Stormy Weather

by Hunter Woods

Chapter 2

We must have fallen asleep on the couch because all of a sudden my eyes snapped open. I don't know why I woke up, but I looked around in the cozy room and nothing seemed out of place. I was lying on my back stretched across our couch, and off to the left side of me half of Darren's body was sprawled on top of me with the blanket draped over both of us and his left leg tossed over both of my legs. The wind still howled outside, and I could here the rain as it spattered on our window panes.

The rain pounding in a rhythmic cadence slowly started to lull me to sleep, and then I felt Darren start twitching and whimpering in his sleep. Before I knew it he was pleading for help as a nightmare gripped his unconscious mind. I wrapped my arms around his naked body and held him close to me as I gently stroked his back trying to soothe his worries.

"Darren wake up," I whispered gently, "You're having a nightmare."

"Huh, what…where, oh hi Dylan, I'm sorry if I woke you up." The boy shivered involuntarily.

Not knowing if he was shivering from still being cold or from his nightmare I just hugged him closer to me and gently rubbed his back as if trying to warm him up. He moaned and sighed at the sensation of my hands rubbing his back, and I immediately felt his dick get hard and dig into the side of my stomach. I don't think he realized it yet because he started to thrust his hips into me rubbing his hardened acorn tip into my side. I continued to rub him allowing him to just enjoy the tender moment when all of a sudden his head snapped up and he stopped what he was doing.

"Oh, shit, I…I'm sorry Dylan, I…I didn't…um…you know. I didn't realize I had gotten uh…" He blushed as he scooted away a little.

He couldn't go very far because he was pinned up against the back of the couch. I could tell he was genuinely dismayed, and maybe even a little confused. He just looked at me for a moment completely mortified and even a little afraid.

"How old are you Darren?" I asked him.

"Um, I'm eleven, how about you?" He asked cautiously

"I just turned fifteen, but I just wanted you to know it's alright." I told him as I gently eased him back into place, and snuggled up to him.

"I mean, at eleven years old you are going to start popping a boner all the time here in the near future so you might as well get used to it. You don't have to be ashamed about it around your friends." I assured him as he settled back into place with his penis digging into my side again.

"I guess I won't have to worry too much then because I don't have so many friends." He whispered softly.

We stayed like that for a little while as I gently stroked his back tenderly and didn't respond to his statement not knowing what to say because I was a little confused by it. The tension seemed to flow out of him, and he held on to me as he began to relax. He just sighed as the wonderful warm feelings started to course through his tiny frame again.

"Bad dream?" I asked him gently.

"Yeah, I get them all the time, but usually they are way worse. I feel bad because I'm always waking up my grandparents."

"Sounds like your grandparents really love you, and your grandmother sounded really nice on the phone when she talked to me. I really like her. I miss my grandparents." I sighed to myself knowing it was just my father and me now since they were all gone now having passed away.

"Yeah, they really go out of their way for me. I know it is tough for them, and money wise things are tight, but they never complain. I feel kind of guilty for all of the stress I bring into their lives."

"Don't say that Darren, I'm sure they don't mind the stress as long as you are part of their lives. I know they love you very much, and that is what families do. Someday it will be your turn to return the favor; you just need to make sure you are there when that time comes."

"I never thought about it that way before," Darren admitted as he contemplated on it.

"Are you comfortable?" I asked the younger boy.

"Yeah, the heat from your body feels so good." He responded.

"Oh alright, I was just wondering because you are naked and all I didn't know if it made you feel uncomfortable. If you'd rather head upstairs you can use my bed, and I can sleep in my dad's bed. It doesn't matter to me one way or another. I've slept on rocks before so I can pretty much sleep anywhere." I told him truthfully as I chuckled.

He didn't say anything back so I just let him mull the idea around in his head. The boy shifted his body a little resulting in his acorn knob poking me in the side for a moment. I could feel his body quivering at the sensation before he settled down and he sighed contentedly. His head was lying on my t-shirt covered chest, and he tucked his hand underneath the fabric of my shirt and slowly rubbed his hands along my rippled muscles.

"I…well…um if it is alright with you then I don't mind staying here for now. I'd hate to get up when I'm all warm and cozy right now. It seemed to take forever before I got warm and I…um I like how it feels right now. Do you mind if we snuggle some more just for now…I mean if you don't think it's too…um…gay or anything." He mumbled.

I could tell it had been hard for him to admit he just wanted to cuddle with me so I just shrugged my shoulders.

"Sure I'm feeling really good too right now. It's late so let's try to get some more sleep." I whispered as I yawned and closed my eyes.

The boy leaned his head up a little and gave me a kiss on the cheek. "Thanks, that was nice Darren." I whispered to him.

He shifted again trying to get comfortable, and once again his hard penis rubbed up against my side and stomach. I felt his left leg bend at the knee causing it to rub against my own flaccid tool and boy pouch. I was still wearing my snug fitting boxer briefs, but that didn't stop the rubbing sensation from causing me to pop my own woody.

There was a little giggling noise coming from the youngster as he tried to contain himself after discovering my erection with his leg. He rubbed his leg against my stiffness a few more times before finally setting down. He looked up at me, and our eyes locked for a moment as I just gave him a gentle smile. Encouraged that I wasn't upset over the overt touching, he settled his head back on my chest and didn't move anymore as we both drifted off to sleep.

