Stormy Weather

by Hunter Woods

Chapter 1

The perspiration was dripping along my naked torso, and even my balls were sticky with sweat as I sat on the rooftop of our remodeled home. Dad and I were renovating our old two story three thousand square foot home, and it was an unusually hot day. It was mid-march, and it should be only around fifty degrees or so this time of year, but for some reason it seemed unusually hot, so much so that I was sweating my ass off, quiet literally sweating my ass off, here on the rooftop.

With the assigned repairs finally completed I was now able to sit down and enjoy a nice cool bottle of juice. I had peeled off my shirt earlier, and could feel the heat on my upper body taking note that my dark bronzed colored tan was probably getting even darker. I was so hot that I had even removed my suffocating jeans and now sat on the rooftop in basically my boxer shorts. It didn't bother me because we were basically all alone out here on our modest sized orchard and ranch just outside of the small town of Solomon Kansas.

There was a brief small cool breeze blowing at the moment, and I closed my light brown colored eyes relishing the feel of it as my medium to long length feathered hair fluttered lazily in the air. For a moment I shuddered as Goosebumps formed along my muscular sleek and trim athletic body. I stretched my five foot six inch muscular frame getting the kinks out, and opened my eyes taking in the landscape spread out in front of me.

As I gazed around I noticed someone on the dirt and gravel road just below our house. I didn't really know too many people yet because my dad and I have been getting the house ready for the last several months in between little jaunts to South America where he is working on a large project. Now back home, we've been traveling back and forth between our old home and here because my father owns a big international construction company which is headquartered in Manhattan Kansas.

It's just been the two of us since my mom passed away from cancer when I was only nine years old. Since then I've traveled with him all over the United States and the world when he had projects going on. I was home schooled, and our travels was my classroom. However my father felt it was time for me to buckle down a little and finish up my last three years of conventional schooling in a regular high school. My mother grew up in the area around Solomon so he thought it fitting we should move here. It was only about a forty five minute drive to his office, so he had purchased the run down place and we've been converting it to our needs.

The place really was very nice with plenty of land along the Solomon River and our very own decent sized lake. Our property had a small orchard and was large enough to raise a modest sized herd of cattle. It was a lot of work renovating the place back into a working ranch, but we come from a stock of construction workers and builders so it didn't take us too long, of course we had plenty of help from my so called "uncles" that worked for my father. They were big brutish types of guys that could scare the hell out of you if you didn't know them, but deep down they were a bunch of Teddy Bears.

Gazing down at the small little boy below me I smiled and waved. I noticed he was just gaping at me, and when I waved he seemed to snap out of it timidly waving back in my direction. It was kind of hard to tell, but he looked to be about ten or eleven years old, and was straddling a pretty old banged up BMX bicycle. He looked kind of cute from where I sat, with stringy light long length blonde hair and I thought I detected a glint of blue colored eyes. He was wearing a well worn pair of jean shorts that had holes in them, and a light blue colored polo style shirt. I didn't know if it was a polo shirt or not, but it had the collar with the buttons starting from the chest on up to the neck line.

"Hey how's it going, my names Dylan," I introduced myself.

The boy sort of looked around timidly before looking back up to me. I smiled seeing he felt a little uneasy so just looked off into the distance giving him a chance to mull over whether or not to reply. From the looks of the boy I figured he was probably from our neighbor just across the river. My father had spoken of them, and they actually live on part of our property. The little two bedroom house they lived in was a rental unit that they've occupied for years.

He mentioned a small boy living with his grandparents, and that he had assured them they are more than welcome to continue to live there at the same price that they've been paying for years. They lived on a fixed income, my father had explained, so raising a boy on their own money was very tight for them. He made sure I understood that we were to be very cordial and if they needed anything…to just help out. He cautioned me though that they were a very proud family and would not accept any handouts.

"Hi," I heard the boy finally reply in a soft voice, "My name's Darren Gibadlo and I live just across the other side of the river. I…I hope it's alright for me to cross your property?"

"Oh, yeah sure no problem, I understand it's a long drive all the way around if you take the road. Kind of strange how it heads the other direction before you can connect to another road coming back this way."

"Yeah there's that small bridge going across the river over on to this side but it's not a bridge for cars just sort of a rickety foot bridge." He meekly stated as he looked away from me as if remembering he was talking to a stranger.

He glanced back at me and I saw him blush before he looked away again. I wondered what that was all about. My right shoulder was stiffening up and I winced as I rotated my arm. It's always getting stiff on me ever since I was ten years old after I had that accident. The boy had gazed back again in my direction and seemed to just stare at me, almost ogling me. It didn't really bother me but for some reason I sort of felt flattered in a way.

