my body isn't as beautiful as I thought," he continued as he pretended to be a little disappointed.

"Oh no," I piped up quickly, "it is…very beautiful," I replied before realizing I had just slipped and admitted to another boy that he was very beautiful. How embarrassing, especially since I said it while he was completely naked.

I tried to backtrack a little. "I…uh, I mean you know for a guy and all. Oh hell what's the use Akiva?" I finally admitted. "I hope this doesn't come across the wrong way, but damn, you are really sexy hot looking for a boy." I told him seriously.

This time it was his turn to blush at my compliment and I was right, he does blush from the tip of his head all the way down to his cute toes on his shoe size seven feet. He was just so adorably cute, and at the moment in a bit of a disadvantage.

"Oh um, I think you are very handsome too Dylan. I thought so the first time our hands touched and you helped me out of the car." He admitted while he blushed. "I like your nice big bulge in your jeans," He admitted. "It is taking everything I have not to embarrass myself and get an erection in front of you and my sisters. I think I better return to them now." He whispered as he grabbed the towels and turned to leave.

I just couldn't pass up the opportunity as I smacked him hard on his cute little orbs. He was thin and lanky, but had a nice firm round ass and he looked so damn sexy. I know I keep saying damn sexy, but I just can't describe it any different. Everything about him was just so damn sexy.

The boy yelped and turned his head around smiling, and I heard the girls giggling at their brother's expense. "That's for you know…"I whispered indicating him tugging on my bulge earlier.

The boy just smiled as he put the towels down. I watched him gently step into the water with his sisters, and ease his sleek body into the warm water as I thought about his comments. I didn't know what to make of them. Hell, our entire conversation had been weird. I waited until his ball sack disappeared beneath the water. For a brief moment his penis floated above the water until it disappeared beneath the surface as well. I closed the door and turned to head for the kitchen. I thought about jacking off in the other bathroom for a moment, but decided against it for now.

By the time I reached the kitchen my boner had settled down, but the image of the most angelic creature kept creeping into my thoughts. I just couldn't shake the vision of him standing in the bathroom naked, and sighed resigned to the fact I had just fallen head over heals for another boy.

Mrs. Miller and I began putting away some of the things in the kitchen. It really surprised me at how fast it went. She seemed to know where and how things should be put away, and by the time a radiantly clean and wonderfully smelling Akiva arrived into the kitchen most of it had been put away. I looked at him and giggled picturing him standing naked in front of me. He seemed to know what I was thinking because he playfully punched me in the arm.

It had actually taken a while for Akiva and his sisters to finish up, and he explained they love to play in the tub for a little bit before they allowed him to wash them up. They especially loved the jets in the Jacuzzi, and since it was so large they all could move around relatively easy inside the tub. Akiva explained to his mother about the Jacuzzi, and she seemed to relish the idea of washing up in a little while in the oversized tub.

"Are there any games or anything we can play?" Akiva asked me. "I think Darren might be getting a little bored and so are my sisters."

"Oh, geeze, I hadn't thought about that. Come on I know something perfect." I announce as I excused myself to Mrs. Miller and Akiva quickly explained to his mother.

Thinking for a moment and looking around I finally spotted what I was looking for. I had Akiva help me out, and we all piled into the large cozy living room area and Darren smiled up at us. He was lying on the couch looking through some of my equestrian magazines I had laid out on the table. He watched us curiously as I opened up a box and pointed out my PS3 station.

Akiva perked right up and smiled at me as he pulled out the boxed up unit. Darren and the girls got all excited as the sleek fair-haired boy started pulling out the contents. I had an array of games from more mature bloody ones to more mundane ones, and as Akiva pulled out some of the game cartridges he sorted them out to ones that are appropriate for them all to play. He was very mindful of his sisters, and seemed to just adore them and spoil them with his love. I could tell they were very close to each other as a family, and it just warmed my heart to see this.

"So, do you think this will keep everyone occupied?" I asked looking at the youngsters.

They all looked up, and all of a sudden I was smothered as bodies and limbs just swarmed over me catching me by surprise knocking me down on the floor. I saw Mrs. Miller arriving to see what the commotion was about, and she just smiled as her little girls hugged and kissed me on the cheeks. She even arched her eyebrows as her son gave me a quick peck on the cheek. Even Darren had joined the melee as arms and limbs were all tangled up in a heap on the floor.

Once we finally managed to get ourselves untangled Akiva was able to explain to his mother about the play station PS3 game. She said something to him and evidently it had to do with the games playing level because he held up the pile he had separated showing her the safe ones. She looked through them quickly and smiled at me.

"Thank you," she told me in a very thick accent which made me blush.

"Yes, thank you for everything," Akiva reiterated as he stepped up and hugged me tightly.

Once again I saw his mother's eyebrows rise up a moment as she watched her son closely, and then looked towards me for any sign of a reaction. I guess she just wanted to make sure I didn't rebuff her son in any negative way for the display of affection. Instead I just returned his hug in an innocent manner and told him he was welcome.

"Do you guys think you can get it all put together? I'm going to start preparing for lunch. The sheriff and his family will be coming by to join us, and I want to make sure everything is ready to go. I'm going to make my Indian tacos and although it isn't anything really fancy it does take a little preparation." I explained.