It seemed like I had just fallen asleep again when something once again seemed to wake me up. I looked down at the sleeping little body lying on top of me, but the small boy was breathing in a steady rhythmic cadence so I knew it hadn't been him. I heard the noise again, and it sounded like someone was knocking on the side door by the kitchen. It seemed to be early morning now as a grey soft light filtered through the windows making things easier to see. The wind was still howling outside, and I don't think it stopped raining all night long.

Careful so as not to wake up Darren I eased my way out from under him noticing his nice flaccid two inch cut penis twitch at the incidental rubbing contact as my body slid free of him. The boy was still lying on his side, and I couldn't help myself as I lifted up the covers and gazed down at his cute naked body. His boy pouch had dropped slightly from the heat of my body, but was still snuggled up under his cute pinkish little tube. The boy moaned a little in his sleep apparently not enjoying having cool air brush along his exposed skin so I gently covered him back up tucking the blanket all around him to keep him warm, and went to see who was making all the noise.

Rubbing the sleep from my eyes I stepped out of the cozy room, and closed the door to keep in most of the warmer heat and walked down the hall and into the kitchen. As I approached the door I saw a uniformed man peeking into the window. He saw me and waved as droplets of water cascaded off the rim of his hat. I hurriedly opened the door for him so he could get out of the wet weather.

"Hello officer, how are you doing?" I offered as greeting.

I made my way over to the coffee pot and flipped it on so I could get it started to brewing. I always had the coffee pot ready to go as soon as I finished off a pot so that I didn't have to worry about getting it ready. I've been drinking coffee for years, after all I come from a big construction company who just lives and dies off of coffee. The officer just glanced over my way and was watching me carefully as I prepared the brew while at the same time sort of looking around.

"Hello, I was just making my rounds to see how everyone is doing with all the rain and power outages. I see you don't seem to be affected over here?" He reflected looking around some more.

"Huh, oh yeah well we have a huge generator that we incorporated into our remodeling along with gas hookups for other essentials such as oven and stove, water heater, and our gas fireplaces. My dad and I made sure we're all set in case of emergencies." I stated as I subconsciously pulled on my pecker because I hadn't taken a pee yet.

He noticed the movement and sort of just smiled not making any direct overt looks at my state of undress. It didn't really trouble me being in just my boxer briefs and t-shirt. I've been in a lot more skimpier outfits in a crowd of people before so it didn't bother me.

"Oh, by the way officer my name is Dylan Peterson. My father would be a bit peeved at my lack of manners." I told the man as I put out my hand for him to shake.

He took my hand into his own with a firm grip and shook it vigorously. The man was still a fairly young guy, I figured maybe in his late twenties or early thirties, with what I thought might be Mediterranean features. He had a nice warm smile and an easy going manner about him. I liked him from the get go.

"Hello Dylan, my name is Sheriff Galeotti and I've heard all about you." He stated as he shook my hand. "I just wanted to drop by and check on you and Darren. His grandparents called and told me what happened. They really appreciate your help, but stated if I felt he should come with me to the shelter until the storm ends and they can get to him then I should take him with me."

"Oh sure whatever you guys feel is best. He's in the other room all wrapped up warm and snug as a bug. He got a pretty good dent in the ole noggin and was near frozen to death, but seems to be doing just fine. You can go take a look if you want." I pointed the officer in the direction of the boy while I excused myself so I could relieve my bladder.

The officer smiled understandingly and quietly made his way over to the other room. I quickly did my deed and remembering I hadn't dried the clothes yet stopped in the laundry room and tossed all the stuff in the dryer. By the time I made it back to the kitchen Sheriff Galeotti had taken a seat by the kitchen bar counter. I gathered up two cups setting one in front of the officer and the other in front of me before pouring us each some coffee.

"Oh man that is just so tasty." The sheriff sighed quiet pleased. "With the electricity out our office has been out of coffee and I needed that, thanks." He stated as he took another sip. "So how'd it go with Darren last night? I didn't want to wake him up he looked so peaceful, and he normally doesn't get that much sleep as it is."

"Well, not too bad," I replied. "He had a small nightmare, but fell back asleep without too much problem." I replied.

"Yeah, his grandparents told me he gets them all the time and wakes up screaming his head off. It doesn't surprise me considering what he's been through this past year." Sheriff Galeotti stated as he looked at me carefully for any sign of surprise.

I shrugged my shoulders as I took a sip from my coffee. I knew there was something going on, but I wasn't going to pry. If and when Darren is ready then he'll let me know.

"Well, he just whimpered a little and I woke him up. He didn't say anything other than he had a bad dream and I let it go at that. He seemed a little shy when I first met him, but I like him and he seems to be comfortable enough around me." I told him as I opened up the refrigerator and rummaged through it looking for something to eat for breakfast.

"I see so he hasn't mentioned anything to you?"

"Nope and I'm not asking. I don't know what happened to him, and it doesn't change that I think he's a pretty cool little guy. He's funny, witty, and has a great sense of humor. I told him he's my friend, and that's good enough for me. I get the feeling something bad happened, and if he wants to say something then I'm here for him as a friend, if not I'll still be here for him." I told him frankly.