"Well, uh I have to go get some things for my grandmother." The blonde haired boy stated as his gaze lingered a few more minutes on me and he started to mount his bike.

Damn, he looked really cute, I thought to myself wondering where that was coming from. I mean I've dated some girls before, well sort of, and have had some intimate relationships when possible, but this was kind of a strange feeling for me to be looking at another boy.

"Hey Darren, don't be too long, there's a weather approaching." I told him as I looked around and rotated my stiff shoulder.

It was still sunny and warm with just a slight breeze but I could feel it down in my joints and my sore shoulder. I watched him looking around at the sky and then back at me sort of questioningly. I just gazed back at him a little worried.

"Why do you think a storm is coming?" He asked me.

I just shrugged my shoulders, "Is it always so warm during this time of year?"

He just shook his head no, "I…I just feel it Darren, I've always been able to detect when a storm is brewing…you know…in my bones so to speak."

He looked at me now like I was off my rocker. "Oh, ok, I'll see you later I guess," he stated as he started on his way.

The boy pedaled away and I sat there a moment longer just watching him go down our dirt and gravel driveway, and then veer off onto the main paved road that led into town. I figured it would probably take him twenty or twenty five minutes to reach town. For some reason I felt really nervous about him leaving like that. I did the math real quick, twenty five minutes there and maybe ten minutes shopping, then twenty five minutes back and probably another twenty minutes to their house, that was like an hour and twenty minutes.

The boy just disappeared down the road and I shook my head back into reality and reached down between my legs to pick up my shirt. Then I noticed what the boy had been staring at and I just giggled to myself. My balls and dick were completely exposed and hanging out of my boxer shorts for all to see. It wasn't as if there was all that much to observe, I mean my cut dick was only about three and a half inches long, four and a quarter inches when I had a boner. Well at least the last time I measured, which was oh, the other day. At the moment my balls sagged even more than usual and my Robin egg sized testicles stuck to the roofing when I moved to tuck them back inside my boxers.

If you ask me it was kind of average or maybe even on the short end of average for a boy who just recently turned fifteen years old. Sure, there was nothing to be ashamed of, but I also didn't have anything grand to show off or brag about. Not only that, but I swear I must have been the slowest boy around to enter puberty. I still only had a very small patch of brownish blond pubes just above and at the base of my shaft.

Gathering up the stuff from the roof I entered back into the house through the hallway window. I walked down the hallway and into my bedroom where I tossed my clothes into the netted bag for my dirty laundry, and walked through the adjoining door into my private bathroom.

I had a fantastic room now that we've knocked out some walls converting two bedrooms into one large one, and also connecting them into the hallway bathroom. We also enlarged the bathroom making my bedroom into a master sized bedroom with walk in closet and attached bathroom. My father is occupying the other bedroom that is located down the hall from me, past the large open spaced sitting room we had converted, and around the corner to the other side of the house where steps led down to the main floor. We did some renovation to his room as well bringing it up to a more modern state.

Both of our bathrooms were completely outfitted with a large three person Jacuzzi bathtub, a glass enclosed shower, tiled flooring, and marbled counters. I stripped out of my boxers and set the water temperature before stepping into the glass enclosure. The water felt wonderful cascading down my body, and the massage feature on the shower head worked their magic as the pounding water slowly removed the kinks and stiffness out of my shoulder.

The cute little boy kept creeping into my thoughts and before I knew it I was sporting a huge erection. I lathered up my tool and started to pump away enjoying the feel of the slickness sliding up and down my blood engorged four inch plus stiffness. Seeing the expression on the boy's face as he ogled me sent shivers up my spine, and before long I felt my balls contract upwards as I unloaded my seed all over the marbled walls of the shower stall with three powerful blasts before it just petered out on me.

Gasping for air after the intense orgasm, I managed to squeeze out some more from the tip of my slit before cleaning up the mess I had just made of the walls. I felt much better now as I finished soaping up my body and then shampooed my hair. Five minutes later I was walking back into my bedroom completely naked as I searched through my boxes for some clothes. I sighed, making a mental note that I would have to take some time so I could put my things away at some point.

We were still in the process of moving our things into the house. There were boxes and things scattered throughout the house, and it looked like a tornado had ripped through the dwelling. My father had some things that he needed to deal with at work so wouldn't be coming home for another few days. It didn't bother him that I would be all alone in the new house. We've traveled all over the world and I've often had to take care of myself and do things on my own. I knew from the beginning that most of the things dealing with the ranch would be my responsibility anyway, and it was something I've been used to for a long time.