Akiva assured me that all would be fine, and that they all couldn't wait to taste my cooking. He and his sisters enjoyed trying out something new he assured me, and I saw both of his sisters nodding as well. Damn they were just so adorably sweet and innocent little girls. I couldn't help myself as I stroked their cute adorable little faces and thanked them for trusting in my cooking. Even Darren said he couldn't wait, and that even though he had a big breakfast he could eat a horse already. We all laughed good naturedly at his enthusiasm and I replied as long as they weren't my horses he was willing to eat.

Trusting Akiva to the game console, Mrs. Miller followed me back into the kitchen and I had to admire our handy work. It was a complete difference with the atmosphere in the place. She gestured to me if I needed any help and I smiled at her but shook my head no. I indicated to her that she should take the time while we were all occupied to go take a well deserved bath. She smiled at me nodding her head, and I showed her to my father's room. Thank goodness his room was at least all tidied up and everything put in place. She pointed towards the bathroom and I nodded yes handing her clean towels.

Soon I had the dough mixture completed for the fry bread and set aside to rise. It was just a basic mixture of flour, baking powder, a little milk, salt, and I liked adding a bit of honey for sweetness. It was simple enough, but the mixture and consistency had to be right or it wouldn't rise up and give that sort of mouthy texture when you fried it up. With the dough set off to the side to rise I set about frying up the six or seven pounds of ground up bison meat I had set aside to thaw. I preferred this to regular ground beef because it was so much leaner and just tasted right with this recipe. Since I had them separated into smaller portions they had thawed out enough to begin browning them in the pan. I added the taco seasoning to the ground bison meat and let it simmer.

I also made some chili beans to go along with it for anyone who wanted to have some with their fry bread. I didn't make the buffalo meat or chili too spicy figuring they could add hot sauce on their own if they wanted it spicy. Then I set about shredding and dicing up some tomatoes, lettuce, and onions setting them aside as well. Normally I just use the pre-shredded Mexican mixed cheese, but I didn't have any so grated some from the block of cheddar cheese setting it aside in a bowl inside the fridge next to the other toppings I had prepared.

All that was left to do now was to fry up the fry bread when everyone arrived. I liked to wait until everyone was ready so that the dough was freshly fried and warm for everyone. I got the deep pan out along with a huge can of Crisco grease. We hardly ever use grease when we cook preferring olive oil, but for some reason the fry bread just doesn't taste right cooked in olive oil or other oils such as canola. It had to be done with Crisco.

I scooped out a huge chunk from the can and placed it in the large deep pan so that it would be ready to go. I then got out our two huge pots I used for transporting hot food in when on a construction site. I placed two round warming stones in the oven and started to heat them up. These would be placed on the bottom of the two large oversized pots. Then on top of those I had two wire racks that cleared the stones about an inch so that the food wouldn't be placed directly on the stones. I had other smaller pots with covers that would fit on top of the wire racks so that all the food stayed warm during transportation. One large pot would be used to carry the meat and chili keeping those warm and the other pot would be used to carry the extra fry bread so that those stayed warm and fresh when they arrived at the sheriff's office for his staff members.

Cleaning up and putting away all of my mess as I went along made things easier for me as I now grabbed the large bowl of dough and placed it on the kitchen bar counter. I decided it would be easier if I just used the entire counter top to pat out the round plate sized patties. I sprinkled flour over the entire counter to make it easier to work with the sticky dough. This way all I would have to do was reach for a new one and fry it right up once the other one is done. Then I decided I could probably fry two at a time so rummaged through the pans and found another large deep frying pan I could use. Perfect and it would go really fast now.

I set to work and breaking off a round baseball sized clump of dough I shaped my first one into a flat plate sized patty ready for the fryer. Part of the appeal of fry bread was that although round in shape no two were exactly alike and I enjoyed making them in a rougher shape than perfectly round. I made each adult a large plate sized patty and then a slightly smaller sized one for each of us boys, and then about half that size for each of the girls. Then I set out making about another fifteen plate sized patties for the sheriff to take with him. By the time I finished the entire counter was filled with finished patties.

Mrs. Miller finally made her way into the kitchen and looked around in awe. I had accomplished a lot, and even though things were kind of sprawled around she could tell I had cleaned up after myself as I went along. It must have impressed her because she just nodded her head in approval. She started putting out paper plates and silverware for everyone on the large dining room table so that everything would be ready to go for when our guests arrived.

While she was doing that I had looked at the clock and decided to start frying up the bread. I placed a pan in the oven for the fry bread so they would remain warm until I finished them all and then set about frying them up. I had only a couple more to do for our group of visitors when the sheriff and his family arrived in short order. By that time the entire house smelled deliciously tasty. The sheriff had the boys help him with the groceries and handed Darren several bags.

The golden-haired youngster just looked at the sheriff a little puzzled then peaked inside a couple of the bags. His eyes opened wide in surprise and tears flowed down his cheeks as he gave the man a hug before looking back into the bag and then sadly shook his head.

"I…I'm sorry sheriff but I…I can't accept this, grandma and grandpa wouldn't approve." He sadly stated and sighed.

"No worries Darren I called up your grandmother on the radio explaining you may be here a while and don't have any clothes so she said it would be alright."

"Oh thank you—thank you—thank you so much," he jumped at the sheriff giving the man another hug.

"As much as I enjoy your sweet innocent hugs Darren it's not me who you should be thanking," he nudged his head meaningfully in my direction.