The sheriff raised his eyebrows at me nodding his head appreciatively, and let it go at that. We sat there and chatted for a while longer as I cooked up some sausages and a western omelet for each of us. He at first said he didn't need anything to eat, but I went ahead and fixed him an omelet as well, and he gulped it down like there was no tomorrow.

"Damn, I didn't realize how hungry I really was. I've been on the go so much that I haven't had anything decent to eat since yesterday. The power is out all over the region, and we've been scrambling getting people into our emergency shelter over at the gymnasium. Thanks for breakfast and the coffee, but I've got to get going. I'll drop by on the way back into town and have a chat with Darren to see what he wants to do."

As he got up he received a call on his radio from dispatch. He moaned at the news and was beside himself. This could be disastrous for a lot of people he had told dispatch; along with telling the staff they need to get that generator fixed because they needed a way to cook and have basic needs taken care of in the emergency shelter for all those families.

"Damn, I told the mayor we needed to invest in a new generator. We can't get the old one running, and we have a lot of people who will starve to death, that is if they don't freeze to death first in this weather. It's also getting smelly in the shelter without any hot bath water. I can't believe how cold it is out there." He just moaned as he got up with worry.

"Hey Sheriff, if you have a moment do you mind coming out to the barn with me?" I asked him as I took a set of keys off the key ring.

The man looked at me for a moment, and decided he might as well see what I needed some help with. He followed me out to the barn, and I opened up the door and stepped inside. Several of the horses neighed in greeting, and I took a moment to say hi to each one and to make a once over to make sure they were alright.

"Wow Dylan you have some nice horses in here. My son would just die to get a chance to do some riding. He's always pestering me about horses. I mean it's not as if he doesn't do a lot of outdoor things nor has any other hobbies, but I think he really likes horses ever since we took him to the rodeo last year. It's all he ever talks about anymore." The sheriff mentioned as he followed me down the rows of stalls.

"Bring him by sometime and I'll give him some lessons. He can ride anytime you guys say it is alright. I go out all the time, and now that we have a small herd to tend to I'll be going more often." I told him seriously as we finally reached the back end of our huge barn.

Flipping on another set of lights I pointed to our canopied covered construction truck. It was one of those army types of trucks used to haul all sorts of things. It was a very reliable vehicle, and we had it converted for our needs when we were on site somewhere.

"Wow, I haven't seen one of these in years, not since my boot camp days," the sheriff whistled appreciatively.

I tossed him the keys and he just looked at me. "What's this for?"

"Well I figured you are going to need it." I told him smugly.

"No, I think I'll get around a lot easier in my car. I've got several stops to make and it isn't as if I'm hauling stuff."

"Um, you may want to take a look in the back before you make any hasty decisions."

He followed me to the back and opened up the flap. My father had welded railings on the floor of the truck, and on it was mounted a very high powered generator. The sheriff's eyes bugged out and he looked back at me.

"Do you think it will work for what we need to do?"

I shrugged my shoulders. "We have all the cables and cords, but if you have a power transfer switch set up with your old generator I recommend you hooking it up directly to that source. I think you will find it large enough to run everything all at once, and not have to worry about switching something off to get something else working. We've needed it a time or two at some of our major sites, and it's never failed us once."

"Oh man this is perfect. You don't think your father would mind do you?"

"Nope not at all, we've loaned it out a time or two before so it isn't such a big deal."

The sheriff thanked me and stated he would pick it up on the way back. He first had to make a few stops to check in on some people, and that he would be back in about two hours. He will then leave his vehicle here, and take the truck with him at that time. Then he'd come back tomorrow with someone else so that he could pick up his car. I told him that would be fine. He helped me put in some more fuel into the generator running the power for my house, and before he left I poured him a thermos filled with coffee so he would have some on the road. As his car pulled away I waved goodbye to him as I stood in the rain watching the vehicle disappear down the road.

I ran back into the house and despite my rain jacket managed to get a little wet. I peeled off my shirt and peeked in on Darren. He still slept on the couch in the same position I had left him, and being still a bit tired decided to climb in with him for a small nap. I eased my body in next to him, and he immediately rolled over towards me snuggling up to my body warming me back up. I sighed and closed my eyes just for a moment.

The next think I knew was waking up to someone slowly rubbing my stomach and chest. I opened up my eyes and a pair of beautiful blue glittering orbs stared back at me. A smile was spread across the small boy's features as he laid his head back down on my chest. I softly stroked his blonde locks.

"Did you sleep well?" I asked and was rewarded with an affirmative nod. "Good Sheriff Galeotti showed up a little while ago concerned about you. He said he would drop by again for a visit with you to see if you want to go to the shelter with him."

The boy just jerked and looked up at me. "Do you want me to go?" He asked.

"No, the decision is up to you and the sheriff, whatever you guys feel is the right thing to do. You can stay as long as you want, and if it is alright with your grandparents."

He seemed to relax with my comment, and I felt him snuggling up closer to me. He had an erection again and I just giggled. He knew what I was chuckling about and he just laughed himself.

"Sorry, I just can't help it. I don't know why it keeps getting hard like that but it just does," he sighed but didn't move away as we both just lay there comfortably intertwined with one another.