Pulling out some clothes I managed to find a green colored silky like athletic soccer shirt, and a pair of yellow jersey style shorts. While I was pulling on my clothes I felt that familiar pang of pain along the back side of my right shoulder, and all of a sudden I heard a thunderous noise pounding all around the house. I panicked for a moment as I ran to the window all wide eyed as huge golf ball and baseball sized hail stones came raining down all around the house.

It continued for a good five to ten minutes before it just started to poor down rain in bucketsful along with a spattering of hail mixed in. Once it started to rain it just didn't want to end, and it got really dark all around us and as far as I could see. I've never seen anything like it, and to tell you the truth it scared the hell out of me.

The lights flickered on and off for a few moments, and I knew that we were in for one hell of a night. It was late afternoon, but it looked like evening time outside already, and with the thick sheet of rain coming down I could barely see past the first row of orchard trees in the back yard. If this kept up we might just loose power so I hurried downstairs and entered our mud room opening up the closet. I grabbed my two piece rain gear, and slipped into my pants before tugging on my jacket.

Working quickly, I made my way out to our large barn and checked on our horses making sure everything was secured. I soothed the animals and made sure they had plenty of grain and hay to munch on to keep them occupied. The hailstorm had them shook up a bit, but with a few soothing words from me they calmed right down. It was still pouring down buckets as I made my way to the small shed next to our house and stepped inside the darkened room. I made sure the generator was hooked up properly and that the tank was full, and then flipped everything into position so it would start automatically if the power went out. We also had it set up to a timer so that it shut down at around ten at night and then flipped back on automatically around five in the morning if the main power was still out.

My dad and I had made sure that we had a proper alternate source of power in case of emergencies. This industrial sized generator was more than enough to power up the entire house and external barn, along with being able to hook up more external power to other things if needed. I also checked on all the gas hookups for our gas operated fire stoves located strategically throughout the house. Our stove, water boiler, and fire stoves all operated on gas. We even have a separate large size tank that we can switch to if something happens to the main gas lines. All that experience in the construction business made us think things through when we bought and remodeled the place, and I had a feeling we may just be getting our first test run very soon.

Making my way around the house in the freezing pouring rain I carefully checked everything and put away anything that needed to be done. The temperature must have dropped twenty degrees in a heartbeat as puffs of clouds escaped my lips when I exhaled. I was just making my way towards the front porch when I noticed something off in the distance down the road. I stepped onto the porch to get a better look, but still couldn't make anything out for certain.

For a moment I thought about ignoring it and going inside where it was warm and dry, but all those years working alongside my father had taught me to never leave things unfinished. I didn't know what was out there, but what if it was someone's livestock or even one of ours? Besides, I was getting that nagging feeling at the back of my neck and over my young years I've learned to trust that feeling. It's saved my life once in the past, and I was not going to ignore it now.

Sighing to myself, I walked off the porch making sure my rain hood was securely in place, and made my way down our driveway. I was already a little wet, and now I felt the sideways rain come seeping through all the small nooks and crannies in my rain gear. The wind had really picked up and it was gusting sending the rain in all sorts of directions even upwards sometimes. I pushed my weight against the force, and slowly made my way towards the small pile along the side of the road. As I got closer something started to take shape, and all of a sudden I knew what it was.

I gasped and literally ran towards the small little figure curled up in a ball and just shivering uncontrollably. I reached Darren's side and reached out to him. I was immediately set upon by a wild animal with flailing arms and a snarling temperament.

"Stop, get away from me, please don't hurt me," I heard Darren scream and screech like a little wild banshee as his bright pale blue eyes gleamed daggers in my direction.

"Darren, stop, it's me, it's Dylan your new neighbor. Stop Darren you need some help," I screamed trying to make myself heard through not only his ravings, but also the howling wind as I shoved my hood back so he could see me more clearly.

He just scooted backwards off the side of the road holding his bike between himself and me. I held up my hands outward in a sort of peaceful gesture, and wiped away the freezing rain from my eyes. I could see blood oozing from the side of his head where a large hail stone must have hit him, and his eyes seemed a bit glazed over, but it seemed like he recognized me.

"Come on Darren let me help you," I gently told him as I knelt down beside him and employed the same kind of soothing voice I use on my horses when they are nervous.

The blonde boy still hesitated a moment holding his bike between us. I took his hand in mine, and it felt freezing cold to me so I rubbed it gently between both of my hands trying to warm it up a bit.

"It's freezing out here Darren and you're hurt. Let's get you to the house," I stated as I scooted closer to him.

"M…m…my bike, I can't leave m…my bike," he stuttered as his teeth chattered uncontrollably in his mouth.

I leaned over to pick him up, but he held his bike close to him. "I promise Darren I'll come back for your bike, but I can't carry both of you." I told him as he looked at me pleadingly. "I promise Darren I'll get your bike later, please let me help you." I pleaded with him gently.