The small eleven year old boy let go of the sheriff and walked over towards me where I was just finishing up. He was crying as he leaned in to me and hugged me tight.

"What did I ever do to deserve someone so special Dylan. Thank you so much." He stated sincerely before leaning in closer if that were even possible and whispering in my ear, "I love you so much Dylan Peterson, and I'll never ever forget how kind and gentle you've been to me," he finished up with a tender kiss on my cheek.

Not knowing what to say I just hugged him back and whispered in his ear that I was looking forward to seeing his sexy body in those flashy looking clothes. Besides we have company and I couldn't have my favorite sexy looking little brother prancing around in the same old clothes all the time. We had to make sure he was fit and proper. We both chuckled as he grabbed his stuff and headed upstairs to change into something real quick.

We all sat around the table chatting excitedly over the fixings as I placed the large plate sized fry bread along with the rest of the fixings in the center of the counter. It smelled and looked delicious. I was proud of how this batch of golden brown bread had turned out. I had deep fried each one until they were golden brown on both sides and I could tell they were just perfect as they had fluffed up while frying. They were huge and everyone just eyed them hungrily.

"Do you mind if I say a prayer," Darren asked surprising the sheriff and his wife, and looking snazzy sharp in his new clothes.

They were simple clothes, but brand new, and looked really nice on him. He was wearing a pair of light brown Dockers slacks with a wide striped yellow and black polo style shirt that buttoned up along the chest and neck. The collar was white and there was a white logo on his left chest. He had a pair of new ankle height sneakers that were mostly blue, with a white and red logo on it. He was really handsome in his new outfit.

"Of course not Darren," the sheriff's wife, Sharon, told the boy.

We all bowed our head as he spoke. Akiva leaned in towards his mother and translated for her quietly so as not to disturb Darren's focus on what he wanted to say.

"Dear lord we are all gathered here in friendship and love. We wish to thank you for this wonderful blessing during a time of difficulty. We thank you for sending to us a new family who has proven to be such wonderful neighbors and such loving and caring people. They truly are a blessing in our presence. I personally want to thank you for sending Dylan into my life. Before you sent him to me I was in despair and was filled with sadness and hopelessness. He has shown me that a poor retched creature such as myself has a purpose in life and is worthy of friendship and love. I wish to say all of this in the company of my dearest friends in the hope of being open and honest with them. I thank you for sending into my life such wonderful people. Thank you for the wonderful bounty you have sent our way and thank you for Dylan who has prepared these bounties with his tender loving heart and hands. In this we pray and beseech your blessings upon all of us at this table. Amen."

We all sat there in stunned silence wiping away our teardrops as Darren's words slowly sunk in. He had spoken with an open heart, and poured his soul into his thoughts. It was more adult like than what a child would speak like so I figured praying at meals in his house was probably a common occurrence and he had gotten used to more formal wording during the meal prayers. The sheriff's son, David, was sitting next to Darren the boy he so adored, and just flung himself at his older friend hugging him fiercely.

"Oh Darren I am so sad at what happened to you. It just isn't fair. I've missed you and don't you ever stay away from me or ignore me ever again. I love you so much and I've been missing you. I don't care what any of my other friends say to me if you are my friend. You're my real friend anyway not them." He whispered as he held on to his friend in a tight bear hug never wanting to let go.

I was sitting on Darren's other side and wrapped my arms around him as well. "I should be thanking you for coming into my life Darren. It's because of you that I've met all of these wonderful people who I now consider a part of my family. I told you that you are like my little brother now and I will always be there for you, I promise." I told him.

"Yes Darren," Akiva spoke up with his charming accent. "We all have heard what has happened to you, and I know many of your friends have abandoned you. We haven't really met until today, but we are your family now as well. If you were in my same school I would stand up for you because what the children in your school are doing is wrong. I've told several of my friends the same thing. It's not popular, but it is the right thing to do."

We all comforted our little boy some more before turning our attention to the meal at hand. Everyone piled on all the fixings on top of their fry bread and truly enjoyed the meal. Some folded the bread like a taco others decided to eat it with a fork and knife because it was so huge. No matter how it was eaten the one thing everyone agreed on is that it was an excellent change to a normal taco. They also enjoyed the taco flavored bison meat. In the end we all sat around enjoying one another's company for a long time around the large table. It pleased me to know they all enjoyed their meal. Throughout dinner David kept plying me with questions.

"So dad tells me you own several horses?"

"Yup," I answered.

"Do you think I could ride them sometime?"


"Are you an Indian because you made Indian tacos, which are very delicious by the way," he noted.

"Um, well not exactly."

"What do you mean not exactly?" The boy queried as he took another bite of fry bread.

"Well, a family of Blackfoot adopted me into their family."

"I thought you already have a mom and dad so how can they adopt you?"

"Yes, it's true I have a father, my mother died when I was about your age, but I was ceremonially adopted into the other family."

"Oh, how does that work?" He continued to ask. "I'm really sorry to hear about your mom, do you still think about her?"

"That's enough David," his mother admonished. "Sorry Dylan but he's just so excited about the horses, and he was hoping you were a Native American as well because of the Indian Tacos." She apologized for her son.