A few moments passed by, "Dylan?"

"Hmm," I responded as I breathed in his scent. He smelled so wonderfully clean with the distinctive odor of what it was that made him who he was, his essence.

"That wasn't exactly true, I mean about not knowing why it keeps getting hard." The boy admitted to me.

He waited a moment and when I didn't respond just blurted it out. "I'm gay."

He looked up at me while I looked back down with my eyes sort of furrowed. He must have taken it the wrong way because there were a few teardrops running down his cheeks.

"I understand," he whispered sadly. "I'll be ready to leave when the sheriff comes back."

"Why would you want to leave?"

"I…I thought you were mad…you know about me being gay. I mean you looked like I had dropped a bombshell on you." He replied a little more hopeful now.

"Oh no…it's not like that because I really don't care if you are gay or anything. I was just thinking you are really young to know if you're gay or not. Most kids your age just sort of fool around with other boys and stuff, and then they discover girls. Are you sure you're gay?"

"Yeah, I came out last year and told everyone. I didn't think it a big deal but then…" He trailed off and then looked at me. "You don't hate me for being gay?" He asked just to be sure.

"No why should I be. You're still my friend," I told him seriously as I gave him a hug.

"There's more…I don't know how you are going to take it, but please don't hate me."

I just looked down at him sadly and held him to me. He was crying now and I didn't push him. Slowly he calmed down and told me his dark horrible secret, one that really wasn't a secret because many around knew about it, well at least some version of the truth.

After he had come out to a lot of kids his own age he started to get teased by some of them. It didn't really bother him all that much, but one day he came across two drunken teenage boys who had tricked him into thinking they needed help. He of course knew better because his grandparents had warned him to be careful, but he really didn't think anything of it until it was too late. The boys had raped him, and locked him up in a dark damp storage unit. It took days for the authorities to find him, and when they did he was completely naked and nearly dead from the injuries the boys had inflicted on him. It took him months to recover, and then when he returned to school he was ostracized by his fellow class mates. All his old friends had abandoned him because they were afraid of being lumped in the same category and get teased as well. None of his old friends ever teased him, but they still stayed away from him.

By the time he finished telling me the awful truth he was a complete mess and blubbering. "P…please don't hate me for this, I'd just die. I know I'm nothing but dirty filth now, but please don't hate me." He started hiccupping from crying so hard.

My heart was hurting with sorrow at his story. Recalling those memories so he could tell me himself had taken a terrible toll on the poor boy. I just hugged him tightly to me. I thought that was one of the bravest things I've ever seen.

"No Darren, of course I don't hate you. How could anyone hate you; especially since this wasn't your fault? Just because you are gay does not give anyone a right to do what they did to you. I don't think you are dirty filth, instead I think you are so beautiful and such a wonderful person to have as a friend." I reassured him.

He looked into my eyes as tears ran down my face. He was lying completely on top of me now and our eyes just locked together. There was longing and yearning in that look as he slowly leaned in and kissed me on the lips. It wasn't just a little peck, but rather serious and intense. This isn't right, my mind screamed. He's just a little kid overcome with pain and this needs to stop.

Our lips parted and we both gasped for air before his lips nuzzled along my neck. "Oh shit Darren, oh fuck that feels so nice," I gasped as his lips sensuously nipped along my neck.

My dick immediately inflated in my boxer briefs and I knew I was leaking pre-cum. I had to stop this before it went too far.

"Darren, I think we need to take a breath before things get out of hand," I groaned as he started nibbling on my nipples.

I could feel his hips gyrating on my stomach as he slowly fucked it by sliding the length of his penis up and down. Every time he made a downward stroke his ass cheeks would grind up against my own erection. He was starting to breath heavily now, and so was I as he continued to grind up against me. His rigid penis sliding along my stomach was so damn sexy as my hands automatically cupped his cute little orbs on his backside. My mind was screaming to stop, but the electricity pumping through my veins was just too intense. Deep down somewhere inside of me an eruption of epic proportions was starting to form, and I knew I was too powerless in this state to stop it, but I had to try.

"Oh Dylan, I…I feel so good," the little boy grunted and he continued to grind against me.

"Shit Darren we need to stop it…it's happening too fast." I tried to stop him, but all of a sudden his entire body tensed.

"Fuck, umph, umph, oh shiiiiiit," He moaned as his entire body was gripped in orgasmic bliss.

His rigid boy pole quivered and jerked as it was pressed hard up against my stomach. I don't know if it was perspiration or what, but there seemed to be slickness between our two bodies where his penis was quivering as his orgasm wreaked havoc on his small frame.

Feeling him tense up like that and knowing what just happened was too damn hot for me as I unloaded my own cargo while rope after rope of cum exploded from the tip of my rigid pole all inside of my boxer briefs. We both continued to grunt and groan, and finally he collapsed on top of me spent.

There was a sticky gooey mess inside of my underwear, and I knew that I was soaked. I started to calm down and I just stroked my little love maker gently along his spine. After a moment or two, I reached down between our two bodies and ran my fingers around the slick area on my stomach then pulled my hand out to take a look.

"Holy cow," I gasped as I ran my fingers together.

"What?" He asked looking up.