He released his hold on his bike, and then his eyes rolled back as he fainted. I opened up my coat, scooped him up into my arms and closed a few of the snaps to secure my jacket so he had some protection from the elements and I could share some of my body heat with him. The poor guy felt like an ice cube against my warm body. He was so cold I shivered as he just seemed to suck away the heat from me.

By the time we reached my house I was breathing hard from carrying him in my arms. I'd say he weighed about sixty or sixty five pounds and I only weighed a hundred and five pounds so he was a pretty heavy load. I opened up my door and nearly collapsed inside the house as I stumbled across the threshold shutting the door behind me.

Somehow I managed to get him to stand up against the wall while I peeled off my wet rain coat. My clothes hung wetly on my body, and I shivered trying to warm back up. I stood in front of a glassy eyed little blonde haired blue eyed boy, and took his face in my hand so I could get a look at him. He was probably in the beginning stages of hyperthermia, which meant I had to get him warmed up quickly.

"Can you walk?" I asked him. "Because I don't think I can carry you upstairs."

He nodded his head yes, and I draped his arm over my shoulder as we both struggled up the stairs. We managed to make it into my bathroom, and I looked around grabbing a towel from the rack and setting it down on the cold marble counter surrounding my Jacuzzi bathtub. I sat him on the towel and started to run water in the tub. I set it for lukewarm so it wouldn't burn him, and so we could slowly start to warm him up.

I kneeled in front of Darren and looked him in the eye. He was shivering uncontrollably now, and his arms seemed to twitch. His pale blue eyes looked down into my brown eyes, and I could see he was crying now.

"It'll be alright now Darren. Are you still with me?"

The boy nodded in the affirmative. "Good, now listen to me alright. I need you to get undressed and then slip into the bathtub so you can start warming up. I'm going to try and find my cell phone so we can call your grandparents, and I need to get dressed into dry clothes myself before I freeze as well." I told him as I started to get up.

The boy croaked something and I turned back towards him. I could see the tears starting to flow out more so I just reached out and held his cold body to me and gently rubbed his back.

"P…please don't leave me," he stuttered.

"Oh don't worry Darren; I'll be right back I promise. You just get undressed and into the tub." I told him as I got up and stepped into my bedroom.

Closing the bathroom door I quickly tore off my wet clothes and immediately felt better. I looked towards my box of clothes and pulled out a pair of boxer briefs and a t-shirt for now. Then I set about searching for my phone. It took me a few moments, but I remembered I had set it down on my dresser drawer so snatched it up before turning to the bathroom door. I started to open the door, but then thought I better knock first.

Trying to be gentle I quietly knocked on the door. I didn't hear a response so knocked a little louder and thought I detected something.

"Darren it's me, is it alright to come in now?" I asked as I slowly opened the door and peeked inside.

The poor boy looked up at me and was crying uncontrollably as he stood in front of the tub on wobbly legs. His clothes were still on him dripping wetly all around him, and I entered heading towards him. The poor guy was shivering and shaking so much that he could barely stand and nearly collapsed into me in a heap of sobs.

"It's alright Darren," I told him as I stood him back up and reached over to stop the flow of water into the bathtub.

The boy was trying to work his fingers so he could take off his shirt. I looked at him and reached out to help him. He reflexively flinched backwards, and I held out my hand in front of me in a gesture of peace.

"We've got to get you out of your wet clothes Darren," I looked at him gently and he just shook his head.

I didn't know why he was so frightened, but I wasn't going to force the issue figuring maybe he was just shy about his body. I know at his age I felt the same way sometimes; especially, after my accident. Even now I am still shy about not wearing a shirt sometimes in front of others.

"Alright, if you prefer we could try to get you warmed up enough by the fireplace before trying to get you into the warm tub." I told him as I looked at him.

His pale blue eyes were trying to read me in some way. It was as if he was trying to determine something, maybe if he could trust me. I didn't force anything, and just let him have time to digest what I had suggested. Whatever he wanted to do I would help him.

With shaking hands he reached out to my face and stroked it gently. His fingers felt freezing on my face, but I didn't move letting him get a closer look at me.

"Y…you've got a gentle face," he stuttered as he continued to study me.

That was the first time someone described me that way. I mean I've heard similar things from some of the girls I've gone out with, but more in the lines of handsome, nice, and cute, but never gentle. Sometimes I would think about those moments, and wonder why I was described that way. I wasn't ugly or anything, but just sort of felt like average looking, and every once in a while when I thought about it I would have to admit I must be cute in a way.