"It's no problem and David there will be plenty of time to answer all of your questions." I promised him

The sheriff and his wife decided to spend some more time at the house so I decided to wait until they were almost ready to leave in order to fix the rest of the fry bread. I mentioned to the sheriff and his wife that they are more than welcome to use the showers since we are already washing their dirty laundry.

David spoke up then, "Oh please, I feel all scummy and I don't like to use the showers at the shelter besides Darren says Dylan has a large Jacuzzi bath tub," He stated blushing knowing that the shelter had a huge common gym style showers where everyone could see him naked.

"Alright sweetie, but you will have to wait until your father and I finish before you can hop in the tub. I don't want you to be in there all alone." Mrs. Galeotti stated.

The boy looked around and seemed a little bummed out because he wanted to get cleaned up so he could play a little with the other children who were already in the other room playing video games. Everyone else had been excused, but the sheriff and his wife hadn't allowed him to get up yet until they had discussed their plans.

"Well what if Dylan watches over me," He blurted out blushing because he knew that it would mean I would see him naked, and I was almost like a stranger in a way. But at least that was better than being exposed in front of a whole lot of people he figured.

The sheriff and his wife looked at each other a bit shocked. They knew their son was at an age where he was a bit shy about things. They really weren't concerned about me in the least having gotten to know me, but they still looked at their little boy sternly before Mrs. Galeotti replied.

"Alright sweetie, if Dylan is willing to help you with your bath that is fine with us, but we better not hear of you giving our poor host any grief. He's been an upstanding young man opening up his home to us and other's so graciously so behave." She told him sternly.

The small boy perked right up and leaped towards me jumping in my lap while hugging me tight. "Oh please Dylan let's go get me a bath so I have time to play with the others a little while before I have to leave. I want to play with Darren because it's been so long and I miss him." He pleaded.

"Well since it's alright with your folks how can I refuse?" I stated getting up and showing the sheriff and his wife where they could get cleaned up in my father's bathroom.

Closing the door to the bathroom I turned my attention to the large tub and turned on the faucet while telling David to get undressed. Thank goodness we have a huge water boiler because it is getting used to the max lately. I turned back to the little boy, and noticed he hadn't started to get undressed. I smiled noticing his nervousness and motioned him towards me.

I reached out and pulled him a little towards me so we were about a foot apart. "Are you little nervous?" I asked him.

He nodded his head looking down ashamed at being so embarrassed about his body. "Well you know I helped Darren take a bath last night as well, and he was a bit shy too, but he trusted me and I helped him get undressed and hop into the tub. Afterwards he wasn't so afraid and ashamed anymore."

"Why would you have to help him get undressed?" The boy queried curiously.

"Well he got caught out in that hailstorm, and was hurt and nearly frozen to death. He couldn't get his fingers to work so asked if I would help him. Of course he was ashamed and embarrassed, but afterwards he didn't mind me seeing him naked. So should I help you get undressed now?"

The boy thought for a moment and I could tell he figured if his bestest of friends could trust me then he could too so he nodded in the affirmative. I reached out and pulled off his bright red tee. I started to get excited about seeing him naked and he just looked so adorably cute as I examine him with a critical eye.

He had that same Mediterranean skin tone with a healthy golden brown tint like his father. His face was so charming with a long oval shape to it, big expressive brown eyes, and short dark brown hair he had parted on his left side. He had a petite nose with high cheek bones and smooth slender lips with a perfect 'm' shaped upper lip that flowed smoothly across his features. On the lower left lip he had a small fleck like smooth mole, which didn't look ugly or anything, rather it added a sense of more charismatic character to the boy. He had a similar mole just below the corner of his right eye along the inner side of his upper nose bridge. His delightful endearing little ears stood out a tad, and he had eyebrows slightly lighter in shading as his hair.

Standing at around four foot five inches and weighing around fifty five pounds the slim and fit boy looked refreshingly delicious to me. With his shirt off of him the boy watched intently as I unbuttoned his jeans, unzipped his pants, and slowly slid them down his legs. He stepped out of them and I excitedly watched his little bulge wiggle around inside of his white and red colored spider man boy's briefs. The underwear was snug against his waist and crotch, and made him look even more appealing. Next I reached out and slowly peeled off his spider man briefs both of us chuckling when his little one in a half inch cut penis bounced out of his underwear. His little boy pouch hung surprisingly loose below his small boy penis, and of course he was completely smooth and hairless.

The boy still had his socks on so we changed positions and he sat on the marble counter that surrounded the tub. I kneeled down in front of him raising up his right leg, and watched his little boy package move around between his legs. Damn, for a little boy he sure was so sexy. I lowered his leg and did the same with his other one. I reached out and made him stand in front of me purposefully gazing at his nakedness before looking up into his eyes.

"There all done, and you saw me getting a good look at you so from now on there is nothing to hide that I haven't seen already." I stated as the boy just giggled, and then rushed into my arms giving me a hug.

The boy smelled so deliciously edible to me as his sweaty boy scent wafted up to me. I returned his hug, and held him close as my hands gently rubbed down his naked back and spine. I felt him shuddering in my arms with the wonderful feeling I was giving him and soon enough my hands cupped around his nice bubble butt orbs and I instinctively gave them a gentle squeeze. I heard him squeak and quiver in my embrace. This was starting to get a little too sexed up so I released him and held him out at arms length so I could get a look at him.