"You just squirted on me." I stated as I held my fingers to my nose and took a sniff, then without thinking licked them to see what it tasted like.

He looked at me stunned when I put my fingers in my mouth and then asked. "Did I really squirt some stuff? That's never happened before." He stated as he sat up and looked down on my stomach running his own fingers through the goop.

He beamed proudly at me as he held the sticky substance up to his nose, and then hesitantly stuck his tongue out to get a taste. "Hmm, not bad, kind of salty yet sweet."

"Yup just like you," I smiled as I reached out and gently took his now soft yet still tender tool in my fingers.

A sort of curiosity had come over me, and I just wanted to get a better look at his sexy body. My hands roamed all over his stomach and chest, and he just watched eagerly and shivered at the new sensations I was providing him. It didn't take long before his flaccid two inch penis inflated and enlarged until it stood up proudly like a proper soldier slightly angling off to his left.

It was fascinating to watch a penis up close and personal as it slowly inflated bobbing up and down with each pump of the heart. I thought he really had a pretty penis which topped out at around two and a half inches when hard. Not much bigger than its flaccid state, but it did also get thicker and looked cute on him.

After giving me some time to look at his body, Darren quickly turned around and promptly removed my sticky boxer briefs. I lifted up my hips and allowed him to remove the soaked garment. He giggled as he wiped up the gooey substance from my crotch with the soiled underwear and let them drop to the floor. He quickly leaned over and started to probe my soft three and a half inch cut tubular attachment in his hands.

"Wow, it feels a lot heavier than I thought," He chatted excitedly as he noticed it start to enlarge.

My tender member now topped off at about four and a quarter inches long and I moaned as he softly started to stroke me. He stopped as he looked back at me for a moment and then turned around focusing on my pubic mound and the soft blondish downy hairs. He giggled as his fingers ran through the curly tangle.

From my angle his cute little ass wiggled around in front of my face and his little brown boy pussy winked at me. There was some scarring around his rim, which I assumed was from when he was raped. I gingerly reached out and gently ran my finger around his rim and immediately felt him jerk and clamp his butt cheeks down around my finger.

The boy gasped for a moment and then relaxed as he looked back at me. I continued to run my fingers gently around his rim and felt him shuddering at my tenderness. The boy started to whimper and cry so I just stopped what I was doing and let him turn back around to face me.

"I…I'm sorry Darren. I shouldn't have touched you like that, it was foolish of me."

He just shook his head and looked at me. "No, it felt so wonderful. When…when they r…raped me it was so awful, and it should have been something that was beautiful when it finally happened to me…you know taking someone inside of me." He whimpered with embarrassment of having been abused so savagely. "Will you please make love to me Dylan? I want to feel you inside of me." He begged.

"No…oh Darren no, I don't think we should." I replied as gently as I could.

"D…doesn't my body look good to you? I know that what happened makes me less desirable…unclean, but I really need someone who cares about me to show me how it really is supposed to be." He begged me.

"No it's not that Darren, it's just I'm so much older and bigger than you. I'm afraid I might hurt you, and of course you look good to me. It's just that I think I'm more into girls. I've never done anything like this with other boys. I can't and won't take the chance of hurting you. I don't know what would happen if I lost control or something. You are such a sweet boy, and please don't ever think of yourself as being unclean." I told him trying to explain it.

The whole damn thing was so weird, so strange, so exotically intoxicating, and so damn sexy. I didn't know why I was overcome with such powerful urgings. On the one hand I wanted to fuck him, and fuck him bad, but on the other hand I knew it just wasn't right. It didn't feel right, and deep down I knew it. There would be someone special for him some day, but it wasn't me and it wasn't now. The age difference was just too big of a problem for me to overcome, and he felt more like a little brother than a lover.

"We could try and just take it slow. Do I look that bad back there?" He looked at me with tears in his eyes.

"No, I don't think it looks that bad back there it's just that you need to start with someone around your own age. If I tear something it could end up hurting you really bad, and I love and care about you too much."

He nodded his head in understanding. "Then will you make love to my penis? Show me how it is really supposed to feel."

Without waiting for a response from me he leaned down and kissed me passionately. My tongue automatically flicked between his sweet tasting lips and sought out the inside of his mouth. He tasted delightful as our passions once again heated up. I rolled on top of him and slowly teased my way down his body with my lips. By the time I managed to work my way down to his inney belly button he was squirming with delight under my weight.

My lips slathered up along his bare pubic mound and he grunted and moaned. I continued to kiss him all along the base of his pole, and then went down further to lap at his tight smooth boy pouch. He legs spread apart instinctively giving me better access as I slurped up his two testicles into my mouth and played with them by swirling around my tongue.

"Oh shit that feels so hot," He moaned. "Please take my juicy cock into your mouth, make me squirt again." He pleaded.

His testicles plopped out of my mouth as my tongue slid along the base of his shaft up and over his little acorn before engulfing the entire length deep into my mouth. His hips bucked upwards as he groaned loudly and excitedly. This was my first time giving a blowjob to someone, but I must have been doing something right because he was just moaning in exquisite delight.