My smooth boyish face had sort of a long rectangular type of shape that kind of ended triangular because of my chin. I had big round deep brown happy eyes with my eyebrows a shade darker than my hair color which looked flattering on me for its slight contrast helping to showcase my lively and mirthful eyes. I had a small button shaped nose with sweet tasting looking ruby red lips, or so a date or two have told me in the past. When I smiled my beautiful bright white straight teeth gleamed brightly and mirthfully conveying a sense of warmth and gentleness.

My smile spread out wide on my face creating a sort of crease in the shape of a less than symbol and greater than symbol on either side of my mouth and along my cheek bone towards my chin; I guess you could say it formed into a diamond shape when I smiled. All in all when I thought about it from Darren's point of view I guess I did sort of have a gentle feature to my face. Maybe that is why animals felt so comfortable around me I chuckled to myself at that thought.

Finally the boy just sighed and sagged a little indicating he wanted the warm water of the bathtub. Before reaching out to help him out of his clothes I lifted up his face and looked at him seriously.

"Darren, you can trust me. I won't hurt you and you have nothing to be ashamed of. You're hurt and need some help. We will get you warmed up, and I will tend to that wound on your scalp. I promise I won't do anything to embarrass you or to hurt you. Do you trust me?" I asked him.

He nodded his head and moved aside his hands so I could help him. I slowly peeled away his shirt, then sat him down and removed his shoes and socks. Everything was completely soaked with water and just dribbled as I set them aside. I stood him back up while he shivered uncontrollably, and I looked at him before reaching out to unsnap his shorts.

Stopping at that point I looked up into his eyes and he nodded giving me a shy grin letting me know it was alright. I unzipped his shorts and pulled them open realizing he wasn't wearing any underwear. He had pale light colored skin along his pubic mound with of course no hairs. After all, he was only ten or eleven years old. I could see the base of his penis and the rest was still covered.

The boy was holding on to my shoulders now as I pulled down his jeans exposing his small little boy penis and tight little ball sack. Of course I couldn't make any judgment about his size or anything because he was freezing. At the moment all you could see on his penis was his cut one inch glans, and I suspected his testicles had pulled up inside his body because all I could see was just the darker coloration of his sack pulled up tightly to his body with no visible sign of testicles.

Looking back up into Darren's eyes I could see a little teardrop make its way down his pale face. I felt bad for him at how he must feel so alone and ashamed, so I just leaned in and held his cold body closely to me.

"It's alright Darren," I whispered in his ear. "You have nothing to be embarrassed about. When I do the polar bear plunge in January my dick and balls suck up so far inside of me that they are smaller than what you have right now, so don't worry about it alright." I told him as I smiled.

He giggled at me while he looked at me questioningly. I laughed knowing exactly what he was thinking about. He had seen me earlier, of course it was at a distance, but he knew what I had between my legs.

"Really?" He croaked as he giggled.

"Yes really," I told him teasingly as I lifted him up into the water.

He sighed as the lukewarm water gently surrounded his skin. I noticed the colors immediately returning to his cheeks as he eased himself back. I turned on the water faucet and added a little hot water to the mixture. He smiled happily back at me.

"Good boy," I whispered to him as I gently stroked his cheek. "Let's have a look at that gash on your forehead."

He scooted over closer to me and I gently ran some water over the wound. It was a nasty gash, but I didn't think it would need stitches. I cleaned it up thoroughly with clean water and then got some disinfectant for the wound.

"Alright Darren this might sting for a moment, but I need to get the cut disinfected. Are you ready?" I asked him.

He nodded his head so I dabbed a little on a cotton swab and gently applied it to the area. He hissed for a moment and grabbed my arm clamping down on it. After a moment he relaxed a little, and I dabbed a little more onto the cut. This time it didn't sting as bad.

"How are you feeling?" I asked him.

"Much better, thanks for everything?" He replied looking at me. "I…I really, I mean thanks for not laughing or anything at me…you know when you undressed me. I'm so ashamed about everything." He stated turning away from me.

I saw him shudder as teardrops started coming out freely from him and he sobbed uncontrollably. I reached over to him and hugged him against me. The tub was between us, but I sat on the edge and held his head on my lap while he cried. I gently stroked his damp hair in my fingers and tried to soothe him.

"Why would you be so ashamed Darren? We are both guys so we basically have the same thing between our legs. I mean mine might just be a bit bigger, but that is only because I'm several years older. Believe me yours will get bigger too in a couple of years."

He just continued to cry, but he let up a little. "You just don't understand," he sighed as he sat back up. "You don't know what happened," he whispered more to himself and probably didn't mean for me to hear it.

I sighed as I rubbed his naked back. "Believe me Darren it is alright and you don't have to feel ashamed around me no matter what," I told him. "I promise you Darren that you can trust me. If you need to talk or anything I've been told I'm an excellent listener. When you are ready I'll be here for you, I promise, and no matter what you tell me you will still be my friend."