The boy looked down at himself and then back before saying, "I think you may have spoken too soon about seeing everything," he giggled as he wrapped a few fingers around his now hard two inch erection that was pointing straight upwards and against his pubic mound. He forced his shaft downwards pointing it at me and then made a bang sound while shoving his hips forward pretending to shoot me.

It was too hilarious and we both just burst out laughing as he again hugged me. I turned him around in my arms so his back was to me and then reached around his body as my right hand clamped over his two inch erection and gently rubbed him. He gasped in my arms and shivered as I stroked him a couple of times. He turned his head to look at me, and giggled before returning his attention back to what I was doing.

"Ooh, that feels so good," he moaned as I finally released him and lifted him into the tub feeling I had gone a bit too far when I grabbed his pecker. He seemed a bit disappointed.

He didn't even seem to have minded about my groping as I started soaping him up. I sat down on the marble counter and slowly washed his smooth delectable skin, and then shampooed his hair. I made him stand up, soaped up my hands, and cleaned his gorgeous little globes sliding my fingers between his butt crease. He giggled at first as I gently rubbed his little ring and then he started to breath heavily. I removed my hand and rinsed him off then started to get up noticing him just looking at me.

"Aren't you going to clean my dinky?" He asked seriously.

"Um, I don't know David maybe you should do it?"

"Why, I'd rather have you do it for me. It feels so much better," He stated as I looked down at his penis and noticed it starting to get hard again in his anticipation.

I hesitated when he spoke up again. "Please I won't tell anyone, and I want you to."

I sighed and sat back down as I soaped up my hands again. I turned him so that I could use my right hand as I slowly reached out and started to rub his penis and smooth sagging boy pouch with my slick soaped up hand. He nearly buckled under sensory overload, but caught himself as my left hand dove between his little crevice. He moaned as I ran my fingers around his little opening and he started to thrust his hips into my right hand.

Figuring what the hell I just grabbed his little boyhood with three of my fingers and thumb then started to pound away on him. I couldn't do a lot of up and down stroking because his penis was so short, but I moved my hand rapidly. He gasped and grunted with this new sensation I was providing to him. My left finger slipped inside of him, and he tensed for a moment before relaxing again as my finger plunged in even further. I hit his prostrate and he gasped his body quivering in delight. I started to stab my finger back and forth rapidly, and then stopped pumping my fist on his tool.

"Don't stop," he squeaked pleadingly as I pulled him towards me and plunged my wet mouth over his incredibly hard two inch shaft.

There were several blue veins clearly visible and sticking out along his stiffness, and I could feel them as my tongue lapped around his shaft. He squealed in delight realizing this felt even better as he instinctively started to face fuck me in quick little motions. I didn't even have to bob my head up and down he was fucking my mouth like a rabbit in heat. My finger kept bumping up against his prostrate and he kept pumping his hips. I didn't know if someone as young as him could even orgasm yet, and it was taking some time, but all of a sudden I heard him grunt and start to slow down.

"I…I think I've got to pee," he squeaked wanting to pull out of my mouth.

I knew better and while my left finger kept fucking his ass, my right hand reached around him and pulled him closer while my head started to bob up and down on his small rigid pole. He tried desperately to pull away not wanting to pee in my mouth, but my tongue swirled and flicked in his pee slit, and my finger pounded against his prostrate and it ended up being too much for little David as his body just exploded and his world came crashing in on him.

His knees buckled under him, and his body bucked wildly in my arms as he tried to gasp for air. His head snapped back as his balls contracted several times under my chin. His small olive sized testicles constricting like that was so sexy hot, and I held him even tighter to me as his body continued to writhe in euphoric blissfulness. The boy finally collapsed in my arms, and I gently lowered him down into the water. He just had his first major climax, a dry one, but still an orgasm of epic proportions for the small boy.

He was weeping with joy, and I gently caressed him reassuringly. He had some questions about what happened, and I quickly told him the basics. He thanked me for showing him such a wonderful time, and without me saying anything to him about keeping this quiet, he promised this would be just between us because he thought something so personal should only stay between the two people who did such a thing. Inside I sighed in relief realizing the boy had enjoyed himself, and didn't think I had taken advantage of him.

"Wow, thanks soooo much Dylan," David told me as he got up to step out of the tub. "That was wickedly fun and totally awesome of you to show me a little bit about sex, and I love you." He told me seriously as he hugged me. We held on to each other for a little while, and when he released me he giggled as he pointed down at his erect penis again.

"My little dinky thanks you too. Maybe we can do that again sometime," he stated as I helped him get dressed.

"Maybe, it depends," I assured him thinking I might have to talk to him one time like I had done with Darren.

It had been a special moment again, but I was starting to realize I needed to be a bit more careful around such gorgeous looking little boys. Then my mind flittered towards Akiva, and I wondered if I would get lucky with him. At twelve or thirteen years old the two of us could make a go of things because I didn't think that would be too young. I sighed in wishful thinking as I picked little David up in my arms and headed downstairs after he had slipped back into his clothes.

Returning to the kitchen I started to finish up the rest of the fry bread because I knew once the Galeotti's were finished with their shower and laundry they would be heading back into town. The rest of the kids were playing videos, and I could clearly hear David's voice as he giggled delightfully and even heard him tell Darren how much he loved the boy. Then I heard Akiva's sweet sounding voice like an angel singing in a choir and clear as a bell. He had a beautiful voice I realized as I continued to cook.