My hands caressed his body while my mouth and tongue worked their magic. My hands found their way to his backside and I slowly slipped my fingers between his butt crease. He moaned as I gently massaged his ring. I released his penis for a moment and lubed up my finger before coming back down on his hardness. My finger prodded at his opening and my mouth continued to slather and slurp on his two and a half inch stiffness. I could tell he was starting to get close so I gently pushed against his opening and my finger slid inside of him to the first knuckle. The boy gasped and clamped down on my finger while I continued to work on his rigid pole.

Slowly he got used to my finger being inside of him and loosened up. Gently I eased the finger deeper inside of him until it was all the way in. He was moaning now as I gently started to finger fuck him. The stimulation he was getting from both ends soon had him grunting and moaning as his hips thrust forward and backwards to the timing of my bobbing head and fucking finger.

My intent was to show him that with proper stimulation it was still possible for him to have the full range of sexual love play including that with his scarred anus. I also wanted to show him that despite what had happened to him he was still a beautiful boy and that I truly loved him.

The boy gasped when my finger started to rub up against his prostrate sending a new wave of sensations crashing through his tiny frame. He already had one orgasm not all that long ago, but with both ends of him being worked it didn't take him long before he was bucking wildly beneath me as another burst of electricity exploded through him, and he unloaded another small sampling of his clear runny substance into my mouth. It really tasted delicious with a combination of sweet and salty, but mostly sweet.

His penis plopped out of my mouth, and he just heaved and gasped for breath as I held him gently in my arms. We both lay there completely naked, and I watched him curiously as I smiled. He really was adorably cute I thought to myself, but this part of our relationship would have to end today.

Yes I loved him, and yes this was something beautiful and tender, but in the end it wasn't right for us to be together like this. He was still so young with so much ahead of him. In this stage of our development the age difference was too much for me to come to terms with. As with most people, someday he too will find the right person.

Now I too had to deal with some emotional confusion that was bouncing around in my mind. Before today I thought I was totally straight, but now I wasn't so sure. He had brought out some emotions and passions within me that I didn't know existed, but instead of being resentful I knew I would always be thankful for what he had shared with me.

His beautiful blue eyes were studying me and he smiled at me when I looked back. I smiled as well because it had been so wonderful, and I wanted him to feel it was special for me as well. I scooted up next to him and held him in my arms while we talked together for a little while. I thanked him for such a wonderful gift, but in the end we would have to stop doing this because I felt we were too far apart in age and he deserved someone closer to him that would be more physically and emotionally stable in his life. He was a bit disappointed, but understood what I was trying to convey to him, and was just happy that I still loved and cared for him.

We just lay there for a little while before he spoke. "Dylan?"


"Thank you."

"For what?" I asked him.

"Where do I even begin," He giggled as we both reflected back on everything. What an amazing morning this had been for the two of us.

"I love you too bro." I stated in reply to what was left unsaid. "Come on let's get cleaned up before we get caught with our pants down," I teased him as I helped him to his feet.

He was still a little wobbly, and would have to take it easy today to gain back his strength from yesterday. I wrapped the blanket around my shoulders, and he looked at me a little funny, but didn't say anything as he walked upstairs naked. I let him use my bathroom while I used my father's as we cleaned up our sticky bodies from all that love making.

It took Darren a little longer to finish up, and by the time he joined me downstairs I had his dry clothes ready for him to put on, and some breakfast ready. He ate not bothering to get dressed as I watched him and we chatted some more. I told him he needs to rest today on the couch. I would gather up some DVD's for him to play while I did some chores around the inside of the house since it was still raining outside. This afternoon I might need to bite the bullet even if it is still raining and saddle up the horses to check up on our cattle stock.

Darren was looking at me appraisingly as he shoveled some eggs into his mouth.

"What?" I asked looking down at myself.

"Nothing I was just thinking you look nice in your clothes. The yellow and green colors flatter your complexion" He commented as he shoveled some more food in his mouth.

I just giggled at the boy and shook my head. I had changed into a pair of straight legged jeans that fit nicely on my waist accentuating my small little bulging package. For a shirt I had tossed on a nice yellow silky soccer jersey with green striping and logo. I had put on a bright yellow pair of socks to complete my outfit.

"Well you look cute in your outfit as well," I commented and he just burst out laughing at the joke because he was stark naked. "Yeah, I think the pinkish coloration is flattering on you not like the pale pasty look from last night." I continued to tease him as I reached over and tweaked his boy packet in my hands.

He jerked reflexively and spit milk all over the counter at this unexpected grope. He looked up shocked, and just burst out laughing at the boldness of it all.

"Damn Dylan, I thought we weren't going to do things like that anymore," He teased.

"No, I said no more sex, but that doesn't mean I can't tease my friend like I would any of my other guy friends," I told him and emphasized this by giving him another good yank on his pecker for good measure.

We continued to laugh and joke around as he tried to reach over and grope me as well every once in a while when he thought I wasn't paying attention. We continued to chat and I got to know him a little better. He talked a little about the tough time he was having at school, but now he felt more reassured about himself and wouldn't let it get to him. He was just so happy at the moment and glad I had come to his rescue in more ways than one he confided in me. He confessed he had thought about suicide, but assured me that he didn't feel like that anymore. He hadn't really thought about it seriously before, but it had crossed his mind a time or two.