"I'm your friend?" He asked me.

"Of course you are. Two people don't go through what we just did together and not be friends. Since I took it upon myself to help you I am honored bound from now on to be there for you. I have taken on the responsibility of caring for you so now you are my brother…my friend, and family forever." I told him seriously. "Besides we've seen each other naked and I think it only appropriate that we call each other friends or it would be just too weird," I responded this time trying to lighten up the mood a little.

He just looked at me trying to determine if I was serious or making fun of him. I leaned down and gently kissed him on the cheek. He wrapped his arm around my neck and hugged me to him. He smelled so wonderfully sweet and I popped a boner. He released me and settled into the water further seemingly feeling a bit better about the entire situation.

"We need to call your grandparents," I told him.

He gave me the phone number and I dialed the number. I heard it ringing on the other end, and then a shaky concerned voice answering on the other end.

"Darren is that you?" An elderly female voice answered.

"Uh no, I mean yes Mrs. Gibadlo. This is Dylan Peterson, you know your neighbor across the river. I'm Jeff Peterson's son." I started.

"Oh yes sweetie, your father mentioned you would be at the house. Are you all alone? Maybe we can call the sheriff to pick you up. I have a feeling we will lose power here shortly, and maybe even the phone lines, but I have our short wave radio that we can call the sheriff on if you need help in case the power goes out." She stated worrying about me in spite of the fact I knew she must be worrying about her grandson.

"Oh no I'll be fine Mrs. Gibadlo. We have everything all ready to go at the house. I have the generator all hooked up, and if the power goes out I'll have enough power for the entire house. Our oven and stove top run on gas along with our hot water and our fireplace furnaces. I'll be all warm over here and have everything I need to ride out the storm for months if necessary." I assured her.

"Oh sweetie thank goodness. Listen I can't talk right now in case my grandson calls. We sent him out not realizing the storm was going to hit us like this." She started talking real fast.

"Wait, that's why I'm calling you, because he is here with me at the house. He nearly froze to death, has a bump on his head, and is bruised up, but he is doing just fine right now. Here I'll give him the phone so you two can chat for a moment while I go get some hot chocolate made to help get him warmed up some more and give him some energy."

I handed Darren the phone. "Are you going to be alright while I step out for a moment to make you some hot chocolate.

"Yes, thank you Dylan for everything and hot chocolate sounds delicious. I didn't realize how thirsty I was or hungry."

"Would you like a sandwich too, I mean it's no problem, and I was going to make one for myself." I assured him.

"Oh no, I'm fine please don't put yourself out."

"What, you mean you are going to make me eat in front of you. What kind of friend would I be if I let that happen." I replied as I got up and left him to chat with his grandmother. Before I left I ran some more hot water and left him alone.

It didn't take long to have hot chocolate done and some ham and roast beef sandwiches made with cheese and chips to go along. I set everything on the tray and quietly made my way upstairs. Just before I entered the bathroom I stopped because I heard Darren telling his Grandmother something sort of strange.

"No grandma, he didn't do anything to me I promise. He didn't hurt me or anything. I was just so cold I couldn't take off my clothes by myself. It is such a strange feeling when your fingers and limbs don't obey you. He suggested we go downstairs to try getting warm by the fireplace, but I was so cold all I wanted to do was get into the warm water. He was so gentle with me grandma, and he was so careful so that I wouldn't be embarrassed. I don't know why but I…I trust him. I know he won't hurt me." He was telling his grandmother.

I let a moment or two pass while his grandmother was speaking so he didn't think I heard him, and then knocked on the door as I entered. I saw him look up and smile at me warmly as I set the tray down on the marble top surrounding the tub.

"Hold on a moment grandma, Dylan just arrived," he stated setting down the cell phone next to the food tray.

Just as he reached for the hot chocolate the power went out and the entire bathroom plunged into darkness. Immediately I heard Darren scream in panic and he started to bawl his eyes out. I could hear his grandmother screaming on the other end what is wrong. I reached out in the darkness and held the panicking Darren close to me and tried to soothe him.

"It's alright Darren the power just went out. The generator should kick on here in a moment," I assured him and sure enough no sooner had the words come out of my mouth when the generator kicked in and all the lights came back on. "See, we have lights again."

He was still crying and sobbing in my arms as I tried to calm him down. His grandmother had realized what happened, and I didn't hear anymore screaming coming from the phone.

"I…I'm so sorry Dylan, you must think I'm such a baby," he protested as he sniffled and tried to get himself under control. "I'm so ashamed at myself." He continued.