Before long it was time for the sheriff's family to leave. The two large pots were ready to go with all the food along with a small cooler for the cold items. Mrs. Miller had folded all of the laundry for the Galeotti family. David was in near tears not wanting to leave as we gathered on the covered porch while it continued to rain.

"Do I have to go mummy. Can't I stay here with Darren, Dylan, and the Miller family, please?" He whined and protested.

"David, Dylan already has so many people at his house it wouldn't be proper," she told her son soothingly. I could tell he wouldn't ask again because of the manners his parents had instilled in him, but he looked so down and out.

Mrs. Galeotti got her son ready and he was saying good bye to everyone. I pulled sheriff Galeotti off to the side, and looked back making sure the boy couldn't hear us.

"Listen, it really is alright for him to stay here if you guys don't have any objections. He just adores Darren and they get along so well. He really wouldn't be a problem, and there is plenty of room. Besides I know that you and your wife are so busy with so many people in the shelter. Also, this gives you the excuse for coming back tomorrow and have lunch again along with a nice clean hot bath," I poked at him having some fun.

The man just smiled at me and shook his head. "You really are amazing Dylan. Are you really sure about this. I know Sharon really doesn't have any objections, but we don't want to add to your burden."

"Are you kidding, with Mrs. Miller practically forcing herself to do everything, it's hardly a bother. Besides what's one more little guy around; especially, since he keeps Darren company."

He nodded his head then looked over to David. "Alright David you come over here son and give Dylan a proper thank you."

The boy came over and even though he was down in the dumps he smiled brightly at me and held out his arms. I scooped him up, and he hugged me tightly.

"Oh Dylan I love you so much. Thank you for everything. I know it was too wet today for the horses, but can I please come back and visit them tomorrow." I looked over towards the sheriff who had just conferred with his wife, and they both nodded their approval.

"Nope," I told him and I felt him stiffen a little.

"Oh, alright, but I still love you anyway and I really meant it when I said thanks, so I guess this means goodbye," he tried to hold back his disappointment as he sniffled when I set him down. He turned towards his parents.

"And where do you think you are going?" I asked him sternly.

He turned towards me and held his head down, "I have to leave now," he stated a little confused.

"Well that's a fine way to treat your friend. One moment you want to stay and visit with my horses, and the next moment you want to leave." I tried to keep a straight face.

"Oh no Dylan, truly I really want to stay." He looked back at me genuinely concerned he had somehow offended me.

"Well then I guess you had better go give your parents a hug because you are staying."

"Y…you mean I can…I mean…really mum, I can really stay," he jumped for joy as he ran to his parents.

"Yes you can stay. Dylan convinced your father that you are a good boy and can stay here with him to keep a close eye on Darren. You better not make a liar out of the fine young man and do what he tells you and what Mrs. Miller tells you," she stated giving the other woman a smile. Mrs. Miller knew what that meant and smiled assuring the sheriff's mother that she would make sure the boy behaved.

Darren came rushing back to me and leaped into my arms. "Oh thank you so much Dylan," he chattered excitedly then smacked me in the arm.

"Ouch," I yelped.

"That's for making me worried that I had made you mad at me or something. That was mean and hurtful, don't ever do that to me again," he whimpered as he sniffled hugging me tightly again and really hurt that I had made him feel that way.

I sighed, "your right David that wasn't a good type of teasing. I'll try to be better." I promised as the boy forgave me, and kissed me on the lips which caught me by surprise.

It had been just an innocent peck on the lips, but doing something like that was something more familial and personal. I blushed as I saw his parents hold on to each other and smile approvingly at the tender moment. The Galeotti couple piled into the two vehicles and headed back into town.

"Come on let's go see the horses. Akiva can you tell your mother that I'm going to take David out with me to see the horses and then I've got to go check on the herd. I'll be back in a few hours." I was still holding David and he squealed in delight hugging me even closer. He was so excited that I could feel his boner sticking me just below my chest.

"Is it alright if I ride with you?" Akiva asked me.

I looked a little dubiously at him not knowing how much riding experience he had, and the weather was still miserable with the rain continually drizzling making everything damp and cold. It was the type of wet cold that just seemed to seep into your bones.

"I don't know Akiva. The weather is just horrible and cold. I'm only going out because I have to check on the herd to see if they are in any trouble."

"I won't be a burden or complain." He assured me as we filed into the barn.

I sighed and agreed to let him come with me. I could see David getting ready to ask to tag along, and I had to draw the line. I apologized and promised him we would go riding together, but just not now because this was serious business that I had to attend to and not a joy ride. He understood and apologized for even thinking it stating he knew better than to ask in the first place. I was really starting to like this little boy a lot. He had manners and was a bright kid with a great sense of humor, but he also had an air of responsibility about him…a rare quality in kids these days. I let David visit all the horses before I saddled up my horse first.

Her name was Two Step, and she was a very sharp and intelligent blanket Appaloosa horse with dark coloration in the front end of her, a white saddle colored hind quarters, and dark spotting. She was beautiful, very intelligent, and a smooth ride. For Akiva I saddle up a gentle and sturdy small compact chestnut colored Mustang named Texas Rosie. She was a good steady mount that didn't shy very easily, and also very placid not to mention great with children. Most people think of Mustangs as being wild and uncontrollable, but they can be very gentle, sturdy, and reliable. After outfitting Akiva into a set of rain gear and adjusting his straps to fit his size I mounted up Two Step and we headed out the back. David waved good bye and headed back into the house.