Soon after he finished breakfast I heard the sheriff's car coming up our driveway. The moment finally arrived when he had to get dressed. He whined about it, but most definitely didn't want to have to explain to the sheriff why he was running around naked. If the truth were to be told he really enjoyed having the freedom of moving around inside the house without any clothes on. This was a first for him feeling this way in a long time. It made him feel empowered and sexy once again, not to mention giving him a sense of being once more in control of his sexuality. His entire confidence level seemed to have improved.

Sheriff Galeotti knocked on the door and I let him inside. He smiled at Darren who stepped forward and gave the sheriff a sincere hug. The man knelt down beside the boy and looked him over.

"Well you look none worse for the wear, if anything I'd say you look much better and happier than I've seen you in a long time." The sheriff told the boy seriously.

"I feel really good sheriff and I'm so happy."

"Oh that's good Darren, and little David told me to be sure to say hi to you. He misses you and wants to know why you haven't been around lately." The sheriff told the boy.

"Who's David?" I asked.

"Oh sorry Dylan, he's my eight year old son, oops sorry he turned nine just the other day, and he adores Darren here. So what do you want me to tell him, and are you staying here or coming with me?"

"Tell him I'm sorry about not visiting and that I haven't been myself, but I promise we will get together real soon. If it's alright I'd like to stay here, and before you say anything I talked to Dylan and he knows…you know…everything. I told him everything, and he still wants to be my friend."

The sheriff looked at me and smiled. "I knew he'd be a fine friend to you Darren as soon as we got to know one another earlier this morning. When I looked in on you and saw you sleeping so peacefully I knew that things were looking up for you. Good for you Darren, and David will be so happy to see you again." He told the boy as he focused on me.

"Um, Dylan I'm going to have to come back for the truck and generator because I have a family in my car that needs to be taken to the shelter. It's a mother with her three children. They moved here from Norway less than a year ago when her husband passed away, and her brother-in-law had told her they could stay here with him. He's off on a business trip and the river has flooded all the way up to the house. It's just too dangerous for them to stay there."

"Oh," I stated as I thought and looked out the window. "Why don't you tell them they can stay here with me?" I told him.

He looked at me and then shrugged his shoulders. "I don't know if she'll go for that. She wouldn't want to impose."

"Well we've got plenty of room. I know things are still a bit messy around the house, but it has to be better than the shelter for them, and if she gives you any problem tell her she would be doing a favor for my father by watching over us kids." I told him smiling conspiratorially.

"That's a great idea." He stated as he shook his head chuckling. For one thing it would make the shelter less crowded, and for another thing this was way better for this family.

We walked out to the car and before long I was helping them gather up their belongings to go inside. I helped with the two little girls as they climbed out, and then my whole world seemed to cave in on my senses when I reached out and touched another soft hand inside my own. It was as if electricity was shooting through my entire body as I helped the other person out of the car. I couldn't see any features because of the jacket hood as I gently helped the slight figure out of the car. Then I saw the sweetest face in my entire life looking up at me with those deep blue powdery eyes and my heart melted.

We both just stared at each other for a moment as if nothing else existed. The boy looked to be about twelve or thirteen years old and drop dead gorgeous. I don't think I would have been so smitten with him if it hadn't been for Darren opening up a whole new side of me. He was wearing a jacket with a hood so I didn't get to see him for long as he smiled warmly at me, and then stepped out the moment coming to an end.

Everyone piled inside and as soon as Darren saw who it was he seemed to sigh in relief. I swore to myself thinking I should have found out first which family it was because of what Darren had been through. Evidently there were plenty of people who were, let's just say, less than stellar people to him.

The sheriff introduced everyone and that is when I discovered the mother didn't speak hardly any English; instead, her son Akiva pronounced (ah KEE vah), the most angelic boy ever, translated. I took their jackets and hung them up in the closet by the door, and shuffled them over to the kitchen bar area as we got to know one another better. I couldn't help but to constantly stare at the new boy.

Oh wow I thought to myself he is even more beautiful now that I see him up close. He was thin and lanky, looking to be about four feet ten inches tall and weighing in around seventy five pounds. He had pale ivory skin coloration and smooth features with a long thin face and piercing round deep powdery blue eyes that sparkled with inner confidence. His small straight nose with thin blonde eyebrows and close cropped blond hair made him so angelic looking. He was like eye candy to me as I watched his thin ruby red lips move while he translated to his mother.

The boy was wearing a pair of sky blue skinny jeans, blue and white vans on his feet, and a matching blue and yellow style polo shirt. He looked absolutely drop dead gorgeous, and I couldn't help glancing down every once in a while at the small bulging protrusion sticking out in a little lump from the front of his pants. The boy would smile every once in a while, and I thought I caught him staring at my crotch area a time or two as well. This was going to be interesting I thought to myself.

I looked over to his sisters who seemed to have the same type of features, but one looked to be about four years old and the other one about six years old. I smiled at them and winked, and was rewarded with the sweetest sounding laughter emanating from those two little angels. My heart melted for the entire family.