"Why, because you're afraid of the dark?" He just nodded yes to me. "Well to tell you the truth up until last year I used to be afraid too and had to have a night light in my room," I lied to him but figured a little white lie won't hurt. "But then something magical happened."

I paused there until he could formulate what I was saying, and when he looked up I knew I had him. "What happened?" He asked.

"Well of course I knew there were no such things as monsters and stuff, but I was still afraid until one night I decided to see what it was like in the dark. I discovered then that the dark really wasn't dark, and that all sorts of magical things went on during the shadowy hours. The creepy shapes on the walls from the branches danced around and swayed in the wind creating such wonderful dance moves. The stars sparkled in the night sky on cloudless evenings, and it defies the imaginations what sorts of figures you can come up with from your imagination. Oh and on nights like tonight when the wind is howling and the rain is thundering down on the roof it can be such a wonderful thing. Have you ever seen those huge flocks of birds as they go one direction and then turn making it look like an ocean wave?" I asked him pausing.

He nodded his head. "Well the same thing happens with the rain. At night just look out at the window and watch how the rain sways back and forth like those tens of thousands of birds do. It is so totally awesome. Maybe after your bath we can watch the rain in the dark together for a while, how does that sound?"

"Can we really? You'd sit with me in the dark and we can watch together?"

"Of course we can." I told him. "Oops let's see if the phone is still working. Hello grandma Gibadlo, are you still there?" I asked.

There was a short pause on the other end and I thought I detected someone blowing their nose and clearing their throat.

"Yes, sweetie I'm here."

"Oh good, at least the phone still works." I replied.

"Oh, yes and sweetie?"

"Yes grandma Gibadlo, can I call you that?"

"Sure you can and I just wanted to thank you for what you've done for my grandson. He's had a difficult year and you've been so kind to him." She whispered as I heard her sniffle.

I didn't know what was going on with Darren, but he seemed like such a sweet kid. What could have happened that made him so upset and afraid, I wondered.

"Anyway grandma Gibadlo, what would you like to do. He can stay here for the night if you'd like or if you need to pick him up that is fine as well, but he's safe here and we have power with the generator."

"Well I think he may have to stay with you. The bridge over the river has been damaged because a tree fell on it, and I don't want him to take the chance with it. Also it is too dangerous for us to drive all the way around in this weather. We don't see as well anymore and the roads might be out as well. The river is going to flood the roads for sure if this rain continues so I think he will need to stay with you if you'll have him."

I was about to respond when I heard a man's voice on the other end. Grandma Gibadlo explained to him about Darren and then I heard him talking some more to her. The conversation went back and forth before she got back to me.

"Dylan that was my husband and he was outside checking out the conditions of the road. He told me that the river has flooded all the roads back towards your way so I guess Darren will have to stay with you if it is alright."

"Of course grandma Gibadlo. He will be just fine I promise."

I let him talk with his grandmother until her power went out by her and her phone went dead. In the meantime we had eaten our sandwiches and drank our hot chocolate. I had even excused myself for a short time while I went and retrieved Darren's bike as I had promised him. It was now time to get back downstairs and get his clothes along with mine in the washer and dried for him. I grabbed the towel from the rack and he slowly got up on his wobbly legs. I lifted him out of the tub and since he was still a bit shaky I gently started to dry him off.

While I was toweling him dry I looked his body over carefully for any other signs of scrapes and bruising. He really had a nice looking body, and was very fit and trim. Not fat or chubby like so many kids these days. I figured he stood about four foot seven inches and weighed in at about sixty five pounds. His sleek smooth whitish to light tan toned skin seemed to glimmer in the brightly lit room, and his nice little package between his legs seemed to finally come back out from hiding as if to say hello. Other than the bruising he didn't seem to have any blemishes along his small frame.

There were a few welts from where the larger sized hail stones hit him and he was a bit tender in those spots, but I didn't see any major damage on him. While I looked him over I noticed the other boy studying me warily. He seemed alright at the moment with me perusing over his nice sleek shapely body, but I didn't want to make him uncomfortable so being satisfied he wasn't hurt anywhere else I changed my focus.

"Well it looks like you have a few bruises on your body, mostly on your back, from where some of the larger hail stones hit you, but other than that I think you will be alright." I told him as I focused my attention on his face and head.

Being careful so that I didn't open up his gash I threw the towel over his hair and gently rubbed it dry while I got my real first good look at the boy's face. He had a very sweet boyishly youthful face with bright pale blue eyes that sparkled like glittering clear crystal stones. His small round like face with a button nose and blood red thin lips made him look adorably cute in my opinion. When he smiled his bright white teeth flashed vibrantly seemingly lightening the mood and atmosphere in the room.