We had been riding for a while when we finally arrived at the natural canyon where we had a large barn and a natural fortified protection clearing for our small herd of Florida Cracker Cattle. I immediately noticed that the gate had been trampled by some of the herd in a panic obviously due to the storm so I did a quick fix on the fence, and checked on the rest of the herd making sure they had plenty of feed before heading out in search of the few that had wandered off. We rounded up several of them and herded them back to safety.

We were on our way back when I heard a distinct bleating sound which I recognized as coming from a struggling cow. We made our way over and sure enough one of them had managed to get themselves mired in the mud, and was struggling to free themselves. I grabbed my rope and tied off one end on my saddle horn. Akiva got off of his mount and stood next to Two Step. I warned my friend to stay back and out of the way, and he stepped further out of the way.

Cursing under my breath I waded out cautiously to the horned cow, and then in a gentle soothing voice managed to work my way next to the eight hundred pound cow. Akiva was watching on curiously, and had stepped closer to the edge right in front of my mount. Had I realized this I would have taken a moment to back off and get Akiva moved out of the way. My mount was highly trained and would pull the rope tight creating tension on the rope and helping to keep me safe, but my poor Two Step had a bit of a problem at the moment because the other boy was in the way. She tried to warn the boy by nudging him gently and blowing softly in protest, but not so loud as to spook the cow. The boy didn't understand and had patted the horse returning his attention back to me.

Slowly I reached out and looped the noose around the horns. In the same slow motion I turned slightly so I could move away cautiously. All of a sudden the cow got it in her head to try moving and started to struggle again. Two Step whinnied in warning, but couldn't do much else or risk hurting Akiva. She was too in tune to hurt the other boy, and had to watch helplessly as the cow turned her head and smashed her horn into the back of my right shoulder.

Pain shot up through my shoulder as I heard a popping sound, and was knocked off my feet. Akiva started forward and I yelled for him to move out of the way. As soon as he moved Two Step reacted immediately and pulled on the rope creating tension so the horned beast couldn't do any more damage. My friend started forward again to help, but I snapped for him to stand still and to stay out of the way. It came out harshly, but I was more worried about him getting hurt.

My shoulder ached, and I couldn't move my arm. I winced as I got back on my feet, and holding my arm up against my body I slowly waded out of the muck using the tightly pulled rope to steady me. Akiva was near in tears when I reached solid ground, but stayed where he was afraid that I was mad at him. My horse whinnied with concern, and I knew she blamed herself for the accident, but I just patted her neck reassuringly with my functioning arm.

"It's alright girl it wasn't your fault." I soothed her gently until she calmed down.

She could sense my pain rolling her eyes and looking at me as I walked over to a nearby tree gasping for air while gritting my teeth against the pain. Akiva cautiously made his way over to me with a lot of concern across his features. I smiled weakly at him letting him know it was alright.

"W…what happened?" He asked.

"Two Step couldn't protect me because you had accidentally gotten in the way. She's a highly trained horse, and would never jeopardize hurting someone standing next to her. She had a difficult choice and chose correctly. If she had moved you would have definitely been hurt; whereas, if she didn't I may or may not have gotten hurt. Unfortunately for me…I got hurt." I told him meekly.

"Dylan I'm so sorry it was all my fault." The boy was nearly in tears.

"No the fault was mine I should have explained it better to you and told you to stay mounted on Texas Rosie."

Forcing Akiva to step back I gritted my teeth, held my arm, and slammed my shoulder up against the tree hearing it pop back into place. I groaned in agony for a moment, and felt Akiva wrapping his arm around me holding me up so I didn't fall down. This wasn't the first time my shoulder had popped out of it's socket, and the memory flooded back to me when I was only ten years old with that awful accident and the resulting injury popping it loose the last time.

After a few moments respite I managed to have Two Step help me get the cow out of the mud, and put back safely in the canyon. I was sore, but felt much better now that the throbbing pain was ebbing. A short while later we arrived at the barn where Akiva helped me with the saddles and with brushing down our horses.

Two Step nudged me affectionately and looked at me as if to make sure I was fine. I smiled at her and patted her comfortingly. "You did great girl. It really wasn't your fault. We will be extra careful next time."

We stepped into the mud room at the house and I started to peal off my slickers. Most of the mud had long since been washed away from the incessant rain, but I was still a mess. Akiva called out to his mom and she joined us while he explained what had happened. He was looking down in shame as he must have told her it was his fault.

"Akiva I told you it wasn't your fault. You didn't know and it just happened." I reassured him, but could tell he still felt ashamed about getting me hurt.

His mom wanted to look me over and ushered me into the living room motioning for me to remove my shirt. By this time all the kids had gathered around a bit concerned. I turned to the girls and smiled at them.

"Listen girls why don't you head upstairs and put on your bestest cowgirl outfits. I'll come up in a few minutes and inspect you, then I'll take you out to visit the horses." I told them.

The girls excitedly relayed the message to their mother and sensing something up she agreed and sent the girls upstairs. As soon as they were out of sight I pulled off my shirt and tossed it aside.