We continued to chat for a bit as I got everyone something to drink and some snacks. I had a feeling they really hadn't eaten anything all that much so I thought about making my famous Navajo Indian Tacos for everyone. While my mind was on it for the moment I opened up the freezer and fished out several small packets of ground up bison meat for the tacos. I thought about it for a moment, and then brought out the rest I had stored in there for even more figuring to do a very large batch. In the meantime some snacks and maybe hot chocolate for the little ones would take care of them until lunch time.

Sheriff Galeotti was making a radio call to Darren's grandparents, and I was chatting with the mother, Mrs. Miller, when my cell phone rang. I picked it up and looked at the caller I.D. and noticed it was my father.

"Hey dad, how's it going?" I asked him.

We chatted for a few minutes and I told him about Darren and the sheriff, and now the Miller family. He stated he was very proud of me and then asked to speak to Mrs. Miller for a few minutes. I put it on speaker phone so Akiva could translate, and before I knew it Mrs. Miller and my father were speaking Norwegian together. I had forgotten about my father being raised by his grandmother who also spoke Norwegian. Mrs. Miller was so relieved, and they seemed to hit it off right away.

This gave Akiva and me a chance to chat together. We seemed to hit it off right from the get go, and I just adored his accent. I even told him so and noticed him flush red, and I bet if he were standing naked in front of me he would have turned completely red from head to toe at my complement. By the time my father had finished speaking to the sheriff, Akiva and I were standing so close together with our heads almost leaning against each other as we giggled and whispered about nothing in particular.

"So your father approves of letting everyone stay and letting me take the truck with generator." The sheriff commented.

"He told me that when it came to such decisions that I should trust in your judgment because you've had to make some important business decisions in the past. I didn't realize that you were actually the co-owner of the construction company Dylan so you are allowed to make these sorts of decisions. Evidently you've traveled all over the world and the country working on several high level contracts. I'm really impressed." He stated looking at me. I also noticed Akiva had been translating automatically to his mother.

"Well uh, I don't normally say anything to others because it sort of freaks them out when they realize what I own. Besides it is easier to make friends as a normal kid. Most kids seem to think I am either some spoiled rich kid when they find out not realizing that I work very hard for what I have, or others just want to make friends because of my money. I guess that is why my father insists I have a sort of normal high school because I've always traveled so much; especially, to some of the poorer countries where I go without hardly anything." I chuckled.

"I see," the sheriff commented while Akiva continued to translate. "Your father stated he wants you to do some checking later on concerning the power grid for our area."

The sheriff explained the situation of how the town always ends up having to suffer because they are sort of low on the totem pole and a little out of the way. Not to mention with the upgrade from last year to the system who knew where the problem was located.

"No problem I'll give him a call later." I told him.

"You get phone reception out here when everyone else's phone is out?" He asked.

"Yeah, satellite phone?" I explained as he just shook his head. "Oh by the way sheriff, since you are going to drive the truck into town why don't you bring your family back around one o'clock and I'll fix my famous Navajo Indian Tacos for everyone."

"I don't know Dylan; there are already a lot of people here."

"No problem I'll fix up a large batch this way you can take some back to everyone working in your office when you go back, not to mention your wife can drive one car back while you drive the other one. Besides someone needs to bring back some more clothes for Darren." I told him seriously and then asked him to hold on a moment while I disappeared into one of the other rooms down the hall, my father's work den.

When I returned I escorted the sheriff to his car. Before he got in I handed him some money. He started to protest, but I quickly explained the money to him.

"Be sure to pick up plenty of clothes for Darren and a lot of extra clothing to take care of him for the rest of the year. This makes for a good excuse his grandparents won't be able to refuse. Also, if you can could you bring back some groceries? I've got plenty of staple stuff, and a huge freezer full of meat, but I need things like milk, juice, eggs, bread, fruits, and vegetables now that we have a small army to feed. Oh one more thing, bring your laundry and while you guys are here we can run them through the wash."

The sheriff just shook his head at me as he stuffed the money into his shirt pocket. "You are something else Dylan. I didn't even think about Darren needing some more clothes. I'll bring my family over for lunch along with some clothes for Darren. I'll send my wife over to the grocery store to see what she can find for you. We sure do appreciate it very much, and it will be nice to get away from the shelter for a little while, and I'm sure the staff will appreciate the hospitality of a home cooked meal. I don't know what Indian Tacos are, but it sounds delicious."

"You'll love it," I assured him as I turned my attention to my new family.

I explained to Mrs. Miller that we were in the process of moving in, but everything important is in place with all the appliances in perfect working order. We only had two bedroom set up, but not to worry because each bedroom has a king size bed. She could take one room with the girls, and we boys will take my room. I also told her each room has a master bath with hot water along with its own gas fireplace to keep the room warm while the power was out.

Once she heard hot running water and bath her face immediately lit up, and she rapidly started talking to her son. He just giggled and looked over to me. Mother was wondering if it was alright to start making use of the baths. Evidently us children are currently in the state of heathenism, and must take a bath immediately while she starts putting away our things and starts trying to straighten your house a little. She will take her bath later tonight since she will be working.

I laughed and apologized to her for not having the house in proper order as a host should have, but assured her by the next storm I will be sure to have everything properly stowed away. After everyone had a good laugh I told her not to worry so much about the mess that we will be able to put things away just fine when my father gets back home. She looked flabbergasted, and I knew there was no getting around putting her woman's touch to the place.

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