Looking into the boy's beautiful powdery blue eyes I couldn't help myself and giggled as I recalled the earlier image of him standing all soaked and miserably cold to the healthier pinkish looking boy that stood before me now. He looked at me seriously thinking I was teasing him or something and I just held up my hands apologetically.

"I'm sorry Darren it's not really you and I'm not teasing you or anything, well not really." I apologized but still had to giggle.

"Then what is it," he responded wondering why I was giggling as he smiled himself getting caught up in the moment and chuckling too.

"Well I couldn't help but notice that things really have changed on you. Before you jumped into the tub you had a little baby penis and no balls whatsoever, but now you've grown a pair of balls if you know what I mean," I teased him good naturedly as I opened up my palm and pretended like I was weighing something heavy in my hands.

He looked down and flushed red all the way down to his toes as he gazed on his now regular sized ball sack. They were still snuggled up against his body, but at least you could actually see he had balls as his chestnut sized testicles made two distinct lumps under his now two inch cut flaccid penis which sort of pointed outwards towards me. About an inch of his penis was his glans which regained some of its pink purplish coloration. I also couldn't help but notice how cute his pink round bubble butt shaped orbs looked on him.

The boy continued to blush as he wrapped the towel around his torso, but he couldn't stifle his giggles as he realized he had been so overtly exposed to me and how silly the situation really had become. "If you tell anyone that I grew a pair of balls right in front of your eyes I'll kill you," he teased giving me a good punch in the arm.

"Ouch," I yelped. "Your secret's safe with me, I promise," I told him as I rubbed my sore arm.

"You better or I'll tell everyone that you just like to hang out on the roof, and I do mean hang out." He teased me back.

"Well, so that was what all the gawking was about. I thought you were catching flies by the way your mouth was hanging all the way open to your chest." I teased as I ruffled his hair being mindful of his cut.

We both looked at each other and just giggled like two little silly five year old boys. I hugged him to me glad he didn't feel so ashamed anymore and for trusting me.

"Are you feeling better?" I asked him.

"Yeah thanks Dylan, you've been a real friend." He replied as he followed me into my room.

Grabbing a blanket off of my bed I wrapped it around him getting another eyeful of his beautiful body when he dropped the towel from around his waist. He noticed me staring and took his time wrapping it around his body and even shoved his hips outwards wiggling his soft two inch pecker at me. We both giggled again and headed downstairs. I dropped all the dirty laundry, including his clothes in the washer because they were filthy with mud, and then joined him in the cozy living room.

The living room like the rest of the house was a bit messy as I sidled up next to the blanket wrapped blond boy. I enclosed my arms around his shoulders as he looked out the big bay sized windows.

"Do you trust me," I whispered to the boy as I looked down at him.

He nodded his head, "yeah sure why?"

Setting down a stool by the window and then turning off all the lights I put my arm gently around his shoulders and led him to the stool. I sat down looking out through the large window, and then pulled him to me to stand in between my legs also facing towards the window. I wrapped my arms around him and felt him leaning back into me. My legs and arms held him gently as we both stared out into the stormy weather in complete darkness. Off to the side where our barn was located there was just a little bit of lighting illuminating the area, and it made for quiet a show as the wind howled and the rain drops seemed to flow around like a wave in the ocean.

The boy seemed so content and at ease snuggled up so close to me with my arms draped around the front of him. I could feel the tension flow out of his small body as he just seemed to sink further into me.

"Wow, you were right," I heard him sigh. "It really is awesome watching the rain in the dark. Thanks Dylan for showing me this," He whispered.

I leaned my chin on his shoulders and pressed my face next to him feeling the little light peach fuzz hair tickling me. "Your very welcome Darren," I whispered back and then lightly kissed him on the cheek.

He looked over at me a bit shocked from the kiss, and then smiled happily as we both gazed out the window. We stayed like that for a few more moments deep in our own thoughts. When I felt him starting to struggle with remaining standing I led him over to the couch and let him sit back down.

Walking over to the side wall I turned on the flow of gas in the fireplace, clicked the flint button a few times feeling the flames roar to life, and felt warmth radiating outwards. All of our gas operated fireplace were like the buck stove style and had sort of a built in radiator design to it that forced the heat outwards without the use of fans. They were really effective in heating up a large space.

Darren was sitting on the couch and I snuggled up next to him after I plopped in a DVD movie and turned it on. I felt him leaning into me as the movie started and I wrapped my arm around him. He sighed happily, and I was amazed at how natural it felt with him so close to me. A gentle kind of warmth spread over me at the realization of having such a sweet friend in my life. I knew he had some issues and secrets, but felt when he was ready he would share them with me. I didn't care what it was, and I knew it wouldn't affect how I felt about him.

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