"Holy cow Dylan, what the hell happened to you?" Darren gasped in surprise as he saw the scars on the backside of my shoulder, and wondered how he could have missed it last night while we had snuggled up together not to mention while we had sex together.

The other boys scrambled to get a better look at the ugly gashes on my back. The boys reached out and touched me. I was a bit tender from getting knocked around and winced in pain knowing I would have a dark bruise come morning.

"I got in a fight and lost, well sort of lost," I explained chuckling.

"What?" Akiva asked me as he turned to his mother and translated.

I sighed knowing I had to sort of explain the scars. I was ten years old and staying with a family of Blackfoot on their land up in the mountains. After staying with them for several months and continually having strange dreams I had asked for permission to go on a vision quest. After much debate and concern the elder granted me permission.

I looked at everyone around me and noted their confusing stare about the vision quest so had to explain it to them. A young boy enters the world of adulthood by undertaking a quest for visions, usually at a place high in the mountains. The vision quest begins with a decision to embark on this journey, which could be prompted by a dream. Preparation involves purification through sweating, usually in a sweat lodge, for four consecutive days. The young boy takes along helpers to prepare the sweat lodge, gather and heat the rocks, and to assist the seeker, me, as needed. Then the seeker, me again, finds a suitable place, high and isolated, to spend four days and four nights waiting for a vision. The vision is usually in the form of an animal or spirit helper who teaches the seeker a power song. I was a bit young, only ten years old, for a vision quest, but the circumstances were unusual so the elder had agreed on the condition I was monitored closely.

Four days I sweated in the lodge and then had my vision. I was given a power song and given a task. My task to go up to a sleeping bear and touch him without waking him and then silently retreat. In this way I would be worthy and receive the gift and power of compassion and understanding. The vision cautioned me however to be vigilant with my surroundings as the danger does not lie with the sleeping bear, but the wakefulness afterwards. It also warned there would be a hefty price paid for this gift if I decided to pursue it. None of this made any sense to me and I received additional instructions which also did not make any sense at the time. I contemplated this information for a while and decided to pursue my gift.

Although still confused about my vision, I sought out my sleeping bear as instructed mulling over the information I had received. I searched several days and then came upon an unusually large black bear weighing about four or five hundred pounds. The bear was sleeping, and it took me over an hour to reach his side without being heard not to mention nearly as long to disappear out of sight.

With my task accomplished I was making my way back home. I remembered my instructions, and was very diligent on being mindful of my surroundings. It was this caution that had saved my life. The same black bear I had touched had woken up after I was gone and smelled my scent then decided to track me down. The bear attacked and I moved out of the way just in time, but not before he ripped into my back with his claws dislocating my shoulder.

The bear was furious and they of course are very quick and fast. There would be no way for me to escape, but I ran down a steep hill towards the cliff I knew was just a few yards towards the side of the trail. The bear was nearly on top of me when I suddenly veered off to the side grabbing onto a large branch to stop me from falling. The bear couldn't stop in time, and toppled over the forty foot high cliff onto the rocks below killing itself.

The boys had listened to me in deep rapture with the story. David looked at my back and then towards me and smiled as he laughed.

"That was a good one Dylan. You almost had us going." He stated as he laughed.

Getting up off the couch I walked over to a small hutch and pulled out two beaded necklaces I had made with five claws and two canine teeth on each one before draping them over my head. Next I pulled out a picture and headed back over to the couch. I handed the picture to David, and he just stood there in shock.

In the picture there was a scene showing a dead bear on the rocks, and a ten year old bloodied up boy sitting next to it with his back turned towards the camera and looking over his shoulder. The bloody claw marks were clearly visible on the boy's back. The youngster was scantily clad in just a breach cloth and a knife tied around his waist. In the picture it was clear that the boy was in pain. David passed around the photograph to everyone.

After the picture was taken the elder had skinned the bear, and set aside all the appropriate parts making sure nothing was wasted. The bear had knocked my shoulder out of it's socket, and they popped it back into place for me. Afterwards I ended up sick for several weeks and almost died from my wounds. If the bear doesn't kill you his scratches inflicted on your body can kill you in the end due to infection. My wound was thoroughly cleaned, but I still got infected and laid in the medicine man's house for nearly two weeks before I started to recover. It had been a close call, but I survived.

When I got better the elder asked me for instructions for the bear and this is when everything I was told in my vision quest started to make sense, well at least some of it because there are still some parts I am puzzled about to this day. I explained to him that all I was required to have were ten of his claws and his four canine teeth. The rest would go to the community as needed. The meat would be provided to families who needed it, and tools would be made from other parts of the bear along with ceremonial items.

"This accident today is a sign, and I will have to contemplate what it means." I sighed to everyone who was just gaping at me when I finished up the story as I got up and put my damp shirt back on.

While I told the story Mrs. Miller had inspected my back. There was no major damage, but I would be sore for sure. She looked at me in that motherly fashion and I knew what she was thinking.

"It was no one's fault Mrs. Miller, certainly not my father's. I was in the elder's care and he knew I would seek my vision with or without their help. Back then I was still hurting from my mother's death, and I was so stubborn and head strong that the elder opted to help making sure I had the proper support team in place. If it hadn't been for my helpers coming to look for me it could have been worse," I explained as I got up to head upstairs to get changed real quick, and keep my promise to the girls as Akiva translated for me.

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